A Pleasant Conversation

Month 2 of Turn 2717
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Training Field
Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise maneuvers required for the rescue and protection work that the weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

Midafternoon finds Ashwi and Jovi out of the barracks and in the training field. Not that Ashwi has any clue at all the time of day for things are still blurring together in a never ending routine of food, bath, oil, sleep, repeat. How long since hatching is also undermined and up in the air for anyone else to guess. The brown weyrling pair are working on strength training. Jovi is currently balanced precariously on his back two legs with his wings flaring out and Ashwini is several feet away flat on her back.

Perhaps surprisingly, Toith is good at her job. At least, she's got this whole 'watch the babies and don't let them die' thing down. Total pro. And right now, she's lounging off to the side with her head cant just /so/, to keep her eye on Jovianth to ensure there are no unfortunate accidents. There might even be an encouraging rumble-croon-growl sound in the back of her throat, directed towards the little brown. And R'sner? Not far, and about to get a lot closer, eliminating the distance with long strides until he's peering down at Ashwi with a curious and only /slightly/ concerned, "Everything alright?"

True to his word, Nassir arrives at Half Moon with a satchel of lunch slung over his shoulder and a spring in his step. Rather then head for the living cavern, he veers toward the Weyrling training field. Toith and Mecahisth are, of course, spotted first, the pair of dragons tossed a wink and a flashing smile. It is only when he gets a bit closer that he spies Jovianth, R'sner- Cue adoring sigh— and Ashwi on the ground. Fortunately, he's smart enough to hang back on the edges of the cleared field, stooping to set the satchel down at the base of a tree.

Mere moments ago Ashwi /had/ been doing sit ups all proper like. Knees bent legs locked arms under her head she would go up slowly then back down. Several had been done and it's the down position stage that R'sner has come upon the weyrling. Seems that once she went down one too many times she decided to stay down, her legs sprawling out comfortably. So have no fear she wasn't knocked down, this time, by Jovianth. R'sner's curious question draws a smile to the weyrlings eyes as she works to sit up. "All good all good. I'm just not…." good at sit ups? Her answer trails off as she salutes from her now mostly seated position.

Jovianth, no doubt bored of wing flares, drops down from his position and trundles on over towards R'sner.

R'sner knows all about dragon-induced unconsciousness, which is perhaps the reason for his concern. "No one is," he decides, looking somewhat pacified by the fact that she is talking and… breathing. "Are you able to get up?" because, "A quick break is fine, but there are far better places to rest," than the middle of the training field. Or even the side of it. Or really any part of it. A glance for Jovianth as he wanders forward, and the dragon at least gets a bit of a smile in greeting. "Jovianth," offered in polite greeting. It's Toith that spots Nassir; wedged head swinging his direction as he crosses the invisible line that separates 'bowl' from 'training field', offering a whuffle-snort that is undeniably a greeting. Hauling herself up, she wanders over to have a closer look at the tailor and his satchel of snacks. At least she's not covered in mud anymore?

Rather then interupt Weyrling and Weyrlingmaster, Nassir turns his smile back to Toith, one hand raising to touch his temple in a two fingered salute that transforms itself into a flourishing bow. "Looks like training is going well," he notes as he steps over to meet the dragon with a warmer smile. "I missed you, Toith." Of course, the flick of dark eyes toward R'sner makes it clear he missed him, too. But right now? Right now it's all about Toith. "Any potential wrestling partners in your batch of Weyrlings," he asks curiously. And no, he does not expect her to 'answer' him in the traditional sense.

It was really a place of convenience for resting. After all if she had gotten up to move she could have simply continues the sit ups. So Ashwi, at R'sners recommendations, gets to her feet with a small bounce on her heels. This candidate turned weyrling has energy! Her gaze slides over briefly to watch where Toith is going. Jovianth huffs a breath of greeting towards R'sner before being totally distracted by Toith's travels. Turning quickly he stumbles, nearly falls on his side but manages to stay upright as he lurches over towards Toith and Nassir. His wing flares out and if R'sner's not fast enough to duck he'll likely get baffed in the head.

Ashwini can only wince and step back a step or two.

