Ilyscaeth and Xermiltoth's Eggs Hatch

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Hatching Sands
A wide, spacious cavern with a high, vaulted ceiling and ledges high above for dragons to perch upon. The iridescent sands shimmer in the heat, a myriad of pearlescent colors which change and shift in the light. The sands themselves are uncomfortably warm although they seem most welcoming to dragonkind. Scattered shards remain from past clutches although the current brooding queen usually has a cleared spot for her own clutch. Just up from the sands are the ledges where dragons can land to watch, while along the eastern wall are the galleries for humans to watch

<In The Galleries> The thrum of dragon's humming is sure to send in people by the waves. While many rushed to get to the galleries, Valeska rushed to something just as important. A food vendor! Arms loaded with deliciousness, she makes her way into the galleries and finds herself a comfy seat up front. True, she should be down there to greet the Weyrlings, but with how long and vigorous preparations for their arrival has been, she'll take over the post hatching care and first night shift for her poor, poor (snerk) dear Weyrlingmaster. All work and no sleep makes for a dull R'sner and all that. Not only that, she has some bets she needs to keep tabs on, after all! Her bright eyes peer down at her box of goodies and she begins to nibble on a meatroll, making noises like an angry hungry kitten while her attention stays intently on the sands. They so shiny!

<In The Galleries> Nassir has been here for a while. Long enough that he's paced the length of the gallery, slipped out, back in, paced a bit more and finally found a place to settle. It is utterly ridiculous to be nervous and on edge, but the tailor is both nervous and on edge. Not in the *gasp* *cry* *horror of horrors* sort of way, but rather in the *this is a very big day for someone I care about way to much* sort of way. Spotting Valeska, Nassir immediately perks up, sliding along the benches until he can plop down next to her. "Can you believe I'd convinced myself I would be able to get a bit of embroidery done?" It's ridiculous, utterly. "Have you seen him today? Is he alright? Nervous? Excited? Oh shards, he's /up/ right?" Yup, words are just spilling out in a jumble.

<In The Galleries> But Valeska's food has been honed in on by her damp former wing-and-craftmate — Aine is starving (and not pregnant, thank you) as well as mutedly excited. Sakrayeth is the one humming loudly enough with joy for her favorite sister's clutch hatching; she can be joyful enough for them both, as her generally more mild-mannered rider just sits down on the other side of the assistant weyrlingmaster and tries to steal a piece of something. "You can get embroidery done up here, can't you?" Right, she's talking to Nassir but stealing Valeska's food. Okay.

<In The Galleries> Oh, and right, Aine's hair is still wet because she was actually underwater when the humming started.

<In The Galleries> Some Weyrwomen might stride in? Bethari sneaks in, slipping past one person, then another, to try and find herself a seat where she can quietly observe the hatching in as unobtrusive a manner as possible. She's dressed smartly for the occasion, her only company the vivid green firelizard perched her on her shoulder as still as stone and evidently minding her manners, and sits herself down towards the end of a row, quite literally on the edge of her chosen seat. Either for a better view or to leap out of someone's way, or simply up and away.

<In The Galleries> Baylee is sitting in one of the seats in the galleries, having arrived not too long after the thrumming started. It's time to see the babies! She hasn't paid overly much attention to the eggs themselves but its always fun to see the little dragons emerge from their shells and choose their riders!

Faranth, it's early. Does it have to be this early? It's not even light out, but the dragons are humming, and it's hard to sleep around Ilyscaeth and Xermiltoth anyways. They've been heralding the arrival of their hatchlings for the last several minutes, and the Weyrlingmasters have been herding candidates for nearly as long. At least it's not raining: a dry, cool morning, a little on the blustery side, outside of the hatching caverns. Inside, well…it's not cool or windy, but it is dry, and furnace-hot, a probably-unpleasant wake up call for the candidates. Citayla stands next to Ilyscaeth, not on her more comfortable dais yet, a hand on the gold's elbow and a brilliant smile on her face. Why shouldn't she be smiling? It's a beautiful morning, and the eggs are rocking! And rocking they are, one and all, furtive little trembles that send glitter cascading down them as viewers stream into the galleries and somewhere, candidates gather.

Snacks are shuffled onto the sands, no - not snacks, candidates. Candidates are the funny little glitter be specked things in oversized pillowcases right? The Candidates are shuffled onto the sands in the questionably stitched robes and sandals, and in unison (because the assistant Weyrlingmasters made them practice every day for a very, very, very, very, long time) they sketch a group bow to the dark bronze and gold dominating the sands. Of course, the shift and play of color in the mica is sticking to sandal feet and robes, so the group is rather SHINY, like diamonds in the rough, ready to strut their stuff. Or you know. Shuffle. Ok, so maybe there's that one guy doing the electric slide instead of shuffle so it's all the same thing. Players - Take your shots! This just got real.

Zeltan is among the candidates that are moving onto the sands, and his bow - one perfected by all those trips to the shimmery sands for egg touching, is pretty smooth, though hands grip the sides of his robe, ensuring that it stays in place. A glance to Tanit, and then Ayushi, and he is moving to stand in the loose ring that is forming around the eggs, looking slightly nervous for possibly the first time in this whole ordeal.

Tanit lingers near the trader, perhaps fully intending to use Zeltan as a meat shield in the wake of rocking eggs. Her robe is a sorry thing, dissolving into something that looks like netting just below the knee with more hole than fabric. SHE TRIED OK? Think of it as an Ayushi suggested homage to the land of her birth and sea shells and nets right? Right. We can do this. Sea-green eyes flick between the shapes of the other candidates, "Last minute bets anyone?"

"Candidates! Good morning." The Weyrwoman calls, when she spots the first candidate, lifting a hand in greeting and watching them come trouping in. The eggs, perhaps sensing the presence of the candidates, pick up their pace — Cita takes that as her cue, chucks Ilyscaeth's shoulder fondly. She's back up on her platform in a moment, taking her position next to her Weyrmates with the same broad smile that hasn't quite lifted yet. The Weyrlingmasters have their tasks, but Citayla's job here is nearly finished. All she has to do is sit back and watch, now, and hope it all goes smoothly.

Hint of Glitter Egg gives a mighty shudder, sending glitter and sand cascading off of it. The glitter catches, here and there, on the spiderweb-lattice of cracks starting to form on the shell, sparkling in the lights.

Storm to Sunshine egg shifts long and slow, drifting with a cloud's slow somnolence before stilling again.

Ayushi is amid the mass of candidates making their way onto the sands. There's a brief glance towards the galleries where she looks for someone…ah there. Family. But she doesn't have too much time to contemplate that. Instead she's paying attention to the sudden heat. Her white robe has no holes, instead it has unseemly areas that were pinched together and sewed up to /cover/ the holes! "I can't trust my judgement right this second so….three marks that the tiny one is a bronze." There's a grin shot towards Zeltan and Tanit before she's falling into line.

