Not A Beach Party

Winter - Month 1 of Turn 2717
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

Nassir is laughing as he makes his way down the beach with a parcel tucked under one arm. The sound is rich and warm and clearly the result of the little bronze firelizard that is clearly determined to make an absolute mess of his hair. "Oi, brat, stop it," he sighs as he spots the reason for his visit. "R'sner!" The Weyrlingmaster's name is called loudly, one hand flinging up in a gesture that is an odd combination of a merry wave and salute. "I have something for you," he adds as the firelizard ducks under his thick fall of hair and apparently settles down. In the wake of the announcement, he holds up the parcel, giving it a light toss before tucking it back against his side and picking up his pace.

Inside the linen wrapped bundle is the vest that Nassir had mentioned making. Sleevless, the butter soft leather has dyed a rich shade of forest green that dances just a breath away from true emerald. The collar is high, high enough that the gold embrossed trim fashioned geometric shapes will rest just under the line of the rider's jaw. The trim is repeated along the hem, the sides given a bit of flash with the tasteful application of glittering gold stitching. The vest, itself, is fastened by woven gold fobs. As for the fit? Nassir is good enough that it should require very little, if any alterations.

Crossing the sandy beach, the parcel still neatly tucked under his arm, Nassir's pace slows as he gets closer, one hand raising to push his curls out of his face.

Even in winter, the beach is a busy place. Which is not terribly surprising, when one considers that the island Weyr's weather still remains well within 'warm' territory. It is the stiff breeze coming off the water, the encroaching grey skies and the scent of rain that hangs in the air, which points accusatory fingers toward the truth of the season. And yet, it's an empty threat at the moment, as no rain falls. Toith might be spotted first, if just by the nature of her size and color. A green dragon, among tan sand. She's got a wing raised and is (at least somewhat) patiently allowing R'sner to identify and name the parts of it for the small group of candidates that stand around him. And really, the helpful huff-snort-wuffle-thing to alert him that Nassir is approaching is wholly unnecessary, but delivered nonetheless. R'sner /heard/ him, of course, but finishes the course of conversation before he's waving away candidates and turning toward the Igen tailor. Those candidates do not need to be told twice, and are gone probably faster than is polite. The final approach is watched with a sort of wariness on behalf of the weyrlingmaster, arms hanging at his side rather than crossed over his chest. "What do you mean, you have something for me?" which is, perhaps, the source of the suspicion.

"Oops," Nassir laughs as he finally notices the candidates. "Well. Ahem." Fortunately, they disperse quickly, followed by the tailor's wry smile. "Study hard," he calls after them. Turning back to dragon and rider, Nassir inclines his head to Toith, affording her a merry wink as he sends the parcel spinning through the air toward R'sner. "See for yourself," he laughs as he closes the distance at much more relaxed pace. Of course, the closer he gets to the water, the colder it seems to become, his arms folding over his chest in an unconcious huddle. "Your candidates are all going to be sniffling and sneezing after being out here in this chill."

"It isn't that cold," argues the Fort-bred dragonrider. And indeed R'sner has shed his jacket, leaving it laying across Toith's neck in favor of enjoying the briskness. But consideration is given for the crossing of arms and bit of huddling happening, which prompts an invitation in the form of a head bob and a verbal, "Step a little further, and Toith will act as a shield from the wind, at least." The parcel, deftly caught and eyed with some skepticism, gets his attention fully a few seconds later. But there is hesitation before he works at opening it, as though unsure of whether he /ought/ to do so. Toith tilts her head to the side, angling one whirling eye in the direction of Nassir. Peer. Peer. PEEEEER. Snort. "She says hi," is translated automatically, in a detached sort of way. Habit; to speak for his dragon when she requests it. "She also wants to know— Hey!" and that is clearly for the green, who briefly gets a hard look from the weyrlingmaster and a not completely affectionate slap to the shoulder. But hey, at least he's opening that parcel enough to discern the content. And then silence (which… really. It's his default mode) and then a glance at Nassir. "I… uh. Thank you."

"I'm freezing," Nassir snorts with a wry look at R'sner. Dropping into a crouch, he pulls off his backpack, tugging the long hooded robe typical of Igen out and tossing it over his shoulders. Taking a few moments to fuss fastidiously with the garment, he flashes the Weyrlingmaster a wink as he pushes back to his feet to shelter againt Toith's side. "Thank you Toith," he purrs in contented tones. "And well met at long last." Winking at the dragon, he folds his arms over his chest as he settles against her side, basking in the heat from her considerably larger form. "Anything you want to know," he states to the dragon. "I am happy to provide. Course, I cannot promise that it will not make R'sner grump." Turning his attention back to R'sner and the parcel, his smile broadens, dark eyes twinkling with good humor. "You're welcome," he assures. "You must know I'm hoping to see it on you at some point." In the wake of the words, he tugs up the robe's hood, huddling a bit closer against Toith's side.

Baylee makes her way down to the lagoon on this overcast breezy afternoon. Along with her comes Myrakath who walks at Baylee's side. The weather could be better but at least it isn't a gale. That would just ruin the afternoon and likely cause search and rescue wing to be very busy and she would rather not be too busy today. There are other people here and at least one other dragon that she can spot. Myrakath dips her head in Toith's direction offering her a greeting, « Hello. » she says. Baylee has seen R'sner about but hasn't really gotten to know the man, and Nassir is completely unknown to her but she'll offer the men a wave, "Afternoon."

