Hard at Work and Taking it Easy

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.

Welcome to Western! Today is a tourism-board day. The sun is high overhead, casting a sparkle of light over the waves that lap gently up against the shore, and out in the lagoon, dolphins leap and play. No more rains! No more clouds! Time to catch up on all the chores that didn't get done while it was raining, so here Takapola is with a large basket stuffed with… fancy scarves? It looks like it, anyhow, because one's fluttering out in the wind. Anyway, he's carrying it along this loverly beach.

Work, no matter what time of day it is, no matter what is going on, there is /always/ work to be done. Or at least that's what Naris likes to think. And she refuses, absolutely refuses, to think that this isn't the case. Even when she has been forcibly kicked out of the lower caverns by the headwoman because she 'had done enough work' and there 'wasn't anything to do at the moment' and she 'needed to relax.' No, there absolutely had to be something useful to do. That was how she found herself walking down the lagoon, desperately looking for something to do.

One can't ask for a nicer day! At least with the rain gone and all. And so Zi'on has taken a break from his duties to head out and get in a little bit of swimming. Meanwhile Suldith is laying out on the beach, half-asleep, half-guarding Zi'on's belongings. The bronze yawns a bit as he splays out in the sand. His rider, deciding that he is wrinkly enough, heads out of the water. He's only got a pair of swimming short on currently, and moves towards his things to grab himself a towel. Along the way he spots Tak, and peers into his basket. "What's that? Are you peddling on the beach, now?" Naris is… ignored for now. He's got no work for her to do, and really the lagoon is the last place someone should go looking for work.

That's true. There's always work to be avoided. Takapola knows this well! Sometimes, though, he fails to avoid it. Like now! He's making himself useful and earning his supper and all those good things by carrying this basket of delicate cloth to one of the outlying bits of the weyr. It couldn't be done during the rain, you see, and also it's light so that's why Takapola chose it now. He's always looking for easy work to do. Or distractions from doing work. Hi Zi'on! "Why, do you need something gauzy to wear?" he asks the weyrleader, looking him up and down. "I'm not sure if I have anything in your colors, but we could look. I'm sure the dancers won't mind a side business in rentals."

Naris does indeed notice Zi'on when he approaches, and she intends on ignoring him just like he intends on knowing her. However, as she silently watches the weyrleader the boy with a basket full of what looks like scarves catches her eye. Oh yes, there's something she must attend to. The headwoman's assistant tries her best to look high and mighty as she marches over to him and asks, "are you aware that you are not supposed to be selling things down by the lagoon? Shards, I don't think /you're/ meant to be selling things, period." Meanwhile Crawlie blinks in from between with a happy chirp, swooping down and settling in Taka's basket while his bonded isn't looking.

Zi'on peers at Tak. "I don't, no. But Raev might want something. Though I probably shouldn't be buying other people's clothes anyways." Or clothes for other people. Especially Raev. Also it's doubtful the bronzer has any marks in his swim trunks. He moves over to grab a towel that's been rolled up, unfurling it and drying himself off with it. Then he wraps it around his waist. "Where are you taking those, anyways?" Apparently Zi'on is suspicious! Or something. Maybe Tak is a pirate spy. Zi'on peers at Naris. "What are you doing so far from the caverns? Shoo. Go lecture someplace else." The bronzer waves her off. "He can sell things wherever he wants."

"Oh, well, that's fine, rentals are totally different," Takapola says blithely to Naris, offering her a bright grin. "Besides," and here he leans in, as if he's being confidential or something, "He's the Weyrleader, you know." Which she probably (almost certainly) does. "So really, it's practically his anyhow, he just has to decide." Practically. Ish. Sort of. He looks back to Zi'on, who seems to have decided against for the moment. "They're for a dance group at the resort, or something." He shrugs. He just carries things where he's supposed to! Eventually. "Well, I suppose. Probably safer, I can't guarantee the dancers wouldn't throw things at your head. Like each other, apparently they do this thing where they balance on each others' shoulders and then go flying through the air!" He grins, and gives the basket a little hoist to demonstrate… which makes one of the scarves escape and start fluttering away in the gentle breeze.