Kiele is here! Kiele would wave her hand around wildly if she could! But Kiele is a good girl who follows her fellow good candidates after they make their entrance and bow. She wears that larger-than-necessary potato sack they call a candidate robe, but it's convenient for occupying nervous hands as she siddles up next to one of the farmcraft apprentices-turned-candidate. "This is very— very exciting," she says, cheeks flushed red from the heat, and her eyes all a glow with anticipation and dreams.

Don't Fall Down Egg wiggles, and wobbles, but doesn't fall do— oh just kidding. It legitimately fell onto its side. Welp. Just. Don't look okay? It's got this. It'll be right back up. Hnnnnnnnggggh! … Okay maybe it'll just stay here. IT MEANT TO DO THIS. YEP. PERFECTLY NORMAL. NOTHING TO SEE HERE. BACK TO YOUR BUSINESS.

R'sner is the last out, trailing the candidates and looking not terribly pleased by the mica-glitter-Sands. But hey, at least he gets to stand over /this way/ and not in the line of fire. There are definitely some side-eyes for Tanit's 'homage' to her place of birth, an arched eyebrow and probably a comment that wants to be uttered but… well. Kinda too late now.

Ashwini tries to lose herself amongst the candidates once the required bowing is completed. The early timing, the weather and the glitter is most likely hardly even noticed by this candidate for the nervous nerves are taking over. Even the heat isn't noticed (yet) as she shuffles into a position to watch the rocking eggs. A taller candidate she tugs nervously at the hem of the white robe that barely covers her knees. Her brown eyes snap immediately to the eggs as several move.

Leeta arrives on the steamy sands without much fanfare once the whole bowing to the clutchparents thing is over. Her only distraction has been finding her family in the Galleries, and nodding gravely to her father, brothers. The taller, eldest candidate seems to keep somewhat to herself…though she might subtly appear to hold a closer position to Tanit than anyone else. I am a rock, I am an iiiisland. Sort-of.

Hint of Glitter Egg trembles. Still glittering, still shiny, it's making…less friendly noises, now. Groans. Creaks. A terrible kind of pop-pop-pop, little bits of shell flaking off. Is that a toe? Wing thumb? Oh — an eye, maybe, glowing in the growing lattice of cracks.

<In The Galleries> "I don't see how with all the excitement!" Valeska responds to Nassir with a grin that only grows wider with the tailor's words. "He's bright eyed, bushy tailed and prepared. Though, I wouldn't be surprised if he falls asleep at the hatching feast." If he does, she's totally seeing how much food she can stack on her superior's head before he wakes up. As for Aine food stealing? Steal away? Anyone beyond Nassir and Aine touching their food is gonna be donating their hands to Valeska's taxidermy collection.

<In The Galleries> S'van wouldn't miss this for the world. Long strides and one bounding leap has him claiming a seat and then immediately shifting to the edge of it. Unusually serious, grey eyes focused on the group of candidates on the Sands below.

Storm to Sunshine egg shatters abruptly along one side in a jagged fractal not at all unlike lightning, splitting its soft, dainty colors in twain.

R'hyn is present! He flicks Citayla a fond smile as she steps back towards them, but otherwise seems content to lounge against adult-dragon hide, surveying the candidates with a dimpled smirk. "They look a lot better than my group did," he comments towards the weyrwoman with a jerk of his chin towards the white-robes, but leave it at that. Xermiltoth, meanwhile, rumbles at all the candidates in a friendly fashion, flashing golden thoughts of encouragement at them before settling back to watch.

<In The Galleries> Nassir exhales a snorting laugh as he glances over at Aine. "All thumbs today," he answers regarding Embroidery. Like a magpie, his attention is caught by the movement on the sands, one hand raising to push his curls off his face as he searches for a particularly familiar face. When he finds it, his smile broadens, his head giving a wry shake at the brow he can see arching even from here. "Hm?" Nassir's murmur is asided to Valeska, a wry smile tracing over his lips. "Well, that's fine. It's been a busy time." And about to get more so.

Ayushi doesn't laugh, but she does grin a little when one of the eggs flops down. "Man, they're ready to get out of those things." Wouldn't anyone if they were cooped up that long. She cranes her neck a little, a glimmer of excitement in her eyes as body parts start popping out of one. Her black curls have been tied out of her face thankfully, nothing to obstruct her view now!

<In The Galleries> It's an unsuual picture, because she's rarely seen with a child, let alone her own, but Inri is here with a girl of about six turns holding her hand. A girl who really does look a lot like Inri, but with slightly darker hair and skin, eyes wide and curious. "This is someone else's hatching, and so we have to stay up here," she explains to the girl, then helps her choose a seat and falls into the quiet of Egg Watching. She's here, she's just … always at a loss when she doesn't have to work during a hatching.

<In The Galleries> Is'ac slips into the galleries quietly to watch the hatching.

Zeltan carefully smooths out the sides of his robe where he was holding it in place, eyes slipping over the eggs carefully, resting on that little tiny one. And then, he is absently smoothing his robe again, glancing sideways at Tanit. "You would think in the hundreds and hundreds of turns, someone would have figured out a better outfit than a -dress-." Grumble.

Tanit shrugs, as eggs begin wobbling, one, two, three - Sea green eyes unable to focus and linger on more than one for too long. Nope R'sner, she's pointedly ignoring that look of disapproval. Hot sand, and baby dragons and people. Holding the back portion of Zeltan's robe absently, before a glance is shot to Kiele's cheery bouncing and Ayushi. "Is it too late to go back, I mean can I just run the opposite direction?"

Leeda shifts and stands, cool green eyes flicking from egg to egg, but maintaining that sense of reserve the security head is usually known for.

Don't Fall Down Egg can't get back up but it can sure crack up! And it does. PETULANTLY, in one giant, explosive sound. CRACK. There. Yeah. You weren't expecting that now were you? It's still got some surprises yet!

Kiele's eyes widen with all those sudden egg movements, but she has enough time to jerk her blond head towards Tanit with a disapproving mieu. "No. No leaving. Your future is here, Tanit." And with that, it's back to being awestruck and breathless.

Shame On You, Shame On Your Egg tilts so it can fix its accusing stare out across the sands and up into the galleries. YES, IT'S JUDGING YOU. AND YOU. AND YOU!! No one is spared its bloated stare. Just shift uncomfortably and pretend it isn't looking into your soul like the rest of us.

<In The Galleries> The thing about barely making the hatching is that it means you're in a hurry — Z'ki hastily stripping off his suddenly overhot jacket and gloves — as he hurriedly makes his way into the galleries. A quick glance at the sands reveals, with an exhale of relief, that he's not too late, as he casts about for the nearest empty seat and drops into it without looking around.

