Take To The Skies! (Jovianth Flies)

Spring - Month 5 of Turn 2717
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Training Field
Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise maneuvers required for the rescue and protection work that the weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

Spring has decided to favor Half Moon Bay with a stretch of clear skies and pleasant breezes. Which is rather serendipitous, given that the weyrlings are taking to the skies for the first time. Sans rider, of course. R'sner seems to have decided not to question the weather, and simply sought to take advantage of it. While some dragons have already tested their wings, others are just beginning. At the moment, everyone is grounded and the weyrlingmaster is on the patio, leaning over a little relocated table and going over lesson plans or making progress notes or other such paperwork-nonsense that is required of him (and which he secretly loves). Toith is at ease, lounging in the field but perhaps notably /not/ filthy. It is only a matter of time, but for the moment the green is looking, well… Green.

Nassir is excited. Likely not as excited as the weyrlings or their dragons, but excited all the same. That much is evident as he crosses the field to the patio with a bounce in his step, his familiar basket of goodies slung over one arm. "Did I miss it?" The question is asked as he mounts the steps, setting the basket on the railing and moving in to wrap one arm around R'sner's waist. "T'sul was moving in a slow motion," he grouses. A moment later, he is doing his level best to duck under R'sner's, a smile and wink tossed toward Toith.

R'sner is not surprised to see Nassir, if just because Toith is a tattle-tale. And one would /hope/ that Nassir did as previously requested and had Decameth bespeak said tattle-tale so that Res could make sure all little (GIANT) weyrling dragons are on the ground before the tailor made his trek toward the patio. "A few have flown," murmurs R'sner, pausing in his paperwork to accommodate the wrap of arms, a bit of a smile tugging at his mouth for the obvious excitement displayed. "But more are still to try. Jovianth should be coming soon," he notes, "So your timing is rather impeccable." Standing, the arm Nassir has ducked under is deftly wound around his shoulders to pull him close and somewhat guide him back toward the stairs. And Toith? She's looking prim (and CLEAN, much to her annoyance) and waiting somewhat patiently for the next weyrling pair to arrive.

T'sul is OCD about such things and Decameth? Doubley so. No doubt the weyrlings being in the air earlier was at least part of the reason for the delay in arrival. Still, the news is met with a pleased smile from Nassir, dark eyes crinkling at the corners as he leans in to brush a kiss over R'sner's lips before allowing himself to moved along. "Ashwi has to be beside herself with excitement," he decides as he falls easily in step with the Weyrlingmaster.

Jovianth saunters out with his wings tight to his back. As he grows he's gotten better about knocking things down. Nowadays when something is knocked over it's likely deliberate! He's as smug as a dragon can look as Ashwi comes hopping out behind him one one foot as she works on pulling on boots as they go. "Wait wait wait…." but there is no waiting for Jovianth as he is already outside and a good distance away from the barracks.

Is deliberately knocking things over somehow better than doing it accidentally? Hm. Though either way, there is likely some sort of consequences for Ashwi. She's his weyrling, so she's responsible! But as wings are tucked, and nothing seems to have been knocked over on the way out, they're safe for now. Toith chuffs a welcome, hauling herself to her feet to come and meet the brown halfway, offering a pleased but warning, « Stretches first!». R'sner stops at the foot of the stairs. "We shall see," murmured for the state of the weyrling's excitement, head bobbing toward the newly arrived pair. "Ashwi, come join us?" at the foot of the stairs attached to the weyrlingmaster's office patio.

Nassir turns a smile on Jovi and Ashwi as they appear, the arm not draped around R'sner's waist raising in an easy wave. "It's good to see you, again, Ashwi," he calls. At R'sner's words, a chuckle sounds in his throat, his chin tilting up as he blows a few stray strands of hair from his eyes. "How could she not be excited." It's not really a question, though.

Shetaia isn't quite late, but she seems to be on a schedule, even if it's only in her own head. Stepping quickly into view from the eastern bowl she skirts the main part of the training field. A notebook is held tight to her chest, the accompanying pencil tucked behind an ear. R'sner, unfortunately though he is seems to be the focus of her attention as she slips around to nod professionally in his direction. "Weyrlingmaster, I appreciate you allowing me the chance to observe. This group of weyrlings are just such a prime example of what a clutch can be with the color distribution."

Jovianth chuffs a little in protest at the order of stretches. Reinforced silently by Ashwi before he follows instructions. Each wing stretch is accompanied with little huffs of air but he is following directions! Boots on finally she trots over to join R'sner and Nassir at the foot of the stairs. A salute is snapped towards R'sner quickly. "He's ready for flight sir." she assures. "Heya Nassir!" a smile accompanies the greeting to the Igen tailor. There's a sideways glance to the unfamiliar Shetaia.