Distance closed, Toith drops herself unceremoniously to the ground again, head snaking down so that she's got her eye level with Nassir and a nose within touching distance. A long somewhat disgruntled sounding chuff is his answer, and it likely means 'nope' or at least 'not yet'. R'sner will translate, once he's finished making sure Ashwi isn't dead or dying. Whatever reservations he may have had, they're settled when she bounces up onto her feet. "Alright then," offered with a bit of amusement. It's the change in Jovianth that draws the weyrlingmaster's eye to Toith and Nassir, and while there would have likely been at least an attempt at a greeting, whatever he has to say is abruptly halted by the need to /duck/. And duck he does, faster than might be expected. Toith's at least given him quick reflexes after all these turns. And so, while there is a rueful glance that goes from the departing Jovianth to the wincing Ashwi, he just offers a quick, "It's alright. He'll learn." Maybe. Or everyone else will just learn to… duck and weave.

Nassir exhales a quiet laugh at Toith's response, long fingers reaching out to trail lightly over her nose. "They have you as a teacher, Toith, they'll become right proper brawlers in no time." How could they not? It is the flash of brown from the direction of the field that has his gaze flicking that way, one brow arching mildly as he takes a single fluid step closer to Toith's side. When in doubt, shelter against the green mountain. "You see? Jovianth is clearly eager to learn." In the wake of the words, he cranes his neck tossing a wave toward R'sner and the Weyrling. "Good to know you can move like that," he calls in merry tones.

Ashwi merely nods and gives R'sner a 'I hope so' kind of look. Now that Joviath has wandered away she's curious as to what or who has his attention and she sees it's a Nassir. A hand lifts up to give a finger waggle wave his direction. "Nassir is back again." is noted idly towards R'sner. It's not a subject she broods on long though for soon enough her brown eyes are back onto the weyrling master. "Strap making is soon?" is inquired.

Jovianth huffs a welcome breath to Nassir, his eyes whirling a slow green blue of contentment as well as curiosity. He crouches low beside Toith, his brown tail wiggling from side to side.

"Practice," is R'sner's return, less merry and more dry amusement, with a pointed look to the green dragon responsible. At least Toith seems to have no qualms about becoming a body guard, shifting her weight into a comfortable position, head drawn back so that she can keep an eye on both Nassir and Jovianth. The 'little' brown is offered the same sort of greeting; a snort-wuffle sound and a quick touch of her mind. It's the twitching tail that draws her attention, and slow-whirling eyes speed up just a touch faster. "He is," agrees R'sner. "Is that a problem?" It's an honest question, though it comes with a glance back to the Igen tailor that lingers a moment or two. "It is," also agreed, for the strap making to come. "There ought to be scraps and hides available for you to practice on. Keen to get going?" That last, at least, comes with a touch of amusement and a skeptical lift of an eyebrow. "Have you worked with leather before?"

Toith washes vivid blue across the mind. « Ya can't tackle 'im, » noted with some amusement. « He'd break. » And breaking people is a bad idea.

"Well met, Jovianth," Nassir laughs as the young brown hunkers down. "I'm Nassir." Once he is certain he is not going to be crushed by an over excited dragon, he smooths a hand over Toith's side while stepping out to where the brown can better see him. He does not miss the subtle shift of Toith's form or the change in her whirling eyes. There is, however, a pointed lack of concern in Nassir. If nothing else, he absolutely believes that he is safe in the green dragon's company. Unfortunately, he cannot make out the conversation occuring on the field but that does not keep him from flashing another smile toward R'sner and the Weyrling.

Jovianth inches forward before stopping. His head swings to look towards Ashwi then back to Nassir. Another huff and he settles down to watch. Ashwi smirks faintly at something bespoken to her before she focuses again on R'sner. "Problem?" she asks with genuine confusion of the question. "Um..no." on to strap making she nods her head eagerly. "Oh yes, I'm excited to learn. I've not worked with leather before." but she's clearly eager to learn it seems. Course straps is just one step closer to more exciting lessons.

Toith's got this. No squishing of Igen tailor's on her watch. And she doesn't look terribly concerned about it, either. As the potential for mischief diminishes, there is a general settling down of the green once again, and perhaps a bit of disappointment. Can't tackle /him/, but she's fair game. BRING IT ON. Or not. But in the meantime, her head dips back down to offer an eyeridge for Nassir to scratch. Only fair, if she's gonna act as bouncer, that she get paid in some form or fashion. Attention or food, either works. Speaking of food… "Do you mind if he joins us? I am fairly certain," utterly positive, "That he brought food." And Res? Definitely hungry by now. And willing to share. "Good. Remember that when you're on your fourth or fifth set," he decides. "The leather we work with is pretty thick, and it's a different practice than cloth. Did you want to start now?"

