Nice Enough for a Drink

Western Weyr - Tiki Lounge Patio
As one walks onto the wood panelled flooring, they are greeted with the scent of burning oil, the likely source the various torches burning along the perimeter of the flooring. The flooring is littered with tables shaded with umbrellas, matching chairs tucked beneath when not in use. People of all sorts gather in clusters to talk or people watch. One can easily see into the tavern, its large windows usually open to the outside. Music flows in from inside, carried by the sea breeze, encouraging some people to dance, or even sing along.

The day, was beautiful like none other, cloudless sky, endless sunshine and the perfect temp for beach lounging all day. One lucky Starcrafter has been so fortunate to have finished all duties in speedy time this morning, leaving the afternoon and eve to do what she wishes with it. Zahleizjah, and long raven haired bronzen dweller Zytrian, have made their way from the beach to the Tiki lounge, and after obtaining a tropical, fruity, rum based libation, have made their way to the patio. There is a bit of bustling excitement about the area, a few smattering of groups sipping on drinks, dancing to the music that travels outwards from inside and relaxing under multi-colored umbrellas. The two stand outside of the small groups for now, leaning on a support beam for the patio, looking out towards the water and sipping through straw past bright pink drink umbrella.

Zi'on isn't quite as done with his duties, as it were. But the work of a weyrleader isn't ever really done, and there's only so much Zi'on can do in one day when the weather is as nice as it is. So he's taken the afternoon off, probably with the intention of heading back to the office, and headed down to the beach. After a quick dip in the water, the bronzer meanders down to the Tiki Lounge so he can get himself a drink and maybe take in some sun on the patio. Dressed only in an open cabana shirt, sandals, shades and his swim trunks, the weyrleader gives node to those he recognizes, Zahleizjah being one of them. Then he orders a fruity drink from a passing waiter, and settles down into a chair at one of the tables in the sun.

Zahleizjah catches the nod of the Weyrleader, returns the greeting with a smile and quite admires the fruity drink that is delivered. Seeing as how he's settled at a table in the sun and not mobbed by a ton of Weyrfolk, she heads over, Ztyrian chittering all the while from hair-nest. As she gets closer to him, umbrella beverage is raised, head tilted with a "Cheers t'today Zi'on.. lovely weather around these parts." Looking at open seats around him she doesn't just grab one, but instead asks politely "Room for one more?" Another chirp "Umm two more?"

Zi'on smiles to Zahleizjah and her little critter as they head over. Thankfully no, the weyrleader isn't being mobbed by other patrons. And hopefully once Zah takes a seat with him, they'll leave him alone completely. He nods and motions to a chair at his table. "Yep, it is a nice day. The water is a little on the cold side, but still. I'll take it. Good day to lay out on the beach." Once his drink is delivered, Zi'on takes a sip at it. "How's things been? I can imagine the rain recently has been putting a damper on your craft. Pardon the pun." He chuckles a bit. "Though I suppose you still have plenty of work to do even when the weather is cruddy out."

Zahleizjah pushes back a few wild locks on the side that isn't inhabited by the lil' guy, taking a seat once the motion is set "Aye, but cold water on a hot day can be nice. Do they warm up ever?" She inquires with raised brow, adding with a chuckle "Then again, I suppose the hot springs aren't far.. but a good day for sun lounging indeed." By the looks of her own skin tone, it looks as though she has actually had more than one chance to see the light of day outside of Craft duties. A graceful lower in to seat cradle, paired with a lean back and healthy sip from straw leads to her answer "Tis true, rain is not a gazer's friend.. well it's the clouds actually.." pardon her for being so literal, oh Zah! "But.." she adds "I've made good use of the few breaks of clear skies here and there.. studying to walk the tables for Journeyman before too long here, so alotta independent work on /my project/.. always plenty to do! How's things onna Weyrleader's end?" Another sip and scritches for Ztyrian.

"The waters? Sure, but it's too close to winter yet for them to be warm. In a couple of months they'll be better. Still cool, but not cold." Zi'on laughs. "You can't really swim in the hot springs though. They really only good for bathing and relaxing in." Zi'on's own skin is naturally tanned, so it's hard to tell how much time he's been spending inside rather than out. Much of his time is consumed by paperwork and meetings, so any chance he gets to spend some time outside is generally taken by the weyrleader. "Mm. So what does -your- project involve?" He asks, mimicking her emphasis. "Maybe if I got a hold of one of your telescopes I could use it to spy across the bowl and into some of the weyrwoman's weyrs." He laughs. "Things are fine with me. Lots of goldflights recently, so that creates a lot of excitement. It's been quite a while since Western has had a double clutch, and we're not quite ready to take on as many candidates as we're going to have. Not to mention we'll be sharing the pool with Fort this go round, as well. There will be lots of new dragons soon enough."

Zahleizjah takes in to consideration all things mentioned "Suppose we'll just have to bear the cold waters for a hearty swim and take to the springs for a hot bath then.. being land-locked at Telgar for so many turns, took awhile t'get used to all the water around, but I've found I quite enjoy the accessibility now." Then he goes on to ask about her project and joke about using such lovely advancements to be a peeping-Zi'on. The thought of it all, she blushes and giggles slightly nervously although she thinks/hopes he's joking. Surely he wouldn't need a spying glass, right? A curl of the lips emits "I dunno about all that.. they're for the skies, n'research. I don't suppose the Weyrwomen would take too kindly to being spied on.. even if it was you doing the spying!" Whatever that means. A hand slaps knee and Ztyrian jumps and squawks before Zah eases him and takes another sip, getting close to the bottom of the cup. "As for the project, it is a telescope, but I'll spare the boring details." Lots of goldflights has a brow raising "A double clutch? Goodness.. sounds like a handful.. people, eggs and dragons alike.. eesh.." Her head is spinning just thinking about it, eyes close, head tilting back as if to catch as many rays as possible.

"I suppose we will." Zi'on says about the waters. "I hear you there. Swimming in a lake isn't the same as the waters of the lagoon." Surely if he wants to peep at his goldriding neighbors he would need a spy glass. That was the only way he'd get to see them in the buff. At least some of them. He laughs. "No, but if I had their permission I wouldn't need to spy, see? Heh, I'm sure a couple of them would be angrier than normal if they found out it was me doing the spying." He could probably get Enka to agree to such conditions, but then she might want a spy glass of her own. "Ah, you're building your own telescope? That sounds… complicated. Though probably a good project to advance up the ranks with." There's a nod about a double-clutch being a handful. "It is. The dorms will be fit to burst within the next couple of months. We'll have more candidates than we know what to do with." Zi'on leisurely sips at his drink, clearly intent on not going anywhere for a while.

Zahleizjah nods, vibrant amber-brown eyes opening to settling on the gent's tanned beach-going form, for just quick moment before they're ushered back to the bottom of her glass. A nice sip to finish the tropical-esque drink off and she sends it off with an order for another just like it. "Definitely not like the lagoons and waterfalls around here.. I do love life at Western thus far." Her second round arrives quickly and sits for a second before she reaches, leans and sips again. "This is the life.. and yes permission to 'spy' is probably wise… As for the telescope, it will take some work and I'm just in the blueprint phase, but it should be glorious. I plan to donate it to the Weyr.." back to the Candidate talk, she doesn't mean to clam up, foreign concepts sometimes do that to her. "More than you'll know what to do with y'say.. goodness, should be a fun time around here then.." She's heard the tales, Weyr-life as everyone knows it, is about to change drastically, directly involved or not.

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