Search and Flirt

Warning: PG-13+ content.

Western Weyr - Center of the Bowl
This is the center of the huge oval crater of the Weyr. Standing here you can see how immense it is. The cliff sides rise up all around you, dotted with the caves of the dragon rider's weyrs. To the west you can see the arch open to the sea. North is the hatching grounds, south you see the cave entrance to the living caverns, and to the south east the entrance to the infirmary, raised a little from the weyr wall.
Electric lights light the entrances as those on night duty come out to take over, moving quietly in the night so as not to disturb those sleeping about the Weyr.Winter has descended once again upon the Western island, though those from the north would never be able to tell it, but the short days and the cooler nights are painfully obvious to those born here.

Ixieae stares at M'roc. Staaaares. Eyes wide, eyebrows arched, she peeks around. Waiting for someone to jump out and expose the joke. "Uh… huh. Uh… did my pa put you up to this? Y'know, to teach me something? Haha. Not amused." The rag is just scowled at and placed on one of the arms of her chair. There. At least she's not touching it anymore. "You're joking, I can tell. I know when someone is joking. This is a joke… right? I mean really, is your brown /sure/?" Leaning forward, Ixieae sends a look towards Cairokelth. "I think you might have my vibes mixed up with hers." She jerks a thumb in Ashkaldyn's direction. "I'm not sure I'm candidate material. They have to do those… chore things. And… ugh!" But it's not in Ixieae's nature to pass up an opportunity, so she suffers internally. "…did you just call me a spoiled brat? Well listen here Miss Priss, you're on! I'll freaking go and oil that dragon and I'll come and oil your COT as well. How does that sound?" Grabbing the rag, she gets to her feet. Eyes narrowed and teeth clenched. "Weyrlingmaster, you got yourself a bloody candidate!" Shoving her rag-filled fist up, she shouts this!

Dryssa meanders into the bowl, from the hatching grounds.
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Slightly confused, M'roc raises an eyebrow and turns to regard Ashkaldyn with a light laugh. "You'd rather stand… /away/ from the dragonets? D'you not want to Impress?" He asks, but then shakes his head. "It doesn't matter where you are on the sands. If your dragons hatches, it'll find you. You could be hidden behind fifty other candidates, or on the top row of the stands. It'll go out of it's way, potentially injuring itself and anyone in it's way, to get to you. So, if you'd remember this on hatchng day — don't hide. It'll help to prevent injuries," he explains with a patient smile. Then, at Ixieae's outburst, the brownrider can't help but laugh, rubbing his hands together a tad sadistically. Cairokelth warbles, pleased that his oiling will be finished sometime soon. "Well, welcome to Candidacy, Ixieae!" M'roc says happily. "If Cairokelth tells me he wants you to stand, then you needn't be worried about mixed vibes. He's sure, trust me," M'roc says, tone firm though he remains smiling.

"Hm, yes, well…" and she flicks her hand at Ixieae as she runs off with M'roc. "I can't believe I have to live with her!" Ashkaldyn rolls her eyes, and takes up residence in Ixieae's chair.
Ixieae flits into the bowl, from the living cavern.

"We got /another/ sexy candidate? Hold on, hold on— let me bask in the glory of the moment!" Basking.. Basking.. Looks like Xaleres has picked the perfect time to come out of the caverns, stretching his arms — still puffy-pink-shirt-ized — grinning broadly at the scene he has conveniently come upon. "Awww, and look who it is! Miss Slacker! Guess you're not going to teach me the wonderful ways of mooch-tastic-ing at Western anytime soon." He waggles his brows, curiously looking at everyone else — especially the girls — with that blindingly white smile imprinting his face. "Oh! And, you! I figured it out!" As he sees Ashkaldyn. "If it ends in 'N', it's /definitely/ Kitten. No question. Or Button. Since, you know, you're cute as one." When's his cue to run away?

Ixieae comes forth from the Weyr, her face a bit dazed and a sparkly new knot upon her shoulder. Oooh! Shiny! The dragon she was supposed to help oil is eyed, but she'll get to that later. Dragons can wait, right? Riiight. Though at this time, what Ixieae needs to finish her sunning than find some poor drudge to move all her stuff into the candidate barracks. All in good time. "Ah, shards, you /too/?" Xaleres gets a headshake. "So I have to deal with her," Ashkaldyn gets a glare. "And /you/? Great. Let me know where your cots are, so I can stay the heck away from both of you. And I swear, if someone," GLARE. "Is in my chair by the time I make it to there, I'll not be held responsible for my actions."

