Star Light, Star Bright

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.

There was something about evenings and stargazing, wasn't there? Somewhere back in the mysterious mists of time, or at least the past sevendays. Might as well be mysterious mists! Though there's not many of those mists tonight, mysterious or otherwise. There's a few traces of clouds near the horizon, glowing dusky orange with the last light of Rukbat, and the rest of the sky has turned to deep purple. There's no stars yet, though the Dawn Sister is visible if you squint and are willing to pretend a little. Soon there will be stars! Already, there's a Takapola, lying on his back on the sand and looking up at the sky. No stars are gonna sneak in without him noticing! Other starwatchers… well, he did mention over lunch today as how the weather was looking like it'd be good for it tonight, but who knows? Not him, because he didn't get a definite answer. But, hey. There's him. There's stars. It's evening. He sprawls back and keeps an eye on the sky and waits.

Clear evenings and stargazing go one in one after all. There is another out wanting to get in some good starwatching time it seems, and she is not along. Sundari is moving along glancing this way and that to peer around to make sure she doesn't go steping, stumbling or even tripping over anyone in the process. As for whom is with her, well that would be the form of a young blue dragon. Irkevalath is moving quietly, well at quiet as a hoping dragon can be, which well isn't that quiet when one gets right down to it. His wings flutter a few times and he pauses to wiggle and scratch at his side thanks to a pair of straps he has on. They are ever so itchy it would seem.

Takapola is watching stars, not beaches, buuuut… he's not deaf. A lone Sundari might have escaped his notice, but Irkevalath's thumps and rustles are enough to draw attention. So his head turns, gazing though the darkness. Yep, that sure is a looming shape! Excellent. Not only that, it's a looming shape accompanied by another, smaller shape. This merits investigation, so first he sits up. Yep. They're still shapes! Looming and not-as-looming, respectively. So then he's radical-like and actually get to his feet, sauntering over toward them with hands tucked in his pockets.

Each bit of moment causes the blue to pause in his steps and then there is a wiggle, shimmy and a shake while he tries to get the straps upon his shoulders from causing him to itch. "The more you mess with it the more it will itch you know?" Sundari says in a matter-oh-fact like tone to the young blue. Irkevalath warbles and soon snorts while he flops down upon a patch of still warm sand and proceeds to stretch out and wiggle about. He'll show his rider! Sunny shakes her head and glances up just in time to catch sight of Takapola, a soft ah escapes her and she smiles before waving to him. "Hey Takapola. How goes the star watching so far?" She sends a glance upwards. "Did I miss anything good yet?"

Okay so the jingle of the straps might just have been another of Takapola's clues. Maybe. Anyway he's on his feet now, and he comes right on over to Sundari and her itchy itchy dragon. "Why hello. Fancy meeting you here." He grins. "Not that it's a very fancy place, which is good, really. Most of your more elegant establishments don't approve of dragons rolling around." Takapola waves a hand toward Irkevalath, then hmms. "Though I suppose he could be the entertainment. A dragon dancer." Or a chaperone? Maaaaybe. Tak steps closer to Sundari's side, looking with her at the sky above. "Well, it was a pretty good sunset. One of the moons crashed into it, you know. Fortunately the shards fell into the ocean and didn't set anything on fire."

Psh, forget the jingle of straps while Irkevalath is kicking up sand and making one heck of noise until he finally gets comfortable and settles there in the sands. He is a foreverever sort of chaperone. Sundari chuckles at the thought of Irke being a 'dragon dancer'. "Well that would be amusing, I bet we could get plenty of people to stop and actually watch that show." A shake of her head is seen before she is looking at the sky, and then to the water. "You don't say? How about that.. Of course I would miss such a show!" A soft sigh escapes her, hand moving to rest upon her chest and she shakes her head a moment. "Whatever shall I do to go on?"

The eternal chaperone! So Takapola had better get used to it. He nods his agreement. "Probably. And only half of them would be because they thought he stepped on a thorn." Taka grins, then resumes his gazing at the sky. Skies are safe, except when moons are careening across them and colliding with things. "Aww, it's okay. There's still one moon left, so maybe it'll happen again." Not that either of them is above the horizon right now, which only serves to prove the truth of his story, if you think about it … sufficiently sideways. "Until then… well. You can look for the first star to show." He turns his head, looking at Sundari. "First stars are for wishes, after all."

The enternal chaperone seems to be dozing off at the moment, so he is only a chaperone in a slight sense at the moment. "True, they would want to see what all he would do to get it out of his paw for sure. How many times he would stand on his head and so forth." Sundari said with a grin. At the talk of another moon she nod and chuckles. "True, maybe it'll happn again so we can go 'oooo' and 'ahhhh', or something along them lines?" Well it is a thought! "Perhaps tomorrow for round two." At the talk of the stars and wishes she smiles while nodding, a glance offered back to Takapola to watch him curiously. "So, have you ever made a wish on them, and have it come true?"

Yeah, but who knows what make Irkevalath rear up out of his peaceful slumber to bite Takapola's face off? Tak doesn't, and for purely personal reasons, he'd prefer to avoid finding out. He's got a sentimental attachment to his face, and wants it to stay attached. "Can he? Stand on his head, that is. It seems…" Takapola makes a wibbly wobbly gesture with his hands, trying to figure out how the limb positions would work, and then… "Well, I guess if he flaps his wings." Because that makes it so much simpler, right? "Tomorrow, yeah. Unless it rains." The sky will explode! Mark your calendars! And then there's the bit where he's looking at her and she looks at him. Takapola grins, then looks away again, up at the sky. "Sure."

