Moving and Grooving

Western Weyr - Weyrling Training Field
Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise manuvers required for the rescue and protection work that Western Weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

(The beginning of this log is missing. Irkevalath probably buried it in a hole somewhere.)

Suldith lays down in the grass, watching the little blue. « Well don't let me stop you from digging it up. But I don't care for digging. Claws are no good for that. » The bronze lazily rolls over onto his back and sprawls out. Yes, he does that. Zi'on eyes the little brown and chuckles. "You'll need a second one then, to carry messages. That one can be your… pet. I guess. My bronze is… well, I wouldn't call him lazy. He's just… disobedient. He would be more likely to drop the message in the water out of defiance than deliver it. He only seems to bother if there's something in it for him." Zi'on chuckles. "What you need you will. Unless you plan to become a weyrlingmaster, then you'll need to know it all." He grins to her. "Shards and shells, Sunny. I suppose we are hooked back up, since you're asking. Sounds like Kiena wants to go back to what it was before, minus the living together bit." And… Zi'on is going right along with it, apparently.

The blue seems to ponder this idea for a few moments and soon bounces back over to the hole and goes about digging, which means dirt is going to be thrown and tossed all-around of course. « I almost caught a fish! » Yes Irke is very happy over this idea, to the point that he is wiggling and bouncing about with a swaysway of his hips and tail. As for Strider he lifts her head, there is a lazy look offered back to Zi'on, along with a slight warble before he is cuddling back up to his person's neck. "Oh sure, suppose that would work. Not that I have any clue whereabouts to even find another firelizard egg. I got lucky with Strider's." Not that she is off looking either with a certain blue dragon keeping her attention. As Zi'on goes on there is a smile seen and Sunny nods. "Well, good for you. I hope it all works out." For a moment she pauses before going on. "Sorta like you better when your happy and yourself.." Not trying to pound someone into a table and so forth. The pair are off talking in the training yard it seems, there is a bronze and blue dragon about, and the lazy brown firelizard too. It is late afternoon and the day has been a bit well, sunny.

The sunny times are here! Also, Sunny's here. She has a good excuse, what with being one of the weyrlings this yard is here to train. Takapola… oh, there's no excuse for Takapola. Really, none. Why's the boy even exist? Too late! He does! Also he strolls around to the training field. What's his excuse for being here? Well, the truth is that he's lost, but that's not nearly interesting enough, so his excuse… well, he's working on it. Musing on it, as he strolls along and investigates the foliage.

Suldith shields himself with a wing from flying dirt. Zi'on just… moves away from the shrapnel area. « That is good. You should keep trying. It will help you to hunt bigger prey later. » Also to help him keep his muscular honed. "I'm sure I could find you another egg. There are eggs being passed around all the time, generally. If not here, one of the other weyrs." Zi'on would exactly be calling getting saddled with a lazy lizard 'lucky'. But there you have it. The bronzer laces his fingers behind his head and grins. "Thanks. I like me better happy, too. I hope I'm not crushing all your hopes and dreams. Though it sounds like Tak is making his moves for you anyways." Zi'on's nose wrinkles and he turns to spot a lone figure strolling, having been alerted by his dragon. "Speaking of…"

Sundari isn't really saying she is lucky to have a lazy firelizard, but she doesn't mind him how he is either. "It's alright, suppose I'll find another one at some point somewhere." She doesn't look that worried about it. As Zi'on goes on she gives him a faint look, a smirk seen. "Right.. Cause your so crushing my dreams into little powdery bits and all. I don't know so much about him putting any sort of moves on me." Though really what would she knows about such things? She /did/ live on a boat most of her days until rather recently, and her father is all parent like after all. "Speaking of who, what when..?" It dawns on her a moment later what, or rather whom Zi'on could possibly be talking about and she peers curiously towards the form of Taka. "Hey Takapona!" Is called out towards the other, well now he won't have a choice but to perhaps wander over and not go investigating the local foliage. Irkevalath pauses in his digging as he gets a mouth full of sandy dirt along with a few shells and goes about spitting them out. « I plan on getting one next time. I have a plan.. » A plan that will most likely lead to failure but still a plan none the less.