Ashkaldyn stands soon after, as Xaleres intrudes upon her solitude. Grump. "Right, well, if you think /that/ is Sexy," and she's meaning Ixieae, there's no doubt, "Then you're hopeless. She's a spoiled rotten little wher, that's what she is. Ugh." As for names? Ashka just smiles at Xaleres in the way a snake might smile at it's prey.

Shortly after Ixieae's reappearance, Dryssa follows out into the bowl. Although she's wearing her favorite eye-destroying patchwork rainbow dress, there's an unusually mopey look on the girl's face, missing her normal vitality and enthusiasm. As she makes her way into the bowl she spots the familiar faces of Xaleres and Ashkaldyn, perking up just a little to give them a wave. "Hi there, Xale. Ash. Oh, wait. Ashka… Ashdyl… Ash-something." She smiles sheepishly.

"Aw but /baby/," Xaleres pouts with his lower lip at Ixi. "It's harder to sneak into my cot at night if you're all the way across the dorm." He reluctant shrugs, rolling his eyes that — yet again — he's been foiled. "Ah well. I suppose it wouldn't be TOO hard for me to sneak into YOURS… Unless you want to save me the trouble and snuggle up right now?" Wink-a-wink. "Weeelll. If you want to prove you're sexier, you can go right ahead. I'm /waiting/, wildcat. You know I like 'em with a little spunk, though. What fun is the chase if they aren't gonna try and escape? One of these days, though, you guys'll see, and you'll be begging at my awesome feet. Really. You will." But then there's Dryssa, and his face LIGHTS UP. Cha CHING. "Ashdylkan? Ashlyn? HEHE. Dryssa, you're a cupcake. Remind me to kiss you later."

Ashkaldyn looks horrorstruck at Dryssa, and then she just sighs and rolls her eyes. "Gee, thanks Dryssa. But you're not even close. Tell you what.. I'll make an exception for you. You can call me Ash. But /only/ you." Xaleres is given a narrow-eyed look, and she shakes her head. "You'll be kicked out," she threatens. "I've got to go, all this acidity is making my hair frizz." And off she goes, back into the Living Caverns.

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Ixieae snorts out and happily reclaims her chair. Mine! "I'm sure you'll have many other cots to crawl into, Xally-poo. Go bug this chick in here. Ash-a-whatevertheshards. The two of you can make beautiful music together. Just stay away from my stuff, my cot, and me. Creepy guy." She mutters under her breath and settles in. "Now, I don't know who you are," Dryssa gets glanced at. "Or the other people milling about, but this is /my spot/. I've thusly claimed it. Y'all are ruining my attempt at getting some sun. Now shoo!" Using her hands, she does that hushing-away-motion. "Get! Or do something constructive, like make me a sandwich." Xaleres now holds her attention. "Actually, yeah. Get me a sandwich, Xal. I'm hungry."

Dryssa gets that confused look of hers at Xaleres' reaction, scratching her head a little. "… Why would you want to kiss a cupcake?" She asks, thinking much too literally again. "You'd get frosting everywhere." Seizing the opportunity, the artist girl collapses into the nearest unoccupied seat, giving the departing record keeper a wave. "She seems nice… though way too uptight." Of course, who isn't uptight compared to Dryssa. She gives Ixieae a confused look, then suddenly grins slyly. "You know… you'd get a better tan if you bought one of my bikinis." Never pass up an opportunity to make a sale.

Xaleres kick-punches the air with victory. "/Yesssss/!" is hissed as he does so, and then bounces on his feet a bit giddily. "I get to call her a /nickname/ even! I soooo have her." Xaleres, obviously, is trying to build up an army of hot chicks to follow him everywhere. Too bad.. it'll never happen. "Xally-poo? Well isn't that cute, Ixi-poo. Hey, I'm not creepy! Just.. fanatically annoying, rude, and disgusting. Oh wait. Same thing." Wink. To Dryssa, he chuckles. "Course I'd kiss a cupcake. Frosting is one of the most wonderful tasting things on Pern." Nom nom. Now, the ordered sandwich command gets a bit of a look, but, he knows he can use this to his advantage. Quickly, the boy drops to his knees in front of Ixieae's chair, folding his hands up to her in a sort of 'beg'. "I will, your high-ness, if you tell me you love me. Or kiss me. You know. Either works."