Sundari is making her way along the docks heading towards the Lagoon area, a brown firelizard perched upon her shoulder looking very sleepy. Then there is Irkevalath, the young blue is popping up in the center of the lagoon, a spray of water shooting upwards a few feet into the air before the young dragon makes his way towards shore, pausing long enough to shake himself out and send water flying in all directions. Sunny catches sight of her dragon and grins a bit at the sight of him wiggling about, as for the other around she has caught sight of them but is a bit far off to join in any conversation just yet.

Oooooof course Zi'on can't just be silent. Him saying that he can sell things wherever he wants annoys her, a headwoman assistant can't exactly tell the Weyrleader no. So instead she decided to focus on his other words. With a snort Naris exclaims, "you know I'm not /physically attached/ to the lower caverns, Zi'on." She then crosses her arms with and allows a slight scowl to cross her face as she murmurs, "and there's a chance that the headwoman threw me out, something about overworking myself." The moment Takapola leans in she takes a step back, a look of annoyance promptly crossing her face. "Yes," she bitterly growls, "I am aware that he is the Weyrleader. Painfully aware. In fact I'm aware of far too many things concerning him, like his apparent fondness for stripping." Sunny is ignored, for now anyway.

Zi'on's main job is to run the weyr. But his secondary job is to annoy Naris as much as humanly possible. He is equally good at both jobs. The weyrleader isn't in the habit of proclaiming things as his own if they mostly belong to other people. "Ah." He says to Tak. "That's sort of a long walk. You should have just asked one of the transport riders to take it." Yay for delegation! Though Zi'on likely has an easier time telling riders what to do than Tak does. The bronzer blinks at Tak. "Really? Hm. Perhaps I should go to see one of their shows. Watching other people dance isn't generally my thing, but that sounds exciting." Suldith catches most of the water heading their way from the blue, giving a bit of a grunt before curling a wing over his face. "You're not!?" Zi'on exclaims to Naris, in fake astonishment. "That's the only place I've ever seen you. And she's probably right. Also, I don't have a fondness for stripping. Just for being naked."

"Is it?" Tak says to Zi'on. "Oh." He's still learning his way around. Or maybe someone was trying to get rid of him and make him take a hike. "Maybe I still will." Surely there's a rider around here somewhere with nothing better to do than give scarves (and Takapolas, perhaps?) rides? He'll take a look, but first… "Oh, good," he says to Naris, still with a grin on his face. "It's good to be informed." It's like he's completely unaware of her growls and displeasure. Never mind that a headwoman's assistant can probably ensure he has all the worst chores and put him on bread and water rations for the next five turns while she's at it. If her scowls are water, he's a duck. Taka ducky, he's the one! He'll make- ahem. "I suppose that would make you aware of more things about him. The stripping, that is." And then Takapola looks to Zi'on, eyes going down as if to check his level of attire, but really, it's remarkably beach-appropriate. Swim trunks and a towel. Tak glances away from the non-naked Weyrleader again in time to see his rogue scarf escaping, tumbling through the air. "Whups." And he starts after it, but it's got a pretty good head start, twisting and turning and then fluttering itself right for Sunny's face. Fortunately it's pretty light, what with being made of gauze.

Sundari doesn't have a problem with being ignored, oh no it will not bother her in the least! Nor will it bother Irkevalath, the young dragon is still somewhat wet, and slowly making her way towards where Naris, Zi'on and Takapola just happens to be. As for Naris? Well she best be ready to get wet, the young dragon flicks his wings open and shakes them out right over the girl. A happy warble escapes him which sounds really as if he was laughing. Sundari uhohs softly, and if she looks like she might try to stop Irke well she doesn't try /that/ hard. "Hey guys.." This is said before the gazuescarf smacks her right in the face and curls around her head. She blinks and pauses in her attempt to save herself from the attack scarf. Oh the humanity, when scarfs attack!