Ashwini is on a reprive from caverns duties. After being stuck indoors a walk to the lagoon seemed like the perfect idea. Brisk though the wind may be at least there's no copious amounts of liquid falling from those clouds. Having grabbed a jacket with a hood she is pulling up the hood over her head as she comes into view of two dragons and a small cluster of people. Squinting she peers that way to see if there is anyone she knows.

Freezing. It deepens that almost perpetual frown of R'sner's, and after a moment's consideration he turns toward his dragon; reaching up to snag the leather jacket casually tossed across her neck. "Here." And it's promptly handed over as an alternative (or supplement to) the Igen robe. There's a pleased sort of churring noise in the back of Toith's throat. Rougher. Deeper. Distinctly un-feminine. Because Toith might be a green, but she is /not/ a girl. At least she is happy enough to be used as a pseudo-space heater, craning her head around so that she can keep an eye on the pair. Nosy. She's definitely nosy. Even if R'sner is momentarily refusing to act as translator, using the unexpected gift as a welcome distraction. Even if that welcome distraction is… not welcome? Or at least, it is clearly unexpected (despite Nassir's assertion that he would be making it in the first place) to judge by expression. He hesitates briefly, carefully wrapping the vest back up to keep it protected from the elements and using the task to delay his reply, before he finally decides, "I will wear it when I have an occasion to do so." A glance is cast between the two (Nassir and Toith), but whatever he might have commented in regards to his /grumping/ is delayed or dismissed at the approach of Baylee and Myrakath. Toith, at least, is happy to extend the greeting to her fellow green, restraining herself from a bugle (though the vibration through neck and chest might suggest that the struggle is REAL for a moment there) and settling for a mental greeting instead. It is also Toith that spots Ashwini, who would at least know R'sner, if in passing. He is, afterall, the person currently responsible for the health and welfare of the candidates (lucky her?). But the weyrlingmaster is briefly occupied, turning away from the approach of people and to Toith's side instead; rummaging in saddle-bags and fussing with straps, and generally using it all as an excuse to collect whatever thoughts are rolling through that brain of his. The vest, neatly wrapped once more, is tucked safely within the confines of a leather bag to preserve its integrity.

Nassir glances toward the approaching rider, one hand raising in a wave before tucking right back under the heavy cloak girding his shoulders. "Afternoon," he calls from within the shelter of the voluminous tan hood. He's clearly freezing, but then, he's from Igen and accustomed to much warmer weather. Remaining as close to Toith as he can get without making her uncomfortable, he fails to spot Ashwini around the green dragon. Granted, some of that might be because he's far more busy watching R'sner with the vest. Fortunately, he's putting on a good show of being less intently interested in what the Weyrlingmaster thinks of it. When the jacket is passed to him, Nassir blinks once, a warm smile tracing over his lips as he takes it. "Thank you," he murmurs as he pulls it under the robe and immediately slips it on. "Shards," he breaths almost immediately. "Much better." So much so that he lets the robe fall open, the heavy folds of fabric swaying at his back as he stuffs his hands into the pockets of the jacket. It is the movement from Toith that brings his attention sweeping back her way, a warm smile and a merry wink with the accompanying loft of dark brow offered to the dragon before he turns that gaze back to the rider. "Good, I hope I have occassion to be present on the aforementioned occassion," he teases. Content to watch R'sner rummaging— or at least making a commendable show of being content— Nassir adds in tones that are only slightly off color. "You'll let me know if any adjustments are needed, aye? It's supposed to fit like a second skin. You know, make the most of all that lean muscle." Okay now, give him a little credit here, he /tried/ to restrain himself.

It seems that Baylee has interrupted a gift giving of some sort. That small voice inside her head tells her that she should perhaps leave these two alone, but Baylee never was one to listen to that voice so she stays. She casts her gaze on R'sner, then Nassir, then Toith and finally on the arriving candidate. She offers Ashwini a smile, "Having a good candidacy?" she asks. She remembers well her own candidacy not all that long ago. Goooood times. « How have you been Toith? » It has been ages since Myrakath bumped into the green directly and there is probably lots to catch up on. "How is everyone." she asks looking at Nassir, "Other than chilly."

Ashwini does indeed recognize R'sner and the green so she alters her steps to head over to that group. Quickly a salute is snapped for both riders as she notes Baylee's rider status. "Yes, thank you. Except for some holes in my socks." cause that has to be added. After all it's not every candidacy that has glittery rodents wandering in the barracks. "Sir." she greets towards R'sner. "Toith." she may not have been formally introduced yet but she's seen her in the distance in the time she's been a candidate. A polite nod is cast to the unknown Nassir.

Toith washes across the mind in clear, ocean-blues. « Have you SEEN the hatchin' ground? S'fulluv glitter! » This, apparently, is so much more important than saying /hi/.

