Maths, Stools, and a Baby

Western Weyr - Living Caverns
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

Ila'den is in the living caverns because it seems only proper to mingle with the commoners every now and again (oho, jokes!). In actuality, the bronzerider is accompanying his little sister down for food in order to sate her need for brother time, though he's not doing a very good job of it. The child is very intently immersed in making characters out of what's on her plate, creating a tiny war with utensils and food that've become either dashing heroes or dastardly renegades. Ila'den is buried in some paperwork he's opted to bring home with him; crunching numbers, perhaps, or some other assuredly menial and tedious task that has him looking more and more frustrated. Math: Ila's Public Enemy Number 2, second only to /water/ (or big bodies of them, at least).

It exists, that rumored Draval, one-time pestilential younger brother to Keelyra; older now, the lad seems to have matured both physically and otherwise, and no longer seems anxious to annoy the feminine set with boyish pranks. Indeed, he seems to be taking his apprenticeship to the Computer Craft more seriously, and thus enters the Living caverns festooned with various wires hanging off his shoulders and attached to the small board clutched between his hands. Mumbling random technical jargon beneath his breath, he doesn't seem to notice other Cavern denizens, barely dodging obstacles by some miracle of Faranth, or something — until his toe gets stubbed, and he stumbles, dropping the board onto a table with a metallic /clink/. "For fu — " He manages that around the clump of spidery wires in his mouth before spitting them out to grumble, "Who put that stool there." Said stool simply sits there, looking harmless, in its proper place and uncaring that Draval walked into /it/, rather than the other way around.

Yes, it is that eating time. That sort of dinner-y eating time. The caverns however are on the empty side, and those that are there seem rather subdued. And it's all thanks to the deary rainy wether that Western's been experiencing over the past few days. It's not that there hasn't been any sunshine, just that it's been shortlived. Zi'on strolls into the caverns, looking wet and tired and miserable. He peels off his overcoat and hangs it up with the rest of the overcoats off to the side of the caverns to drip dry. Then he moves over to look at the assortment of food that's been laid out. It all looks good, sure. But now that he's here Zi'on doesn't seem to have much of an appetite. He chooses some of the fruit salad, a couple of slices of fruity bread, and a mug of klah. Then he moves over to take a seat next to Ila'den's sister. "Hey." Is his lovely enthusiastic greeting of sorts. "Who is winning? He asks the girl. As Draval goes crashing into a stool the weyrleader's head raises up and he gives Draval a curious look. As if he's trying to place him.

Kaliena for once isn't among the staff busily preparing the meals or tidying the caverns after the last. She's not among the laundry workers either or wherever else the girl goes while on whatever duty or task the Headwoman or some other ranking person has thrown at her. The girl arrives from the lower tunnels, dressed in a long-sleeved blue sweater that hangs low on her shoulders, a sleeveless tunic beneath it and a pair of slim fitting beige pants and boots finish the ensemble. Even her hair has been tamed back, somewhat, into a loose braid. She seems to be in a fair enough mood, frowning but in a distracted sense rather then her usual temper. Draval's spectacular stumble snaps her out of it though and Kaliena comes to a slow stop to stare at the apprentice computer crafter, lips twitching up to an amused grin as she tries to stifle a chuckle. "Sure. Blame the stool." She drawls and would not have noticed Ila'den and his sister there, where it not for the fact she catches sight of Zi'on as well. That brings a brief smirk to her lips and the girl tics off a quick half-hearted salute, knowing full well it may annoy the Weyrleader at least.

Firamar walks into the living cavern from the bowl, a moment is spared to remove his over coat and hang it where he's seen others are hung to dry. A stachel is slung over his shoulder, pushed to the right side to keep out of the way as he walks. Looking around he spots the serving area and makes a beeline towards it wanting something warm to take the chill off. As he reaches the serving table he takes a plate and fills it with a variety of items including several bubblies (his one weakness) before he looks around for a place to sit. An empty table is located and he heads towards it before being startled by the collision of lad and stool, "Shards there goes a turn off my life I'll never get back again, you alright?"

