Hatching Aftermath - Feast/Brunch

Winter - Month 2 of Turn 2717
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Living Cavern
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

Nassir is well aware of the fact that it is likely to be a while before R'sner makes his way toward the living caverns. Content with that, he'd grabbed a plate of food, a mug of klah (with accompanying pot for refills) and settled down at a table out of the way. At some point, he'd pulled his embroidery out of his satchel and done a bit of work. It had, however, been shoved away rather quickly in favor of people watching. Course, he's mostly watching the entrances. Unfortunately, he's not half as subtle as he thinks he is.

There is sure to be plenty of people to watch, when the crowd grows in expectation of the feast. Hatchings are always a cause for revelry and, as if they needed one, a fantastic excuse for excessive booze consumption. But indeed, it is a while yet before R'sner is able to extract himself from the chaos that is the weyrling barracks, and even then his first stop is to his weyr for a bath. By the time he is walking into the caverns he is clean, free of mica-glitter, and dressed rather well. It is after all a celebration, and R'sner? He cleans up /damn/ good when he puts his mind to it. But even as he's stepping into the press of people in the living caverns, there's an eye back to the bowl and his head cocked in the general direction of the dragons; as if he could hear the weyrlings from so far away.

Nassir was on the alert, the sight of the Weyrlingmaster entering the hall stirring a warm smile to tracing over his features. Rather then spring directly to his feet, the tailor leans back on the bench, taking the time to drink in the view. He'd meant what he said to S'rorn not so terribly long ago- R'sner looks as good coming as going. "Life is good." The murmur is uttered as he gets to his feet, taking a last swallow of klah, before winding his way to R'sner's side. Without a hint of embarassment, one arm moves to wind around the slightly taller man's waist, his weight shifting up onto to his toes to brush a kiss to corner of his mouth. "Congratulations," is whispered in warm tones. "You have a fine batch of Weyrlings."

Ashwi likely didn't stop anywhere for a bath though she is no longer clad in that shapeless white robe (dress) and there is a faint sheen of sparkly glittery stuff in her dark hair and along her bared arms and legs. There was, no doubt, a fair amount of chaos within the weyrling barracks that Jovi was certainly a part of. Finally fed though it remind Ashwini…Ashwi now…that she needs substance as well. With the gangly brown sleeping with a small green firelizrd and likely a grey kitten it leaves her free to leave the barracks. Suddenly shy she stops in the entrance to look around the gathering of people here to celebrate a hatching.

Weyrlings can be excused for looking a mess (even if Ashwi does not, and is only slightly glittery?). But Weyrlingmasters? There's probably a rule about 'representing the Weyr' that R'sner is going to be darn sure he's following. Lead by example, or something. Even so, there's a distracted quality to him; a shift of eyes and stuttering of steps that has him pausing on the cusp of true integration into the growing crowd of weyrfolk and visitors. Distracted enough that the sudden appearance and physical contact of another person sends a jolt of surprise that has him actually flinching back. It is short-lived, and soon enough his eyes are focusing upon Nassir to bring him back to the present. "Do I?" wondered somewhat dryly, recovering quickly enough. But he follows it with an honest, "Thank you," for the congratulations. And /speaking/ of those weyrlings… Res has definitely caught sight of Ashwini, and though he saw oh, so recently, he's still going to offer a quick, "Hello Ashwi," in greeting. "Jovianth settled?" because when he left them in Valeska's capable hands, they were perhaps still up and eating.

"You do," Nassir assures. Drawing back a step, he follows the line of R'sner's gaze to Ashwi, dark eyes crinkling at the corners. "Congratulations," he offers to the new weyrling. Drawing back another half step, he lets his gaze sweep the cavern, observing the people present before turning back to those closest to him.

Ashwi isn't too messy really. Her hair looks damp as if someone licked it. A lot. Maybe he thought it was a part of his breakfast. R'sner's greeting and question has her stepping within easy range of him and Nassir. Though she should probably salute she's still in a bit of a fog so saluting isn't even thought of. "All settled." finally. "And sleeping." for now. So much is unsaid! A hand goes up to run absently through her hair. "Thank you." is murmured somewhat shyly towards Nassir's congratulations.

"Good," for settled dragons. No comments on damp hair or lack of salutes because R'sner definitely understands. The first day — first /month/ — probably gets a free pass on those formality things. "Are you hungry?" is asked, even if he's fairly certain of the answer. The question is, truly, for both Ashwi and Nassir, who draws the weyrlingmaster's gaze at that half-step back. A ghost of a frown for that, and a quick hook of his arm around the tailor's waist that seeks to pull him /back/ up against him. "And you? What did you think of it?" he wants to know, curious despite the distraction inherent in having a barracks suddenly full of weyrlings once again.

Nassir exhales a husky laugh as he's drawn in against R'sner's side. With the issue of space decided, he lets his own arm drape comfortably around Res' hips, dark eyes crinkling at the corners. "Starved," he admits and just as quickly. "It was remarkable. The dragons were.. are.. outstanding. You should all be very, very pleased." He's not entirely certain he could manage to be half as brave as the candidates were today. Looking back at Ashwi, his smile broadens as he tilts his head toward the nearby table. "Join us? You both sit, I'll fill some plates and bring them to you." They, after all, have done all the hard work and he's happy to do it.