"I will wear it to the Hatching," which is an occasion where such a thing is both appropriate, /and/ would allow Nassir to see it, provided he attends. "I'm sure it will fit fine," assures R'sner, but that's all he's can really say on the subject. He's certainly not going to comment on the subject of lean muscles, particularly if those muscles mentioned are /his/. He's looking awkwardly uncomfortable enough as it is. Which doesn't help much, at the approach of Ashwini and Baylee. "Are you really that cold?" is directed Nassir-wards, gaze settling on the tailor for a few seconds longer than necessary before it moves to Ashwini and her greeting. "Ashwini," comes the polite response, followed shortly by, "are they damaged beyond repair?" for her poor, holy-socks. "If so, I will be sure to replace them," seeing as it is not /her/ fault there is currently an infestation of (arguably adorable) rodents. Baylee is unfamiliar enough to elicit a longer look before he's offering an incline of his head. It's about all the greeting he's able to manage at the moment. /Toith/, however, is all gleeful whirling-eyes and throaty noises of delight for Myrakath, though she's very careful not to shift or move. She has not forgotten that she is acting as a wind-block and frozen-person-heater-upper at the moment. Oh no. She has /not/ forgotten about Nassir, and he will definitely be giving the third-degree just as soon as she's not DISTRACTED BY ALL THINGS OMG WHUT?!

"Right as rain," Nassir assures. Flashing an easy smile at Baylee, he shifts againt Toith, one hand smoothing over the dragon's flank as he cranes his neck to try to spot Ashwini. "Hello," he notes with a wry smile when he is nodded at in the wake of the salutes. "Nassir, a pleasure." In the wake of greeting Ashwini, his gaze flicks back to R'sner, a warm smile immediately tracing over his lips. "Clever way to be certain I attend," he notes with a mellow laugh. Of course, he has every intention of attending, but still. Completely unflustered by the approach of the women, he tilts his head to oneside, dark curls spilling over one shoulder as he murmurs. "Depends on whether you intend to warm me up." Fortunately, it's unlikely that anyone but R'sner and Toith will hear that murmur or the husky chuckle that follows it. Course, R'sner is watching him and he just cannot resist a wink before pointedly turning his attention to kneading gently at Toith's side. "Toith is doing a fine job of keeping me warm," he assures in louder tones. "For which I am impossibly grateful."

Myrakath's waves churn gently in the oceans, « I….did not know that. » The green dragon replies to her fellow. It seems that the candidates have been busy. Or someone else has been busy on their behalf, and who doesn't love a good mystery, « Are the clutch parents taking that well? » She wouldn't like it all that much but she will never have to worry about something like that.

"I'm Baylee, and thats Myrakath." says, well…Baylee. She wouldn't be so rude as to go without an introduction, "Nice to meet you both." she says to Nassir (whose name she now knows!) and Ashwini as well. The green dragon at her side stays still for the most part though her eyes continue to whirl as she has ongoing mental communication with the green who is currently sheltering Nassir from the evil cold that threatens to take hold of him. "I hope that I haven't interrupted anything." she says glancing between Nassir and R'sner. She offers a salute to Ashwini, "Good times." Holy socks and all.

Theodocia strolls into view from farther down the beach, a tree or rock or someting having blocked her approach before. Braided hair is not bound back together in a tail today, instead she seems to have added beading to the ends of various braids. For once the beach bum's surfboard is not in attendance, even if it is likely close by, no her attention is firmly rooted to the small day old blue firelizard hatchling she's murmuring to as she walks. She is approaching the group, in a slow meandering sort of way.

A chirping, cheerful, greeting sounds from deep inside Ashwini's hood moments before a small green head peeks out. Don't worry it's just a green fire lizard perched on Ashwini's head. Nothing to see here. "Lost a couple pairs but I was able to mend most of 'em." says Ashwini with a small shrug of 'eh, it happens'.

Toith thrums with excitement, draconic mind-laughter bubbling up husky and deep from the depths of her thoughts. « 'appened 'afore Ilyscaeth laid'er eggs, » she explains. « Di'n't seem ta mind tho. An' th' 'lizards been layin' their eggs too. » So, no harm no foul, from what she can see. « Makes a big mess tho! » which is the best part as far as she's concerned. Wistuflly, « Wish I coulda rolled innit, but Res says no. »

Myrakath can't help but laugh a little bit herself. She might not find the exact same amusement in it that Toith does but she can join in the laughter of her fellow green and enjoy that just as much, « Long as it's not creating any problems. » And it doesn't sound like it is so the eggs will all be shiny and sparkly, « If you did that you'd be very shiny. » Which is perhaps why her rider wouldn't want her to do it and trail it everywhere.

"Coincidence, I assure you," argues R'sner for his choice of occasions. And that's the story he'll stick with, too. Even if he's doing an awful lot of gaze-averting just now. It doesn't help that he's privy to that private murmur, and subject to a wink when he dares make eye contact, whether or not anyone else could hear or see it. Just makes for a whole lot of shifting and fussing, and general avoidance behavior on the part of the weyrlingmaster who, sadly for him, cannot remain so evasive when there are other people approaching. A breath taken in preparation, held just longer than required, and finally exhaled out as shoulders roll and he turns to lean his back against Toith's warm hide. Leeching warmth and perhaps strength. Might as well make the most of it, since she's there. "She says you're welcome," for keeping him warm. "R'sner," he offers to Baylee, tacking on a quick, "Weyrlingmaster," just in case she didn't know. Dragons are helpful in that regard, but only if they deign to supply the information. Toith? Distracted. Chatting away mentally with Myrakath, swinging her big head around to peer first at Nassir and R'sner, and then Ashwini (HELLO THERE!) and then to Theodocia (SHE SEES YOU ALSO SNEAKY BEACH BUM!) and then Baylee and Myrakath once more. Fun times! As for the weyrlingmaster? He's finally looking a bit more stoic and a little less awkward, as he considers Ashwini with a frown. "Did your… did your head just /chirp/?"

