Colors And Conversations

Winter - Month 2 of Turn 2717
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Training Field
Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise maneuvers required for the rescue and protection work that the weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

note: This log takes place immediately after 'Obstacle Course"

With the threat of rain on the horizon, Nassir is shrouded in a heavy tan cloak, the hood drawn up to protect his hair. Carrying a basket, filled with food and thermos of klah, his tilts his head as he gets close enough to see the chaos that is the weyrling training field. Taking in the scene, a warm chuckle spills from his lips as he sets the basket down and folds his arms loosely over his chest. No, he is not climbing a tree. "Looks like my room," he calls over in merry tones. "Less lace, mind you, but…"

Ashwi finishes up the numbweed portion of the tending before she's moved on to the bandaging portion. Leaving the scratches along his side bared she wraps up his foreleg oh so tenderly.

Toith is certainly keeping an eye on Jovianth, a soft snort offered as the bandages start going on. Nose down, she angles her head so that she can inspect Ashwi's handiwork. But in general, she's unconcerned and maintains her aforementioned opinion on the matter. The chaos of the weyrling's training field is rather impressive, even if Jovi did a darn good job getting through things with relatively few issues. A few tipped over cones, and of course the tunnel that he's completely demolished. It's the latter that is the subject of R'sner's attention; chairs turned back up, tarp retrieved and placed back over the found items so that a tunnel is made. It's in the midst of securing tarp-corners with stones that Nassir's entrance catches his attention. "Something like it," he agrees with enough amusement in his tone to be teasing.

Exhaling a husky laugh, Nassir tosses a wink to R'sner, his weight shifting as he settles down to sit next to the basket. "So if I throw fabric over the chairs you'll come tidy up my room, as well?" In the wake of the question, he flashes a smile at Toith, one hand raising in a wave. "Afternoon, Toith, Jovianth." It is as he drops back and settles on his elbows in a comfortable sprawl that his smile sweeps toward Ashwi. "Looks like you are moving full speed ahead, Ashwi." Well done.

Ashwi spares a sideways glance to Toith. "Looking good?" she asks the green conversationally. "There! All done." declares the weyrling with a grin. Jovi is perfectly fine, numbed up properly so he whirls quickly to eye Toith speculatively. Blue-green eyes whirl faster as he crouches low. Ash, who ducked before she could be whapped with a wing is turning herself to spy Nassir and his basket. Food? Hopefulness dawns in her expression as she waves to the by now familiar Igenite tailor. She starts to head in his direction. "He's doing all the work. I'm just here to encourage him."

Toith seems to believe that the wrap-job is A-Okay, though all she offers by way of confirmation is a rumbling sound in the back of her throat. But her faceted eyes whirl placidly blue-green; no concern here! She spares a moment to chuff-rumble-snort in Nassir's general direction, but with a baby-brown looking like he's about to attack? Her attention is clearly divided. « Bring it. »

"If I recall," drawls R'sner with his gaze toward the tarp as he fusses with the corner of it, "there is /already/ fabric tossed over chairs, and just about everything else, in that room." Final few tugs to make sure that tarp isn't going anywhere (until the next weyrling dragon comes along to destroy it), and he's turning to close the distance and just invite himself over to the inevitable picnic. "You're going to get filthy," sitting on the ground. But that doesn't stop him from joining, folding log legs into some semblance of order to set himself on the ground near Nassir. "You'll be doing plenty of work later," he assures Ashwi, "So enjoy the break while you can."

Noting the glance toward the basket stirs another chuckle to spilling past Nassir's lips. "Help yourselves," he assures Weyrling and Weyrlingmaster. "I brought extra sandwiches for you," since it was clear that Ashwi prefers them. "And sweet rolls," he adds with wink to R'sner. At the Weyrlingmaster's tease, he affects a wounded look, sniffing indignantly. "It's stylish, what can I say?" The moment that R'sner joins him, he twists around, leaning up to brush a warmly lingering kiss to the corner of the greenrider's lips before dropping his head in his lap. "I missed you," he sighs as one arm reaches back to wrap loosely around R'sner's waist.

Ashwi has no idea about fabric or anything else being draped around rooms. It's been forever since she's had her own room so it's only her little corner that she has her own mess tossed around. Now that she's close enough she seems content to plop down as well to seat herself cross legged on the ground. "You just may be my best friend Nassir." is said around a mouthful of food from the sandwich she's grabbed. "After I graduate I owe you a couple drinks at the bar. And if you don't drink then we can go clothes shopping. I'll need some more I'm sure!"

