Early Birds...

Western Weyr - Candidate Dorm
Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this small dorm room has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants comfortably. Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses, each made up to the standards of the weyrwoman. Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours.

Early morning is.. early. Too early. Likely someone came in a while ago to wake up the candidates to get them started for the day's duties, but there's still a few stragglers, covering their heads with their blankets and.. well.. whatever else they can manage. There happens to be one, though, that isn't worn down at all today — in fact, he's the complete opposite. Bright-eye'd and bushy tailed, Xaleres does his own duty of being an annoying brute by starting the day of with, "GOOD Mooooooooooorrning Candidates!" The pink-frilly-shirted man flounces from cot to cot, shaking people awake. How oh-so-nice.

Brenn is one of those grumbling candidates who has remained in bed later into the morning. He attempts the usual first line of defense and pulls a pillow over his ears, but it is an ultimately futile attempt to block out the noise. Eventually he rolls over and blearily opens his eyes so he can scowl in Xaleres' direction. "You know, /some/ of us actually had to work late on chores!"

Ixieae can barely be forced to get her own food, let along get up on time. Plus, this is only her first morning as a candidate, so obviously she's going to sleep in. Yeeeah. Obviously. This excuse will be used later, no doubt. But of course, her slumber gets interrupted… by possibly the most obnoxious candidate ever. "Oh. My. Shards. Xaleres, I swear by Faranth, if you don't shut the heck up, I'm shoving a pillow down your throat and LAUGHING as your choke." Ooooh. Someone is dark in the morning! "And if you come near me, I'll cut you. With…" An eye cracks open and looks around. "My NAILS. It'll hurt. And get infected. I didn't wash my hands last night." Feeeear!

The retaliated comment just makes Xale's glimmering smile grow wider, as the boy trundles over and leans up on the end of the cot with an evil expression on his face. "Aaaawwwww, we have ourselves a /whiner!/" He rolls his eyes, coming over and grabbing the pillow with his hand, lifting it carefully away from Brenn's face. "Yeeeaah, but who cares! I certainly don't." He flounces away, only to be met again my more grumbles — this time, Ixieae. But this time, he just walks up next to her cot, arms crossed, looking down at her solumnly. "Really. You will. You certainly are fiesty, chicka. The more you are, the more I just wanna climb in bed with you. Certainly looks warm in there…" He looks SO SCARED. Really. Look at the shocked expression! Really! .. Yeah, yeah, it's not there.

Brenn grumbles something unintelligble as he sits up, rubbing at his eyes as he copes with the loss of his pillow. He's more or less incoherant for a moment, but something from the complaints of his fellow sleepy candidate seems to sink in. "Wait a minute… you're telling me this (censored) is Xaleres?" Increasingly awake now, he narrows his eyes at the annoyingly awake candidate. "I've heard plenty about you." And judging from the dark tone of his voice, it hasn't been good.

"Unfortunately," Ixieae mutters, throwing the blanket over her head as Xaleres comes over. "I have no problem inflicting pain, Xal. None at all. And if it gets me kicked out, than so be it. It'll be worth it to know I broke your face with my first." Feisty only begins to describe her in the morning. "He's a moron, just ignore him and I bet he'll go away." Clenching her eyes, she tries wishing him away. "Go crawl into someone elses bed. Someone who cares. Or find that weaver girl, she seems interested." Just leave them ALONE.

"I'm FAMOUS!" The boy lifts up his arms in complete triumph. Raah! Raah! "Oh yes, I'm the infamous Xaleres — and yes, I believe every word you've heard is true." There really isn't much need for exaggeration when it comes to him. His eyebrows raise at Ixi.. But he just begins to laugh. "/Well/. I can't say that I'm really all that afraid of you, Ixi-poo.. And no, I won't go away. Since you're not gonna let me in.. Guess I'm just gonna have to take you out." He just continues laughing, as he yanks at her waist and — whoosh! — flings her over his right shoulder, blanket and all, hauling her off in Brenn's direction. La dee da!

Brenn scowls, actually appearing to grit his teeth a little at the confirmation of Xaleres identity. "So you're the reason we have to wear these ridiculous uniforms? Because of some plot you had to get into a weaver girl's pants?" The beastcrafter's already dark mood continues. "You are not going to have an easy candidacy here, I… hey! Put her down!" He yells in defense of the poor abducted Ixieae.