"Fine, I love you. Now get to the living caverns and make it a good one. Not just a slice of meat and some bread. I want it stacked!" Ixieae says, crossing her arms. "And I want everything on it. Don't skimp." Her declaration of love stated, Xaleres is ignored until he does as he is told. "Bikini, you say? What we talking 'bout here? Colors, size, style, what? And how much. I ain't made of marks, but I know where to get one." Gogo taking money from her dad! "But… I'd need to see anything before hand, cause that dress…" It burns her eyes. "I'm almost wondering where your sanity was when making that."

"But… why wouldn't you just eat the cupcake? Or at least lick the frosting off?" Dryssa says with that befuddled look of hers, likely completely failing to see the wealth of potential innuendo she just gave to Xaleres. Shaking off some of her momentary funk, she lights up at the interest from Ixieae. "Oh, I make them in all sorts of colors, sizes, and styles! My bikinis are all custom made to fit the unique shape and style of the wearer! Trust me, I'm a respected artist. I designed the candidate uniforms!" Suddenly, that slightly sad look returns. "Oh, wait. They aren't the uniforms anymore. The weyrleader pulled them." Much sadness.

"She loves me!" is the light squeal that emits from Xale's mouth as she says so, his twinkling smile widdening at the news. And then, being the ass that he is, woops down for a quick 'smooch' on the girl's knee — and before she can kick him, he bounces up again. "Best sandwich for the bratty lady coming right up. When they start on the talk of fashion, he leaves Dryssa up to handle herself; she's a tough girl, if only because she's a bit… naive. "If that cupcake were a girl like you, would I eat you? Nah. Just.. ya know. Lick and nibble a bit." Wink-wink. Now's the time to make a dash for it before he finds a face-full of Ixi-poo-ness. He will return!

Ixieae is… quite speechless. The other girl doesn't seem to rise to the bait. At all. Ixieae almost doesn't know what to do with herself. "Uh… Well… GOOD THEN." Yeah. That'll do it! "Cause I'd want one tailored exactly to me! None of this 'worn before' crap, I deserve better!" She's now just babbling, trying to find something to say that might hit a nerve. Any nerve! MAYBE?! "Why how dare yo—" Ixieae does kick her leg up, but sadly misses the bizarre lad. "The next time your lips touch my body, it'll be on my large arse! So watch it!" She snaps, getting to her feet and flouncing around, her face grows red with both anger and embarrassment. Ixieae is mildly appeased as he takes off to do her bidding. Mwahaha! But then her attention focuses back on the weaver. "So like… you and him an item or something? He seems to like ya. You should get a piece."

Dryssa seems a little surprised by the knee-kissing, but takes it in stride. It's pretty in line with what she's come to expect of Xaleres, after all. She's more interested in continuing to hawk her fine fashions. "That's right! And you'll never find quality like this for these prices anywhere else! You'll make quite a statement and get a great tan. What do you say?" The last question makes her ponder, and she looks in the direction of the cavern to make sure Xaleres isn't sneaking up. "I don't think so. He's a really nice guy, and he's helped me out a lot since I got here…" Is she talking about the same Xaleres? "And I think he's been trying to flirt with me. But he does that with every girl he sees, it seems like."

"Let me tell you, honey, all men are like him. At least he's got a kickin' bode and a pretty boy face. You could do worse. I suggest flirting back a little. Reel him in, but don't seem /too/ interested. He seems like the type who'll run for the hills. Maybe. I've only seen him about once or twice. Anyway," Ixieae kicks her feet up and rests them on a nearby large rock. Aaah, yes. "He's a candidate too, right? He's totally gonna be getting himself a green, I bet. That'll give him an excuse to sleep with all the girls… and the boys." That thought brings forth a malicious cackle. "But yeah, what the heck, I'll take a look at some of your bikinis. I could use one anyway. But I want one that makes me look sexy, got it?"

