Candidate Cacophony

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.
Electric lights light the entrances as those on night duty come out to take over, moving quietly in the night so as not to disturb those sleeping about the Weyr.The days grow longer over the spring months, the air seeming more fresh and warm than it did over the winter.

Arkoss shakes his head. Oh geez. This isn't exactly what Arkoss wants to get in the middle of, so he backs away. "Get her, Dryssa." yeah…he gets far away in case any paint goes flying.
Now, if anything, Delynni becomes even angrier. "Then she shouldn't have burst into tears at /MINE/." She indicates Dryssa. "She wasted her time making them. I'm sorry. I have actual /standards/ about how I appear. Then there's a yellow stripe on Delynni's forehead. She blinks, then mocks. "ooooooh, pretty!" She mocks. "Oooh, any color than pink." She harumphs. "You really, really think these are pretty? They're disgusting." She calmly presses down the new, improved, black uniform. "If you're going to make a uniform, at least make one that /looks/ like a uniform."

This wasn't exactly how Eydis had planned to spend her free afternoon either, as she can only watch, dumbfounded, as Dryssa storms up to Delynni and proceeds to fire comments back at the candidate. And then the paint. Oh shards - not the paint. As Arkoss moves away, Eydis fires him a quick 'help?' like look, before getting to her feet. Her notes are set down nearby to Dryssa's abandoned work and the apprentice does her best to approach the two, but not close enough. Last thing she wants is to be painted - literally. "That's enough from /you/." Eydis snaps angrily at Delynni, glaring at her now. "Dryssa, come on. Ignore her, really. She isn't worth the trouble." She begins to move now, trying to more or less slip between the two of them. And all she wanted was a reasonably "normal" afternoon. Oh well.

Zipidee Doo Da! Zippidee eh! My oh my— Isn't /this/ a sight. Xaleres is coming, toting a plate full of food and what looks to be a book under one arm.. But he obviously wasn't expecting there to be a paint war going on at the beach.. So, he munches a little on a piece of bread as he approaches — he's not going to interrupt a catfight, too sexy — but the fact that Dryssa involves causes him to cringe. "Uhhh." He creeps up behind Arkoss, and nudges the younger boys shoulder. "What's… going on?" Blink blink.

The attempts to calm Dryssa might've worked if the artist was a slightly more rational woman. But artists are known for being tempermental and emotional, right? Apparently that goes double in this case. The continued taunting from Delynni makes Dryssa clench her fists. "You think my /art/ is disgusting?" She quickly grabs a big tube of bright pink paint from her nearby stand, squeezing it and showering Delynni with pink all over her clothes and skin. "Who's disgusting now?" It's basically the same taunt from before, only on a greater scale.

"No, she isn't." Arkoss comes forward only to tug at Dryssa's arm. "Yeah. Ignore her, maybe she'll go away." he agrees, nodding at Eydis. And then another of Arkoss' favorite people arrives, and the white-haired teenager frowns at him, then points at Delynni. "She messed up Dryssa's uniform and insulted it. And…..uh oh." Arkoss jumps out of range again. Ack, pink!

Delynni fumes, snapping back at Edyis. "I wanted a good walk along the lagoon, a good, peaceful walk along the lagoon. I come over to say hi to a friend and I get cried over, shrilled at, screamed at and painted." She's suddenly covered in pink, and Delynni /screams/ in fury. "If I weren't both physically opposed to senseless violence /and/ a candidate I'd PUNCH you!!!! FREAK!!!" She hisses. "I'm minding my own business and suddenly you start /SCREAMING/, because I wanted to be a little different. I wanted to look /nice/ so that there wasn't an older brother somewhere cackling at how humiliating I'd look in /THIS./" Delynni is trembling in outrage.

"That's because you openly insulted her!" Eydis fires back, her own voice rising in pitch now as her temper begins to fray at the edges. As if to prove this, most of her replies are followed by various gestures of her hands, whether it's to point at another individual or point accusing fingers. So focuses is she on Delynni, she doesn't notice Dryssa coming in for the attack with pink paint until it's too late. Raising an arm up, she doesn't get much of it, just a few very vague splatters of it lining some of her skin. "That's /it/!" Eydis all but yells. "Enough! From the TWO of you!" Now she really does place herself between Dryssa and Delynni, unless she's stopped. "You're acting like a bunch of spoiled weyrbrats. Dryssa, I can understand why your upset. You" And now there's an accusing finger point from Eydis to Delynni. "should learn to shut your mouth and keep some comments to yourself." Oh yeah, like Eydis is the best one to be saying that.

Oh.. faranth. Xaleres just stops and stares, especially as a bit of pink lands in his food. /Crappy/. "Allllright, that does it." No one messes with HIS food! "First of all, this girl is NOT a freak. If anything, you're a freak for being that self-concious—but you're entitled to your own opinion. Likewise, Dryssa, she's perfectly allowed NOT to like your art. I — er —" Okay, that's all he's got. As Eydis intervenes, Xale quickly drops his plate — it's already ruined — and gentled grabs the sides of Dryssa's arms and begins to tug her back. "This isn't going to get you anywhere sweetcakes, put the paint down." He talks with a calm voice, which is strange coming from a man who sounds like he's perpetually hitting on everything.

Despite the enraged reaction from Delynni, Dryssa looks rather pleased with the result of her paint assault. She crosses her arms over her chest, regarding the painted girl with a satisfied smirk. "Well, at least you've got a little color on you now." Eydis' intervention is enough to make her just a little sheepish, although probably not as much as she should be after such childish behavior. "Sorry, did I get any on you?" At that point she gets jerked back by Xaleres, which causes her to drop her tube of pink paint in the sand. "Xale! She said the most /horrible/ things about me and my art! Horrible, horrible things!"

Delynni bursts into tears. By this point Xaleres and Eydis' attempts to diffuse the situation fall on deaf ears. "My brother, my own brother comes to visit me to see how I'm doing at Western in my /fourth/ candidacy. He /already/ thinks I'm wasting my time, and then he walks into the living caverns, comes all the way from Rubicon to bring me a good luck gift, and he starts /LAUGHING!/ I got laughed at by Naluti, Sanuke and Kiddaku!!!! THREE OF MY FIVE BROTHERS LAUGHED AT THE WAY I LOOK!!!!! Sango was the only one of the four who came to visit me who didn't laugh, and that's because he's too polite!!!" Delynni wails. "Thanks to /her/ I was humiliated in front of my own KIN because I had to wear her monstrosity!!!! I have to wear such a horrible horrible garment that never should have seen the outside of a trunk and get laughed at by my own kin because of it!!! Then I get accosted by, thrown paint at, by somebody I don't even know!!!! What do you think I'm going to do????" She wails, tears streaking down her cheeks.