"Well met, Baylee. Well met, Myrakath," Nassir returns with an easy smile. At the question, he cants his head to the side, one brow twitching mildly. "Not that I am aware of," he answers honestly. Of course, Nassir will be Nassir, regardless of who is there. "Just visiting R'sner and Toith." Comfortable and warm in the shelter provided by Toith and R'sner's leather jacket, he rolls his shoulders, exhaling a content sigh. Beneath his hair, Rashid sends up his own chittering call in response to the other firelizards, the tiny bronze head peeking out for a moment before vanishing back into the depths of dark curls. Aware of R'sner's gaze averting, Nassir greets his instance with a warm, mellow laugh. "Of course," he agrees readily. At the mention of Toith's response, he smooths a hand over her flank, flashing the dragon another playful wink. It's the question directed to Ashwini that inspires another laugh from Nassir, the tailor's dark eyes shining with amusement.

Myrakath bobs her head at Nassir's greeting and Baylee inclines hers too, "Thats nice." the greenrider says with a smile. Visitors are fun! The green will continue to whirl her eyes as she regards the green dragon. She's just a hoot! Theodocia's arrival is met with a wave and a smile though she doesn't say anything just yet having just introduced herself only a moment ago. The head chirp garners her attention and she figures it out a few moments later, firelizards!

Theodocia's bundle of blue perks his head up from the crook of her arm at the sound of other firelizards. "There now Riptide, I'll bet most of them are all bigger than you. You're nearly the size of a spiderclaw I've caught at times." the surfer gives a wave towards the gathering of people, once she notices them that is. Her expression is somewhat comical as if she only just now realized that the talking she heard is now closer because her feet were moving as she was eyeballing her firelizard.

Ashwini reaches up inside the hood to offer a scratch to the chirping creature. Hashna decides to latch onto the wrist so when Ashwini's arm lowers it is now revealing the source of said chirp. "Her favored perch is on my head." explains the candidate in a resigned voice. "I'm Ashwini. Nice to meetcha Nassir." adds Ash since she hadn't given her name yet.

"It is a public beach," observes the weyrlingmaster, which is followed by a more clarifying, "You are not interrupting," that might be rather delayed but, well. R'sner was distracted. /IS/ distracted. But doing his best to keep abreast of the situation and the growing number of strangers. Squeaking-heads and all. "Ah," when the source becomes apparent (firelizards, of course). That a moment later he's once more looking at Nassir, this time in slight surprise, is reasoned away by his not-quite-questioning, "You have one, too?" The evidence of the truth of that sentence is clear enough in the brief appearance of the bronze creature, and R'sner's eyes fix briefly upon the spot where he vanished. "When… you didn't have one last time," of that he is certain. Toith is trying very hard to be still, but there's a little rustling of wings and further swinging of her head as she attempts to catch the entire crowd in one glance. Difficult, but not as impossible as it might have been, had Theodocia's feet not kept her moving. "You, too?" because Res spies that bit of blue as well. Or perhaps it is Toith that spots it for him. "And you?" he wonders of Baylee. "Got a firelizard hiding in your hair, or your pocket," or anywhere else the creatures might hide.

Nassir makes an 'mmm' sound as he tucks his hands a bit deeper into the pocket of R'sner's borrowed jacket. "Cold," he affords. "But worth it." After a momentary pause, he glances between Ashwini and R'sner, offering to the Weyrlingmaster in low tones. "If it will help, I'd be happy to do some mending for your charges while I am here." He is a tailor, after all. At the greeting and offered name, he dips his head a nod of acknowledgement. "Well met, Ashwini. Excited? All ready for the big day?" When the firelizard in his hair is noticed, he chuckles quietly, his shoulders rolling in a fluid shrug. "What can I say? I was there, he hatched, that was that." Now he has a little bronze passenger following him around. Course, as he speaks, he manages to slide a bit closer to R'sner, resettling against Toith's side once their shoulders are a breath from touching. "Last night when I got home," he answers. Of course, there is a momentary frown, the expression banished with a flairing of his nostrils. "Mm. You should see what he's done to my room. Ribbon everywhere, lace.. everywhere… it's chaos." Which is not entirely true. Nassir's room was chaos long before Rashid came along.

Baylee glances over toward Myrakath who is apparently in communication with her and smiles to the gathered crowd in apology, "I'm sorry to just pop over and run but I'm being called away. Wing business." she offers as some poor excuse for why she has to depart so fast, "It was good meeting all of you." And then she and Myra are off up the beach toward the main part of the weyr.

Theodocia has seen and been seen! Oh my oh my, perhaps being seen by a tailor is not the best, her outfit aside from baggy and well worn sports some horrible attempts at patching. Her free hand is waved towards the group as she grins at Nassir's explanation of how he got one. "Some random person just handed me a cracking egg yesterday and took off down the beach. It was a run by egging I'd say, but he's a beauty alright." she recognizes maybe Ashwini, and you know she's been here for almost a turn so R'sner is likely at least known by reputation. "I hardly ever miss Igen's heat but on days like today I could go for some dry heat."

Ashwini nearly gets distracted by the green's antics who is trying to climb down Ashwini for reasons known only to the fire lizard. So she's looking elsewhere when she replies to Nassir's question. "Nearly ready. Need to find and mend a robe that fits. So far everything I find is too small!" she is on the tall side. "He's a cutie." she does manage to spare a glance for Theodocia's blue.