Kiltara is thoroughly interrupted by two things: first, Draval. The child's head perks up as wide eyes swing to look at the stumbling crafter, his reaction drawing a giggle from the child before Zi'on is sitting down beside her and the girl dissolves into a /blush/. "Uh…" She tries, and then, with a shifting of shoulders and a subtle /scoot/ closer to her brother, she murmurs, "It's too close to call, yet. Do you want to play? You can be the Weyrleader…" In which her fork is extended with uncharacteristic /shy/. Indeed, somebody must have a very innocent crush. Ila'den, on the other hand, is glancing up at Draval with brows arched high. "I think the stool would like to argue that it was /definitely/ there first." Eyes flicker to Kaliena, giving her a brief smile, and Firamar, before the weyrsecond looks right back down to his work with sing-song words of, "Greetings, Weyrleader," in a tone that says, 'I hate you.'

"So you're the one who plonked it down right there." Draval retorts, glaring, before he divests himself of all his remaining equipment, hooks a foot under the offending stool, and shows it who's boss by sitting on it. Having taught the thing a lesson, he turns his gaze Zi'on-wards, peering from under a thick, shaggy swatch of hair. Oh hai, that's a Weyrleader over there. There's a little salute for the man before the youngster props an elbow on the table beside him and surveys the gathering of people in the vicinity, some new, some not: his gaze lands on Ila'den — hadn't that guy Impressed in the same clutch Draval stood for? — and he smirks a little. Firamar's question is lost, briefly, in the swell of Ila'den's tease. "Ah, but the stool is not allowed to argue. It is a mere /tool/ for the pleasures of man."

Zi'on smiles to Kali and pats the seat on the other side of him. Until she's saluting him, after which he gives her a droll look. "Sit down, Irondell. Tell us a story about your day." It's dinnertime at Western, and a rainy day as well. In fact it's been rather rainy lately as a rule. Kiltara is given a smile from the weyrleader. "Sure," he says to the girl's offer to let him play. He reaches out to take the fork from her. He considers this for a moment, then uses the fork to spear a piece of fruit on his plate. Then he stands the fork up on the table and 'walks' it over to Kiltara's plate. "Don't worry, men. I'm coming in with reinforcements!" In the form of a speared grape. There's a nod to Draval as the computer crafter takes note of him. Hi weyrleader here! "That must be some stool, if it's to be used for our pleasures." Zi'on says, chuckling. "Oh. Hello, weyr-second." Zi'on says in the same sort of sing-songy voice. "How goes the maths?" He adds on, as a second verse.

Rea comes in from the bowl a bit muddy, though what the weyrwoman has been up to is anyone's guess, as she takes a moment to brush herself off at the door, and shake her hair about; giving her more of a roughed up look then she probably intends. Hearing S'chez's greeting from his usual corner in the caverns, the woman gives the other rider a nod and a small smile, "She is doing well, S'chez, her usual self." Talk of stools bring her attention across the caverns to the small gathering of riders and weyrfolk, Rea peering just a bit restlessly before her eyes land upon the Weyrleader, where they stay for longer then they had on the others. His play with the child next to him causes a small smile to spread across her lips, before she pulls her eyes back to the rest of the group and makes her way over. "'Llo." Is her informal greeting to all at once, and with consideration she takes a chair and twists it back forward, sitting down in it and placing her arms over the back of the chair in a casual fashion. The sing-song is given an odd looks, and Ila'den is given a brow raise from the goldrider, almost in question, 'what have I missed?'

Kaliena returns Ila'den's brief smile and then her attention is drawn back to Draval, to whom she promptly scowls at. "I ain't the one to blame." She huffs, bristling even if the apprentice hadn't directed the comment at her. The girl tends to do that. So she leaves him to putting said stool in its place in favor of shooting Zi'on a glare for the use of her family name. Her jaw works for a moment, but she can only snort in frustration as no witty retort comes for it and would have likely thrown his back if she could remember it. "Fine. I'll sit. But no story, cause their ain't nothing to tell." And then Kaliena promptly settles herself down on a seat not far from Draval but not exactly where the Weyrleader had suggested. Slouching and crossing her arms over her chest, she slips one leg over the other and stays there.