"Really? You think so?" Dryssa ponders the advice given, apparently taking it seriously. She looks up at the sky. "Hmmm. Well, maybe it's worth trying… you think so? Sometimes I'm a little clueless when it comes to men." Or anything else, for that matter. She grins happily and claps her hands together at the acceptance. "You got it! I can make you something fantastic, I promise! You won't regret it."

Ixieae nods her head, a mildly amused look on her face. Just ignore that glint in her eye. "Oh yeah, totally! Act interested, but not too interested. Play hard to get, but not /too/ hard to get." The way of flirting is dark, mysterious and complicated. "Use some body language. Wiggle your hips, shimmy your rack, flounce a little. So the right parts of you jiggle. You know what I'm talking about." Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. "Boys are dumb. They'll see that and melt at your feet. It's why women rule all of Pern. We know how to yoink around their chains." Both literally and not.

Given the look on Dryssa's face, it is all too apparent that she doesn't actually know what Ixieae is talking about. Not in the same way, at least. "Could it really be that simple?" Dryssa looks up at the sky and adopts a very thoughtful look. "Well, if you think so, I'll take your advice! You seem like you know what you're talking about… anything else I should do? And hey, what's your name anyways?" Dryssa is clearly not that hard to influence.

"Anything else? Hmmm." Tapping her chin with her finger, Ixieae gets the same look on her face as Dryssa. "Well, shards. I don't think so. Mind you, I haven't actually tried any of these moves myself. No guys are worthy of what I've got going on." Vogue it up, baby. "But I know for a fact they work. I heard once that most men don't like chatty girls too. So just use your body language, like I said, and like… tell him what you want to tell him /that/ way." Mime it? "But really, you need to hold the reins but let him think HE is. Let him think he's in charge, but make sure he knows, in the back of your mind, that it's all you." She winks once more for emphasis. "Sound good? I'll keep a watch on ya, let'cha know where you're going wrong."

Dryssa listens attentively, but the somewhat blank look on her face suggests that a lot of Ixieae's advice is just confusing her. "So he has to think he's in charge, but I have to be in charge?" Pause. "In charge of what?" She stares up at the sky while considering the wealth of advice that was just imparted to her. "Use my body language? So it's like performance art?"

"Her name's Ixi-poo, and she's about to get the most fantastic sandwich ever— AFTER she tells me I'm the most fantasticly handsome bloke in this joint." Xaleres has reentered, and is now dangling a very.. very yummy looking sandwich over her. "So, what'd I hear you gals talking about on the way in? Something about taking charge? Hmmm. Well." He grins ear-to-ear. He's suspicious, oh yes.

Renae wanders into the bowl, from the living cavern.
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Ixieae sighs, "/Everything/! In charge of everything. Shards, girl. Aren't you hearing the words coming out of my mouth?" She just shakes her head and scoffs. Finally, Xaleres reappears and just in time! "About bloody time. I'm starving and you made me wait. You're handsome, beautiful. All that crap, now hand it over if you don't want me to kick you where it'll count." And she'd do it too. "And what we're chatting about is none of your business, bud. Your smallsized brain wouldn't get it anyway."

Dryssa seems a little startled when Xaleres makes his appearance. "Oh! Uh, hi there, Xaleres." She hops up from her seat for no readily apparent reason, looking befuddled again. Part of that might be due to his answer to her question. She looks over at Ixieae again. "Ixi-Poo? That's a weird name. But at least it's distinctive!"

Xaleres snickers. "I suppose your right, cutie-pie. My brain just isn't up to standards. I am handsome though — I guess the pink shirt gives the beautiful away, eh?" He winks at Ixi as he finally hands off the sandwich, crossing his arms as he watches Dryssa jump up. "Aw now, don't get your knickers in a bunch 'cuz I arrived. I know I'm special, but I don't deserve standings when I arrive — cute, though. Very cute. Now, sit your cute little butt back down. Hmm. I should really actually do /chores/, shouldn't I?"

Ixieae takes her sandwich and gets a mouthful of food. Nom nom! "Fanks." She talks with food in her mouth. How ladylike! "I waz 'onna half to come aftah ya swoon." Chewing and swallowing, Ixieae gets to her feet again but leaves her chair be. She'll send out weyrbrats to get it later. "Anyway, I'm gonna settle into the barracks, find a cot or whatever the heck ever." It'll be figured out in time, no doubt. "Oh, shards. And I'm Ixieae by the way." A grin does to Dryssa. "'member what I told ya! Wiggle and jiggle!" And out she goes.

