Winter - Month 2 of Turn 2717
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

Winter at Half moon is milder than other places in the world, a cool breeze and puffy blue white sky the only indications of the season. The dragons are growing fast already, and Chauth is no exception the dappled pale gold swimming out into deeper waters. Tanit's back in her old dive suit today, closer to the shoreline but within easy reach. "We have dinner waiting back at the barracks. You are never going to catch anything that way." The diver having already given up on the bath that was the purpose for this little venture.

Winter in Half Moon is summer in Monaco. Which probably means that S'van is glad for the excuse to escape the stuffy humidity of the tropical Weyr… for another tropical Weyr. Oh well. At least this one has a cool breeze going for it! Aedeluth is first to be seen, if the pair are to be seen at all; spiraling a path down from the space over the bowl where they had appeared from Between. He lands himself far from the crowd, S'van mindful of the sand kick-up even if the bronze couldn't care less about who he disturbs with his less-than graceful landing. It's not hard to spot Tanit, now that she's got a little (HUGE) golden beast attached to her. And so Sev heads for Chauth, even before the dive-suit-wearing weyrling is spotted. He's dressed in leathers, but by the time he's closing the distance between them, he's got the jacket unbuttoned to allow that breeze to be beneficial. "Hey." As if it were any other day. As if they hadn't just gone months… nearly a /turn/… speaking face to face. Except that he's still not smiling.

Whirling eyes take note of the larger form landing, nose and eyes perking up from the surf whirling with curiosity. Cue dipping below the waves and belly crawling toward the beach, only breaking the surface for air every few moments. To breathe. SHE SEES YOU S'van. The pale gold sees you. The sound of the bronzerider's voice has Tanit turning, both brows lifting faintly at his appearance, before her expression is schooled into something more neutral. Chauth's mental presence is sudden and without warning, a flicker of dancing sparks and musical notes not unlike a horror movie sting. « Usually - people say hello at least when visiting foreign Weyrs. I'm told it's the polite thing to do. » Even if her inflection suggests she doesn't think too much on matters of politeness. « I will bite him if he makes her any more uncomfortable. » She warns, inching closer to the shore, unable to hide the rest of her frame in the shallow waters any longer.

Aedeluth is not a polite dragon, and he never claimed to be. Dancing sparks and musical notes are left uncontested; the mindvoice of the bronze somewhat distant and uninterested. At least until threats are being made. « You will do no such thing, little bug, » comes with the lightning-like crack of mental connections and the hiss and whirr of electronics buzzing to life. It is a warning, but it is not followed by a threat in kind, if just becomes someone (i.e. S'van) won't let him. But the bronze beast is quickly a looming presence, not quite hovering over his rider, but offering a formidable presence that promises protection and retribution should the little gold get it into her head to attack. But despite his dragon playing body-guard, Sev is halting forward progress and looking as though he's having second thoughts on this whole reunion business. "I didn't come to fight." And best be sure he's got an eye on Chauth in the water.

Sparks burst to flame, ghostly white and blinding, dancing through the pathways of electronics. Hot enough to melt metal, but it is more of a warning than pain. Tanit winces both at the words but more likely Chauth's overbleed. The white flame dancing flickers down to a single orb, brilliant but not blinding. « Call me a bug again and see what happens. » "For Faranth's sake Chauth, stop shouting. They don't mean any harm, Aede's an old friend." Chauth's tail flicks, dragging through the water, getting as close to Sev as she's mentally allowed by Tanit, merely sniffing at him the way a stray cat might when deciding whether to flee or claw your face off. She settles for stepping away and head rubbing against Tanit. "I'm sorry, we are working on the whole boundaries thing. I don't think she quite understands what she is yet, and how that might mean she should be a little more restrained." Restraint is for wimps. Swish, swish, swish goes the tail.

Flames, extinguished when wires vanish and a matrix of code appears instead; flickering numbers and letters in lines that race this way and that, bright red on black screens. /WARNING/. But Aedeluth is unconcerned with Chauth's ire. « Now who's being rude? And to a /guest/ at that? Tut, tut. I thought Half Moon more civilized than that, » but while he's definitely sarcastic, definitely /rude/, he is not worried. There is a pointed settling of his bulk near S'van; close enough that his forelegs snake out to form a physical barrier between his lifemate and the irate weyrling-gold. The only one allowed to push Sev around is /him/. "It's fine." It's really not. Small she might be, but Chauth is still formidable, and S'van is not going to underestimate that, even if Aede is acting rather nonchalant about it. "I can go," he decides. "I just wanted to say congratulations." And probably a few more things but, well. Pissed-off baby dragons are dangerous.