Ashwi is so very hungry now that the dragon side of her appetite has been abated the hungry feeling that is all Ashwi is being felt strongly. Her head bobs in appreciation of Nassir's offer to join them, her head tilted curiously at his offer to fill plates and bring her food. "Um…thanks Nassir." she tells the Igenite.

"Alright," for the offer to collect food. R'sner is not going to argue with that because, frankly, he's kind of exhausted already. But it is another moment before his arm withdraws, allowing Nassir his freedom. Talk of hatchlings and weyrlings will wait, it seems. A motion towards a table indicates that Ashwi ought to go first though, even if she doesn't, Res is definitely headed for the first empty seat he can find. Which proves to be somewhat of a challenge with the crowd around them. But it is found, and he sinks into the chair gratefully all the same.

Nassir winks at Ashwi, his chin dipping in a nod. "My pleasure," he assures. "Go on," he murmurs with a pat to R'sner's backside— that is fortunately mostly concealed by his leaning up against him. "Relax, both of you." Drawing away, he turns and slips through the crowd, mumuring 'pardon me' when needed on the way to the food. Locating a tray, he makes short work of arranging plates atop it. One is loaded with finger foods, meatrolls, veggie rolls, and crispy little wonders filled with meat or cheese. Another is heaped with roasted meat, an assortment of cheeses arranged around the outside. Fruit and veggies find the third and the forth is crowded with sweetrolls and assorted pastries. Adding cups and a kettle of steaming klah, the tailor tosses a wink at the person to his left, his brows rising and falling in a teasing lilt. "Big appetite," he provides before sweeping the tray up and winding his way back through the crowd. In another place and another time? He'd make one heck of a waiter.

Ashwi heads along towards the motioned table ahead of R'sner to slip into an empty chair. Distractedly her gaze sweeps the busy room to watch other people celebrate, noticing families of impressed weyrlings here too. She sinks down with a sigh and a faint smile that doesn't seem to fade. "That's nice of him to grab us food." she makes conversation while waiting for said food.

There was /definitely/ a sharp side-eye for that encouraging 'pat', but as Nassir is gone before comments can be spoken? Eh. So a chair, and a sigh of relief from R'sner who does manage to pull himself into the present enough to follow Ashwi's gaze around the living caverns. It's a toss-up, really. Either he's staring out into the crowd without seeing it, or his eyes are darting to the tailor who is putting the kitchen team to shame with his uncanny balancing abilities. A bit of a smile for that, before he's "Hm?" -ing at Ashwi. "It is, yes," he agrees, though follows it with a curious, "Did your family attend?"

It is likely that that the Weyrlingmaster's sharp side-eye would have been met with a merry laugh and flashing wink from the tailor. He just doesn't have it in him to be the least bit apologetic about his affection. Fortunately, at the moment, he's thoroughly entertained with spinning and weaving through the crowd, lowering the tray of plates to rest on the table with a flourish. "A little of everything," he provides as he snags up the kettle of klah and fills three steaming mugs. Setting one before Ashwi and R'sner, he takes the third for himself and slips into the chair at R'sner's side. "Eat, eat," he urges with a flick of long fingers toward the food.

Lani, formerly known as Kelani of the Half moon Infirmary, totally arrived in time to watch the hatching. Sitting there in the hot caverns in her flight leathers before going to get changed after which would explain her lateness to the feast. She arrives with hair down in a v-neck dark green halter neck dress. Her thick red curls hang loose upon her bare shoulders and her back is bare to the waist. Definately not a style she would have been seen in before but she looks far more comfortable in her skin than she has before. The V-neck reveals a tattoo on her chest of a heart shaped lock with a chain disapearaing under her cleavage, presumably with a key on the end. Little Kelani has certainly grown into a woman as a rider. She looks around the room seeking a particular familiar face and smiles to see R'sner there and makes her way through the crowd, stopping to speak to various old friends on the way.

Ashwi looks impressed at the amount of food that Nassir brings with him. "Hmm?" is said at first. "Oh.." a brow furrows briefly. "I thought they were." she scans the room intently in case she's missed them. "Thank you Nassir." is said towards the food baring man. Then no words are needed as she digs in,

R'sner is rather surprised with the amount of food on offer; a lift of dark brows indication enough that he is likewise impressed with Nassir's ability to transport it, through the crowd, without accident. His gaze lingers briefly upon him, even as he's being urged to eat. "Thank you," offered as he goes reaching for a meatroll, a hearty bite taken before any other words are to come. Hungry as he might be, he's still polite enough not to wolf his food down like a baby hatchling. "Were they coming from a far distance?" is what R'sner /says/, but what he really means to imply is: did they come by dragon. But perhaps before that question can even be answered, his attention is caught by the arrival of Lani. It brings pause, and a double-take, because even if he knew she was coming, it is still a shock to see her. And it is certainly a shock to see her in that. "I'll be right back," and he's up, leaving his half-finished meatroll on his plate and quickly wiping his fingers on a napkin. A brief squeeze of his hand to Nassir's shoulder before he's slipping through the crowd. "Lani!" called with enough volume to catch her attention. "You came." Obviously.

