Crunch-a Munch-a Herdbeast

Western Weyr - Corrals
Enclosed by a high wooden fence on one side and the steep walls of the weyr on the other is a half acre of grass that holds the Weyr's herdbeasts and wherry flock. While this dragon feeding area is smaller than most of the Weyrs on Pern, there is still enough room for a large dragon to swoop down and grab his dinner with relative ease.

The rains have let up at least long enough to let the beasts spread out a bit in the feeding pens. Which means Suldith can get himself a meal. The small bronze is circling up above, trying to get a lock on a choice beast. Meanwhile his rider is sitting on the fence to the pens. He's in his leathers, but peeled out of his coat which is hanging on the fence next to him, leaving up a collared shirt underneath. He's got a clipboard with him he's pouring over intently, making notes here and there and mumbling to himself. Every so often he looks up to check Suldith's progress. "Mrr. Suldith, just pick one already. Are you out for a fly or looking to get a meal?" The bronze doesn't seem to be descending though, still swooping about overhead like a vulture.

Now that the rains have let up, it means Kaliena can go back to her usual habits of wandering the Weyr when free time allows it. The young apprentice Smithcraft should be studying, but finding her mind unable to focus, she had gone to explore. Which may or may not explain why she's suddenly down by the corrals. She's dressed in her usual sweater and slim cut pants and her usual worn boots, though her hair is bound back this time in as tidy of a braid as she can manage. It doesn't take her long to spot Zi'on from where he sits on the fence and since there is very little else for Kaliena to be doing in the corrals, she begins to edge her way closer. "Suldith feeding? Or this your new office?" she drawls, once she's close enough to do so and regardless if she manages to sneak up and possibly startle the Weyrleader.

Zi'on jumps a little when someone addresses him, turning to see a familiar face. "Hey you." When Kaliena is close enough he pokes at her nose. Then he points up to point out the bronze to her. Zi'on is currently sitting on the fence, his dragon circling above them looking for meal. "He says he's feeding. But all I see him doing is flying. I'm supposed to be at the office right now, but he insisted I come out to watch." Zi'on shrugs. "He's always like this." He looks to the smithcrafter then. "What about you? Doesn't look like you're practicing swinging your hammer." He grins to her then. "Want to practice swinging mine?" What a terrible attempt at being lewd, but it works all the same. Sort of. He picks up his jacket to wrap the clipboard up in, then tosses it to what looks like a dryish spot on the ground.

Kaliena bats at Zi'on's hand when he pokes her on the nose, facial features screwing up into an annoyed look before her blue eyes drift upwards to where Suldith is circling above. "Maybe he doesn't see one he wants?" the girl assumes with a shrug as her gaze falls back to the Weyrleader with a vague smirk. "Does he share?" she drawls teasingly and then shakes her head. "Told you, I'm only doing studying with reading and all first. Won't be touching real stuff till later. Maybe in a sevenday or so." His grin and attempt to be lewd is met with a snort and now it's Kaliena's turn to try and jab him one in the side for that. "That was awful. Even for you." She grumbles, before eyeing his tossed jacket. That has her frowning. "Guess that bit of work weren't too important?"

With a very uncertain and quiet step a youth of around 15 turns slips out to the Corral from the direction of the bowl. Its Sol, and he's got his artists satchel slung over his shoulder and a comfy looking knitted blue sweather on. Even with that, his slight body is shivering a little bit in the cool clear air. But that doesn't stop him from his goal: sketching the dragons coming out to eat. He finds a handy rock to sit on, gets out his sketchbook and pencils, and looks straight towards the circling Suldith. "Beauty," he says to himself, ignorant to anything else.

Zi'on shrugs and sighs. "Who knows?" Actually Zi'on knows, he's been talking to the bronze and it's proving a little distracting maybe to both of them. Now that Zi'on is occupied Suldith can focus a bit better. "Ooh, fun. You need tools or something, I'm your man." He grunts as she jabs him, but continues grinning at her. "Sorry. I thought you were mad at me anyways." He looks back and shrugs. "Can't concentrate on a bunch of trade tallies right now. I don't know why I feel the need to check Enka's work anyways." Zi'on looks over to spot Solarus, remembering the teen from the other day. "Hey, Lord of the klah. How goes the drawing?" Suldith finally dives down, having decided on a herdbeast. He ends its life in a quick flash, then proceeds to drag it over to the fence where his rider is. The beast drags between the bronze's legs, making him walk flayed out with a funny gait. Then he gives the group a warble before he starts to feed. Right there.

