Surprise Inspection!

Winter - Month 2 of Turn 2717
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Candidate Barracks
Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this small dorm room has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants comfortably. Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses, each made up to the standards of the weyrwoman. Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours.

It's afternoon and Ayushi has managed to finish up her chores early enough to come back to a /mostly/ empty barracks. There's just an overwhelming sense of relief when she doesn't see the usual mass of candidates. Not that she doesn't enjoy them, things have just been getting….stuffy. The harper lets out a sigh and settles onto her cot from under which a tiny blue flit is soon emerging. It latches onto her back and there's a tiny wince of pain before she scratches his head fondly. She's in her usual affair of shorts and a shirt and black curls have been tied up in her bun. Speaking of animals, there's a small fluffy tail poking out from underneath the blanket at the edge of her bed. It swishes back and forth, catching the blue's attention. "Play nice…."

Poor Ayushi; she thought she could get some rest. NOPE! Because here comes R'sner, marching his way into the barracks with that /look/ on his face that is mostly serious but ever-so-slightly deviant. It's a good thing R'sner is already 'in the know' about those kittens, or they surely wouldn't pass inspection. Lucky for the candidates, the otherwise stoic and /definitely/ strict Weyrlingmaster has a soft spot for animals (kittens and puppies especially!) and so they have not been evicted from beneath Zeltan's cot. There's a firm rap of knuckles to door-frame; the only warning the occupants of the barracks are going to get before he's striding in and casting his gaze around the room and its inhabitants. "Afternoon, candidates!" Mwahaha?

Is that a quiet curse under her breath? It /is/. Did she say it quietly enough? Maybe, maybe not. Ayushi scrambles off her bed, attempting to deftly shove some clothes sticking out of her trunk back in before R'sner sees it. And is that a pair of shorts she's shoving unceremoniously under the bed? Apparently it was faster than picking it up. All the commotion causes Zuko to take flight from her shoulder and land on the lump that is a kitten covered by blankets. At least her belly is /mostly/ made? It's not the most pristine one but it isn't the messiest either. "Afternoon!" So maybe she's a bit freaked out, but her tone of voice doesn't let that slip at least. She's been totally calm and collected and….calm and collected!

Either quiet enough, or R'sner is the type to overlook under breath-cursing (but be sure he would not allow outright swearing in his presence). And so Ayushi will escape punishment for /that/ infraction. But those shorts getting shoved under the bed? Tut-tut. Rooky mistake; of /course/ he is going to be looking under beds! Just as soon as he's done looking /over/ them. He's glossing over the unoccupied beds (apparently, candidates still at chores are getting a pass? Rude) and only bothering to really stop and converse with those that are in the area. By the time he's at Ayushi, there's a routine about it that results in raised eyebrows and finger-wags toward suspicious under-bed clothing. "Pretty sure those belong somewhere else." That's definitely disapproval in that tone.

Ayushi is watches R'sner stroll through the barracks with a bit of dread. She picks at the clothes she's wearing for a moment, straightening them out. And then he's there and he's pointing out those shorts and she is spouting the first thing that comes to mind. "I spilled a bit of water there earlier….and used them as a mop." It's an excuse, it could be a valid excuse if that actually happened! "I should probably have put those in the laundry though and uh…not there."

"Mmhmm…" says R'sner, in that tone of voice that says he doesn't buy it. Not for one second. "And… just how did you spill water under your cot?" he wants to know, eyebrow lifted in an expression that is meant to be inquisitive but falls somewhat short. He's got the stoic-and-serious down, but faking other emotions? Eh… not so much.

"Well I put a glass of water there….and…it spilled." Ayushi, that was not the right answer! Harper, please! At least she tried to follow up with some sort of explanation. "Well, I was thirsty but then I needed to grab something and I put it down there. But you see Zuko likes to hide under the bed and he zipped out and I accidentally kicked the glass over." At least she's not blaming her fire lizard!

