One Too Many for the Weyrleader

Western Weyr - Coed Dorm
Cots are lined up in neat rows, giving the room an organized feel to it, even if a few of the cots are not as neat and tidy as others. A long curtain cuts through the center of the room and is all that seperates the womens side from the mens. There isn't much in the way of privacy here, though a few people have made privacy screens for themselves that they set up around their cots while sleeping.


It's late at Western, and most sensible people are asleep. Zi'on has been down at the Tiki lounge since the late afternoon, eating and drinking and getting some sun on a nice warm day for a change. It's not late enough for last call, but the weyrleader has been gently urged to leave by the bartenders, who refuse to sell him anything but water considering how inebriated he is. So instead after making a spectacle of himself by standing on a table and shouting how they will all rue this day (and then promptly falling off said table and being 'helped' outside by some of the other patrons) he makes his way out. After a wobbly trek down the beach and into the caverns and down to the dorms, he's got himself together at least enough to be somewhat quiet when he's sneaking around looking for Kaliena's cot.

Unfortunately, Zi'on's drunken trek to the lower cavers and into the resident dorms may have been for naught. Kaliena's cot is empty. The young girl is having one of those restless nights that have her prowling the Weyr at those hours where most sensible folk are asleep. But perhaps some luck still favors the Weyrleader, because she returns not long after he's snuck his way in. And he's doubly lucky she recognizes him in the dim and near to dark lighting. She had tensed and prepared to blow his cover thinking him some thief or something worse and go on the attack. Instead, she hisses at him in a low and gruff whisper. "Zi'on!" There's a pause, as someone stirs in their cot and Kaliena waits until they're back into a deep sleep before whispering harshly again. "What in Faranth's name are you /doing/ here?"

Zi'on has somehow found Kaliena's cot in the middle of all of the others. Maybe it smells like she does or something. When she spots him he's got her trunk open and has pulled out the pink dragon plush he knows is in there. Oh yes. When she spots him he stands up quickly and almost flops over backwards. "Shh!" He says, putting a finger to his lips. Sort of. It's more to his chin, then slid up to his lips. "Ah was lookin' fer somethin'. You. Ah was lookin' fer you." Then he's wobbling towards her and trying to wrap his arms around her to give her a kiss. It's all very poorly done. And he's still carrying her pink dragon with him. If by some miracle Kailena lets him kiss her, it will be sloppy at best. If not he'll pout and probably wobble back to sit on her bed.

Her cot is actually quite neat, despite what most would assume. Regardless, it is hers that Zi'on is raiding and the moment Kaliena realizes he has the pink plushy, she goes completely still and if there was enough light to see by he'd see that rather then flush in anger she's gone completely pale. His odd behavior seems to go unnoticed. "Put it back." She hisses again and this time her tone is filled with annoyance and… worry? With her gaze so focused on what he's holding, Zi'on is able to wobble close enough to her to kiss and she allows it at first until she pushes him away. "Yer drunk." She grunts and at the same moment she's trying to wriggle free from the bronzerider, she's straining to grab the plushy he still holds. "So you found me. Now give it back!"

Zi'on wouldn't be able to notice even if it was daylight out in his current state. He gives her a strange look when she tells him to put it back. Regardless of her warnings, he's lumbering over to kind of kiss her, until he's pushed away. He looks surprised, either at the fact he was pushed, or at the fact she's tugging on the plushy. He lets go of the pink dragon freely. "Eh? Relax. What did you think I was gonna do with it?" There are lots of horrible things that would come to mind, if Zi'on had any mind left. Then he's wobbling back towards her, this time for a rather awkward hug. They don't hug often, do they? Unless they're going to kiss. Kaliena will have problems getting Zi'on to let go, and he's not taking no for an answer for the hug, either. "Can I sleep here tonight? I'm lonely."

For all her gruffness and rough nature, once the plushy is pulled from Zi'on's grasp, Kaliena is clinging to it with such fierceness if the bronzerider was anywhere in his senses right now it'd be prime teasing. But from the hurt look that's also masked by the darkness that might be a bad, bad idea. She ignores the bronzerider and there's the sound of her moving and something scraping softly over the floor… or it something lifting? Hard to say, but the girl is soon without the plushy and she's giving Zi'on a shove - or tries to. She misses him, what with his erratic wobbling and the darkness of the dorms. So they end up hugging, though really Kaliena seems to be clinging to keep herself from going toppling into some poor sleeping resident's cot. "You shouldn't be here." She growls and once she's regained her balance, grabs Zi'on by the hand (or tries) and begins to storm out of the dorms with him hopefully following along. "Come on."