Look at Irkevalath, his just laying there sleeping away, perhaps even a bit of drool hanging from his mouth, how could anyone ever think HE would be capable of ripping someone face off? Sundari grins at the idea, a shake of her head seen. "Naw he can't stand on his head." There is a pause and she looks curiously at the blue, as if pondering this it might seem. "Well, I don't THINK he can at least." Her bright blue gaze drift back to the dark sky and she nods. "True true.. We best enjoy this night sky then huh? Might be the last one ever to be seen after all." Make total sense right? She peers over at Taka. "So… What sorta things have you wished for then?" Look at her being all nosey!

Takapola saw him feeding, that's how. Still, he doesn't seem all that terrified. "Maybe he only does it when you're not watching." And maybe it's a good thing Irke's asleep and not going to get any ideas. It is a rather pretty night sky, though, the purple turning darker, fading toward black velvet. The stars are bound to start showing soon. "Sorta true of any night sky. At least, might be the last one I ever see." A moment, and then Takapola flashes Sundari a grin. "S'good one, though." Then he looks away again as she starts prying, checking for new stars. "Well." He looks back to her. "Once I wished for a pony, but I didn't get that one. I think someone else got the first star, though. Second stars don't work nearly so well. I got extra pudding instead. S'kinda close. P-ony, p-udding…"

Yes a young dragon eating… Well any dragon eating might make a scene to make someone remember it for a long time after all. Irke still sleeps away though which gives the pair some time to talk for sure without him nosing around to see what might be going on so to speak. "True.. But I rather not think of it such a way you know? I bet you get to see plenty more with exploding moons and the whole bit." This said with an amused tone before she peers at him. "Pudding huh? Well I guess that is alright. It wasn't pony pudding though was it?" One may never know!

"Oh, sure." Takapola smiles. "I'm not expecting it to be my last. Don't much want it to be, either. But it might be, so's I'd better make sure and enjoy it." He shrugs, and grins. "Those moons, though. They're just wild things. Exploding, crashing around… if one of them comes by, you'd better be ready to duck." He glances side to side, like he's checking for a rampaging moon on the loose. "Could squash you into pudding." Mmm, pudding. He pauses, and lifts his hand, tapping his chin consideringly. "You know, now that you mention it… I'm not sure. It was kinda tan, and there was that one bay runner…" He trails off into consideration of the Pony Pudding Predicament.

Sundari grins and nods while she slips forward a bit to settle down in the sandyshore. "Totally, take everything and odn't miss a second of it just incase you know?" Thought that could be said for any day or night, right? There is a pause and she peers over at Taka, blinking owlishly a moment. "Well you /could/ squish someone into a pudding but I'm betting it won't taste ver well in the least." She ponders what a person might taste like for half a second and soon is shaking her head.

Takapola turns his eyes from the skies to watch Sundari as she settles down, then hehs. "Yeah." He takes a step to follow her, then drops himself down to the sand beside her, leaning back on his hands and looking up at the sky again for a moment… well, just a moment, because then he looks back at her. People pudding, huh? "You can have a bite, if you want to find out." A grin, as he lifts a hand and offers it.

Sundari nods and smiles a bit while letting her arms rest upon her knees while her gaze turns back to the sky watching for those first stars to lightup. A soft chuckle escapes her and she glances over to Takapola curiously, she makes a slight movement as if she was going to try such a thing before a laugh escapes her. "Please.. I have a feeling people pudding would taste a bit.. awful or something." Sure that works!

Taaasty haaand. Takapola keeps it extended as Sundari moves, not flinching away. Course, then she goes and doesn't actually bite down, but hey. He laughs as well. "Maybe. Then again, I am made of meat." But apparently Sunny's not hungry, so he puts his hand down again, leaning back as he too turns his gaze back to the soon to be starry sky. "So," he says as he watches. "What's your favorite food?" Hey, it's a related topic! Sorta.

Sundari brow wiggles while she eyes the hand, such a nice looking and juicey hand at that! Never fear, Sunny is no Zombie so his hand is nice and safe. She chuckles and nods while leaning back to rest on her elbows in the sand and watches the sky, a smile seen. "Well this is true, but I get the feeling you'd need some salt or something to go along with it." This said with a teasing tone. Favorite food time! "Well, apples actually. Don't get to many of them on the boat, they never ever last you know? Plenty of oranges, and melon but apples never seem to last. Though it could be because my brothers eat them all, or use them for weapons on one another."

"Well, sure," Takapola says, turning his head to give Sundari an astonished stare. "I mean, I'm not saying to eat the thing raw or anything!" Except for that he just was, but never mind that now. "Salt, some pepper, maybe some oregano…" Gotta flavor that people pudding, make sure it's nice and savory! Also, gotta be a zombie, or at least a cannibal. Sooo about foods that don't talk back! "Apples, huh?" He considers on that a moment, then nods. "They do make the best weapons. Melons are too heavy for casual combat, and oranges are too light and get juice everywhere. Apples are really the way to go." He grins. "Also they taste good, though me, I'd rather have 'em in a pie."

