Missing Clothes (Again!?)

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.
Electric lights light the entrances as those on night duty come out to take over, moving quietly in the night so as not to disturb those sleeping about the Weyr.The days grow longer over the spring months, the air seeming more fresh and warm than it did over the winter.

It's evening at Western, and it's still winter, which means it's probably a little too cold to be swimming. That doesn't mean that the beach is deserted though, and Zi'on is one of the few people hanging around. He's got a fire pit going and he's got a roast going on a spit. Also he's got some tubers roasting over some hot rocks at the base of the fire. There's a cooler nearby with some beer and some of the citrus juice he likes. He's sitting on a rock next to the fire keeping an eye on the food. Suldith is laying in the sand not too far from the bronzer, sprawled out and watching the fire with big whirling eyes. A small pair of whirling eyes peek out from the neck of Zi'on jacket. The weyrleader's sent word to Kaliena that he's making dinner, though there's clearly enough food for more than just the two of them.

As foolish and headstrong as Kaliena can be, the young girl does know better then turn down an offer at prepared meal on the beach. While not a normal place for the apprentice Smitchcrafter to haunt, especially so in winter, she'll make an exception for food it seems and can soon be sighted weaving her way down from one of the many paths leading from the western bowls. She's dressed in a heavy knit light grey sweater that hands loosely on her shoulders and reveals another tunic beneath. The sweater is a little too long for her, draping past her narrow hips and left untucked from the pair of slim cut pants. Completing it all are a pair of worn looking boots. Her hair is left unbound too and drifts back over her shoulders in its usual wavy mess, wild and untamed. "You sure you ain't cooking up a feast for a hoard, Zi'on?" Kaliena calls out in her gruff and drawling accent once she's within range of the Weyrleader, lips already curved up into a smirk. Which most, by now, would know is her way of being friendly — sort of.

Today is not Nymma's day. After attempting to swim, she finds it just too cold to properly enjoy herself. Then, when she returns to shore to collect her things, she finds them nearly all vanished. Panic sets in. Now she wanders the beach with a worried look in her eye and a towel wrapped snugly around herself, desperately hoping against hope that her belongings have simply been blown somewhere by a sudden strong wind. The sight of the fire causes her to bite her lower lip, hesitating a moment before approaching and waving nervously. "Hello?"

Zi'on is in his jacket and shorts, to show off his sexy hairy chicken legs, or something. Shorts and boots. He's peering at the roast, trying to decide if it's cooked or not when Kali heads over. "Heh. No. They said anything else would probably dry out too quick." He turns the roast over then heads over to gives Kaliena a hello kiss on the cheek. It's Suldith who notices Nymma's approach, the bronze raising his head to warble at her. Zi'on then turns his attention to her, raising a brow. "Hi. Uh, can I help you with something? Is everything alright? No one drowning or anything? I used to be a search rider." Zi'on has certainly been the victim of clothes-thieves before, though most of the time he was the one doing the thieving.

Kaliena accepts the kiss as greeting with a little less of a smirk and now something more of a relaxed smile as she steps closer to Zi'on's side. "Still looks like a fair amount of food. Are we going to be able to even eat all of it?" she muses, pulling away as she strides closer to the fire, both for warmth and to inspect the food the Weyrleader decided to prepare. Nymma's voice may not have been heard at first as distracted as she is, but once Zi'on begins to greet her, the apprentice looks up and blue eyes cast for the source. Once she spots the other girl, a slightly suspicious frown settles on Kaliena's brow. Not entirely meant to be purposely unkind, but she's always been this way with everyone and especially strangers. "'lo" she drawls, suspicion giving way to curiosity as she pointedly stares. "What's with the towel? Been swimmin'?" And she's gruff and blunt too, it seems.

"Uhm, no, nobody drowning." Nymma hastily assures as she nervously steps closer to the light and warmth of the fire. The pointed stares and suspicion don't set her at ease any further, and there's a little stammer in her voice now. "I, uhm, was swimming, yes. It's, uh, cold." She states the obvious. "Uhm, sorry to bother you, but… did either of you see a pair of shorts, a tunic, and some sandals in my size? Maybe being carried away by somebody?"

"Probably not," Zi'on admits. "But I can take some of it home in the cooler. Leftovers for tomorrow. I'll pack you a lunch. How's smithcrafting going anyways? You learning anything fun or is it kind of a slow start?" Zi'on's attention is distracted then to the girl in the towel. "Ah, well that's good. Don't want to find out someone drowned when I was sitting right here." He raises a brow to her. "Yes, we can sort of tell you were swimming. It is a little cold. I haven't, no. But I haven't been looking. Some weyrbrats probably stole them I'd bet. You got a swimsuit on under that towel, right?" Zi'on wasn't sure. "I might have an extra shirt or something on Suldith if you want. But I'm in my swimshorts so I can't give you those unless you give me the towel." He laughs a bit.

