Meeting Friends

Winter - Month 2 of Turn 2717
Half Moon Bay Weyr - West Bowl
The western end of the great bowl of the Weyr. You can see the steep walls of the crater to the south and south, with small openings and ledges in the cliffside. These are the individual weyrs of dragons and their riders. To the west you can see the great natural arch, and the lagoon, to the east, the center of the bowl. To the south you see a large natural cave opening that has been made into a tunnel. It is the main entrance to the Weyr from the road to Half Moon Bay Hold.

Lani makes her way through the crowd, the klah mug held slightly above her head to prevent jostling because giving the hour she was up to come here she needs Klah. Don't spill the Klah. R'sner sent off to get Sava and Rosalyth has come over from the beach. Her movements slow and purposeful, elegent now when once it was to hide her clumsiness. Lani reaches a hand up to touch the muzzle of her dragon and it is clear that for now that is the only love of her life. After a moment of bonding Lani looks back to Nassir, a glance to see if R'sner returns then back. "I just wanted to tell you something before he returns. Don't let him push you away, he may try because he is scared…but you have brought a joy to him that he has thought long lost. When he told me of you…I saw a man facing love rekindled. It is a tentative flame but I am sure you will help it flourish." Her words are soft but fervent.

Stepping into the bowl with the mugs of klah in hand, Nassir immediately exhales a sigh of relief. It is not that he is easily intimidated, so much as his world has tilted a little off it's axis since meeting R'sner. Granted, he wouldn't change it for the world, but finding one's footing in new gravity can be a little daunting at times. "Push me away," Nassir repeats as he stoops to set the mugs down. "I'm in love with him, Lani, he's going to have to drive me away with a very large stick." Straightening, he draws in a slow breath, one hand raising to ruffle his curls back off his face. "I know that he.. has a lot of concerns.. I know it will take time. I'm fine with that, I can't think anything I'd rather give him then all the time I have." It's simple and honest and coupled with an easy smile. "I appreciate you saying that, though. Sometimes it is hard to read him."

Lani seems quite happy with the man's response, "Good to hear." She seems happy to do her part in ensuring this relationship works. It is clear she is a good friend and doubly clear she approves of the relationship. "He tries to hide behind walls, but you have put a gate in those walls. You will find it opening more and more I think in time. I hope at least." She says reassuringly…hopefully. Rosalyth looks down at the weaver and lowers her head to wuffle the man. « He smells like Sephany. Like fabric and dyes. » Lani nods to the assessment relaying it to the man. "He is in the same craft." Rosalyth gives a nod and tilts her head to look at him more intently before settling back down again. « Will he bring the fluffy one? » Lani laughs and nods, "Yes he has gone to get the fluffy one. Soon she will be living with us, would you like that?" Rosalyth tilts her head slightly. « Will I be able to have my own pet as well? » There is a bemused shake of her head, "I will look into getting a pet runner for you Rosalyth, after we move in to our weyr." At least the spoken part of the conversation giving hint of what the pair are talking about.

If R'sner takes just a bit longer than he /ought/ to fly up to his weyr and return with Sava, it is only because he had to (literally) scrape a place for him to sit out of the caked-on dirt currently encasing his dragon. And let's not even think about the state of his straps… oi. Toith, apparently masquerading as a brown now, lands far enough away from the group to not kick up too much of a breeze. Ducking her shoulders, Res is careful in his descent, both because of that aforementioned mud-caked-ness, and because he is balancing a rather squirmy little canine in his arm. As soon as his boots are on the ground, he's stooping and releasing Sava to allow her to barrel at full-speed toward Lani. "Sorry," comes the apology as he gets a bit closer, a gesture back toward Toith that serves as all the explanation he really needs. And yet, somehow, he's managed to remain impeccably clean.

Nassir's expression softens at Lani's words and reassurance, his chin dipping in a nod. "He's worth it, Lani." Of that, there is no doubt in his mind or heart. He does, however, afford a brilliant smile for Rosalyth, dark eyes crinkling at the corners. "It is very nice to meet you, Rosalyth." Drawing a step closer to the pair, he is about to ask a question when Toith lands and he turns to raise his hand to her in greeting. With Sava barreling toward Lani, Nassir does the reverse and walks over to wind his arms around R'sner's waist. "You were missed," he assures despite it not being all that long.

"That he is." Lani returns with a smile and then Toith and R'sner are landing and the black and white ball of fluff is dashing across the bowl. Flying ball of fur with the speed she barrels towards lani. No bigger than a pomeranian and just as fluffy. The dog gets scooped up in Lani's arms as arrives, not minding the hair that will inevitably become part of her dress. "Hello again Sava." She says and nuzzles her under her cheek. Rosaltyh lowers her head to inspect the little creature. « She will do until you get my runner for me. » Lani can't help but laugh at that comment and looks to Sava thoughtfully and up to R'sner, "Perhaps…I can take her back with me now. We should be getting our weyrs any day now…and what happened to Toith?" She says all in one breath as she looks over to the mudcaked Green.