Sundari laughs at this and nods. "Well by then you might as well add in a few other things to turn the people puddling into stuffing or something you know?" Makes TOTAL sense don't you know? "Yup, apples float too, so you can pluck them out from the water and use them again as weapons. My brothers found so many uses for them. They would cut them in certain areas and put oil, or tar into them and then light them on fire and toss them in the water at night, which actually got a lot of fish interested in them so we was even able to fish at night at times." A soft oh escapes her at the thought of apple pie. "I wonder if we could talk the cook into making some apple pies.."

"Blood pudding," Takapola suggests with a grin, then shrugs. "I mean, if you want to do it, that'd probably be the way to go. You can put anything in one of those, my ma used to take all the leftover meat scraps and… stuff." Plenty of stuff. It's one of the primary ingredients. Tak grins at the description of the things Sunny's brothers did with apples, then tilts his head, considering. Apple pie, mmm. "You'd probably have better luck than me. Tell 'em… it's for an important weyrling thing."

Sundari ahs and nods. "Yes yes, blood pudding is the way or go of course." She ponders this for a few moments. "My mother made a fish pudding versen of it actually.. Didn't come out to bad with all the other things she would put in it to hide the fishy bits." One would be surprized how many dishes that woman could make with fish. "I wonder if she would fall for it.. Now I'll have to think of a way to ask her for sure. Wouldn't mind some apple pie."

"S'amazing what you can do with the right spices," Takapola says contemplatively. He probably wouldn't be surprised, but then, he's had a lot of meals made by stretching out two or three basic ingredients in as many ways as possible. Compared to some places, the Weyr kitchens are a marvel of variety and luxury! "Me either." A grin. "If she doesn't, tell her it's for Zi'on." Using the name of the Weyrleader in vain will get you everywhere!

Sundari grins and nods. "An't that the truth. We once had to use bait fish for a few days to make our meals as we wasn't able to catch a darn thing. There is only /so/ many ways one can make a bait fish taste good by the way." She makes a face at the idea and shakes her head. "True… But I've gotten in trouble sneaking Zi'on sweets before." A slight shake of her head is seen at the idea. "I'll have to think on it for sure."

"It probably still beats grub loaf." Takapola grins, leaning back. "There was this one winter when the insects got into the flour, and, well… the crunchy bits weren't so bad, it was the unexpected bits of squish that really got to you." He gives his head a slow shake side to side, then tilts it up as a spark of light catches his eye. There it is. The first star of the night. His lips purse slightly, and he glances sideways to Sundari, holding his silence for a moment.

Sundari blinks and makes a face at the thought of 'crunchy' bits in the flour, she icks softly at the idea. "Eh.. Well great now I get to think about that next time I crunch down on a piece of bread." There is a shake of her head, a soft sputter at the idea and then she pauses as she catches sight of the star as well, a grin is seen and she glances towards Takapola, eyeing him playful like. Who will wish first?!

"Crunchy like toast with bugbutter." Takapola is enjoying this, to judge from his teasing grin. Boys, huh? The silence of star-watching stretches on for seconds! Now she's looking back at him. He raises one eyebrow. Well? "You can have it, you know," he says after a bit. "Because. Y'know. Manners and stuff. Ladies first."

Sundari ews at the thought of bugbutter. "Really..?" This questioned with a faint tone. "I bet it had little legs and stuff sticking out from it." Alright now that is a bit gross. At the offer for her to go first she smiles and looks back to the star eyeing it a few moments while working on that wish. WHICH one never tells outloud or it won't come true don't you know?

Oh, yes, says the nod. Six little legs per bug! "They don't usually wiggle." Usually. Takapola grins, and then while Sundari watches that star, well, he watches her. He's got to, you see. If he looked at the star too much, he might use up the magic before she's done with it!

"So you say. I bet they so did.." Sundari offers once she is done with that wish and casts a glance back towards him. It dawns on her then that he was well, staring at her this whole time, she peers back at him and clears her throat. "So.. you get the second star then?"

…only a little staring. Besides, it was mannerly staring, right? Okay, so maybe Takapola still has a thing or two to learn about the finer points of etiquette, but hey. He grins to her as she looks back to him, then nods. "Yeah. They're not as good, mind, but I think I can squeak a wish through." Another grin, and then he moves his hands out from behind him and flops back to the sand, lying on his back… the better to gaze up at the whole sky at once, of course.

Sundari lifts a han to tuck a bit of hair behind her ear while she is still getting stared at, it is a strange feeling! One that makes her a wee bit nervous for some reason. Though soon enough the staring match is done and onwards towards the talks of wishes once more. "So, you ever tell someone what you wish for? My sister told me if one does that the wish won't come true."

Now Takapola's staring at the sky instead. He tucks his hands in behind his head, making a sort of pillow as he looks up into the night. "Toldya I wished for a pony, didn't I?" he says with a grin, and glances to Sundari. Only for a moment, though, and then his attention's back to the heavens. "Aww, it depends on the wish. Some wishes, it still works if you tell someone. Fact, some wishes, it works better if you tell someone. Some wishes, though… well, some wishes get down inside, and it's just between you and the star, and there's nothin' wrong with that."