"Oh." Kaliena says, blinking at Nymma as the other girl stammers her explanation. "Prolly some weyrbrats. Didn't see 'em myself." She says in a tone that's bordering on a 'sucks to be you right now' sort of edge and echoing Zi'on's comments afterwards. At this rate, the apprentice is going to make few friends even with the time she's already been at the Weyr. To the Weyrleader, the girl simply shrugs. "It's going. They really only have me doing studying and reading." Which means, utterly boring stuff to judge by the facial expression she pulls. Kaliena then crouches down by the fire, picking up a nearby stick to poke at it idly as her gaze darts between Zi'on and Nymma. "Won't be some time yet 'till I'm actually /working/ with the stuff. Thought it'd be right off." Impatience, thy name is Kali. There's a snort then and she's giving the bronzerider a narrowed look. "Ha, you /would/ give away your shorts, wouldn't you?" she mutters before rocking back on her heels and settling her rear to the sand.

Nymma certainly is not too happy with the lack of sympathy she receives from Kaliena, giving her a look that can only be described as a pout. "Oh… do they… I don't know. Is there a place weyrbrats like to hide the stuff they take, or…?" Zi'on's questions bring a bright blush to her cheeks. "Swimsuit. Right. I have one of those." She says, utterly failing to sound convincing. "Because I wouldn't, I mean, I don't… you'd really need the towel?" She asks, sheepish.

Zi'on wrinkles his brow at Kaliena's inhospitable attitude towards a girl who was… naked? Sort of. Not that the bronzer can really do much to alter her attitude, but he can try to help Nymma relax a little maybe. "Yeah, I figured that would be the case," he says to Kali about her new apprenticeship. That was generally the way it worked. "Well, they don't want you hurting yourself or causing explosions or anything. I'm sure you'll be swimming a hammer soon enough though." He grins to Kali then. "I would, to someone who needed them. You don't have to ask for my shorts though, you can just take." He says, poking at her ribs. The bronzer scratches his beard a bit. "Not normally, other than the dorms. Though if I had to guess your clothes are probably out there. Or under here." He points to the water, then to the sand beneath his feet, respectively. "Eh? Yeah. I mean… I'd be naked from the top down if I lost my shorts. I can get the shirt though…?" He points towards the bronze laying behind them in the sand.

Kaliena cocks her head a little to the side and some of her inhospitable behavior disappears as she gives Nymma another lingering look. Maybe she does feel a bit of pity? She must, because she divulges a little information for the girl's sake and slightly more helpful then Zi'on's. "All over the Weyr." She adds. "Closest ones here are 'round the docks and a bit past 'em where the beach narrows and ends in some rocky outcroppings. Plently 'o gaps there to tuck away things. Wouldn't recommend doing it at night though." She warns at the end of her drawling ramble and with a slight shrug. The apprentice would go there, but then she regularly does things that push her luck. To Zi'on, the girl throws a smirk his way. "I won't cause explosions. But I guess you're right. Be patient and all…" Kaliena grunts when he pokes her and bats at his hand. His remark regarding his shorts only have her rolling her eyes and then she's quiet for once, listening to the exchange between him and Nymma regarding a spare shirt.

The answers Nymma gets do not help erase the glum frown from her face. "The docks? The dorms? I can't go that far… like this." She says, grasping at her towel and frowning deeply. "Uhm, a shirt would be great. You're probably taller than me, right?" One would hope. "So, that should work. Thank you so much, this is so embarassing…"

Zi'on never had the sense to hide the clothes very well. What was the point? It was never like he was going to go back for them. He does peer at Kali this time though. "Eh? How do you know, anyways? You been stealing clothes? Or getting them stolen?" Zi'on gets up and gives Kali's shoulders a squeeze. He's certainly taller than Nymma, considering he's almost six and half feet tall. He chuckles at her. "Yeah. I think I'm a little taller than you." The bronzer heads over to where Suldith is, undoing one of the packs strapped to the bronze and pulling out a long sleeves t-shirt. It's probably big enough to cover all of Nymma's vitals. He hands it to her. "Here you go. I'll stay turned this way. I gotta take the roast off anyways. You hungry? There's plenty of food." Once Nymma has the shirt, Zi'on goes about pulling off the roast and getting the tubers ready, making up plates for three.

Kaliena snorts, "I used to spend some time with the weyrbrats. And I ain't no thief! No prankster either, which is why I don't waste my time followin' their groups. Fun to explore 'n all and maybe a bit of mischief. But I don't like pranks stealin' folks stuff. Unless it's with friends. Then it's funny." So long as it isn't her. Despite her earlier stand-offish nature, the apprentice surely seems talkative now. Or maybe nervousness makes her chatty. When Zi'on squeezes her shoulder, she shoots him a questioning look but says nothing. Instead she's eyeing Nymma again while the Weyrleader wanders off to gather his spare shirt for her. Then the frown returns and promptly turns to a scowl directed to Zi'on more then the other girl. Yeah, he better keep turned away. Kaliena adverts her gaze too, but only because she's keeping a watch on the bronzerider. "I know I am. Smells good and it's been a long day."

