A Very Wet Candidate

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Row after row of hard benches to sit on, with a good view of the sands below and the action that takes place there during every hatching.. Despite the times, people still come to see the new pairs formed and place bets on the outcome.

Zi'on has been spending a lot of time up in the galleries of the hatching grounds. He usually did, when Suldith was on the sands. The whole one other time before. Technically it was Bennueth who was on the sands, but Suldith felt the eggs were as much his as they were hers, so he watches as well. It's summer now at Western, so the days are getting warm and humid and sometimes horrible. And the sands were no exception. Zi'on is in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and is trying to get some work done regardless of the heat. Though it's quite hard. There's a pitcher of what was probably ice water sitting on the bench next to him, and Zi'on dips a hand towel into it, then covers his face with it and leans back.

Doing her best to stay under the radar, Zahleizjah has done what she can to avoid the large crowds since the second clutching. Apparently the experience struck her deeply, and over the past few days, an actual effort to get out and about more to interact with others has actually started to sound less than painstaking. The sweltering heat also encourages rare form from this reserved gal, typical attire traded for a strappy, burnt-orange dress, well-fitted top, empire waist and flowing skirt that bounces a full hand breadth above knees. Dark brown, gladiator type sandals save soles from scorching, and long locks are tied high atop her head in a poof of messy bun. One squawking bronze of Ztyrian sits on shoulder, trilling away a joyous tune as the pair enter the galleries and come across the 'soaking' Weyrleader. "Thas one way t'cool down around here…" shallow breaths of hot air fill lungs as they approach, taking a seat on the next bench over and looking down at the sands.

Zi'on pushes the towel up so it's on top of his head, and he sits up to look at Zahleizjah. "Mm. It doesn't help much though. I've about to strip down to my skivvies over here." He grins to Zah. "I can splash some water on you, if you think it'll help." Suldith, who is out on the sands, perks his head up at the trilling. The bronze waddle over to the galleries carefully, then stands up on his hindlegs to stick his big face into the viewing window. Thereby blocking any sort of view Zah might have of the eggs. He also gives a warble to her and his rider. "Suldith, go away. Go watch your eggs. No one wants a close up of your face."

The thought of Zi'on in his skivvies and being splashed, coupled with the intense temperatures, prove to add lovely shades of sanguine pigment to an otherwise golden-tanned complexion. Nose crinkles, freckles enhanced, the blushing is accompanied by a smirk and she nods "Suppose bit of ice water only temporarily eases this time of season.. though it does ease.." is concluded as she inches to the edge of her seat, saying sweetly "Could use some cooling-off though… so, splash away then…" Eyes close to prepare for the dousing as she mouths to flit "Better watch out Ztyrian or you'll be soaked too!" A chitter-coo and flap of the wings sends the small bronze from shoulder, towards the ledge of the viewing windows, just in time to meet the impressive, peeking, Suldith. Wedged head tilts from side to side, eyes awhirl with intrigue and croons. Zahleizjah looks over at the two, an endearing sight indeed, even if the large bronze peering in makes her a little queasy.

Suldith doesn't much like firelizards. He views them as annoying little buggers that try to thief his food out at the pens. Though he'll learn to tolerate ones he sees a lot. The little bronze is growled at by the bigger bronze. So maybe it's not as endearing as Zah might hope. Zi'on raises a brow at Zah then. "You -want- to be splashed? You're crazy." The bronzer's mouth twists into a wide grin then and he picks up the whole pitcher. Before she even has a chance to answer, he's dumping the whole thing on her. Unless she can move out of the way in time.

In a lovely chaotic flurry, the growled at firelizard is squealing and flying away; he wasn't sure what to expect, but that sound definitely wasn't part of it, and Zah's not quite on the ball with the whole 'dodging a pitcher of water coming her way' thing. So, quite the commotion ensues as Ztyrian retreats and his pet is drenched, mid-expression and response. "Oiiff!" she takes the brunt of the wave, thinking that it does, indeed feel quite cooling a glorious eruption of bellowing laughter to follow "I meant more of misting dear Zi'on, but that definitely did the trick.." Droplets cascade off her form, ear lobes, bridge of nose, running down chest towards plunged v-line of her top. Arms cross, and little bronze reassumes spot on soggy perch.