"Still want a pony then do you?" Sundari questions with an amused tone at the idea. She reaches over to give his arm a slight pokepoke. "Well, I can get you a ride on a runner, dono about a pony though." This said with a slight nod before she looks back to the sky, watching while another start is starting to light up. She points up at it. "Looky, there's another one. All yours."

"Well, I did." Takapola grins. "Then I had stable duty, and now, I'm not sure I want anything to do with a creature that can make a pile of dung that large. So maybe it's just as well I got the pudding instead." Bright side: found! Also a bright point, and he follows that pointing finger up into the sky. "So it is," he says, and regards it for a moment in silence before his lips curve in a smile. "There. All wished!"

Sundari ahs and nods, a chuckle escaping at the idea. "Yes well, tha is true. I fell off a runner I was on during a lessons, I'm not to eager to try again I have to admit." Which for someone that is use to living on a boat falling off a runner may sound like a strange thing. "Well… What did you wish for?" She is super curious it seems!

Takapola tilts his head, looking up at Sundari from his sprawl on the sands. "Are you gonna tell me what you wished for?" he asks instead of answering. A question for a question! Or, perhaps, a wish for a wish?

Sundari ponders this while watching Takapola a few moments, se soon looks back to the sea. "I wished that my family got back safely from there trip out at sea." Nothing fancey, just a wish that anyone might have that's been out and sea for a while. "We've stayed out at sea for a while, but it's getting pretty long for them. They don't have a radio or anything, not even a firelizard on board.." So it would seem Sunny is getting a bit worried.

Takapola waits to see just what Sundari will say - or, perhaps, if she'll say - with a slight smile. He's in no rush, apparently. He can just lie here all night… but then she does, and his smile curves up more on one side of his mouth while twisting down on the other. "Ah," he says, returning his gaze to the sky above, and the stars that are coming out, one after the next. "That's a good wish." He's silent a moment, looking up to the skies. "Better than mine, I think. I just wished for a kiss."

"Yeah.. Figure it would be alright to wish for that.." Sundari offers while brushing off a bit of sand from her shorts. A glance is sent over to Takapola watching him curiously. "So, a kiss from who then?" She questions with a playful tone so not to make the conversation get to serious like.

Takapola watches the stars while Sundari watches him, then laughs briefly - a single ha - and tilts his head to look back at her. "You want me to name names, now?" His expression is teasing. "Are weyrlings even allowed to talk about kisses? I know you're not allowed to have any." Takapola grins. "Which means if it's you, I'd better learn to be patient."

Sundari chuckles and nods. "Of course I want you to name names, I'm curious." And nosey not that she /says/ that part mind you. "I don't see why we're not allowed to talk about it, just not allowed to do it because of the dragon's." Being all young, and one doesn't want them to broadcast such things around after all. There is a pause and she glances back to him a moment, pondering look clearly seen. "Is it me?"

"Back home, the aunties always said talking was the next thing to doing." Takapola considers on that for a moment, then laughs. "Seems rather nonsense to me. I can talk about plenty of things that I couldn't do." He grins, and shrugs, stretching out one of his legs as he looks back at Sundari. "Well. I'd most certainly kiss you, if I could."

Sundari ponders this and hums softly. "Talking about it is considered doing it?" She makes a face at the thought and peers over at him curiously. "I suppose in some sense it could be, though at the same time if we don't act on it then that is alright too, right?" Or something along them lines. At the answer to the kiss she blushes, her gaze flicking back towards the waves while they crash against the shore. "I.. Well.. I'd let you, maybe even kiss back and all.. if I could."

Is it? Takapola just shrugs, smiling. The aunties might say different, but then, the aunties always did have a lot to say about things. Including a number of things they'd have been scandalized if anyone had done! So maybe they're not the most trustworthy source. He takes a moment to watch Sundari's face as she looks away, lingering there on the blush that darkness makes a mere hint of itself. His smile broadens and deepens, and then he looks up to the sky once more. "Well, then." It's a grin, now, despite the fact that - talking about it or not - there won't be any doing. Not tonight, anyway. Takapola's capable of following rules… sometimes. "The thing about stars, you see," he begins in a contemplative tone, "is that they're rather far off. If you make wishes on them… you've got to be ready to wait."

"I never really spoke to many aunties until sticking around the weyr. There was a few off at the different holds we would go through but they wasn't very talktive to me. They thought I was a talktive little brat.." Sundari says while smirking at the idea and she soon shrugs. A glance is sent back towards him, watching him a few moments before she soon smiles, that blush is gone rather quickly too. "True, good things come to those that wait I've been told.. Bet it is the same for wishes."

Takapola smirks at the lack of aunties. "You're better off that way, I'd say." He gives his head a shake, and then he nods. "Yeah, they told me that too. Course, then they also told me to seize the day, so I guess nothing works all the time." He grins, and shrugs. "Guess we'll see, huh? The wishes are in flight." He lifts his hand from behind his head, touching it to his mouth and then tossing it up into the air, sending it off toward those stars, the first now surrounded by a full night sky.

Sundari chuckles and nods, a grin seen. "So I've been told about the aunties before." She pauses at the thought and chews on her lip a moment. "Totally.. Just have to wait and see." This said while she watches him a moment and smiles before looking back to the sky watching all the stars now that more are blinking in and working on the light show of the night so to speak. "This was nice. Haven't had a chance to do this in a while. Often would do it on the boat but that's been a while."

