Nieleth Rising

Western Weyr - Living Caverns
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

It's early morning at Western, the day just getting started for most. Orla is here as well, in amongst the early bustle, handing out duty slips to the wingleaders while A'ven is occupied on other business. The goldrider isn't her normal self though, the way she's positively fawning over some of them in the process and it's bneen noticed just how much Nieleth has changed from her usual playful self to her current state of frosty distaste for everyone and everything that comes near her.

M'ori is lead in by a bluerider from the transport wing. "over there." He points to Orla. "Orla has duty slips for the day, she might know which rider has your shipment." The Ierne shopkeeper nods "thank you." He clears his throat, approaching Orla. "Aherm, Miss Orla?"

Orla turns on her heel when M'ori addresses her as Miss. "I've never been called that before Mister." She croons with a laugh at the man. "Why you all dolled up like that anyway, it's not really the weather for it?" She asks him. It's early morning, Orla is dishing out the assignments for the day.

M'ori uhs slightly clueless. "Because I'm here from Ierne. I ordered a shipment of dress shirts for next season's line and D'chev there from the transport wing doesn't know which rider in his wing has them. He said since you had the duty slips you might know." He says this very politely. "I'm M'ori, I run a clothing shop at Ierne Weyrhold."

Orla looks M'ori up and down and shrugs her shoulders, "I have no idea, That pair over there." She points out a couple of riders who are busily tucking into their breakfasts. "Are the ones assigned to our transporters today. I'd suggest asking them unless you want to stick around for a bit?" She asks softly. "Names Orla, Junior of Nieleth." She lets him know.

M'ori nods. "I wouldn't mind a mug of klah actually. If you don't mind." He says with a warm smile. "I'll ask them then. Thank you very much. Its a promising style as far as fashion goes. I can't wait to get them up in my store. They'll sell big time." He moves for the hearth and comes back with a mug of klah, taking a seat near Orla so that they can talk.

Orla bobs her head and leaves him to it, she's the height of fashion if fashion involves sturdy work clothes, builders, got to love them. She makes her way round the last of the riders in for their breakfast as she hands out their work chits, leaving a fair few of them with a smile on their faces thanks to her uncharacteristic flirting. Eventually though shegrabs some fruit juice and wanders over to sit down. "I'm sure it'll be lovely, but do you do things in any kind of size that'd fit a real women like me?"

M'ori nods. "I go out of my way to make sure that my customers get the size that fits them best. And if I don't have it I usually know who does or take the time and effort to special order it." He beams.

Ly'am is never one to miss breakfast though sometimes he can be scene collecting the food and heading back up to his weyr, not this morning. He joins the line and starts to pile on his plate an assortment of food. Already partially dressed in his flight leathers it is clear he is up for his sweeps after mealtime. His jacket hangs open in the morning warmth though.

Orla waves a hand absently at the size of her, she's got the build of your average fantasy dwarf, short stocky and very well muscled, just lacking the beard when it comes down to it. "Even for this?" She states, "Usually I have to get men's shirts to fit me." Seeing Ly'am she calls over to him. "Hey big boy." There's a grin there that kinda shows it as a long running joke. "I have your worklist here."

M'ori nods. "Well, I'm fairly good at altering what I have so that it fits. Pick out a shirt and if it doesn't fit you I'll happily do the alterations to make it fit." He says with a huge grin. "Such an alteration would be a pleasure, I feel very happy working one on one with customers. Good clothes help the self esteem of the unconfident and the self expression of the extravert. They allow men and women of all classes to raise their heads equally in pride as if each one were a Lord alike." He says this with a small, charming smile filled with warmth.

At Orla's greeting Ly'am turns his gaze upon her with a grin, "Hey lovely lady, I thought I felt the warmth of the sun upon my back and my heart swells to see that it was an even brighter and more lovely image before me." He says in his florid Harper speach and gives her a bow as he moves over to collect his work chit, "Have the lads been worshipping properly at your feet or shall I have to show them the proper manners to one such as yourself?"

Orla just eyes M'ori and his little speech. "You've practiced that far too much for it to come out sincere buddy boy." She tells him as Ly'am comes over to collect his work chit, and gets a hand squeezing onto his ass in reply to his cheeky speech. "You know how to make me laugh at least," She tells him with a giggle emitting from her.