What? Tak? Making moves? Yeah, it's practically in the name. He'll just tack into the wind, or maybe pole his barge along. All depends how you want to take it. Or him. Oooor oh look it's a bronzer and a weyrling bluey! Not only that, his name is being called. That's like summoning him, right? Must be. So he saunters over that way, lifting a hand in wave and his voice in a cheerful, "Hiya!" A look back and forth between the two. Hmm. "Not interrupting, am I?" But his name was called, so he's not very repentant about it if so.

Zi'on nods to Sundari. "I'll keep an eye out." She wouldn't have time to properly train a firelizard right now anyways, probably. He grins at her. "Hey, you never know. I don't like to get a gal's hopes up, just to crush them later. It sounded the other day like he was." When he was asking Sunny out. Right in front of him, no less! Zi'on doesn't really need anymore little sisters, but he's taken Sunny under his wing anyway. Suldith warbles at Tak in greeting, then goes back to watching the little blue dig. « Don't hurt yourself. It's just a fish. » Or a tunnelsnake. Zi'on gives Sundari a nudge as Tak makes his way over. "Hey, Tak. Nope. Just telling Sunny how me and my ex have worked things out." As in, Sunny is ALL YOURS.

Sundari may not even know how to properly train a firelizard, look at the brown one she has already, he is lazylazylazy! She smirks at Zi'on and shakes her head slightly. "Naw, not any hopes here.. In such things." Because that SO makes sense. As for Takapola, really she isn't too sure what to make of him, not like anyone else bothered to come right out and ask her out before. Totally new experience for the seabrat. As far as brothers go she has few herself but doesn't actually mind Zi'on being all big brother like, sorta nice to have around. "Hello Takapola, naw your fine. No intrupting at all. How you been?" Sunny sends a slight glance to Zi'on to eye him curiously a few moments. Irkevalath warbles a greeting to the new person as well before he is half hunkered down in that hole that he has been giving. « Of course, stil have to try.. »

Hey now, Takapola has some sense! He totally waited until Zi'on's back was turned before asking Sunny out. It's not his fault the Weyrleader CAME BACK at the right (wrong?) moment and overheard. That's just… timing, apparently. Like his timing now! With this sort of timing, maybe he shoulda been a Harper. At least he's not interrupting. "Oh, I'm good. And that's good." He grins. "Because then I'd have to ask what, and, well, might get messy." Like Irkevalath as he works on his hole. For instance. The blue's given a glance before Takapola looks back to Zi'on. "Oh yeah?" he says. That sure sounds like a retraction of dibs that might or might not have been there. Eeeexcellent. "With or without thrown objects?" What? It's an important and relevant question.

Zi'on would be happy to help Sunny train a new firelizard. Or at least offer her some pointers on what to do and not to do. He went through it, after all. And is still going through it with the golden Kerrigan as she reached maturity. Sunny hasn't had too many offers, but that was likely because she's so young. And most of the boys around are still boys. Hey, if you've got to have someone watching out for you, the weyrleader isn't a bad choice, right? Well, it might be sort of a bad choice if you also didn't want to intimidate everyone around you. Though Tak seems to be not that intimidated. He laughs a bit. "Nothing was thrown. And I didn't even get strangled. So it was good. She let me jump on her trampoline, too." No, that is not a clever euphemism! "Anyways, I need to get back. Duties and all. See you two later." There's a nod to them both, and Zi'on is climbing back onto his dragon. Once Suldith is right side up again.

Sundari isn't going to worry about things like boys still, they can all worry about her, or something along those lines. As for asking for things, she is a teenager they barely ask anything as it is she most likely won't ask such thins unless it come right down to it, which is silly of course. Sunny leans over to send a poke at Zi'on side before he can get too far away. "Trampoline huh?" Is questioned with an amused tone and grin. "I'll see you later." A glance is offered back to Taka and she smiles. "How have you been Takapola?" Her blue warbles after the leaving bronze before the young dragon hunkers settles down into the hole he has been working on.