Zi'on probably assumes Kaliena doesn't want him taking it again. And he can't see her face well enough to tell that she's wearing a hurt look. He assumes it's her usual scowl that she wears when he's being stupid. While Kali does whatever she's doing with the dragon Zi'on is wobbling to keep himself upright. Zi'on gets a happy smile on his face as they hug and he shuts his eyes. Even while Kaliena fights to keep them from stumbling around. "I know. I wants to see you though." He's leaning in for another kiss when Kali his grabbing him by the hand and pulling him along. "Where are we going?" He whispers. "They won't let me back in the bar. Please, I want to sleep here with you. Kaliena…" For all his protesting Zi'on seems to be going along rather willingly.

Kaliena is scowling now and as she leads them out into the corridors, she'll eventually turn on him once she figures they're far enough from the dorms and in a relatively unused portion of the tunnels. "Funny way of going about it!" she snaps at him, though her words are still hissed as her voice never rises too far above a whisper. "So is that why you were in my private stuff? Touching things you have no right to?" She doesn't quite let go of his hand at first, but now she does, only to give him a nudge for him to walk forwards. And she'll keep nudging and herding him along, until her luck runs out and he actually fights back. Even drunk Zi'on can easily out match her and it wouldn't take much for him to be able to escape. "I'm takin' you to your weyr, where you belong. You can't be with me in the dorms and you /know/ that. You need to sober up." No sympathy does she have, it seems, to Zi'on's protests.

Zi'on almost bumps into Kaliena as she turns around on him when they're… someplace that's not the dorms. He squints at her for a moment, like he's not sure it's her. "Eh?" Is his only answer to her first accusation. "Huh? I had ta make sure it was your cot…" He continues peering at her. At least that's what it looks like, maybe his eyes are tired or he's squinting from being out in the light. "What're you hiding in there, anyways?" He goes to turn back towards the dorms, only to be met with resistance as Kaliena nudges him along. Her next comment has him stopping, and his brow furrowing in anger. "Why can't I? We're not… on the lamb anymore! You just don't want to be seen with me! Admit it!" In this state though, not even Zi'on would want to be seen with Zi'on. "Do you just not like me, or do you have another boyfriend in the dorms!? That bed didn't even look slept in!" Because it was made, of course. Zi'on hardly knows what that looks like.

Kaliena's scowl only remains firmly in place as Zi'on squints and peers at her in his inebriated state. She snorts at his excuse, not quite believing it. Now he gets to learn just how territorial she is. "What I'm hiding is none of your business." She drawls gruffly as she nudges him along. Then the bronzerider is stopping and she almost collides into him again and has to side step quickly to avoid it. His accusations have her bristling and now she really is angry. "You're being stupid!" The girl snaps, cheeks flushed and her hands balling into little fists at her sides. "You're drunk and you're not right in your head. I ain't trying to hide us. There's no /privacy/ in the dorms! You've got a perfectly good weyr. Now. Get. Moving." She emphasizes the last with a few well-aimed jabs. At this rate, she's running the chance of pissing Zi'on off. There has to be a limit to how much he can take, isn't there? Kaliena glares at him then, a little stung by his remarks. "Now you're just being mean. You know I have troubles sleeping. And if I didn't like you, would I be helping you right now?" she snorts.

That it's none of his business isn't what Zi'on wants to hear at that moment, even if it is true. A sober Zi'on knows better than to go rifling through Kali's stuff. Such was a breach of trust. But a drunk Zi'on said 'she won't mind!' "I… You!" Not a very good retort, mostly because he knows that she's right. There isn't any privacy in the dorms. "So! If you weren't ashamed of us it wouldn't matter! Ow! Ow!" Again, not really making a lot of sense. Zi'on focuses for a moment on trying to grab that jabbing finger. Finally he gives up and covers the jabbed area with both hands as if he were bleeding out. "You're not helping me, you're hurting me!" Now the bronzer is just sounding pathetic. There's a groan from him, then. "I have to use the bathroom. Where are we? I have to pee."