Ixieae SCREAMS. Yes. There is no other word to describe the sound that erupts forth from her mouth but a complete scream. "YOU! DIE! FACE! IN! OHMYGAWD!" Never one to take anything in stride, Ixieae starts to flail around, trying to free her arms from the blanket that was once her protection from this other candidate. "PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE!" She yells out, towards Brenn. "Haven't you EVER heard of personal space, you simpleminded idiot? LET. ME. DOWN! There will be hell to pay for this! Do you hear me!" Flail!!!

Xaleres totally would bow, if he didn't have his hands.. ya know.. full of an evil wench. "Oh, so they even included the part about the weaver girl! Though, just for the record — she's an /artist/." A very, very bad one. "And actually, it's not /entirely/ because of that. You can blame Arkoss for making me so ornery I had to suggest it." A wink graces Xaleres eye as he begins to flinch. ".. Why should I put her down?" Seriously, he's seeing no reason, even the flailing. Flailing is /hot/. "Personal space.. No.. Can't say I've ever heard of it. .. Are you /sure/ you want him to punch me? That's just.. vulgar!" Yeah really, who'd stoop to Xale's level? "I hear you looouudd and clear, chickie. .. My, your butt looks /amazing/ from this angle!"

Brenn swears under his breath and finally gets out of his bed. "Alright, this is a little bit too much crap for me to deal with this early in the morning." He starts stomping off in Xaleres direction, trying out his best attempt at an intimidating stare. It is somewhat hindered by the fact that he still looks half asleep. "You should put her down because if you don't, I'm going to do what she says and punch you in the face. Candidate rules or no candidate rules. You've got three seconds."

Oh yeah, Ixieae is going to like Brenn. Nothing says 'oh baby' like someone threatening to punch someone else! Whoo hoo! "Yes! I do want him to! Cause if he doesn't, the moment my feet hit the ground, /I will/!" Thinking of feet… the candidate-lass starts randomly shoving her feet into whatever body part of Xaleres she can find. Hoping to find the money spot that'll get him to drop her. "Three seconds! You heard him, drop me or die, Xal! I'm /so/ not pissed, it's getting hard to breath." Add to the fact she's wrapped up in a blanket that is overheating greatly.

There isn't much else Xaleres can do at this point except sigh. "Well, violence is such a petty thing.. I'd rather not have to encourage you to do so. But — I mean, for the record — /look/ at this tushy. Isn't it fantastic?" He nubs his forefinger into the side of Ixieae's hip as he tosses a wink to Brenn. "Not to mention, you punching me would inevitably result in me dropping her on her head.. and that'd just be mean." Blink, blink. "So /not/ pissed? Well, honey dearest, you're the one that told me yesterday you loved me!" He spins her around a couple of times, before flinging her back into her empty cot, and beaming down at her with his bright, bright smile. "Alright, my dear. Hit me." Nothing says 'I love you' like a broken face. Cough.

Brenn seems to be working up the energy for a confrontation right up until Xaleres finally lets the girl go. He even starts counting off on his fingers as if preparing to follow through on his threat. He doesn't look all that satisfied when he finally does toss her back. "You're a disgusting pig." He glances over in Ixieae's direction. "If I were you, I'd do it. He's got it coming. And if anyone asks, I'll say you did it in justified self-defense."

"Not pissed…? Did I say that? Well, you know what I me—AHH!" And the world goes round and round, and then she's once again sort of right side up. It takes a few moments for Ixieae to get the room to stop moving, but as soon as that passes, she's ripping away from the blanket and getting to her feet. With fists clenched, she gets all up in Xaleres's grill. Her hand is lifted, drawn back, and then… -WHAM- her knee JERKS UP inbetween Xal's legs and… well… you can guess what she did from that. "NEVER EVER touch me again, do you hear me? Next time, I cut it off and feed it to the felines!" Her face is completely red with anger and she almost spits this in his face. Almost. Not that unladylike! Taking a few steps back, Ixieae takes calming breathes. In. Out. IIIN. Out.

"Aww pfffff. You're no fun." Xaleres rolls his eyes at Brenn. "But, thank you. I don't usually get the 'pig' part. It's a nice change when I d—" He's promptly cut off by the fact his man-parts are screaming 'Un-Happiness'. ".. Oh.. Mommy." At this point he can barely even understand what else she says (so likely, what ever it was, he won't remember), and falls promptly backwards into a cot across from Ixi's, keeled over as is proper. "So… sexy…" Is all he can manage out.

Brenn smiles for the first time this entire morning when Ixieae finally gives Xaleres his just deserts. It fades a little after just a moment, and he sighs heavily. "Something tells me he didn't learn a damn thing from that." He looks up at Ixieae and manages a little smirk. "Nice job all the same. Surprised you showed that much restraint after that sort of treatment."

