Things Not To Do with a Sunburnt Weyrling

Western Weyr - Living Caverns
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

It is early morning and Sundari is already at a table sipping at a mug of warm klah, and a plate of breakfast type food is there before her as well. She looks a bit red still; the weyrling had an /epic/ sunburn. Such things happen when one falls asleep on the beach under the sun. After spending a night at the infirmary she was able to leave, she feels somewhat better, save for the soreness and the achiness, and well the itchiness.

Today Takapola doesn't have a dish bin in hand. Maybe he's been fired. Or maybe he just gets days off sometimes, or his chores start later in the day! Either way, he's got a handful of sweetbuns and a mug of klah, and he's humming as he makes his way between the tables… then stops. And what's this now? He comes up to Sundari. "You didn't tell me we were fishing for lobsters today!" he says, wide-eyed. "Nice disguise, though!" He grins.

Sundari peers up slightly, hearing the voice and eyes Takapola a moment, she smirks and sticks her tongue out slightly. "So funny." She offers with a tired tone. Her shoulder rolls slightly while she shifts to lean against the table, sipping at her mug once more. "How goes?"

Takapola grins wider, and claims the chair next to Sundari's for his own. Yoink! "Oh, I'm fine," he says with an airy wave of one hand. Everything is fiiiine. "Really, though, it's an impressive color on you. What'd you do, fall asleep?" Because uh he's seen that happen before. Maybe even done it himself.

Sundari taps a finger against the tail, a soft huff escapes her. "Yeah.. I fell asleep on the beach with Irke." She offers softly, a slight shake of her head is seen. "Eh, could be worse. I could be still in the infirmary."

Takapola swallows down a mouthful of sweetbun. "See, what you've got to do next time, is you've got to get the dragon to spread his wings first. S'like a parasol!" He grins, and has another chomp of food before making a face about the infirmary. "Ouch. That bad, huh?"

Sundari nods slightly. "Yeah it was rather bad. Already itchy and it was just two days ago." She doesn't mind the aloe ointment not that is for sure. "He did for a little while but then his wings got tired, and he rolled over.." Yes her blue wasn't much help at all that day.

"Should put some greased numbweed on it," Takapola says. "S'what my ma always did, numbweed and fish oil mixed up and slathered on. Smells awful, but it works." He grins at the tale of the insufficiently helpful dragon. "Okay, so, you need a backup parasol, then…"

Sundari blinks and peers at the other. "Numbweed and fish oil?" She questions with an unsure tone at the idea, a slight shake of her head seen. "Yeah I think I'll pass on that idea.."

"It works!" Takapola says, in a tone of 'on your itchy itchy head be it!' He grins wide. "So, anyway, if you're not hunting lobsters, what are you up to today?"

Sundari shakes her head. "Irke will most likely want to chew on me knowing my luck." There is a pause and she glances over to the other and ponders. "Not to sure really. I have lessons later but that is about it really. Why, what are you doing?"

"Ooh, the crunchy rider snack!" Takapola grins. "Bite him back." Because that'll totally help the situation. Speaking of biting, he does some more of it at his sweet buns, then has a swig of klah to wash it down. "Today," he says with a puff of his chest, and holds the pose a moment before grinning and deflating, "I'm scrubbing floors. Only they're busy on top of the floor I'm supposed to be scrubbing, now, so I'm supposed to go during lunchtime and do it then."

Sundari laughs a moment at the idea of being a crunchy rider snack. "Right, biting him might be a problem." His gotten rather big after all! There is another sip from her mug and she shifts while eyeing the other as he looks all puffy chest and the like. A brow lifts and she grins. "I see, well I bet you scrub them floors just fine. Show them who is the scrubbing boss!"
"Well, I didn't say you had to swallow him whole," Takapola says with a roll of his eyes and a grin. He laughs, then, and nods. "Oh, yeah. I scrub them so hard. Those tiles don't even know what hit them. But it was me. I hit them. With a mop. And the little scrubby sponge thing."