"Nah, I got my tools. Might need better ones if I ever become a Journeyman. But by then I should have marks of my own for it." Kaliena murmurs in a long-winded way of saying "thanks for the offer". Then she quirks a brow up, head tilting a bit to the side. "Why'd you think that? I ain't mad." She only chuckles when Zi'on mentions checking Enka's work, giving a half-hearted shrug to show she's no more certain then he is why he checks over the work. Then the Weyrleader is addressing another and Kaliena turns her head enough to spy Solarus sitting not too far off. "Lord of the klah?" the girl drawls curiously and loud enough for both to overhear. She probably would have begun her usual suspicious-edged greetings then on the poor young artist but Suldith chooses just that moment to begin feeding. Right there. Which means Kaliena, is of course, staring and unable to look away. "Huh."

Solarus blushes profusely at the sound of the nickname, but he does wave a greeting at Zi'on, "Its going great," he says excitedly. "Is that your bronze sir? I know some of the dragons by sight, but I always have trouble remember who they are paired with," his sketchbook currently is inhabited by a bare skeletal structuring sketch of Suldith, but the dragon's meal capture, and weird walk, cause him to giggle and quickly turn to a fresh page to sketch some more. "I think I'll call this one dragon waddle," he says with a slight giggle.

Zi'on tries not to look put out as Kaliena flat out refuses to let him buy things for her. "Oh.. well, alright then." The bronzer shrugs then. "You ran off at the beach the other night. I just thought maybe you were mad or something. I went looking for you but I couldn't find you." He nods to Kali about Solarus with a grin. "Mm. We met the other night at dinner. He brought me some klah." And then started dancing with it, but Zi'on leaves that bit out. Kaliena was already a little harsh around people she didn't know, and Zi'on didn't want to feed that. "Yeah, that's mine. Suldith." The bronzer chuckles. "Eh. He's a little weird as far as dragons go." Also cute. Though not right now, as he munches down on herdbeast. The bronze makes a low warbling noise while he eats that sounds like a purr, then snaps at some of the firelizards fluttering about looking for a piece of his meal.

"I went to go hunt down some of the 'brats I know to see if they were responsible for that girl's clothing going missing." Kaliena explains with a slight snort, totally oblivious to how put out Zi'on seems since her eyes seem glued to Suldith as the bronze feeds, looking both fascinated and slightly grossed out. Not that she doesn't mind him paying the bill for things, but the girl is trying to find /some/ independence. "No luck. She still have your shirt then?" she asks in a tone that screams "it's a trap". Maybe the girl was a little miffed from the night on the lagoon. "Ah, I see." The apprentice Smithcrafter drawls, finally pulling her gaze away long enough to fix Solarus with another look. Sure enough, she's suspicious of the young artist, eyeing the sketchbook he has with him with unrestricted curiosity. "I'm going to guess you came up with the name?" That she directs to Zi'on with a smirk.

Solarus is not as much grossed out by the display of eating as he is by the fact that the dragon keeps 'moving' as he's trying to 'sketch' him and his eyes keep darting back and forth to the target of his artistic inspiration as he quickly tries to pencil in some semblence of his subject. "Well, um, he said he'd call me that if I didn't tell him my name. I did tell him my name though," he looks at Zi'on pointedly. "And um, yeah…" Yeah. He's rapt for awhile after that with his drawing, and settles in to fleshing out the body of the dragon more. Sketch sketch.

Zi'on gives Kali an incredulous look about her charity about the girl's clothes from the other night. At least he doesn't look too put out by her refusal. At least he seems to get over it pretty quickly. The bronzer nods and shrugs about his shirt. "Yeah I guess. Didn't even catch her name, so I guess it's lost to me now." Hopefully that doesn't put him into too much a trap. There's a grin and a nod about Solarus' nickname. "Sorry. I probably shouldn't call you that. Solarus, right?" He asks the artist teen. "The easiest time to sketch him will be while he's asleep. Or maybe when he's out on the sands. Which should be any day now." Suldith pauses in his eating and stretches his neck out to sniff at Solarus' hair. Also to peer at his drawing. He gives what sounds like a warble of approval, then goes back to eating and snapping at the buzzing firelizards.