Boys will be boys? And Tak will be Tak, which apparently doesn't include being intimidated. He grins and nods to Zi'on's report. Neither thrown objects nor strangulation? "Well done." There's a laugh of his own, followed by a considering look as he tries to figure out if that's innuendo or… not. It's kinda hard to tell, but it's either a good thing or (if it is innuendo) a better thing, so either way. Well done indeed. And then he waves his hand in what is his vague attempt to copy those salute things everyone does around here, though it's probably not actually recognizable as such yet. "Seeya!" And then it's him with a girl to worry about! Or something. "Didn't fall into my mop bucket," he says to Sundari, and grins. "Or off the cliff. So, y'know. Good! How about you?"

Sundari is a girl so has no idea about such things dealing with boys mind you she might not want to know what boys think about either. "Good to hear you didn't fall into your mop bucket. Would have had to come 'rescue' you from it after all." Irke warbles and croons out at the idea. "Or well Irke would have somehow." Most like the blue would have made a bigger mess. "I've been alright, busy with lessons and so forth. Finally got a little bit of time to myself.. Well, to as much to myself as one can with a dragon in there head."

"Woulda been a mess," Takapola agrees with a considering nod. "He'd have had to drag me out by my toes, most likely." He gives the blue a long considering look, then leans in to Sundari to add in lowered tones, "And, see, I kinda like my toes where they are. Weird, I know, but…" Takapola shrugs. "There you have it." Then he straightens up again, and grins. "Yeah? Lots of lessons to being a weyrling?" He glances to Irke again, then back to Sundari and hehs. "Kinda like being on a ship, I guess. Only, there you can have your thoughts and nothing else, but here… you can have everything but your thoughts. So I guess it's actually not much like at all."

"You make it sound like he would eat your toes or something. Which I have to say he would have no interest in as they are boney and what not." Sundari says with a half laugh escaping her. Irkevalath seems to be dozing off in his half dug hole, and Sunny isn't about to bother making him move as this is a safe spot. "Pretty much. Though lately only Irkevalath has been hearing my thoughts, which I'm rather happy he isn't broadcasting stuff to everyone." That was a crazy time and she is glad that it seems to be passed. On to bigger and crazier things, right?

"Nah, he wouldn't eat them," Takapola says with a dismissive wave of his hand. "Just sorta, chew on them a bit. Maybe misplace a few. Temporarily-like." He's perfectly serious-sounding, and then he laughs at the report of stray thoughts. "Shards, that must be weird." Takapola gives his head a shake, as if to clear away any of his own, and grins. "I'm sure you'll get it all figured out."

Sundari grins and nods at the idea. "True, misplace them in his gut or something you mean?" This questioned with an amused tone, a soft chuckle escaping her before she moves on over to sit down upon a bench. "Yeah, at times it is weird. Though it is getting better I suppose with each passing day actually." A soft smile is seen and she nods before glancing over to Takapola. "Sure I will, just might take a while yet."

"That, or send 'em between without the rest of me." Not that Takapola has ever actually been between, with or without his toes. He grins regardless, and follows after Sundari to the bench, though he doesn't sit down immediately. He's got to look around and scope out the surroundings, see. "Me, I don't see the point in rushing things," he says as he looks out over the bowl, then looks back to Sunny and grins. "I mean, if you worry too much about where you're going, you'll miss all the cool stuff along the way." And then he sits down on that bench.

"I don't tend to worry about things like that truthfully." Sundari offers with an amused tone while she peers at him once he is finally sitting on. "Plenty of stuff to worry about, might as well not worry about /everything/." Totally makes sense! "So.. Other than not falling into your mop bucket anything else going on in your side of things? I've kept in lessons most of the day so I have no idea what is actually going on in the Weyr."

Takapola nods. "You'd go mad. And that's hardly any fun at all," he says, then laughs. "Hey now, I'll have you know not falling in is a full time job! They're always there. Lurking. Waiting for a chance." Takapola grins, then gives a shrug. "I dunno what's going on well enough to know what's news, I guess. Me, I just keep busy. Meeting people, exploring around, lessons, chores when I can't get out of them." He flashes a grin, then continues. "Found someone who might lend me a skiff for an afternoon. Least, if I can find him the stuff to trade. So I'm working on that."

(The end is missing too. Irke was on a roll that day.)

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