Just Steamin' in the Steam

Western Weyr - Hot Springs Cavern
Created by the fires of the volcano a pocket of ancient air has created this huge open cavern in the black stone. Most of the floor is covered by bubbling mineral water that gleams azure in the dim light of glows. Swirls of green, blue, red, yellow, black and white are awash on the walls and floor, earmarks of earlier times when the hot water boiled out of its bed and rose to fill the dark cavern.
A few signs of humanity can be found. A trunk with soft fluffy towels, soap and a boardwalk erected through the middle of the four pools so that people can find their way to the hot water without burning their feet along the way. It is rumoured that an hour in the hot water can melt away even the worse of troubles, leaving a person relaxed and ready to face a new day with vigor.

The hustle and bustle of the day has drawn to a close, Rukbat has set and the plethora of 'double clutch on Western's sands' visitors have mostly dispersed. Zahleizjah has slinked her way through the Weyr, through the cloak of darkness, to what she hopes to find as a mellow haven away from it all. She wears a long black dress, slinky and fitted, hair pulled up high in a mess bun, head peaking around corner to survey the scene. Fortunately whatever groups may have been about earlier are dwindling, even the springs are relatively quiet, most weyrfolk likely tuckered out from glorious celebrations. The Stargazer takes calculated steps, a beeline towards an open area near the back, dress is sheepishly pulled over head and slips quickly in to the pool, leaning breath and releasing a relaxed sigh.

Either having pulled a late shift in her duties and studies or also hiding from the plethora of visitors, Kaliena is another making her way down to the quieter hot springs in the cloak of darkness. Normally she'd be returning to her cot in the dorms now or crashing a certain bronzerider's weyr, but not tonight. The young smith apprentice is dressed in her usual ensemble of a loose fitting tunic and a pair of slim fitting pants, while on her feet she wears a pair of heavy steel-toed work boots. Said boots make enough noise on the stone floor to herald her arrival, though she isn't looking to make any sort of grand entrance. Kaliena simply has a goal in mind and is going straight about fulfilling it and that goal is: to get in the baths post haste. Almost automatic, she grabs some cleaning supplies and two towels and without glancing to see which pool she heads too, she stops by the nearest that seems acceptable by her standards, sets her supplies aside and disrobes. It's not until she's in the water and half way to unbraiding her hair that she looks up and over, spotting Zahleizjah on the other end. Uh. "Didn't see you there. Sorry." Forget greetings. Kaliena skips that for now. Awkward much?

Zahleizjah has immersed downwards in to the placid pool almost completely by this point, the bellows of steel-toed boots pounding like a heart beat, so it is no wonder the auburn haired woman didn't see her. Her gaze lingers only for a moment, lush lashes bat over auburn-brown eyes, submerged chin deep, recognizing her from the galleries, secretly grateful there's no tot in tow, certain she is too. Awkward? It's true.. a common theme in Zah's life, a discomfort she's had to get used too. Never settling to come off like a hotsprings creeper, so she pushes up to become neck and shoulders at least, hands motioning along with head wiggle "Oh no.. no worries.. just uh steaming with the steam ya know?" Awkwardness continues.. now plus cheesy metaphor!

Kaliena's memory recall isn't as good as Zahleizjah's, though the girl is focusing on her curiously enough so perhaps some faint bell is ringing in her head. There are no toddlers with her today and for that she is immensely grateful. She's also grateful for the lack of too much crowding in the springs and yet… she of course chooses the one pool already occupied. Leaning back against the stone, the apprentice is anything but relaxed and despite the awkwardness, continues to stare at the other girl. "'Fraid I don't know." Kaliena drawls with a slightly crooked smirk as her hands lift to continue undoing the braid she had weaved her unruly hair into. "Dun think I've ever steamed before." Definitely not helping with the situation, not with her slightly gruff and blunt nature. She's not meaning to come off unfriendly, but it's just how the girl is until some small shred of trust can be formed.

Seryic makes his way slowly into the hot springs cavern a towel draped over his shoulder, the young beastcrafter seems to be covered from head to toe in muck, and non to pleased.

All that staring has Zahleizjah instantly looking away, eyes wandering mostly, coming back here and there to catch hers briefly, nervously, before they look away again. Her hand emerges from the water and brushes back a few locks of hair before giggling with an undertone of tension and shrugging pointy shoulders "I 'unno like blowing off steam.. or what not.. they say these waters can be therapeutic, relaxing, mebbe even healing." She bumbles her way through, trust isn't something she bats off a tee either, but being more outgoing is something she has been meaning to work on. Hopefully she's not barking up the wrong blunt tree, but a simple greeting with a slightly smiling curl of lips is offered "M'names Zahleizjah.." titles and details used sparingly at this point. Enter Seryic, her expression softens, tell-tale even, and a wave is sent his way. Cue the potential for more awkwardnes… now!