Nassir twists one wrist at the thanks, long fingers flashing in a flourish. "My pleasure," he assures. Rather then reach for food himself, he keeps firm hold on his mug of klah, dark eyes crinkling at the corners as he settles in to watch R'sner's profile with an openly warm smile. "You should see me dance," he assures R'sner with a wink. "Very graceful. The height of grace." In the wake of the words, he takes a swallow of his klah, one brow twitching as he tilts his head to glance over at the green clad Lani. For a moment, he blinks, his chin tilting in a nod at the squeeze to his shoulder. "Find out who makes her clothes," he murmurs under his breath. "And if she needs more…" Granted, it's probably not heard, but the fact that he looks back at Ashwi and winks? He's probably not overly concerned.

Healers mostly have stopped the woman in green on her way through. Moments shared and promises for more visits in the future. When she hears her name called she begs apology from the person she is talking to to finally escape and meet the fellow greenrider. She rises up on tip toes to give him a quick kiss on the cheek and steps back and does a twirl, "You like? I wasn't sure about the backless…but there is a certain freedom of movement and I suppose I wear less to the beach." She grins and looks past R'sner, "Now you must introduce me to your friends R'sner." She says and offers her arm to him so he can escort her back to the group.

Ashwi spends several minutes with a single minded focus on eating without trying to shovel it in too quickly. Finally though she does pause for breath and speaking. "Ista Weyr." another craning of the neck to look around the room. "I'm sure though they are catching up with friends before seeking me out." since its unknown how long before a weyrling dragon settles down. She's sure they'll be here for food soon! This is said before R'sner slips off so once he's gone she's focusing once more on filling her stomach.

Dancing. Res may have had something to say about that, before distraction lead him to rescue Lani from over-eager healer-types. /They/ get a less than favorable look, though R'sner manages not to keep his displeasure more or less to himself, even if there is a brief tightening of his jaw and around his eyes. But for Lani there is almost a smile; enough of a curl to the side of his mouth that it suggests fondness rather than displeasure. "Ah…" for the dress, and there's definitely an awkward moment as the weyrlingmaster attempts to take in the dress without… taking in the rest of it. Because really, that's a lot of skin. "It suits you," is what he finally settles on and, without hesitation, he'll take her arm and lead her back to the table. "Lani, this is Ashwi, new weyrling to brown Jovianth. And Nassir, Journeyman tailor from Igen," and then, of course, "Nassir and Ashwi, this is Lani, Weyrling to green Rosalyth at Xanadu Weyr."

While Nassir enjoys undressing men? He /loves/ dressing women, that much is clear from the twinkle in his eye as he watches the green clad female with R'sner. "Outstanding figure," he murmurs in appreciative tones. It is 'Ista' from the weyrling at the table that has him glancing back at her with a mildly arched brow. "Hrm?" When R'sner returns with Lani in tow, he sweeps his attention back to the pair, an easy smile tracing over his lips as he inclines his head in welcome. It is the mention of Xanadu that stirs a faint falter of his smile, but it returns quickly, one hand raising to flick a curl out of his eyes. "Well met, Lani, weyrling to green Rosalyth. Please," he adds as he rolls to his feet to draw out a chair for her. "Join us?"

Ashwi looks up from her plate to watch the pair approach. "Well met, Lani." fellow weyrling! She does a double take at her introduction then grins sheepishly. Weyrling to brown Jovi. "It's got a nice ring to it." she murmurs more to herself than the others. "I love your outfit." maybe not from the tailor aspect like Nassir here but in her own female opinion.

Just then an older couple walks in, catching Ashwi's attention. "Mom! Dad!" she hollers, loudly and no doubt causing someone's ears to ring. Standing quickly she goes to meet them.

"Yeah I think so as well, Sephany did a great job." Lani responds with a grin quite aware of that moment of awkwardness as he leads her back to the table. To the weyrling she extends a hand, "Congratulations. All I can say, it will seem a lot in these first few sevendays but it gets easier I promise. I am sure R'sner will guide you through." From one senior weyrling to a fresh one. Then she is introduced to Nassir and she dips her head and extends a hand in his direction as well. "It is well met to meet you. I have heard such wonderful things about you. I would love to join you all." She says and releases R'sner's arm to take a seat at the table. "A nice even spread. We were all chromatics in our clutch." She says giving a comment on the hatching.

Faint though it might be, that falter in Nassir's smile is caught R'sner. A brief twitch of eyebrows; a question in his gaze that goes unuttered. It is certainly not something he is going to be asking about here, now, with a crowd around them. "It is who you are now," he offers to Ashwi, simply stated but understanding enough. As she darts off for parents, he slides back into his seat, reaching to take up his mug as Lani mentions the 'wonderful things' that she has heard in regards to the Igen tailor. That, at least, has him shifting awkwardly and finding sudden and intense interest in his Klah rather than his companions. "Seven is manageable," is all he says for the clutch, though there's a bit of a snort. "That blue though…" Pure trouble. Pure. Trouble.