"No, Don't." The words escaping before Tanit realizes she is saying them. "Go I mean. She just doesn't understand, there's a lot that I haven't explained to her yet, mostly because of her age - though I suppose it will have to happen sooner rather than later. Mom and dad are bringing the Twins up to visit in a few months." Chauth evidently seeing a challenge or otherwise satisfied that the human giant, (he's not a giant to her but Tanit seems to think he is.) And slinks, to circle around slowly eyes whirring a more neutral shade, the white dance of ghostlight that is her presence not quite withdrawn but subdued as she explores the lines of code curious as to their secrets. Molified for the moment. "She's - fuck, a few days ago she was climbing all over one of the Weyrling Assistant's blues and proceeded to conk out right there. I had to sleep outside which wasn't bad except that it ended up raining and I didn't set up a water cover."

"Which is exactly the reason why I ought to leave," argues S'van, already in the process of turning for Aedeluth. "She's young. And I ought to know better than anyone how challenging that can be," and there is definitely a side-eye for the bronze. For his part, once the imminent threat to S'van seems to have diminished, Aedeluth is perfectly happy to allow Chauth to slink around and eyeball the code of his mindvoice. Numbers. Letters. Symbols. All of them zipping up and down, left and right; slowing as his emotions calm and fading from fiery red to temperate blue-green with the whirl of his eyes. "She'll grow out of that." It's meant to be encouraging, but it comes out funny when S'van considers who he's talking too. He certainly hasn't forgotten her mention of the twins; he's just pointedly not speaking on it. And despite whatever reservations he might have for his /life/ being in danger because of her, he does offer a, "She's beautiful, Tanit," in compliment of the little queen.

"So it's another excuse to avoid talking to me?" Tanit asks, and that little blue flame hiccups larger for a second before calming, even as she's inching closer and closer to S'van. Pay no mind to gold. She's totally not planning on pouncing anything. (this may be a blatant lie.) She is at least however actively trying to get between him and Aede. "She is, not just physically - her voice is music and light heat too and shadow, but mostly." She sighs. Chauth's eyes whirl a happy blue green, too happy. And at last she leaps, diverting from her intended target to the bronze's tail in attempt to pounce.

"Seriously, Tanit? Yeah, sure. I flew all the way from Monaco Bay which, by the way, is a seven hour time difference, just so I could decide I wanted nothing to do with you." He's not helping. He knows this, but it still takes a moment for Sev to school himself back into something resembling calm. Chauth might be slinking, but Aedeluth is very much /there/ and still very much a physical barrier between the little queen and his human. "It's not an /excuse/, it's a reason. Because she," and there's an accusatory finger jutted towards the inching Chauth, "Is threatening to hurt me, or have you not noticed? This was a bad idea," clearly. "I can come back when she's older, and maybe we can have a conversation where you don't accuse me of being a coward." Maybe. Aedeluth's eyes are on the little gold and though he is not at all /amused/ at having his tail pounced, there is no attempt to remove it. She can have it. But if she bites him, it's over.

Chauth does bite, but it's not hard, not even enough to pinch really, or feel like anything more than the very faint pressure. It's that lite play bite that kittens sometimes do when playing with their siblings. The humans are totally forgotten for the moment as she rolls off to circle around and pounce again. "She's not." Tanit sighs with an eyeroll, "At worst she thinks you are big enough to climb on. But She's already distracted by Aede's Tail, because she has something to pounce. She got angry because I wasn't expecting to see you and didn't block well enough." She seems to be blocking plenty fine now since her voice is laced with frustration while the gold is all sunny flickers and playtime.

"I'm not exactly big enough to handle a dragon climbing on me," even if Chauth is nowhere near her full size yet. But S'van seems mollified if only because Aedeluth is withdrawing his protection; retracting body parts as he compresses into a spot on the sand. His tail? Meh. She can have it. And he will just ignore her with the sort of active ignoring that says he's still /aware/ even if he's not engaging. "As I said, I didn't come here to fight. And I'd appreciate if you'd stop insinuating that my feelings aren't important, or that I'm running away. I /came/ didn't I? I came to the Hatching. I'm here /now/. I'm sorry I'm not as over things as you want me to be, but damnit, I'm at least trying." A rake of fingers through his hair before he's shoving his hands into his pockets and looking very much like his sullen, raven-haired weyrmate for a moment there. "I came to say congratulations, and see… and see if you had any questions." As it wasn't that long ago that he was a weyrling. And with a rather challenging dragon, too.

