Western Weyr - Tiki Lounge Patio
As one walks onto the wood panelled flooring, they are greeted with the scent of burning oil, the likely source the various torches burning along the perimeter of the flooring. The flooring is littered with tables shaded with umbrellas, matching chairs tucked beneath when not in use. People of all sorts gather in clusters to talk or people watch. One can easily see into the tavern, its large windows usually open to the outside. Music flows in from inside, carried by the sea breeze, encouraging some people to dance, or even sing along.

E'ros has been a busy man. The twins are growing like weeds and he's had his hands full between adjusting to the life as a full-fledged rider. He wasn't really sure what he was expecting, but so far he's been enjoying it. Rescuing people is something that gives him a great sense of satisfaction. So even though he's physically exhausted still and is currently trying to relax with a little bit of 'him' time and a glass of ale, he's still wearing a rather content expression upon his face. It's evening, not too late, but late enough that perhaps the majority of the patrons have already headed home after a music filled evening. E'ros however is sitting on the patio enjoying the crisp breeze that's blowing through.

Rhysanna, too, has been busy; it's probably not surprising to anyone that she's been nervous and uncomfortable taking up duties as a fully fledged junior weyrwoman, but so far she doesn't seem to have caused any notable disasters. She's clearly not been working, tonight: as she exits the Tiki Lounge, she's dressed for dancing, and the state of her hair (and the fact that she's holding her shoes) suggests that that is exactly what she's been doing. Whoever she's been with, though, she's alone now— and perhaps that's what draws her towards E'ros' table after she catches sight of him out of the corner of her eye. "Hi," she says, as she comes to a halt beside the table.

After Liora, Rhysanna looks like a star. At least she isn't crazy and doesn't have a gold that doesn't even lay eggs (or when she does, they're mostly duds). So at least the bar is set very low for Western's newest Jr. Weyrwoman. And E'ros is lucky he doesn't have any sort of bar to be held against besides that of a normal rider. Perhaps there is a bit of speculation going around if his personality has improved since he's impressed because he was a bit of a troublemaker, even if it wasn't entirely his fault. But the young bronze rider arches a brow at Rhys when she appears in her current state of disarray. "Have fun?" He inquires, lips quirking into a playful smile. "I don't remember the last time I've danced." He makes no mention of the fact that it was probably Zi'on she was out dancing with, because if the man isn't here with her now, he's not about to sour the evening by mentioning him.

There's something quite comforting in knowing one can more or less just step over the bar without noticing it; at least, there should be. Watch Rhysanna freak out about it anyway… though not at this present moment, at least. The fingers of her free hand run over the back of one of the other chairs at E'ros' table, though without any apparent intent. "Mmm," she agrees. "It was fun. Good fun. You should go, sometime. It's… well, I find it exhilarating. I'd probably be hoping for more music, if I hadn't broken the strap of my sandal. I'm not interrupting, am I?"

Rhysanna can rest assured that E'ros won't ever judge her or hold against high standards. He would rather just let people be who they're going to be. Those gray eyes of his watch her every move though and a chuckle escapes at her questions and he lifts his hand to direct to the empty chair. "Interrupting what? No. I'm just here relaxing. As much as I adore my family, I really need to make sure I leave some time and space for myself. But you are welcome to take a seat if you'd like." As for her shoes, well, he just shakes his head. "I suppose that's always the way things go, you're having fun and then something goes wrong. But perhaps it was time for a bit of a break."

Rhysanna hesitates for a moment more, studying E'ros' expression as if to make sure he's not just being polite, and then draws that chair out so that she can sit on it, her shoes dropped nearly silently to the floor beside her. "How is your family? It must be a relief for you all to be properly together again," she supposes, pressing both hands flat to the table. "Although I can understand the need for time and space." Of her shoes, she nods. And, wryly, "My friends wanted to go for a walk with the sailors they met, so it was probably time we parted company, anyway."