Ashwini nibbles nervously at a fingernail. "It's a robe." clearly different from a dress. As the Shame on you egg moves her gaze darts to it. "It's watching everyone now." she remarks.

Sylrain is totally here, he made it y'all. "Oof but it's hot," he complains, tugging at the collar of his robe. "Dunno how I'm supposed to breathe in this — YIPE!" That egg over there cracks loudly and he all but leaps into somebody's arms. Sorry, whoever you are! At least he's small?

Hint of Glitter Egg crumbles, less dramatically than it might have seemed. Shining dully in the glitter and warm lights, a dragonet blinks, sits down hard, shaking his head like a canine. Oh! Well. This's what it's all about, then, is it?

**Promises You Don't Intend to Keep Bronze[[/span]]
Massive and thoroughly powerful in form and bearing, this bronze strikes an impressive figure. He's balanced, for the most part, for all that his legs err on the short side, sturdy in bone and muscle. This carries over throughout — a strong, crested neck, athletic shoulders, broad wings not too long for quick maneuvering. Walnut makes up the bulk of his coloring, warm and burnished, worn darker around joints and his topline. Bright shades of cinnamon and caramel seem to cling to the edges of him, limning the fronts of his legs and gilding the aristocratic arch to his snout before streaking up elegant headknobs and sharp 'ridges. Here he gleams, polished to the metallic shine he deserves, warm as though infused with candlelight. Indoors, he maintains this heated radiance, certainly not dull, but not nearly as flashy as some. Sunlight brings out the brilliant details of his lustre in places previously easy to dismiss: the center of his forehead, those powerful shoulders, and all down his tail, an elaborate pattern of gilt that sets him apart from his brethren. In flight, his wings show much the same intricacies, a base of pale tawny inlaid with candescent bronze in loops, braids, and distinguished ornamental patterns.

R'sner heard that, Zeltan. But before he can comment on the fact that "It's not a dress," Ashwini's got him covered. For her, however, there is a gentle but sympathetic, "Don't chew your nails off," because bleeding on the sands is no fun for anyone.

<In The Galleries> Because Aine is Aine and therefore not that great at socializing, she just does a lot of nodding at this point; though Nassir's comment about being all thumbs at least gets a smile and a waggle of her fingers. All thumbs she is not, but, "I couldn't embroider no matter what, I don't think. I was in the middle of a dive, but Saki insisted that I didn't miss this."

Kiele has to stop herself from clapping her hands together, because it's just so exciting! She sucks in a breath and glances askance at Sylrain with a look of disapproval - not in front of the eggs, Sylrain! But it's short-lived with the hatching of the first dragon - the epitome of good luck in a bronze - and her attention swings back to the eggs. "Oh, look!," she says, grabbing onto the person closest. "It's bigger than I thought it would be."

Ayushi chuckles a little, "Too late. Besides, what if a dragon chases you? Or is that just your plan to test their legs?" There's even a little smirk for Zeltan. "Maybe you'll be the single man revolution that changes it all." But rather than being a permanent smart aleck, the harper now turns her attention to the eggs. "Oh…" And there's the first and it's got her quite speechless.

Storm to Sunshine egg finally surrenders to the vivacity of the creature inside it. It doesn't so much part as it disintegrates, one shatter becoming many, becoming more, becoming infinite until finally it dissolves itself from about a stunning pale green hatchling.

<In The Galleries> Valeska turns her gaze to Nassir and nods, picking at her teeth with the tip of her tongue. Gotta savor the flavor and all that? She makes sure she isn't covering her box too much, it's enough to probably serve the whole galleries but Val is a glutton. She does lean forward a little bit, peering down the way for R'sner, and she begins waving like an idiot with a roll in her mouth. Can you see me? She pauses when the bronze breaks free onto the sands and she sits back to observe! Gotta keep those bets!

A Strange Exhilaration Green Hatchling
Prim, proper, a lady of poise and posture, this flirty little green is a debutante through and through. It's there in the way she moves, an vivacious sashay to her steps carried through by strong, lithe limbs and assured, capable paws. The rest of her follows suit, efficient without sacrificing appeal, attractive without belying competence, ready to face the world and all its challenges head on and with zeal. One would therefore expect her hide to be something shocking, but no, it wraps about sleek, svelte curves in a warm wash of golden green, the color of springtime sunshine as seen through the tender translucence of new leaf. Liberally crystallized along the long lines of her neck, pale chartreuse fractals and veins shatter upon her hide, stretching in a gauzy spread across shoulders and sides before draping towards the base of her tail. Similarly pastelled shades of melon brighten the sails of her wings, a foamy, glistening bubbly effect rather making them look like ruffles when her wings are folded against her back. The only patches of darkness lies at her very edges, eyelids painted with heavy catseye phthalos, a color matched by streaks up the fronts of all four paws, the trailing edges of her wings, and the very tips of her tail. It is strange, unconventional, but somehow charming, and ergo, perfectly her.

<In The Galleries> Whatever Nassir was going to say is lost as eggs start hatching. For the moment, his attention is all for the sands. Course, Val's wave has his gaze sweeping back toward R'sner, a mellow laugh humming in the back of his throat. "Oh, he is going to have his hands full," Nassir murmurs.

Citayla looks pretty content to watch from up here, eyes following the cracking eggs with interest. Ilyscaeth is far more concerned — all up in it, eyeing candidates with delight. She is, for once, keeping her thoughts to herself, but there's a lot of crooning and wing-fanning and trilling happening for those eggs. And babies, now! "I dunno," Cita disagrees, amused. "But I'm biased." At least she admits it, eyebrows lifting as she squints at the first-and-second hatched. Nods, once. That'll do, that'll do.

Zeltan grins to Kiele, still shifting and tugging at his 'dress' and for Ashwini and R'sner there is a flat almost petulant mutter of, "It's a dress."

Tanit eyes, Kiele - just eyes her. Doom, doomy doomy doomy forcasts from the sweet one of the bunch. Still as the first breaks shell Tanit lets out a low whistle. "Handsome thing isn't he? I think he just paid for the first round of drinks after escaping here." Tanit notes to Ayushi as a green pops free from her shell next. "Goodness, Ilyscaeth and Xermiltoh make very pretty dragons though don't they?"

Leeta watches eyes going faintly round as the first dragons burst from the shell, edging a little closer to Tanit though not much.

Don't Fall Down Egg shivers, and quakes, and BOOMS apart because WHY DO WE FALL? To rise again, better and more brilliant than ever before! And indeed, a dragonet does rise from the ashes of the egg that came before it, graceful and swanlike. She is not entirely elegant, tripping more than once over the size of feet she's bound to grow into, but hush, my darlings, don't worry, she's got this! Past the female candidates she sweeps, for she knows the one unto whom she belongs, and sorry, all of you beautiful treasures, but it is not you, this day! No, for wings outtouched sweepingly, dragging pretty little rifts in the sand, she pads quickly towards a young man from Nabol, crooning softly as she presses her headknobs into his stomach. "Luyillath," Tlayjit breathes moments later, a smile blossoming over handsome features as he sinks to his knees and encircles her in a warm embrace. "Yes, of course I'll be your Ta'ji, for now and for always."