Ixieae just stares, bewildered, at the candidate. "Are you serious? I kicked you where it counts and you think it's…" She just shakes her head. Men. She will never, ever understand them. Or at least this one. A hand gets jerked through her short hair, causing it to spike a bit. "I have no choice. My 'rents said if I get booted from this candidacy, they're shipping me off to the Hold to get… lady lessons. Or something of that sort. I'd die at a Hold." The thought alone causes her to shudder. "I figured this way, there will be no viewable bruises… so long as he keeps his pants on." Ixieae gives a quick grin to Brenn, along with a firm nod. "I'm with ya, I bet he'll just get worse."

Xaleres :'s eyes are still twinkling after Ixi, as if, not only did he learn nothing, but his enthusiasm to chase after the girl quadrupled. Oh brother. "She.. she.." he tries to respond to Brenn's statement, but he just sorta breaks into this huge smile, even if he's still clutching his.. you-know-what. "So serious. That was.. br.. brilliant. You really do love me, just like you said!" Ooooohhhh lordie. "… I.. think I may.. need ice." Too bad no one gives a crap.

Brenn offers Ixieae a little smile. "Hey, don't worry. Plenty of us owe this guy for the uniforms. He pulls this crap again, you just get me or someone else and we'll take care of it. No getting you shipped off to a Hold, alright?" He rolls his eyes at Xaleres' plea for medical attention. "Go cry to somebody who cares."

No one noticed Aiden sitting on his cot this whole time, watching? Well, he was being quiet, stretched out on his stomach and sucking on a stick of candy. Propping his head up with an elbow and his chin against the palm, he smirks a bit at the whole situation, the confection between his lips wiggling up and down.

Ixieae smacks her forehead with the palm of her hand. "Yes, Xal, I love you. I love you so much, it hurts. Hurts you, of course. Not me." Grinning at her not-exactly-funny joke, she turns away from the pained lad. He can suffer for all she cares. "Just do what I'm doing with the shirts. Adjust them. Y'know, a little improvement here and there. But pink on girls isn't quite as bad as pink on guys."

Brenn and all the other male candidates (minus Xaleres, of course) get a wince from Ixi. "It's the ruffles that get me. They're just… /ugh/! I don't know what the person was on when they listened to this idea." It's the lime green shorts that baffle her. Movement, just slight, gain her attention, and green eyes zone in on Aiden. "No telling any higher-ups about this." Xaleres gets a thumb-jerk in his direction. "It's a candidate secret."

Due to the fact that no one will likely care about poor(not) Xaleres, he just sort of picks himself up by the edge of the cot, and stumbles over to his own. "Oh yeah. Oh me for the uniforms, right, right," he mutters. "The poor girl that made them needed the money, and she likely wouldn'tve gotten ANY commissions if I hadn'tve said something on her behalf. So you, boy, can shove your self-righteousness up your behind where it belongs." Funny, how he smiles as he says all of that. He grabs what looks like some laundry from the end of his head, and then begins to hobble back. "And watching petty people like you suffer because you look a bit ridiculous brings me enough pleasure to make it worth screwing you over for that poor girl's benefit. Now if you'll excuse me… I'm actually going to do my chores instead of stand around gossiping like a bunch of fat aunties. .. Catch you later, sweetpea." Wink, and poof.

Aiden blinks once at being so suddenly singled out, snorting after the surprise wears off. "If I really wanted to tell anyone nothing you could say or do would much matter. I'd do it." he says to Ixieae in a crisp clear voice, his tone altogether bored now. Folding his arms over the tail end of his cot, he rests his chin atop. "But for that to happen, I'd have to care." His eyes dart to Xaleres briefly and then he shrugs.

"You've got that right." Brenn grumbles in response to Ixieae's comment about the pink. "We've got to find some way to get out of these things… I tried to get the weyrhealer to write a note saying I was allergic to the dyes in them, but that was a no go." Once again, his anger at Xaleres flares up again. "So you did this just to annoy people and get in some 'poor girl's' pants? You don't fool me. Go bother someone else."

Ixieae narrows her eyes and watches Aiden for another few moments, then gives a sharp nod. "Fine with me." Hey, she's all about the 'don't care' attitude. "Alright, I'm going to get another hour or so of sleep." Walking towards her cot, she grabs her blanket along the way and just flops onto the bed. She does send a look at Xaleres and, oh!, was that a look of guilt? Maybe? Well, if it was, it's gone now. "Anyway, I'll chat with you all later." Zzzzz.

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