A nod is directed at Ashwi's joining them, though his gaze does not linger on the weyrling long before R'sner is looking across the field in expectation. A deep inhale, held and then released, comes at the appearance of Shetaia. Her greeting gets a faint nod of his head; a curt acknowledgement. "Welcome," is all he's going to say, though whether that is 'welcome to Half Moon' or 'you're welcome' for being allowed to watch is left to interpretation. He's distracted, especially now that all expected visitors are accounted for. "Stay on or near the patio," is a strict sort of warning, and while his arm still remains draped around Nassir's shoulders, he is distinctly tense beneath that returned embrace; focus definitely on the pair of dragons in the training field rather than the humans gathered by the stairs. "Good," issued for Ashwi's assurance that Jovianth is ready.

« Look, » says Toith, all business despite the swift whirl of faceted eyes. « Ya eith'r stretch 'r get 'urt. An' I dunno 'bou' you but I don' wanna get 'urt. » And then, as though prompted by R'sner, adds, « An' ground'd. Res'll ground ya if ya don' stretch. » There. Warnings delivered, she flares her own wings to do her own set of stretches, matching the brown's movements as if to demonstrate that she, too, must stretch before flying. But she doesn't make him linger in perpetual stretching, allowing a few more exercises before she says, « Ya're gonna watch me first, got it? » she warns. « Ya're gonna take a runnin' start, leap, flap three times, » and it definitely carries a warning of 'THREE TIMES ONLY' that goes unsaid, « An' glide t' a landin'. Got it? » And presuming he does, Toith sets about demonstrating exactly what she means. Turning toward the open space, she takes a few bounding strides before launching herself up into the air, wings extended. Three flaps to get her a bit more air, and then a seamless glide back to the ground and a small running landing. « 'Kay. Go, » she says, twisting around to watch him just as critically as R'sner is.

Nassir grins at Ashwi, tossing her a wink as he settles into a comfortable lean against R'sner's side. "Told you they were excited," he whispers in sing-song tones to the Weyrlingmaster. In the wake of the whisper, his head tilts enough to allow him to glance at Shetaia, his free hand raising in a finger waggling wave. "Glad you could make it here, Taia." Aware of R'sner's tension, the hand resting on the Weyrlingmaster's hip gives a subtle press in a calming gesture. "Taia, this is Ashwi, weyrling to Brown Jovianth. Ashwi, this is Taia, a dragonhealer from Igen." With R'sner's attention necessary elsewhere, he's more then happy to take care of the introductions.

«I wouldn't get hurt. » a pause. « I /am/ stretching though. See? » he demonstrates more wing stretches. Then comes the watching. And listening to instructions. Wings flare out as Toith launches herself up after several long strides. After she's landed his head swivels to look to Ashwi first then around to Toith. « I got this! » his mind voice is deep and earthy as well as full of confidence. Taking long, bounding, strides forward he copies Toith's movements the best he can, his bulk being…well bulkier and it carries him forward very well. With his powerful legs he leaps up into the air, his wings snapping out to fill and bring him to the sky. There is a triumphant bugle as his wings work at the restricted three flaps. One. A cheer. Two. Another happy bugle. Three. A shrill trill. No more flaps as he glides forwards and down to his first landing. Ooomph! Coming in a little too fast he tries to correct with a little hop up and then back down to finally land on his back haunches.

Ashwi crosses her arms over her chest with her attention divided between meeting Taia. "Dragonhealer?" there's interested in her tone but too soon her eyes are on Jovianth. His first bugle as he rises into the air brings a grin to her expression, her gaze locked intently on his form up there. With is first flap she lets out an enthusiastic cheer. Suddenly her little green fire lizard appears, chittering curiously before flying up to hover above Jovianth. A faint trill is heard down on the ground as she encourages the brown weyrling.

Shetaia's head bob in the direction of the Weyrling at the introduction is nothing compared to the nod of respect that R'sner earns. After all he's the conductor of this circus. Nassir though he gets a slight smile from the Dragonhealer as she begins taking notes. "This is such a wonderful opportunity. Jovianth you say? A lovely brown, I'm just so excited about being able to study this group."