Ashwini draws in a deep breath, casts R'sner a quick look and manages to put down her hands before too much nail biting occurs. "Right right." is murmured. The bronze gets an ooh and ah before the same reaction is happening for the brightly colored egg shows off an impressive green. "Ooooh." it's a breathy reacting for the female since the bronze is less likely to pay her any attention.

With a triumphant cry the Flight of the Phoenix Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Shame On You, Shame On Your Egg cracks loudly, a half-moon shaped arch appearing on its shell just beneath the googly eyes. Rather much like a sad frown, it gives the egg of the effect of being VERY DISAPPOINT IN YOU, SON. What, you didn't think this egg could get more judgey? Ding dong, you're wrong!

Promises You Don't Intend to Keep Bronze is being very careful, here. He tests each limb individually, surveying them with suspicion. The white-robed mass of not-dragons aren't quite ahead of each toe on the scales of interest, though. They move! When he tries to stand, if he doesn't move his wings, he trips! Huh.

Sylrain looks at least a little abashed. It's something. "Sorry, Miss Kiele," he murmurs, scuffing one sandaled toe in the sand. "It's scary though, don' you think?" And scarier still when instead of eggs, there are suddenly— "Dragons. They're actually dragons." As if this hadn't occurred to the boy before. Hopeless. Sigh.

R'sner can totally see you, Valeska. Just choosing to ignore you. Which is good, when the first Impression has him jumping into action and focused on his job. There's a murmur of congratulations, and then a quick issuing of instruction for the new pair, sending Tlayjit and Luyillath off to the side and out of the way.

Kiele does not fear the doom being thrown her way, because she's too much of a ray of sunshine on the sands, yanking on someone else's sleeve and going bright-eyed for those dragons. "A pretty green," she nearly squeals, and then lets out a resigned breath. Someone is trying to contain their excitement, which is hard given the circumstances.

A Strange Exhilaration Green Hatchling knows there is only one thing to do when this much egg goop sticks to your hide: make it look good. She performs a little toss, toss to rid herself of those unflattering bits of decor, taking a moment to bask in the basking of those who bask in her, and then sets one dainty paw onto the sands. There's a hesitation, a tilts of that head as whirling eyes are redirected towards that same downward paw as it comes up again. And WHUP! There she goes! It's that shake of limb to rid herself of glittering hatching sands that sends her over sideways. Timberrrr!

Ayushi is starting to have some difficulty keeping up with all the action. Her gaze flicks from the newly impressed pair and soon there's a grin being show Tanit's way, "They really do…" The harper grins broadly as the first of them are led off the sands and soon her eyes are on the eggs again only to be distracted by Kiele. "Very pretty indeed!"

Destined to Darkness Egg wobbles… then again, hard enough to fall to its side on the sands.

Shame On You, Shame On Your Egg crackles further until the circle completes itself, dark, scaly shell popping outwards to create quite the humorous :O face. Fret not, the egg is not as empty as it might originally seem! There comes a nose, pushing through to widen the hole and then - MWAHAHAHAHA - he is free! Look out, world! Hide your puppies, hide your wives, and hide your left shoes in particular, because the party has arrived!

The Nicest Angel We Have Blue Hatchling
Head perhaps a tad large, headknobs a little twisty, claws grown a bit long, this is not your typical blue. He is tiny in the extreme, and doesn't so much walk as scuttle, limbs sharply bent to carry himself low to the ground. Faceted eyes err on the side of huge, giving him a quaint, cartoonishly adorable appearance utterly belied by… well, the rest of his existence. There's no mistaking this creature for anything other than the mischief-maker he is despite his appearance's best efforts. Royal blue defines the majority of his coloration, striking in its classic regality. Dusky shades of midnight fade up the length of his muzzle in a strong gradient, fading to small lines that arc up over his brows, providing him with a particularly expressive face. Darkened hues pervade clear to the tips of his headknobs, at which point they strike down the length of his spine with all the subtlety of a thunderclap. Proud, strong shoulders feature stripes with curved edges, a deep, dark sapphire pushing out from beneath his wings, growing narrower until finally they form an arrow's point at the base of his tail. Soft dabs of periwinkle softens this austere ferocity, encircling both eyelids before sliding down the length of his throat, stomach, and inner thighs. His tail - rather short, more suited for a wher than a dragon - remains untouched excepting a single freckled birthmark midway along its length. His toes are tipped with claws the color of the void of space, inky depths matched only by the undersides of his wings. These have been painted in the image of galaxies, distant, unknowable stars winking in and out with the shifting of 'sails, a singular streak of white pointing towards his heart, as though imply a wish exceedingly strangely fulfilled.

Welp. RIP R'sner. Barely out of the shell, and he's already eyeing that blue hatchling with disapproval and resignation. He'll just assign him to Valeska. Problem solved.

Ilyscaeth squints down at her offspring thoughtfully, leaning over to nudge here or there, but mostly, she sticks to her spot. Her spot is fine. She can't be wandering amongst the babies, no matter how precious they are, confused and new. The gold does warble encouragingly towards the candidates, though, tail flicking. Hey! You've got this!

<In The Galleries> Valeska pauses her in current meat nomming to witness the arrival of the blue onto the sands and she puffs up just a little bit. She naturally has color favorites! "Ain't he a handsome one?" she says to Nassir and Aine, grinning foolishly. "I'm gonna let him get away with murder." RIP R'SNER.

So much to keep up with, Tanit just watches as the first impressions are made, each time a female candidate impresses muttering something to the effect of 'oh look your girlfriend impressed' with each female candidate impression to Zel, with a crooked smile. Earning her an eyeroll from the trader.

Leeda watches as more shells crack, trying hard to contain the curiosity or the small smirk smile starting to form as impressions are made.

Sylrain nopes and nopes hard for all this dragon-falling business. The green goes down and he goes scuttling, angling sideways to put the girls between himself and the hatchlings. "I dunno, pretty 'n dangerous go hand 'n hand a lot," he mutters, fixing Ashwini, Tanit, Kiele and even you Ayushi with a look before going back to twisting his robe into knots and trying not to make eye contact with that ballistic blue.

Unlimited Potential Egg shivers daintily, but otherwise makes no moves towards hatching. Soon, my darlings, soon!

<In The Galleries> "I think he's pretty in his own way, I like those headknobs," Aine says sagely, because that's completely helpful feedback, right? "Wouldn't Mecahisth be in favor of murder? Saki seems to think your lifemate is evil, you know," like this is news.