The nightly show! This one is shaping up to be the usual sort. No stray falling stars or anything, just distant twinkling lights in familiar patterns. "I used to go out when I was a kid and watch 'em," he says as he does the same now. "I'd fall asleep, sometimes, stay out all night. Never really learned the names or anything, though. Not 'til I was on the Skywave and Pohl taught me."

Sundari points up to a group of stars that are still rather dim looking. "That one there looks like a fish when it is really bright some nights. I've picked up there names some from my father but I only paid a lot of attention to the ones that you could use with a map or compass."

"Aye," Takapola says, looking where Sundari points. He nods as to her knowledge of the stars, and for a moment, he's quiet. In fact, for part of that moment, as he gazes at the sky, he's got a frown on his face and a thoughtful look in his eyes, like maybe he's not really seeing the sky at all.

Sundari glances over to him as he seems to have gotten a bit quiet, she ponders while tilting her head. "Hey, you alright?" This questioned with a curious tone.

Takapola, quiet. It's like a wonder of the natural world or something. He blinks as Sundari speaks, and looks over toward her. "Huh? Me?" Yes, him. "Sure. I'm fine." He flashes a grin, and stretches his arms up before pillowing them under his head again. Now what were they talking about? Right, stars. Lips quirk in a smile as he recites, "Sky above, sea below. Stars to guide, wind to blow."

Sundari watches Takapola a bit more, about to reach over and poke him until he is talking once more. She smirks and nods before glancing back to the sky. "I sorta miss the days out on the boat, wind in the sails.." She pauses at the thought and sends a glance over to the sleeping blue dragon. "Though it's been worth it."

Takapola will talk! No need to use the poking torture… this time. "Hardtack and fish for the third day straight…" he adds, grinning. "Wearing clothes that itch from salt but you can't take the freshwater to wash 'em…" Life on the open seas! He glances to Irkevalath as well, then back to Sundari. "Yeah?" he asks, tone curious. "What's it like?"

Sundari makes a face at the idea of hardtack and fish for three straight days. "Eh.. Yeah I know how that is. Had to do that a few times as well." Life on a boat or ship out at seas is ever so fun, so said no one ever that spent a good amount of time on one. At the question to what it is like a glance is offered to Takapola then back to Irkevalath whie she smiles. "It was strange at first, like someone poking around in my mind looking through me memories and asking tons of questions. Though after a few days it's like we have always been this way. He knows my thoughts and I know his, we're just one."

"Huh." Takapola nods, watching the sleeping dragon for a few moments. Just looks like a lump in the sand to him! He glances back to Sundari, considering her a moment before gazing up to the stars once more. "So it's just like… everything? Like… you don't have any secrets from each other?"

Sundari nods at this while glancing back to Takapola and then she is back to watching the stars while she settles back with her elbows in the sand. "Yup, he knows everything about me, all the secrets and just… everything. Which is why there is no kissing and so forth allowed as well he doesn't understand such things." There is a pause. "An he would broadcast it to everyone around thanks to him being confused.."

Takapola gives the snoozing blue another glance. "Huh." Now he's repeating himself! "S'weird," he says, then laughs. "I mean, not that I mind people knowing about kisses. I'd kiss you in front of the whole caverns, if you wanted." A small wave of his hand. "Once you can kiss, that is." Which is not yet, and yet… Takapola's got his eye on Irkevalath.

Sundari blinks as she hears Takapola and sends a glance his way, curiously. "What is it weird?" She ponders before there is a slight bit of a blush across her cheeks at such things. "You would?" Well that is something she's never heard before. "Cute." Is offered with an amused tone at the idea. As for Irkevalath he wiggles and shifts in his sandy wallow, a tail lash seen now and then while he seems to be busy dreaming.

"Sure," Takapola says easily. "Why not? I don't care if people stare." He grins. "Or if they talk about me. Though they would talk, probably, so think about it before you decide you want that. You've got time." A wave of his hand to indicate the young dragon, dreaming away. "But… yeah. It's weird. I see you, but that's… not exactly you. There's him, too, except he's… part of you."

Sundari shrugs. "Never gave much thought to what people thought or talked about me to start with. Don't think that'll change now." She offers with a glance towards her blue, watching him curiously as Taka goes on. "Well, yeah I suppose it does sort of work out like that to some degree huh?" A slight shake of her head is seen and she chuckles. "We're both sort of a piece of one another I suppose you might say."

Takapola looks back to Sundari, and nods to what she says. "Suppose you might," he agrees at the end, with a glance to Irkevalath. "Not that I'd know, really." He looks to Sundari, offering her a grin. "Just what I've heard. Rumors. Speculations. Stray words that might fall from the lips of riders. That sort of thing."

Sundari shrugs a bit and looks amused while she ponders a few moments and glances back to the waves. "It's just funny how things work out. I never really talked to any riders until I stuck around the Weyr for a while."

Takapola laughs. "You," he says with a pointing finger to Sundari, "are the second rider I ever talked to." Which means she can probably figure out the first, if she puts her mind to it. "Wasn't even really supposed to come here, I guess, but Pohl decided Bluefire was too far out of the way this trip, and it was here or wait another turn." He shrugs. "So here I am. Funny how things work out?" And there's a grin.