DRAGON> Nieleth for her part is glowing away in the early morning sun, preening on the top rim of the bowl. Her usual playful demeanour is gone and the frosty queen is in charge as she swoops down into the pens. Claws plunge into the body of one of the beasts as she sinks her teeth into it's neck to bleed it dry.

M'ori giggles a little. "Well you know what they say, charm gets you everywhere." He shakes his head. "Things sure seem lively out at Western, makes me almost wish I hadn't left Fort. But then I wouldn't have my shop, and that would be sad."

DRAGON> Outside Uluameth has found Nieleth, the corral, and decides to help himself to a largish cow bovine. He leaps effortlessly on the poor creature, cracking its neck with a final low. He disembowls the animal, bends and drinks from its life giving essences neatly, fueling himself for the chase to come.

There's a faint rustling near the food tables along the back of the caverns as someone moves along the length of them, still selecting tidbits of food from here and there with little thought or care for what else might be going on in the room at this very moment. It's only the response frm the dragons outside that gets Ae'gus' attention away from the savory meatrolls and roast wherry on display in front of him. A fresh baked roll had been halfway to his mouth when something outside catches his attention and he reluctantly drags his attention away from things to peer over his shoulder, eyes immediately falling on the doorway out to the bowl, then swiftly moving to Orla. Either it's the sight of her or what she's doing to the other bronzerider, but something makes his eyes widen slightly, which happens to look somewhat more exaggerated due to his thick bushy eyebrows. "Always has to be during the mealtimes," he remarks under his breath, giving his roll a forlorn look before placing it onto his tray. The flight is quickly pulling his attention away from food, surprisingly enough, and he soon gravitates towards the other knot of riders in the cavern.

DRAGON> Gliding elegantly in from the eastern sky is Halinith, dipping his wings to one side and then the other as he glides regally along the air as though it were nothing but a fine evening to be flying instead of an impending fight. The herd of beasts parts like a sea as he banks to one side and then the other, delighting in the way the animals shift with fear at his shadow. There is litle serious scare or posturing in his flight as he continues over the herd, looking for all the world like he's just watching the animals run around for his own amusement. Then, with a quick snap of his wings, he drops like a stone and lands with a sickening SQUISH on a rather large male. Oops. It broke. Halinith offers a warble to Nieleth as he sinks his teeth into the beast's neck, draining it quickly.

V'gay enter into the cavern and stops to look around. He smiles a bit to himself and then snorts a little at something going on in his head. Course then the giggle reaches his hear and the smile broadens. Always good to hear people having fun. He strolls on in and swings up a chair and listens in on conversations. A glance at M'ori and then an almost wistful smile "Know how you feel about Fort. Fort's a good place." he notes with a touch of wistfulness in his tone.

DRAGON> Watching from a short distance of the corrals is Limerith. The blooding is watched with keen interest and then he's suddenly in the air and then plunging after a herdbeast. The neck is neatly broken and then he fills himself on the hot gushing blood as he rips into the carotid.

Ly'am laughs at the arse squeeze and gives it a little wiggle before jumping out of reach of another one. "Because your laughter is like music upon my ears dear weyrwoman." Oh such a harper to the core. He slides into seat and settles his plate down to start chowing down on the food. Yes he is quite merry this morning and glad to see his former Weyrwoman so as well.

DRAGON> Outside Odryth is waiting, straps on and prepared for their morning sweeps. He is just content to lounge in the morning sun, letting the rays of Rukbat settle into his bronze hide. When Nieleth swoops down though his gaze focuses on her and he feels the calling as he rises from his spot and launches himself up and to the corral, winging over it a moment before he dips down and neatly dispatches a buck in the field.

Orla blows a kiss at Ly'am as he jumps out of reach. "That silver tongue of yours is going to get you in serious trouble one of these days." She tells him. At the signs of activity around her and more people arriving she checks off a mental list as she checks through the work chits she has left, flashing a more than welcoming smile at the new comers. "Hello there boys, Anyone else looking for their work for the day?" She asks them and then blinks. "Oh shells." She mutters under her breath as realisation dawns in a spray of blood in her head.

DRAGON> Nieleth sucks the beast dry and tosses it halfway across the corral before picking another out and pouncing in a rushing leap at another whose head comes clean off as she rips it apart with her claws, her muzzle sinking in where it's head used to be. The broznes who are gathering are ignored in a frosty silence.