R'sner is paying very little attention to the people around him. Enough to offer a "Hm," or "Mm," or other sort of non-comittal, throaty noise to indicate that he's maybe paying attention. But really, his eyes are on Jovianth and, as soon as he's moving forward to take his turn, his entire focus is on the brown. Even the arm around Nassir is forgotten as the brown bugles at lift-off. Tension pervades his form and even breathing stops at that bit of a stumble. But really, a part of Res expects such things and rather than look concerned, he simply flashes a look to Ashwi to determine whether or not her dragon is alright. When it is clear that Jovi is unhurt, there's a long exhale and the release of his grasp that might have gotten just a LITTLE tight around the tailor's shoulders.

« Good! » decides Toith, who has likewise kept a keen eye on Jovianth throughout his turn. And when he lands successfully (because any landing that does not end in DEATH is a win in Toith's book!) there's a crow of victory from the green and a leap toward him. « Good, good! Wanna go 'gain? » of course he does! Though Toith will clarify with, « Just three flaps, same's b'fore, » and then she's moving herself out of the way to allow him to take his second turn if he wants. The appearance of the mini-green 'lizard gets a chuff and a somewhat warning « Watch it, midget! »

Jovi's happy bugling brings Nassir's attention sweeping back to the dragons, dark eyes crinkling at the corners as he exhales a whispery little cheer under his breath. Hearing Taia, he affords her a polite smile, the majority of his attention remaining on the dragons on the field. Aware of R'sner's tension, he lets his own arm drop to his side, giving the man a bit of space while still remaining close.

Shetaia isn't so much appalled by the antics/exercises of the various Weyrlings but she does keep herself well out of the way. After all getting to this rank of a Dragonhealer she's entirely adept at dodging all sorts of wing flings and weyrling flights. "Jovianth correct?" a note is jotted down as she eyes the brown with interest "I'd like to measure his proportions when you're finished. It's too bad I wasn't able to get here when they were younger. It's invaluable research."

Ashwi rocks back on her heels pleased at the browns first flight ending in only a stumble. No harm done! And certainly no death upon landing. Hashna spirals down with another trill this time pointed towards Toith. She's no midget and she's vocally informs the green dragon as such just as she lands on the shoulder of her human. "Shhh." is Ashwi's absent soothing with a scratch along the small green's headknobs. Her focus remains mostly on Jovianth who does indeed want to go again. Which he does! Running a few tenths he leaps up with no fanfare this time. No bugles just a complete focus on three flaps, a glide and a smoother landing.

It's the comment about measuring that grabs R'sner's attention; a flash of blue eyes in the direction of Shetaia that… might not be so kind. It's a hard sort of look, and followed by his firm and flat, "You may want too, but that does not mean it will happen. Try asking nicely," which might just be rude, on his part, though Res doesn't seem inclined to apologize. He's got a job to do, and the safety of his weyrlings and their dragons are at the top of his priority list. First flights can be dangerous, and R'sner is rather focused on making sure that Jovi's goes well. As the brown lands smoothly from his second attempt, there's a quick "Well done," murmured to Ashwi in a bit of a sigh. First hurdle, crossed! And now, at least Res seems confident that the young dragon can manage without his eyes on him at all times, and turns to glance at the group. A look to Shetaia when he says "If you wish to measure Jovianth you will need to ask Ashwi, and," a glance for Ashwi now, "you are not obligated to say yes." But that warning and reassurance delivered, it's Nassir that gets his attention as he moves to collect the tailor once more in his arms. "What did you think?"

« Ah-mazing! » declares Toith, who is all about cheering on small accomplishments. « So nice! So smooth! Ya did real good, Jovi! How're you're wings feelin'? Stretch 'em out? » and she demonstrates with her own, flaring green wings as far as they can go. « Any ache? Any pinch? »

"He's likely to be tired, or hungry, or both when they are finished," Nassir asides to Taia. "But yes, Jovianth." Watching the second flight, his lips twitch in a warm smile, dark eyes crinkling at the corners. At R'sner's response, he steps in closer, his hand smoothing over the Weyrlingmaster's hip as his arm slips back around his waist. With Res' arm slipping back around him, Nassir flashes a broad smile, his delight shining in his eyes. "I /knew/ Jovi would be amazing right out of the gate," he assures. "It was wonderful." Pausing a beat, he glances over at Ashwi and adds. "Thank you for letting me watch." In the wake of which, he is cuddling in comfortably against R'sner's side. "You should be very proud, Weyrlingmaster," he murmurs in warm tones.

Shetaia doesn't seem to notice R'sner's glance. Perhaps it's because her focus is mainly taken up by the weyrling and her dragon in question. Nassir though? His words reach though to her and she bobs her head in agreement. "Oh for sure, not now. When there's time. They grow so fast but that's not something that I would compromise with my attentions. Dragons are first and foremost the future, they're our gateway to the unknown." ah, Taia, she's a strange one.

