Dripping. Wet.

Western Weyr - Living Caverns
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

It's after hours in the living caverns, already dark out but not quite lights out. It's a bit rainy outside, and cool, but not cold. A typical spring evening at Western really. The bronzer is catching himself a late meal it seems, though as usual he hasn't eaten much of it. Instead he's playing a game with his usually shy gold firelizard, who by now is nearly full grown. The bronzer dangles a piece of meat from his fingers, then tosses it in the air and lets the golden lady swoop down after it, catching it in her jaws and gobbling it down as she returns to his shoulder. Normally doing training exercises with your firelizards is frowned upon in the caverns, but since he's the weyrleader and there's hardly anyone in here, no one seems to be saying anything.

Sundari hadn't planned on not getting to the caverns until now, though here she is making her way on inside and dripping wet from the looks of things. She pauses at the entrance and gives herself a shake which sends water flying in all manner of direction before she is off once more and heading to ginf something warm to drink. Which a mut of hot several hours old klah will have to do it seems. With mug in hand she is off to find a seat, next to Zi'on. "Hey." This is offered as she peers up at the gold firelizard that is swooping around after the bits of meat.

Zi'on is glad he is not sitting near the entrance! He does not care to be wet again. Though by the looks of things, the bronzer's been here a little while. Once Sundari sits down, Zi'on ceases the firelizard acrobatics show, letting Kerrigan settle in on his shoulder. There's a trill from the gold, though it's hard to tell why she's making the noise. "Hey Sunny." The bronzer says in greeting as she sits down. He raises a brow at her. "Why so… cloudy?" Get it? The opposite of sunny is… nevermind. "Lessons not going well?"

Sundari glances to Kerrigan, a smile she and she sends a little wiggling wavehis way. "Cloudy?.." It takes her a moment to figure out, a soft ha esacping her and she smirks. "Naw there going fine. Just tired." Sleep, who gets to sleep anymore? The seabrat lets her head flop down upon her forearm, eyes closing while the rain water she picked up is still dripping off her hair. "How you doing?"

Zi'on has been sleeping just fine! At least for now. Soon enough Raev will have the baby and his sleep will dwindle down to what's required to keep him alive. He nods to Sundari. "Ah. Well, I'm glad to hear at least lessons are going well. Is Irkevalath keeping you up at night? Or something else?" Maybe Sundari had a bit of insomnia? Zi'on himself is a night owl, but once he does sleep he sleeps like a stone. "Sometimes I have trouble falling asleep." He peers into her mug. "Klah probably isn't too helpful, unless you're trying to stay up as long as you can, before you pass out."

Oh, look! Water! That means there's mopping up to do, and Takapola… isn't doing it. No, really, he isn't, and what's more, he isn't supposed to, either. Not today! Three days ago, he was. Tomorrow (or was it the day after?) he's supposed to again. Today? So not his job. That rain just isn't his problem! …well, except that his job that-wasn't-mopping today was weeding and turning the compost piles. As it turns out, the gardens are not actually indoors. As it also turns out, rain will get you out of the watering-the-garden part of things, but not so much the rest of it! So, he's kinda soaked, by which we mean very soaked, by which we mean he appears in the caverns and is immediately glared at by someone who tells him to go change into dry clothes before he catches his death and/or drips on the floor (which, it is implied though not outright said, will also result in his death once she catches up with him). "Oh, yeah, sure, of course, just going right there…" Takapola assures. For a few steps, he even does! But oh hey, look. He'll just veer over a step or three (or twentyseven, but who's counting?) and lean in (and drip on the table) to wave to Sundari. "Heya!" Oh and Zi'on, sure, he gets a wave too.

"I mostly got it because it is warm an I'm cold." Sundari offers while her hands wrap around that mug to prove her point. "Irekevalath doesn't help sometimes, but it's not all his fault." There is a pause and she peers over at Takapola, a smile seen and she waves back at him. "Hey.. Ah.. your dripping all over, shouldn't you like stop that?" Or something!

Nope, the gardens are up on the roof tops mostly at Western. And by roof tops it's more like… the patch of land above the caverns. Though Zi'on is already eyeing it, for more efficient usage. The bronzer raises a brow at Tak as he gets distracted and heads in their direction. "Hey, Tak." Zi'on is an afterthought! Rude. But Sundari was a cute girl, so it was only natural. He nods to Sunny. "Ah. True enough. SHould have gotten some of the stew instead." He tilts his head at her curiously. "No?" He looks back to Tak then. "At least get a towel out of the kitchens."