R'sner has a reputation? Hopefully it's at least a good one. Though, being Weyrlingmaster, it is likely filled with all sorts of exaggerations and falsehoods. A hazard of the job, no doubt. "A run-by… do people do that?" Obviously, they do; as Theodocia and her little Riptide are proof enough. Baylee's abrupt retreat is met with a lift of his chin; a curt but obvious acknowledgement of her departure and clear understanding of the reasons for it. But no words are extended, attention turning quick enough to the tailor at his side (and inching closer) with consideration and concern at the reiteration of his being cold; gaze tracking from head to foot and back again. "We can go inside," he suggests, because while /he/ might be perfectly comfortable and even enjoying himself (seriously, he's standing there in a tee-shirt and there's not even a goose-bump to be seen on him), he's aware that he might be the anomaly of the group. A shake of his head for the offer to perform mending. "No. You're a visitor. It wouldn't be right." Though it does beg the question, "How long are you here for?" that is more rhetorical than honest inquisition, as he's soon enough glancing at Theodocia at her mention of Igen. If he means to ask a question, it gets left unspoken as Ashwini's plight gets his attention. "I have it on good authority that there is at least one rather long robe in the caverns," he offers. Unless someone else already took it.

Nassir relishes Igen's dry heat. He relishes the sight of sand stretching as far as the eye can see. He relishes the towering amber hued stones stretching up out of those same shifting sands. Ashwini's words serve to distract him, however, his chin dipping in another easy nod. "Well if you don't find anything you can make work? Let your Weyrlingmaster know? I'll be happy to lend a hand with the sewing." Pausing a beat, he slants a glance up at R'sner's face, adding. "Do they /have/ to be white? Would a bit of color be so horrible?" White is, quite clearly, his least favorite thing, ever. It is the suggestion of going inside that inspires a firm shake of Nassir's head. "No, I want to keep company with Toith." She is, after all, at least part of the reason he came back so soon. "I'll be fine," he assures as he tugs the hood of the robe back up over his hair. "Guest? Pfft. I offered. I am good at my craft and happy to lend my services to your charges." It is the last, however, regarding how long he is here that inspires him to lightly clearing his throat. "Well.. I.. don't know, really," he admits. "I can return with the rider I came with, or catch a ride later."

Theodocia grins widely at Ashwini "I know right? His egg looked like a piece of the ocean and he looks like the sky." it's her first time alright, she's smitten. Baylee's departure is noticed, but not really reacted too she hadn't been in a conversation with the other rider at the time. Stroking the blue's head she hmms at Ashwini's dilema. "They've got white sheets right? If worse some to worse you can just cut a hole in one and tie a belt around it." see all better, no muss, no fuss. She does remember R'sner's mention of run by hatchings. "I guess? I mean, maybe he was a really bad messenger and just left the package and no message?"

Ashwini seems relieved that there is at least one long robe available to her. "If one of the older candidates didn't snatch it up." there is that possibility. Nassir's offer has the candidate tilting her head as she regards the Igenite. "I think we're supposed to do it ourselves." at least that's the impression she is under. "And what's wrong with white? It's tradition!" which she seemingly approves of. "My sewing isn't so bad I have to resort to white sheets….although." clearly it's a tempting idea what perhaps speaks for her sewing not being all that /good/ either.

"There is no need for destruction of property," which is what cutting a head-hole into a white bedsheet would be. And oh yes, that is R'sner's Weyrlingmaster-Voice. "There are plenty of robes, and I am certain," he continues, addressing Ashwini, "that we will be able to find you one that is suitable." It is not a mean voice, but it definitely edges toward assertive. A very 'end of discussion' vibe in there. Apparently, the line is drawn at bedsheets becoming candidate robes. "Unfortunately," though he doesn't sound like he thinks it's that unfortunate, even if his voice is back to 'normal' R'sner, "Ashwini is correct. The candidates are meant to make their own garments, though a /little/ assistance is allowed. White is traditional, and there is some thought to the idea that lack of embellishment assists in the dragons finding their partners…" rather than become distracted by glitz and glam and color? Maybe. And while R'sner will defend the tradition (because it's kinda his job), he doesn't look totally sold on the reasons for it. But his lecture is done, at least. "Toith isn't going anywhere," comes for the assertion that the freezing Igenite does not want to relocate, but Res won't press further. Toith is content. R'sner is comfortable. And he has other things to occupy his thoughts beyond worrying over the chill in the air. Such as the subtle implication in the answer to his question. Which… perhaps predictably, does not get a verbal response.

"Suit yourself," Nassir laughs. "I, personally, would not be caught dead in all white." In fact, his white shirt is the only white garment he owns. Fortunately, with the billowing sleeves and open front? It's still painfully stylish. R'sner's 'Weyrlingmaster tone' inspires a look from Nassir, his brows rising and falling in an appreciative lilt. "Mm. Authority is sexy," he murmurs under his breath. He's certain R'sner can hear it and he has no doubt Toith can. Nor does he choose to argue in the favor of color, he's not the one who will be wearing white, after all. When it becomes clear that they are not going to be moving, he settles more comfortably against the dragon's side, a little squirm serving to draw both R'sner's jacket and the robe more tightly around his body.

Theodocia doesn't look at all admonished about the bedsheet thing but she only mutters this goodnaturedly to her firelizard "Thought it was rather ingenius myself. Great use of thinking on your feet and all." towards R'sner she notes in a more respectful tone. "That was probably in the rules or something for them. White could just blind them all so you have to go by smell?" her question is asked seriously enough.