When Jovianth inches forward, Nassir smiles, his fingers splaying as he draws his hand over the warmth of Toith's side. When Toith settles down and presents an eyeridge, Nassir exhales a husky laugh, his hand drifting up to gently knead at the offered protrusion. "Anything for you, mighty Toith," he purrs in warm tones. Still, his gaze sweeps back toward rider and weyrling, dark eyes warming on they settle on R'sner. "Jovianth seems like an eager pupil for wrestling," he asides the green.

Jovianth hasn't actively tackled anyone yet though he has managed to knock a few people down. Shifting his weight to his back haunches he watches Nassir and Toith intently. Ashwi shakes her head towards R'sner. "I don't mind." especially since she perks up at the idea of food. At the offer to start now she nods. "I would, yes. It'll be something to keep my hands busy while he's sleeping off his feeding." since she's not sleeping every time he does.

Jovianth doesn't answer right away but soon his mind voice touches Toith's lightly. « No tackle. Got it. But I can tackle yours? » he pictures R'sner.

A deeply contented rumble draws from Toith as her offer (demand?) for attention is met with just that. But while her first set of eyelids might drift down over whirling facets, she keeps attention on both Nassir and Jovianth. It's her job, after all. And when R'sner darts a look their direction and indicates with head-bob and a 'come here' flick of the wrist toward the trio, Toith will be sure to shadow the tailor on the way back. For safety sake. "Perfect. I'll be sure you've got a set of tools and some scraps before the evening. I'll just get you started on some practice with the awl and maybe stitching; you can do that on smaller pieces," rather than the long strips that will be necessary for actual riding straps.

Toith considers the idea with bubbling amusement, delight and mischief. « S'much as I'd love ta see that? Pro'ly not a good idea. He's fun t' hit, don' get me wrong. But then he'd go an' get all angry an' pro'ly give yer girl some sorta dis'plin. » So hey, if that's not a thing he's worried about… tackle away!

A low husky laugh hums in Nassir's throat at the gesture from R'sner. Clearly whatever he is thinking, however, is not something he intends to voice aloud. Instead, long fingers give a final smooth over Toith's headridges before he steps away and gathers up the satchel. With Toith on his heels, his smile broadens, the warmth shining in his eyes undeniable as he slips in to wind an arm around R'sner's waist in a hug. "I brought you lunch," he confirms. "More then enough for the group of you, evening Ashwi," is added as he slips the satchel off his shoulder and hands it to R'sner. "Sandwichs, meat, cheese, some meatrolls and fruit. And, of course, sweetrolls. How," he adds as he glances back at Ashwi and smiles. "Is your training going? Jovianth is even more handsome then I remember."

Jovianth hesitates a long moment before drawling. « Well… No trouble for her. » he decides in the end.

Ashwi beams. "Great!" this way she can get started on practicing in case she has a hard time getting the concept down. With food coming her way she greets the tailor with a bob of her head though her gaze zeroes in on the basket over anything else. But she manages to tear her eyes up and keep from drooling to answer his question. "Training is going well thus far." all basic stuff so far! "And he is isn't he?" now she can't keep from going all sappy-eyes as she watches Jovi make his way towards them with his wings lifts up. "You can stop the wing flares for now." she says aloud to him.

*Thwump* and down goes Toith, right back into a sprawl as if she hadn't gotten up at all. The human food interests her very little, though she's still got an eye on the situation (and on Jovianth). "I thought as much," decides R'sner, returning the embrace with a quick squeeze of his arm that remains draped over Nassir's shoulders and the hint of a smile. "Thank you. I appreciate it," and he really does, because it's doubtful he's gotten anything to eat all day. And yet, it's offered to Ashwi first, hand holding the satchel open for her to have her pick of the items and a quick, "Here," to indicate she's free to choose. Just as soon as he's able though, he'll dart a hand in to claim a sweetroll for himself. "He is looking good," he agrees, though the weyrlingmaster's compliment is much more for the physical progression and fitness that is coming along; the things he's concerning himself with as baby dragons develop and mature. "Coordination still needs a bit of work," he notes. "And, ah… spatial awareness." Which is perhaps why there are side-eye glance towards the brown.