Jovianth crouches low to the ground his eyes locked on Toith. Seems the brown weyrling remembers the other night and the chance to pounce. Up and down his tail thumps on the ground. Wiggling forward his back haunches bunch up in anticipation of springing. He hits…waits….then he launches towards Toith with an enthusiastic bugle. It's not a sneaky attack clearly.

Even if it was a sneak attack, Toith's response would likely be very similar. A crow of surprise (or triumph, or warning?! Who knows, but it's loud) and a turn toward engaging Jovianth in a proper wrestling match. Little he may be… relatively speaking, though she's not going to go too easy on him. But she will be careful, because R'sner has insisted that she is not allowed to break bones or cause big bruises (he ruins all the fun). But there is still a snaking head to snap playfully at his tail, intentionally missing it by several feet.

Stylish. Yes. Res will allow that description, if just by lack of contesting it. He's got his hand into the basket even before he's been invited to partake, though he pauses to accommodate the greeting and flash a brief but warm smile toward the tailor; free arm (not occupied with stealing food) slings around him until Nassir is sprawling out beside him instead. "Comfortable?" asked with a glance toward the head using his lap as a pillow. And while he doesn't /say/ it, it's clear enough that he missed him, too. "Clothes shopping?" Yeah… count Res out on that one.

"Deal," Nassir states as he flashes a smile at Ashwi. "And I most assuredly do drink. If," he adds. "You need clothing, though? Shopping is… passe. You know a fabulous, darling." At the bugle, his gaze sweeps toward the dragons, a warm laugh immediately spilling past his lips, his wrist twisting to lightly scrap blunt nails along the small of R'sner's back. "There is grapes in the basket," he notes to Ashwi. "You should eat some fruit, as well. Immensely comfortable," Nassir laughs as he smiles up at Res. "You know it wouldn't be a horrible thing to get a bit of color into your wardrobe? A nice deep blue to bring out your eyes would be amazing."

Jovianth squeals with pleasure of Toith encouraging such wrestling. Another bugle erupts as he lunges away from the attempted tail snapping despite the fact she was no where near his long tail. He pounces after her tail with a snap towards it. His wings flare out, his signature move?, to try to catch her off guard.

Only keeping half an eye on their wrestling match, Ashwi is more concerned on sampling food. Listening to his insistence on eating better food she obliges by grabbing a handful of said grapes. "I'll need a ton of clothes after training but perhaps I'll start slow. Thoughts on what colors for a dress for me?" she asks curiously. Looking to R'sner she pops another grape in her mouth as she studies his eyes.

Surprise would be easier to achieve if he didn't announce his intention with such obvious gusto; a fact that Toith is happy to point out to him, even if she's also happy enough to pretend to be surprised at such things. She's up on her feet now, moving at a measured pace but lashing her tail out of Jovianth's reach with a quick flick of muscle and a cackling laugh through his mind. It's a head-butt that she'll go for, muzzle low to the ground in an attempt to (gently) nudge him over.

"Uh…" because R'sner is not at all sure about adding color to his wardrobe, and will happily use the excuse of eating a sandwich to forego commenting. But there is a hand at Nassir's head; a gentle combing through of fingers through curls in an absentminded sort of way. Ashwi might be keeping half an eye on the wrestling match, but Res is definitely mindful of it. A whisper of a frown, and a brief check-in with Toith, and he seems satisfied. A frown for Ash and a rather awkward sort of shift that attempts not to disturb Nassir. "What?" Cause she's staring at him. "My wardrobe is fine," he decides, ignoring the fact that it's basically monochromatic. Neutrals. And not even any navy. Just browns, greys and black. At least his shoulder-knot sports a bit of green? For Toith.

"With your coloring? You'd look great in jewel tones," Nassir assures. "A nice deep red would compliment your hair and skin tone." With R'sner's hand combing through his hair, his lashes sweep down to a half lidded expression, a murmur of contentment humming in his throat. "Definitely blue," he sighs contentedly. "Nice open shirt, full sleeves.. Maybe a bit of embroidery at collar and cuffs. Only," he assures R'sner with a pointedly teasing look. "For special occasions?" He even tosses in a pout while sliding a side-eye glance toward the wrestling dragons.

No doubt Jovi will learn, in time, not to announce his intentions everytime he pounces or leaps on his prey. IT's a skill that will be useful when hunting. Happy little squeals emit from the weyrling as he twists to avoid most of the headbutt directed his way. Falling to his side he tries to baff her with a wing at her head.