"Hm." Yup. Still not believing it. The deadpan look? Yeah… R'sner definitely has that down. "Maybe, moving forward… find a more suitable place for water glasses, hm?" Because under the bed ain't it! "Or perhaps train your firelizard?" nevermind that he is a wee, baby 'lizard! Res rocks back on his heels, settling his weight to one side as he lifts a hand and rubs at his chin, thoughtful-like. "Let's see the trunk, maybe?" A hand-wave, "not worried about folded clothes; more interested in contraband." Like weapons. Or liquor. Or GLITTER.

Ayushi knows she's lost and that is definitely her wincing a little bit. "Right…I'll do both of those." She's about to try and protest the trunk search but when he assures her that he's not interested in the state of unfolded clothes she relaxes a bit. Contrabad? She has no such thing! No no, see she'll go over and open the trunk herself to show him the pile of unfolded things there. "Search on!" Wait….does bad Abfiction count as contraband? Deep down in her chest at the very very bottom are several copies of various novels that are definitely meant for nefarious purposes. Not THOSE kind of nefarious purposes. It's for purposes like when they plastered pages above Zeltan's cot!

R'sner shifts to the side as Ayushi goes to open her cot, a glance spared for the kitten that (maybe?) still lurks under covers. When the array of messy clothes is offered for inspection, there's a murmured, "Thank you," as he stoops to poke and prod and generally be super nosy about what might be in her cot. Those novels? Yeah, they definitely get a pause and a questioning look before he drops his gaze and decides, "Nevermind, I don't want to know." While his voice may be serious enough, there's a flicker of amusement in his eyes and a twist at the sides of his mouth that hint at a grin. He tries to hide it, if just because he must maintain the appearance of a professional, but it wasn't /that/ long ago that he was a candidate himself. And there's no harm in some friendly pranks, right? "So," uttered as he pushes himself upright once again, motioning with his hand to indicate he's finished with the trunk, "How are you getting along, Ayushi? Do you feel prepared?" For the hatching, presumably.

Ayushi can't help it, at that tiny little spark of amusement she also breaks into a grin. There's a slight nod when he says he doesn't want to know and just a brief flash of mischief races across her features. Not long after she's settling into a more relaxed expression and at his next words the harper pauses slightly. She leans against her cot frame and looks down to where her little fur ball has proceeded tor ace around under the sheets. While Zukos? He's dashing around on the bed attempting to escape her. "Well enough I guess. I've kind of fallen into the routine. I don't really know how to tell whether I'm prepared though. I'm just kind of….high strung right now. I'm excited but freaked out. And sure we've been doing all these chores to help us prepare. But…it's just uncharted territory for us, you know?"

It's late afternoon and the barracks are mostly empty. Currently R'sner and Ayushi are by her cot due to SURPRISE inspection. Dun dun dun!

"Of course." He gets it. Really, he does. This isn't R'sner's first trip through the barracks (figuratively or literally), so there's almost an expectation for the sort of anticipation and frazzled-nerves that are likely to be setting in, so close to Hatching. "The chores… are for a variety of reasons. Part of it is for physical preparation," gotta be strong(er) for those baby dragons! "But I was referring more to the… ah… mental and emotional preparation. Do you feel you understand what becoming a dragonrider would mean for your life?" Weird, weighty questions. Woot?

"Oh! OHHHHH!" Ayushi coughs slightly but nods her head. "Sorry, everyone mostly asks the how are you feeling and are you nervous questions lately, I just kind of assumed that's what you were asking." There's a yowl of triumph from the bed as the kitten manages to catch Zuko's tail, and then the two are off again. "I /think/ so, at least in some aspects. I think it'll be weird being that heavily influenced by someone that's well….part of you, but not yourself." Especially in certain /situations/. "But, it goes with the package and if that package is worth it you….go with the flow."

"There is that," agrees R'sner, for the influence of a dragon. "But if you Impress, Weyrlinghood would help you prepare for those particular… challenges." Apparently, something about the way Ayushi answered has him satisfied with /that/ at least, as he no longer appears concerned. "Do you have family attending the Hatching?" That's an acceptable thing to ask, right? Being this close to the Hatching? And at least he follows it up with a quick, "Do we need to arrange transportation?" to kind of clarify why he's asking.