"The rumor is that candidates were once forced to stand naked." So really, is white /that/ bad in the scheme of things? It could be worse. And while the statement is likely intended to be a reply to Nassir, there's no way R'sner is going to be /looking at him/ when he says it. Especially not when he's already pretending to ignore the 'authority' comment. And yup, Toith definitely heard that, and there's a rather throaty-growly-coughing sound that is /probably/ laughter. She approves of this. But R'sner? His back might be leaning against Toith, arms crossed gently over his chest, but he's most definitely not relaxed. Faking it, even if proximity alone would give him away. "I think," he adds to Theodocia, either not hearing or glossing right on over the 'quick-thinking' mutter, "White was chosen because it would not require the use of dye." Why use precious materials, when the robe is liable to be destroyed? If not from a hatchling, then from sheer overuse. But really, R'sner doesn't know.

Nassir exhales a warm laugh in response to R'sner's words. "Well, it's a good thing I will never stand. I assure you that would be far more distracting then bright colors." Flashing a wink, his mellow laugh continues, slender shoulders rising and falling in a fluid shrug. Given that he is /certain/ R'sner is not looking at him? He takes full advantage of the opportunity to give the Weyrlingmaster the visual once over. Is he imagining him stand naked in the sand? Probably. "Mm. They always choose to change the best traditions," he murmurs under his breath. It is the growly coughing sound from Toith that has him tilting his head back, a sly wink cast in the dragon's direction.

Theodocia scoots the firelizard up on to her shoulder, perhaps trying to refrain from having to cart him around in the crook of her arm forever. Wait, it was just so she could fold her arms and look thoughtfuly at R'sner. "Do they get all the blood out of those Candidate robes or is that really why there's a shortage of them?" curiosity at its finest. The whole naked thing did not go over her head and she gives both of them a bit of an eye. "I'd watch that from the stands for sure then."

It might be chilly for Half Moon, but Leeta grew up in Crom. That's why the often inscrutable candidate can be seen *not* huddling away from the 'chill' of this overcast day, but walking around in it with only a 'heavier' than usual shirt on, its arms rolled down, buttoned at wrists. Her pants are simple, heavily-woven cotton of grey belted at upper hips, her usual boots in place upon feet. The oddness about the palest blonde comes not from her attire, but from a trio of chromatic firelizards that are huddled tight to her for body warmth, which they get from her faster metabolism. Danae, Khan, and Aegis are sticking close to their human, curled up in her short hair, about the back of her neck, whirling eyes peering out from cover. At this point, the woman's only just noticed the group, and altered her steps to bring her closer.

Ashwini wasn't even the one who suggested the whole bedsheet thing. But before she can protest the whole 'weyrlingmaster voice' it's gone and back to more normal R'sner voice. Her gaze flickers quickly between Nassir and R'sner but she manages to barely keep the curiosity off her expression. Just barely. "Wait…what? Blood." her eyes now narrow as she glances to Theodocia.

"How do you know you will never Stand?" asks R'sner, who finds it much easier to address that particular bit of information than the rest of it. Regardless that he was the one to mention nudity in the first place. "Blood is very unusual," but not unheard of. "They typically wear out from overuse. It's fine," this to Ashwini, as though to reassure her, "Maulings are extremely rare." And while he might not see those eyes on him, he can perhaps feel them (or, you know, Toith could be conspiring to embarrass him further by giving him all the details along with some choice commentary.) She's all for the torturing of her lifemate, apparently. Well. So long as he's not /actually/ about to die. But being pushed out of his comfortzone? Isn't there something about 'personal growth'? Yeah. That. That's totally what Toith is helping with. And while she can't wink /back/, there's definitely another pleased sounding noise for the Igen tailor currently using her as a heater. Thrum. Rumble-croon. There's a subtle clearing of R'sners throat, a pointed look at the green (who pretends not to notice), and then blessed distraction with the arrival of Leeta. Wait. What? And just as she has for the other's gathered around her, it is Toith that alerts R'sner to the pale-haired candidate's approach which, if anything, just makes him look that much more uncomfortable. Certainly they've come to terms since her Search, right?

Nassir is still distracted with the image in his head. Hey, it's a good image and clearly he intends to enjoy it as much as possible. He does, however, have the presence of mind to make a sound of agreement in response to Theodocia's assurance that she would watch that hatching. At R'sner's question, he flashes a wry smile, one brow arching mildly. "It has never been an issue, R'sner. I doubt that that is likely to change." Besides, it would complicate things, as far as he is concerned. And at the moment, the last thing he wants is more complications tossed into his already tenuous pursuit. Toith's croon inspires him to smoothing one hand over her hide, his shoulders rising and falling in a fluid shrug. While he's not entirely certain, he suspects the green just might be on his side.

Theodocia says, "Well he said destroyed and maybe from a hatchling. I just figured there might be blood invovlved. But that's good if maulings are rare, but if they used to do the whole Candidate thing naked I bet that's why they wear robes now." with a shudder "Oh boy that wouldn't be a pretty sight at all. Well, maybe in an artistic sort of way." and then there's more people, or yeah more people as she notes Leeta's approach.