Sundari rolls her eyes, a soft laugh soon escaping her. "Right." This said with an amused tone. "Right, I had to do some floor scrubbing when I was during chores and all. Have to make them /shine/."

Takapola polishes off one of his sweetbuns, with another swig of klah, and nods. "Oh, sure. I think they're trying to make me do some of everything, so's they can see where I'm best." He grins. "But, y'know. I'm so good at everything, how will they ever choose?"
Sundari chews on a bit of some rollbun thingy and peers over at him with an amused look seen. She grins and nods. "Sure sure.." This said with an amused tone and she soon shakes her head. "Your so good at everything it'll be a hard pick for sure now won't it?"

"Of course!" Takapola says, grinning wide. False modesty nothing, at the moment, apparently he doesn't have real modesty. Mind you, if you actually asked the headwoman how he's done at the chores he's been set so far, she might tell you different, but… shhh, why bother asking her? "Maybe they'll have to come up with a whole new job, just for me!"

Sundari laughs now. "What new job would they come up with?" This questioned while she peers at him looking curious. "Maybe master of mopping floors?"

Takapola waves a hand dismissively. "Mopping floors? No, no, we can do better than that." He grins, and takes a sip of klah, considering over the remnants of his breakfast. "It should be something exotic. Something… daring. Perhaps… huh." He blinks. "How do the weyrs up in the cliffs get their floors scrubbed, anyhow?"

Sundari is sitting at a table with Takapola, the pair are talking about mopping floors it seems. As for Sunny she is still on the redishpinkish side, though she doesn't look sick, save for being on the achy side and then there is the itchiness. It is still morning, right after breakfast for some, though Sunny is still working on her plate, with Strider not around to help himself to her food there is some still to be found. "Well.. Very carefully I suppose? I never asked, or had to scrub any."

"I should hope carefully. Else there'd be falling buckets of mopwater and screaming people," Takapola says, and grins. "Still, better check the skies next time you think it's rain. If it's blue overhead… mopwater." He gives a slow nod, and reaches for his next (and last!) sweetbun.

Zi'on certainly is not a morning person, and if he doesn't have to get up for meetings or the like he… doesn't get up at all. Apparently the bronzer is taking a rest day, because when he strolls into the caverns it looks like he's just rolled out of bed. He's at least dressed, though in just a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, his knot left at home. His curly mop is mashed to one side and he yawns on entry. The bronzer moves to pick up a mug and a pitcher of klah, then sticks some pastries on his plate before moving to his favorite spot: right next to Sundari. The bronzer doesn't say anything to anyone. He needs klah before conversation. He is still on the mend from him and Ila'den's tussle the other night, a bit black and blue with some stitches on his chin.

Sundari chuckles softly and nods to Takapola. "Well, yeah that's true. Never thought about it like that." Really, who would? "Might have to find someone with a weyr like that and just ask 'em Takapola." She chews on a bite of roll and peers up once Zi'on is there sitting next to her. As for being a morning person she seems alright, but then she did spend most of the day before sleeping so that could be a good reason why. A soft smile is seen. "Morning Zi'on."

Actually asking someone who knows what they're talking about? "I suppooooose," Takapola says, and then… a Weyrleader emerges! Knotless he may be, but Zi'on is still recognizable. Even Takapola recognizes him, and as something more than 'beat up dude on the opposite side of Sundari', even. So he gives a vague sort of nod, but he doesn't actually say anything to like… greet him or anything, just continues his conversation with Sunny. "What if they like… strap sponges to the feet of the dragons? Maybe you'll learn that soon."

Zi'on once had a bowl weyr… but no longer! Plus he also has people who come and mop for him now. But he's probably not a great person to ask, since he's not a very clean person and probably rarely mopped up. Zi'on nibbles a pastry and drinks his klah in silence for a bit. Then he grins to Sundari. "Hi Sunny-sun-sunburn. How's the sunburn? Can I slap you on the back and it not hurt?" Then to Takapola. "Hi Tak. Settling in okay?" Zi'on is fairly recognizable. He's tall and dark and Shipton-y. He's not in the fighting sort of mood though, in fact he looks a lot more together right now, even half-asleep, than he did the other night. More… normal. "…Strap sponges?" He raises a brow at Tak.

