Nocturnal Creatures

Day 21 of Month 2 of Turn 2717
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Training Field

Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise maneuvers required for the rescue and protection work that the weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

It's dark out in Half Moon Bay Weyr, and the weyrlings have long since been released back to their barracks for the night. The babies are still growing, still sleeping throughout the days and nights, so there would be no surprised should one or two wake up at horrible hours. Valeska, on the other hand, is enjoying a little peace and quiet while catching up her notes via glow light. The structure of the Weyrlingmaster's office is dark, the windows still secured while refurbishing is under way, but the covered patio is complete and sound. The Assistant Weyrlingmaster sits comfortably on one of the steps while she works. Should one of the youngers decide to wake up for a little while, she'll be around to intercept them at the least.

What's that glowy flash that suddenly bounds out of nowhere to pounce on any unsuspecting tails? Why Chauth - who else is that strange mix of silver gold paleness? At least she doesn't seem to be knocking over any meat barrels with her mini blue brethren this time. Nope, just pouncing on them. Cue a very bleery eyed Tanit, all but crawling from the barracks after her with a sharp hiss. "Chauth, stop it. I need sleep"

Valeska pauses from her note taking and she turns, letting the light from the glows illuminate one side of her face while she watches the young gold enter the field. The grin that slowly begins on her face is slight, but when the dark shadow looming on the other side of the office structure begins to unfurl, that grin grows wider. The shadows take on a life of their own, as long wings unfurl and a bulking mass rumbling low in a gutteral growl emerges from the darkness. Red eyes peer at the young hatchling pair as the oversized head they reside within lowers to the ground. "She does have a bit of energy to her, doesn't she, Mecahisth?"

Big glowy eyes? Huge shadowy form unfurling? ADVENTURE! Skidding to a stop heedless of her lifemate's beconing, the still small gold inches closer, and closer, until with a leap and tiny claws she is trying to climb on the elder blue with reckless cheery abandon, her thoughts naught but a shower of sparks dancing in the shadows. "Why." Tanit mutters, unable to do anything but watch as the little monster that decided to claim her leaps headfirst into trouble.

Oh, what's this? What a darling, sweet, young dragon. Children are most precious and preventing them from experiencing the world for what it truly is would surely be a travesty. Mecahisth rumbles his greeting to the hatchling, his long tail slowly swaying from side to side behind him. Valeska only chuckles quietly, beaconing Tanit by patting on the step beside her. "It will be some time before she sleeps on a regular schedule. Best thing to do is nap with her whenever she does." All said with a shrug, because it's true.

Chauth does her best to rumble back, but it's more of a soft purr really. Scrabbling her way up to better footing and eventually perching atop the blues knee as if it were a great cliff or boulder. Sparks shift and dance, coalescing into a vaporous light of blue white, the soft twinkle of bells evidence of her laughter and delight. « You. Are big. » She notes with a swish swish, flick of her tail. Still for the moment. Tanit sighs, looking over to see if a pot of Klah is nearby. "She's worse than a newborn. At least a baby can only cry and fuss they can't move around as much as she does." The former dolphineer sighs looking for a comfy place to slump back down.

Cutting through the darkness he shares, is the rise and fall of storm tossed waves, accentuated in lightning flickering in the clouds. The flashing follows every word quietly spoken from the older blue dragon. « Time has been on my side much longer. I am big, and one day you shall be, too. » Delighted, indeed! Fortunately for Tanit, there is a small make shift table with a kettle, some mugs, and maybe a few sweetrolls left. This is, after all, the night shift. In the beginning, schedules won't align with hatchling and rider. When the sun rises, Pieta and green Inayath will take over as the next staffer on duty. "Just make sure, if you start feeling her tire out, get her back in the barracks and to her couch. If she falls asleep out here, you'll have to bring a cot out to sleep beside her. Mecahisth will keep watch."

Tanit snags up a mug filling it and drinking from it deeply as though it were the very essence of vitality, slumping into one of the chairs with a fleeting glance at her lifemate. "It still doesn't quite feel real." She comments after a few moments of guzzling down the Klah and refilling the cup. "She still doesn't seem quite real to me." The flashes of lightning shift and change color, dancing through the clouds over storm tossed waters, shifting and changing shape from one instant to the next, more laughter like a crystal chime flickering through as she circles the spot she has found and leaps to one higher more on the blue's flank, finding a small even space to circle in again. « I Am not Tiny.» Adamant, blame a certain bombastic gold for such things.

"No, it's all going to feel like some disjointed dream for a little bit. Every day, your bond is going to grow stronger and the next thing you know, you're not going to know where she ends and you begin." Valeska turns where she sits, leaning her back against a beam while her legs are outstretched along one of the wide steps, one ankle crossed over the other. Mecahisth carefully lowers his bulk down on the ground, mindful of the tiny gold aboard his body and he makes himself comfy. Intrigued. « So say it with such conviction as though it's truly a bad thing. Now, now, it's not bad at all. People will give you more and more attention because of your stature. » Valeska quirks a brow, turning her head to her own lifemate while she glances around for her own errant mug. It's gone cold, but it's not going to stop her. The winters in Half Moon are cooler nights, but there's still some warmth in the air to spare. "Mecah, don't give her any ideas until she's older and more independant." Less likely to get injured testing things.

TOO LATE VALE. TOO LATE. The idea sticks, sparks and dances, « Why do tiny things earn more attention? » The gold now wonders, climbing and shifting as the blue moves still wobbly on four paws. There's that spot though, that sweet spot where dragon bodies or rumps round off to a mostly even plane, or at least even to a small dragon of only a few meters long. But exhaustion hits, and the sparks fade to a glow only to wink out. Yes Tanit. Your dragon just fell asleep atop that blue's rump. WHATCHA GONNA DO ABOUT IT. Tanit considers and frowns, "She is -" But whatever was coming melts to something akin to horror. "I think she just fell asleep."

Valeska pauses mid sip and she cranes her head over, peering at the blue with the bright spot up top. She grins, slowly nodding her head before she returns to her mug. "Looks like she found something warm and comfy to sleep on. There's a cot up here on the patio if you want to sleep there. As I said, Mecahisth will keep watch, he's well rested." Can't go too far now, Tanit! THE BUTT HAS SPOKEN. "I'd let you go back inside the barracks if she were alot older but you gotta stay close in case she wakes back up. The babies tend to worry rather quickly if they can't find you." Then the office will be under construction a third time! "And when they panic?" Val begins with a sinister grin, "The whole weyr is awake and they'll know exactly who to blame for that." She laughs quietly, darkly, still very much bright eyed and bushy tailed. The night is just beginning, after all.

Tanit sighs. "If you let me go in for a minute, I can grab my hammock from my trunk and string it up, If I'm going to be sleeping under the stars I damn well am going to do so comfortably." The dolphineer mutters eyeing that sleepy baby. "I won't wander off, but I may as well grab a book and a blanket while I'm at it." Tanit asks, even as she's pushing up from the chair to go retrieve the aforementioned items.

"Don't be too long," Valeska says, glancing between her empty mug and the kettle. Perhaps now's a good time for a refill. "Just don't bring out more than what you're willing to carry back at sunrise." No sense in going back and forth once Tanit is nice and comfy. Chauth might wake up a couple of times throughout the night and there'll be plenty of false alarms. Whatever may happen, Valeska AND Mecahisth will be watching over them til morning.

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