Nassir smiles as he takes the offered hand, giving a firm shake before releasing. Once she's settled, he reaches for one of the empty mugs, filling it with klah and setting it within easy reach. It is only as he sets the mug down that her remark clicks and he slants a curious glance from her to R'sner and back. "Oh?" Of course he's smiling, the sudden shimmer of delight in dark eyes impossible to miss. "What things?" He can't help that it comes out in a sing-song as he slips into a chair on the other side of R'sner. Rather then push it— although it is adorable when R'sner gets all shifty eyed and awkward— he reaches across the weyrlingmaster to snag his mug. "The blue is going to give you a run for your money and," he adds with a sip of klah. "I suspect Valeska is going to help him." Yup, totally selling Val out, there.

Lani gives the weyrling a finger wave as she dashes off for parental meeting, a curious look in her eyes as she watches the woman depart. "It seems like forever ago and yesterday when I was at my hatching feast and soon we will be graduating." Ah Nostalgia. Then her gaze turns back to the men and she can't help but smile at the question from Nassir, "Well enough to know I had to meet the man who has brought happiness to my friend. He well deserves it and don't let him tell you any different." She says with a firm nod and gives R'sner's hand a pat , "In our group it is the browns. Very…exuberant browns, but still I can't complain. We all sorta balanced in the end."

Annnd it just gets worse. R'sner is not the type to blush, and so there is no color darkening his cheeks, but there is definitely awkward shifting and throat clearing, and a sort of hunch to his shoulders that says clear enough that, while he might be pretending to hear /nothing/ that passes between the pair, he is most assuredly listening to every word. He can't exactly hide behind his mug, but he'll do his best to try with a very, very long sip. The pat of his hand gets a glance and a bit of a rueful expression for the 'exuberant' browns. Weyrlings — dragons — are safe to talk about it seems. "There is always at least one," he decides. "And this one looks…" challenging. As for Valeska and her help? A snort and a dry, "Of that I have no doubt. So long as they all survive the experience intact, I'll be satisfied." The fun part is, he's not even joking. No death or dismemberment! And then, almost as an afterthought, he's lifting his gaze and flashing Lani a more genuine, pleased smile. "Congratulations on successfully navigating Between." Because clearly, she managed to survive it.

Nassir is silent for a beat in the wake of Lani's words. When he does speak, his tones are warm, but serious all the same. "Oh, I knew he deserved it the moment I laid eyes on him, Lani." Nassir had had no doubts of that. In the wake of the words, dark lashes sweep down, his lips parting to draw in a shallow breath rather then let himself gush on and say things that R'sner is probably not ready to actually hear. "He made quite an impression on me right from the start." Looking back at R'sner, Nassir's expression softens, one hand raising to touch the Weyrlingmaster's cheek. "They will get through it, they have you to teach them." And he just cannot think of anything that inspires security more.

If she notices the awkwardness of R'sner she does not make note of it. She is happy to respond to his comment of dragons and when offered the congratulations she dips her head, "Of all the lessons, she was quite adept at visualization. I think it comes from all the book reading. So here we are in one piece." She says with a nod, holding out her hands as if to inspect herself for bits lost between. Then she is leaning to look at Nassir to listen to his words, "I wish you both the best. You should come down to Xanadu for a visit. One of my best friends is a Weaver, she helped designed my dress. Maybe you can help convince them to give her a journeyman knot. I reckon she is long past due, but I am just a healer." At the gentle touch between them her face brightens and she gives a little nod to R'sner.

There is nothing quite like sitting at a table, and listening to two people discuss you like you aren't there. There may have even been sharp looks and narrowed eyes for it, if R'sner wasn't too busy being mortified by the experience. Certainly there is gratitude that Nassir does not continue on about him more than he already has, and it is the touch of his cheek that seems to snap him out of his head, drawing his gaze away from the depths of his Klah mug and toward the tailor beside him. There will be no comments about what Res may or may not deserve, but of weyrlings and lessons… that he can talk about without hesitation. "That is the goal." That the weyrlings get through it. "She seems a very careful dragon," is his observations of Rosalyth. "From what little I have seen of her. It does not surprise me that she excelled in this. It is the ones who act rashly; who leap without looking. Those are the ones that I worry about." But his own batch of weyrlings is /far/ from that particular lesson, and so R'sner can relax just a smidge in the knowledge that they are ground-bound for now. "If Valeska is comfortable with the weyrlings, I fully intend on attending your graduation," he tells her, a glance to Nassir when he offers, "And you are welcome to join me. If you wish."

"I would love that," Nassir says in response to the invitation. "As soon as R'sner has time for an outting." It doesn't even occur to him that he would go anywhere without the stoic Weyrlingmaster. When R'sner goes right on with the discuss of Weyrlings and instructions, Nassir simply smiles and lets his hand drop to rest lightly on Res' arm. "I wish," he answers matter of factly. Of course, he does not point out that he /leapt/ at R'sner without looking numerous times. Nor does he point out that it is unlikely that that will ever not be the case. He does, however, smile with a pointed twinkle in his eyes that just might give a hint to the fact that he is thinking it REALLY LOUD. On the upside? He's been caught every time he's leapt and trusts that it will continue to be so. "When do you graduate," he ask Lani curiously. "You have to be very excited for that?"

Parental visitation done for the moment, Ashwi returns sans parents. Said parents are themselves mingling with other crafters. So Ashwini slips back into her empty chair reaching for a meatroll to munch on. "What did I miss?" she asks airily.