Ashwini is starting to relax a tiny bit. Teeny tiny bit. With multiple dragons on the sands she is having a hard time tracking them! "Oy..he's so cute." is commented to whomever is around her. With her gaze intent on the blue. No, the green. Wait the bronze moved. She has no idea who she's even next to.

<In The Galleries> Nassir exhales a quiet laugh in response to Valeska, his head giving a slow shake. "Tch. I don't think you're gonna have a choice in that," he admits. Shifting on the bench, he leans forward, his elbows resting on his knees to watch a bit more intently.

Kiele follows all of the movement that those baby dragons are making, from breaking through the shell to their stumbling and bumbling movement. "Oh, no!" to the one that falls over, and a considering sigh for the tiny blue. "I just love hatchings. I knew I would." As if that was not for certain, but she's casting a glance to her fellows candidates, especially Tanit and Ashwini and— Sylrain. "Stop being so scared and pay attention. What if one of them is yours?"

Destined to Darkness Egg sways, rolling over on its side with a crackling sound as bits of glittersand cling to the wet cracks along its shell.

Ayushi tilts her head at the newly arrived blue, a flicker of amusement in her eyes. "Oh man…that one is…" She can't come up with the words! She suddenly feels eyes on her though and soon her gaze shifts to Sylrain who gets a little wink. "It's the best combination, no?"

The Nicest Angel We Have Blue Hatchling KA-CHINGAS, KA-CHOWS. He jumps left, jumps right, bristles at the sight of his dam and sire and bares teeth. There's a rustling stomp of little paws, a distinct lack of intimidation present in probably-fiercely-proud parental regard, and then this not-so-timid-but-definitely-small blue snorts as he turns towards the gathering of impressee-hopefuls. Those whirling eyes regard, assess, calculate, and with wingsails tucked in against his side he goes EVERYWHERE AT ONCE. What do you MEAN he can't go everywhere at once? He can. AND HE IS. STAND ASIDE. MOOAHAHAHA.

Promises You Don't Intend to Keep Bronze finally gets moving, sighting something among the candidates. He's not quite purposeful in his strides, yet, though. He's still got to figure out locomotion, you know. It's not easy. One foot, two foot — ow. He and a candidate go down, but both emerge from the brief confusion relatively unscathed. It's fine! Don't worry! He's got it all under control.

Ashwini briefly looks away as she hears Kiele's words to Sylrain. A quick smile is cast to the boy as Ashwini scoots over closer to the young candidate. "S'okay, they won't hurt you." is said reassuringly. To Kiele she grins. "It's hard not to love a hatching." now that she's experienced one. Or is experiencing one.

A Strange Exhilaration Green Hatchling meant to do that, don't you know? Look at that poise she maintains even on her side with all for paws rigid and extended outwards. Much dignity, much awe. There's another shake of that tiny body from snout to the tips of her green tail as she shifts back onto her feet and places them up and down in the glitter-sand a few times. She's just testing the sturdiness of this fabulous beneath her fabulous; after all, one never knows when one might be upended by a rogue… glitterquake? Shhh. Don't think too hard about it; she is certainly not. She's moved on, turned her attention away from herself to those white-robed few that stand watching her watch them. She'd preen if she were able, adopting a more dragon-esque posture, dainty little head held high because of course she makes no mistakes, not like her brother there, smooshing candidates left and right. Sigh. There's no help for some people. Just you watch how it's done: with pizzaz and delicacy and a bright croon. Hellloooo! A fine top of the… whatever time it is to you!

Ilyscaeth favors R'sner with a deeply amused look, as if she knows Just What He's Thinking — or maybe she's gossiping. Hard to tell, with Ily, who's being considerably more animated than her rider, shifting and wiggling and watching with rapt attention. Cita? She's lounging, watching with interest, but occasionally looking towards outside. Freedom!

Fly Away Home Egg shimmies a little, back and forth. Wiggle-wiggle. Wiggle. Who's out there having fun without it? Hold on, just a sec…!

"Trouble," is R'sner's reply to Ayushi's comment on the blue. "That one is trouble." Oh yeah. Definitely going to Valeska. But for the moment, Res will keep a watchful eye on him. Even if it ends up being the bronze that takes down a candidate. And so the weyrlingmaster is /there/, making sure no one is maimed or dead or… whatever other horrible thing might have come. But it is clear there is no harm done, he's stepping back to get out of the way once again.

<In The Galleries> Definitely going to Valeska! It will have the best TEACHERS EVER. I mean, what can go wrong with Mecahisth and Toith as rolemodels?

Unlimited Potential Egg cracks all along the cap of its shell, letting it thump inwards at a funky angle. Despite this activity, nothing further occurs, and it gentles back into somnolence once more.

Tanit visibly shrinks against Kiele's scolding, "I'm not afraid they are just? Babies very large un coordinated babies." And Tanit does not get on well with babies. Or something. She twists to listen to the appraisal of the blue and watches as the bronze trips and collides into other candidates. "He looks very - sweet?" Tanit comments before flashing a lopsided smile at Ayushi.

Sylrain winces at the idea that one of these things might be his, winces harder when that bronze takes someone out and that blue skitters about. "Yeah… I mean… Pardon but I don' quite know if I…" He steels his spine. "You know what, yer right. I've got this and so have all'a you. They ain't so scary. I mean look that one's even bein' downright friendly-like." His smile is wobbly but he TRIES OKAY.

Tanit pats Sylran on the shoulder because she gets it.

Promises You Don't Intend to Keep Bronze doesn't have any more incidents, thank goodness, but it's a near thing. His hind legs want to go at a different pace than his front legs, still so very hatchling-awkward. Here, though — all of a sudden all four legs stop, wings go akimbo, and he stares up at a candidate, slack-jawed. Oh. Right. It takes several long beats for him to recover his composure, but he does with time, arching his neck and pressing his forehead to the chest of the blue-eyed man who so startled him with great dignity.

Kiele loves babies, as it so happens. "Look at the blue one— oh, oh! And the green one, she's so pretty, look Sylrain!" She jabs a finger in their direction, all gap-tooth smile and aglow. "How can you be scared of them?" She turns back to view the hatching, fingers clasping together to ward off another point or a clap.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Promises You Don't Intend to Keep Bronze has found its partner at last and impression is made!**

Ayushi sucks in a breathe, maybe a tad bit more on edge than she lets on. But overall she grins, "All of the above?" This said to both R'sner and Tanit who have filled in the earlier blanks! "I mean, I know two dragons are the same but they're all so….different!"

Okay, so The Nicest Angel We Have Blue Hatchling maybe miscalculated that a little. He can't go everywhere all at once, but he can go in this direction with all of him at once. See? LOOK AT HIM GO. He lowers that new-found body close to the ground, learning his feet with alarming alacrity, casting off shell and goop and questionable bits of things as he prowls and comes to a standstill before so many onlooking on-lookers. A paw raises off of the ground, that blue head tilts, and he's on the move again. Nope, nope, definitely nope! None of these seem to be what he's looking for. HARD PASS.