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"Don't forget about buying that bikini!" Dryssa calls out after Ixieae, frowning just a little. "She'd better not forget… I need the marks. But at least I got a big payout for those candidate uniforms!" She turns to give Xaleres a smile, but it's a little more uneasy than her usual carefree grin. "I, uh, feel like standing all of a sudden!" How unsuspicious. She takes a couple steps in his direction, swaying her hips way more than she naturally does. It's obviously forced. "By the way, thanks for that. Even though the weyrleader didn't like them, I made a lot of money thanks to your suggestion."

Renae comes out of the Living Caverns looking well mussed, other then the ickness of her uniform, she looks rather dusty. As she goes to pass the small group here, the tiny lass halts and blinks, almost as if she's trying to figure if their words are flitatious or insulting. Pausing long enough to look at Xaleres, and then Ixieae… She turns to whom might be the sanest of the bunch… "Are they always this way?" She assumes Dryssa knows, but the question is lost as Ixieae suddenly springs away, leaving Renae to wonder if she said something wrong. Turning back to those left, the child huffs a little and finds a seat in the bowl, looking rather tired. Noting Xaleres, she nods her head a little in his direction. "Another candidate, I take it? Either that, or you have some interesting taste is outfits."

Xaleres pauses for a moment in confusion. "Wiggle and.. what? What was she talking about?" Xale stares at Dryssa for a moment longer, eyebrows cocked. "Oh, yeah, well.. I'm glad he went for it to. Was about time you got a commission, seems like everyone's running .. out.. say… what's wrong with your hips?" He stares a bit longer than normal at her, but is quickly distracted by Renae's entrance. "Oh yeah, I'm a candidate too. Actually, I was serving as a walking billboard for Dryssa here's art before the weyrleaders decided to make this statement a uniform. Isn't she fantastic?" He says it with a lilt of sarcasm, but likely not enough that Dryssa will catch on — she never has, so far. "What recesses of the planet did Searchriders pull you from, missy?" Winkwink.
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Dryssa beams happily when she spots someone wearing her oh-so-wonderful uniform. "Oh, hi there! Another candidate? How do you like the uniform?" She might be the only person to ask that question with genuine enthusiasm. Xaleres' question makes her frown in embarassment, and she stops the exaggerated motion. "Oh! Uhm. Nothing." Trying a slightly different tactic, she stands still and pushes her chest forward a little. She seems to completely miss the sarcasm, as usual. "Thanks, Xale!"

"Oh, just some backwater part of Keroon," Renae says, acting a little melancholy at the thought, but playing along none the less, "Alas, I shall never fully appreciate the styles and trends of Western." Pouting just a little, she takes a few minutes before she smiles cheekily at Xalares. "Renae is the name, by the way." She says this for both present, before turning to Dryssa and just having to hold herself at bay while Dryssa gushes over the uniform. "Yes, it's… An interesting design. Very helpful with dusting." Swishing the frills of her sleeve like a dusting brush, she keeps her oh-so-sweet smile. Then Dryssa thrusts her chest out and Renae has both her eye brows up, "Maybe you should go see a healer about that muscle reaction. Could be bad for your health."

"Weeelll, aren't you miss sassy today?" Xaleres winks at Dryssa, and well.. He's a guy. His eyes go down to the pushed-out-chest, his smile widening into a boyish grin. "Am I dreaming, or is my blatant flirtation actually working on you? 'Cause, you knnooowww.." What she should know is ultimately cut off, when Renae introduces herself. "Ah! I'm Xaleres. Not from 'round here myself… I actually just uh.. dropped in from Bitra." Or rather, was pushed mercilessly off a boat right off the coast. But that's old news, by now. "I'm not sure if you'd call it Western's designs.. But you may as well, so long as Dryssa here is here. She's apparently trying to have the whole island adopt her.. erm.. … style." If that's what you want to call it.

"Nice to meet you, Renae! That's a great observation. The uniforms are meant to be functional as well as fashionable." Dryssa's moment of great pride is quickly dashed by the comments about her 'muscle reaction' and the reply from Xaleres, which quickly put an end to her less than subtle ploy for attention. "Ohh… I did it all wrong. Ixi-poo said you weren't supposed to know! Or be in charge. Or… something." Back to just looking befuddled.