"She has got to be the most well read dragon around." Lani says with a light laugh, "I had to bribe her with stories for most of her early lessons. Perhaps she got that from me…I was so book bound that I had to research something to death before I did it. Rosalyth has been much the same but in the last few months she has been more keen to put her study to action." The mention of them joining her for graduation draws a bright smile to her lips, "In about a month I am told. We get our own weyrs in the coming sevenday. It is a little scary really…like having my own place for the first time when my life has always been lived in one dorm or another." That mark of truely being a grown up! EEK. She looks up as the brown weyrling rejoins them, "Just discussing them visiting for graduation. You guys are just starting here and in a month I graduate."

Thankfully, R'sner has exceptional reflexes; so leap away Nassir! He'll undoubtedly catch. But for the moment, he's going to hunker down and swallow the last of the Klah in his mug as an excuse to look elsewhere. But the turn in conversation, and the return of Ashwi, has him looking more himself with remarkable swiftness. Comfortable enough now that as he sets the mug down on the table, the suddenly free hand is reaching for Nassir's without hesitation. "What she said," for what the weyrling may have missed. "Bribing with books sounds exceedingly easier than wrestling matches and decomposing carcasses," notes R'sner, not as fondly nostalgic toward his own weyrlinghood. And yet, there is warmth in his expression at the thought of Toith, even if she was a hellion in her early Turns. And her current Turns. And just in general. "Enjoy it," he advises Lani, for getting her own weyr. "And let me know when you would like me to bring Sava. I can keep her as long as you need," he promises, but… well. He's about to be super busy with weyrlings of his own.

"Welcome back, Ashwi," Nassir states before looking back at Lani and nodding. "I shall look forward to seeing you graduate, then." Curling his fingers around the Weyrlingmaster's when R'sner takes his hand, Nassir smiles a bit more, snagging a meatroll with his free hand. "Sava?" Curious, he licks crumbs off the corner of his lips, glancing between Lani and R'sner.

"Well an early congratulations from me on your graduation." since Ashwi won't be traveling by that point. With little else to add to the conversation since she missed quite a bit; she works on finishing the rest of the food on her plate.

Clean and changed from the tattered monstrosity of a robe into the uniform of a Weyrling. Tanit's hair is still damp from her sojourn to the bath after her lifemate fell asleep, glutted on meat and exhausted from the messy business of breaking the shell. Even the new knot with the twist of color signifying her lifemate while neat looks awkward somehow, the dolphineer slipping quietly between the tables to fill multiple plates with food.

"Yes and no, sometimes it meant staying up late to read instead of sleeping…but yes…I think I prefer that over decomposing carcasses." Lani says with a laugh as she reaches for the Klah to drink. When Sava is brought up Lani tilts her head a bit, "I would almost hate to take her away from you.." She says but nods then smiles at Nassir's question on the matter, "Ah the other love of R'sner's life. My little beast of a canine. He has been looking after her while I was away and doing a fine job at it, but at least she proved she still remembers me at the last visit." Her ball of black and white fluff, "Pets aren't allowed int he barracks and so he agreed to look after her for me." She smiles at Ashwi, "Thank you and I will be sure to return for yours." She says to the young woman though a stranger. When Tanit enters the room she lifts a hand to wave the new gold weyrling over.

Plate full, or at least one of them, Tanit offers a salute of greeting for the rider - riders. Since the Weyrling master is included in the group as well. "I didn't think there would be anyone still feasting this late." The former dolphineer admits, between small bites. "Chauth is asleep, I made sure before I got cleaned up." This seems mostly intended for R'sner.

"She is yours," is said simply enough, for Sava. "And with the weyrlings, I will have precious little time for her." Precious little time for anything, as a matter of fact. But for the moment, R'sner is able to sit and relax and perhaps even enjoy a bit of breakfast. A squeeze of the hand within his own, and then (likewise) Res is reaching with his free one to the half-finished meatroll he'd abandoned earlier. A tip of his head toward Lani as she explains who 'Sava' is, though there's a bit of a huff for the description of her. He's also going to ignore that whole 'no pets in the barracks' thing because… pretty sure there is a litter of kittens living in his. And he's perfectly fine with that (as long as he doesn't see them. You know. So he can pretend he knows nothing about it). In the wake of Lani's wave, there is a glance toward Tanit. "Not so late," noted as she joins them. But really. Time? Right now? Totally out of whack. And speaking of /time/, "How long are you staying," is directed to Nassir in a low inquiry.

"You have a puppy?" And from the way Nassir's voice rises when he says it? It's clear he's absolutely tickled at the thought. "That is so sweet," he gushes with a delighted laugh. "I've thought about a pet," he admits to Lani with an equally warm smile. "We should get a puppy," he asides to R'sner. A moment later, though, he words click and a flush of color rises to Nassir's cheeks. The 'L-word' inspires a shallow inhale and a light squeeze of the Weyrlingmaster's hand in his own. And yeah, he is watching Res' face with that dopey smitten look that he just can't seem to get rid of. Glancing up at Tanit, he offers a nod, his lips twitching in a warm smile. "Congratulations."

Nassir adds in a whisper to the question, cause Strip Uno distracted his typist. "No idea, T'sul wandered off drunk with another rider." Could be hours, could be over night.

