Killing Time (Jovianth's First Hunt)

Spring - Month 5 of Turn 2717
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Corrals
Enclosed by a wooden fence on one side and the steep walls of the weyr on the other is a couple acres of grass that holds the Weyr's herdbeasts and wherry flock. While this dragon feeding area is smaller than most of the Weyrs on Pern, there is still enough room for a large dragon to swoop down and grab his dinner with relative ease.

Mid-morning, and while the sun is shining on a clear spring day, the storms of the night before have left the ground a sodden mess. While muddy, especially in the more traveled areas (or where Toith has decided to dig herself a hole), it's apparently safe enough that R'sner has decided to allow several of the weyrlings the opportunity to try their hand at hunting. No more hand delivered meals! With Toith poised at the edge of the corrals, sending the 'beasts and wherries within scrambling to the other side to try and get as far away from her as possible, R'sner has elected to remain on the safe side of the corrals. Leaning against the fence, he's got an arm around Nassir's shoulders in that casual way that has become his habit, though his attention seems divided, eyes glancing from tailor to training field, from which weyrlings /ought/ to be arriving.

Ashwi has been up since /early/ morning. One might ask why and one would receive just one word in explanation. Jovianth. Evidently the brown wants to ensure his muscles for flying are built up properly so the wee hours of the morning found the brown pair doing PT. Now that mid-morning has rolled around Ashwi has just ONE THING on her mind. A BATH! Because she's hot and sweaty and more than a little muddy. But SOMEONE has other ideas. He's hungry. There's lessons to be had that help cure this hunger. So it's a win win. Sort of. Ashwi trudges along behind the brown towards the fence that R'sner leans against with Nassir. A salute is snapped to both of them because eh, why not.

Nassir is cozy and, despite the fact that there is about to be bloodshed, in a fantastic mood. Of course, he's also teasing R'sner, his chin tilting toward Toith and her muddy hole. "She's getting deeper," he murmurs in merry tones. In the wake of the observation, he slips his arm around R'sner's waist, the merriment in his gaze unmistakable. "Don't worry, though," he promises. "I'll help you clean her up." When R'sner slants a glance at him, he winks, sliding in closer in a contented cuddle. Spotting Ashwi and Jovi, Nassir immediately flashes a brilliant smile, his free hand raising in a finger waggling wave. "Looks like you've had an exciting morning."

Toith is getting deeper and, if left to her own devices, would be nothing more than a head lurking above a giant muddy… swamp (way too big to call that a puddle). But there are weyrlings a'coming and, as this is one of her absolute favorite lessons (because it makes a bloody mess, duh), she's quickly enough offering a throaty bugle of greeting to the arriving Jovianth. R'sner just delivers that side-eye'd look to Nassir, and sighs in resignation. He's had plenty of turns to come to terms with his dragon's preferences, but that does not mean he enjoys them. "Ashwi," comes politely enough for the salute, a whisper of a smile pulling at his mouth that turns somewhat sympathetic at the state of things. "Are you ready?" to stop having to slaughter the beasts /for/ Jovianth, and just clean up after him? Apparently Res feels that an answer is not necessary, as he's quickly jutting his chin at Toith with a quick, "She'll show him how she does it, and then he can take his turn, alright? Ground or air, whichever he prefers."

Ashwi's eyes do shift several times from R'sner to the penned up beasts to Jovi then back to R'sner. Ready or not it's happening so all she can do is nod slightly before R'sner's continuing with the discussion on how things will go. Though surely she /is/ ready to stop the whole feeding by hand thing. Not to mention the cleaning up but alas today's lesson will not be an end to the messy business of dirty deeds done by Jovianth. "I'll bet on flying." she murmurs more to herself than the pair of men at the fence. "Alrighty Jovi, hop in there." she gestures and the brown gives a short leap into the corral. « READY TO WATCH! » luckily he does only announce that to Toith's head, his mind voice colored with excitement.