With her attention focuses solely on Jovi until he lands from his second landing, this one a smoother landing, she doesn't hear the dragon healer's words at all. So it's R'sner's not so nice words that has the weyrling glancing in surprise from the green rider to the Igen girl. "Measure him?" she seems unsure about that. "Well uh…" another look to R'sner and she shrugs. "I dunno. Guess I'll leave that up to Jo." is her final answer. Then she's stepping away and trotting over to Jovi to check on him. He does a few wing flares and admits to Toith. « A little achey. » he admits.

The look on R'sner's face is one of growing disapproval, a frown darkening his expression. And it is aimed directly at Shetaia. It is a look that says words are likely to be coming, though he bites his tongue for the moment. A private word might be coming later, between the weyrlingmaster and the visiting dragonhealer. But for now, he does his best to turn his attention back to Nassir. "I am glad you enjoyed it," he murmurs in response, though his voice lacks the warmth it tends to hold when addressing the tailor. A longer look at Ashwi as he says, "It is your choice, too. Keep in mind how he might react, and whether it is safe," to allow a stranger near. He is young, but already /huge/, after all. And prone to knocking things over! As for being proud? "I am not the one who flew," he notes idly, glancing briefly at Jovianth before looking back to Nassir, and while Toith might be giving the dragonic equivalent of a beaming grin, Res is just… relieved.

Toith settles herself somewhere near, but not too near, as she watches Jovianth. « Hmm. How achy? » but really, with Ashwi coming, it will fall to her to determine if care is necessary. « Don' be a hero, 'kay? If ya need some numbweed, say so, » she encourages. « An' take it easy t'day. Res says ya can fly 'gain tomorrow s'long as you're not hurtin'. An' don' lie an' say y're fine, 'kay? Cause ya won' be don' any flyin' if ya get a strain or pull som'ing. » Huff-huff. « Butcha did good, kid! Real good! » And yes, Toith is proud.

Nassir is used to R'sner's moods and simply affords an understanding squeeze in response to the tension. When the Weyrlingmaster has to step away, Nassir watches him go, the affection in his gaze utterly unmistakable. "He's very formal and very protective," he notes to Taia. "They," he adds with a dip of his head toward Weyrling and Weyrling dragon. "Are his charges." Not that he needs to defend the man, but clearly Nassir feels it bears noting. After a moment, he glances at Ashwi and affords her an impossibly warm smile. "You should be very proud," he calls after her. When he looks back at Taia, he shrugs mildly, drawing back to lean against the railing of the patio. "Move slowly, let them get used to you being around. A bit of time to earn some trust can't hurt?"

Shetaia is still oddly oblivious. Poor R'sner is likely going to have to have a talk with Taia at a later date. If there's something specific about her actions that draws the unwanted ire then she is totally not in the know. Notes are jotted down in a concise and neat manner, perhaps a mention of how a dragonet compares to things around it. A tree or rock, a rough scale of size without intruding upon something that might not be welcome at this point. As her sketching is done she moves away from the training ground, a nod to Nassir and anyone else who might warrant one before she exits stage left.

Ashwi lifts a hand to show she heard Nassir's comment. Then she's checking over every brown inch of Jovianth and murmuring softly to him. "Yes you did wonderful. Of course she's proud. No, don't go showing off." after a few more moments of talk between the two Ashwi nods at something Jo says. Turning the pair start back in the direction of the weyrlingmaster's office where Nassir and the dragon healer chat. Just in time to see Taia heading away. "Bye…." her farewell trails off in some confusion for she surely picked up on some on R'sner's attitude towards the other girl.

Nassir tilts his head as he watches Taia head out, his brows furrowing mildly. Sucking in a faint breath through his teeth, he lightly clears his throat and lets the matter. He really can't find fault in R'sner's being rankled. "She is to much in her own head," he murmurs in an aside to Ashwi. "I don't think she really understands social dynamics." But, that is not the important part of the day and immediately he turns a broad smile on her. "Jovi was /resplendant/. How is he feeling?"

"A little bit sore." Ashwi admits honestly. "We're going to head in and get him some numbweed on him. And then he is eager to eat. Flying evidently works up quite the appetite." a glance sideways across the field in the general direction to the feeding grounds. "Soon enough he'll be hunting." an aspect of training that she simply can't wait for! "It's all going so quickly." her says as her gaze swivels back to Nassir. "I'll see you around, Nassir."

Nassir tilts his chin in a nod, pushing off the railing. "Take care, Ashwi." He offers before rolling his shoulders in a shrug. Glancing toward Toith, he winks at her and waves before heading out, himself.

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