Arkoss regards Delynni stonily. "There's no reason to take it out on her." he tells her ruthlessly. "From what I heard, /not/ wearing it just earned you extra chores. You could have not worn it if it bothered you so much. Dryssa put time and effort into making them for all of you."

Eydis looks visibly relieved when Xaleres steps in and pulls Dryssa back, even if his involvement was spurred only by his wasted food. Still, she gives him a grateful side glance, before turning to face Delynni. "Very little, don't worry about it." Eydis says in a reassuring tone to Dryssa, however her gaze never leaves the pink splattered candidate. And while she was all anger and glares, her expression does soften a little. Just a little. "You got what you did because rather then approach her politely over it, you insulted her." Eydis smirks. "What did you think Dryssa's reaction would be? Did it ever occur to you to /ask/ politely to have changes made? Or, you know…/talk/ rationally with the Headwoman or whoever it was who approved the uniforms?" There won't be much pity coming from this apprentice, apparently. Eydis folds her arms across her chest now, now side glancing to Arkoss and looking puzzled. "What's this on extra chores?"

Xaleres looks a bit frustrated. Well.. It was going to happen eventually. Not many people find it easy to keep their tongues bitten when presented with Dryssa's often frightful work. But, since he's still trying to maintain tact with the girl, he just gently turns her about, and scrunches down a little to look evenly into her eyes. "She may have, girlie, but the only thing that matters is what /you/ think of your art. D'you think er, what's his face Picasso or .. Van.. Whosits got anywhere by being liked?" Sigh. He hugs his arm around her shoulders a bit, just raising his eyebrows at Delynni's reaction. "So.. You're.. upset because your brothers laughed at you. Isn't that.. kinda.. what brothers are for?" Pause. "Your /kin/ obviously isn't very understanding, though, if they actually put you to the point of humiliation. Sooooo.. I'm failing to see why it matters." But, Xale fails to see a lot of things. He squeezes Dryssa's shoulders a bit; see, /he's/ being a good big brother! Even if he isn't one.

"Sounds like your brothers are as dimwitted about art and fashion as you are." Dryssa shoots back at Delynni, obviously not completely defused just yet. She sticks her nose in the air as if confident that she just won that little back and forth. "Eydis is right. Nobody likes a critic, especially one with no tact and no class." She looks up at Xaleres, offering a little smile and reaching up to wipe the tears from her eyes. "You're right. Thanks, Xale."

Delynni sniffles, sitting down on the sand. She looks rather silly by this point. "Whatever your name is……" She sniffles at Dryssa, eyes red. "Not everyone shares your tastes. I liked the basic idea, I didn't like the colors." She sobs. "Black is a lot nicer than pink….." She sobs, and now wiping the tears off of her face has her sleeve streaked in yellow paint. "My brothers think I'm stupid because I keep saying yes to being Searched. THey're all Journeymen and they're trying to become Masters. My mom has the biggest winning streak of any female jocky in ten whole turns. I just wanted to be a little different."

"That's what I heard, anyway." Arkoss tells Eydis. "Amarante told me that the ones who didn't wear the uniform just got extra chores. That's not so bad, after all they're not /forcing/ the candidates to wear them. Though I also heard that the Weyrleader is making it optional for the candidates."

"Now that…is a more reasonable way of stating your opinion." Eydis notes, as Delynni sits down on the sands. There's still not much in the way of pity showing up on the apprentice's facial expression, but she does ease off the cold looks. Calming down now, Eydis takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly and bringing one hand up, rubbing at the side of her neck. "Shells, this has been one intense afternoon." she mutters, turning now to face the much calmer Dryssa and Xaleres as well. "There's always going to be critics. You just got to learn to brush off the worst of it." Yeah, easier said then done. Turning a bit to face Arkoss now, Eydis tilts her head a little, looking both thoughtful but a little confused too. "So…if you don't wear the uniforms, you get more work. But it's going to be optional? Or is it?" Now she glances between Delynni and Xaleres. "Do you either of you know the whole deal?"

What is this, the fourth time Dryssa's thank Xale? It's foreign to him, but it's definitely no less an effect when she says it, causing him to smile. "No problem bumpkin, but.. You may wanna.. Stop aggrivating things and cool off a bit, K? You're stooping to her level if you keep dissing on her." He does give her shoulders another squeeze, and pats the blonde on the head with his free hand. Aww. Isn't that cute. "I don't know the deal," he shrugs at Eydis. "I've been too busy actually doin' chores to notice or hear anything." Not that he could get away with not wearing the uniform; he promised it as a personal favor to Dryssa, even if it's.. .. yeah.

Dryssa just rolls her eyes at Delynni. She's calmed down by this point, but she's still not looking too terribly sympathetic to the other girl's breakdown. "You just have no concept of fashion. Maybe after that paint dries you'll have a little spark." Eydis' comment seems to confuse her. "Brush her off? But that's what I did!" She holds up the yellow paintbrush she attacked Delynni with for emphasis, having taken the recommendation too literally again. Xaleres' reassurances get her to smile happily again. "You're right, Xale. It's not worth my time. I should channel my energy into more art!"

Delynni stands and sniffles. "I got told wear it or else. I got told Xeleres endorsed the uniform to score points with Dryssa so she'd like him, and the headwoman liked them too, and to just shut my mouth and suckit up n' look stupid so she'll shut up. I woulda worn it if my brodders hadn't shown up. Naluti likes pink and he still didr'n like 'em." Delynni kicks off her shoes. "Not gonna dry. I'm going to sit in the lake n'till that horrible horrible pink comes off. PInk's a horrible color. Nal and Ricky always made my clothes n' they looked perfectly nice." Delynni sniffles, wiping her eyes on her sleeves and removing her shoes and socks.

Despite the whole situation, Eydis bursts out laughing when Dryssa holds up the yellow paintbrush. Just as quickly as it happened though, the apprentice regains control - now she's only chuckling. "Good one." she murmurs, most likely thinking Dryssa was pulling a joke rather then actually taking her previous recommendation so seriously. Xaleres' comment earns a thoughtful frown from her and for a brief moment Eydis looks serious again. "So…this uniform thing isn't a standard? It's new?" Where has she been? Eydis' glance moves from Xaleres and then slowly over to the still sniffling Delynni. "Who is Xeleres? And I knew about the Headwoman already being involved. Huh, this is confusing." Indeed. And Eydis is acting like she's playing at detective now, too.

"Definitely more art, definitely…" Xaleres manages to keep his smile looking genuine as he gives her shoulders another squeeze and releases. For now, he returns to scoping out his plate of food, and finds that—hey! There's a few pieces that didn't manage to get sand /or/ paint on them. He happily begins to munch, but.. After a few bites, doesn't seem too thrilled. "/HEY/! I did /NOT/ endorse the outfit to score points with Dryssa!" Hearing his name, he just waggles his fork at Delynni. "I don't know /who/ has been spreading that rumor, but it better stop before I start shoving my fork into people's /eyes/. I did it because she needs the commissions, and I didn't think she'd think to offer the idea herself. It was just a.. random thought." He looks at Dryssa, really hoping that she herself doesn't hear what Delynni said and go whacko on /him/. Totally last thing he needs right now. He already got kicked in the jewels this morning! "It wasn't Xeleres.. /Zay/lereez. Me." He takes another bite of his food, but cringes. /Yuck/.