Suldith relaxes when the firelizard is out of range. Instead going back to cheerful warbling. For all it's worth. Zi'on, too, is laughing at his own antics. Even if it is quite rude. He offers Zah his towel, which is of course soaked and way too small to be of any help. "Here, want my towel? I figured as much. But you look a lot cooler now. In this heat you'll be dry again in no time, I promise." Really he ought to get a smack though for such a dirty trick. Or maybe a sopping wet hug. "You oughta know better than to trust me with something like that."

Zahleizjah, if more forward, might just jump right on to this gent and help make him much cooler too. Alas, the thought is fleeting and she reaches for the towel. She holds it up by the corners and giggles, wringing it out over the Weyrleader's toes before patting face, neck clavicle and arms slightly dry. "No good sitting like a wet mop either though.." whatever that means. The towel is wrung out again, resoaked and offered back, the heat from the sands radiating like Rukbat's rays. "I should've known better, it is true.. you too Ztyrian.. gotta be prepared around the likes of these gents!" She jokingly says to firelizard, large amber-brown eyes settling on the cheerfully warbling dragon, quite the beasties they are, Zah and Ztyrian are not quite sure what to think.

Jumping onto Zi'on might not make him cooler. But it would make him wetter. He laughs as she wrings the towel out over his toes. He takes it back once she's done toweling off a bit, wringing it out a little more before wrapping it around the back of his neck. "Heh. Don't mind Suldith. He gets a little agitated around firelizards he doesn't know. They're always after his food, to he extends that to they're always after whatever it is he's concentrating on." Zi'on grins a bit, then leans over to dig through one of his pockets. He pulls out what can only be a white candidate's knot. "He also thinks you should have this. Also thanks for being a good sport." Zi'on chuckles a bit.

Zahleizjah shrugs bare shoulders, a few wispy locks tamed with a twist of the fingers and a tuck behind ears "I could see that.. I guess they call 'em flying stomachs for a reason.. can only imagine how much a dragon eats." Conceptually, the idea of feeding, raising and being responsible for something of the sorts is beyond her, but before she even has a moment to think about it, flashy white loops of Candidate knot are pulled from pocket and offered her way. Poor Hold girl, she thinks she heard about how this works, seen a few Weyrfolk walking around with these vibrant cords, the tales of Search, Candidacy and Standing. Heart skips a beat, clammy hands, flush of blood to feet, fortunately sitting down "I umm.. I dunno.. I mean Suldith thinks /I/ should Stand at Western Weyr?" This is where she signs her life away "I guess it is all about the experience, right? Maybe someone infinitely special like Suldith is to you, is out there waiting for me.. I'd be silly not to accept. It'd be an honor Zi'on! Thank you!" This is where excitement precedes her, as Zah jumps up and on to Zi'on's lap for big hug and smooch on the cheek, not quite sure what's come over her, with a giggle, wink and a smile to top it all off. Who is this and what happened to the standoffish girl known as Zahleizjah?

"A herdbeast every few days, normally. Some more, some less." Zi'on shrugs a bit, answering her question even though it seemed a bit rhetorical. She doesn't have to worry about the specifics. What she can't figure out on her own she'll be taught by the weyrlingmasters of course. Generally people weren't treated to a prank before being given a knot, but Zi'on has his own style. Plus he likes to prank people. "Eh? Yeah, that's what I said." The bronzer chuckles a bit. He nods. "Yep. It's a fun experience. Even if you don't impress. I stood three times. Third time was the charm. You'll still have times for y—oof!" He wasn't expecting Zah to drop in on him, though he sort of hugs back, not wanting to get too wet. "Your craft. Shall we go and get you settled in, then?"

There isn't much avoiding it, Zi'on will likely have the mottled imprinted outline of wet Zah-Candie on the front of his clothing for the next few minutes until it dries. Dark fringed lashes close over eyes as she looks to you for just a quick moment before hopping up, with some residual embarrassment when she realizes how forward her acceptance celebration was. "Ok let's go.."

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