Sound carries by the water, so the voices of the other candidates, the Weyrlingmaster, and that 'oddball out' Nassir are carried to Leeta's ears mostly clearly, especially with the wind. As the taller, eldest candidate slowly pulls up to a stop before the group, bobs her head at them in greeting, though Toith gets a distinct little bow…and just settles in to listen. R'sner's words of maulings being rare send one pale brow arching up, those sometimes merciless clear green eyes settling upon him. Are they perhaps laughing at his discomfiture? Oh lookie. Nassir is petting Toith. Familiarity breeds…something, perhaps. Perhaps between Weyrlingmaster and youth? Theodocia's look is met with a level glance of tsavorite gaze that's about as neutral as they come.

Ashwini wrinkles her nose thoughtfully but nods. "Which is why we have to be super aware on the sands." since it's clearly nothing like when the green was hatched. The green has settled down for now, curled up on a shoulder with the tail around Ash's neck. "One never knows when you'll find yourself Standing. Could happen." she notes to Nassir. "Never say never." a shrug. "Then again it could never happen too." she's full of such logic today! "Did they find what is stealing clothes and putting holes in socks?" she asks the Weyrlingmaster. Change of topic anyone?

Toith is definitely on someone's side, and it ain't R'sner's. Not at the moment, at least. And now that Leeta has approached, she's going to use that as a good excuse to lift her head and ignor R'sner completely. /Her/ candidate approaches! Yes! Good, good… the bow? Excellent. Nice touch. It gets a deep-throated sound of approval that has R'sner exhaling something very much like a sigh. Resigned. "Leeta," he offers in greeting, voice elevated enough to be heard. It is acknowledgement of her presence; neither approving or disapproving in nature, but carefully neutral and altogether professional. Turning back to Nassir, there is a brief meeting of eyes (or at least, R'sner's land on the Igen tailor and remain there for a moment). "What do you mean, issue?" He's genuinely curious about the word choice, and follows it with further inquiry. "Do you mean that you are not interested in Standing if asked, or simply that you have never been asked?" A nod to Ashwini at her confirmation of 'it could happen,' though he's clearly interested in whatever Nassir's answer might be. "You haven't seen them yet?" he wonders, for her inquiry about stolen clothes and sock-holes. "Those little… rodent things? I've had a number of complaints," though perhaps has not seen them himself? The slaughter of innocent candidates that might be 'artistic' earns Theodocia a skeptical sort of glance, but R'sner refrains from delving into the topic of blood and gore on the Hatching sands, perhaps because there are a number of candidates present, and he would prefer they /not/ drop out before the Hatching.

Nassir tilts his head, dark eyes glancing toward the recently arrived candidate. Noting the flick of her gaze, he shifts his weight, putting some space between himself and R'sner while straightening from the comfortable lean against Toith. It is Ashwini's comment, however, that draws his attention, a wry smile tracing over his lips. "I am perfectly content with my life, Ashwini." Frankly speaking, he's simply not concerned with the thought, one way, or another. He's actually a bit startled when R'sner meets his gaze, the tip of his tongue lightly tracing over his lips. "I mean it has not come up," he answers frankly. After a moment, he smiles and notes with an equal measure of frankness. "Life is what it is and I will niether hope for, nor lament, what comes." For once, at least, he seems less then thrilled with the attention being on him. That much is clear when he hunches his shoulders, ducks his head to bring the hood of the robe down over his face, and shoves his hands deeper into the pockets of R'sner's borrowed jacket.

Theodocia has been distracted by, the water or some such thing. But she does catch the glance from R'sner about the whole artistic thing. "What? Not you know " she makes a face like someone dieing "Oh nevermind, it came out wrong or something." and then the beach bum seems to just wander back down the beach again.

Yep; that's how Leeta's treating R'sner, at this point: purely professionaly. His speaking of her name garners a neutral alto, "Weyrlingmaster" and not much more. Toith's pleasure in the woman's behavior, however, earns the green dragon a quirk of lips into a smirky smile, and a little wiggle of fingers in a wave to her. Yep: Toith's candidate! In time with R'sner's words of those fuzzy thieves comes Leeta's own wrinkle of nose and her chimed in, quite firm, "Rodents. Filthy things. Thieves." Yep, she's gonna let them all know what tried to steal her Blue Flame knot. Nassir's take on life garners another small peer from the athletic blonde, his discomfiture with the weather making her chortle just a shaggy bit. Theodocia's departure is noticed, watched for a moment, but not commented on.

"I think they are multiplying." Ashwini notes on the subject of rodent things. "And they are so fast I only see them in a glittery blur." yes folks, she says glittery blur. "At least they aren't messing with the kittens." a glance towards Nassir as she keeps that particular topic going as well. "I am happy with my life too. Before and after candidacy." whatever happens. A shrug of the fire lizard free shoulder. "It's really less likely to happen anyway. You don't live here though…right?"

Leeta's alto is cast low, and Ashwini-wards: "That's mostly all they do, besides eat, crap everywhere, steal: breed." Cue a look of disgust from the palest blonde. "Vermin that can carry disease, sometimes." Oh, joy! From within her clothing, three growing firelizards make sounds between happy cheeps and little grumbles. "Can't wait until my lot get big enough ta' hunt them." *That* brings a trio of happy little buzzes from her firelizards, Khan's blue head peeping out from the Ved neck of the woman's shirt for a moment, showing intense blue eyes.

