Mount up! Ashwi Rides Jovianth

Winter - Month 3 of Turn 2717
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Training Field
Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise maneuvers required for the rescue and protection work that the weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

When the winter morning dawned clear and bright, rather than grey and gross, it provided the perfect opportunity for the weyrling dragon's first mounted rides. Of course, R'sner didn't /say/ as much but, quietly throughout the early hours, he's been casually inspecting the training field for questionable ground, having Toith carefully inquire as to how baby-dragon muscles were feeling and finally, calling out weyrlings in small groups of one or two for straps inspection. A small break for morning breakfast, and he's ready to continue on, waiting for the next pair to approach for final inspection and that all-important first ride.

Ashwi has been diligent on her strap making. Practicing daily with leather until she's improved. With a full set of straps that fit the ever growing brown she is ready. Munching on a sweet roll left over from breakfast she wrestles the straps away from her and Jovi's couch and onto the training field. Ready! A sound of a crash is heard as Jovi ambles out behind Ashwi. From the sound of it he took out another barrel.

R'sner tries really, really hard not to wince at that crash but, well… somethings are involuntary. He does, however, control the sigh of exasperation and simple turns a resigned and expectant look upon Ashwi as she approaches. Whatever bit the dust will be dealt with later. "Morning, Ashwi," murmured as Res pushes away from Toith's side and moves to meet her halfway.

At first the sound of the crash doesn't even register in Ashwi's conscious thoughts. It /is/ a common occurrence. It's R'sner's involuntary reaction brings that sound to the forefront of her mind and she too winces. "Ooops." she murmurs as she cast a look backwards to Jovi and past him to the barracks. The mess can wait! "Morning, sir." the greeting is followed by a quick snap of a salute. Jovianth's greeting is a low rumble and an attempt to slurp the weyrlingmaster.

After having to wait most of the day for his ride to decide it's time to leave, Nassir is finally in Half Moon Bay, a basket of goodies over his arm— Igen's very own 'Little Red Riding Hood'— and a bounce in his step. T'sul, his ride? Ditched the second he layed boots on the ground, a merry wave tossed over his shoulder before he's off like a streak. In fact, he's still sorta jog/hop/walking as he approaches the edge of the training field and raises one hand in greeting.

"Ah… good morning, Jovianth." It comes even as R'sner is doing his best to duck away from the brown's slurping greeting, while not /looking/ like that's what he's doing. Basically, it's just awkward all around for a moment there, with Toith's mindvoice fair to bursting with amusement. No help. "Alright, stop," and there's a shove at Toith, and a hand pushed at Jovi if he's not already moved, and a quick, "Go ahead and strap him up, Ashwi," to try and divert attention elsewhere. "Let me know when they're on, and I'll take a look." It's Toith, as always, that spots Nassir first. Her head swings his direction, eyes still whirling merrily with the amusement that the weyrling brown's appearance as wrote (/SHE/ thinks it's funny he keeps knocking things over and licking people), and a snort-whuffle-rumbly sort of sound is delivered in welcome to the tailor.

Jovianth's head swings sideways then to slurp at Ashwi when R'sner manages to dodge the browns greeting. Laughing Ashwi only half ducks before heading away with the straps with him following along. "C'mon Jo." the arrival of Nassir isn't even noticed yet as Ashwi works on getting the straps into place.

Toith's greeting is met with a flashing smile and a merry wink from Nassir, the basket hitched over his arm as he slows his pace. "Good to see you, too, Toith," he offers in warm tones. "Jovianth, looking dapper, as always." Moving closer, he stoops to set the basket on the edge of the field— well out of the way— and turns a smile on Ashwi. "Ashwi." Glancing at R'sner, his smile warms considerably, one eye closing in a wink. "Finally made it down here," he notes warmly. "Not interupting am I," he asks as he makes a point not to come closer without permission.

R'sner's grimace is contained, if just because it is not /he/ who is getting licked by the dragon. But really, is Toith any better? She might not show affection in such a manner, but she has no problems nose-butting Res right into a puddle if the opportunity ever presents itself. Thankfully, no puddles today. The weyrlingmaster's gaze flicks briefly toward Nassir as Toith's greeting (and the tailor's in return) catches his attention. "You are fine, but come here," and R'sner's gaze returns to Jovianth and Ashwi as he keeps a keen eye on her process of strapping him up. "Stand by Toith," for safety sake, if nothing else. And if Res should happen to hook an arm around Nassir's waist and pull him closer once he's in range? Bonus.

Ashwi murmurs quietly here and there to Jovi as she works on the straps. "There…no wait, move….yes.." finally done she steps back. "Finished sir." turning she spies Nassir. "Oh heya Nassir!" she waves his way.