M'ori blinks, then hears Uluameth's pleasure at the richness of the blood he's drinking. "Oh… well… I do wish I had the same silver tongue. It would be an important business asset wouldn't it?" then… "oh dear. Go for it Uluameth." He says with a faint smile.

DRAGON> Uluameth does go for it, the ovine he captures doesn't even have time to bleet before it breathes its last. Its head rolls over into a ditch at the edge of the corrals and Uluameth sucks on the carcass by the neck, drinking from its corroted like a marathon runner does a bottle of gatorade. He needs as much strength as he can get, after all, as bronzes go he's not the world's best athlete. A second ovine joins the first in the same manner and he searches for a third, one eye on the female.

Ae'gus pauses on his way across the room to actually grab a couple small freshly baked rolls from one of the serving platters, taking a bite of it as he walks. Can't hurt to have something to eat during the proceedings, afterall. Who would want to go hungry during such an important event? One cheek bulging as he chews upon a bit of bread, he slows to a stop amongst the circle of those vying for Orla's attention. "Roll? They're good today, y'know." he offers the woman one of the untouched ones with a bright, toothy grin behind his equally bushy moustache. Atleast he had the manners to swallow his mouthful before opening his mouth to speak.

DRAGON> Halinith dances slightly from foot to foot as he wrests the final gouts of blood from the herdbeast with a final SLURP, causing a splatter of red stuff to splash across the nearby grassy verge. Fanning his wings slightly, he clenches his talons into the earth and launcehs into the air again, conducting a neat aerial sweep with as much ease and precision as the high tension can grant him. The herd beneath him follows his shadow in a panicked wave, terrified squeals following his every move. There's a sudden snap of wings and Halinith drops on a squealing buck with an equally loud SNAP, his jaws at the beast's throat before it has stopped struggling. Partway through draining his latest kill, he offers another warbling croon in Nieleth's direction - a hint of smugness in there somewhere.

V'gay chuckles softly "I'd prefer a smooth tongue, to a silver one. More enjoyable." he all but purrs, his eyes on Orla. "I ain't lookin' fer work me dear lady." he notes to the gold rider. "I be after a little bit of fun and games seeing as I've the day off." he notes playfully.

DRAGON> Limerith doesn't seem to mind being ignored. After all, he's not going anywhere. Another animal is neatly sucked dry of it's life supporting fluid. His whole hide seems to shimmer as his muscles twitch under the hide. He's watchful and waiting. Nielath is all on his mind now. He's good to go with the blood and then he suddenly trumpets, a guitar players solo.

Ly'am looks up to Orla with a grin. "Daily my dear, daily. I wouldn't have it any other way." Oh yes he loves his firey Weyrmate. He is about to shovel his first mouthful of food in when he senses the change in the room, in Odryth. "Shards it.." He mutters even as Orla utters her curse. He looks up from his meal and tries to look around for something, someone before his eyes focus on Orla, "Well I guess you really were shining today, eh?" He says with a bit of an edge to his voice.

DRAGON> Odryth finishes off his first buck before looking up to the Beacon of his sight giving her a low melodic croon that resonates across the area. He then leaps up into the air before dropping quickly down on another herdbeast. There is an audible snap of its neck before fangs sink in. Really he is a tidy eater for someone his size.

Orla laughs out loud, it's a deep and throaty laugh as she winks at V'gay. "Depends on how you use that smooth tongue darling." She croons at him even as she's holding out her hand to take the roll from Ae'gus, tugging lightly at his hand in the process. "I think I'm going to need the sustenance, failing that whichever of you lucky boys ends up getting dragged back to my weyr." This gets crooned out in a deep husky voice as she turns to take in all of them with her eyes, "Remember the way, I'll be wanting some breakfast once I'm done with you."

DRAGON> Nieleth drops the beast from her mouth as she stretches upwards a cold echoing cry echoing to the skies as the queen of the underworld crouches and springs into the air leaving a trail of blood down he neck and flanks as her wings snap in the morning air, carrying her upwards.

M'ori grins, totally bewtiched by Orla's laugh. "Oh always, any talent's success is always dependant on how its used." He continues to sip periodically on his klah, but he inspects Orla's frame with a quiet lustful look on his face, giving himself over to Uluameth's flight desire.

DRAGON> Uluameth leaps into the skies, the black knight of Ierne croons softly to Nieleth as he flies. Good evening madam, dancing is a pleasure. All others but her are put out of his mind as Ulu's resolute wings propel him skywards after Nieleth. His own tones turn as silvered as Ly'am's compliments to Orla before, saluting the beautiful queen and as he follows like a darkly patterned butterfly to a flower, singing her praises.