Ashwi stops staring after a minute with a giggle. She was trying to get him to blush. Awkward shifting is a close second. "Blue would look good." agrees the grape eating weyrling. Not that she really has much fashion sense but she's really just agreeing with the tailor. "From what I've seen of your wardrobe, I think it could use more color." not that she's one to talk but she is interested in Nassir's thoughts on colors for her. She's a girl after all so it's natural in some way she's drawn to more clothing. Then Nassir is offering insights and she listens and tries to remember his color suggestions. "Red?" she murmurs in some surprise. "Really..hmm." she'll take that into consideration for sure. "Ooh..a nice slinky dress for graduation." since during training she'll need durable and boring clothes.

That wild wing connects, and though Toith yowls as though she's been hit with great force and mortally wounded… she's fine. It's all in good fun. Give in a couple more months though, and Jovianth will outweigh her for sure. And then the /real/ wrestling can begin. But for now, she jerks her head back as though she's been struck (because she has been struck… it's just not even near fatal) and twists as though she's going to bound away from him. The sling of her tail across his path, as though to lure another pounce? Totally intentional.

R'sner does not blush, so awkward shifting is as good as Ashwi is going to get. And then a scowl for her giggle, though that particular expression is schooled into neutrality rather quickly. "I work with weyrlings," is said rather unnecessarily. "My wardrobe is perfectly suitable for that." For the disguising of dirt, he means. "It's practical." So practical it would be boring if it weren't at least trimmed and tailored to fit his form in a flattering way. A glance for Toith and Jovianth precedes a drop of his gaze to Nassir in his lap, and though it takes him a moment, he eventually concedes with a resigned, "For special occasions." And then promptly stuffs his mouth with another bite of his sandwich to chew aggressively. Gr. GRRRR.

"Jade green would be pretty on you, as well," Nassir assures Ashwi. "And a slinky dress for graduation is a must have. I would love," he notes as he lolls his head on R'sner's thigh to smile up at him. "To see you in a pair of nice billowy pants and high boots." In the wake of the words, his gaze goes a bit dreamy eyed— clearly, he's got a very good imagination. R'sner's concession, however, inspires a delighted smile, the hand at the greenrider's back kneading gently. "Lani's graduation is coming up soon," he reminds. "She'd be tickled to see you all dressed up."

Jovi crows with excitement. He got a hit in! Quickly he gets into a crouched position once more to go after the green as she intents to get away. This can not happen! Nooooo! That tail is too tempting and he pounces right at it!

Ashwini stifles another giggle at R'sner's angry chomping. Shaking her head though at the mention of Lani's graduation she says. "I doubt i'll be able to attend that." a glance to her cute and still fairly little brown. "He'll be too young I am sure for any traveling yet."

This time, Toith will allow her tail to be caught. Her neck is twisted to the side, her head angled back just enough to allow her to keep an eye on Jovianth. So rather than sling her tail away from his pounce, she lets him claim it. A roar of protest that is all in good fun, and she shifts her tail as though to pull it away from him. She's careful, though, to make sure she doesn't do something that might cause harm.

Even soothing, kneading fingers at the small of his back does not lessen the downward turn of R'sner's mouth; frowning even as he masticates the heck out of the rest of his sandwich. "No, definitely not," for Ashwi being able to attend. "I doubt you will be flying him yet," and there's no way he'd let a weyrling leave their dragon behind to go to a party. "But you've your own graduation to dress up for." As for /him/? There's a drop of his gaze to meet Nassir's eyes, a look that lingers and is rather pointedly fixed before he's looking at the basket instead and reaching to claim a sweetroll from inside. "I draw the line at billowing pants," he declares. "But the shirt I will wear. And if it is done in time, I will wear it for Lani's graduation." Conceded, as though he's just signed a peace treaty with a warring nation.

Laughter spills from Nassir's lips, dark eyes crinkling at the corners in response to the oh-so-adorable scowl on R'sner's face. Still, he's won a battle if not the fashion war and he's more then happy to claim his victory. "Done." Content, for now, with the shirt, he twists just enough to snag a handful of grapes from the basket. "Oh, it will be done," he assures as he pops a grape into his mouth. "Course," is added with a twist of his wrist to cover the chewing. "You'll need to come up to Igen for a couple hours… you know, for measurements, a fitting… that sort of thing." Slick? Nah, he's not slick.

Jovianth is victorious! The tail is grabbed with front paws and…licked! Slurped! It's his. Jovi got his first green tail! And then it's gone. But he's already had his moment of victory. With his head held high he stalks towards Ashwi, creeping hungrily.

Ashwi isn't surprised on not being able to go. And there's no way she'd be willing to leave Jo behind. "Oh I don't know…billowing pants!" her eyes crinkle at the edges in amusement on that thought. "Oooh, I can't wait to go visit….." just then Jo's poor, piteous, creels of hunger are getting closer which brings the weyrling to her feet. "Hungry." she refrains from saying 'again'. Snapping a salute to both R'sner and Nassir she awaits permission to leave.