The frown that darkens R'sner's face comes, not for Leeta's approach, but for Nassir's retreat. "You don't have to do that," he notes, though he makes no move to stop him. Nor will he press the subject of candidacy any further, though clearly there are questions left unanswered that just /beg/ to be uttered; evident in the focus of gaze and the brief inhale that typically precedes speech. But no words come. Instead, there is a glance for Leeta as she returns his greeting with the professional detachment that is most definitely appreciated, and shows in the subtle release of stress from tight shoulders and crossed arms. "They probably are," he agrees with Ashwini. "Best to keep your things locked in your trunk, and your bunk tidy, hm?" Of course he'd use it as a lesson for cleanliness. "I would imagine that… Lime," oh yes, he knows of the kittens and their oddly-named mama, "wouldn't allow that. She ought to be the primary hunter of them."

"No," Nassir states to Ashwini. "I'm from Igen, just visiting. Well, delivering a parcel," he ammends. "And.. ah.. I've done that, so." Clearing his throat, he slips the jacket off under the robe, the heavy fabric drawn more tightly around his body as he holds it out to R'sner. "Thank you." It's the frown that takes him more visibly aback, the statment inspiring a completely uncharacteristic flush to rising to his cheeks. "It's fine," he assures. "I need to head back to Igen, anyway. It was," he adds as he turns and nods toward the candidates. "Very nice to meet all of you. I wish you the very best of luck at the hatching." Turning toward Toith, he inclines his head while pulling the hood down a bit further on his face. "It was a pleasure Toith, thank you for allowing me to shelter against you." Glancing up at R'sner, he opens his mouth to say something, falters, takes a shallow breath and lightly clears his throat. "It was good seeing you again."

"I've yet to see her do such. I've heard that felines tend to like to leave their kills somewhere where there humans can 'appreciate' them," Leeta responds to R'sner's words of Lime. Ick. Another nod to meet Nassir's own departing one has her studying him for a few moments…and noting that 'seeing you again' comment. Hmmm. Interesting.

Ashwini's bunk is tidy(ish). Mostly. There are days it's clean. "It's clean!" she'll protest albeit weakly. "Eww. That's what I have to look forward too." a pause. "Well eh, I guess this little girl would do the same thing." a hand scratches at the green. "Nice meeting you Nassir. I do hope you get a chance to visit again perhaps to see the eggs hatch." she says quietly. "Safe travels."

Wait, what? The offering of his jacket is met with bemusement, R'sner's gaze going from leather coat to the one holding it and back again. It is a long pause (longer than it ought to be) before he reaches out to accept the garment back. And even then, there is a pause before it is carefully laid over his arm, the pair of them folded once more across his chest. "It doesn't /look/ fine," he observes, voice dropped enough that it ought not to carry beyond them. A flicker of a glance for the assembled group, as they are addressed by the departing Igenite, and it seems to bring back awareness of their existence in the first place. Right. Cots and rodents, and felines that cannot seem to do their job. A deeper breath; a resigned sort of exhale. And while his eyes might narrow; his jaw tighten; his fingers /flex/ and twitch as though to move and reach and grab and /stop/ him… he does nothing. "Come to the Hatching," will have to serve as parting words; as though to reinforce earlier words as to the importance of such an event. Or perhaps in echo of Ashwini's own parting statement. Or perhaps something else entirely. Toith, for her part, offers another of those low, growly, almost-croon-but-not sounds as Nassir departs; acknowledgement, at the least.

Leeta isn't gonna touch that whole 'yearning' thing between R'sner and the departed Nassir with a ten foot pole. Not outright, anyhow. She does, however, note directly to Toith, "You like him, it seems." Her chin is jerked out towards the Igenite's back. Ashwini's words are taken in thoughtfully, then apparently dismissed as the woman notes to those still here, "I need to get back. Have things to do." Special people to meet, though she's not telling anyone.

Nassir exhales a breath, his steps slowing for a moment as he glances over his shoulder at the call. Again, he falters with his words, lightly clearing his throat before nodding. "Of course." It's entirely likely that more then a few of Igen's riders will be coming down for the event. Still, something has him thrown off, the normally carefree, unapologetically flamboyant tailor reserved and withdrawn as he tugs his hood down lower and turns to go and find the rider he'd come in with. By the time he is out of ear shot, he is muttering reproachfully to himself.

Toith likes… a lot of people. But there's a twist of her head and snuffle-snort in Leeta's direction. Because she is her candidate! Because she claims a piece of her (namely, that white knot on her shoulder). Even if the green is decidedly less possessive now that she isn't glowing, she will still take pride and ownership over /this/ particular candidate. R'sner? Well. He's kinda lost looking for a moment there, in a very bemused 'wtf just happened?' kind of way. But he recovers quickly enough. "They might present their kills, but at least the little 'buggers' would be dead," he decides, pulling Theodocia's word back into play. A snort of dismissal, and he says, "You both ought to get inside before the storm rolls in," bobbing his head toward the thickening grey clouds quickly approaching; the smudgy haze on the horizon that promises /rain/ and lots of it. "Ashwini," he notes, eyes drifting her direction, "Let me know if you need more socks, alright? Or if you need the ones that have been chewed-on mended. There are plenty of folks who can do that for you; I'd rather you concentrate on your robe." And then he seems to take his own advice, pulling on his jacket before he turns to haul himself up onto Toith's shoulders. To go home, before the rain drenches them all.

Ashwini acknowledges R'sner's words on socks as well as robes and and getting inside before said storm hits. With a wave to the others she pulls her own hood up and heads out.

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