Kaliena shoots Zi'on a look for his incredulous one. What? Sure, it sounded like the girl was being nice. But if he knows her well enough, and there's probably other motives for her going off to find the clothes, if she isn't outright lying. "What? You didn't either? Well… shards." She mutters, lifting a hand up to scratch at her head, which only pulls more of her hair loose from the braid she put it in. On the matter of Solarus' name, the girl grins vaguely and some of the suspicion and aloofness from her eases back. "He tends to do that." She drawls and by 'he' she obviously means the Weyrleader. "Lord of the klah does have a ring to it though…" Kaliena admits and then she's silent again as Suldith stretches his head out to sniff at the artist, watching the exchange with barely contained amusement.

Solarus makes a slightly horrified face as he's being breathed on by a dragon who has just been scarfing down herdbeast. He covers his face with his hand and looks up at Suldith pleadingly. "Oh please, feel free to do that any time ~but~ when you've just been eating," he says, apologetically. At least he's not afraid to speak his mind. He turns to look at Kaliena. "I don't even drink klah," he admits. "But it does have a sort of ring…" he closes his sketchbook though. "I'd better go back to the weyr sir and get some weaving done before my mother comes and drags me back to the workshop. But I'd love to sketch Suldith again sometime," when the dragon isn't moving around so much. Hopefully.

Zi'on could never tell what Kali was thinking. And had no idea what she filled her time with other than chores and smithcraft and him. He peers at Kali. "..Shards? Well, maybe Enka did. Why do you want to know what her name was, anyways?" Zi'on is suspicious! He does reach over to smooth out Kali's hair when she's done scratching her head. He can't fix the braid though. Zi'on chuckles at Solarus' reaction. "Eh, just push his face away. He doesn't have any concept of personal space." Really, Suldith's breath probably always smells like meat or fish unless for some reason he's been flaming. The weyrleader gives the artist a nod. "Well, alright then. See you later, Solarus. He'll be on the sands soon, like I said. You're always welcome in the galleries."

"So she could get her clothes back?" Kaliena replies back smartly, sarcasm in her tone. Obviously! Zi'on's suspicion only earns him a sly little smile from the girl. Who knows if she's truly Nymma's friend or not and certainly wasn't behaving as such during that night on the lagoon shores. She allows him to smooth out her hair up until she realizes what he's doing and then promptly ducks her head away. Hey! "Take care," Kaliena calls to Solarus, lifting her hand to give a brisk half wave to Solarus, though she wrinkles her nose a bit at the poor artist's luck in having Suldith so close after the bronze had eaten. Maybe that's why she's standing so close to the Weyrleader. Shield, anyone? "How soon?" she asks, glancing up to Zi'on when she latches on to some of the parting conversation.

Zi'on eyes Kaliena. "Maybe you should just give me her clothes, since I'll be the one she needs to return the shirt to anyways. That is if you've miraculously found them somehow." The bronzer frowns at her when she ducks her head away from him. If Kaliena thinks that Zi'on is a shield from Suldith's antics she is sadly mistaken. The bronze is likely to drop a hunk of meat at Zi'on's feet and expect them to have lunch with him. Which is why Zi'on often brings his own sandwich or something to eat. "Until the eggs get laid? Should be any day now. Hopefully Suldith won't stress too much over this one." Zi'on leans back a bit on the fence, using his hands to steady himself. "We should play a game. How about truth or dare?"

The frown Kaliena gives Zi'on for his recommendation shows she does not like that idea one bit but it could also mean she doesn't have the clothes. "Never said I /had/ 'em personally, did I?" Did she? "But I've an idea where they could be. 'Brats I questioned were being asses about it and cryptic. Can't be far from the lagoon though." She remarks dryly and with a shrug of her shoulders, her signal that that's all she has on that subject. Giving a sidelong glance to Suldith, the girl edges closer to the fence but some distance from where the bronze had dragged his kill but not too far from Zi'on before hopping up to sit. "Maybe he won't." Kaliena agrees with a slight nod before giving him a lingering look and a slightly suspicious frown. Games? "Don't you need more folk for truth or dare?"