Sundari peers over at Takapola and a soft ah escapes her and she ponders. "I don't think they make sponges bit enough to strap onto a dragons paws." That would be a strange sight to say the least. A glance is sent over to Zi'on, oh not the teasing is going to start and she just smirks. "Funny.." She offers with an amused tone while shaking her head. "An don't do that cause that would hurt." There is a face made at the thought and she even inches away from the weyrleader to attempt to escape any quick slaps or the other if she has a chance.

"Hey Zi'on," Takapola says once he's, y'know, actually been greeted. He's just trying not to poke sleepy and potentially brawling whers with sticks! Not that Zi'on looks nearly so grumpy today, but Takapola's not been around enough to know which is The Usual Zi'on. He'll learn! "Yep. Doing fine." He's here to mop floors, scrub dishes, muck stables… oh, yeah, and get an education. So, among other things, he's educating himself about the nature of dragons. Including things that are not and have never been true, because how else is he supposed to figure it out? "I suppose not," he says to Sundari, then grins to Zi'on. "So the dragons can scrub floors! Do dragons care about clean floors?"

Oh yes, the teasing. Zi'on just has to! He grins. "I know I am. Relax, Sunny. I'm just kidding. You're looking better at least. Not feverish anymore. Slightly less red. Though I'll bet you'll be peeling like a citrus fruit later on. It'll be gross." He laughs. Zi'on is not generally a grumpy type. Except maybe a little in the morning. And whenever the weyrsecond is around, it seems. One might wonder why Zi'on keeps Ila'den around. And often Zi'on does as well. Zi'on takes a bite of his pastry. "Some might." He says, taking a sip of klah to wash it down. "Some are weird. And you never know what your dragon's quirks might be. Suldith never cared about my sloppiness. He might if it started spilling into his couch though."

Sundari ponders that. "Well, Irkevalath mostly cares about floors from the idea if there is anything eatable to be found on them. Or if he can do something silly. So no I would say he wouldn't scrub floors that well. More like make a bigger mess." Speaking of peeing she scratches at her arm a few times. "Yeah.. I'm already itching, just a matter of time before that starts." She makes a face at the idea. "But no more fever, slept all that night and most of yesterday. The healers were all thrilled that I was finally able to leave. Seems Irke tried to eat some aloe ointment tubes, knocked over a tray of instruments, torn up a few dividers.." All while she was asleep, sneaking little blue.

Okaaaay, Takapola suppooooses he can listen to actual facts instead of rampant speculation. Truth be told, he seems quite interested, paying attention to Zi'on and nodding. "I guess that leaves me doing the scrubbing still," he says, and grins. "Oh well." Back to Sundari the Sunburnt, and, "Numbweed and fish oil, I'm tellin' you." He chomps down on his bun, eating for a bit and grinning at her story, then raises a finger. "Aha!" A swig of klah to clear his throat. "Irkevalath's got a taste for aloe now. You're not safe with it."

"Better not scratch at it." Zi'on warns. "Just put the lotion on or whatever the healers gave you. You'll get some sort of skin… disease or something. I dunno." Zi'on is not a healer, clearly. He's lucky he knows how to mend a cut. He chuckles. "Well… weyrlings will be weyrlings I suppose. I'm sure they were glad to be rid of you nonetheless. Did he get enough meals?" Zi'on is curious, because he had food sent over for the blue. He chuckles at Tak. "Apparently it does. Sorry. My weyr could probably use a good scrubbing up front. I've got carpeting in most of the human living space." He laughs. "If you wake up to your dragon licking you, Sunny, there might be a problem…"

"He told me that he got plenty of food. But that the other stuff smelled good." Sundari rolls her eyes at the thought. A glance is sent to Zi'on. "Thanks for sending him food, I really appreciate that." Not like she could do anything for her dragon when she was off in feverland. A soft huff escapes her as she hears Takapola. "Oh so funny.. An.. I hope he doesn't do that." There is a pause at the thought and she eyes her arm that she has been scratching at it which she quickly stops. "Skin disease from scratching at it? I've never heard that happen before."

