Obstacle Course

Winter - Month 2 of Turn 2717
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Training Field
Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise maneuvers required for the rescue and protection work that the weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

The sky is heavy with the promise of rain but, thankfully, none has yet fallen. Despite the threat, baby dragons still need exercise and time out of the barracks (and a little rain never hurt anyone…), which means that the Weyrlingmaster is also out of the barracks and keeping an eye on things. Today there are cones and flags set up in seemingly random places around the field, with the odd item interspersed. A couple large hoops here, a childs deflated ball over there, a fallen tree that stands about knee-high to the six-feet-tall R'sner, a tunnel that has been crudely (but safely) constructed out of tarps and chairs… it's a weird mix, certainly. But surely there is a method to this madness?

Ashwi and Jovianth are certainly amiable to being outside the barracks which can be stifling after so many hours within. Growing dragons take up space. And are loud. Jovianth ambles out with the steps of someone who just woke up not too long ago. If there was any question on that it's confirmed when Ashwi follows with a yawn on her lips and her hair tossled.

Despite the clear clutter of the weyrling field, R'sner seems at ease. Seated in a deck chair, he's flipping through papers and probably reviewing notes. The appearance of Ashwi and Jovianth catches his attention, and he glances up from work to weyrlings with a brief pause to mark his place. "Good afternoon," offered politely enough. "How are you and Jovianth doing?"

It took a little time to get used to saluting but Ashwi has got the hang of it fully now. The greeting gives her a direction to look and spy R'sner seated in a deck chair. A salute is snapped followed by a look around the rummage sale…er, training yard. "Looks like the rain is holding off for now." she remarks casually. "We're doing fine, sir."

R'sner is pleased enough with the salute, acknowledging as much with a gentle incline of his head. "It is, and I am told that it ought to hold off until tonight at the earliest." Papers are carefully stacked and laid to rest in his lap. "Good." A glance spared for Jovianth, a critical look at the growing dragon though Res doesn't bother to stand just yet. "Is he feeling up to a bit of practice, or is he still waking up?"

Jovianth warbles an agreement towards R'sner and Ashwi which draws a chuckle from the weyrling. "He says he has slept too long and needs to make up for lost play time." her brow furrows briefly. "And training time. Which evidently to him are often one and the same."

"Making training enjoyable is often the best way to ensure it gets done," notes R'sner with mild amusement. Papers gathered, he clips them together before hauling himself to his feet. The stack is tossed into his now-vacant chair, and he wanders a bit closer. "I've set some things up for a bit of an obstacle course. If he'd like a go at it, I'll tell you how it's supposed to be run."

Jovianth rears back on his back legs, nearly overbalancing but managing not too with his wings flaring out. "I think that's a yes." Ashwi notes with an amused tone. Her eyes unfocus briefly and her reply to Jovie is out loud. "No no, I'm sure you'll keep your feet on the ground for this."

Toith, who has been lounging quietly nearby, offers a chuff of amusement at the energetic reply. Even R'sner offers a ghost of a smile for the brown's enthusiasm. "Alright then, here's how it's meant to be run," and he steps next to Ashwi so that he can point to various cones. "Flag one is there. He's to use his nose to weave himself and the ball through the cones," and at least the cones are set rather wide apart to accommodate clumsy hatchlings, "Then he can either leave it at the second flag or pick it up and bring it with him… some of them don't want to give up the ball," he notes as an aside. "Either way, from flag two to three, walk through the hoops, one foot per hoop if he can manage it… Flag four to five is over the log, and five to six is through the tunnel. He'll have to crouch and tuck his wings to manage it," though it is constructed in such a way that a 'trapped' dragon would simply pull the tarp off the chairs, rather than become physically stuck. "Think you've got this?" and this time the question is posed to both weyrling and dragon. "Ashwi, you can stay here and watch, or you can walk along and guide him. It's your choice."

Ashwi's head bobs up and down a couple times as she listens and presumably is repeating the instructions to Jovianth. Who may or may not be listening as his head ducks down to shuffle at a family of insects trundling by. "Jovi." murmurs Ash quietly before repeating everything to him once more. This time his eyes whirl slow contentment of blues and greens as his head swivels to watch Ashwi. « I got this! » he projects by accident to anyone in the immediate area. Ashwi debates and says. "I think i'll stay here. For now." Jovie moves over to the first flag where he pauses, waiting to be told when to start

Prime example of why the weyrlings are tucked away in their own corner of the bowl. They can be loud! Even unintentionally. And considering who their parents are? R'sner is pretty much assuming they will be a loud and indiscriminate bunch. "Have at it then. Toith will offer assistance as well, if needed," though right now, the green seems content to watch, though she offers a cheerful « G'luck! » to Jovi.

Ashwi grins goofily at her brown, having no idea he projected to everyone. "All right then. Go on!" she encourages as he hesitates briefly. Then he's off! With no problem he's weaving himself through the cones like a pro! Except he's forgotten the instructions and halfway through the cones Ashwi realizes that fact. Stopping him mentally he looks back at her then down to the ball. « Oops! » he says and trundles back the same way, only knocking down a couple cones!

He tries again, this time with his head down and he is nosing the ball around the cones. He's shuffling through at a decent pace for a hatchling his age. Before long he's at the second flag and he lifts his head to bugle happily.