E'ros isn't really the polite for politeness' sake type of guy. Rhys should know that by now! "They're good, the twins are huge! And I actually haven't gotten them moved up yet. I'm trying to get everything sorted out before I do you know? And we're a little lacking in the monetary funds as well. So I'm trying to save for some furniture and what not. I know it's kind of silly to want it perfect for when they first move in.. but.." He just kind of shrugs helplessly at her as he trails off, lacking the proper words to describe exactly what he's feeling. "And it does sound as if that's not something you'd be interested in, or that your.. whatever he is.. would be very happy about. Although sailors are some pretty good looking men." Says the seacrafter as he flashes her a smile and takes a gulp of his ale.

Rhysanna opens her mouth to answer, then pauses, looking thoughtful - and finally nods. "I think I can see that," she concludes, smiling. "It's your family home, or will be. If you've waited this long to all be together, you can wait a little longer to get it right. Just…" Her pause is only for a couple of moments. "I don't know. Put it off forever in pursuit of 'perfect'. Nothing's ever perfect, really. I'm glad they're all well." Of meeting sailors in bars, and taking walks with them into the night, she laughs. "Indeed, they can be. But… right. I'm not interested in picking up random me. I just wanted to dance. It's good to… take time for ourselves, after all."

"Well there's 'perfect' and /perfect/ I suppose. I just want it to be mostly done when they move in. I have a pretty good image in my head right now as to what I want to do with the weyr. So I just need to get semi-close to that and then I'll move them in. I suppose it's kind of silly to begin with because I just pretty much don't live in my weyr at the moment. Not that Iiden minds, he says he likes the sand as a bed because it gets so warm during the day." E'ros rambles a bit before reeling himself back in. "Nothing wrong with wanting to dance and not want anything more than that. But this is a weyr and it seems there are lots of people whose inhibitions are.. lacking and want more than just a dance. Do you get to do this often or are you just luck at the moment and had a few moments to spare? I'm sure they have you up to your nose in weyr business." He reaches up to run his fingers through his hair, watching her and her reaction. Rhys was someone he always liked, even though he had the problem of scaring her or you know, wanting to pound her boyfriend's face in.

"Taveh would hate that. She's so relieved, even now, to have space of her own. I'm glad it's working out for you, though," says Rhysanna, earnestly, and with a smile. "Mmm. And there's nothing wrong with being that kind of person, but… I'm not, not even if I weren't… it's been pretty busy and intense." She lifts one hand from the table to run through her own hair, perhaps unconsciously mimicking E'ros as she straightens loose curls in an idle kind of way. "I certainly don't get as many opportunities to dance as I did once. Before. But I can't complain." Her cheeks have turned ever so faintly pink, her gaze ducking away from the bronzerider's, if only for a moment or two. "It's strange, being graduated. We're all off doing our own things, now. Flying in different wings, focusing on different things."

"I suppose she would, most women don't enjoy the sand as much as a young boy. And Iiden still is very much the mentality of a young child instead of a man. Knowing my luck he'll always have that type of spirit. Not that I'm necessarily complaining because it makes things a lot more interesting, but there aren't that many female seacrafters around. That's all I gotta say to that." The bronzerider laughs a bit as the images of those that he have known flicker through his head. Those were indeed some interesting women. He shakes his head, trying to clear the images away. "Not saying there's anything wrong, just sometimes it takes its toll." Like when particular bronzeriders feel it's okay to sleep with other men's girlfriend's. There's a slightly strained look that passes his face before it's forced away. "We shouldn't let being graduated be an excuse not to still spend some time together. If you ever need a few moments away from all the pressures of everything, you know I'll be there for you. I know we aren't very close, but I figured I'd at least offer in case you needed me to extend a hand first before making any move." And then he's pushing out of his chair and dipping his head to her. "And on that note, it's getting late and I best go make sure the little ones are tucked in their beds. Another night, perhaps Rhysanna?"

There is - briefly - a darker flush to Rhysanna's cheeks that perhaps suggests she's also thinking back to earlier, uh, tensions. Any present tension however is short-lived; instead, a warm, genuine smile crosses her expression and she nods, earnestly, "I'd like that. I— thanks you, E'ros. And if there's ever anything I can do to help you, just let me know. Please. Have a good night. Give your twins a cuddle for me, won't you?" After he's gone, she lingers only a few minutes before gathering up her broken shoes, and beginning the walk back towards the bowl.

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