Sundari peers at him, pondering and blinks. "So the only other rider you have talked to really would be Zi'on then?" She finds this amusing for some reason. "He was the first rider I ever talked too as well. First Weyrleader at that. I didn't expect him to act like he acts and be a weyrleader." It was amusing to think about really.

"Well, I mean, I've talked to others since." Takapola grins. "There's plenty around. But he was the first, on account of Pohl had to dump me with someone and he looked respectable." Appearances (and fancy weyrleader knots) can be decieving! "Then, you were the second." And the rest is history! "Weyrleaders don't have a conclave, though. So why shouldn't he act that way? Nobody can tell him not to."

Sundari chuckles and nods with a smile at the thought. "Well I suppose Zi'on does look sort of respectable and all." Oh how he manages to fool people! "Which is what I thought. Though I've met some ship captains and they have alays be stuffy, or rude.. Or you know.."

"Sorta. Vaguely. At first," Takapola agrees about the Weyrleader. "Then he goes and starts punching people and who knows what else." Wait now, what does Takapola know about ship captains? He lifts an eyebrow, curious. "Pohl could be polite enough, when he felt like it." He shrugs, then half-grins. "Certainly could insist on someone else being polite."

Sundari laughs at this and shakes her head. "I neverever saw him do that before.. I knew he was having some problems and all but that was more then I htought he would ever do." A shake of her head is seen and she takes in a soft breath at the thought. "Well.. Most that I met was rude. Or maybe it was because I was being nosey.." Posisble!

Takapola chuckles about Zi'on, and nods. "Well, he hasn't gone and punched me yet, so I suppose we're all good." He grins, then tilts his head at the talk of captains before giving a laugh. "Could be, could be. Pohl hated people poking around where he didn't think they belonged. And he could be pretty impolite when he wanted, too."

Sundari ahs softly and nods, she chuckles. "Zi'on wouldn't hurt you unless there was a reason behind it I'm sure. Like the other day with Ila'den there was a reason behind that. He doesn't just come right out and pummel someone after all." At least that is what Sunny hopes. "Yeah.. I can be rather nosey I have to admit. Gotten yelled at by plenty of captians, and first mates to keep quiet and so forth."

Oh, so all Takapola needs is a reason for Zi'on to go after him? That, uh… "Hah. I'm fine, then. No reasons at all." So he blithely declares, grinning as he leans his head back against his hands. "Ila'den. He's…" thinkthink "…the weyrsecond, right?" Tak's totally learning things above and beyond not falling in mop buckets and the quickest ways through the tunnels. "So it's kinda like captain and first mate, going at it." To put it in terms he understands better. He considers that for a moment, then shrugs. "Aw, you're not so bad. What're you gonna do, hang me by my toes and interrogate me?"

Sundari nods at this and grins. "Yup that's right. So Ila'den is second in charge so to speak, or firstmate I suppose in the term we might use." Totally makes sense. She grins a bit. "Not yet.. An I don't tend to be to bad with people I like to start with."

"Makes sense, then," Takapola says after a moment's consideration, and nods. "Good choice." So he passes judgment on Zi'on's brawling decisions! And, having done so, moves on. "Not yet?" he asks Sunny, with a grin and a lift of one brow. "When do we move on to that stage? Does it come before or after the kiss?"

Sundari rolls her eyes a bit. "Naw.. I tend to get really nosey with people when I first meet them and all. I did ask you questions.. I can ask more if you want?" there is a pause at the kiss and she chuckles. "Maybe in /your/ case I'll make it after the kiss to be different."

"I suppose you did," Takapola acknowledges upon consideration. "And I gave you answers!" Mostly. Of sorts! "So we're all good." He stretches out one leg, shifting his position on the sand. "Yeah? That works. It'll give you time to think of some good ones, I figure. None of your ordinary ones, oh no. I demand exceptional questions." He grins.

Sundari nods and grins. "Answers you did give!" She says with an amused tone at the idea of such things. A soft ah escapes her while she lift her hand to push some hair back. "Yes yes I will need to think up some good ones now." She ponders, half tapping her finger against her chin in thought even.

"Well, good." Takapola grins. "So long as we're clear on that." His future interrogation awaits! As does his future kiss. Somewhere, off in the mists of time. "No rush, though." He glances over her way as he relaxes. "I mean, y'know, you've got time." Or is it that he's cunningly given himself a reprieve for a while? Maaaaybe.

Sundari chuckles and nods. "Of course, no rushing into it at all." This said with a soft laugh. "So.. Do you plan on sticking around Western.. Or going to move off to see other Weyr's?"

And the interrogation begins! But… Takapola hasn't had his kiss yet. This is cheating! A violation of the rules so recently established! GASP. Oh well, he supposes he can allow it. Just this once, though! "I dunno." That's kinda a boring answer. Maybe that's why he's willing to give it. "I mean, could be fun to see some more of Pern. I heard some stories on the Skywave, 'bout ice floating in the water and waterfalls and… all sorts of things, really." He grins. "But then I'd have to go and figure out how to get there… and what to do once I'd got there. I figure I oughta at least finish up here before I go dashing off to somewhere else."

Sundari did indeed just slip right around the rules that was just set up, see how sneaky she is? Well not really sneaky but still! "Ice floating in waters?" She ponders this. "I never seen such a thing.." Though she has spent her whole life around the warm waters of Western so this may be a reason why. "Well, maybe if you can find out where we can go see it first hand?" She points back to Irke. "I'd have a way to get us there."