"Yes you did." Arkoss adds, since he's taken a disliking to the older boy. Maybe because he's such a…a…/flirt/. Meh. Disapproval!!! "I just repeat what I hear so long as it doesn't hurt anyone. Unlike some people, I try not to hurt peoples' feelings deliberately." Pointed look at Delynni.

Dryssa frowns over at Delynni, still clearly frustrated with the other girl. At least this time she has enough control to resist another barrage of paint or taunting. "Just make sure you don't get any of that paint in your eyes or mouth." She says before looking back to the others, still offering no apology. Xaleres' comments on the uniform bring a smile to her face. "That's right! Xaleres and the headwoman liked my fashions soooo much that they decided to have me design a special uniform for this candidate class! They did it just because they have such confidence in my artwork." She says this very confidently, despite the fact that it is an obvious misrepresentation of what Xaleres said.

Eydis can only throw her hands up in a helpless gesture as things begin to take on a "he said, she said" theme. What /did/ she get into? She smiles lightly towards Xaleres. "Sorry. I don't think I ever got your name, so I had no idea it was you." To Dryssa, she manages to keep her smile, although the apprentice is no doubt having to struggle with that. "Oh really? Well, things are making a little more sense now." To her, at least. Arkoss is given a quick warning look from her, her smile now faltering back to a smirk. "Gossip always tends to hurt, even if you try to avoid it."

Delynni points to Dryssa. "YOu're crazy. I appreciate beautiful, until it becomes completely impractical and ridiculous. The most beautiful things in this world are both practical and pretty. Pink is not the prettiest color in the world. I could parade a dozen runners in front of you that are absolutely gorgous and none of them are /pink/ or need /frills/ on their saddles to look good. Bay, steel grey, black with white markings, brown with speckles. Nature put pink on /flowers/, not living animals, and nature did that because pink isn't the most pretty color. My opinion? You like beauty so much, and you're crazy enough, you'll impress a crazy but beautiful dragon. The wonderful part about dragons is that they /never/ lie about what they think, especially to their lifemates. And I hope that dragon is honest enough to tell you how stupid your fashion sense is. The uniforms aren't BEAUTIFUL, because if you took one out on a hike it would be in /tatters/ by the end of the day. If the Weaverhall weren't in such dire straits I'd BURN the damn things. Dying it black makes them look a lot nicer than a lot of colors that don't even go together on the colorwheel." Del defiantly marches out into the water and sits where the water is up to her shoulders. She starts scrubbing at first her face, then the uniform. "At least I'm /honest/ about what I think rather than spreading rumors behind your back." She growls.

Xaleres facepalms. Oh jeez. There is no way around this. He steps a little behind Dryssa so she can't see him cringing; he usually would /not/ endorse such an outfit. "Really," he snaps at Arkoss, wagging his fork at the boy. "So it was /you/ that's been spreading this around?" He begins to walk towards the younger one threateningly, eyes pursed and lips pulled into a snarl. "So you make it a point to repeat everything you hear? You're just /that/ inconsiderate? I'll remember never to trust talking to you again, because you obviously know how to distort everything that goes in through those ears of yours. And to think I was gonna lay off a little because Amarante seemed to think it'd be better for you." Growl. Xaleres, obviously, does not approve of snitches. "Might wanna mind your /trap/, kid."

Despite having calmed down a bit, the further taunting from Delynni is enough to raise Dryssa's ire again. "You wouldn't know beautiful if it slapped you upside the head. Just because something doesn't show up in nature doesn't mean it isn't beautiful. In fact, that just makes it more original!" Huffing a bit, she turns back to Xaleres and Arkoss, trying to catch up on their argument. "Wait a minute… Arkoss, you've been telling people that Xaleres just endorsed my uniform to score points with me?" Pause. "That's silly. I'm not keeping any kind of points."

Oh joy. Two arguments in one sunny afternoon? What luck! Eydis doesn't know whether to simply escape while she can, scream in frustration or just stare dumbly at these people. Or all three. Eventually though, she focuses her attention back on Delynni before she stalks off to the water. "Shards. Do you ever make sense? What's her art or color tastes have to do with dragons? Or animals?" Eydis snaps, giving the candidate a weird look, along with another glare. So much for making the situation better. And now Xaleres is too busy turning on Arkoss to help calm Dryssa. Oh fun. "Dryssa…" Eydis takes a few steps towards her, now that Delynni is in the water. Her voice is low, no doubt not meant to be overheard by everyone. "Just ignore it, remember?" She's about to physically move Dryssa away, but stops once it's clear that the focus has changed. It's Arkoss now who earns a confused glance from Eydis, which is interupted by the side glance she gives to Dryssa after her comment. Say what?

Arkoss glares at Xaleres. "At least I don't go around calling girls sluts!" he retorts. "You're not one to call someone else inconsiderate. And or /what/?" he adds, crossing his arms belligerently. "Going to /fight/ me?" candidates can't fight and stay candidates. Arkoss knows this.

Delynni starts crying all over again and shrills at Xaleres. "LEAVE ARKOSS ALONE!!!" She bawls, standing dripping wet and striding over to Xal and planting herself squarely in front of Arkoss. "And its your fault if Dryssa gets mad at you! You don't lie about what you think of a person just to make them like you!" She shrills at the boy. "That's dishonest and mean! If I think you're being /stupid/ I'm going to call you stupid. If I think you're being /crazy/ I'm going to call you crazy. If I think you're colorblind I'm going to call you that! Dryssa's reaction doesn't bother me beyond the paint flinging, yelling and general carrying on, and when I calm down and clean up I'll /still/ not hold it against her, because she's saying /exactly/ what she thinks of my changes to her work to my face!!!! I'd expect that of every other candidate in the barracks!!!! If I impress I'd expect it of my wingmates!!!!! I'm not going to kiss up to somebody just to get them to like me!!!" Dryssa's reaction about points has Delynni cackling. "Girl, with some men, when they want you, its /always/ about points."

"Fight you? Nah… You aren't even worth it." Xaleres just shrivels his nose, shaking his head. "You should know by now I didn't mean that, boy. It was a slip, I apologized." Delynni's intervention just causes the guy to smile, almost laugh. "/Right/, the crier comes to define the other whiner. Shoulda known you'd stick together. S'alright. At least I know I'm a better person than the both of you combined, now, because even if I'm not always blunt, I have more tact and more decency… Not saying much, though, since I'm not a good person myself." He glares down at his plate again. "Well, I'm gonna go inside and get some decent food.. I'll leave you two cry-babies to cling to each other. If ya wanna join me and get away from these… /People/, Dryssie.. You can come whenever." He snarls at the two, and begins to laugh, as he walks back in the direction of the caverns.