Ashwi ducks her head and becomes pretty interested in her plate as 'pets in barracks' starts getting tossed round. Yup, she knows nothing on pets in the barracks! Looking up as she hears Tanit's voice she lifts a hand towards her fellow weyrling.

Regardless of the hour, Lani has worn her party dress to this shindig. A green halter top with a deep v in the front and backless. Definitly not the style she sported when she was living here. She has certainly grown up during her own weyrlinghood. "You totally should…He loves animals. The first time I saw him smile was because of Sava." She says leaning over to speak with Nassir. Yes it is a conspiracy to ensure R'sner is happy. Poor R'sner. "My mother got her for me as a turnday present a few turns back." She leans back in her seat content at the look between her friend and the weaver and looks over to the new weyrlings instead, "So tell me about your babies, what are they like?"

Poor R'sner, there's a whole menangerie. Gerbils, kittens, firelizards, Weyrlings oh my! A polite smile of greeting, and "Thank you." Though she doesn't seem too entirely sure that this is a thing to be congratulated on yet, the newness of it all still weighing heavy on her tiny human brain. "Your brown is adorable." Tanit will offer to Ashwi, a smile, trying to politely stuff her face. The question from Lani earns a furrow of brows, because she now has to chew and swallow before answering. "Cheuth is - Well I'm not entirely sure how to describe her - words seem to fail me at every opportunity when it comes to her."

A sappy expression appears on Ashwi's face when it comes to her brown. He is adorable! And likely snoring right about now with his full belly. "Thank you. Chauth is a beautiful color." she's finished stuffing her own face and totally understands Tanit's efforts of polite face stuffing. Her mind is still halfway on Jovi when she realizes that Lani's asking about their babies. Dragons that is. "Jovi is….clumsy." it's her best description thus far. "And talkative." it's the benefit he has of mind speaking while swallowing large amounts of food at the same time. There was no doubt a running list of questions. "He didn't understand how I walked with only two legs." of course he would notice her long legs.

Ila'den? Ila'den did not come in anything other than what he always shows up in: leathers. Leathers, one eye patch, and a head full of dark, messy hair that looks tousled, and defiant, and taunts gravity with alarming conviction. The bronzerider is stalking through those gathered, nodding without smiling to those he passes, catching at arms with whispered words of congratulations as he goes and perhaps a feral kind of smile for R'sner that's more laughter at his expense. Yeah, he saw that blue. Still, the 'rider's intent is clear even if nothing else about him is not: he's looking for Tanit. And he finds her. But first those grey eyes are on Ashwi, a husky-gruff, accented growl of, "Congratulations, little bird," offered as he OH SO RUDELY settles himself into a seat beside Tanit, drapes his arm along the back of her chair, and leans in uncomfortably close. "Is the food good?" comes amusement, curled with wicked implications on a burr. "Probably not as good as saying, 'I told you so,' but I imagine it's delicious." Rude. He's even sticking his finger in something and taking a taste. A beat, as he considers, and — "Almost as good. But definitely not as good."

"We?" Because that's a rather loaded word, and has R'sner looking just a bit less comfortable with the table in general. Puppies yes. Kittens, yes. Kryptonite. But there are worse things (like glitter-plague rodents). But pets are not a discussion for the moment, even if Lani is encouraging the same sort of shenanigans that Res is trying to avoid. And so the weyrlingmaster will just concentrate on his breakfast. Brunch. Whatever it is now. It is food, and it is going to be consumed. A quieter sort of "Mm," in acknowledgement for Nassir's answer, though that is all he offers regardless off the fact that it was his question in the first place. "It will always be like that," for the loss of words that comes when attempting to describe their dragons. "Only because he is little," for Jovianth being clumsy. At least, R'snre /hopes/ it's only because he is little. This clutch does have Ilyscaeth as their dam. And Xermiltoth as their sire. Oh Faranth what did Res sign up for?! "I'll never sleep again," comes unbidden and low, resigned and totally in time with the look that Ila'den lands on him. And perhaps there is an almost desperate hold of the hand within his own, because Res is fairly certain any hope for a personal life just ended. Doomed.

Nassir has a moment of blinking shock as Ila'den comes over and immediately starts poking at Tanit. Giving his head a mild shake, he clears his throat. Course, then Res is looking startled and Nassir again finds himself clearing his throat. "Ah. Well. I… Ah." Brushing his tongue over his lips, he sets the meatroll he'd been nibbling on on the plate and squeezes R'sner's hand. "Fresh air?" In the wake of the suggestion, he glances over at Lani and gives a quick jerk of his head to invite her along.

Ila's presence earns a scowl, "Yes, yes. This is totally your fault." All of it, all the things. "I will let you know If I survive it if I'm grateful or if I still owe you a punch in the face." Surely she's kidding right? Because one look between her and the bronze rider probably suggests quite accurately the outcome. She leans into Ila'den's space not quite glaring at him. Though? well. She doesn't notices poor R'sner clinging at any hope of a personal life - because her job is now to destroy those hopes. Squish them like a grape! "This clearly wasn't the outcome I anticipated at all." Although, most of it was, since she did win a fair number of hatching bets on everyone else.