Eventually Kaliena will calm down enough to realize that Zi'on is well and truly drunk and perhaps forgive him. Right now though? She's angry and annoyed with having to now baby sit the bronzerider. His half baked retort is ignored and brushed aside. "I'm /not/ ashamed of you. But I ain't about to give half the Weyr's residents a free sex show. Sorry to burst your bubble." She evades his attempts at capturing her hand easily and even gives a mocking, sharp laugh for it, until he begins to shield himself and his pleas that she's hurting him have the girl stopping - for now. "I ain't hurting you." Kaliena blinks then when he begins to ask for the bathroom and now she groans, but in frustration and incredulous for her bad luck. "Ugh. Shards, your as bad as a child." She grumbles. "You ain't far from the latrines. Just 'round this way." And she goes to gesture, then realizes Zi'on probably can't follow something so simple. Sighing, she grabs his hand again and at least quickly guides him down the same path. "You're going to owe me so much for this, you know." She growls, angling him in the right direction and then giving him a shove forwards. "Go on. I'll wait out here." Maybe.

Zi'on will probably feel bad tomorrow when he remembers what happened. If he remembers. Plus he'll love Kali all the more for putting up with him. "Sex?" Zi'on ears perk up like a kitty who hears a can opener. "We can have sex?" Clearly 'sleep' meant sleep. And not sex. "I am not." He says. Not that he's complaining about her help to the latrine. Actually he'd probably be alright getting himself there, but he'll let her lead him. He nearly falls on his face as she shoves him, grabbing onto the wall. There's a pleading look for Kaliena before he heads through the door. "Don't leave." Then he heads inside to relieve himself. There's several satisfied noises coming from the latrine, followed by some running water before Zi'on reappears. He's got his pants on, but his fly is wide open. He must not see her at first, or maybe she's run off, because the first thing out of his mouth is a frightened sounding "Kali!?"

Kaliena literally facepalms when Zi'on perks up at the word sex. Of course! The girl should know better by now. "Yeah. But if you keep acting like an idiot consider yourself cut off from /any/ sex from me." She grumbles and maybe she's serious. She certainly looks serious and her tone sounds it too. At his pleading look, she only smirks. And she stays, though she grimaces at the sounds, shaking her head and muttering a few choice oaths and curses under her breath. Why her? Then Zi'on is walking out, fly undone and half way to a panic attack. "For Faranth's sakes, I'm right here." She gripes at him, pushing away from the wall she had leaned against to wait and steps right into his personal space. "And… ugh. Your fly is down. Of course. Suppose it could be worse." And there's no move to help him with it. Instead she gives him another nudge. "/Now/ can we go to your weyr? You need to sober up. Before you hurt yourself."

Zi'on frowns at Kali. "Don't say that. I'll be sad." She better not be serious! Though that might be a foreshadowing of what is to come. At least Zi'on manages to relieve himself without incident. Even if he is rather noisy about it. The bronzer breathes a sigh of relief when Kali pipes up about where she is. "Oh? Hm?" He looks down and after a bit is able to zip his pants up without anything getting caught. Then he reaches for Kaliena's hand. Not that he needs her to lead him, or hold him up, he just wants to hold it. He looks around to get his bearings a bit. "Okay." Is his answer to her question. Then he starts moving in what direction he thinks is the way to his weyr. Who knows if it's correct or not.

"I'll say what I want!" Kaliena grumps and smirks. "And damn right you'll be sad. But it'll be your fault." She remarks dryly. Maybe she is serious! The girl waits patiently while Zi'on zips up (thankfully without incident as well) and then reluctantly she allows him to take her hand. She follows too and keeps her comments to herself as the bronzerider heads in the right direction. If he drifts, she simply plants her heels, stubbornly refuses to follow, curses and adjusts their path and leads him the right way. It'll probably take them longer then usual to reach his weyr, but once they're close she lets him lead again. By then, most of her temper has worn down too and it's likely she's lost some of the fight in her having to drag and be dragged by Zi'on.