Dryssa seems more than a little confused and unsettled by all of this. When talk turns to fighting, her eyebrows shoot up. "What? No! There's no reason to fight!" This from the girl who was squirting paint around in response to art insults earlier. When Xaleres starts to march off, she's nearly on the verge of crying. "Wait…" There's a moment of indecision, then she grabs her painting and supplies to start running off after him. She pauses after a little while to turn and yell to Eydis. "Come see me later about that bikini, okay? I'll make you a nice one." Then more running. Got to see to business first.

Jolie looks rather on a mission as she walks over toward the lagoon, looking over various faces. "Where is that girl. Someone told me that she was here." She pauses, glancing from face to face, and rather impatiently tapping a foot into the rather smooshy sand around the lagoon.

Delynni carefully walks back into the water, sniffles away, then giggles a little hysterically, then sniffles somemore. She's waterlogged, and sitting up to her shoulders in water. "Dumb pink." She scrubs at her uniform and starts wringing at the cloth to try and get the pink out. She shivers and keeps scrubbing. "Stupid, stupid pink. I hate pink. I try to look presentable, I wasn't even given the option of not wearing it n' getting in trouble. I was just told to wear it to make her shut up." She sniffles and shakes and doesn't seem to want to come out of the water.

Arkoss snorts. "Jerk." he glares at Xaleres. "Go run off. You're obviously trying to score points with girls but you're all talk and no action. I bet /you're/ still a virgin, for all your posturing." disgust is quite evident in his demeanor, and he ignores Xaleres. And Delynni. "So. Uh. What was your name again?" he asks Eydis.

"15!" is all Xaleres screams after Arkoss.

Stuck somewhere in the middle - or is it more on the side? - Eydis looks helpless again as yet another argument breaks out. This time though, the focus has jumped from Delynni to Arkoss. Or so the apprentice assumes. Either way, she's not looking too thrilled and even though she can up and leave it to them to sort out, Eydis sticks around. Curiosity, maybe? She waits until Xaleres has made his point before speaking up. "All this over uniforms?" Eydis asks, unable to really come up with anything more. They're all given a narrowed glance from her now, as if she's lost track of who to really pin most of this on. However, once Dryssa begins to follow Xalares, she calls out. "I'll try to find you later!" And there's a bit of a wave sent to her, even if she doesn't see it. So much for those pictures too. "Shards. What in the name of Faranth just happened?" she mutters, before grimacing at Arkoss and his parting statement. "Eydis. I'm guessing you're Arkoss?" Jolie's arrival isn't noticed at first - not until Eydis turns her head when she overhears Xaleres scream of a final reply.

Log Two:
Transition Scene

Western Weyr - West Bowl(#185RLs$)
The western end of the great bowl of the Weyr. You can see the steep walls of the crater to the south and south, with small openings and ledges in the cliffside. These are the individual weyrs of dragons and their riders. To the west you can see the great natural arch, and the lagoon, to the east, the center of the bowl. To the south you see a large natural cave opening that has been made into a tunnel. It is the main entrance to the Weyr from the road to Half Moon Bay Hold.
Electric lights light the entrances as those on night duty come out to take over, moving quietly in the night so as not to disturb those sleeping about the Weyr.The days grow longer over the spring months, the air seeming more fresh and warm than it did over the winter.
Obvious exits:
Stables -st- Guest Weyr -n- Lagoon -la- Tunnel -t- Center of Bowl -cb-

Xaleres stalks rather angrily out of the lagoon, growling down at his plate as he goes along. "… Friggin.. Shove my.. He's so.. Where is.. Justify.. ERGH." He stops for a moment, pausing to take a deep breath so he doesn't explode at something. Eyes flick from side to side, and finally, he turns about to see if Dryssa actually decided to follow him; he didn't actually care to listen to see if she was or not.

Dryssa did indeed follow Xaleres. She's trailing behind a little, given that she's carrying a ton of art supplies and her fresh painting. She's gotten paint smeared all over herself in the process, too. Good thing she's in that bikini. She looks more than a little upset. "Xale! Wait!"
Xaleres pauses to wait, but he's almost a bit too peeved to respond kindly when she asks him to. "Sorry, just kinda wanted to.. get outta there. Dumb kids. I seriously don't understand what is that Arkoss's problem. And.. What's the other girl? The yeller? She needs someone to put a sock in her mouth and glue it there permanently. Do the world a /favor/." Growl.

Dryssa takes a little while to catch up to Xaleres, finally able to catch her breath a little and get her supplies in order. She starts properly packing things away so no more paint will be squirted onto her. "It's okay, it's okay… thank you for sticking up for me back there. You sure are right about her." She smiles happily up at him. "I'm glad you didn't fight Arkoss."

"Yeah, I suppose I am right," Xaleres says with a shrug, beginning to walk again now that she's caught up. "She's /way/ too opinionated. I'll admit, I am too.. But ya know, sometimes you gotta actually be /nice/ about things. Sure, I go off on girls about how pretty they are and get really annoying about itbut that's just who I am. I'm never /mean/ about it. There is no excuse for being a /bitch/." Growl. Well, there's one more girl he won't bother trying to hit onprobably for the best. "Why didn't you want me to fight him? He'd deserve it."

"Believe me, you don't need to convince me that she needs to shut up." Dryssa says with a roll of her eyes. She was the one squirting paint on the girl, after all. At the last question she beams up at him with a smile. "Because I didn't want you to get hurt, silly!" Which is touching in one sense, but potentially insulting in that Dryssa apparently believes there's a risk of Arkoss winning in battle. "Thanks for sticking up for me, though. I really appreciate it."

Xaleres laughs. "I know I'm a bit frail, but have you seen that kid? I'm practically twice his size. And really, I'd rather shut him up than be a candidate, but.. Whatever the case.. He's not worth it. Too freaky looking, too. Looks like an old man. Wonder why that girl felt the need to fawn all over him, he's uglier than all heck." Shudder. Not that Xale is a good judge of men, but he knows the /really/ bad ones. "Hey, it's no problem. You just need to not be so defensive.. If someone don't like your art, they don't like it. Not the end of the world. I'd rather not see you hurt, of course, but.. Yeah. You know what I mean." Hopefully.

"Yeah, he's not really my type either." Dryssa says with a bit of a smile and a giggle, finishing up her packing. She's still covered in paint, of course. Some is even in her hair. She looks crazier than usual. "And you're right Xale. But it probably helped her. Now her outfit has color!" She laughs brightly, then looks down at herself and trails off. "… I made a mess, didn't I?"