Another merry laugh spills past Nassir's lips at the side eye look, his brows rising and falling in a teasing lilt aimed at the Weyrlingmaster. "It'll be fun," he assures. With the hunting looming in the very near future, however, he leaves off with the teasing, dark eyes flicking toward Toith at her bugling. "She looks like she's loving this." Of course she is, mud, rain, soon to be blood and guts… What's not to love? With Jovi getting right to business, the Tailor's gaze sweeps to the corral. Normally, he'd be a little squeamish about the whole affair, but he's watched this particular dragon grow up and it's a landmark event. "He's going to do splendidly."

« Good!» and without further ado, Toith hoists herself from her swamp-wallow and launches herself skyward, raining muddy water down upon anything unfortunate enough to be beneath her (which is, thankfully, NOT R'sner, Nassir or Ashwi) and takes to gliding over the terrified beasts and wherries trapped within the corral. « Pick y'r target before ya swoop, but don' be 'fraid ta change y'r mind! At th' end, all tha' matters is ya get at least one'uv 'em. » and down she goes, tucking wings and talons extended, landing solidly on her chosen prey as the rest scatter for the imagined safety of the other side. Toith, at least, is quick to kill it; a snap of the 'beast neck before she lays in to eviscerating the carcass. « Y'r turn!»

R'sner has watched Toith kill, and eat, may times before. But there's still an averting of his gaze when she really starts going at it. "That's because she is," is the resigned response, a glance spared for Nassir as he uses the tailor as an excuse to avoid watching Toith disembowel her meal. And then it is under the pretense of instructing Ashwi that he avoids the mess happening in the corrals. It is a flimsy excuse, given there is little instruction he can give her in this. It's Jovi that will be doing all the work, after all. "It may take him a few tries, and he'll probably make a mess," is perhaps a bit unnecessary, given the state of things. "Hopefully you're not squeamish."

"Not too squeamish. Not really," comes Ashwi's reassurance. After all she's been cutting up raw meat for the walking stomach for how long now? And she wasn't overly 'girly' about things like that before impression. Trying to ignoring the rain of mud issuing from Toith's underside, she watches as Jovi preps to do this learning task. All alone. "Well I /did/ want a bath."

Jovianth rumbles deep in his throat as he crouches low. He's got this. He's all over this. HE CAN DO THIS! Picking out a beast he surges forward quickly towards his targeted animal. Getting near he lashes out with his forepaw and…..tumbles nearly head over heels as he evidently put too much oomph in his effort. OOPS!

Nassir exhales a breath as he watches Toith, his brows twitching mildly as he lightly clears his throat. Is he a little green? Nah, but he's certainly a tad on the pale side. Fortunately, R'sner is looking at him and that gives him the perfect excuse to look away from the gore. "Life would be so much simpler if everyone prefered fruit," he murmurs. Rather then interupt the instruction being given, he turns his face into R'sner's chest, taking a few moments to breath before exhaling a 'Hoooo' sound.

Toith is not the type to wince at another's tumble. She's more of a 'rub dirt in it!' type. But there's still a quick, « Ya okay? » because even if she's more apt to laugh than coddle, it's still her job to make sure he's not hurt. « Try again, » she encourages as she pulls the intestines free to dangle from her mouth. « Ya can do it! » And she'll just stay right here and continue to disassemble that herdbeast as though this were a science class.

"Good," for not being squeamish. And while Res isn't exactly turning green, or pale, or looking like he might pass out, there is still a bit of a grimace to his expression at Toith's overenthusiastic dissection. And maybe Toith doesn't wince, but R'sner does as he watches Jovianth tumble. "You'll both need one after this." A bath, he means. For Ashwi and Jovianth. While Toith does her 'thing' with her own meal, Res keeps an eye on the young brown… at least until he's got a head pressed to his chest. "It'll be alright," is murmured in a way that is meant to be soothing, free hand soon drifting in slow, gentle manner across his back. "Just think of something else, and don't look." And don't throw up! At least Toith's being /quiet/ about her eating… for now.

Ashwi winces but is quickly checking with Jovi to see if he's okay. Evidently he is cause she doesn't move from her spot leaning against the railing of the fence. "He's fine. He's fine." she's quick to reassure out loud. She can't hide her grimace at Toith's actions. Mmm entrails. Dangling. Quickly she looks away and back to Jovi if she ever wants to eat again she'll not watch /too/ closely. "Alright Jo! Try again!" her hands cup around her lips as she shouts encouragement to the brown.