A Strange Exhilaration Green Hatchling moves with an almost-grace, if not for the fact that she keeps stumbling and tripping. But she doesn't seem to be daunted by her inability to stay the course; she just keeps right on coming despite the fact that she's got an awful long way to go. She might zig, and okay, so she zags a little (lot) too, but she's making her way close, closer until WAH-POW! IN YOUR FACE, NAYSAYERS. She's totally got this. That little green maneuvers like an incredibly awkward octopus, but your opinion probably doesn't matter (or yours, or yours, or yours, or yours). She's got one thing on her mind, and one thing only: that forever bond, that forever friend, that person she can call hers. Determination carries her past one, two figures, whirling eyes set on that lass over there, talons finding purchase in micah until she arrives at last, pressing close to that body, allowing herself a moment to rest with that pretty little snout pressed right into her — ohp, sorry, that was too high — right into her stomach. There we go!

With a triumphant cry it seems that the A Strange Exhilaration Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Ashwini tries hard to stand still and not dance in place in unrestrained energy. More eggs to watch as a couple of them shimmy and crack. "Awe, how can he be trouble." is said about the blue who she watches a moment. "Just stay on your toes and watch your favorite egg to hatch." is her advice to Sylran.

<In The Galleries> Sakrayeth is definitely saying something, providing some kind of commentary that has Aine super distracted. Her player is also super distracted, soverysorry, but the dragon is not exactly helpful — her commentary is completely making it impossible for Aine to keep track of what's actually going on over her dragon's mental pictures and attempts to form wordless feedback and loud chittering on the hatchlings. Sorry to anyone actually sitting near Sakrayeth; she's loud. "Erm, I've lost track. How many have Impressed now — was that the third, that green there?"

Fly Away Home Egg gives a little hop. Bounce! Off of another egg it goes, rolling with more energy than an egg should maybe possess. A large crack starts working its way down from the impact point, fracturing quickly.

Zeltan visibly straightens as the bronze's head presses to his chest and all else in the world seems forgotten for the moment as the pair depart the sands. .

Ilyscaeth completely rapt, now, watching the first Impressions with a croon that seems to come from somewhere deep in her chest, low and happy. Her little babies! Off to be lifemates! Somebody get this dragon a hankie.

Destined to Darkness Egg breaks as a head pops up to surveil the sands beneath a shellish hat. All clear? Okay then! Shell shatters as the dragon inside stretches to full size.

Huntress of Light Gold Hatchling
The gleam of gold and shine of silver mingle to make a glow of white gold that creates the form of this dragon. She holds herself with pride, replete with those secrets unknown to smiths who - though they may create the metallurgical equivalent of her hide - would surely fail to achieve that aura of mystery and wisdom that surrounds her like the wings whose large sweeps are endowed with grace and power. Their hue fades with their extent, the sun's warmth along her body slowly attenuated by the wispy white of gathering clouds. High cheeks and a slender muzzle give a sense of refinement and elegance to her features, a fitting setting for her knowing eyes. Those sparkling facets come with a reminder of darkness, for without it light would not have meaning. Black kohl surrounds them, the markings ragged along their bottom edges as if softened by tears of love and loss that help make her who she is. There is darkness, yet she is a creature of light. The knobs that sweep back from her noble brow are pure white, paler even than the diffuse sunlight of her hide. Her neck sweeps down in a graceful arch that recurves over her back, up from the nadir of her slender shoulders to rise once more along the crouch of hips. The soft brush of a darker shade dapples faded stripes along her upper legs, ripples of coppery patterning whose contours shift with her graceful motion. That same tawny hue adorns the tip of a tail that's shorter than many, for this queen has no desire for her train to trail on the ground in her wake.

Sylrain beams at Tanit for that shoulder pat, strangely reassured. "I dunno, just that they're bigger'n I thought they'd be as babies. Like they're already massive'n I just…" He shrugs helplessly at Kiele and then hops aside as dragons move their way with a PURPOSE. "Oh, shards…" Okay maybe this is a little magical. Okay maybe that is a gold. Okay maybe he's just gonna sway in place and be quiet for the first time in his young life and huddle up next to Ashwini with wide eyes. So sue him!

Unlimited Potential Egg eases slowly away from the form of a positively mountainous looking dragonet. Seriously. How did something like //that come from an egg like this? Did he even fit? Was that egg bigger on the outside or what? The hatchling within doesn't seem to care - he's had his mind made up for a very, very long time. Stretching out jagged wings and yawning widely, he takes a moment to acquaint himself with the sands, the people, his parents, himself, and only then does he take slow, decisive steps directly towards his chosen. "Vh-Vhaosath?," Sylrain squeaks, nearly leaping from his skin in alarm as he blinks out of an impression-induced stupor. "Y-yes, 'course, I gots lots've growin' to do, and so d'you I reckon. We'll make it happen together. Vhaosath and S'ra, kick'n butt forever!," the tiny candidate crows even as he's nosed and corraled towards the weyrlingstaff by the brown at his back.//

Truth in the Echoes Brown Hatchling
He is a striking figure, favoring raptors in his dark, harsh visage. His musculature is bulky and angular, and it will be a wonder if he can fly at all, given the lack of width to his wings. Equally formidable in coloration as he is in physique, he's all dark crags and smoke, blanched earthen tones darkened with soot and natural wear. Striations mark him liberally, veins of copper, diamond, and obsidian shattering the loamy depths of his hide. Pale marbling makes a mask that spans both his eyes, smooth spattering appearing again across the sharp corners of his shoulders, the crook of his ribcage, and flaring along the undersides of his wings. Solid of body, heavy of form, with legs more akin to pillars than anything else, he is a mountain that will not bend to the wind, no matter how it might howl.

With a triumphant cry the Truth in the Echoes Brown Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Ayushi looks one way, then another, two back to back? There's a little whoop let out for Zeltan as he Impresses and is led off, though now her mouth pops open just the slightest. Not only because the blue is doing a very intimidating inspection, but also because is that a tiny little gold? And then Sylrain is gone, taken up by a dragon! "Congrats!"

The Nicest Angel We Have Blue Hatchling thinks he found it! IT'S HERE! The ONE. The one he's been looking for all his egg'd, yet to begun life. That blue snoot presses itself right into the ample bottom of one very smol, very young, suddenly squealing candidate that is definitely not his one and definitely not his only because his one surely would be more brave than that. And come equipped with better sounds. It's with a moment's hesitation that he moves on, wuffling, snorting, attempting to rid himself of the scent of whatever that was when he finds them… Or rather, her. Right into her he goes without hesitation, a full-bodied FLUMP of ownership-claim that finds his maw right on her left sandal and those perilously sharp teeth chomping it (though at least he's mostly missed her foot — mostly). OM NOM NOM NOM.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the The Nicest Angel We Have Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Kiele is usually a quick-moving girl, with all of that energy and vivaciousness that she exudes, but of a sudden she goes quite still. It is a miraculous thing, and then there's a green dragon head butting into her middle, pushing the air right out of her lungs. She can't do more than cling to the dragonet and coo over her glitter-sand-encrusted hide. "We can get you food. We can—" Her eyes lift helplessly to find the weyrlingmasters. Halp! Please!