V'gay just smiles all the more at Orla's words "I'll be sure to get you a breakfast that you only dream of, love." he remarks with a touch of a drawl. "And top it off with a bit of sparkly and strawberries." he adds. He stretches his legs out and casts a glance at the other guys. Checking out the competition perhaps? And then back to Orla "You won't be wanting for nurishment.

DRAGON> Limerith has been waiting for this moment, shimmering muscles launch him into the sky, a single note flying upwards into the symphony of flight that will converge eventually into a simple and yet poignant duet.

Ae'gus can't help but grin even wider, freely relinquishing the roll to Orla. Freely giving away food is something of an amazing feat for one such as him, but he doesn't seem overly troubled by it. In fact, he breaks into an even wider grin behind that odd bushy moustache of his and waggles his bushy eyebrows in Orla's direction, "Ah. Breakfast in bed is my specialty, don'tcha know?" He attempts to add a wink in there, but it ends up looking more like a half-done blink, but he doesn't seem to notice.

DRAGON> Halinith arches his neck and, with a lingering hiss, draws the last remaining dregs of blood from the herdbeast carcass at his feet. With whatever use it had to him being gone, he gives the limp body a casual flip that sends it flying out of his line of takeoff. Can't have anything marring his perfectly smooth runway. Almost as soon as Nieleth has risen into the air, Halinith snaps his wings open with a quick, deft movement that causes little eddies of dry dust to fly in all directions from the parched earth below. Muscles bulging, tail twitching, he crouches down low and dives into the air, bringing several chunks of dirt with him as his talons relinquish their hold to the ground. The bronze pulls at the air with several mighty downsweeps of his wings, making as much of a show of himself as he possibly can as he follows in pursuit.

Ly'am actually manages to colour a bit at her reply, eyes going wider, focused then unfocused. This is the moment where he gets a bit lost. Fight or give in, but it is a battle quickly lost and he leans back in his seat with hunger, desire in his eyes as his faze flickers between focused and unfocused. The direction of that gaze squarely on Orla.

DRAGON> Odryth has no such battles, except against those that would take his prize from him. He lets his latest kill slide frm his fangs and looks over to the queen of the day. Another croon, this time with a base tone behind it. As she launches to the air, he is not far behind. Her flights are familiar to him and she will be caught this time! The young dragon attacks the air with his large wingsails, pressing himself higher and higher into the air.

Orla positively beams at V'gay and Ae'gus. "Breakfast in bed, I'm looking forward to it already." She murmurs huskily as she flicks her head towards M'ori. "I think you're going to have to learn a bit more of that charm if you want to keep up with the big boys here." She tells him with a smile that's bordering on the indecent.

DRAGON> Nieleth rises higher and higher, leaving a chariot trail as she shoots straight upwards, scattering the light puffy clouds in her progress. She's strong and she has only one direction that's going in and so far she's on a bee line to Rukhbat.

M'ori snorts at V'gay. "Dunno about strawberries, I'm more of a cherries guy myself." He says, his face lazy in the throws of Uluameth's flight lust. "And pineapples, those are always a treat. And melons. And fresh peaches and…" he shakes his head, as if trying to shake a thought or image from his mind. Then Orla says something about needing to learn more about charm. "I am… not really the flowery silvery sort. I leave that to Ulu mostly." He says with a soft, lustfull growl. "Mmm, forget breakfast in bed, a massage is always a lovely way to, unburden one's stresses. Softly scented oils to ensnare the senses, warm and comforting hands on one's shoulders, smoothing out bunched up and overly tense muscles."

DRAGON> Uluameth growls, humming a tender melody for Nieleth. When you leave darling, the whole world is gray, beat with me today, fly so very far away. Like Icarus of the Greeks he flies further and further up after her, daring to go near the sun, not caring what may happen should he be burned and fall to the earth below, ready if need be to leave his feathers floating away in the clouds to be seared to ashes by the sun's purifying light.

Ae'gus has already forgotten the remaining bit of roll still in his other hand, surprisingly enough. All his attention is now focused on Orla and Orla alone, that small grin still lighting his face - likely permanently plastered there for the duration of the flight. But atleast it's aimed at the weyrwoman, rather than anyone else. The emotions of the flight itself seem to be taking hold, though, as words seem to fail him and all he can do is lean over the table to try vainly to be closer to Orla, though finding his short stature inadequate to do much against the distance between them.