Seriously? Annoying Naris is only his /secondary/ job? Judging by how good he is at it she likes to think that it is his life calling. Her glare only intensifies as speaks, blue eyes trying their best to gouge holes in the weyrleader. "No," she grumbles, "it is not the /only/ place you've ever seen me. You saw me at the herdbeast pens once. And no, she is /not/ right! Her being right would mean that I'm stressed and probably uptight! I am NOT stressed /or/ uptight! And you have to strip in order to /get/ naked, unless you just take your clothes off one day and never put them back on." There is a pause before, "please don't do that." Taka also receives a glare, a bit of a snarl as well. Yet she does not say anything, although if he continues he will surely be chewed out. Suddenly there's a dragon, covering her in water and making her jump back with an undignified yelp. As she jumps back she manages to lose her footing, sending her sprawling on the sand.

It could be that someone was giving Tak a prank errand. Like checking the electrical outlets for vapors. Or maybe they assumed he would know enough to get a ride? "I can ride you out there if you're not in a hurry." Maybe Zi'on was just avoiding going back to the office! Or back to a wailing infant at home. Either way. He grins as Tak patronizes Naris. Yes, Zi'on is adequately covered for being at the beach. Though the slight provocation might send him running across the lagoon without anything on, so beware. He follows the scarf a ways with his eyes, before giving Sundari a wave… just in time for a scarf to attack her. He chuckles. "Hey, Sunny. Look out for debris." Zi'on ponders as Naris informs him of their previous meetings. "I have? I suppose I have. You are so uptight. You are so tight there are drum heads looser than you, Naris. Your blood pressure must be through the roof. I bet if you cut yourself blood would spray out of it like fountain. " Zi'on makes like he's about to lose his pants, then stops as Naris falls backwards into the sand. He laughs, but doesn't make any attempt to help her up. Rude.

A ride on Suldith? "That'd be great!" Takapola says. "I'm in no hurry." Nope. Not him. It'll still be faster than going there on foot, after all! Also it just means he'll have to hang out on the beach until Zi'on's ready. TRAGEDY. Oh the humanity, or should that be… the scarfanity? "Hey Sundari!" Taka calls with a grin. "Could you catch that? It's a rare red scarf warbler, and it's very important to the collection!" He beams, and adjusts his grip on the basket. "Just put it back in, and…" Huh, there appears to be a blue firelizard in here. Tak eyes it. Was that there before? He doesn't think so. "Are you a dancer?" he asks, just to be on the safe side. Also taking a step away from Naris and toward Sunny? Yeah, that's also being on the safe side. Stressed and uptight? Her? Noooo, Takapola wouldn't say that about her, because him saying that would be Very, Very Stupid of him. So he doesn't! Because uneducated Tak may be, but stupid he ain't. Now, grinning when Zi'on says such things… well, that's totally different. Also he can't help her up, because his hands are full. See the basket? At least he's not actually laughing. Out loud, anyway.

Sundari is able to untangle the scarf from her face, it takes a moment and she lets it settle around her shoulders instead of giving it right back to Taka it seems. A rare redwrabler huh? How much does one of them go for anywho?" Sunny sends a glance over to naris and ponders for a few moments. "Ah.. You going to live Naris? It's just water you big baby." This said with a grin. These two have no love, friendship or anything else for one another, so just perhaps she is asking for trouble. Irke warbles once more and hops back before lowering in a crouch and wiggles about looking at Naris. « Hello hello! » This is not sent to naris, but instead to the bronze dragon not to far off. « I caught a fish today! Was so yummy and tasty.. I wanted another but they all disappeared or something. Very strange..» Sunny glances to Zi'on offering him a smile. "So how is everyone?" Yes she'll include Naris in that if she doesn't have a stroke or heart attack in the next few moments.