"I imagine that'd be a painfully in depth lecture for us in case we don't Impress." Ayushi chuckles a bit before glancing at her cot. There's a safe corner where she moves to sit, though there's a glance towards R'sner when she does. Should she stay standing? She'll test the waters. "I actually hadn't thought of that, transportation would actually be very appreciated." A slight pause. "Though I almost hope they're too busy to come by. It's definitely more nerve-wracking than performances." She's just used to those.

Sitting is fine, as clearly indicated by R'sner's lack of negative response when Ayushi does so. No need to stand on ceremony now that the official "inspection" has been finished! (apparently, Ayushi was the last one in the line? Lucky her?) "I am happy to arrange it. I simply need to know where to fetch them, and who is to be brought. Seamount is happy to help in the transport of family and friends for the Hatching," just, you know, keep it reasonable. No carting half of Pern in to see you stand! "Trust me," he decides, a bit more dry-toned, "You will be far too busy watching eggs crack open and hatchlings wander around to worry about who might be watching you. This is the easiest performance of your life, Ayushi… all you must do is show up, wearing your robe, and stand." As if it is that simple. "For a woman who sang about the weyrleader's abs? I think you can manage this."

Zuko jumps onto her back, claws digging into Ayushi's skin and causing her to wince slightly. She's getting used to it though. That leaves the kitten bored and soon a fuzzy calico head is popping out from under the blankets. Just her head. For now! "Raishi and Yuven, they're with the glass craft. And uh….just my parents, no need to worry about creating a dragon caravan for them." The harper chuckles softly for a moment, though is that a hint of wistfulness? It's there, for whatever reason, and soon gone. "But the weyrleader's abs were /asking/ to have songs sung about them. I think it might be the most successful piece I've ever written." Oh yeah, that's pride in her voice right there. "You've got a point though, everyone's attention is going to be on those dragons, mine included. I'm curious about what's going to pop out, and what they'll /really/ be like."

"Raishi and Yuven," repeats R'sner, and the way he says it (or, more telling, the way his eyes go distant) may lead one to assume he is taking mental notes. Or passing along information. Both, maybe. "I will be sure to set it up," he assures her again, offering what is meant to be encouraging. Though he's not really allowed to think the song was amusing (because he's kinda, sorta, somewhat part of that 'leadership' crowd? Maybe?) he definitely can't help a bit of a gleam in his eyes for mention of the abs /asking/ to be sung about. "Regardless. It took— guts." He was totally going to say 'balls' but, you know. That whole 'leader-thing'. "It was certainly catchy," though he will not be humming it, no. "Mm, I am sure bets are already being made as to colors and Impressions," not to add more pressure or anything.

"Thanks, I appreciate it. So will they." Ayushi grins a bit before reaching down to offer the calico a few head scratches. She slowly wriggles out from under the blankets and moves towards the end of the cot. Little forepaws go up as she sniffs in R'sner's direction with curiosity. Afraid of humans? Certainly not this one. She meows at R'sner, which also draws the flit's attention and his small blue head pops over Yush's shoulder. "That sounds like a compliment and I will take it!" Her gaze shifts back to R'sner then, "I've already put bets on a few of them." Hey, that's not against the rules! "Hopefully I'm not out too much."

A lift of his hand, and fingers are extended to the inquisitive calico, R'sner's gaze briefly softening for the appearance of the kitten. Kittens and puppies are his kryptonite. A dismissive sort of snort for the 'compliment', but the fact that he doesn't /correct/ her says she is probably accurate in that assumption. "Never saw the point of betting on eggs. Rather bet on something that relies on skill, rather than luck," is the only advice he'll give on that. "Alright. I am finished terrorizing you lot," which is meant for the candidates as a whole, even if the barracks are rather empty-ish at the moment. "Enjoy your… nap," because he's pretty sure that's what's about to happen. "And stay strong. It's only a few more sevendays." Words of encouragement! And then he's (thankfully?) heading for the door.

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