Zi'on peers at Kali. "No. But I assumed you must because you wanted to know her name to give them back. You just said that. Anyways, what's stopping me from going down there right now to find them and give them back? Plus I bet Enka knows her name. Even easier then for me." Zi'on suddenly wonders why he's talking about this girl and why he's digging himself a hole like this to one-up Kaliena. A bout of stubborn stupidity. He watches her hop up onto the fence. Waaaay over there. It doesn't matter if it's close, if it's not right next to Zi'on the bronzer can only take it one way. "I dunno. Don't you want to play a game with me? We could always tip herdbeasts or something, too. I've never done that before, though I heard you can. I think the 'beasts are supposed to be asleep though or something."

"Cause you don't know where they are? And I doubt you have time to go scouring all around for some nameless girl's clothing." Kaliena challenges, her frown deepening a bit as Zi'on persists with the subject. Looks like they're both being stubborn today and that's bound to lead to them butting heads. And she's not that far from the bronzerider and he's always welcome to move closer if it bugs him. Because again, the girl is oblivious to what her actions have done. "Sure I'd like to play a game." Kaliena leans back where she sits on the fence, bracing herself with her hands. She eyes the Herdbeasts and her nose wrinkles. "No tipping. So truth and dare it is then?"

Zi'on chuckles. "I don't really. But I can pay some weyrbrat to do it. If I missed that shirt enough to go out of my way." Zi'on caves in from being stubborn. Plus Kaliena was starting to take on that look she gets when she's really mad and not just scowling because he's annoying her. Suldith has finally finished up as much as he can eat, and he flutters over with a full belly to find a place to bask in the sun for a nap. The bronzer really, is a big baby about things. Or maybe he's just overly paranoid, expecting things to mean stuff they actually don't. Zi'on hops down off the fence and heads over to where Kaliena is sitting on it. He leans over onto his with his arms straddling her legs. "Alright then. Truth or dare?"

Kaliena only snorts, letting the subject over the clothing slide unchallenged. If Zi'on does pay off a weyrbrat, then she'll leave him to it. And he's in luck since she's really only annoyed and not so much mad. Probably helps that she's felt she's "won". The girl is paranoid too and prone to mistaking things for something else and always suspicious of some hidden meaning tucked away. So when he moves over to her, she only follows him with a curious look and then smirks when leans over. "Hmm," Kaliena looks up for a moment, brows furrowing as she considers her choice. "Truth." She chooses and hopefully won't regret it.

Lucky for Kaliena Zi'on generally isn't clever enough to say one thing and mean another. Unless he's trying to make a lewd comment. And even then most of them were horrible. And she has won, really. The bronzer has given up. He smiles up at her as she smirks at him, his eyes locking onto her big blue ones. "Truth? Hmm…." He ponders for a minute, though it seems to be a bit fake. Especially considering what he asks her. "Were you jealous of that girl on the beach other day?" Okay, so maybe he hasn't quite dropped the subject just yet.

And she does regret choosing truth, and that much shows on Kaliena's expression as she gives Zi'on a narrowed look. She's well and truly caught, unless she refuses to play the game. "Not fair." She grumbles sulkily and would probably cross her arms then if she weren't using them to balance herself on the fence. "She was wearing your shirt. When she had a perfectly good towel to walk back to the caverns with." Which means yes. Yes she was. A little. "Truth or dare?" Kaliena asks and probably interrupting Zi'on's reply if she has too.

Surely Kali should have realized what Zi'on was about to ask her. He's actually a little surprised she doesn't just storm off or refuse. He smiles to her at her mention of things not being fair. Really, she could have stopped right there. Zi'on pretty much already knew her answer then anyways. "Heh, that—" The bronzer is cut off by Kali hurrying the game along. He chuckles. "Technically that wasn't an answer. But I'll let it slide, since you're cute and all. Well, since I asked you something embarrassing I guess I'll go with truth then. Make it a good one." He chuckles at her and leans in a little closer to her.

Kaliena should have but she didn't and normally she would have stormed off. That temptation still lingers and it shows by the fact that she isn't smiling even though they're supposedly playing a game. Zi'on's little compliment on her cuteness earns a rough snort. "Would you sleep with that girl?" she asks, bluntly and openly. What kind of question is that? Her eyes narrow and fix on the Weyrleader waiting for his reaction though she skips ahead again regardless. "Dare." She mutters.

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