Food dish, drink but most importantly bubblies are saved from a fate worse than death, a fall to the floor which would have been followed by a lot of foot stomping, silent cursing and finally a trip back to the serving area to replace the items that would have been lost. Firamar stops a moment or two to calm down a bit now that the tragedy has been avoided for now, he continues his trip to the table where he sits down pausing a moment to softly snort at Draval's statement "He should be a Harper with such a tongue, many a harper lacks the skill to put words together like that." The later is said nearly under his breath, but Firamar has a problem with speaking very softly either on purpose or accidentally no one is ever quite sure.

Kiltara looks absolutely /delighted/, while Ila'den takes all the teasing being slung at him in leisure. In fact, Zi'on's questioning of his mathing predicament has those wicked grey eyes flickering towards the weyrleader's fruited fork. "A fruity weyrleader, Zi'on? The resemblance is /striking/." And while Kiltara plays the villain in her game of dinner sport, Ila's attention is temporarily stolen away by Draval sitting and debating the rights of stools and their jolly uses. "A mere tool, maybe, but a rather sly one to trip up somebody so observant." Zing? And then there's Rea. The goldrider earns herself a look of exasperation as Ila holds up the paperwork he's been mulling over, and all of its scribbled math, in answer to her silent question. Firamar's muttered words earn laughter from Ila'den, but it's Kiltara's screech as she morphs her own roll into a dragon that has the weyrsecond's full attention again. "Renegades do /not/ have dragons, Kiltara." But the child merely sniffs at her brother in petulance, saying only, "I don't remember asking /you/ to play, Ila'den. Your name is not /Zi'on/." CUE MORE DRAGON-ROLL SLAUGHTER.

Draval snorts. If you believe inanimate objects are /sly/, then it is no wonder you find maths so… " He trails off with one of those shrugs that could mean just about anything. Although,just because he can't resist, there is a moment where his chin is stroked before Draval continues, grinning, "…. indecipherable?" The child's explanation of her game gets a soft, "You tell him." That's right, Draval is going to encourage the girl in her folly, just as he might offer a wicked little grin to that mutterer in the back named Firamar: "Why /thank/ you, kind sir." That whole speaking softly might work, but not always.

Zi'on thinks Rea's been out playing in the mud. In fact, that's what he's imagining. The weyrwoman out jumping in puddles and getting herself all muddy. When she makes her way over Zi'on gives her a nod. "Hey, Rea." He looks around. "Do you know everyone here? …Do I know everyone here? This is Kaliena and Kiltara. I'm assuming you know Il-la'den." Ila'den gets sung in three descending notes. Everyone else will have to introduce themselves. Zi'on grins to Kaliena. He figured the mention of her family name would earn him the infamous Kali-scowl. He's surprised she doesn't throw his back in his face. And that she can't remember it. When she sits away from him though he pouts at her. There's a brow raised to Firamar. "We'll let him stick to his day job for right now, I think." The weyrleader chuckles at Ila'den. "Well, takes one to know one I suppose. Anyways, I told you to use the computer for that nonsense. I don't know why we got assigned such things anyways. The golds haven't even clutched yet." Zi'on blinks as suddenly his fork-likeness is attacked by a roll-dragon. "Wait, do I fight the dragon? Can I call in my own dragon for support?"

Rea hides her lips behind her arms as she witnesses the banter between young Kiltara, Ila'den and Zi'on. "Well, acting always requires a good potrayal of reality, doesn't it?" She says with an innocent look, of Ila'den's fruity comment. "Wouldn't you say, Weyrleader?" At Ila'den's indication of said paperwork, the goldrider winces sympathetically, nodding her head. As Zi'on introduces some of the others, she gives a smile and nod of her head to each, raising a brow just a bit at the dynamic between the Weyrleader and Kaliena. But, that's passed over to grin a bit more widely at the roll-dragon and the younger lass. "I think you've suddenly been given the bad hand, fruit leader." She grins, and waits to watch the girls reaction, also giving a nod to Firamir and Draval, whom she doesn't know. "Aye, I'm fairly familiar with Ila'den." Despite her lifestyle of business and personal life being quite seperate from each other, "At least in passing, with duties."

Firamar gives Draval a sweeping bow and a salute to Zi'on before laying out his food in front of himself "I suppose he'll have to forgo training as a Harper then though its a pity I have a feeling he'd make an excellent Harper. I am Firamar Harper Jouneyman, duty to Western." Firamar takes a bite of his food, picking a bit of this and a bit of that watching the others with interest, who knows maybe a story could be developed about the carrying on at this weyr. From the look of things there is a lot of possibilities from what he's seen so far.