Toith will allow him this victory, but there is definitely a gleam in those whirling eyes of hers that says /this ain't over kid/. Rematch is coming. Eventually. For now, he is too little for her to go full-throttle. As Jovianth toddles off to Ashwi for dinner, Toith follows along if just to give Nassir a proper greeting, having no qualms about sticking her face right into their business and disrupting the picnic in progress.

"Move your head," comes with a shove of R'sner's hand at the green's cheek, attempting to get his personal space back from his dragon, at least. Even if Nassir has claimed the rest of it. The weyrlingmaster is looking more irritable by the moment. A nod of his head serves as both acknowledgement and dismissal to Ashwi as she gets up to depart. "We can do the course again tomorrow. Should be a few more days before he completely outgrows the ability to get through the tunnel." Pitiful little tunnel that it is. As for Igen-trips for the purpose of measurements? That gets a look, and a pointed bite of a sweetroll so that Res doesn't have to answer. Though really, in Res-speak, that's acquiescence.

"Take care, Ashwi," Nassir notes with a smile. "It was wonderful seeing you again, Jovianth." When there is suddenly a big green snout before him, Nassir's expression softens, both his arms unwinding from around R'sner to reach up and scritch her eye ridges. "I missed you to, Toith," he assures in warm tones. When she's shoved, he laughs a bit more, dark eyes crinkling at the corners as reaches up to brush his fingers over R'sner's face. "Have I mentioned how sexy you are when you grump?"

That big green head moves only after adequate scritches have been doled out. A dragon-breath snort for the pair (that has R'sner grimacing and shoving all the more at her) and she retreats. Finding an acceptable patch of ground not far away, she settles down and stretches out for a nap. Wrestling babies is hard work! "Am I?" wonders the weyrlingmaster, another bite of his dessert disappearing soon after the words are spoken. But despite the scowl, the fingers of his free hand still slide through dark curls in a manner that is most assuredly affectionate.

Nassir dissolves into laughter in the wake of the snort, the sound eventually transforming into coughing, then gasping, then outright groaning. When it finally passes, Nassir is gasping, tears leaking from the corners of his eyes."Oh, absolutely," he sighs as his arm finds it's way back around R'sner's waist. "But then I think everything you do is sexy," he admits. Turning his head, he nuzzles for a moment at the rider's stomach before squirming in to a closer cuddle. "I'm glad to see Ashwi and Jovianth doing so well. They seem to be a very determined pair."

R'sner is not nearly as amused at getting a dragon-breath-bath as Nassir is. But he's content enough once Toith wanders off and the tailor's arm is once more around his waist. He's not going to comment on that 'everything' bit, but there's a pointed look and arched eyebrow that says he disagrees. The last bite of sweetroll is finished and, fishing in the basket, R'sner seeks to find something with which to wipe his fingers clean. "They are. Jovianth is a nice dragon. A little clumsy, a little distracted," or a lot of both, "but otherwise, a good sort. "It's Zychaelth that gives us the most trouble. And when he gets going, Chauth is right in there with him," and then everything just goes to hell fast. "I am hoping they grow out of it." Yeah. Unlikely. And R'sner's resigned sigh says he doesn't believe it even if he's wishing it were true.

Half twisting, Nassir captures R'sner's hand, dark eyes glittering as he draws one of the sticky sweet fingers into his mouth. "Mmhmm," is murmured as he draws his tongue up the length of the digit. Releasing the finger, he brushes his tongue over his lips, his brows rising and falling in a teasing lilt. "They're children," he reminds. "I am fairly certain being troublesome is a rule, even for dragons." It is the resigned, and clearly concerned, sigh that his expression sobering. "No one has gotten hurt, right?"

There is a rather pointed silence, filled with tight shoulders and sharp looks, for the assistance with his sugar-coated fingers. It is a silence that stretches for far longer than it really ought too, as R'sner seems to consider his options at length. Perhaps he means not to speak at all, until a drawn out exhale and a shift of his position breaks the stillness and brings life back to the weyrlingmaster. Dragons. Dragons are safer, and so he goes with option B and decides, "Children they might be. But these 'children' are large enough to take out the barracks if they really get going." Chauth is over thirteen meters long already, with a wingspan that surpasses twenty. Dangerous, clumsy dragon-children. "No, thankfully. Some property damage," missing shirts. Missing left-shoes. Chewed-up cots, "But nothing irreparable." A drift of (clean) fingers through Nassir's hair as R'sner settles back to rest his weight on his other hand. It might still harbor evidence of sweetroll consumption, but he seems not to care. Washing will come later. "We never got to talk, really… about what you thought of the Hatching."