Takapola shrugs, with an airy wave of his hand. "I can scrub floors." He can do many things! Including, apparently, volunteer to do it to the Weyrleader's place. Oops? He just grins, though. "My mop bucket and I'll be there." A small pause, and then, "At least, if it's today. Tomorrow it's not my mop bucket anymore, I'm doing laundry." The full rotation of chores! At least until they discover his super secret specialty. Which is super secret, and also special. Also, Tak is super serious, at least when it comes to that holder cure for sunburn. Maybe Sunny'll wake up tomorrow and find a batch of it on her cot… or down her dragon's gullet. "If you scratch too hard, sure. Kid I knew, he had these splotchy scars all over his arms. Looked like white freckles."

Zi'on nods. "That's good. Can't have starving baby dragons. They're liable to eat anything around that might even possibly be edible. Or go out hunting without being able to fly." Zi'on peers around. "I dunno. They always tell you not to scratch. You could break skin or something. Open yourself up to infection." Zi'on blinks at Tak. "Well, if you say so. Just yell before you go in. Raev is more or less living with me. But before that I caught her using my bath like it was her private spot." He grins. "You're welcome to pick up my laundry, too." And probably Raev's if she's living with the weyrleader. "Afterwards Sunny will give you a foot massage."

Sundari peers at Takapola about to say something as he offers to scrub Zi'on floors and is left out of the conversation once there is talk of foot massages. "Hey hey! The only person that I give a foot massage too is you Zi'on.. When I have no choice.." This said while she eyes the weyrleader a moment. "Yes well, I suppose the infection thing is possible." She looks at her arm as if to make sure she didn't scratch herself open or something along those lines. "I don't think he would go and try to hunt on his own.. Unless it was after fish, which he keeps trying to find and catch." Which I amusing to watch.

Hey, maybe Takapola needs something to prove how earnest and well behaved he is, to make up for the trouble he certainly isn't getting into! Though, the more he hears about this, the more he's starting to think maybe this mopping has… unforeseen challenges. "Raev. Okay. And how good's she with throwing things at heads?" It might matter, if Tak's going to be going and scrubbing floors and… picking up laundry? "…well I am supposed to do that tomorrow, it's a head start?" Or something. But, hey! Foot massage! He perks up and gives a hopeful look at Sundari, only to have his hopes (and dreams!) cruelly dashed. "You could pretend they were his feet? If that'd help?" he suggests, while giving her puppy-type eyes soon followed by a grin.

Zi'on laughs. "You never gave me a foot massage, to my knowledge. You traded to avoid touching my feet." He wiggles his fingers at Sundari. Then he shrugs. "He might if he was starving. In fact, if he was starving I hope he would go and find something to eat. Even if it's one of the sickly herdbeasts. Or a fish." Tak was a trouble maker? Zi'on had been alerted to that fact somewhat with the way his captain seemed more than happy to dump him off at the weyr. "She's not thrown anything at me in quite a while. Also she's pretty heavily pregnant, so is also slow moving." Think beached whale. "She probably wouldn't be too mad though, if you're there doing chores." He laughs. "Yeah, pretend they're my feet. Stink and all."

"I didn't hear you complain about the trade." Sundari points out. A glance is sent to Taka and she just watches him a moment. "Yeah well.. No.." She is so not going there. "Knowing my luck Irke would try and eat a rock or something instead of doing that." A soft huff escapes her as she hears Zi'on. "Don't give him any ideas, I don't think him going around telling everyone I like massaging stinking feets." She feels a bit sick at that idea.