"No," Kiltara informs Zi'on with a tone that leaves little room for argument, "now you /die/." Ila'den's squinting eyes at his little sister for her words and the voice in which they're said as she smooshes her roll violently against Zi's fork. "You are grounded from ever seeing V'ric again," the weyrsecond murmurs under his breath, and then grins wickedly at Rea's assessment of the necessities for acting. It's the mention of computer usage combined with Draval's words that have the weyrsecond shaking his head at Zi'on. "You kidding me, Zi? If I touched one of /those/ and combined it with math, I would end up like /him/," and the tech crafter is shot a glare that is, beyond any reasonable doubt, playful. "I for one am not at all in favor of the oppression of stools and their rights." Which brings him back to Rea, and with a smile he inclines his head. "Aye, in passing. The little violent one is mine," he adds, as Kiltara takes the liberty of leaning over Zi and using her Dragon-roll to rampage on his plate full of innocent weyrfolk-fruit. And to Firamar? A smile and words of, "Well met, Firamar. Enjoying Western?"

"What," Draval inclines in amusement, "Smart enough not to allow mere math to conquer me?" So there, foul defender of stools and their 'rights!' So there. Just to be sure that stool is completely aware of its inferior life, Draval settles his weight more firmly upon the leg. "Hah. They must keep their place,lest they rise up one stormy night and tilt you from your weyr." Not a likely scenario, but Draval has an odd imagination. Perhaps odder than it has to be, considering his trade — and yet he manages, anyhow. The violence of the child is met with wry amusement, and a side-eye for Ila'den. "Although — I'd worry about that one. She might save the stools the trouble…"

Zi'on peers at Rea. "I… guess?" He's not really sure what she means by such. Or what it has to do with him, specifically. "I'm not a very good actor. It helps that I'm playing myself though." He nods in agreement about his hand in the food-war. "Apparently that is the case." There's a nod to Firamar then. "Western's duties to you, harper. Are you the singing, the dancing, or the writing type?" Zi'on's attention is soon drawn back to the war though. Kiltara's words and violent roll-smooshing earn a reaction from the bronzer that can only be described as: o.O "Uh… I guess I'm dead then? Ugh… oh… ugh… I'm dead. Nrk!" Zi'on blinks as Kiltara has taken over his entire plate. He rescues the bread from it at least, he actually wants to eat that, and sets it out of her reach. Then he goes about making sure she isn't going to flop out of her seat. "I have enough to worry about. Without adding in an army of rampaging stools with it." Or roll-dragons bent on weyrleader destruction.

"I've just arrived but so far it's an interesting place, lots of things that would make a good story not ones for children but more for an adult audience. The weather leaves a little to be desired but over all I'm enjoying my trip to Western." Firamar takes a few more bites before taking out a notebook from his satchel and starts to jot some notes into it. "I find that if I write down notes the stories are a little more developed." He turns to Zi'on with a smile, "I've been known to tell a tale or two, and have sung a few songs in my travels as well as play the guitar in self accompaniment."

Iris makes a quiet entrance, slipping in and shucking off her raincloak to reveal Risali snug against her, dangling from a shoulder sling. After hanging her raincloak near the entrance, she meanders down to the serving tables, collecting a mug of hot klah and a little plate of bubblies. Ila'den is found, and Iris sits down next to him, setting the plates down and adjusting Risali so the three month old is comfortable- and still happily asleep. Klah is sipped, and the junior weyrwoman smiles affably at those nearby before nudging Ila'den's shoulder with her own. "Heard tell you could use some numbers help?"

"Tilt who from their weyr? Me?" Ila'den's giving Draval a roguish smile at the thought, and adding, "I do believe that you're forgetting who's been their champion this night. I'll remind you that it /wasn't/ you." As for the comment in regards to Kiltara's behavior, it has Ila sobering up some, and flickering a glance towards the child as she makes a pest of herself. He catches the girl around her middle and hauls her up into his lap, trapping her arms at her sides. "No more rampaging dragons. I told you, renegades don't /have/ dragons." But despite the fact that she's actually being scolded (who could tell?!), Kiltara peals out childishly delighted laughter at her entrapment, squealing out for help as she wriggles about and kicks her legs. "Zi'on," Ila'den says with feigned exasperation, "look what you've done." Because, clearly, encouraging the child's imagination has gone and made her hyper. So hyper that Ila'den is too preoccupied with her struggling up until she sees Iris and namely Risali, and falls into a sullen silence. Ila minds little, stealing a quick kiss from his weyrmate as she settles with a crooked smile. "My lifemate betrays me. Perhaps later, love."