Toith bubbles with what amounts to mental laughter. « Smart man, » she decides. « But'cha can tackle me, if ya want. »

Nassir flashes a smile at R'sner, settling into a comfortable lean against his side. "It's my pleasure," he assures in warm tones. "The cook at Igen made those sweetrolls special for me, extra frosting and I believe she added nuts to the mix." Cookie is, apparently, quite tickled that the tailor has a sweetie. Turning his head, he brushes his cheek over R'sner's chest, a not so subtle flair of nostril assuring that he's taking in the Weyrlingmaster's scent. "Eat your fill," he assures Ashwi before looking back up at R'sner. "I can't stay long, unfortunately," he sighs. "But I'll be back soon."

Jovianth has a small attention span so while Toith might plop down he decides to wander off a ways away from the others, head to the ground sniffing and snuffling at the ground to investigate.

At the offer first to pick from the food she picks quickly, choosing a sandwich. It's her go to food it seems. As it's been a while since she herself ate she tries to eat slow enough to be polite with others around. "Well… yeah. But he'll get better in time" she hopes. "Thank you." she says politely to Nassir. "It's appreciated." this is said around a mouthful of food.

Jovianth's mind voice wanders off a bit distractedly by something on the ground.

Toith is content. She's investigated the training field many times over and is certain there is nothing new for her to find. But everything is new for a baby dragon! Jovianth can wander, and Toith will settle, but rest assured that she's still got an eye on him. "Did she?" and there's a moment's thought given to the sweetroll before he's going for it despite the mess of sugar it is likely to make of his fingers. Oh well. Slow enough to be polite appears to be R'sner's approach to eating as well. And slow enough to appreciate the treat, even if he's starving and would prefer to wolf it down in two bites. A glance for Nassir's sigh, understanding evident enough in his expression that the following, "It's alright," is probably unnecessary. "I'd rather not get complaints from Igen that we've stolen their tailor away from them." Even if his arm isn't going to budge any time soon. "He should, yes. And there are some games we can play with him," offers R'sner, "To help him out, as well. Often it just takes time. It's the knocking into people that I'd like him to get better about." Cause he's only going to get bigger.

"Before you know it, he'll be as graceful as can be," Nassir murmurs as he glances toward the baby dragon. Glancing up at R'sner, he smiles warmly a low chuckle humming in his throat. "I don't think that is going to be a problem," he admits. "I managed to get a lot today. Next time I come, I'll bring some sewing with me. If," he adds. "It's still alright to watch you all train?" He certainly doesn't want to make any of the Weyrlings uncomfortable. "You are very welcome," he adds to Ashwi. "If there is anything specific you fancy for snacks, let me know and I'll see what I can do."

"I'm not overly picky on foods." Ashwi assures the Igen tailor. "And I don't mind people watching training. If it's allowed." at this she does glance to R'sner briefly. Her main attention is on Jovianth's wanderings while her ears listen to the conversation and her mouth devours food. "Ooh games?" training games intrigue her. "What kind of games?"

R'sner is briefly occupied with chewing and swallowing, but there's a shake of his head for training. "The only concern," he says, "would be safety, which can be assuaged in a variety of ways. How do you feel about trees?" asked of Nassir as he lifts his hand to indicate a few off to the side. "And so long as the dragons, and you," a nod to Ashwi, "and the other weyrlings do not mind. It is the barracks that is off limits, however." That is private, for weyrlings and Weyrlingmasters. A final bite finishes the first sweetroll, though he's still chewing it as his hand reaches for something else. "I would not bring anything to the field that you would be upset at getting dirty, though," he warns. So full of instructions today! But really, that's the last warning. Probably. "Mm," and he considers for a moment. "For him, I would imagine mirroring games would be good. Or instructions, like Simon Says? There are also objects we can bring out, to try and keep his attention." A mini obstacle course? A seek and find? "Holding his attention long enough so that he can figure out the parts of his body is the challenge." Or so it is, from R'sner's point of view. "Does he have anything he's particularly fond of?"