"Your wish," Nassir croons. "My command." Apparently, he's spent some time in Igen's library. Leaving the basket on the edge of the field, he flashes another wink for Jovi and Ashwi while slipping over to nestle in against R'sner's side. A more proper greeting comes in the of form his head turning to momentarily nuzzle at the Weyrlingmaster's shoulder. "T'sul took /all/ morning to get ready." New fathers, honestly. In the wake of the words, his arm drapes around R'sner's waist, long fingers curling loosely against the man's hip.

A glance is spared for the basket, abandoned at the edge of the field, before R'sner's gaze turns to Ashwi and Jovianth, and then Nassir. It is not /hunger/ so much as concern for its safety. But he spares little thought past the initial glance to Jovianth and his proximity to the item (far enough away, apparently, that Res does not feel the need to go rescue the item from potential disaster). "Your timing," murmurs the weyrlingmaster, "is perfectly fine. Though to be honest, I am still expecting some sort of notice from Weyrleadership chiding me for stealing Igen's tailor from them." A squeeze of his arm before he's murmuring, "Stay," and slipping over to Ashwi and Jovianth as she declares she's done. "Let me take a look?" offered as he steps in to pass a critical eye over the brown's straps. "Can he move comfortably?" asked of Ashwi, glancing her direction.

Ashwi steps back a couple steps as R'sner approaches to go over the straps. "Jo?" she asks out loud. A heartily to the side she listens to his reply which is most likely more than just a simple yes or no. "He says he can move fine." her reply comes with a half smirk for whatever smart reply he added.

Nassir exhales a snort at the thought of a complaint. "I'm more then certain the only ones who know I am gone are Cookie and T'sul." His work his done and there is nothing on Pern that could keep him away. When he's told to stay, his expression turns wry, one brow tilting up as he exhales a 'Yip' under his breath. He does, however, stay as ordered, but for a smooth step taken to the side to allow him to smooth a hand over Toith's flank. Still, he's watching Weyrling and Weyrlingmaster curiously.

Toith drops her head toward Nassir, exhaling a sigh in his direction. A brief glance back to the pair before R'sner is peering critically at Jovianth's straps. "May I touch him?" and, once permission is granted, he reaches up to tug on straps and slide his hand beneath leather to check the fit. Apparently satisfied, he steps back and motions at Ashwi. "Alright then. If you're read, and he's ready, go ahead and mount up. No," he adds, eyeing the brown in particular, "moving yet. Just standing, alright?" And then he's stepping back, keeping his eyes on the weyrling pair even as he drifts back toward Nassir and Toith.

Ashwi's head bobs a couple times for permission, her eyes roaming over the straps to double check to see if anything was missed as R'nser himself is checking. Jovianth stands still with the exception of the tip of his tail flicking back and forth. "Right. Yes sir!" laying a hand flat on his side she pauses then grabs the straps and with the aid of a foreleg climbs up then swings up to seat herself. "Oh yes, this is exciting!" she tells the brown with a pat.

Nassir stretches out one arm as R'sner's returns, his fingers trailing along small of the Weyrlingmaster's back once he is within range. "I am so glad I did not miss this," he whispers in quiet tones. It's an important day for both Ashwi and Jovi and Nassir is tickled to be able to witness it. The excitement from the pair inspires a warm laugh to spilling past his lips, dark eyes twinkling merrily. "You both look very majestic."

The touch of Nassir's hand brings R'sner to a halt, a glance is cast over his shoulder toward the tailor. A subtle but warm smile touches his expression, and he twists an arm back to catch Nassir's fingers with his own before he's back to watching Jovianth and Ashwi. Even Res can't help looking a bit excited as she swings herself up and settles onto Jovi's neck. "How's it feel up there?" he asks, though it's mostly rhetorical. First rides /are/ exciting, and special, and important. "If you feel comfortable, have Jovianth walk around a bit. But take it easy, and absolutely no attempts to fly," even if they haven't even /begun/ such a thing, it never hurts to add the warning. Confident that Ashwi isn't about to go tumbling off her dragon, Res turns to curl an arm around Nassir once again. "I am glad you are here."

Ashwi gets settled in with a few minutes just enjoying the feeling being mounted upon the brown's back. It's hard to contain her excitement at this even if they are staying on the ground. Lifting a hand to acknowledge that reminder she looks forwards once more. "C'mon Jo! Easy does it." the normally clumsy on his feet brown shows that he knows to be more aware with his Ashwi on his back. Careful he does a few cautious steps before slowly his confidence grows and he walks further on.