Despite being intent on cuddling, Nassir is listening to every word, the serious of his expression making that fact abundantly clear. "It has to be hard," he decides. "Balancing keeping them happy and entertained and teaching discipline." Drawing in a slow breath, his head tilts a bit more to the side, the gaze on R'sner's face holding more then a little respect. "I never realized how important your job is for all of them," he admits. It is the last that his him lapsing into silence, his brows furrowing mildly as gathers his thoughts. When does speak, the words are low and quiet. "It was… remarkable," he admits. "A little daunting to consider the magnitude of what was happening. I never really thought about it much before this." Now? Now he has no choice but to think about it fairly regularly.

"The weyrlings have it harder," counters R'sner. "At least right now. They are adjusting to a new life, and balancing that with the busyness of caring for a young dragon. They grow overnight; sometimes I swear they grow before my eyes," he continues, caught in a train of thought that he can be rather verbose about. Weyrlings, he can discuss. Himself? Not so much. He is not unaware of that look being directed his way, as avoiding it. Because to have the focus on himself is uncomfortable. And so he looks to Toith instead, gaze settling on the sprawled out green who's breathing indicates slumber even if her tail twitches now and again. But the discussion of the Hatching draws his gaze back to Nassir, and it's a softer expression that touches his face, even if he's not quite smiling. "That is… one of the reasons I wanted you to come for it. Because it is significant. And dragon-kind will only survive so long as there are those willing to stand as a candidate for the eggs." Another drift of fingers, gentler touch to the side of Nassir's face as Res brushes his thumb against cheek.

Nassir tilts his head into the touch on his cheek, his expression softening at the sight of R'sner looking at Toith. Again, he's silent for a time, gathering his thoughts. "They need exceptional people," he agrees. "I cannot really imagine that," he admits. "To have your world change so suddenly. But then, having had the opportunity to see them hatch? To see Ashwi and Jovianth growing together? It's hard," he admits with a wry laugh. "Not to be a little envious of having that kind of unconditional love." In the wake of the words, his brows furrow, a faint frown rising only to fade once more.

"Exceptional?" asks R'sner, repeating that word in a way that suggests skepticism. "There is nothing about a dragonrider that is any different than those in the crafts, or the Holds, or in the lower caverns," except for that whole 'dragon' thing. "It is a misconception that dragonriders are somehow… better, somehow /more/, than anyone else." Apparently, there are strong feelings on this, though R'sner's tone remains level, and his expression relaxed. But there is no challenge to the assessment of unconditional love; just a glance at Toith and a brief tightening of his jaw at whatever thought drifts through his mind. A moment, and a brief clearing of his throat, later and R'sner is changing the subject with a polite, "How is your embroidery coming?"

"I suppose," Nassir allows in response to R'sner's counter. "But that.." Shaking his head, he affords a mild shrug, his lips twitching in a ghost of a smile. "I happen to think you are very exceptional," he points out. "And I am certain Toith agrees with me." At the last, he twists one wrist in an airy wave. "It comes. I've got the trim I was working on mostly finished. I'm hoping to finish the pillows for your Weyrlings in the next few days," he admits.

A pained expression flits across R'sner's face, but it's just a low sigh that answers Nassir's statement of his exceptionality. "I am sure they will appreciate them," murmured for the pillows, though it's clear he's distracted with his own thoughts and not completely focused upon the subject at hand. Despite the fact that it was he who asked in the first place. For a moment, he lapses into a silence that is very much a 'up in his head' sort of silence; distant despite the fact that Toith is sleeping and so he cannot be conversing with her. And then a sigh and a gentle nudge of Nassir's shoulder with his hand as he encourages, "Up. There is no need for us to sit in the field, and I'd rather go somewhere more comfortable." Even if there is a vague disquiet about him, and he hasn't yet lost the hint of a frown.

Nassir frowns at the pained expression, a sigh spilling past his lips. "You know that I do not…" Trailing off, he lets it go, his chin dipping in a nod as he rolls to his feet and stoops to repack the basket. Slipping it over one arm, he shakes his cloak back into place and sweeps his arm out in a 'lead on' gesture. "After you."

A discussion for another time, perhaps. For now, R'sner is quick to climb to his feet and dust off his hands; sugar and dirt being removed as much as possible. A glance around the field to be sure he hasn't missed anyone (nope, no weyrlings needing attention) and then he's reaching for Nassir's hand to walk /with/ him rather than ahead of him back to the Weyr proper.

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