"Helped her? People like that can't really be.. helped. They're a bit too dumb for their own good. Too fragile. I'm surprised she was Searched… Especially, what'd she say, four times? The Weyrs are just asking for trouble." Xaleres finally leads them into the living caverns, and he makes a bee-line for the food, dumping his gross plate off where.. they would be. "Yeah.. Looks like you made a mess. You should pry stop in at a bath or something. You should grab yourself some dessert, cupcake, I bet you could use it." Faranth knows he could, right now. "What were you working on, anyways?"

Flaim gets up and stretches. Then he does the thing that only a good firelizard would do here…He belches.

"Well, there must be a reason that the dragons have passed her over four times." Dryssa says, still a touch of annoyance in her voice at the subject of Delynni. She follows along to the serving tables, ignoring the many odd looks she inevitably receives. How many bikini-clad girls covered in paint does the living cavern normally see? Perhaps fueled by subliminal suggestion, she grabs a cupcake for herself. "Yeah, I guess I should take a bath. Wanna come with me after you eat?" Poor innocent Dryssa. "I made a painting! Wanna see?" She holds up her creation proudly regardless of the answer. It's actually a fairly realistic rendering of Eydis lying on the sands of the weyr lagoon.

Xaleres begins to pile his plate high with the coldest things on the menu; it's a bit too how, now, for him to even imagine eating anything else. There isn't enough room on his plate, so he inevitably shoves a roll into his mouth as he trods off in the direction of a table. "Rviahhffllfll," is all that comes out as he tries to talk; but, instead, he takes the bite as he sets his food down, and nods. "I likely think we just saw the reason. Never seen a girl cry over something so /petty/." The belching gets a funny nose-scrunch. What /was/ that? "Oh, hey, that looks nice," he remarks about the painting; he's doing his best not to look too much at Dryssa's features; since he's a candidate now, he has to have /some/ resistance. "Uh.. sure, I'll come. To.. the bath." He could pry use one himself.

Dryssa seems content with just her cupcake. Her hands are too full for much of anything else, really. She takes a seat across from Xaleres, setting all her stuff down and chomping down, getting frosting on her face and only making herself messier. Obviously the sugar will only help her. "Yeah, well, she's obviously a bit crazy." The compliment to the painting makes her smile more. "Thanks, Xale! And great. It'll be nice to have company." More cupcake chomping.

"Oh yeah. Crazy." Xaleres chuckles at that statement; well, Delynni may not be the /only/ one.. But let's not get into that! "Veez chorez er makin me herngry," he mutters through a mouth full of food. "They sure do work us hard. Though, I haven't gotten to do much honest work since I left Bitra. At least.. Not too sure. I can't really.. Remember. So uh.. Where all have you been, being a traveling artist and all? Ever get that far north?" To Bitra, that is.

"Uh-huh!" Dryssa says between bites of cupcake. She's devouring it pretty quickly. The girl runs on almost pure sugar and caffine, it seems like. "I've been almost everywhere. Never stayed in any place more than a couple months ever since I was born. Been to nearly every weyr and probably close to half the holds. Been to cold places, warm places, wet places, dry places… everywhere." She licks some frosting from her lips.

Xaleres listens rather contentedly, this being the first chance he has to gobble down food — and, Dryssa isn't the only fast eater. Half his plate is gone in a matter of moments, his ravenous consumption actually fairly neat for his speed; no dribble for him. "Mhm" and "Uhuh"s are responded throughout, but he rarely makes eyecontact through his scarfing. "Whasser faforite?" is asked after taking a bite of what appears to be a peach.. or mango.. or something very juicey.
No matter how fast Xaleres eats, Dryssa finishes well before him. After all, she only had a cupcake, not a full plate of food. Once she's done she licks crumbs and frosting from her fingers, evidently not having any better table manners. "I like warm climates. Places with a lot of water. Places like Ista. Or here, for that matter. I've quite enjoyed Western so far."

"Ah yah, Weshterns good. Real nysh plashe, lots o pretty chicks and good food. The heatsh shtartin to get to me, though." Xale finally swallows, before looking at his plate, which, sadly, is empty. Cry. "That's cool though. I did a bit of traveling.. BUt.. i really can't remember. Alcohol does that too you. I'm glad they banned it for candidacy, otherwise I'd probably be toasted right now.. And that'd be no good. I'd be hitting on /everything/ in sight." Even the walls.
[Western Weyr] Delynni paints Abby a very coppery chemical green. Ducky is doused in silver greyblue, like clouds with bluegreen feather patterns. Donozo is painted a bright, bright, copper with hints of corvette red. Gibbs is all oaky brown, sharp lines with hints of grey carved in it. McGee is…… McGee is a very bright fluffy looking blue with tiny cute lines to it.

Dryssa smiles happily back at Xaleres. "I'm glad they banned it, too. You've been real nice to me the whole time you've been here, and I wouldn't want you to be too drunk to do that." She glances down at the empty plate, then back up at the candidate. "Well, you need to cool down, and I need to clean up. Let's go take a bath!"

"That sounds like a plan," Xaleres says, although a bit bloated. Nom nom, stuffed tummy! "Well, I /am/ nice when I'm drunk.. Just.. /Too/ nice/. I'd be trying to make out with you instead of.. you know.. anything else." Wink wink. He stands, leaving the dish behind for the drudges; he isn't /quite/ one, so he'll just.. Forget about that!

Log Three:
A bit of a tiffy at the Bathing Pool

Western Weyr - Hot Springs Cavern
Created by the fires of the volcano a pocket of ancient air has created this huge open cavern in the black stone. Most of the floor is covered by bubbling mineral water that gleams azure in the dim light of glows. Swirls of green, blue, red, yellow, black and white are awash on the walls and floor, earmarks of earlier times when the hot water boiled out of its bed and rose to fill the dark cavern.
A few signs of humanity can be found. A trunk with soft fluffy towels, soap and a boardwalk erected through the middle of the four pools so that people can find their way to the hot water without burning their feet along the way. It is rumoured that an hour in the hot water can melt away even the worse of troubles, leaving a person relaxed and ready to face a new day with vigor.
Obvious exits:
Small Cave -sc- Bowl -b-
You found a trundlebug!

After stowing her painting and supplies somewhere along the way, the paint-covered artist finally makes her way into the weyr baths. The whole way she's inevitably still yammering on about her art to Xaleres. "Oh, did I tell you I finally got a new camera and everything? I got paid really nicely for those uniforms and all."

After stowing her painting and supplies somewhere along the way, the paint-covered artist finally makes her way into the weyr baths. The whole way she's inevitably still yammering on about her art to Xaleres. "Oh, did I tell you I finally got a new camera and everything? I got paid really nicely for those uniforms and all."

Suvell happens to already be at the hot springs, lounging around in the hot waters with his head tilted back and eyes closed. This relaxation doesn't last for long as other people intrude on his quiet place, a dark look slowly sliding over his features until he's nearly scowling at the others. There's nothing said, though; maybe he's learned to curb his quick tongue.