"You should try dealing with her trying to crawl into your cot." The former dolphineer notes with a small smile. She exhales "Sev, It's not that your feelings aren't important - but - I'm tired of it. I'm tired of being made to feel guilty for doing what I believed at the time was the right thing. I'm tired of having to bribe others just to find out how you are doing, If I hadn't written you would you have even told me about your injury or about going to Monaco?" And for a moment it looks like she's going to stomp over and yank him down by his ear but instead - if he lets her close enough - he just gets a hug. "I've missed you, and been worried about you and haven't been able to talk to you the way we used to and I'm just tired of it ok." Utterly deflated. "I've millions of questions, but no idea where to even begin."

"I'm not the one making you feel guilty. I haven't /done/ anything, and I haven't even been around, so don't put that one me," answers S'van. It's not angry, but it's definitely a bit defensive. "If you don't want to feel guilty, then don't feel guilty. It doesn't change how I feel about it." But it's getting better; slowly, but surely. He's still got his hands stuffed into his pockets, so there's a roll of shoulders in an evasive sort of shrug. "I don't know. I couldn't exactly write, at the time," he notes. "I would have told you about Monaco," he asserts, though it's a halfhearted sort of mumble because honestly… he's not sure if he would have. Neither he nor Aedeluth seems concerned about bodily harm, but a hug is definitely not expected. He's stiff beneath it, but it's only a few seconds pause before he's withdrawing his hands from his pockets and returning the gesture with a tight squeeze. "I wanted to see you after…" the Hatching, "But I couldn't trust… well. You saw." And just how bad would Chauth have reacted, had it been the first /day/, when emotions were already frazzled. "I'm not… over it. But I'm trying. And I am here for you, Tanit. I'll always be here for you, if you really need me."

Tanit relaxes visibly as the hug is returned. Though Chauth's pounces on the bronzes tail stop as she slinks inch by inch to the humans. Creeping up slowly, ever so slowly. It's almost a belly crawl. Tanit is oblivious, which is possibly not a good thing that the gold has learned to shield this much at such an early stage. Her eyes are soft blues though so nothing too terrible is plotted? or is it. That isn't a sniffle on Tanit's part. (It's totally a sniffle.) "That is fair." She grins at him, wiping her face quickly with her sleeve. "So, you've got a big bad weyrsecond's knot now. How does it feel?"

"Like a whole lot of paperwork," comes S'van's reply, sounding just a bit more like 'him' in the lilt of words and dryness. "It has been… different. Sometimes I feel wasted; like I'm wasting my time behind a desk when I could be out /doing/ something. But then I get a request from Tech-craft to assist with a feline problem, and go hunting big cats with Aede…" and that is clearly a whole lot of fun, to judge by his expression. Speaking of the bronze… while Tanit might not know what Chaut is up too, the brooding beast that calls S'van his own has been keeping tabs, watching her just as soon as she gave up pouncing his take and came back to investigate the humans. But he won't move unless he's required to do so, though his 'relaxed' position is a front for sure. "I kinda hate Lord Holders though…" or at least, he hates the ones he's had the misfortune of tangling with.

"Ugh, that sounds absolutely awful." Tanit frowns, even as she uffs as Chauth headbutts her from behind. "I think I was spoiled by Blackmoon where it's a council rather than people who think their bloodlines entitle them to shit." Tanit notes breaking the hug enough that the gold wiggles between the two and scratching behind her headknobs as she does. "Her way of saying hello. When she's with Zych though she is damn near unmanageable. Simply refuses to do as she's told, climbs, pounces and constantly wants to play unless she doesn't."

"Thankfully," decides S'van, "Monaco operates more as a council than a traditional… weyrleadership. But I think it is just politics in general. I'm not cut out for it." And really, he's not. Not for that part of it. The two-faced, passive-aggressive, lie-to-your-face part. The invasion of a golden head certainly steals attention, and after a moment of apprehension there's a half-smile curling at the corner of his mouth. "Hey Chauth. Nice to meet you. Officially." A glance for Aedeluth and he's murmuring, "Gee, that sounds familiar," for dragons that refuse to do as they are told. His arms drop, hands once more to pockets as he offers, "It'll get better. Even if it doesn't seem like it." Another glance at Aede, though this time it comes with a frown. "I gotta get going. We're supposed to have some sort of meeting or something about a village, or a jungle or… frankly I don't even know," but he still has to attend it.

Tanit sighs. "Mm, well it's cute now but I'm not sure how I will feel about it when she's bigger than he is." Dun Dun Duuuuhn. As for Monaco? "Just - Don't be a stranger. " Squishing the dragon a bit to give Sev an awkward hug goodbye. "Have fun playing big bad bronzerider."

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