Oh Faranth, Zi'on, Takapola, and Sundari just seem to be begging to get chewed out. It is in a rather hurried fashion that she gets back up to her feet, brushing sand off of her legs and shirt. All three of them receive a glare, a very, /very/ angry glare. She says nothing to Zi'on at first, instead turning to glare at Sunny and spit, "it's not the fecking /water/, Sundari. I /tripped/." Did Naris just swear? Why yes, yes she did. It appears the girl is getting a little peeved off. Actually, more than a little. It seems like Sundari's appearance sent her from annoyed to flat-out mad.

Zi'on gives Tak a nod. The ride was pretty short from here to the resort, but still it beat walking that stuff over. "…a what? What the heck is a warbler?" Zi'on is lucky he knows what a shirt and pants are, let alone fancy-dancey scarves. "That's Crawlie." Zi'on informs Tak. "I named him." Even if he is NOT Zi'on's firelizard. The bronzer has no fear of Naris. She was all bark and no bite, as far as he's concerned. Ouch, Sunny's comments are more scathing than Zi'on's! Suldith folds his wing back and looks over at Irke. « Hello. That is good! The fish will move if they know they are being hunted. » Zi'on smiles to Sunny. "I'm good. Tired though. So, so tired." Zi'on moves over to help brush Naris off. Then he wraps an arm around her shoulders. "Now, now. No need to get angry." Also, what's a feck?

"Oh, well," Takapola says to Sundari, then pauses a moment to consider. "A few dozen marks, I'd say." He nods sagely, because he is wise to this thing and you can definitely believe everything he says despite the fact that actually he's making it up as he goes along. "That is," he tells Zi'on. It's a warbler because he called it so! Also it's valuable. How valuable? "Depends on the condition, but this one's a fine one. As you can see." He grins. "Also feel. So really, it's probably priceless." Also in Sundari's custody, so. "Gasp! Now you'll probably make me do something awful to get it back." He puts on a stricken expression. "Well, you've got me. Name your price." Only the arch of his brows and the curve of his lips kinda looks a bit more 'hopeful' than 'stricken', at this point. "I'm good, other than having lost a priceless treasure." He glances to the scarf, then back up to Sundari. Oh, what terrible, terrible price might he be forced to pay. So terrible. Please? But hopefully not like Naris and the terrible glare, because that's not nearly so interesting a terrible as he's hoping for. Not that he seems to pay much heed to the terribleness from the assistant headwoman! Nope. Even if Takapola is not nearly so immune to her anger as Zi'on. Weyrleader hath its privileges. Resident… hath far fewer. But he can at least give the basket a shake to try to get the firelizard to move. Ideally without clawing any scarves on the way.

Sundari just peers at Naris for a few moments, really, chew her out? No no, not good idea! Not that Sunny would do much at the moment other than glower at Naris. She is about to say something before Naris goes off so to speak and she tilts her head while blinking innocently. "Well.. Kick the sand, how dare it trip you!" Of course it is the sand's fault, it's not like Naris is clumsy, right? She wouldn't be implying that at all. Ok, maybe a bit. Irke warbles out while he goes about wandering back over to where Suldith is, though that tail of his is flicking sand at Naris as it wiggles about behind the young dragon. « I suppose that makes sense, they was afraid of getting attacked. Perhaps.. They are regrouping or something to surprise the hunter? » His eyes swirl while he ponders this. Sunny glances over to Takapola, pondering this while tapping at her chin a moment. "How about.. Another night of star watching?" Her gaze flicks to Zi'on. "An no it's not a /date/." She offers before the dear Weyrleader can comment on such things. So perhaps it is not some EVILBIGHORRIBLE thing.. Just a night of star watching.