Xaleres eyes the water longingly as they approach, and, the idea of being able to not wear the ridiculous uniform for at least a few moments is enough for him to start stripping at the first sign of heat. "No, you didn't mention that. Gotten to use it at all?" he quizzes of the girl. Suvell isn't noticed.. Yet.

Dryssa doesn't seem to notice Suvell either. But just like always, she seems to have no problem barging in loudly and disturbing the quiet of others. "Nope, not yet. Trying to think up some good projects!" The girl sits down on the nearest available bench. For some reason that won't be immediately clear to Suvell, she's got a ton of paint on her. She reaches behind herself to start undoing the knot of her bikini top. "Soon, though!"

"Can you guys be quiet for -once-? Ever?" Suvell finally growls out, leaning up and opening his eyes f only to glower at the other two candidates. "And why are you covered in paint?" All that said and done, the boy floats over to some -other- spot and returns to trying to relax. He's largely failing, now, though.

"Quiet? Why?" Xaleres ducks his head to peer at Suvell with wide eyes, and an ever-growing grin. "You got your moment, now we get ours!" He smiles at Dryssa, but.. /really/ tries to look away. No matter how much he loves boobies, he's starting to view the girl more as a sister.. And that'd just be no good. He quickly tugs off his pants, and, now naked, but plops into the water quickly. Kowabunga!

Although Suvell has annoyed her in the past, his question unleahes a torrent of venting from Dryssa. "This /stupid/ girl came up to me on the beach and started saying the most /terrible/ things to me, then I had to make a mess of her uniform, and then she and her friend chased off Xale, so I had to go after Xale, but I had a bunch of paint and stuff, so I grabbed it all and I got paint all over myself when I was going after Xale." Of course she's undressing while she's telling this rambling, incoherant tale, so it's anyone's guess whether anyone is actually listening to what she's saying. Once she's done, she slinks over and practically leaps into the bath with Xaleres, making a splash.

"Faranth I can't stand you," Suvell mutters under his breath in regards to Xaleres, floating still further away from the intrusive boy. "You know, it's not generally polite to look at a girl's knockers, even if you're trying not to," Suvell says loudly enough for Dryssa to hear — probably just to get the other lad in trouble, maybe. Then, Suvell's eyes just widen way up when Dryssa starts venting: "Woah girl, might want to slow yourself before you get too carried away. That sucks though." He's definately not looking at boobies.

"Really.. can't stand me? Aw, that's a shame." But totally not surprising. Now that he's in the water, he begis to scrub away at stuff.. And look /so/ far away from Dryssa. "Yeah, whatever.. Dryssa is pretty open about her looks though, aren'tcha? She's taken nude photos of herself. You ever gonna sell those?" He could like.. find them and incinerate them. Poor girl has enough troubles already.

"Huh?" Dryssa says with that perpetually confused tone of hers in response to that remark about knockers. She grabs the soap and wastes no time in starting to scrub. Xaleres' comment makes her grin. "That's right. The human body is a beautiful thing. All true artists know that… and sell them?" The idea seems to confuse her. "Well, I hadn't thought of it. Who would want to buy them?" Poor naive girl.

"He was looking at your -boobs-," Suvell says a bit louder to Dryssa, nearly rolling his eyes but finally controlling the impulse enough to merely shake his head at the two. "And trust me, you wouldn't want to sell them. Really." A somewhat dirty look is aimed towards Xaleres, another scowl making its way onto Suvell's features. "Not a same, not at all." Grrr.

"Was not! But who cares. " Twitch. Xaleres begins to scrub at his hair, which is a bit gritty from the day's work. "And nah, Dryssa.. you shouldn't sell them. Though.. I am curious why you took them in the first place. Seems like an odd thing to do if you don't intend doing anything with them." He scrunches his nose. "So.. Uh… Snake-face.." Talking to Suvell, obviously. "How're you handlin' bein' a candidate? Like the uniform?" Snicker. He continues to cast an eye at Dryssa, but makes sure to eye /very/ away from her boobs. Even though she practically shoved them in his face, yesterday.

Dryssa furrows her brow a little, watching Xaleres a little critically. "Is he telling the truth, Xale?" She sounds more inquisitive than angry, at least. Dryssa and Xaleres are in one of the baths, with Suvell off sulking in another end. For some reason there's a great deal of paint on Dryssa's body, which she is trying to scrub off right now. "I took them because I thought it would be an artistic celebration of the human form. I was inspired. It's why I do anything!" Simple explanation, it seems.

Finian hasn't even had time to don the new outfit intended for the candidates, rather making his first port of call the springs. Important stuff. Slinking into the steamy room, he sheds all his clothes and goes for the nude option. Forget swimsuits, ladies rejoice. With ease, he pops down into the bubbling water and makes his way towards the shady figures in the pool, "That feels so.." As he spots Dryssa, Fin is torn between heading for the hills or continuing. Does water magnify what lies beneath? Shrugging, he seems to decide on taking his chances, in the nuddy even. Fellow companions are duly noted with a brief nod, however, eyes are fixated on body parts. Painted body parts, as things go, "Dryssa. Lovely to see you. Never did make it the lagoon did we?"

"The uniform sucks and you know it," Suvell replies, regardless of the fact that Dryssa is -right there-. What're feelings? Exactly. "Candidacy's the same as anything else. Work and more work. Only the end result might be different." That said and done, Suvell looks pointedly away from Xaleres after glaring a bit more, sinking down into the water until his chin's being lapped at. "And yes I'm telling the truth, Dryssa. Why would I lie about another guy looking at your — ahem, assets?" There's no comment given in regards to the naked photos besides a low snickering. Then, there's a new person who Suvell doesn't quite recognize; this one gets a considering look and nothing said to him at all.

Xaleres turns his head, and sighs. Well, he may as well live by his word and tell the truth. "Yes, I was, Dryssa. They're just so darn pretty, I can't help it." It's odd that she really hasn't gotten used to this so far; he's grabbed her butt, stared at her body when she flaunted it at him, mentioned numerous times that she was cute.. But, then again, poor Dryssa takes a bit longer. "I've even stared at your butt, too. Quite openly. Did you never notice?" May as well go the whole nine-yards, if he's going to dig himself a grave. And, then, there's a Finian! "See, Suv.. Suvell, I'm not the /only/ dumb one. Least I make it more bluntly obvious! Though, looking at the angle of this here guy's eyes.. Looks like I'm not the only one checking her out." Winkwink.