Nassir lightly squeezes R'sner's fingers, his smile blossoming at the look cast his way. Still, his attention sweeps back to weyrling and dragon, long fingers lightly scritching Toith's side. When R'sner's arm curls around him, he exhales a content sigh, dark eyes crinkling at the corners. "So am I," he admits. "I imagine this must be rather it's like to witness your child's first turnday." When the pair start to move, Nassir's smile turns impossibly, and ridiculously proud. "They look great."

"Something like that, I'd imagine," R'sner agrees, though there's a dry sort of amusement to the words. His attention turns back to the young brown, watching Jovianth's initial steps with a critical eye. When it's clear that the young dragon is taking his time and being careful, Res exhales a bit of a sigh and visibly relaxes. Knocking over barrels in the barracks is one thing, but tripping over his feet with Ashwi aboard? That could be dangerous. "They do," he murmurs, still watching Jovianth like a /hawk/, but offering Nassir a fond embrace. And Toith? Watching Jovianth's progress too (albeit with a more relaxed demeanor), though she offers a little rumbly sound of appreciation for the attention.

Nassir is content to watch the pair picking their slow, careful way around the field. Still, his head tilts, curls spilling over his shoulders as he settles his temple against R'sner's shoulder. With one hand resting comfortably on Toith, the tailor is more then content to just to be allowed to share the moment with them. "Something I never expected to see," he admits in hushed tones.

"Why is that?" wonder's R'sner, gaze briefly lingering on the tailor before he's back to checking in on Jovianth and Ashwi. No spills, and so he's slowly and subtly relaxing; shifting his weight to one leg and allowing the pair to wander at leisure.

Nassir considers for a few long moments before answering. "I don't know," he whispers quietly. "I don't think I would have come down to the Weyrling field to watch without you in my life." Pausing a beat, he glances up, dark eyes crinkling at the corners. "You've broadened my world considerably."

Jovianth's tail flickers excitedly. In fact he's all a quiver with restrained excitement as he parades across the grounds with his Ash aboard. Everything seems so much different now from this height so Ashwi is really looking around at everything new from this angle. Eventually the pair makes their way closer to Nassir and R'sner. Jovianth bugles excitedly with a couple wing flares for emphasis.

There are no /words/ from R'sner, but the squeeze of his arm and the brief but affectionate glance might not really need any. His gaze lingers a moment longer before Jovianth's bugle has his attention once more. He straightens a touch at the approach of the pair, once more in 'weyrlingmaster' mode as he watches with a critical eye at those wing flaps. A brief throat clearing and a warning look comes for that, but he doesn't say anything about it. "Well done," is offered instead. "You can go again, if you'd like. But after that, best to dismount and give him a break. He's likely to be sore tomorrow, too." Because even as big as he might be, he's still a growing dragon and those muscles need time to strengthen!

Nassir exhales a quiet laugh at Jovianth's bugling, dark eyes crinkling at the corners at the wing flares. "He's very excited." And it's more then a little adorable. Shifting his weight, he leans more comfortably against R'sner's side, a relaxed sigh spilling past his lips. When R'sner straightens, Nassir's weight shifts just enough to prevent him from falling over.

Jovianth rumbles assent to wanting to go again. Ashwi murmurs something to the brown but it seems he is insisting on being alright so they turn and start another round of training field exploration! Even more comfortable than the start Jovianth is picking up the pace though he's still visibly being very, very careful.

"Go on, then," because it's clear enough that Jovianth's not ready to end things. R'sner did tell them they /could/ go again, even if the weyrlingmaster is frowning just a bit at the exuberance displayed by the brown. He moves to lean back against Toith, drawing Nassir back against him but winding both arms around him now. "Wait until you see them fly," is murmured in the tailor's ear, a grin just hinted at in the tone of his voice and the twitch of his mouth. It is not even a question of Nassir being there, either. Clearly, Res is expecting his attendance.

Glancing toward Weyrling and dragon, Nassir's expression softens a bit more, a quietly content sigh spilling past his lips. When R'sner moves, Nassir is all to happy to move with him, nestling back against the Weyrlingmaster's chest. "I cannot wait to see that," he admits as he smooths his hands over the arms encircling him. Tilting his head back, he cranes his neck just enough to draw the bridge of his nose along the underside of R'sner's jaw before looking back at the pair.

Jovianth senses that Toith is a wash of blue across the mind, pale but deepening. « Not too fast, or Res'll call it quits for ya, » she warns with mild amusement.

Ashwi would say she can't wait for flying either but she's not close enough to hear any of those comments. Nope, Jovianth is happily trotting…no wait. Nix the trotting. He slows it down with only a look and a faint rumble of protest towards Toith. Sliiiink…stalk….Jovianth takes it easy in his second trip around the field.