"That passes…Rosalyth was the clumbsiest of them all and you should see her fly now…she is the picture of elegance in the air." It gets better! Really! Lani feels the need to reasure the weyrlings and nods at Tanit's response. "I can visit now they we can go between. I would love to meet them as they grow." Then there is the look from Nassir and she nods, "I would love for you to meet Rosalyth..and Sava. R'sner, please can you go fetch her for me?" She asks with pleading eyes. Because a ball of fur and THAT dress will be a perfect combination. The arrival of the Bronzerider gives her pause and she gives a wave to the man she hasn't seen in a few turns. She turns her smile on Tanit, "I feared impressing would disrupt all my plans. At the worse it changed them and I think for the better. You will see." When a few turns ago people were calming her freaked out nerves at the thought of impressing. "If you will excuse me." She picks up her Klah mug to lead the boys out to meet her green.

Ashwi has plenty of time to learn about Jovi's clumsiness being limited to youth. As does R'sner. Poor R'sner. Ila's arrival draws a grin across her expression. "Thanks!" her gaze flickers between Ila and Tanit and her mouth even opens but she decides not to say anything about Tanit being tossed over any shoulders. "Did you place bets on the colors?" she asks curiously of Tanit instead. Belatedly she gives a goodbye wave to the departing weyrling.

Air? Puppies? Escape from his fate? Or at least, escape for the next few hours? "Yes." Yes to all of the above. And so R'sner is standing with some haste even as he offers another honest, "Congratulations," to both Ashwi and Tanit, regardless of how either might feel for the word. He pauses long enough to grab a plate of food (because he is still starving, darn it!) and perhaps a kettle of Klah with a quick, "Grab the mugs," hissed to Nassir before the weyrlingmaster is outta here. BEHAVE WEYRLINGS!

Poor, poor R'sner. Or is that Nassir? That lone grey eye sees you, and there's another wolfish smile, one baring too many teeth, one that precedes a mocking salute in the stranger's direction as if to hint that he saw that shake of head. It's not unfriendly, not by a long stretch, but there's certainly a lack of warmth in the gesture, in the expression, in the way that Ila'den seems to utilize it almost as a dismissal. It doesn't matter, Tanit's speaking and the too-big man tucks in his shoulders, brings his arms in closer to his chest, leaning in to hear the woman speak and laughing when she threatens to punch him for inflicting upon her a life of DOOOOOOM. "No, no. Better if you don't punch me, little fish. It usually ends in weyrmatings or babies — neither of which you are allowed to do, and my heart couldn't take the teasing. No, you can punch R'hyn though. I'm sure he probably deserves it." Or not. Ila'den is just rude, accept it and move on. Fingers come along Tani's hair to comb through it, reaching her shoulders to give a squeeze before he tucks back into his own space again. There his eye goes, onto Ash, and then back to Tanit for her answer.

Nassir rolls to his feet the moment that Lani stands up, his lips twitching in a smile as he grabs the mugs of klah (after filling them) and moves to follow the Weyrlingmaster. "Congratulations, again," he calls over his shoulder. Course, then the Ogre is looking at him and makes a sound akin to a meep. Yup. That's a little intimidating. "Right," Nassir breaths before all but running to keep up with R'sner. "Go, go quickly," he murmurs under his breath. Ogres eat people, after all.

"I don't think you could handle anymore weyrmates, two bronzes and a gold, do you think you could fit another?" And then that sort of sinks in and Tanit sighs, watching as people depart, a mildly confused if somewhat relieved expression crossing her features. "Thank you. I think you may have just scared off any uncomfortable questions for the evening." This at least seems genuine as she tucks back into her meal more quickly. "Are you sure you won't regret it?" Making her stand? Scaring people off? Who knows what she means. As to bets, Tanit grins at Ashwi, "I may have made a small fortune into a larger fortune."

Ashwi leans back in her chair, blinking sleepily as she listens to Ila and Tanit banter back and forth. It may be midmorning or something close to that but it's been a busy morning indeed. Absently she runs fingers through her black hair before drawing up short. "We don't ned to cut our hair, do we?" cause she's heard stories! "I didn't place any bets though that's cause I hate losing money." which means she would make a bad Bitran. "Though I never would have put money on me impressing to be honest. Or there being a Gold in the eggs." not that she has much experience guessing what colors will be hatching. "Zeltan's bronze is quite handsome though." as her brown is cute.

"To be fair, I only sleep with one of them. The other one tucks her cold feet beneath my knees and steals the covers." There's amusement in Ila'den's tone, affection in the accusations, something soft around hard edges even as he leans forward with, "And anyway, you haven't seen our new weyr. We have room." Dry tones, a hint that maybe it's because they are overrun with children and cats, but he doesn't say it. Instead that grey eye shifts back to Ashwi, and there's low, rumbling laughter to complement her words. "And you have a handsome brown. How are you adjusting to having another mind in your head, little bird? Do you like it?" Because Ila'den remembers that transition, and it wasn't the most pleasant. Still, he shifts back to lean in closer to Tanit, dropping his head, rumbling more of that laughter as he watches people FLEE IN THE WAKE OF BIG BAD WOLVES TURNED OGRES. RAWWWR. "Always a pleasure, though now you owe me a dance." A beat. "But in a minute, I see my daughter. Excuse me ladies — and congratulations again, to both of you." He's rising to his feet, answering only then, "I don't have enough emotion in me to regret things, Tanit. And they are going to make you cut off all your hair, Ashwi." He's probably joking… right? WON'T FIND OUT. HE'S MAKING HIS WAY THROUGH THE CROWD TO RISA. He'll be baaaack! Probably!