Alright alright alright. Who's got this? This dragon does! Recovering from his stumble he accesses the situation and what best to do now. Twisting his head around he spies his next target. This time he leaps up to glide menacingly and he dives with his legs extended to grab the beast. Success! The animal's back snaps audibly as Jovi basically lands on it. Crunch! Hungrily he starts eating. And it's messy.

"Oh, I know," Nassir murmurs in faint tones. "No intention of looking," he assures with a breathy laugh. He does, however, glance up at R'sner, before he does the unthinkable and glances over his shoulder. Fortunately, there is nothing horrible going on, yet and he promptly turns his gaze back to R'sner's chest. "I really need to make you more shirts," he decides. Yes, Nassir, think about clothing, much much safer. It's the crack of the beast's back that his Nassir's shoulder's hitching, one hand snapping up to cover his mouth as he exhale a shallow breath through his nostrils. Apparently, he wasn't expecting /sounds/. Silly, but true.

« Yes! Well done! » crows Toith, mentally and physically when she bugles her pride at Jovianth's successful kill. And of course it's messy! And Toith thoroughly approves of messy! She's working her way through all the good, soft bits (like liver, and kidneys and stomach and HEART!) before she'll move on to the meatier bits and those tasty bones( YAY MARROW!). « Ya did good! » she reasserts, pleased. « And y'll only get better! »

At Ashwi's assurance, there's a nod of R'sner's head and a murmured, "Good," while his gaze remains on Jovianth. Arm around Nassir, hand still moving gently at his back, it's the brown dragon that R'sner is watching with interest (though the tailor will get a quick glance for the comment about shirts) until Jovianth's successfully made his first kill. "Well done," and he's pleased. "One miss and then a catch, that's pretty good," he compliments. The hitch in shoulders has Res moving his hands up to catch Nassir's cheeks, a kiss pressed gently to his forehead before he'll just… move those palms to over his ears and try to help muffle those sound effects. "You get used to it," he assures, though whether he's talking to Ashwi or Nassir is unclear.

Since this is a whole new method of eating, Jovianth takes his time in the whole process. He works his way though the creature just like Toith does with all those soft bits before the crunches indicate he's gotten to the not so soft bits. More sounds to be muffled for sure. After this first kill he takes his time to stalk a second one and repeats the whole process. Pouncing from the ground ends in another stumble, another reassurance that he's okay and the second attempt from a gliding position above nets him another cracked back and another feats. All this isn't quickly done of course and all Ashwi can really say about it is… "I'm not watching him /every/ time he eats." therefor /she/ doesn't have to really get used to it too much. Finally a while later she backs away. "He's full." after two kills. "We're gonna go bathe," she pauses. "And swim." snapping a salute she'll wait for her dismissal before the pair head to the water.

From the look on Nassir's (very green) face? He is not so sure he believes that he will get used to it. He does, however, smile wanly at the kiss to his brow, some of the tension leaving his frame when those sounds are muffled for him. Really, are Vegan dragons to much to ask for?? He does, however, have the presence of mind to offer a thumbs up toward Jovi and Ashwi at the successful kill. He's not turning around, though, way safer to complete a very thorough examination of the seams of R'sner's shirt. See there? Someone missed a stitch!

Nope! No vegan dragons 'round these parts! These teeth were meant for rending flesh from bone, and are going to be doing just that. Toith is just getting to the crunchy bits when Jovianth makes his second kill (she likes to take her time, clearly). Head lifted, blood-tinged muzzle pointed towards the brown, she watches him until he's taken down his second 'beast before turning to her own. Pleased, for sure.

"You'll have to watch him for quite a while, if just to ensure he doesn't overindulge," as dragons are apt to do. But that is all the arguing Res will do in terms of growing accustomed to dragons feeding. A nod of his head for Ashwi's declaration that Jovianth is full, which turns rather seamlessly into an acknowledgement and agreement (and dismissal) for her bath and swim.

(this log continues in: Garden Walk)

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