As oblivious as ever, Dryssa smiles and waves at Finian when she recognizes the stablehand. "Hi there, Finian! I did, actually. S'where I got all this paint on me." Suvell's comments about the uniform make her scowl and clench her fists a little, but the look is gone almost as soon as it arrives. "Oh, whatever." Maybe after her confrontation with Delynni she has simply run out of rage. She opens her eyes a little wide at Xaleres. "How would I have noticed? I don't have eyes in my butt." Classy as ever. Despite her anger at Suvell's anti-uniform remark, she seems perfectly at ease with Xaleres' admissions. "Oh. Well, that's okay. I don't mind." It's just that easy. She smiles and goes back to trying to scrub off paint.

Finian holds his hands up as Xaleres' statement reaches his ears, "I'm innocent." He directs his next statement directly to the female in debate, "Dryssa, I was simply admiring your natural blessings. Is there anything wrong with that?" Accompanying the words is a feigned look of injury. Sliding further beneath the water, Fin sinks to shoulder height, rolling his neck around somewhat, "Ahh, that hits the spot." After a long day of doing, well, pretty much nothing. The looks shot his way earn little more than an echoed glance, Fin sidling into a comfy little alcove facing the trio. Back to Dryssa, however, "But why are you covered in paint?" Querulous, he continues, "Is this another one of your art things? Because, you know.. If you ever need help with painting yourself, I'd be more that happy to lend a hand." Cue grin. Aww, he's helpful like that. "Hand painting, hopefully!" As Dryssa returns to scrubbing herself, Fin controls the urge to offer more assistance.

"Learning how to stamp that reaction down, huh?" Suvell says a bit testily to Dryssa before he rolls his eyes at Xaleres, dipping under the water before resurfacing. "I wouldn't be surprised if some girl just decked you or something." Again, the boy sinks lower into the water, eyeing Dryssa and Xaleres in an ill-tempered manner. Since Finian doesn't say anything that Vell can take offense to, the candidate merely settles for glowering at him darkly. "Someone threw paint at her, apparently."

"Oh.. Oh, see that's classic. What's your name? I admire your /style/." That's Xaleres, talking to Finian, who is now completely enwrapped in the other man with oogling eyes of like.. appreciation. He has someone of his KIND! "Though, you might wanna be careful. Dryssa is under a certain amount of protection, that entails my fists." Smile smile. "Deck me? Oh, it'll happen eventually. I actually got it in the jewels, this morning. Apparently Ixi doesn't take to being picked up and spun around.. Much a shame, she totally deserved it, too." Lesigh.

"Nope, nothing at all!" Dryssa says cheerfully as she continues scrubbing the paint off herself. The remark from Finian makes her ponder yet again. "Paint myself? Huh. Maybe I could do that as part of that performance piece I was going to do… I was just going to wear a yellow leotard for it, but maybe I could paint the rest of me yellow to match! I don't think I'd need any help doing that, but thanks for offering!" More scrubbing. The mention of throwing paint makes her furrow her brow. "Actually… I was the one throwing the paint. But the girl had it coming!" She's very insistent about that. Xaleres seems to worry her just a little. "Ixipoo kicked you? Why? Are you okay? And why are you threatening to hit Finian?"

Finian ignores the icy tones on Suvell's part, murmuring a reply, "Well I can see that." He shoots the boy a grin, "Cheer up then, why so sour?" Perhaps a little too forward for a stranger, but Finian likes a little confrontation. And gets it, in the form of Xaleres. But there's a compliment, too. "Thanks. I do my best. I'm Finian, you'd be?" He extends a springs-warmed hand to the other lad, "Oh, but of course. I just hope you know, I saw her first." There's a humorous tone in his voice, only giving way to slight irritation. Competition, this will not do. Back to Dryssa, "Well, the offer stands, lovely. You know, we should go get some Klah later, surely you'll be needing another fix shortly." He shoots a pointed look at Xal. See, he's done his research with this one.

"You deserved to be kicked, huh," Suvell says in response to Xaleres, a smug look settling itself across his features, lips tilted to one side in a smirk. "Okay, fine. She was throwing paint. Who cares. Paint was flying, one way or another." Then, Suvell glowers again at Finian, responding with: "Why not?" While everyone might be introducing themselves, Suvell contents himself with floating away, continually snickering. "You guys know she probably doesn't like either one of you that way, right?"

Xaleres snickers. "Somehow, I doubt you saw her first, seeing as we both came on the island at the same time, about. But, s'alright. I actually have no claim on her, I just am very protective of her. She deserves better than well.. Me. So I'd be careful, if you're anything like me." Winkawink. "Yeah, Ixi kicked me," he snorts at Dryssa, while scrubbing. "She didn't like me dragging her outta bed to use her as a shoulder-sling. So… She retaliated. I was nice about it, too! She was just.. cranky." As always. "And, I'm threatening to hit this bloke here, because I care about you sweet pea, and if anything happens to you I'll likely kill them. I'm Bitran, I do that sort of thing." Wink. "Oh yes, I'm aware, Suvell. That's why I stopped trying. The girl's practically my sister, now. Right, Dryssa?" More winkage. A sister with /really nice tits/.

Xaleres snickers. "Somehow, I doubt you saw her first, seeing as we both came on the island at the same time, about. But, s'alright. I actually have no claim on her, I just am very protective of her. She deserves better than well.. Me. So I'd be careful, if you're anything like me." Winkawink. "Yeah, Ixi kicked me," he snorts at Dryssa, while scrubbing. "She didn't like me dragging her outta bed to use her as a shoulder-sling. So… She retaliated. I was nice about it, too! She was just.. cranky." As always. "And, I'm threatening to hit this bloke here, because I care about you sweet pea, and if anything happens to you I'll likely kill them. I'm Bitran, I do that sort of thing." Wink. "Oh yes, I'm aware, Suvell. That's why I stopped trying. The girl's practically my sister, now. Right, Dryssa?" More winkage. A sister with /really nice tits/. "Oh, and the name's Xaleres. Well met, Finian."

"Actually, I had four mugs of klah when I got up this morning. But I could always go for some more!" Dryssa says chipperly in response to Finian. Suvell's remarks cause her to look befuddled yet again. "What are you saying? I like both of them!" She insists, completely oblivious to what he means by 'that way'. She grins up at Xaleres, utterly naive and trusting. "Awww, you think of me like a sister? That's so sweet! But… I don't /think/ Finian wants to hurt me. He's been nice to me!"

The candidates are in the springs, Xaleres and Finian are going head to head over the affection of Dryssa, who seems to be completely oblivious to the entire situation, Suvell is sour as can be and providing witty repartee to boot.

Finian is confident. Dryssa is giving him the /look/. Well, ok, maybe not yet - but she will definitely come round. Suvell earns another considering glance, "D'you have a name, or do you just generally hang around the springs making snarky comments." Yawn. Plus, she wants me. The latter is left unsaid, however. Back to Xaleres, "Ah. Well, what a touching gesture. No doubt, Dryssa's figured out I am a man of honesty and integrity." Pausing, he turns to scoop a handful of sweetsand from a nearby bucket, dividing it into both hands. Beginning to scrub one arm, he stops and look back up, "Ah, Xaleres. Heard a bit 'bout you too." Keeping cards close to his chest, Fin chooses not to reveal just what he's heard, simply smiling stupidly. Dryssa's comments earn a nod, "See, what'd I tell ya." The girl can't get enough of me, "I like you too, honey." And the /tits/. Shards yeah. Stare.