"I am?" Takapola says in tones of astonishment, and looks down over himself. "Why, so I am. Let's see…" He stares at himself with one eye squinted in concentration, then swaps out to try the other. ZWHOOMZWOM, MENTAL POWERS GO. …drip. Somehow, shockingly, it did not work. So weird! "I might need help." Y'know, someone to take off all these wet clothes and- Oh hiiii Zi'on! Takapola grins to the Weyrleader. "Yeah. Guess I will. Seeya!" This time Zi'on gets the wave first, and Sundari gets one second. And off he goes!

Sundari won't comment on the cute stuff, oh no not at all. She peers at Takapola, a smirk seen and she nods. "Yup.. You are indeed. Look at you dripdriping all over the place." There is a slight point towards the now drippy went table. "See?" A glance is sent over to Zi'on. "Stew doesn't sound to bad at the moment actually.." Though it is /all/ the way over -there- which is SO very far don'tyouknow? There is a pause as she hears Takapola at the help bit. "I'm sure one of the aunties can give you a hand!"

Zi'on peers at Tak. "Yes. You are dripping on Sunny, and she is already wet." Wink wink. Then he squints at him. "Help with what?" Yes, run away, Tak! Or you'll be the next one with his head slammed into a table! Or something else scary. Zi'on doesn't give him a goodbye wave, just more of a… glare. The bronzer would offer Sundari wasn't left of his dinner, but it's all gone cold by now, so that wouldn't be helpful. He would also offer to help warm her up, but she's a weyrling and that wouldn't exactly be appropriate. He chuckles a bit. "What's with him?"

"Yes," Takapola agrees to Zi'on about the wetness of Sunny. "She is." What? It's just on account of how she got rained on! Then he grins to Sundari herself. The aunties? "Here's one now!" Indeed, there she is! She's coming right for Takapola, and… chasing him with a glare and brandished cane. (Kinky.) So, you see, he's just going off with her (she's like seventy) and not fleeing from Zi'on's glaring and questions he doesn't intend to answer!

Sundari lifts a hand to wipe off some water that went all dripdrip on her. She looks amused as she watches Takapola flee, or be chased, or is he helping the auntie cross the wet floor of this cavern? Who knows! She pulls her jacket around her a bit more, a curious glance is sent to Zi'on. "What..? I just think his trying to be silly." Well there is 'trying' then there is 'doing' like Takapola is at the moment. Or something along them lines. There is one offering to get her warmed up, another talking about dripping, this is just such a bad line of thought at the moment all around!

Zi'on blinks as Tak is… chased off by an auntie? At least she's not coming to bother him. The bronzer might feel a little bad for Tak. Maybe. It's offset by the fact that he was making a pass at Sunny. Or what Zi'on thought was a pass. It certainly passed as a pass in his book! "Suure he is. It's all fun and silly, until he's leading you off to some dark corner for smoochings. You're still a weyrling, little lady! After that you can do whatever you want. Or whoever you want." He pokes Sunny in the ribs. The bronzer leans back in his seat. "So what's on the lesson agenda?"

Takapola? Silly? What are you even talking about, the entire concept is… is… silly. Yes. It is very silly. Like Takapola. Who's been chased away to a dark corner and is doing who-knows-what. With an auntie! Scandal.

Sundari wouldn't know anything about a pass unless it hit her in the face, wait.. Maybe not a good idea. She shrugs a moment and glances to Zi'on, whom she blinks at and smirks before swatting out at the poking. "I an't doing nothing with no one while i'm a weyrling." She points out with a soft huff escaping her as she feels a bit hurt he would think such things! As far as lessons go she ohs. "Well.. There's the unmanned flight, hunting, healing stuffs. Working on strap making and strength training.. Lots and lots of lessons." So much she can't keep her notes straight at times.

Tak is silly! And maybe he's having fun pressed between two big auntie boobies or something. Who knows! Zi'on had made a pass at Sundari by more or less hitting her in the face with it. But it never seemed to go anywhere, so he figures she's not interested in him. Though she also didn't seem terribly interested in Tak. So… maybe she likes women? "That's what I like to hear." He grins to her. He trusts her! Just not seafaring boys who want to learn to read. "Lots of stuff, sounds like. Try not to get overwhelmed, and to have a little fun with your dragon. He won't be small forever." The bronzer get up then. "I should head home. Early meetings tomorrow. Goodnight, Sunny."

Sundari isn't use to anyone making a pass on or at her so it's still sort of a strange place to say the least. Though that was then and this is now, so perhaps she is starting to figure out some things! A glance is sent off in the direction that Takapola fleed towards to hide so to speak and she ponders if he'll make it out alive, or still dripping wet. "I try not to. Gotta have some fun after all." Fun with her dragon, not in other manner of ways mind you. Her gaze flicks back to Zi'on, whom gets a warm smile and she nods. "Alright, have a good night and all. Stay dry."

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