Renae nods her head, "Well, functional they are!" She says with a pasted smile on her face… Maybe it keeps the child from reaching out and throttling Dryssa's neck. Nodding to Xaleres a little, she seems to ponder geography for a moment, "Hrm, Bitra is farther north then Keroon… So you must be used to colder weather?" She asks with curiousity, before there is talk of Ixi-poo and Renae is forced to look between the two in her total child-like innocence. "Why would Xaleres care if…" She says, lifting a finger and pointing to Dryssa, before it suddenly dawns on her and she blushes, leaving off with a tiny "… Oh. Nevermind." Cough, cough, change of subject, "So, your a weaver apprentice then, Uhh… What's you name, again?" She looks at Dryssa, not remember if a name was provided or not.

Realization springs on Xaleres as he listens to Dryssa, his fingers edging up to stroke his chin. Hmmm. "Ixi said that, eh? Well, I tell you what. I'll sweep you off your feet one of these days, but once it's actually something you know… that you want… As for /Ixi/.. I'll deal with her foolishness later." By hopefully getting her in the sack, hinthintwinkwink. Alas, he'd have better luck with a Pernese Paris Hilton. "Colder weather? Totally. I can hardly even tell it's winter here at Western.. I'd be going around naked if I could, it's so hot, but then none of the other guys would even have a /chance/ with the ladies, soo… Giving them an edge up." Wink-a-wink. "I'm thoroughly enjoying it, but I think I got a little burned.. Just as well, I'll likely be indoors with all our chores. S'fine."

Dryssa just pouts a little. "I just thought… because she said… and you… oh, nevermind!" A hint of a blush colors Dryssa's cheeks and she quickly shakes her head. She glances sideways at Renae. "My name's Dryssa. And I'm not a weaver apprentice. Too many rules in a craft. Besides, I can't keep my art restricted to just one medium!" Xaleres' words seem to hurt her even further. "You'd rather be naked than wear my clothing? I thought you /liked/ my designs, Xale!" Her eyes start threatening to tear up again.

Renae is totally lost on Dryssa's blush, and given that touch of innocence, the girl shrugs it off for knowledge she'll probably learn, later. She's listening quietly to their banter at first, almost as if somehow taking notes within her head for later reference, before Xaleres' comment of nakedness makes her giggle a little. "Considering the chores we have to do, going around naked would probably be a bad idea. Could you imagine catching yourself on something?" The girl winces, suggesting she atleast know anatomy, "If the Weyrleaders didn't throw you in a room by yourself, for fear that you've gone crazy." Turning to Dryssa's introduction, Renae nods her head again, flicking her eyes to the uniform and back to the girl, "That explains alot… But I imagine the craft would limit you, yes." Like, no neon bright colors? Shifting a little in her seat, she looks almost as if she's watching a show between the banter of Dryssa and Xaleres. "Well, he's wearing it, isn't he? I mean, he /could/ be prancing around naked… But you might faint at that. He's very considerate of you, as you can tell." Innocent grin, once again.

"I do I do!" flails Xaleres, doing his best to attempt to dissuade her from that thought /again/. "But I /told/ you, it's so hot it's /hard/ to wear clothes. But-but-since I do have to wear clothes, I'd only wear yours!" Even if he's lying through his teeth, he does his best to try and convince her. Crying girls are just /scary/. "And, you really need not listen to Ixi. She's just trying to make me look bad." Not that he can't handle that task perfectly himself. "You, m'dear, just believe what /you/ want to believe, and… /Faranth/ you have such a nice rack." Blink blink. Well, she does! "Yes—yes. The Keroonian is precisely right. I am being considerate! And.. Well. I'd surely rather wear this than.. uh.. anything else." Not really, but.. He doesn't really care that this point. He's not the /only /one that has to wear it!

"Why would that make me faint?" Dryssa asks Renae with that confused look of hers again. It's like a battle to see who can be more naive, and Dryssa seems to be winning. Her attention is quickly grabbed back by Xaleres' reassurances. Despite the comment about her rack, the flattery about her 'styles' seems incredibly successful in getting her cheery again. "Awww, thank you, Xale! That's so nice of you to say!" Swept up in emotion, she leaps at the boy and wraps her arms around him in a tight, impulsive hug. She's squeezing so hard it might even be uncomfortable.