Ooooookay, so Zi'on won't help her get up but he will help her /brush sand off her clothes/? Dear Faranth, if he were not Weyrleader she would be calling him creepy right about now. Oh, but he isn't just wiping sand off her. Before she has a chance to do anything about it he has wrapped a arm around her, effectively trapping the scrawny girl. He receives a glare at his words about not getting angry. Then there's Sundari, talking to her like she's an idiot. Anger shows on her face, pure, true anger. Yet she does not say anything to her, instead saying in a frightening chipper voice, "yes, he named him Crawlie and the blasted creature now refuses to respond to anything else. Really if he weren't Weyrleader he would be doomed. You see there are some things I just won't accept, such as mouthy little weyrlings talking down to me." Ooh, was that a threat? Yes, there's a good chance it was. Meanwhile Crawlie does indeed move when Taka shakes the basket, but instead of flying away he attempts to crawl up the boy's arm.

Zi'on blinks at Tak. "What's a few dozen marks? That scarf? That's awful expensive for a piece of cloth…" That's more or less what it looks like to Zi'on. A few dozen marks… it was probably a sham! "Make him so something awful, Sunny. Like kiss Naris or something." Zi'on chuckles. Okay, now he's just teasing Naris again. "That might be worse for Naris, though." True, being the weyrleader did have its privileges. Like being immune from the lectures of the headwoman's staff, if not the headwoman herself. « They are probably regrouping, but they don't generally hunt the hunter. Just try to avoid him. » Zi'on peers at Sunny's suggestion. "ANOTHER night? Sounds like a date to me. A second date, even." Yes, Zi'on is brushing sand off her! He's helping! He's not creepy! "Doomed, eh? Alright ladies, that is enough. If you can't be nice to each other I will lock you in a weyr until you can."

Wait what? Kissing Naris? That makes Taka's eyes actually widen for a moment, glancing to Naris, but! "Your wish is my command," he informs Sundari. "…this time." When she actually comes out with it, Takapola briefly flashes a grin, then puts the stricken look on firmly for another moment. "Well!" he gasps overdramatically. "If I must." And then the grin is back, and he tilts the basket toward Sundari so she can put the scarf back in. The grin doesn't even falter as she decrees it's not a date. Of course it isn't (nnnnope), because weyrlings don't (can't) date. It's just a night out with the two of them, alone together and watching the stars. That's all. Whyever would anyone confuse something like that with a date? It's totally different. For one thing, a date would require Takapola to spend money on her! He turns his head to look at the blue firelizard crawling (hah!) up his arm. "Hi Crawlie!" he says cheerfully. He's had far worse things on his arm, including ones he's put there himself. Also, now the firelizard won't mess up the scarves and make Tak get in trouble for it.

Sundari looks at the scarf a moment. "Though it is a rather nice scarf.. I don't know if that is going to be enough to actually get it back now that I think about it." She keeps hold of the scarf, curling it around her neck once more, and also around the sleeping brown firelizard that is there. Her gaze flicks to Zi'on and she chuckles. "Naw I wouldn't do that to Naris, I know she wouldn't like it." As for it being a date she shakes her head. "Hey.. I went off with you that once, was that a date?" She questions with an amused tone and just grins. As for Naris she peers at her, watching her curiously. "Huh?" Is soon questioned, she wasn't paying much attention up until the last bits that Naris said. "What's got your panties in a bunch Naris?" Irkevalath isn't too sure about this, a glance is casted back towards the water while he soon hunkers down on the sand, stretching out. « I'll have to watch them.. They are tricky, and slippery, and taste so good.. » Yes his still talking about fish.

Wait, what? Kiss Naris? No, no, oh Faranth no! Naris most certainly does not want to be kissing anybody, let alone someone she just met. And kissing her would be a /horrible/ thing? Really? The Weyrleader gets yet another glare for this, although she knows all too well that he is probably immune to it. But as it turns out there will be no Naris-kissing, just dates that people claim aren't dates. Then the Weyrleader's saying that if they can't get along he'll lock them up in a room together and Sundari continues to be horrid. Looking at her there should be little to no doubt that if she were a dragon she would be flaming right about now. "/Nothing/ has got my /panties/ in a /bunch/, I just don't have much patience when it comes to cocky little smart-alecs that probably can't even figure out what two plus five is."