Zi'on hopes she's not serious. But he doesn't have the presence of mind to plead with her. Zi'on is quiet for much of the trip back, probably afraid to say something, or too drunk or tired to argue. He'll let Kaliena point him and walk with her mostly normally by this point. When they approach his weyr it's obvious that Suldith isn't there, the bronze probably out on the sands with the new eggs. Zi'on stumbles around a bit in the dark to get some lights on so they can see. Then he immediately starts undressing, even though he's in the middle of the living room. "You're staying here tonight, right?" It sounds like that's a given, even though Kaliena has made no indication that it was her intention to stay with him.

Kaliena doesn't even blink or hesitate as Zi'on begins to undress the moment he's within his weyr. At least the bronzerider waited this long. She makes sure the doors are locked and that alone should signal that she's staying. "I've got to, don't I?" she drawls, smirking as she does. "Someone's got to make sure you don't go fall off your ledge or something." The girl folds her arms across her chest then and she waits to see what the bronzerider is going to do next.

Zi'on gives Kali an uncertain smile as he struggles to step out of his pants. "Well, I guess technically you don't really. Whoop." He almost flops forwards as he manages to get himself free. Unfortunately he's got his underwear all caught up in the mess, so now he's totally naked. Also, when did he stop shaving his chest? He moves over to try and give her another hug. "But I really really want you to." He tries the puppy-dog look on her. "I'll owe you even bigger time if you stay. We can even have sex if you want! Maybe not, I dunno. Or we can sleep. I'm a little tired anyways." Hugs first though.

Kaliena almost rushes forwards as Zi'on gets tangled up in his clothes and almost eats the floor. But then he's free and naked and the girl only sighs. She rubs a little at her face, but her modesty isn't there tonight. "Not shaving again?" she mumbles, pointing out the obvious with her hand and not moving away when he approaches her. "I'd have left you the moment you got inside if I was going to leave. So stop fussing. I'm here." The girl grumbles, acting as though it's the biggest annoyance of her night when really she's probably somewhat glad to be here, even if he's drunk out of his mind. "Sleep is what you need. So we sleep. Alright?" The hug is permitted and even returned, albeit awkwardly. Kaliena then turns away, not to nudge of shove him but steps back and gestures for him to follow. "Come on. Sooner you can sleep this off, sooner I can get some peace. Dare I ask why you chose to get so drunk?"

Zi'on is free! And naked! His favorite kinds of things. Zi'on looks down and pets the hair on his chest a little. "You never said which way you like it better." Not really grammatically correct, but hey! Should be discernable through context clues. "Okay." Is his answer to her push to stop fussing. "Sleep is good. Will you be able to? I thought you said you couldn't before. I might keep you up or something. Maybe I should sleep on the couch." After the hug Zi'on follows Kaliena wherever she's headed. "One of my old wingmates was there and he said that since I don't go drinking with them I couldn't hold my liquor anymore so I said 'No I totally can' and then we got into a drinking contest and I think I drank too much because the bartender was all like 'no sir you can't have anymore' and then they threw me out." Yes that's all one sentence. In case Kaliena was curious. If she's leading him into the bedroom, he'll just flop down on the bed.

"I'll tell you in the morning then." Kaliena mutters, rubbing at her forehead a little as she does, in fact, lure Zi'on into his bedroom. As he flops down on the bed, she only gives an exasperated sigh for his run on explanation. "Figures. Hold on." And she disappears for a bit, only to return with a glass of water. She crouches down where the bronzerider has flopped down on the bed and places the glass in his hand though she keeps her hold there to help. "Drink it. All of it." But she'll be satisified if he only drinks half before she takes it away. Then she's unbraiding her hair and slipping from her clothes before crawling onto the bed with him. "I'll be fine. Just go to sleep and I'll sleep too. You've exhausted me now. So I suppose I can thank you for that." Kaliena snorts as she wriggles into the bed and up against him, getting comfortable and settled in. If he leaves her be, she'll be in a deep sleep within minutes. If not, she'll entertain him until he falls asleep first and then will follow shortly afterwards. Either way, she ends up getting rest one way or another and Zi'on gets to keep her for the night.

"Okay." Is Zi'on's response. He seems to be saying that a lot tonight. The bronzer is already half asleep in the short time Kaliena is getting him some water. He jerks awake when she hands it to him and tells him to drink. At least he complies without any struggle, chugging it down all the way. "Won't this make me have to use the bathroom though?" He watches her undress and unbraid, smiling at her. "You look nice." Zi'on passes out almost straight away as soon as they're cuddling in together.

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