"Would you look at your sister's tits that way, Xaleres?" Suvell asks idly, rolling his eyes at the other male before shaking his head and sending beads of water everywhere. "Maybe this Ixi doesn't like weird guys picking her up and slinging her around, huh?" At Dryssa's words, Suvell just levels this 'are you serious' kind of look at her. "They both like your boobs. It's not a plantonic kind of 'like' that I'm talking about." Pause. "Suvell. And I generally hang around anywhere making snarky comments." Give him some kudos for being honest! "What'd you say -your- name was?"

Delynni stops at the entrance. Okay, not the crowd she wanted to walk in on, but the apprentice grins and knows how to crash parties, really, crash parties. "Cannnon baaaaaaaaaallllllllll!" She calls out. She doesn't /really/ cannonball. Del does, however, bloosh slips into the water with little restraint. Delynni giggles and ducks happily under the water, coming up and pushing her bangs back from her eyes. "lovely lovely lovely lovely." She repeats happily.

Xaleres has to be very plain with Dryssa, since.. Dryssa needs plain-ness. "It's not that I think he'd hurt you, cupcake. It's that he'd try to have sex with you. You know. Just to have sex. Or, something to that effect. BUT. You're allowed to do what you want to do, girlie, I just don't want anyone doing anything to make you sad. I've already seen enough of that. I swear, your tears are lethal." Really. He dies inside every time her eyes well up. But, then he hears.. that. "Okay, dude. I'm tired of hearing that I'm famous. Come /on/. My reputation could not have spread /that/ fast." Sigh. "Come on, tell me what you've heard. Was it about how I got the puffy shirts instated as the uniform? How I had to run out of Ista because I slept with the Holder's wife, or how I got shoved off a ship 12 dragonlengths outside the island? Or all of that? I must've made quite the impression." That saddens him; how's he supposed to get a girl if they all think he's a sleeze right off the bat? That's supposed to take at /least/ an introduction! "'Course not, Suvell," he states. "That's why she /isn't/ my sister. And, of course Ixi didn't like that. THat's, /obviously/, why I got kicked in the nuts." The cannonball splashes him, and he flinches. Ugh no, n ot /her/.

Dryssa does seem to be fairly bewildered by all the back and forth between Finian and Xaleres. "Why do you people keep talking about my breasts? Is it because I got paint on them?" Poor easily confusable Dryssa. Just in case that is the reason, she grabs extra soapsand and starts scrubbing away at the stray marks there. Delynni's sudden startling entrance causes her to frown in annoyance, but she's distracted away again by Xaleres' explanation. "Uh? Really?" She looks back to Finian and blinks in confusion. "Is that true?"

Delynni hears Dryssa's cluelessness. "Its because they /want/ your breasts Dryssa. They want to do evil dirty things to them." The apprentice sputters water out of her nose. Delynni is tiny, and unfortunately the hotsprings come about up to her neck in some places. "Things that candidates aren't allowed to do while they're candidates. And because they can't openly try to do them to you they talk about doing it. I'll bet that fifteen partners number Xal called to Arkoss earlier was men, because I doubt a woman with standards would screw with him. No, correction, I doubt a tavern whore would screw with him." Delynni replies impatiently. "I came to apologize for earlier but I'm /not/ going to apologize about what I just said. He….." She jerks her thumb at Xaleres, "sets my pervert senses tingling."

"Admiring. Chill out." Finian extends a pointed look towards Suvell, "Really? What an interesting time you must have, then. Is it fulfilling?" Snarky is returned wholeheartedly, but Finian seems to enjoy it. The call of 'cannonball' has Finian ducking, thought the anti-climax earns an irritable, "Shardin' oath. Who are you?" Delynni isn't given the usual once over, rather the full on 'you frighten me' stare. Though, the mention of 'sleeping with' turns his head, "You what?" Eyes widen, "You didn't do her, did you? Tell me!" Forget cannonballs, forget sweetsand, forget the fact Xal may hve potentially ruined his chances with Dryssa, there's an important matter at hand. Sex with an older woman, "And if you did, was it great?" Grinning, he can barely tear himself away from the conversation to soothe Dryssa, "Uhh. No, 'course I'm not like that.. And yes, pet, that's why. The paint is just a bit distracting." Not to mention size, supple composition and roundness. The list goes on.

"Of -course- it's true, Dryssa," Suvell says, practically oozing with a malicious smugness at the position it puts everyone in - everyone besides him, that is. "And no it's not because you have paint on them. Though that does certainly draw the eye a little better, right fellows?" The question is aimed towards Xaleres and Finian, the two who seem most willing to shower Dryssa with their attentions. Then, there's another person available for Suvell to scowl out: that'd be Delynni. "You should wash your mouth out. Females shouldn't talk that way." To Finian: "Yes, very." That said and done, the lad hauls himself out of the pool and slides right back into his clothes, not even saying goodbye.

Renae is quiet in comparison to the noise coming from within the hot springs, young lass steeping within almost on a hesitant foot as she looks around at everyone. Given her look, it almost seems as if she's debating coming back later, but with all the cleaning muck she's accumulated from chores? "Atleast it gives me excuse to get out of that uniform…" She grumbles under her breath, getting out of the way just in time as Delynni comes in and enters the springs. Walking with all the confidence the little holder girl can muster, she trails with her towel over to a bench, laying it down and proceeding to shuck the uniform she so loathes. Some of the words filter over to her and catch her attention, bringing her to turn around to look at Dryssa. "Remember? It's a 'lovely' facination. They like fat." Sagenod from the lass and she meanders over to a nearby "tub", scootching herself in. Like she's getting in a spring with all those fat loving people. Stealing some of soapsand for herself, she's intent to clean all the muck off. For one, it's a kid that /doesn't/ like the be dirty. WHo'da thought? Finian's words bring the lass' attention, mid sud, and she's balking at the conversation, "Why do you care who's dun what?" Cue childish inquisition.

Xaleres just ignores Delynni. "I hear buzzing. Hmm. It's rather annoying. It sounds remotely like a dying feline, choking on a furrball…" He taps his lower lip, and then winks to both Dryssa and Finian. "Well, I'm going to head off to my bunk. You take care of yourself Dryssa.. And, nice to meet you, Finian. You mind yourself, ya hear?" Wink-a-wink. "I'm going to go chase some tail in my dreams, this bath just got full of one too many wenches." The first recognition of Delynni is sent as Xaleres stands up from the pool, dries off, and clothes himself on the way out, whistling all the while. Whistle, whistle.

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