"They are sly, remember?" Draval counters, grinning. "You can't trust the sly. Like to turn on you at any moment." Cheekily, he sweeps Ila'den a bow from his seat and scoops up his mess of board and wires. Bouncing off the stool, he gives it a last revengeful kick before turning to head off into the Weyr and to the lab. "Well, off with me to see if this is damaged. Good luck championing /stools/, Ila'den." And, exit: stage left. Or right — wherever the inner caverns exit is placed.

Zi'on nods to Firamar. "Sounds good. We can always use another harper around the weyr. The Tiki Lounge has been lacking in entertainment, recently. So I'm sure you'd be a huge hit over there, if you're looking to perform. Maybe you're not." Zi'on smiles and waves to Iris. "Hey Iris. And the tiny one. How's Shad doing after her flight? I bet she's excited. Hopefully her and Benneuth get along out there." There's a peer as Draval escapes outside. "Strange guy." Then Zi'on turns his attention back to Kiltara and Ila'den. He laughs. "Hey it's not my fault. I'm dead, remember?" He picks up his fork-likeness and eats the fruit off the end of it to emphasize his point. "You can sit with me if you promise to be good, Kiltara. We can share my sweetbread and fruit. But no more wars. I don't want to be dead twice in one night. But first I want to hold your niece." Zi'on gives Iris the puppy-dog eyes. He can holdz baby?

"He does, my love, but only because he knows I can help. Share?" Iris peers over at his paperwork, smiling lightly before leaning back to dislodge Risali for Zi'on. The baby stirs, making burbling noises. "Shadha is feeling good. She's still crowing about herself, though I can't say she's been nicer to Teimyrth, she's still pretty aloof. How've you been? Any idea when your clutch is due?" Once awake, Risali has different ideas from Zi'on- she is excited, as always, to see Kiltara, and her eyes are wide open and excited. Her aunt is the coolest! She doesn't know this Zi'on fellow! Iris laughs at the baby and gives her attention to Ila'den's work. "Let's see if we can make sense of this…"

Firamar shrugs his shoulder at Zi'on's suggestion, "I might just do that, we'll have to see what its like over there and get my research out of the way first then I'm sure I can work in some time to spend at the lounge." He watches as Draval leaves the cavern before returning his attention to his notebook where he continues to jot down short notes to help when he develops another story for his repitoire "Well I need to get some rest, I've been running around so long I've managed to near exhaust myself." He stands and gives a salute to Zi'on and the others before taking his empty plate to tubs set aside for dirty cutlery and plates then heads out.

Of /course/ Zi'on wants to hold the niece first. If the look Kiltara gives doesn't speak levels about her displeasure at being put aside for Risali, then nothing she can ever say will. Rosali's loving attention is met with a glare, and this time when she shifts to be free of her brother it's lacking in play. When Ila'den lets her go with brows furrowed, the child moves away from them all with her arms crossed, and a murmur of, "I'm going to play with Teimyrth." Ila'den's eyes follow her out before moving to Iris, and then he heaves a sigh as Firamar departs, along with Draval, and he's left to blink down as Iris brings his attention back to maths. /No bueno/. "I don't want to make sense of it," he complains, playful, though there's that uneasy edge in his tone that suggests his attention is really with his sister. "Zi'on can make sense of it though." Which has the weyrsecond pushing the paper towards the weyrleader with a smile (regardless of the fact that he knows it's useless).