Takapola would never make trouble. Not him. He just… happens to sometimes find some trouble conveniently pre-made, and it'd be a shame for it to go to waste. Also, he can't really be expected to not go poking his nose into things that are none of his business when they're interesting. Or keep his mind on boring work when there are more interesting things to do! So maybe he's occasionally ended up in trouble, but nothing serious. Only a little troublesome. Unlike Raev, who's apparently a lot pregnant. "Oh okay, then I'll just bring along a spare bucket. Shield, y'know." Such are the secrets of the mopping master. For today. Tomorrow it'll be different. And if he gets a foot massage, well…! "Oh hey no, if they're stinky, that's totally not going to help. Stinkless feet." Yeah because that's totally how to persuade her, right? "Nah, see, it's okay. I'll get my story straight. What do you like massaging?" Tak beams.

Sundari totally bets Takapola could find PLENTY of trouble if he tried, especially around Western. "So you have had to mop and scrub floors before with people throwing stuff at you?" This questioned with a curious one while she goes about munching on a bit of food from her plate. At this new question, on /what/ she likes to massage the girl nearly chokes, there is a moment of her hacking and she hits her own chest a few times. Did he really just question that? "What… sort of question is that?" She questions once she is able to talk again.

Well, it is Takapola. Having things thrown at him… just sort of happens sometimes, as a result of the trouble he totally doesn't look for. See this innocent face? "Nothing sharp," he tells Sundari, with an airy wave of his hand, and has a sip of his klah before Sunny's food starts going down the wrong way as a result of something that totally isn't his fault. Remember that innocent face? It's right here. Being innocent. "A good one!" he informs her. "How else am I supposed to know? I mean, I can just make guesses if you want." Twenty questions, maybe?

Sundari shakes her head once she is able to breathe normal like again. "Nothing sharp huh. So you have had things thrown at you before then?" As for the question she peers at Taka once more. "I have a feeling if you make guesses it'll be way worse than anything I could come up with." Well he /is/ a boy after all. "I don't tend to massage anyone's anything's. If someone was a dragon it would be different." Irke does enough a good oil massage after all.

"Sometimes." Tak grins. "Not usually while mopping, but then, I've only had two days of mop duty so far. Maybe they're still warming up." Who knows? It's one of the mysteries of Weyr life, along with what Sunny massages. But now… today only… that secret is going to be revealed! "Hey I could make good guesses!" he says, indignant, and then… aww, disappointment. "And I was going to guess your dragon. So there." He totally was. Or so he claims, but poor Takapola's got to have something to console him if there's to be no rubbing of anything, right?

Sundari chuckles softly and takes a sip from her mug, which finshes it and she eyes it a few moments wishing it would fill back up all on it's on, but it doesn't happen. Sigh! "Hey, I don't know you very well. I'm not going to go around offering to massage anything on anyone I don't know well." This said with an amused tone as she peers towards Taka, a soft chuckle escaping her.

"That's true," Takapola acknowledges with a nod. "Though he's the one who did the volunteering." This with a jerk of his thumb toward Zi'on, because of course that makes it soooo much better. "But, still. You don't know me well yet.." He pauses a moment, as if considering this very deeply, then grins. "So would you like to go out to that lounge tonight?"

Sundari knows very well that Zi'on did the volunteering, she was sitting there after all when it was brought up. There is a pause, she blinks and she just peers at Takapola a few moments. "Takapola, are you asking me out on a date?" This questioned while she ponders, curious to say the least.

Zi'on had to get up for some reason. Maybe someone needed him. Or maybe all that klah went right through him. Either way, the bronzer is sitting back down just in time to hear Tak… ask Sunny out to the lounge? The bronzer peers at the two of them. "What now? Sunny can't date. She's a weyrling. Also girls aren't allowed in my lounge unless their waitresses or it's ladies' night. She'll have to massage you out in public someplace. Where everyone can watch you."

Takapola's grin remains undaunted. "Yep. I am," he informs Sundari, then blinks at Zi'on. What? No dates? That daunts his grin. "Well, then, it's not a date." Totally not, mister Weyrleader sir. "Just…" And no lounge, either? Man. Zi'on is being the man, and keeping Tak down. "And it's not there. It's… a non-date. In the… out on the beach, but!" he lifts a finger to hold off the protests of 'but sunburn!' "It's at night. We can look at the stars."