Naris might bite Tak's lips off or something. Or try to lecture him -during- the kiss. Which might be awkward. Zi'on might classify these dates as… pre-date dates. Idly he wonders if he ought to be making rules for pre-dates, as well as actual dates. At least the firelizard isn't an actual crawlie? "No smooching." He warns Tak and Sunny. Mostly Tak. He raises a brow at Sundari. "You went off with me? Oh, you mean when we went out to the Red Butte? I dunno. I don't think there was smooching or even holding hands there. So probably not." Plus didn't the bronzer still have a weyrmate at the time? Zi'on pulls his arm from Naris, giving her and Sundari both a stern look. "That's enough, I said. Calm down, both of you."

Gasp! Now she's gone and changed her mind again, and Takapola resumes his stricken look to Sundari. "It won't?" Such tragedy. "But I could count out a dozen stars for you. Maybe even a dozen dozen." And wouldn't that be gross? Yes, yes it would. And yes, Takapola can totally count that high. Even if he only has ten fingers. Naris-kissing might be back on the table, if Sunny's decided starwatching isn't enough! Though Takapola isn't sure Naris would be willing to climb on a table at all, let alone be kissed there. Or anywhere. Or everywhe- he looks to Zi'on, and nods. "No smooching," he agrees easily. "I shan't even lay a hand on her." If she lays a hand on him? Well, that's different. He can but hope. "Not 'til she's graduated." And then? Why, then it's a whole different game, and he grins wide to Zi'on before glancing back to Naris. "Though there's no rules against smooching you," he notes idly. "Just saying." And a grin! "Also. Seven." He's a smart boy, he is! He pays attention in his lessons.

Sundari looks confused, a glance is sent to Taka and then she peers back to Zi'on. "We didn't, and we won't.." As for Naris she just blinks while watching her. Really?.. "But.. I.. Wait.. What did I even say that was cocky?" She didn't think it was /that/ bad of a comment! The scarf is pulled off and she offers it back to Takapola shrugging slightly. "Well.. Then we're just go starwatching when I graduate then." If it is a issue then she shall try and fix it. As for Naris, she isn't sure /that/ can be fixed, so she doesn't even look at the other girl or make another comment on the matter.

FINALLY! FREEDOM! Naris, who had been tense the whole time she was held, lets out a gasp of relief the moment Zi'on lets go of her. Maybe it has something to do with Zi'on letting her have the right of no one fondling her, maybe it's because she isn't completely horrible, but she does mutter, "fine, no more comments from me as long as she cuts the attitude." Was Sunny showing an attitude? Probably not. Naris puts words in people's mouth occasionally, leaving them confused while making them suffer through a lecture. Then there's Taka, saying the smooching her is still on the table and he can indeed put two and five together. For a moment it looks like she's going to launch back into stick up rear mode, but suddenly she glances at Zi'on before saying in a voice that might be (gasp) slightly /playful/, "yeah, but I doubt you could handle me."

Before the end of it, Tak might be giving all the girls at Western kisses. The bronzer doesn't quite get the point of counting stars though, unless one was trying to fall asleep maybe. The bronzer pokes Sunny's nose. "Good." There's a time and a place for everything, and it's call the mating flight lecture. Sunny also better be following the rules! "Once you're graduated you're an adult. So.. you can go have a hundred babies if you want. But please don't." Zi'on has indeed let go of Naris, and the scolding seems to have worked. At least for now. "Alright then. Play nice. I'm going over to lay in the sun for a bit. Tak whenever you're ready we can take those scarves over." There's a brow raised to Naris as she gets… playful with Tak? Scary. He'll be over here, out of the blast radius.

"A post-graduation starwatching it is, then!" Such a price Takapola will pay for this scarf. His grin to Sundari can be the down payment. He'd give her a kiss, but. He can't! (Well he could, but he's not allowed, so.) He won't! So he just grins instead, then looks to Zi'on. "Only a hundred?" he asks, because it's a relevant question, and then grins and nods. "I'll be there in a moment!" Or three. Or ten. Or… well, he'll be over, and probably maybe before Zi'on gets sunburnt too badly. And then there's Naris being playful. Which is probably like playing with fire. Or high explosives. Not a very smart idea. Maybe Takapola isn't such a smart boy after all, because he grins. "You'll never know unless you try."