R'sner can't be everywhere at once, but he can be quick enough to follow the path of the green so that he is right there with an earnest "Congratulations, she's beautiful," for Kiele. "Come this way, and we'll get her something to eat…" offered as he ushers them to the side.

Tanit watches as Zeltan - or well that isn't precisely his name anymore is it? Departs with bronze in tow, devoid of her shield for the moment. "Well that was easy marks." Her attention shifting back to Ayushi with a smile. Shells continue to crack and pop open and as the silvery gold emerges the dolphineer sucks in a sharp breath. "Woah."

Huntress of Light Gold Hatchling casts her gaze across the candidates, observing them with head held high and wings slightly spread? then turns her back on them and sits down. Her wings slowly beat, their egg-wet hide glimmering in the light, as she lifts her paw to her muzzle and gives it a lick before using it to wipe down her face. She'll be with you soon, candidates. When she feels like it!

Ashwini's jaw drops as the Gold hatchling makes her appearance. There is more oohing and ahing from this candidate as suddenly there is so much happening at once. Hatchlings are impressing. Eggs are bursting and there's a gold on the sands. "A gold? Wow." she murmurs. Too much! She takes a step back away from the candidates that have found life mates and tries to refocus full attention on the still moving hatchlings.

Fly Away Home Egg isn't done bouncing, either, shimmying to a tune only it can hear. This can only last for so long, though, before it loses its balance, wobbles too hard, and — CRACK. A little brown dragon sits in the fragments of his shell, blinking amazedly at the world. Oh.

<In The Galleries> And then Aine is muttering at her dragon again, but it's basically just, "Yes, well, you thought all of them were gold, stupid."

Endless Storm Brown Hatchling
Warm brown wraps this hatchling like the softest of velvets, a mellifluous ripple of colour that enshrouds him in deep chicory tones, sinks into each contour of bulky muscle, and moulds to each curve from slightly upturned nose to lengthy elegant tail. Noble brows are kissed with traceries of burnished gold, gifting him with an air of nobility, though much closer inspection is needed to show the real delicacies of his colouration. Across the sleek expanse of his belly faint copper streaks appear, minute nuances easily missed yet also appearing over muscled shoulders and haunches in some long forgotten attempt at gilding, and swallowing the sharpness of lethal talons in their entirety. Dark coffee stained limbs are longer than common for one of his length, yet lend him a certain grace of movement. A single sepia patch crests one giant wing, a faded stain that stands out brightly against his dark colouration and feathers its way down over delicate sails stretched between moss stained wingspars.

Ayushi, now Suyi, is frozen, and probably looks super /weird/ because while she's stock still her face is moving in all sorts of directions. Panic? Smile? What the heeeeck? Wonder? Ahhh! Such a variety of emotions for your viewing pleasure! And then things seem to settle down and there's a little smile on her face. "Yeahhhh…sandals aren't so much for eating!" But did she falter? No, weird expressions or not she was at least braver than that poor fellow candidate who got a butt-tap via dragon snout! "C'mon Zychaelth, let's get you something a bit less….rubbery!"

R'sner is very quickly returning when he spies the troublesome blue make his Impression, offering a rueful but no less heartfelt, "Congratulations…" for Ayushi… Suyi. It's not /her/ fault. And it's not really /Zychaelth's/ fault but… Trouble. Pure trouble. Times two. "This way…" murmured as he attempts to usher them away from the chaos. "Meat is a much better option…"

Tanit watches as Zeltan - or well that isn't precisely his name anymore is it? Departs with bronze in tow, devoid of her shield for the moment. "Well that was easy marks." Her attention shifting back to Ayushi with a smile. Shells continue to crack and pop open and as the silvery gold emerges the dolphineer sucks in a sharp breath. Speechless.

Ilyscaeth is beside herself, by now. Never mind the giant gold trumpeting, candidates, weyrlings, weyrlingmasters…audience. Sorry about the ears. But look! All of her hatchlings are making tracks towards their life, and look at you, you last two, aren't you beautiful? The gold warbles quietly, shoving Xermiltoth with a wing. The last of them! Soon they'll be gone, too.

Huntress of Light Gold Hatchling finally finishes washing her face. There! Now she's ready, and she stands up with a luxuriant stretch before she turns back to the waiting candidates. She moves closer with a graceful step, her neck arched to hold her eyes to the level of theirs that she may see each of them and judge what lies within. She already has the taste of one in her mind, so now? It's simply a matter of hunting for her.

Ashwini starts to nibble on fingernails again before consciously pulling her hand away. Deep breath. In and out. "Oh, congratulations everyone." it's a blanket congrats for everyone before her attention is on the last two, but not least, babies on the sands. "They are both so…cute." or adorable if that's a good description for ya. Her gaze sweeps between the brown to the gold.

Endless Storm Brown Hatchling flicks his tail, thoughtful, seems to collect himself from his eventful hatching, before flaring his wings wide in the general direction of the audience. Did you see that?! Tadaa! If he could figure out moving without falling on his face (which he does, here, inelegantly), he would probably take a bow. As it is, he lurches back to his feet, spins a little, and wanders towards the candidates ptooey-ing sand. Don't worry, he's coming!

"Cute?" It's not… complete disagreement with Ashwini's assessment, but really… Cute? "Awkward, more like," is R'sner's assessment, eyeing the pair of browns and the young queen as they wander.

And R'hyn? Why R'hyn is just enjoying this cornucopia of chaos, is fixing R'sner with a sideways smile that's maybe meant to be reassuring as one batch of trouble after the other gets led from the sands. "I don't think you'll be short on entertainment," he comments towards the weyrlingmaster in droll tones before flicking new-weyrlings a wink and a grin. But there's still more to go, and so he settles back against his dragon's hide, a hand going out to keep Xermiltoth from blowing up little baby dragon minds. He favors them with a wash of mental gold though, and a single sing-song note that implies LATER. He will love on you all LATER.

Citayla looks like she's gearing up to get gone — super profesh, Half Moon Bay's Senior Weyrwoman. She's not packing her bag, or anything, but the goldrider is bouncing a little on her toes, looking radiant and happy. In fairness, this is the first time she's seen this part while not hatchling-heavy herself. "Awkward, and wonderful." The woman calls, R'sner-wards, winking.