Sundari continues to just watch Takapola, curious for a answer it seems. She smirks when Zi'on comes back. "I at least wanted to see if he /was/ really asking me out before turning him down and kicking him to the curb. Thanks Zi'on.." Though the idea does linger with her at the thought. "Maybe when I graduate if your still interested we can talk."There is a pause and she glances to Zi'on. "I would not massage him or anyone else in public to have people gawking at me thank you very much." Such conversation they have here!

Zi'on eyes Tak. "No dates for weyrlings. No smoochings or anything either. Unless you want her dragon to maul you, or broadcast your dealings to every rider in range." He peers. "Oh, you meant the Tiki Lounge? You can bring her there all you want. If she wants to go." He laughs a bit at Sundari, as she shoots Tak down. "Ouch. Not even the time of day until she graduates. That's harsh. You're harsh, Sunny." Zi'on grins. "What about letting him massage you? Or slather you in lotion?"

Because apparently it's important to know just how much of someone's hopes you're crushing underfoot? Apparently. Takapola watches Sundari to see… welp! Turned down and kicked to the curb he is! "Well, I was, but now I won't." Otherwise Zi'on will be mad at him. "No dates for you!" According to Zi'on, and who is Tak to argue? The grin did slip for a moment, but now it's back. "Until you graduate. Maybe." He lifts his mug, giving the klah in it a swirl and then taking a sip.

"Matter of speech. Have I actually kicked anyone to the curb yet?" Sundari questions while eyeing Zi'on, well she hasn't to him anyway. "Not like it would be a very fun date as we would just get to sit there and stare at one another, and talk." Yes that sounds like a mighty fine date indeed! "Maybe drink tea or something?" She peers at Taka curious like. "Maybe huh?" Her brow wiggles a moment and she grins a moment.

Zi'on can hear the sound of Tak's dreams being crushed under Sundari's feet. Stomp stomp. Oh the sweet sound of dying dreams. "Well, you can. But it's not much of a date if you can't even give her a goodbye smooch. Also if she doesn't consider it a date and won't go out on one." He laughs. Zi'on won't be mad. It's none of his business! "Sounded like a kick to me." No one said Sunny couldn't keep her options open! That was a good plan, at least as far as Zi'on was concerned. At least until she graduated and could do things properly. "Talking helps for the getting to know you part. I like to be friends with my girls beforehand. It's better that way. Sort of. Maybe that's why I keep ending up weyrmated…"

Sit there, stare at each other, talk… yep, that sure does sound like a date! Taka nods slightly, his brows lifting… and then he laughs. "Oh, well, if there's tea…" He gives his head a shake. "It's for the best, really. Tea's just too much. Might send someone crazy." Yeah, uh huh, sure. Definitely sounded like a kick. "The loud thud and all." He grins. "But, y'know, I'll just keeping talking until you kick me in the mouth."

Sundari waves a hand as she hears Taka. "I wouldn't kick you.. Nothing's wrong with talking right?" Talking is good, sure it is! Get to find out stuffs about one another. A slight shrug is seen as she eyes her empty mug before. "Anyway, never been on a date to start with. Heard plenty of stories from my brothers and sisters though." There is a pause. "Not that I'm against it, just can't right now.." Totally because of her dragon don't you know! A glance is sent to Zi'on. "Naw, you just haven't found the right one yet." Best look on the bright side of things, yes? Sure!

Zi'on leans back in his chair a bit. "Dates are for suckers anyways. I prefer to just kiss the girl at any surprise moment that suits me and catches them off guard. Right Sunny? Sometimes I get a slap for it. Other times… not." Zi'on smiles a bit to Sundari. "I think I have found the right one. But riders only have one lifemate. And its their dragons. Weyrmates generally don't last the ages." He chuckles. "Well, you can once you've passed the mating flight lecture."