Sundari gaze flicks back to Naris and she just eyes the other girl a few moments. One can be certain that these two will never be friends, there be lucky to speak to one another without thinking of biting the other ones head off after this. Sunny was trying to be funny, not cause a problem. Though at every turn she has hit the wall known as 'Naris'(tm), and that wall is so very painful to smack into. In the end she needs to keep her mouth shut, not only because Zi'on has asked, but also because of Irkevalath. So instead she bites her tongue and offers a soft smile to Naris along with a faint nod. Speaking of the young blue he is giving himself a shake bugling out to Suldith and then wandering over to his rider and bumping his head into her with a soft croon escaping him. Seems it is time to pay attention to the young dragon time! A swat is sent after Zi'on hand once her nose is poked. Of course she follows the rules, and she looks a bit hurt there that everyone for some reason keeps thinking she would break them. "Yeah I'll see you later Zi'on." Is offered after the leaving to go do more sun bathing. As for the comment from Naris she eyes her a few moments. Wait, now she is /interested/ in kissing Takapola?

Naris certainly doubted and she and Sundari would ever be on anything even faintly resembling friendly terms. But for now the blue weyrling does not better, it would be best to just ignore her. Focus on the apparently /very/ smart boy that liked counting stars and playing with fire. There is trouble in her voice as she says, "you are right about that." With that she lunges forward and plants a kiss on Taka, right on his lips. She's never kissed anyone before and Taka gets to be her first, isn't he special! It only lasts for a few seconds before she releases him and calls in the direction a certain bronzer walked off in, "how's THAT for uptight, Zi'on!?" With that she begins to walk off, Crawlie jumping off of the basket boy and following after her. Naris says nothing to the two people she has no doubt she just shocked. Never let it be said that she in incapable of surprising others.

Of course Takapola's right! That's because he's smart. Also? He's kissed! So he kisses back. That's what one does with kisses, after all. In fact, he gets as far as putting a hand up to her waist before she's drawing away again, and so he lets her go, grinning after her. "Well, if you're asking me-" but she wasn't! So he just grins, then glances back to Sundari. "Now she knows. That's what happens when you try!" See? Educational day today!

Sundari mouth drops open as she watches Naris leap forward and kiss Takapola, and well the boy goes right back for the kiss. Well then.. "Yeah.." Is offered with an unsure tone. Her hand lifts to scratch at her neck a moment, well she's kissed someone before and it was well interesting at the time. A glance is sent after Naris now that she is fleeing and she soon peers over at Takapola. "So.. Kiss a lot of girls huh?" She questions with an amused tone.

Of course, Sundari can't try yet, but when she can… well, then she too can know the wonder that is kissing a Takapola! Maybe also the majesty. He's not sure. She'd have to ask Naris for that. Assuming Naris would give her a good answer, what with them not being friends. So maybe she'll just have to wait and find out on her own, once she can. Taka looks back to Sundari, and shrugs. "Aw, a few, maybe. Not all that many," he says in a casual type tone. Certainly not all the girls in the Weyr! (Yet.)

Sundari is quiet for a few moments, her mind wandering and her gaze drifts up to Irke as the blue dragon croons to her. "Yeah I know buddy.." She lifts a hand to scratch at her neck a moment, some hair getting flicked away. "I need to go get him fed and oiled. I'll see you later?" There is a slight smile. Irkevalath warbles and trills out, happy at this outcome and is soon bouncing off heading towards the barracks from the looks of it. "Have a good night Takapola." A wave seen while Sunny is off to tend to her dragon.

"Okay," Takapola says to Sundari. "See you later!" And then he's off too, to rouse the Zi'on and take a ride with him.

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