The Trick Is Not Falling In...

Western Weyr - Living Caverns
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

After spending most of the day attempting to get her dragon to well fly, and the proper way Sundari finally has made it to the caverns to grab a bite to eat. With plate of food in one hand, mug in another she is not looking for a place to seat. It is at the end of dinner service and there are still some hanging around across the tables, though Sunny found a table to sit off on her own and she is heading that'a way at the moment.

There have been flights of impropriety? This here Weyr place gets more interesting all the time! Takapola's been keeping (kept?) busy. There were heavy objects to move from one side of the stores to the other! Also, some of them needed to be carried down to the docks, and he now has a vivid appreciation of just how far that is when you don't get a ride from a flying dragon. So he's all about some dinnertime and relaxation, now that he's finally gotten back here. His feet! Ohhh, his feet. They're… sore. But, first things first, because his stomach! Ohhh, his stomach. It's so empty! Food please? All the food, go on his plate please?

Sundari looks up as she catches sight of someone moving about and heading towards the food area of things, wee food, food be good! She is chewing on a bite of a chesse bun, though there is plenty other things crammed upon that plate of hers. "Hey Takapola." She calls out towards the other as he passes on by.

Food food food! Food is Takapola's friend. It might even be his bestest friend. He's still considering that, but the considerations are… complex. Certainly, he grins to Sundari once he, y'know, pays enough attention to look up from his foooood. "Heya!" And then, once he's got all his food, why… he follows her! Follow the Sundari!

Sundari eyes his plate once he has wandered on over, she looks amused and chuckles. "A bit hungrey there?" She grins and shakes her head while chewing on another bite of her cheese bun thang. "How goes it and so forth?" YES so forth, and onwards.. An.. you get it.

Takapola inspects his own plate with a long (well, long-ish. He's hungry!) stare. "Only a little. Maybe I should have grabbed a couple extra tubers? It's so hard to have just one." Taka grins, and plops into a seat and spears a stack'o'food to gnaw on before answering any further questions. Like how he's doing! "Mngh-" right, right, he should chew and swallow first. So after doing those he says, "S'good! Good day. Didn't fall in the ocean." Not falling in is a skill of his! "What about you?"

Sundari is quiet a moment while just eyeing Takapola, a soft snicker escaping her. "I'll just take your word for such things." She munches on a bit of some wherry looking bit of meat. "Why would you have fallen into the ocean. You worked on a ship and all didn't you?" This questioned while she eyes him a few moments pondering thins it seem. "Oh not to much, was working with Irke to get him flying.. Work in progress for sure.."

A wise decision. Takapola is definitely trustworthy. Also eating. Takapola is definitely eating. Omnomnom. And sometimes pausing to talk! "Well of course I did," he says with a wave of a piece of roasted yam. "I worked both sides of the ship, topside and downside. Harder to fall in from down, admittedly. Unless the bilge goes funny." He considers on that a moment, then grins. "But then again, I mopped the deck, too, so really it's about an equal hazard. Also the ship didn't have nearly so many kids and firelizards underfoot." He nods at Sunny's report of her day. "S'kinda like falling, I expect. Only, it's falling up." A pause, and then, "In a controlled fashion. Hopefully."

"If your falling in while under the deck there there is a rather problem on that ship. One that I'd rather not have to deal with." Sundari makes a face at the idea and shakes her head. "I've fallen off the deck before.. Alright maybe times but still.." She doesn't have to go into great detail now does she? "Falling off a boat is one thing, falling off a flying dragon is well.. A bad thing to think about. Especially is someone goes *splat*"

"A problem…" Takapola's grinning as he lifts a finger. "Or an opportunity?" He was on a trader ship, wasn't he? That might account for the grin, which he holds for a bit before waving a hand airily. "Oh, sure. I have too. So far they've always gone back for me, though." So far. Except for the time they dropped him off here at Western instead! But never mind that now. "Suppose it depends how high the dragon is… and how high the boat is!"

Sundari ponders this idea and hums. "Well look at it from this point of view. If your in a ship, and there is water all around you and you fall into it that means the ship is filling up with water, or well already filled with water. Not good thing, yeah?" A nod is seen and she chuckles. "Well dragons can get rather high!"

"Yeah, but," Takapola says in between pauses for eating or maybe thought, "What if it's supposed to have the water? Like, a special dolphineer's ship that's full of water so the dolphins can swim inside. That'd be a good thing!" Also a thing that doesn't exist, but hey. Can't have everything. He nods acknowledgingly to just how high dragons can get. "The highest! I hear they fly past the stars sometimes."

Sundari chews on another bite of wherry, or is it tuber? Who knows, who cares it's all good at the moment. A soft hum escaping her and she nods a few times while taking this all in thought. "True.." There is a soft pause. "But how many ships are actually like that?" This questioned with a slight tap of her finger against the table in thought. "Ah.. Yeah reallyreally high. Which if someone was to fall they would for sure go *splat*."