Takapola eyes Zi'on. Nothing's wrong with talking, right? Riiiight? Good. "My mouth and I thank you," he tells Sundari. See? It's thanking her now, with words and also a grin. "Oh, well, stories. All lies, I'm sure, except for the ones that're true." That should cover it. Takapola tilts his head as Zi'on gives him more educational advice, or at least an example. "Hah," he says, and turns his own gaze to Sunny. Is that right, hmm? So he watches her for a bit, then half-listens to Zi'on about the whole… weyrmates and dragons and mating flights… thing.

"I didn't mean that 'one' as ones lifemate though. I'm sure there is someone that would hang around you for a while just has to find that person. Wherever they are hiding and so forth." Sundari offers before peering at Zi'on a moment. "Oh right.. that lecture.." How could she forget it? A glance is sent to Taka and she chuckles. "Dono, I figure my brother's are lying, my sisters though I can't see them being the lying type." Though perhaps they are older siblings and all. "Well isn't that nice, your thanking me because you can talk. Knew you could do it!" As for the kiss and slap bit from Zi'on she blushes a moment, fingers taping against the table. "Yup, that's true."

"So nice," Takapola agrees. "I do that every so often. Better not get used to it." He smirks, and lifts his klah-mug in Sunny's direction before looking back to Zi'on again. Kisses, slaps, and blushes. Hmm. Well, back to Sundari as Zi'on is pulled away again. "I guess you'll have to find out the lies yourself. Once you can, anyhow." Which is not yet! Or Irkevalath will eat someone. So Takapola is reliably informed.

Sundari shakes her head while glancing after Zi'on, she ponders and then looks back to Taka. "Yeah, I suppose I will." She ponders. "Were.. you being for real there or joking around when you asked that?" his questioned with a curious tone. As for Irkevalath there is always a possibility!

Takapola takes another sip of his klah, except that's the last sip, so he ends up staring at the empty bottom of it instead for a moment, and then he looks up at Sundari again. "What? The date?" He raises an eyebrow, watching her for a moment. "Yeah, sure, I was serious." He shrugs. "I mean…" A laugh. "Hopefully the date'd be fun. Maybe even involve jokes. If it were to happen, anyhow."

Sundari nods a moment, she lifts a hand to brush back a few strands of hair. "I wouldn't mind it, not like I think it would be bad or anything.. Just can't at the moment." For someone who normally cracks jokes, or doesn't get offered she seems a bit nervous at this talk. "So, maybe we could talk about it later?" When there isn't a baby dragon that she needs to worry about.

"Yeah, sure," Takapola says, and waves a hand as if to dismiss it all. "You've got your dragon and everything, it's fine." He offers a grin. "Don't worry about it. Apparently I shouldn't even have asked, huh?" The grin broadens, and he glances after Zi'on to make sure the bronzer's not going to come back.

Kyldar slinks in with a pair of firelizards (one blue, one bronze) on her shoulders and grabs some breakfast pastries and a big mug of klah. Yeah, klah. Must have klah. She makes her way through the covern and, passing by the group gathered here, greets with a soft "Good morning."

"I don't think it was a problem to ask. I just thought you was joking.. Honestly.." Sundari offers with a shake of her head. "Yes I have my dragon, I have friends an all too you know?" As for Zi'on well she ponders. "He just wants to make sure everything is followed the right way, and he likes to make jokes." Always with the jokes that one is. She looks up at the voice, a wave is seen and she smiles. "Morning."

Klah's important! But Takapola has already finished his. He leaves the empty mug where it is, though, leaning back in his chair a little. "Oh, sure. Friends are good things to have." He grins. "If you do want to go look at the stars sometime, just as friends, the offer's open." The grin widens. "I won't try and kiss you by surprise… at least not until after you graduate." His expression is teasing, back to being joking, and then he looks up and gives Kyldar a wave. "Hiya."