Jovianth projects to Toith « Aaawwwe….okay then but soon we'll be soaring high! »

There is definitely a /reason/ R'sner kept his voice low, and it likely has to do with Jovianth's trotting. Excited enough with the knowledge and action of carrying Ashwi by foot, the Weyrlingmaster can only guess what might happen if the brown imagined flying; the freedom. The /chaos/. Too dangerous. One day at a time. A moment of tension comes as the brown picks up speed, dissipating slowly as Jovianth brings it back down. A brief glance at Toith and Res relaxes once more against her with Nassir in his arms. A press of his lips and a brief moment of distant-gaze as he speaks with Toith. "I'll have the next evening off," he murmurs. "If you are going to be visiting, we can have dinner."

Toith projects to Jovianth « Soon, » she agrees. « But not today. Res wants ta know if she's, » and Ashwi is pictured for clarification, « comf'table? She relaxed? Sore? »

Nassir sighs as he spots T'sul waving in the distance, his hands smoothing over R'sner's arms. "I have to head back," he sighs before twisting around to loop his arms around R'sner's shoulders. For a moment, his lips part, the words about to stalled with the simple act brushing a kiss over the Weyrlingmaster's lips. "I'd like that. And there is nothing that could keep me away." Drawing in a slow breath, he smooths his hands over Res' chest before drawing back. "I'll see you tomorrow. Tell Ashwi and Jovi thank you for letting me watch." In the wake of the words, he smooths a hand over Toith's side, murmuring a quiet farewell to her, as well. "Oh, and eat," he reminds with a nod toward the basket. "And make sure Ashwi eats, too." That being said, he winks before turning and raising a hand to T'sul in an 'I'm coming gesture'. "So impatient," he mutters as he breaks into a trott across the field.

Ashwi is starting to feel the uncomfortablness of being mounted on the brown's back for so long. Clearly this is something to ease into slowly. Jovianth slows and stops which lets Ashwini undo the straps to start the whole dismounting process. "A bit sore." she'll admit to R'sner once she's safe on the ground with only one small stumble once reaching the ground. "Eat what? I always eat." it's true. She's not one to skip a chance for food.

R'sner's eyes follow Nassir until he's vanished from view. Then, they turn back to Jovianth and Ashwi. A push against Toith, and he comes walking over to meet the pair as she dismounts. "It is a bit like runner riding," he ponders. "If you have ever done that before. It takes time for your muscles to develop and adjust to a different sort of use. But you did good! And Jovianth, you did very well. I am proud of you," he declares with a hint of a smile. "You may find that you are /more/ sore this evening, in which case I recommend a bit of numbweed, or one of those herbal teas the Infirmary can mix up." As for the food? A jut of his chin toward the basket. "Nassir left the basket. You finish with Jovi, and I will get it."

Nevermind they had breakfast not too long go Ashwi has been busy. Sitting. But still it's a lot of work and builds up an appetite. Waving towards Nassir's retreating figure she turns to work on those straps. Jovianth is looking quite smug as he tries to help out the removal of the straps. "No no no. No. No biting the straps." someone's blue is evidently a bad influence. "Yes, yes. We'll go swim soon. Promise."

True to his word, R'sner is soon retrieving the abandoned basket and (having dug out a sweetroll for himself) soon setting it on the ground near Ashwi. Near, but not /too/ near, in case a certain brown decides to start nomming on /that/ instead of the straps. "No chewing on the straps," seconds R'sner, eyeing Jovianth skeptically. "Don't copy Zychaelth. He's a terrible influence." Just the /worst/. "Eat something," he offers, nudging the basket with his foot. "In fact, you can take it with you," if she's planning to go somewhere. Like the beach. "Tomorrow, if you're not too sore, you're welcome to ride again. But," he warns with a stern look to Jovianth, "walking only for now."

Ashwi gathers up her straps the best she can. "Yes…don't. I think S'ra is missing a boot." something the sneaky blue might have eaten! At the offer of having the basket she's only slightly hesitant. "Well…he was wanting a swim." and with a basket of food she could start off on the beach before joining in in his water antics. So she'll disappear into the barracks briefly to dump the straps. Well…maybe not briefly cause there is that knocked over barrel to pick up. Luckily it /wasn't/ oil so she repops back out sooner than later to grab the basket.

"Take it," asserts R'sner. "I'll collect it from you later," once the food is gone. He knows where to find it. The missing boot? Res doesn't look surprise, but there's a grimace and a brief glare for the barracks that definitely has to do with a certain blue-weyrling. "Nothing but trouble," he mutters. As Ashwi reappears, Res offers a nod of his head to see them off before heading for the office to get in some paperwork before the next weyrling's riding lesson, his pilfered sweetroll already half eaten.

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