Zi'on gives a nod to Firamar as he makes his way out. The Tiki Lounge could use some excitement, and the bronzer has been itching to go dancing for a while now. Zi'on doesn't mean to put off Kiltara, but when's the next time he might get to see Risali? He eagerly takes the baby from Iris, settling back in to hold her cozily against himself. "Aw. I remember when Ezio was this small. I was so afraid to hold him at first. I thought I might break him or something." Zi'on looks down at the baby. "Hi there Risali. You don't know me yet, but I'm uncle Zi. Soon you'll be big enough to run around with Ezio and get into -everything-, too." He chuckles a bit. There's a frown then as Kiltara goes running off. "Oop. I guess there's some resentment at the new baby, hm? I guess I ought to make it up to her. What's she like to do?" Zi'on peers at Ila. "Use the computer."

Ila'den gives Zi'on a /look/, and then pulls his paper back towards himself. "Kiltara likes to climb, and to get dirty, and to be extremely mouthy," Ila informs the man, and then moves to his feet. "She also has a flare for the dramatics." He leans over Iris, fingers going to her hair for a moment as he presses a kiss against her lips and then, despite the fact that Zi has possession of her, he gives Risali a smooch on her little nose. "And in order to get out of having to do /any/ more math, I'm going to chase after her." Really he's just worried about her. Either way, the end result is the same: the former renegade is departing in favor of finding his sister.

Iris's face falls when Kiltara leaves so quickly even with Risali's attention centered on her. Alas, that's going to be a long battle. Iris sighs, then her attention turns back to Zi'on. "She likes to bounce. And swim. Though I don't think she loves the rai nas much." Not that babies really swim. But she loves the water! "She'd be in the water all the time if I'd let her be." Dolphineer to be? And then Ila'den is off and away himself, and Iris returns his kiss and nods after him. "See you later, love!"

Zi'on is holding Iris and Ila'den's baby. But at least now Ila'den and his sister are gone? Zi'on nods a bit to Ila, taking note of the things Kiltara likes to do. Maybe he could work something out to take her climbing someplace around the weyr. Zi'on holds the baby up for Ila to kiss her, then nuzzles at her himself. With his tickly whiskers and all, bouncing her a little in between. "Aw. You like the water, little one? Baths are fun times. And this is a good place to be if you like the water. Since we've got lots of it all around." Zi'on smiles to iris. "She's beautiful. I guess it's good she doesn't take after Ila much." The bronzer teases, laughing.

Iris laughs. "Thanks, Zi'on. Though she does take after him a bit, I mean, dark hair and all." Risali giggles happily with the bouncing. Yay bouncing! Iris, lacking Ila'den's paperwork now, returns her attention to the klah and bubblies in front of her. Yay for food! And while Zi'on is playing with her daughter, Iris pursues an answer. "So you never answered me- how're you?"
From afar, Kaliena will jump in after you.

Zi'on chuckles. "I guess. At least she looks a little like you. If Ezio hadn't popped out of Enka you wouldn't even know he was her son." Zi'on laughs a bit. "He looks just like me. Well, I think so, anyways. Hopefully he gets Enka's nose instead of mine." Zi'on giggles along with the baby, enjoying bouncing her probably as much as she does being bounced. "Aw. You're so sweet Risali." He looks to Iris then, letting the infant relax in his arms. "Me? I'm… great actually. Really great. Not sure when the clutch is due, but should be any day now. Then I won't be as great, since Suldith will likely be guarding the sands day in and day out. Everything going okay with you guys? Other than Ila's issue with sums?"

Kaliena had gone into one of her brooding moods shortly after seating herself when Zi'on had greeted her and after Draval's recovery from the incident with the stool. The girl is good with zoning out the world when she wants to, even in the midst of the caverns and regardless if it's rude or not. Then quietly at some point or another, she had slipped away and disappeared. Why or for what is only known to her. What can be told is that time passes and she returns. Nothing seems to have changed, aside from the fact Kaliena now has a mug in one hand and a different knot on her shoulder then before. That and she sits a little closer this time, but otherwise leaves Zi'on and Iris to their discussions for now.

"I'm glad!" Iris beams at Zi'on. "And I'm glad that your clutch should be getting nice and hard by the time Shadhavarth adds her own eggs." Kaliena is offered a smile as she sits nearby, and Iris nods. "Things are lovely. Busy." No use bringing up everything going wrong with Kiltara. That will, hopefully, sort itself out. Risali, naturally, notices Kaliena, and reaches out arms from Zi'on as she chirps at the girl. Take her from Zi'on?