DRAGON> Halinith revels in his new freedom in the air by dipping his wings to one side, then the other, banking sharply and executing a quick controlled half-turn in some effort to show off his flying prowess. It's all to business within a few seconds, though, as his mind begins to focus on his goal at hand, which only has a few small sections of space in it for flyboy stunts. Actually flying well is the key here, not showing off. Alas. He twists, turns and swivels amongst the cloudy protrusions as he rockets upwards, sending little explosions of escaping cloud outwards in a dazzling pattern as he cuts through to the shortest route to Nieleth: up. Up, up, up he goes. Where will he stop? It's difficult to tell, but he's certainly going very fast.

V'gay is smiling even more and nodding at Orla's words. He likes her style. A leg flips up and over the other as he settles himself in and makes himself comfortable. "Breakfast in bed. Light, fluffy biscuits, thick, creamy gravy. Airy fluffed eggs, fresh fruit, fresh squeezed juice. Perhaps even imported directly in from Ista." he chuckles softly.

DRAGON> Limerith strums along the airwaves and calls out in tune. Why go for the sun when you can have the stars. He twists in flight catching a thermal that shoots him up more before it dies, swirling around it and out, calling out to the heavens, to the gold, to solo note high in the air, with a voice as sweet as the sea.

Ly'am finally pushes up from his seat as he sees the other riders crowding around his Orla…no Odryth's Orla. He gives his head a little shake and the young man finally moves into the crowd, almost glaring at the other men before looking to Orla, "I think I could rather make you forget about breakfast my dear…" He almost purrs in an undertone of a voice, standing as tall as his 16 turns of growth will allow. Perhaps the youngest at her, but he has some experience behind him.

DRAGON> Being Smaller than most bronzes well gives Odryth some advantages in a dancing flight, in this straight one though he is working hard, pushing his wings against the air. As he nears the other males there is a low warning grumble in his chest, quite ready to buffet another male out of the way should they get too close.

Orla gets to her feet, starting to sense the end is near, she leans her bum onto the edge of the table and looks round at her audience as she breaks chunks off the roll to stick in her mouth in a lavishisly seductive display for the boys.

DRAGON> Nieleth continues upwards, it's going to be some fall from grace when the queen is finally caught. The hot air rising off the oceans that surround the western isles are the only real breeze in the drought conditions that exist at present and the queen is relying on her strength and stamina to gain her the height she wants before all of a sudden she finally deviates from her path, flicking side to side as if trying to decide which way to dart off in then; She opens her jaws and screeches out in a cold rage, the harsh tones vibrating through the air in a primal scream as she falters and beats her wings in the air to keep her stationary, letting her pursuers catch her, will she dive away at the last minute or will she just hover there until she's taken?

M'ori is totally entranced by Orla's display with the roll. He cocks his head, eyes darkening with desire as he looks the junior weyrwoman up and down. His cheeks are flushed in a blush. His klah has long since been forgotten.

DRAGON> Uluameth is not scared by the challenge, not frightened by the shrill cries of primal energy. He thrums deep in his throat, trying to soothe the queen as he sweeps in after her. He is clever, using a flick of his tail and a well placed turn to loom in over her, reaching for her as he tries to soothe her with his words of love. When you leave my world it turns to grey, beat with me, come let us fly far away. He will paint portraits of his love, carry her away like a knight does a rescued princess. He is Orpheus to her Eurydice, offering to lead her to the freedom of the realms beyond the underworld. He is Icarus tempted by the sun and Hades tempting his Persephone. He will be her worshipper, her acolyte, her adoring audience. His wings open, stretching to their full length. His talons are outstretched as he sings her praises to her and her alone.

V'gay closes his eyes a little as that roll goes into her mouth. Is he drooling? No, not him. And oh, to be the table underneath her. To support her.. oh yeah. He swallows a little, and loosens the color of his shirt as the temperture just keeps rising. He too is on his feet and then he gives a sweeping bow. "Ahh, but to be the roll between your lips. The nurishment that feeds your soul." he whispers as he moves her way "The music in my heart."