There is only a touch of reservation for the arms that encircle his waist, and only a brief moment of hesitation before his own are winding around Nassir. "Oh?" questions R'sner with some skepticism. There is a look, a quick flash of blue eyes, that darts between tailor and weyrling; suspicion that perhaps leaving them alone together was not such a wise idea after all. "Rosalyth," he offers politely in greeting. The question of taking Sava is met with a pause before he decides, "Ah… sure. I don't see why not…" even if it feels a bit sudden. He'll get over it; he knew she was leaving soon enough. "I will need to go collect her things," because of /course/ he bought her things. LOTS of things. As for Toith? "She did what she does best," is said without concern, but rather begrudging acceptance. "Get into something messy. You have just never had the privilege of seeing her at her… best." Worst. There is a chuff of greeting from the brown-green Toith as she waddle-walks her way over to the group, faceted eyes whirling like bright jewels amongst the muck. "She says hi," he translates needlessly, turning to address Nassir. And despite the initial hesitation of that embrace, his arms remain where they've settled around the tailor.

Watching the puppy, Nassir exhales a pleased sound, settling in to lean comfortably against R'sner's side. "Of course," he answers with a quiet laugh. It is the reaction to the puppy going home that brings his gaze back up, the tailor's gaze softening. Clearly, he is going to have get the Weyrlingmaster another puppy to spoil. The thought immediately turns into a plan of action to be executed as soon as the opportunity presents itself. "Toith is always at her best," Nassir notes with a wink toward the approaching green.

Lani notices that look and shakes her head, "It's ok. I have a few more stops on my between tour of Pern to get through. It will be a few days before I am settled enough to claim her." She says reassuringly even as she nuzzles the creature who seems not to have suffered much in her owner's absence. "Of course you will have to visit her. I feel like I am taking her away from you…you have been a part of her life as much as I have. There are is a bit of a herd of them at Xanadu, a woman breeds them there." Hint. Seeing the embrace of the pair, something in Lani relaxes and she turns her gaze up to the approaching dirty green. "Good morning Toith, how was your mudbath? I hear it is great for the skin." She offers helpfully.

R'sner is going to be very, very busy for the foreseeable future. Puppies should probably wait. Even if he looks rather reluctant to let his current one go. "I can keep her for a few days while you get settled," but really. He meant it. He's going to be /busy/. And a barracks full of baby dragons? Probably not the best place for a small canine to be. "A herd of them… Don't you mean a pack?" for the puppies of Xanadu Weyr. "Truthfully Lani, do not feel badly about reclaiming your pet. I knew it was temporary when I took her, and believe me when I say that she misses you. She does not come at me with that amount of enthusiasm," he adds as evidence of the truth in his words. A somewhat side-eyed look for Nassir in regards to Toith, and soon enough it is directed toward the dragon in question who seems to thoroughly agree with that assessment. "Is no one on my side?" huffed in feigned annoyance. "She says it was… fantastic. I am just… glad it was only mud this time." /This/ time. "

"Can I just say that I relish any excuse for visiting," Nassir notes to Lani. "Hopefully your tour takes you to Igen. If it does, you'll have to visit with me," he adds quickly. Really, the opportunity to speak to her at length is more then a little welcome. Glancing up in time to see the side-eyed look for the exceedingly tidy Weyrlingmaster, Nassir flashes an oh-so-sweet smile. "I'm always on your side," he assures in soothing tones. Course, he's not going to mention the creative chaos that is his own room. Toith would be right at home in the mess of fabrics, dyes, trims, threads and asundry other mysterious things.

Oh, R'sner might be impeccably dressed and impossibly clean in this moment, but let's not discuss the state of his weyr. Or rather, his desk. Organized chaos. Neat enough to find things, and that is… about it. But Toith? Toith is on another level entirely; coated in mud from nose to tail (minus that little patch at her withers where R'sner managed to fit himself) and looking all the happier for it. "I am not exaggerating when I say that this is a normal state of being for her," he warns. "Dirt. Mud. Blood. Entrails…" not even joking. "I did tell you she was the least green-like green that was ever hatched." And Toith? Perfectly happy with that. "At least I have managed to keep Sava somewhat tidy," and there is a glance toward the canine in question. Whatever distraction Lani is occupied with (be it pup or dragon), it affords R'sner the opportunity to drop his head and converse briefly with Nassir in low tones without feeling as though he is being unduly rude in her presence. "I am going to be exceedingly selfish, and ask you to stay in Half Moon tonight. Valeska agreed to take the first night with the weyrlings, and I may not get another break for…" forever. Or so it feels. But it is a question, a /request/, and not an expectation.

Nassir draws in a quiet breath at the whisper, one hand raising to trail his fingers over R'sner's cheek. "There is no way I would leave," he promises in equally hushed tones. Truth be told, T'sul— Nassir's ride— has already assumed the tailor will be staying and headed off to tend to his own errands. "I can catch up with T'sul or another of Igen's riders tomorrow," he assures. In the wake of the words, he tilts his chin up, stealing a quick heartfelt kiss, a faint murmur of pleasure humming in the back of his throat. "I wish," he husks. "I could see you in action, though." He's absolutely certain that R'sner can be strict and more then a little intimidating when necessary. Lucky, /lucky/ weyrlings.