<In The Galleries> Oh, Valeska sees the gold and she peers down at poor, poor R'sner. LEERING. These adorable children are going to have a downright delightful weyrlinghood.

R'sner is doomed. It's true. Doomed.

Ashwini has a ghost of a smile tugging at her lips as her gaze never leaves the brown and gold as she remarks. "All babies are cute." no matter the species clearly. She tries to raise her voice over the happy trumpeting. "A gold." she says, this time more to herself, clearly she had no clue one of those eggs held the golden beauty. Feet shift and shuffle back and forth before flickering to land on the brown. "Awe, he didn't fall!" yet.

<In The Galleries> Nassir is a bit overwhelmed as things happen so rapidly. It is, he realizes, almost impossible to know where to look or what to focus on. For the moment, he's just focusing on taking it all in, or as much of it as is reasonably possible.

Tanit blinks as the candidates around her start impressing one after the other, while other candidates move forward as the last break shell, a smile emerging as she watches the brown. "Cute little guy isn't he." Little? Tanit are you calling that huge thing little?

Endless Storm Brown Hatchling doesn't stop, either. Oh. He hasn't figured out the brakes yet. Watch out! Right through the crowd he goes, twisting and making loud squawking noises as he tries to keep the damage to a minimum. Sorry! Sorry! He didn't mean to rip your robe, there! Moving is just hard, but he can't stop, can he? There's somebody here, somebody…somebody important, he's just got to find them.

Huntress of Light Gold Hatchling stops before her chosen candidate, her wings spreading more fully as if to make her decision a momentary secret…or perhaps simply to surround her partner within that golden expanse.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Huntress of Light Gold Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

"Huh," Says Citayla, succinctly, eyebrows rising skyward. Then she grins, watching the candidates — and Weyrlings, now, Weyrlings too — with amusement. Oh, this is good. Looking like the feline that got in the cream, the Weyrwoman hums under her breath. Ilyscaeth makes a noise like laughter, wings waggling encouragingly to the last hatchling. Baby, baby~. "Don't distract him." Her rider chides, with amusement, but Ily just waggles harder, lower jaw gaping in an almost canine grin.

The blaze of wings that surrounds her prevents all hope of escape, but Tanit stands transfixed, silent with eyes unfocused until, at last. "Yes Chauth, of course, you need fed." Shell shocked and leaning against her lifemate as they head toward food.

Little? "Doesn't look so little to me," murmurs R'sner, stepping over to Tanit and Chauth quickly. But there's a faint smile and an honest, "Congratulations, Tanit," for the new pair. "Head this way, and we'll get her fed…"

Ashwini is realizing that the brown may not have fallen, yet, but it also doesn't look like he knows how to stop either. So he seems the proper choice to watch, especially since the gold is stopped on front of Tanit. "ooh, congrats!" she offers a breathy congratulations as she watches the brown.

Endless Storm Brown Hatchling has managed not to actually grievously injure anybody — well, one boy is holding his foot and swearing furiously. The dragonet doesn't appear to notice, though, head swinging now, eyes whirring fast. Here, here…HERE! He doesn't quite stop in time, instead bowling a young woman with straight black hair down with him. This doesn't seem to bother the little brown, who trumpets gleefully, butting foreheads with his lifemate.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Endless Storm Brown has found its partner at last and impression is made!

With the Impression of Jovianth, and another amused look to her own lifemate, Citayla steps forward. She's as sweaty as anybody else, here, but somehow manages to look pretty unruffled as she surveys the remaining candidates. "We've got breakfast in the caverns," She starts, because nothing stimulates the appetite like disappointment and a few minutes of terror, right? "Please, join us for a feast, in honor of you. In honor of you, and our new Weyrlings," A brief, warm smile towards the retreating figures of Ilyscaeth's brood and their lifemates. "After, when you are ready, we will be here to assist you whichever way you choose: stay with us, or not. You will always be welcome at Half Moon Bay Weyr." The Weyrwoman nods, once, more to herself than anybody else. She pauses for a moment, to let the sincerity of the statement register before continuing, ignoring the stands now, attempting to meet each pair of eyes left on the sands. "Your lifemate was not here today, but that isn't to say that they won't be, next time, or the time after that. Don't lose heart, yet." Another beat. "Thank you." It's sincere, but also a dismissal, on a respectful nod as the goldrider turns and beats a hasty path to Ilyscaeth's side. She'll be along to the feast, soon enough.

Ah, bittersweet moments. R'hyn allows Citayla to say her part and quietly departs the sands himself, perhaps off to provide comfort to those who need it in the privacy of the hall beyond, or perhaps for more selfish reasons. He mentally tugs Xermiltoth along with, for though the clutchdaddy fixes a piteous 'BUT MY CHILDREN ARE THAT WAY' look back at the weyrlings, he slinks off with a dazzle of diamonds and gold into literally everyone's minds. Sorry not sorry, sorry he loves you just… sorry!

<In The Galleries>Looking into her box with a few meatrolls left, Valeska rises from her seat and places it down in her stead. She nods her head towards Aine and Nassir, asking her pardons while she gets moving. Time to settle in her new charges!

Ashwini was prepared to dodge. Or so she thought. This awkward (cute) dragonette actually moves a lot faster than she realized. Within the quick moment she took to congratulate Tanit she finds herself on the ground with a brown hudbutting and talking to her. For a moment she can only stare before her eyes close as she presses herforhead to the brown. To HER brown. "Jovianth!" with laughter bubbling up she manages to get to her two feet and looks around in worry. Which way was she supposed to go?!

One last time, R'sner is moving to collect the last new weyrling. "Congratulations, Ashwini," offered with genuine joy. "Just over here, and we can get him something to eat." And /now/ there is a look to the Stands, a seeking out of a certain bluerider who better be finishing her snacks and getting her butt to the barracks.

<In The Galleries> Nassir raise a hand in farewell to Valeska. "Enjoy yourself." Snagging one of the rolls, he nibbles on it thoughtfully while watching things wrapping up on the sands.

Ashwini barely notices R'sner but she does manage a quick word. "Ashwi." new life new name!

<In The Galleries> Just as Bethari darted and slipped around folks to find her seat, she does the same on her way out of the gallery, jolting up to her feet and away, her gaze fixed more on the ground than anything else, quite deliberately avoiding the opportunity to meet anyone's gaze.

<In The Galleries> Well a gold hatched and went to Tanit and the other dragons were just as adorable. It's been a busy day. Baylee gets up from her seat and winds her way toward the exit to head off to whatever duties lie in front of her today.

<In The Galleries> Exhaling a breath, Nassir finishes off the meatroll and gets to his feet, his shoulders rolling in a slow stretch. Watching the emptying sands, he brushes crumbs off his fingers as he glances at Aine. "It was very nice to meet you," he assures. Stepping away from the bench, a wry smile touches his lips, a chuckle humming in his throat as he makes his way out.

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