DRAGON> Limerith creates his own currents of air, turning each one into a single cord of a love song. As the pitched note falters and then holds he cascades into a rising crescendo moving to meet her cadenza and culminate in a climax of descending notes. He whips his wings out, coming from the undersides, seeking to not entnagle her, but to combine as one, a duet of such exquisite sounds that the world can only weep in joy.

Ae'gus drops the last bit of roll from his hand, completely ignoring it in favor of the one that happens to be in Orla's hand. It's much more interesting anyways, especially the way it's being eaten. Words have failed him again, though from the somewhat glazed look in his eyes, all of his attention and feeling are high in the sky with his dragon, though there does seem to be some portion of him still staring rather openly at Orla's form.

DRAGON> Halinith sweeps aside great rivulets of cloud from his path, parting himself a path through the cottony mass with ease as he climbs steadily with one powerful downsweep after another. With all the mist trailing behind him, it almost appears as though he's generating some sort of smoke from his tailend. All of his being is tuned into the glimmering gold flying tantalizing head of him with little thought spared to the elements or the othre males who just happen to be flying after the same object of his desires. It's this focused state of mind that allows him to make note of one thing: Nieleth has stopped short all of a sudden. In a split second's time, Halinith begins to corkscrew in a wide arc beneath the stationary gold, slowly circling inwards and generating an odd vortex effect in the clouds. There he flies, slowly and carefully going further in until he's almost directly below her, where he backwings suddenly and braces himself for a possible impact. Apparently he's banking on the fact the queen might go for a dive rather than stay put.

Ly'am grabs at the back of a nearby chair, clinging to it with whitened knuckles. He is muttering something under his breath, trying to hold himself back. Trying to remain calm, though his body is dancing with desire for the woman in front of him. Hunger lights his green eyes and he is not a boy right now, he is a man and he wants to prove that to the dra…woman…dragon…it all sorta blends in his eyes.

DRAGON> Odryth gaze is intent still on the prize, though loud grumbles are heard as another flies across his path. His massive jaws snap out at wings or tails that come to close. Such a change from the peaceful creature he usually is. As she suddenly deviates, well it is a moment where he can take advantage of his smaller size and he tucks in to get some kind of lead on the chasers. Pressing himself faster, further! As he nears her, his claws and tail extend, intent that HE will be the one that flies with her the rest of the morn.

DRAGON> Neileth stays where she, flapping lazily to hold her position while she watches the boys chasing her with frosty indifference, Nothing seems to be impressing her much right now. She ignores those who are flying into a different position, unimportant and not brave enough to snatch her up when she's offering herself to them. That leaves a couple flying right at her, though it's a smaller darting form looming up out of the pack that piques her interest, for one so small he's got guts, a warming screech emits from her as she squirms away from the others, shielding the youngster as he catch a hold of her and she dives with Odryth towards the ocean far below.

Orla finishes her display and steps away from the table, her gaze blanking a touch as things climax high in the skies above the island chain. Her hand shoots out to grab the matching rider by the collar, "Sorry boys, maybe next time." She growls throatily as Ly'am is thrown bodily over her shoulder and she marches off for a morning of pleasure.

M'ori jerks in his chair, and then slumps. "Water! Need drink!" He rushes off to get a glass of water. Above, Uluameth all but facefaults midair at the queen's unlikely choice, but what she wants, she gets. And he wouldn't want M'ori to get the same carried off like a package treatment Ly'am is getting. That would be just too embarassing.

V'gay is left hanging, even as Limerith is. He watches Orla march off with her catch. Literally. He gives a soft whistle and sinks into a chair. "Wow. What a woman." he says simply as he wipes off his brow. He's almost looking as if he got lucky not catching.

Ae'gus slumps into a nearby chair, the sudden rush of flight emotions leaving him with a jerk. He runs a hand through his hair, causing it all to stand on end in a mass of spiky red-gold. "That … that was interesting," he muses under his breath, pulling his hand out from his hair and running it over his face down to his chin. Rolling his shoulders a little, he pushes himself to his feet and traipses over to the serving trays to resume his interrupted meal. Nothing better than food after a flight.

As Odryth makes his grab for the prize, Ly'am is releasing the chair holding him back and is making his own move. Then there is the catch…and what? He finds HIMself the one who is caught and thrown over a shoulder. Well this is unexpected, but the devilish grin on his face shows that well, he don't mind to much. "Well well Orla…didn't realize you had it in ya…" He nearly purrs at her back, his hands clawing at her top already.

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