"We are all on your side." Lani responds to R'sner's statement, "She is a part of you, so being on her side is being on your side." Rider logic. The mention of Igen from Nassir gets a moment of surprise but she nods, "Well we need to ensure we have all our visualizations and Igen is on our list." Yep, purely part of her training is all. She spends a few quiet moments bonding with her pup, clearly missing her in turn. The quiet moment for the men to have their conversation. For her part Rosalyth looks to be impeccably clean. There is no desire for mud or entrail baths for her though she gives a curious look to the green. « Does it not itch to be covered so? » Lani looks up at the suggestion of rides, "If you trust me I can take you back. As I said she is one of the best visualizers in the class."

"Good," for the assurance that Nassir will remain. There is likely more that will need to be said, but for the moment, that simple statement and the stolen kiss will have to suffice. R'sner offers a glance for Lani and Sava, though the short exhale of amusement is for the comment from the Igen in regards to his weyrlings. "I assure you, the first few sevendays will be exceedingly boring. They sleep, and eat, and are bathed and oiled," and that is about it. No need for stern voices or intimidation. "Come back when they are a few months old, and getting into trouble." That is when the fun starts. Attention back to Lani when she mentions taking Nassir to Igen. Whether the question of trust was directed at him or not, there is a brief tightening of his arm around the tailor's shoulders and a sudden tension in his body. Ooh, that's a question, isn't it? The question of trust is met with brief conflict before he's schooling his expression into something less potentially insulting. "Ah, well… are you staying the night in Half Moon?" Because if she's /not/, then this dilemma is solved. As for Toith? « Nah, » for the mud. « Ya jus' rub up on som'thin' an' i's fine. » as she would demonstrate, if there was a handy wall, or tree, or R'sner wasn't threatening to skin her if she dares touch him with her muddy nose. « Clean's overrated. »And you'll never convince her otherwise.

Glancing at Lani, Nassir flashes a ready smile. "I absolutely trust you, Lani. Thank you, that would be lovely." He does, however, feel Res tensing, one hand moving to smooth over the small of his back. He'll be fine, he has no doubt of that. Still, there is something exceedingly pleasant about the worry and tension. "I'll be fine," he whispers. Looking up at R'sner, a low chuckle spills past his lips, his chin dipping in a nod. "And, I will be coming back as often as I can without getting underfoot." Still, he turns his head, brushing his cheek against the Weyrlingmaster's chest in a gesture intended to be soothing.

"Well like I promised, I did say I would rest after this jump and there are a few people I would like to catch up with while I am here. So, no I won't take your weaver away from you yet." Lani responds with a wink before growing more serious, "You know me, I am not one to take risks, especially not with others." She looks over the pair again and content with what she sees she gives a little nod, "If you will excuse me, I may go visit the infirmary and see if they still remember me." And give the lads some privacy. "It was lovely to meet you Nassir." She smiles over to R'sner, "I will return Sava up to the weyr before I leave. I think it will be a sevenday till I am ready to collect her." Give him a time to make his farewales and pack…all her things." And so she is off in a flourish of green skirts to go shock some of her old friends.

"That's not—" But R'sner just stops right there, because the truth of the matter is that he is not one-hundred percent comfortable with the idea of a weyrling (even Lani) taking Nassir anywhere. That he has no real right to insist on alternatives has him holding his tongue and begrudgingly accepting this decision. Soothing hands over the small of his back do little to assuage that concern, though he looks at least bit chastised at Lani's reminder of how careful she can be. A drop of his gaze to the tailor offering further assurances that he will be /fine/ and will be /back/ and Res is truly out numbered. "Fine." Defeated. "I am sorry Lani. I didn't mean to imply otherwise," is meant to be an apology for doubting her abilities, but really. He's a Weyrlingmaster. Can you blame him for being concerned about sending Nassir off with someone who /only just/ learned to go Between? "She will be ready," for Sava, and the sevenday's timeline. "It was good to see you, Lani…" offered as she vanishes in a flourish of skirts that still has R'sner somewhat mystified and stunned. Definitely not the old Lani anymore. "Where should we go?" asked of Nassir, in an attempt to get his thoughts away from dark voids and student-drivers.

Nassir casts a grateful look to Lani, the promise of a measure of privacy more then a little welcome. Watching Lani depart, Nassir finally twists, reaching up to wind his arms around R'sner's shoulders. "Anywhere that we won't be found? At least for a couple of hours?" Tilting his head back, dark eyes hood as he combs his fingers through Res' hair, his nails lightly kneading at the Weyrlingmaster's scalp. "Have I mentioned how amazing you look tonight?" R'sner really does clean up good, and /stylish/ to boot.

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