Toith is all gleeful amusement, a wash of blues that seeks to encourage without distracting. « You can do it! » she roots from the sidelines as Jovi heads back to collect the forgotten ball. R'sner, meanwhile maintains a look of composure, arms crossed in a relaxed fashion across his chest as he watches Jovianth's movements.

And now he's got the ball on mouth as he walks through the hoops. Slowly, with some encouragement from afar from Ashwi, he makes it through. At this point he drops the ball but lets it lay where it lands as he works on going over the log.

"At least his attention is holding," notes R'sner as an aside to Ashwi, pleased enough at the progress that the brown has made. Toith, for her part, is sending encouraging little noises as she watches Jovianth proceed through the course, and looking only a little disappointed that she's too big to do it herself.

So far…so good. Jovianth, for his part, does have a fairly good attention span when there is a focused goal before him. And of course Ashwi is no doubt nudging him with a few mental thoughts. As he climbs over the log he trips and goes flat on his face with a surprised whoosh of air emitting from him.

Toith winces as Jovianth face-plants in the dirt. « Tough break! » but then, « S'ok. Chicks dig scars, » is added, even if R'sner is looking less than thrilled about his green's response. "Is he OK?" asked because one /never knows/ with baby dragons. He's already rolled onto the balls of his toes in preparation to move should he /need/ to do so. But it's Ash that he'll look too first cause, well. She'd know first whether or not Jovi is alright or hurt.

Jovianth lays there for a moment motionless. Just as Ashwi is starting to get nervous, her expression turning worried, he struggles to get to his feet. It's a bit of a struggle cause SOMEHOW he's tangled up with a part of the log that wants to HOLD HIM FOREVER! But just as Ash takes a step forward Jovi wins the BATTLE! He's up and moving. There's an obstacle course to finish after all!

« See? He's got this, » assures Toith, looking not at all concerned even if R'sner is making side-eyes toward the first aid kit. "We'll check him out when he gets back," just in case there are bumps and scratches to attend too. A glance from Res to Toith has the green hauling herself up and ambling over to peek at the log and what might have caught Jovianth; to see if it needs to be adjusted for future runs through the course.

Jovianth has this. Totally. There are more than likely a few scratches to attend to though nothing to keep him from finishing. Under the tunnel he crouches, wings tucked in as tight as he can get them. Wiggle, scoot, he is nearly at the end of the tunnel when he loses the crouch and springs up. Ashwi watches with a half grin.

And now there is a wince from the weyrlingmaster, because /there goes the tunnel/. Oh well. That's probably why it was made out of fabric and stolen chairs? Toith noses at the log, but seems to find nothing terribly concerning about it and, with a glance toward Jovianth in the tunnel, heads back to her spot to lounge. "I'll get the kit," he decides, having decided that Jovi is not about to kill himself on the rest of the course. A turn and he heads quickly for the porch of the weyrlingmaster's office and the meager supplies that are kept there, to be close at hand.

Ashwi trots towards Jovi as R'sner head for first aid stuff. "Hey there, that was great!" never mind the poor tunnel will beed to be set up again. No doubt it wouldn't have lasted long with the next dragon going through. She's quick to offer a scritch at the lowered head and an affectionate hug to the muzzle. "You got some scratches." theres a frown as her gaze goes to the shallow scratches along his body and legs.

Thankfully, that is exactly why R'sner has sought out the items he has. He's back soon enough, walking purposefully towards the weyrling pair with a small box of items held securely in his hands. "Very well done for the first try," he offers encouragingly. "The real test will be if he can get through it blindfolded." Yay for challenges! But right now, there are scratches to attend. "This should have everything you need…" and the kit is offered over. Hands-on experience is the best kind, right?? "Any splinters?" he wonders, leaning in for a closer peek. He'll worry about resetting the course later.

Ashwi's eyes widen. "Blindfolded? Really?" her brows furrow as she tries to imagine how that will go. She's running her hands along his forelegs when the kit is handed over. Surprised she takes it. Clearly she thought /he/ was going to do the firtaiding. "Um, right!" she tries to put assurance into her tone but fails. "Um..no splinters." is reported as she opens the kit to look through it.

"Eventually." Which might either be a relief that it is not happening /yet/, or concerning that it is happening /someday/. R'sner stays where he's at, but clearly he expects Ashwi to do the 'heavy lifting' of actually tending to her dragon. "They are mild scratches, and it's good for you to get some experience attending to him. In this case," and there's a peek toward the wounds, "A bit of redwort to disinfect, and then some numbweed to sooth, should be all he needs," at least from what he can see. The kit itself has various supplies required to treat minor injuries: cotton pads and gauze, redwort, numbweed salve, aloe, small scissors for cutting materials, etc.

Ashwi isn't adverse to doing this herself it was just overwhelming as she looked in the kit to see all the supplies. Luckily R'sner puts her on the track on the order of which to do things as well as what the items she is using does. First things first she uses the redwort on a couple longer but very shallow scratches along his side. Then the redwort gets applied to the shorter and slightly deeper one on his foreleg. Next is the numbweed. even though he wasn't complaining overly much on pain there is a contented sigh from Jovi as each scratch is carefully numbed.

R'sner provides support in the form of supervision, keeping an eye on Ashwi as she attends to Jovi, and taking a closer look at any scratches that look a little deeper, or longer, than he'd prefer. But all seems right enough, and he takes a half-step back to allow the pair adequate room. Once it's clear that Ashwi's got this, and has moved onto the numbweed portion, there's a murmured, "I'm going to reset the course," before he heads off to do just that.

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