Wherry, tuber… it's all food! Omnomnom. Takapola has some of his own, then raises a hand at the question. "Ah. Well. That's a very good question, and I thiiink the answer… as of the latest seacraft records… is most accurately described as… none." He grins, and shrugs. "But I might be wrong." In fact, he kinda hopes he is, because that'd be awesome!

Sundari chuckles softly and nods at this idea while she leans back in her chair, her fork taping against the plate a few times. "Wouldn't that be an interesting sight? Getting to go under the water in a ship that can go under water and so forth. Can you imagen getting to see stuff that no one else has ever seen?"

"I have a very good imagination," Takapola says, quite seriously. Then he chomps down on another forkful, and once he's done that, he grins. "It'd be awesome, though. I mean, I can already spend all day checking out the tidepools… once you get all the way under the water, it'd be like… well, like soaring over the clouds, maybe." To bring it back to those dragons!

Sundari grins and nods while she munches on another bite of food. "I go snorkling at times, not that I can dive down to far of course." It is still enough to give her some idea what is going on down there for sure! "True.. I wonder what it will be like getting to fly throw the clouds." She pauses in thought, her mind clearly wandering while her eyes take on a slight unfocused look at Irke is clearly explaining to her what it will be like it would seem.

Under the sea! Things are much better, down where it's wetter! "Sort of makes y'wonder about turning dolphineer. I mean, it's no underwater boat-" what is? "-but they get closer to it than anyone else." A contemplative moment, and then he grins. He was probably about to say something else, but then he notices how Sundari's being all… distracted… and so he decides maybe instead it's time to eat his food for a bit.

"I thought about being an dolphineer for a time.. But my father wasn't to thrilled with the idea." Sundari offers with a slight shake of her head at the idea. "Though my father was sort of against the thought of me leaving home to start with. Never really wanted any of the kids to wander off from the family job and so forth." Leave it to clingy parents, right?

"Yeah?" Takapola says. He appears to consider on that for a moment, then shrugs. What does he know of parents? "Well, you're gone now. Even if Irke does like fish, I don't think your pa'll be dragging you back onto the boat anytime soon." He grins. "Not unless they really, really need a backup sail, anyhow."

Sundari nods at that while she lets her fingers tap against the table once she is chewing upon they last bit of roll. "My father is very picky about things.. I thought of going to Harper Hall and all and singing up even.. he really didn't like that idea in the least." Her father is sort of 'macho' dude after all, thinking the Harper's are a bit well, themselves. A soft laugh escapes her. "I don't think there is a big enough ship to hold Irke. He would for sure break something."

Dainty-handed Harpers with dainty Harper hands? Takapola grins. "Aw, he probably just didn't want you to give the sea shanties away. Family secrets or something." Another bite of his food, but Takapola's slowing down and getting full. (These things are related.) "Just make sure he breaks unimportant things." That way it's all good and nobody drowns! Or at least nobody important. His head tilts to the side a little, and his tone is curious. "You see a lot of your family, still?"

Sundari grins and nods. "True, though if he put a foot through the hull of the boat I imagine that would be a bad thing and all." This said with an amused tone at the idea. "Ah, that is true about the family secrets." There is a pause at the question and she shakes her head a moment. "Naw… I haven't seen them for well… Since I impressed Irke actually. I've went to try and see them but there off at sea it seems."

"Probably," Takapola acknowledges. "Unless you wanted a chance to do repairs. Or a new window." In the boat. As one might. As for those family secrets, well! He lifts a finger to his lips. "Say no more! I don't need 'em chasing after me because something got spilled." A grin, and then his expression turns more serious as he nods. "Well, they'll put in at some point, surely. Else they'll get awful tired of fish."

Speaking of dragon, and fish there is a certain blue dragon that is complaing about being hungrey. "Naw, I'm not to good at repairing things actually." She makes a face at the idea and shakes her head befoer picking her things up. "I best be going, Irke wants something to eat." She pauses and peers over at the other. "Ever see a dragon ear before?"

Takapola isn't hungry anymore! But it seems Irkevalath is. "Oh," Tak says. "Okay. Then…" wait. His head tilts to the side. "Nah." Not up close, anyhow! He's seen the swoops from a distance, but that's not really the same, now is it?

Sundari grins at this and nods. "Well if you want to tag along to the hunting grounds with me you can. Might be a mess though.." This said with a shake of her head at the idea before she sets her dirty plates into the bins near the front. With that done she is making her way towards the entrance at a slow rate to see if the other might be going along with her.

"I won't have to clean it up, right?" Because if Takapola doesn't have to do that, he's all about this! It'll probably be gross, after all. He grins, and stands up to toss his own plate (he's not washing dishes today! Yay!) before following Sundari out.

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