"I'm rather good at vertical growths," Nassir deadpans. A moment later, he clears his throat, smiles sweetly and exhales a quiet laugh. "I'm fine with trees. And, of course," he adds in reference to the Weyrlings. "This is their special time. I would not intrude if they prefered it." He'd be just as content to settle in the living cavern and get some sewing done while waiting for R'sner to have a moment to spare. At the mention of the barracks being off-limits, he gives a nod of understanding, one hand raising to ruffle his curls off his face. And, while he doesn't comment verbally on getting dirty? He does toss Toith a wink. He's fine with dirty.

Ashwi ponders that question a few moments. While she thinks she takes advantage of not talking to finish her sandwich and reaches for her own sweet roll to devour with far less patience than R'sner did. In fact it's only about three bites total before it's gone. At least she doesn't burp but she does look very contented and full now. "Nassir watching from a tree." she chortles over that image. "Jovi likes a lot of things. He's best friends already with kittens and several fire lizards." Its best for kids to grow up with animals right? No allergies or something like that. "And shiny things. And Tanit's shirts." shh, don't tell Tanit several of her shirts are missing. Bored of exploring, short attention span and all, Jovi is making his way back to the peoples with his wings flared again. His creels and bugles loudly probably mean he is hungry too! Ashwi is quickly headed to his side, ducking under a wing. "C'mon on then! You can watch while I butcher your food."

There is a very pointed /look/ for that deadpan declaration. But no. R'sner is not going to comment on it. Moving on then, he offers a "Why not?" for watching from trees. "I doubt it would be the first time," and it keeps viewers out from underfoot. The list of Jovianth's likes gets a frown (especially that bit about Tanit's shirts). "Ah… we'll work on it," he decides, for motivators for the brown. It certainly doesn't come as a surprise when Jovianth is demanding food (walking stomachs at that age, seriously), though Res keeps an eye on Ashwi and Jovianth as they head away. It's /probably/ to make sure there are no unfortunate incidents. It is only once the pair are well and truly gone that he's turning toward Nassir with his full focus, catching his chin with one hand to tip it up so he can bestow a proper greeting in the form of a rather enthusiastic kiss, now that weyrlings cannot witness it.

Nassir grins as he watches Ashwi head out with Jovianth, dark eyes crinkling at the corners. "That's adorable," he murmurs in quiet tones. It is only once he is certain the Weyrling is out of hearing range that slants an oh-so-innocent look up to R'sner's face. "If I have to climb a tree can it be… yew?" Then there is a kiss and teasing is forgotten as Nassir winds his arms around R'sner's shoulders and takes his time exploring every inch of the Weyrlingmaster's mouth. "I missed you," he murmurs against warm lips. Course, it really hasn't been all that long, but that doesn't seem to matter in the least. Worrying at R'sner's lower lip with his teeth, his hands smooth over wiry shoulders, a murmur of appreciation sounding in his throat at the feel of lean muscle. "I wish I didn't have to go so soon," he laments. But he has already caught sight of T'sul standing at the edge of the field waiting. "I have to go," he sighs. "Tomorrow?"

R'sner doesn't /need/ to say that he missed him, as he's doing a fairly good job of demonstrating as much with that kiss. It is also a rather effective way to get out of answering (or reacting at all) to that particular pun of a question. Even if it ends far too soon, and comes with unwelcome news at the conclusion. A deep inhale from R'sner, but he's resigned to the news and the reality of the situation. A not-so pleased glance for T'sul, though it's not so much the rider that he disapproves of, as what he represents. "Tomorrow," but it's followed with, "If you're able," because he'd rather not set expectations that cannot be met. But he won't let him go without stealing another quick kiss, taking advantage of the (somewhat) privacy afforded by missing weyrlings. The satchel of food is offered back, Res helping himself to a final sandwich once he's released Nassir from his grasp. "Be safe."

"Absolutely," Nassir assures in quietly serious tones. Pausing a beat, he reaches up and cups R'sner's cheek, his gaze softening. "And all the days after that for as long as you want them." Returning the kiss, he draws back, snagging the satchel and waving his arms at T'sul— who has taken to not so discreet coughing. "I'm coming, I'm coming." Loping across the field, he pauses at the edge, turning back to flash a smile at the Weyrlingmaster before heading out. "Tomorrow!" is called just before they are out of sight.

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