"All of them are amazing." The dolphineer notes with a laugh, "I don't think I've seen a prettier bunch of dragons. Ayshi- Suyi's blue seems like quite the character already." There is a softer smile at mention of Zeltan's lifemate and the dolphineer nods. "I'm not sure anyone was surprised there - He doesn't go out of his way to talk about it much but he's dragonrider stock through and through, though with the way he flits and flirts from girl to girl - he had to be a bronze or a blue rider in the making don't you think?" As for Ila's weyrmates Tanit laughs. "And one of them is technically your boss." Wait, no that's both of them. "Oh! That reminds me - I owe you a weyr warming present then." As he is off to go chat with Risali. Food is more important than social graces right now. "I would have guessed blue or green, but it's nice that we have a brown to round out the colors." She tucks into her food some more, listening to Ashwi's response on having another mind tangled with her own.
As the only sounds sharing her thoughts right now is a faint slumbering presence with some mental touches as the brown dreams per chance, Ashwini..Ashwi can honestly say "Adjusting." with some confidence of one who has adjusted. OR rather thinks she's adjusted but has NO IDEA what is to come in the coming months. "Wait…what?" she says to the retreating back. "All?" she is rather fond of her hair after all. After the rider departs to tort…torm…speak to his daughter she looks back to fellow weyrling Tanit. "Oh if I was a betting person I'd have laid marks on Zeltan impressing a bronze." that much she was sure of. "Suyi's blue is gonna be trouble." or so everyone else seems to think so. "We have a good even amount of different colors, that's for sure."
"Don't tell Z'tan because it will go to his head, but I did lay a fair number of marks on him impressing bronze." Hey she had to make up all those marks from glittering the sands somehow. "Short hair is easier to manage." The dolphineer comments running a hand through her own short trimmed hair. "At least there are only seven of us, the barracks should be much quieter."
"Fourteen actually." Ashwi points out with a grin that shifts into a yawn she can't quit cover in time it was so sneaky. "For training maybe shorter hair will be better…" is said as she stands. "I should check on Jovi." and maybe fall into bed herself. "G'night…g'morning." whatever. She grabs a couple meatrolls to no doubt feed the green firelizard sleeping with her brown as well as a mug of fresh klah before she slips out.

IT'S A BIRD, IT'S A PLANE, IT'S RISALI!!! The two-months a new mother is moving her way through the crowd perhaps just a touch slow, an easy, quiet smile on her face. All that curling, black hair has been swept up and pinned off of her neck, strands pulled loose to give it a more feminine touch, and she's leaning against Tanit from behind to hug her around the shoulders. "Congratulations," she breathes, giving a squeeze. "Leirith is beside herself and wanted to come, but I came with Kyzen and Zekath. I figured it would be best not to deafen everybody." But there's a TALL, CURLY HAIRED, HANDSOME MAN heading her way, gesturing with his hands and Risali relinquishes her hold just as Ila'den joins them. There's a press of lips to her father's cheek, a touch to the other as grey eyes sweep over that face with a daughter-kind of fondness. Ila'den catches her hand, sweeps his thumb against her palm, presses a kiss to her brow, to her knuckles, and then she moves away. Ila'den watches her go for a moment too long, perhaps a hint of emotion in that expression, perhaps not; if it was there, it's gone the moment he's grinning back down to Tanit. "You owe me a dance." DON'T WORRY. HE'LL WAIT.

Risali! WAIT Come back. Tanit is not done with you. "Thank you - and" And ILA damn you! There were a billion things Tanit needed to ask, or wanted to ask. But gone like a flash, "You'll Visit?" She calls after the retreating Risa before flicking sea green eyes to Ila'den. "By the way that right there is why I no longer buy the 'you are an asshole' line." The obvious affection for his daughter? Or maybe that suspect glint of emotion that comes to all parents as their babies grow up. Tanit's seen it enough in her own parent's faces. "How - why and when do I owe you a dance. The tallies do not add up here." Or do they. At least her meal is mostly finished now just down to a glass of something she wishes were stronger than fruit juice.

"Of course!" Risali calls back over her shoulder, just as she tucks in against K'vir's side. She lets him lead her away, and Ila'den is raising his brows at Tanit's comments, a slow smile capturing his lips, more of that husky laughter escaping him in a rumble of sound. "Ah, little fish. When is it that you are going to learn that I don't care what people think? Not even you." He's kind of joking. There's a beat, two, three and Ila'den is opening his mouth to say something when somebody is coming along to rest a hand gently against his bicep in a bid for his attention. His entire body coils tight, muscle taut as he forces a smile for the newcomer that… doesn't quite meet his eyes. They're quick to let go with an apology, murmuring something that has Ila'den clearing his throat and leaning down to kiss Tanit's crown. "Ooch, another time then, lass. Challenges excite me." A flash of too many teeth, more of that damning laughter, and he's moving to follow that nameless face. "Congratulations, Tanit!" VAMOOSH.

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