Kyldar flops down at an adjacent table, rather abruptly, causing her shoulder-critters to flutter to keep balance. She takes a bite of her pastry and chases with a swig of klah, closing her eyes contently for a moment. "Ah, now that I have breakfast," she says, "I'm a leetle more alive. I think." She puts down the pastry and touches her wrist as if checking her pulse. "Yup, alive. So, how're you two doing this fine morning?"

Sundari smiles and nods to Takapola. "I'd like that actually.. maybe in a day or two?" Well it is sort of like a date in a sense, just setting up a thought of when one might go looking at stars. She chckles. "Right, I'll be on the look out for way flying kisses that may sweep my way." This said while she grins. Her gaze turns back to Kyldar and she nods. "An't that the truth. Klah be good for waking everyone up after a long night sleeping and so froth.."

"Yeah, okay," Tak says to Sunny with a smile. "I'll be around…" A pause, and a grin. "Unless the laundry eats me or I fall into my mop bucket." These are real risks, you know. "Or I get knocked off the cliff by a flying kiss." He looks over to Kyldar again. "Only a little?" he asks her. "I mean, how close to dead were you?" Hey, it's an important question!

Kyldar nods in agreement with Sunny. "Yeah. Especially if you're lazy like me." Grin. Then: "Looking at stars? I used to do a lot of stargazing, when I was growing up at the hall. Dad used to teach me about star lore when we had free time. What's this about flying kisses though? They're more dangerous than the earthbound ones, I take it?"

Sundari chuckles and ndos as she hears Kyldar. "Kisses? Well yeah I suppose so. Even more so being that I'm a weyrling and all." An there a NONO. She grins at Taka. "New saying then, flying kisses? Though it would be in the form of a young blue dragon I imagen."

"Oh, yeah, far more dangerous," Takapola agrees about those flying kisses, having just nodded about the stargazing stuff. About those kisses, though! "I mean, you see 'em soaring along and looking handsome, and then… bam. One of 'em lands, and knocks you off your feet." He grins, and gives a nod to Sundari. "And then, once you fall down, the dragon eats you. Which!" He lifts a hand, looking all serious and important as he declares, "-is why weyrlings are limited to only kisses from their dragons. So nobody gets eaten."

Kyldar nibbles on her pastries as she listens to the further remarks on flying kisses. "The dragon eats you?" she says, her slender eyebrow rising. "Dragons are harmless, y'know, to human life at least. Though sometimes I think Sina can be a right pain in the—" there's a snort from outside. "Who me?" she says aside. "I'm harmless. Anyway I suppose I orta be looking out for these flying kisses then?"

Sundari looks to Kyldar and then glances outside, did someone, or thing just snort? She ponders where Irkevalath is for a few moments and then 'sees' through the link she has with her blue that he is still asleep. "Well.. Zi'on said that the weyrling dragon would eat someone.." A glance is offered over to Taka and she chuckles at how he explains that. "I can just see this wild flying kiss that flings in and slams into you and then is gone like a snap.." Wouldn't that be interesting!

Well, yes, dragons are actually harmless, but that's different. Takapola just grins and waves it off, because even he, holder-boy from a rock in the middle of nowhere, knows that. It's what makes it a good joke. "Especially if you cover yourself with aloe," he notes to Sundari, though he doesn't actually make his other suggestion aloud. This time. She should know what it is already. Just like she knows about those flying kisses. "Yep. That's how it works. The wild ones are the worst, the tame ones are at least a little safer."

Kyldar finishes her klah and stands up. "I'll look out for them, then, particularly the wild ones. Anyway, I've got some morning drills to get done, but thanks for letting me butt in. You both have a good day." With that she heads toward the exit. Exit stage rear.

Sundari grins at Taka and shaeks her head, there is someone, or some dragon poking at her not that anyone can see the blue at the moment. "Right the whole aloe deal." She waves after Kyldar and is then up herself. "I need to get back and take care of Irke. I'll see you around though." A slight wave is seen. "Thanks for the talk of flying kiss and all." Something to remember for sure. With another mug full of klah she is off, dragonling to deal with!

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