Grateful for the lack of attention at the moment, Nymma gives Suldith a sort of sheepish smile, using him for cover as she ducks behind and shucks off her towel, shimmying into Zi'on's shirt. She tugs it down as low on her legs as she can get it, gripping the hem against any sudden breezes. She's still frowning with some embarassment as she returns towards the fire. "Er, thanks…"

Speaking of weyrbrats, and epic pranks — why, here's the instigator of many a prank indeed. Evening is usually not the usual time for Enka to be strolling the lagoon shoreline, but with Miraneith nosing out of her weyr, and headed for a walkabout on the beach, well what's a rider to do but follow. "Don't see why you couldn't have let me get my dinner, Mir," Enka remarks, slightly cross to the dragon as she clumps along over the damper part of the sand, where the footing is easier. "'Aint like you need me watchin' you anymore, big grown lunk that you are. And pick up your tail, you're draggin' it." As usual.

Zi'on laughs. "What, now you spend it all working and with me, hm?" Not to mention Kaliena was a little old to be pranking people. Not that it ever stopped Zi'on, of course. "Heh, I'll keep that in mind, that it's funny between friends." Zi'on gives her back a questioning look, as if to say 'what?' Zi'on does in fact keep turned away. Though it's all a ruse. Suldith can see Nymma, and Zi'on gets a peek through the bronze's eyes. "Sure. You might want to wear your towel around your waist there. Just in case, I mean. Unless you want to uh… air out or something." Zi'on laughs. Kali is handed the first plate of course, then Nymma is handed hers. At the sight of the gold, Suldith picks his head up and warbles. Then he scampers off to give the gold a nose rub and wander about with her. Zi'on gives Enka a wave. He's got a roast and tubers. Also beer and citrus juice. It probably smells good.

"Studying more like it," Kaliena corrects with a slight snort. Yes, she is a little old for pranking. But that doesn't keep her from being immature in other ways. The girl wrinkles her nose for Zi'on's comment and gives him a slight glare at his back. "Pervert." She mutters under her breath from where she sits on the sand by the fire. Then the food arrives and Kaliena takes her plate from the Weyrleader with a brisk nod of thanks. Seconds later she's tucking into it. As Suldith warbles, the young girl and recently made apprentice turns her head to follow the bronzes progress towards Miraneith and then her gaze settles on Enka as she approaches. There's a little wave given to the Weyrwoman, which could also be a salute but it's hard to tell as Kaliena is still juggling her plate as she does it. She goes oddly silent then, bolting down her food and setting the plate aside. "I should go." She murmurs hastily, no reason truly given before she's doling out equally hasty nods of farewell. Then she's off and gone! Maybe she's going to be nice and try to find Nymma's clothes? Who knows!

Of course, more people. Nymma's shyness only grows when Enka and her lifemate appear, one more pair to hide from. Then Zi'on makes what really is an incredibly obvious suggestion. "Why didn't I think of that? Of course." She mutters, seizing her towel again and tying it around her waist to make the world's least fashionable skirt.

Miraneith gives a trilling croon in response to Suldith's warble, the gold lifting her tail for all of half a second before she clunks it back down on the sand and practically drags a furrow through the shoreline, prompting upthrown hands and an exasperated sigh from her rider. "I give up on ya, Mir." the goldrider comments, letting the queen scuttle forwards in that swinging sideways walk of hers, and instead, following her nose to the scent of roast and tubers. "Havin' a cookout on the beach?" her eyebrow is quirked upwards, just so, gray eyes amused as she returns the Weyrleader's wave. "With some lovely company I see." Zi'on gets a knowing sort of look. "And here I am, all forlorn and starvin' cause my dragon thought a walk on the beach would be nice and wanted me to come."

Zi'on shrugs a bit to Kali. "Eh. Work, studying. It's all the same, really. I mean, after a while it's all the same basically." He grins as she calls him a pervert. "Takes one to know one." Zi'on chuckles to Nymma. "Less worrisome that way, just make sure the towel stays on." He nods to Enka. "Yep, cook out on the beach." He looks confused at Enka's looks though. Why couldn't girls just say what they meant instead of… saying something else? "Well, you better eat then. There's lots of food here." The bronzer barely has any time to eat his food though, before Kali is running off on him. There's a sigh from him then, and he sets his plate aside. "Well… I should go see what's up with her. Sorry, ladies. I'll try to catch up with you two later." He'll at least come back to clean up and see if there's any salvageable food left. On the bright side, Enka can just take Zi'on's plate.

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