Zi'on didn't really think calling Kaliena Irondell was that big a deal, was it? He's lost track of her in all the commotion anyways. The bronzer is about to hand the infant back to her mother when she reached out for Kali. Zi'on of course looks up to spot her, and gives Kaliena a soft smile. "Hey, Kali." There's a blink then, as he notices her knot. "Ooh, did you hear back from the Smithcraft, then? Here, want to hold Risali? Take a seat and I'll hand her to you." Zi'on chuckles and nods to Iris. "Mm. Shadhavarth isn't the jealous type, is she? I guess you won't know until she's out there. Hopefully Benneuth isn't too protective. Seniors tend to be a little crazy." Even ex-seniors.

Kaliena had begun to lift her mug up to take a sip but lowers it when she catches Iris smiling at her from the corner of her eye. A ghost of one is returned and there's an awkward nod of her head, but her true focus seems to be drifting to Risali. And the girl can only stare, confused and clueless. So she just grips her mug with both hands and places it in front of herself, trying not to huddle behind it like a shield. "I dun think it'd be a good idea… I'm not good with babies." Kaliena mumbles almost apologetically, eyes darting from Risali, to Zi'on and then to Iris. She flushes a bit. "Not that I uh… don't… I mean, she's cute and all. Sorry." But no. Awkward. "Mhm. That's where I was. Just getting things set. But it's done." And she sounds pleased, though it's hard to tell.

There's a sudden babystench in the air. Uhoh! Zi'on will be fortunate enough that the baby's diapers are thick… but nevertheless. Iris takes the baby back apologetically. "I'm gonna go ahead and head back, see if I can help Ila with any of that work before bed." Risali protests as her mom takes her back and settles her back into the sling. The junior weyrwoman gives Kaliena a friendly nod. "See you around," is offered to both of them before Iris heads for the entrance and her raincoat.

Zi'on blinks and sniffs the air. Oh nos. Zi'on knows that smell. "Oop. Somebody's got a dirty diaper! Don't look at me like that Kali, it's not me. It's the baby." He hands her back to Iris. The best part about it being someone else's baby is that you don't have to clean up after them unless you're babysitting. Zi'on grins to Kaliena. "Not a baby fan, hm?" He waves her down to take a seat, pulling out the chair next to him. "That's great news! We should celebrate. Did they go over the rules with you?" Of course Zi'on wants to know. Those rules could affect him and their lovelife. "You're still allowed to drink, right?"

Kaliena tries not to look too relieved when Risali is claimed by Iris again and the girl narrowly escapes an awkward situation. She wrinkles her nose and rolls her eyes for Zi'on's comment though. "Obviously." She drawls sarcastically, raising her mug to sip at the contents and then finally gives in and moves seats. Settling comfortably by slouching and crossing one leg over the other again, Kaliena's grin is a touch lopsided. "Can't celebrate too much. I've my first shift tomorrow morning and early. Don't want to be nursing a sore head." Which should answer Zi'on's question, but just in case, the young apprentice-to-be elaborates anyways. "Yup. Drink and sex ain't off limits." Wow, she just tossed that out there, didn't she? "Major rule for the Craft is pretty simple: Don't be stupid. Now /that/ I can follow." And she begins to laugh and it has a slightly nervous edge to it.

Zi'on chuckles a bit at Kali. When she sits down the bronzer lays his arm over the back of her chair. "Sheesh, I guess they don't screw around. We won't go overboard then. But we should at least do something. I'll make sure you get to bed early." Zi'on blinks as Kali bluntly puts the rules he was curious about. Well, at least that made things nice and clear! He coughs a bit and grins. "That sounds… good! And I'm sure you can handle not being stupid." He leans over a bit to give Kali a bit of a squeeze. "Let's head back to my weyr. We can relax, have a little wine… Then call it an early night." Though Zi'on has a feeling it might be hard to Kaliena to sleep tonight.

Kaliena shrugs her shoulders and drains the last of her drink. "Nope. They made sure that I understood that foolin' around in the Craft usually winds up… bad. So. I like my fingers and my limbs. I think I can manage a few simple rules." she remarks with a smirk. She seems pretty confident at least. "Alright. Can't say no to that offer." Then she's pushing back her chair and getting to her feet, setting her mug aside and giving Zi'on a long and curious look. Then she grins crookedly. "Lead the way?"

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