Eventually Kaliena clues in that her staring isn't exactly polite and promptly looks away and stares ahead. With her hair now out of its braid, she uses her fingers to ruffle it, which only has it drifting out in a mess of waves and untamed tangles. "Ah, that makes sense now. It's true, warm waters will help relax as well as clean." She pauses then; frowning and giving Zahleizjah a quick side-glance only from curiosity for her comments. "Healin' though? I don't think water could do that." Not a believer, it seems! Her skeptical tone says it all, but her curiosity in all things keeps her focused on the conversation. And it's a correct assumption and the right direction is sought, as the blunt, simple greeting is met with an equally vague smile and just like that, the awkwardness drops (at least for her) by a fraction. "Kaliena," The girl supplies, titling her head up just a fraction as if smug by that admittance. They haven't even got to rank yet! To Seryic's arrival, recognition does flicker across her eyes but there's a guarded look and suddenly Kaliena is pointedly looking away, pretending to look busy. That doesn't stop her from teasing the poor Beastcrafter though. "What in Faranth's name happen to you?" she asks bluntly, while pretending to focus on scrubbing some imaginary dirt on her arms. Do, do do… not looking!

Zahleizjah feels some small sort of ease as the conversation lifts a bit "I suppose inadvertently healing.. just the effects of a nice soak.." As Seryic dilly-dally's over she's not sure he saw her, but she doesn't flail again. Instead the talk that ensues is met with a subdued but similar dry nature as she repeats as if to store name to memory "Kaliena.. well met.." Eyes are drawn towards the approaching muck covered gent, one brow quirked and interested in hearing the story that follows "Y'alright love?" A simple inquiry to the gent before she looks towards the busily scrubbing away Kaliena.

Seryic looks up as he moves to slowly into the springs and begins to strip off lawyers or muddied clothes and says, "issues at the stables."

Kaliena relaxes a little as well, at least around Zahleizjah. Casual conversation happens to have that effect, though she's still cautious around the other girl. "Mhm. Guess you have a point there." She agrees dryly, still pointedly keeping her gaze down turned to her own skin as she scrubs and scrubs. "Well met." She murmurs hurriedly and then turns her attention to Seryic, though it's only noticeable by the fact she tilts her head slightly in his direction. She's leaving him to his privacy it seems. "Issue? Looks like you were run through every mud and manure pile in the place." Kaliena drawls oh so not friendly and unhelpful really with her teasing. Zahleizjah gets a sudden look for her remark given to Seryic and the girl quirks a brow. Love? Her gaze slides towards where said apprentice is now stripping down and then darts back to the other girl. Nothing is said though, but it can possibly be read in her eyes and the smirk she's suddenly donning.

Seryic says softly, "Feel like it too, I was working wi one of the young colts on a lead and got tangled and dragged a bit…" he winces slightly and pulls off the layers of his mud caked clothes before moving to slip into the hot water.

Zahleizjah probably does give enough away by her fond expression towards Seryic, though she's looked away and is also /letting him do his thing/. A small chuckle escapes though she withdraws from egging on the teasing and notes very matter-of-factly that it "Looks like it's been a rough day.. hope it all worked out alright?" Empathetically poignant head tilts to the side, sending a quick smirk Kaliena's way, maybe taking a moment to draw in some slight understanding of her characteristics and demeanor. Then the mucked Beastcrafter slides in to the water, she gives him the cleansing space it looks like he needs at the moment. See? Healing! "Eesh.. wild hearts can't be broken eh?" a phrase that resonates deeply for her.

Kaliena gives a sympathetic wince when Seryic tells his tale of an unfortunate day with a spirited colt. "Shardin' lucky you only came out dirtied and scuffed then." She mutters, pointedly scooting away a bit when he slips into the water. This of course sends her closer to Zahleizjah and there's a long, lingering look given to the other girl as she likely tries to size her up and gleam some understanding of her characteristics and demeanor, perhaps even the subtle connection she can sense between her and Seryic. At her phrase, the smith apprentice blinks. "No. No they can't. Not easily." Clearly that's struck a cord with her too and suddenly she's abandoning her scrubbing … and the pool. Pulling herself up onto the ledge, she grabs one of the towels and wraps herself in it. Without even so much as glancing at the two still in the pool, she mutters out a hurried excuse and farewell. "I need to be going. Gonna 'nip some food and try to get ahead on my written studies. Sorry. Nice talking with ya both." Bobbing her head in two quick, brisk nods, Kaliena then gathers her clothes and her boots and beats an equally hasty retreat, disappearing around the corner.

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