Oh, Takapola sees all right. He's got his eye on Sundari now, and he'll see just exactly what she tries to get away with! And, hey, maybe he'll even let her. Maybe. "That's what I heard," he says of that floating ice. "It was from one of the sailors who'd changed ships a bunch, out from the other continents." So, way over there… somewhere. Off in the distant eastern lands. He tilts his head over to look at Irkevalath sleeping there, and hehs. "Suppose you would, at that. Probably a bit faster than trying to swim there." Taka grins. "So is it true they can just go anywhere? Even if you've never been before?"

Sundari ponders this for a few moments and nods. "I bet that is a rather interesting thing to see. ice just floating by and what not.." A soft hum escapes her and she glances to him at the idea. "Oh for sure much faster then swiming!" She grins and ponders. "Well, we have to have a clear picture of the place we are going to. If not, well that could be bad. There are stories of weyrlings getting stuck in mountains and well.. dying and all.." Cause getting stuck in a moutain isn't something that one could most likely walk away from after all.

Takapola considers on this for a moment. "So how do you get a picture if you've never been there?" Another moment, and then he adds, "For that matter, what if you forget something? Does that just mean… mountain time?" He glances to Irkevalath, and gives a little shiver.

Sundari shrugs slightly at the idea. "I don't know actually. I suppose it might depend on where abouts we are and so froth." She makes a face at the idea and glances towards Irkevalath. "I hope he has a good memory.."

So reassuring! "Hmm," goes Takapola, looking to Irkevalath, then Sundari, then back again before looking up at the skies above instead. "Well, just remember. The rocks go on the inside. If you find yourself picturing rocks… you're doing it wrong. Skies. Skies are good things to picture."

Sundari chuckles and nods at this idea. "True.. I'll make sure to picture clear skies for sure!" She offers with a grin. "Skys that are all nice and sparkly with stars of course." Because stars will SOOO help.

"That's right," Takapola says. "Nice and clear! No clouds, because… if you picture clouds, you might appear inside one and it'd get in your lungs and give you a cough." He nods decisively. "Stars are good. Don't want to much sun, because it can scorch your inside. So, yeah. Stars!"

Sundari laughs now and grins. "Imagine that.. Unable to breath because of breathing in cloud.. dust.. fluff?.." She ponders. "Well whatever a cloud is made of and so forth." That makes total sense! "Oh yes, wouldn't want to roast to death or something like that." She makes a face at the idea.

"It's true," Takapola says. Never mind that a few moments ago he was the one asking questions. "Oh, clouds look soft and fluffy from down here, but they can be vicious. Gotta watch out for them." He grins. "I'm sure they'll tell you all about the dangers, now that you're flying. See, they don't want to tell you beforehand, or else they might frighten you off."

Sundari grins and nod while she she ponders this idea. "Totally need to watch out for them. can you imagen flying through one and it was so thick that you would get caught in it?" There's an idea!

"I can indeed," Takapola says in grave tones. He's got a good imagination, remember? Then he grins. "It's the tanglefog. Like those weeds that sometimes come up and catch at a ship, only… a cloud. Fortunately they don't come down to ground much." He considers for a moment. "Probably afraid of the rocks."

Sundari eyes narrow in thought. "Tanglefog huh, now that would be a scarey thing to run into. Can see it wrapping around a dragon's wings and making them fall to the ground and go 'splat'." She winces at the thought as it sounds painful!

Takapola nods his head sagely. "That's why they teach 'em to breath fire," he says. "See, otherwise, the tanglefog would go for them, but clouds are weak against flame." He stares up into the currently cloudless sky. "Nowadays, most to the tanglefog fears dragons, so you probably don't have to worry. Just, be ready in case it tries to sneak up on you."

Sundari lifts a hand. "Good point there, very good use for fire. One good puff of it would burn the tanglefog into nothingness of course." She grins at the idea and shakes her head slightly. "Of course we're be careful, can't have it sneaking up like some purple belly sea monster."

"Of course," Takapola agrees. "Can't hardly blame the tanglefog for hiding when the dragons are around. That's probably why you haven't seen it." And not, say, because it doesn't actually exist. Nope. Definitely not that. It's just as real as the purple belly sea monster! "Oh, those're vicious." He shakes his head, grinning. "One of 'em almost got my leg, once."

Sundari nods at this and soon laughs as she hears Takapola. "We had a purple belly sea monster follow after our boat for a full /week/ it was bad. It chewed up all her nets, ate all the fish.. Was just awful." A soft whistle escapes her and she eyes his leg. "How did you escape with it?"

Takapola stretches out his leg, demonstrating its unchewed-ness. "Oh, I bet it did," he says, nodding. "I mean, it'd follow us for days, and it's not like we had nets full of snacks." He shakes his head. "You know it's human flesh they really want, though. That's the main course for a purple-belly." Like a Takapola! "Well, I had to think on my feet, didn't I? To save my foot. Now, some people say you oughta kick 'em in the snout, but that's a bad idea. What you've actually gotta do is tickle them."