Renae hears Xaleres' curse, and given the comment following, she stares at what she presumes is Dryssa's 'rack'. "WHat's so nice about it?" She finally asks, tilting her head a little as if by some other angle, it might present itself in some amazing fashion. "It's just two lumps of fat with skin over 'em." Yup, she knows anatomy, if not the process of why parts of anatomy would be so important to the opposite sex. She's half way amused by all of Xaleres' flailing, and attempting to reassure the older girl, laughing lowly at his insistance. "Candidate, now. Not Keroonian." She says almost proudly in correction, followed by the question of fainting. Blinking at Dryssa for a second, the younger lass shrugs, "Well, because he'd be naked and… Girls do that? Seen a few do that in Keroon, anyways." And then there is leaping and hugging, and Renae makes sure she is well out of the way for that scene, afraid of kicking feet and gleeful laughing. "See? There was nothing to worry over, he likes the uniform." Even if Renae knows he's lying through his teeth.

Xaleres quickly answers Dryssa's question with a "Because I'm so sexy" look, and a very pronounced wink; but.. then again, that's how he answers most anything. It seems strange, to him, that he abounds with sarcasm at this girl, and yet she cannot decide between insecurity and constantly thanking him—but at this point, now, he could care less, because he's getting a /hug/. "You're.. uh.. welcome!" He can't resist; it's just there, and now that she's within this distance.. Xale's right hand drops down and gives a good squeeze to Dryssa posterior. Hehehe. He is being squeezed a bit tighter than comfort, though, so with a wheezed breath he chokes, "You.. can.. leggo.. now." He sends a wink of 'OH FARANTH THANK YOU' to Renae, but still tries to struggle free after the hug begins to cut off his oxygen supply. "They're.. squishy.. and.. lovely.." he manages out in response to the younger girl's question; but, he's a guy. It's just the way guys are.

Dryssa keeps squeezing Xaleres for a moment or two, but thankfully she releases her death grip moments before there is any risk of the poor candidate passing out. She's so cheery that she doesn't even appear to react to Xale's butt-squeezing. Now she's free to question Renae some more. "A few? Are there really that many naked men wandering Keroon making women pass out?" She looks honestly mystified by this possibility. At the continued conversation about her 'rack', she glances down at the part of her body in question. "You think so? Well, the human body is a beautiful thing! The artist must try to find beauty in all natural things."

Renae tries to point out Xaleres' lack of air, finger pointing to his face, but nothing more then a 'erm' comes out before Dryssa releases the lad and Renae sighs a little. No sweeping unconsious men off the bowl floor. Noting the butt squeezing, Renae pressumes this as 'showing' how the other part refers to formerly was squishy. "Well, fat people are squishy, dun mean I think they're lovely…" She says, eyeing Xaleres up a moment, almost to consider if he is just one of those people with wierd tastes. Dryssa's comment makes the young candidate blink, and then laugh a little, "No, no, not a whole lot… But, there have been a few that thought they were impressive, so showed off. I guess not, because the girls must've fainted in disgust… Or maybe they just smelled that bad…" Renae considers with a finger to her chin, before she shrugs it off and looks up to find Dryssa admiring her rack, herself. "Interesting, yes. Beautiful? All a matter of opinion."

"Very right, Dryssa. And women especially. Mmmmm mm," is Xale's only comment to her continued statements. "Sure fat people are squishing. But a little fat in the right places.. Well. You're obviously too young to understand. As well as a girl. I'll forgive you that much. Were you a bit older, I'd school you in aaaall you needed to know, but.. for now, I should get to chores before some rider comes by and notices my outfit and lack of dirty. And yes, little candidate, a matter of opinion — and my opinion.." Well, everyone knows that by now. With a wink at each of them, he dashes back into the caverns without much else. "Where aaaaaree you Ixiiiii," is the last thing to hear.

Dryssa gives Xaleres a little smile and a wave before he departs, then frowns in confusion once he's out of sight. "Something tells me that Ixipoo doesn't really know what she was talking about." With a shrug, she turns back to Renae and puts that bright smile of hers right back on her face. "Really? I thought hold people were supposed to be all shy and reserved and stuff. But I guess I wouldn't really know!"

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