Sundari makes a face. "Course I know that.. They make this evil screeching noise whenever they get close to a person for them to munch on and all." She points out while eyeing his leg and even leans over to pokepoke at it to make sure it is all his leg and so forth. "You tickle them huh?" There is a moment and she ponders this idea. "Where did you tickle it?"

That's his leg, yup! Takapola lifts it up in the air for Sundari to inspect. Totally a leg. It's made of genuine flesh. "You want to go for under the chin. You know like how the aunties'll do for some baby they think is reaaally cute? All gootchy-gootchy goo?" He lifts a brow. "Like that. Works like a charm. They get this goofy expression and roll over on their back, and then you can just run along their belly and sproing to safety."

Sundari huhs and nods as she hears this. "I see, well I shall remember that for sure!" She ponders the idea while tapping a finger against her chin. "I wonder if it works on other things just as well."

"See that you do. If it ever comes down to it, just you and a purple-belly… you'll be glad you did." Takapola grins, then tilts his head to the side. "Well… huh. I suppose it might. I mean, depending on the other things."

Sundari ponders this and eyes Takapola playful like and grins. "I'll have to try it on someone sometime then." She wouldn't do it now, cause one she most likely shouldn't, and two he might be expecting it!

Oh, so Takapola's expectations come second? He sees how it is! "Mind you, it might not do what you expect when it comes to other things, so you'd best be careful," he goes on to say as he stretches out again and settles himself. "And I most particularly wouldn't advise it against any of the green-spotted types. It'd just make them angry. You wouldn't like them when they're angry."

Sundari lifts a finger. "To try that on a green-spotted would be crazy. They will bite your hand off of course. We had one caught in a net once, and was lunging and snapping no matter what we did. In the end we had to let it and the net just go and so forth."

Takapola nods about the green-spotteds. "Half the hooks you see on sailors come from those spotteds. They're a menace. Someone should do something about them." He gives his head a shake. "If only anybody knew what. Right now… well, there's just nothing to be done! You're just lucky you've still got your hands." He doesn't need to poke, because Sundari used a hand to poke him, so he already knows.

Sundari makes a face at the thought of hooks. "The only one that I ever had was because of my brother hooking me by accident. It wasn't fun at all!" She wiggles her fingers to prove this point that all her fingers are there, and hey she does have a dragon that should me all her parts are hers!

A hook in the hand? Yeah, Takapola winces at that prospect. "Did you tell him you weren't a fish?" he asks, and makes a show of looking Sunny up and down. "Yeah, not so much a fish. I don't see any fins, even… and I'm preeeetty sure those aren't scales."

Sundari rolls her eyes and points at the scar near the center of her hand. "It was a large hook, I still don't know how it happened only there it was.. In my hand.. Hurt like the dickens. We was out at sea too." A shake of her head is seen. "My father had to cut the hook in half and pull the end out too.." There is a pause at the look she is given and she laughs softly. "No scales, promise."

"Yeah, I'd say it would." Takapola leans up on one elbow and peers closer to take a look at that scar and check it out for cred possibilities. Apparently he's satisfied, because he nods. "Best thing you can do for it. Leave something like that in, and you're just asking to tear it up worse or get it infected." He chuckles. "Don't mean it don't hurt like a b-aaad." There's a crooked grin, and he settles back again. "I'm glad you're not a mermaid, though. It'd make a good story, but it'd be kinda awkward."

Sundari eyes him a moment as he checks out her hand, would she lie about such things? NO, not at all! "So true.. Hurt like heck, then got sort of infected to boot, just wasn't a good thing at all." She shakes her head, a yawn soon escapes her and she shifts to eye the sky. "Well.. yeah I don't think I'd like being a mermaid either. Wouldn't get to run around on land at all after all." There is a slight warble from Irke as the blue is awake and streching, his form wiggles and shifts and he is troding over to the pair and gives Takapola a look that says why HELLO! A quick noising is felt to both people and then he is pushing and pressing his head into his riders back. Sunny erks and laughs. "Alright alright.. Seems his hungrey Takapola.." Which cuts there starwatching date thingy over.

Takapola nods, more or less seriously. "Not good times," he agrees about that hooked hand. Not good times at all. Mermaids, on the other hand… those might be good times. "Yeah, but you'd get to investigate all the undersea wonders. Might be a fair trade. All things considered." Takapola grins, and then… Irkevalath comes over. Why hello, dragon chaperone! You're awake again. "Hey," Taka says to the blue, patting at the side of his nosing muzzle. He has nothing to fear, because… he totally behaved himself, temptations aside. He's a good Takapola, he is… and he watches as Sundari gets nudged into action, and nods. "Better get him some dinner, then. Before he turns purple from hunger." A grin, and then Tak tilts his head to the side and smiles as he adds, "I'm glad you came out."

Sundari nods at this while she brushes the sand off of her as she is up and going. A smile is sent to Takapola and she chuckles. "He says hello, and goodbye.. I'll see you later then?" There is a pause as she glances to him and she nods while smiling once more. "I'm glad I came out.. Have a good night you." Thi said before she is following after Irke to make sure he goes to the barracks and doesn't try to eat someone's feline..

"Yeah," Takapola says, though he doesn't move to stir himself and get up. There's still stars to be watched, after all, and he'll likely stay out for a while yet. "I'll be around." He grins. "Doing whatever chores they put me next, avoiding falling in. All that sort of thing. You have a good night too, Sunny… and Irke."

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