Garden Walk

Spring - Month 5 of Turn 2717
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Corrals
Enclosed by a wooden fence on one side and the steep walls of the weyr on the other is a couple acres of grass that holds the Weyr's herdbeasts and wherry flock. While this dragon feeding area is smaller than most of the Weyrs on Pern, there is still enough room for a large dragon to swoop down and grab his dinner with relative ease.

(this log is a continuation of Killing Time)

"You'll have to watch him for quite a while, if just to ensure he doesn't overindulge," as dragons are apt to do. But that is all the arguing Res will do in terms of growing accustomed to dragons feeding. A nod of his head for Ashwi's declaration that Jovianth is full, which turns rather seamlessly into an acknowledgement and agreement (and dismissal) for her bath and swim. "Enjoy," he offers with a bit of a smile. "And be glad; you're down hacking up meat for him." Small victories! Or big ones! A glance back to Nassir as he wonders, "Are you going to be alright? Do you need to sit?"

Nassir nods his head at the question, his hand finally dropping away from his mouth. "Yeah," the answer, however, is faint and followed by a light clearing of his throat. "I'm fine. I'll be fine." He's still not turning around and he's doing his level best to tune out anything that sounds even vaguely like bone crunching. "I don't think I'll ever eat meat again," he admits with a breathy laugh. "I'm sorry," is added in more serious tones, dark eyes sweeping up to R'sner's face. "I didn't expect it to hit me like that."

And there's definitely a lot of crunching happening now. Toith's working her way through ribs and spine, breaking the bones with a snap of her jaw and delighting in the reward that comes with it. There's no delicacy to be found with her, and soon enough she'll be adding blood and gore to the list of things she's slathered herself in today. And R'sner? Long used to it and, having learned to cope with it, can easily turn his thoughts away from the mess and somewhat nauseating demonstration that is his dragon eating. "Mm. It affects everyone differently. And I expect I will have more than one weyrling losing their lunch before they've learned to tune out the sound and… ah, well… tune it out," because whatever other word was meant to come, Res seems to decide that it is unnecessary and perhaps unwise to offer it. "Come on. Toith doesn't need me to babysit her eating," and he's rather more interested in getting Nassir away from the corrals before something unfortunate happens. "If you feel light headed, let me know."

"Please," Nassir says. Jumping quickly at the opportunity to get away from the crunching, he offers a wave of farewell to Toith without risking a glance over his shoulder. Without missing a beat, he starts walking, not entirely caring where he is going so long as it is away from that sound. "Used to it.." Shuddering, he scrubs his hands over his face, coming to a halt to wait until R'sner is close enough to worm under his arm. "I'll be fine," he promises. "I know what to expect, now." And not to even think about eating before coming out here. Ever. Never. "Jovi did great, though?"

R'sner is right there with him, one arm over his shoulders with gentle pressure to guide him in the appropriate direction, eager enough to see them both out of the corrals and back toward the weyrling field. "It can be difficult the first few times," he admits. "And Toith is excessively…" excessive. "But there is no real need to be here unless you want to be. And perhaps you ought to sit out from watching the others…" But there's a subtly pleased look at the mention of Jovianth, and only brief hesitation before he agrees that, "Yes. He did exceedingly well for his first time. He is a good dragon, and is coming along well."

Half Moon Bay Weyr - East Bowl
The eastern end of the crater that forms the Weyr. The cliffs rise to the east, north and south of you, small openings in the face are individual weyrs of dragons and their riders. To the north is the large ledge and cave mouth of the Queen's weyr, with a wide ramp and stairs made by skilled stone masons providing access to the bowl floor. To the east is the Weyrling training area and the barracks, where young riders and dragons learn to work together.

"No," Nassir assures with a quick glance up to R'sner's face. "I want to be here. I…" Trailing off, he shrugs, a faint flush rising to his cheeks. "I feel like.. I don't know. Attached to them? Like it's important not to miss these moments, even if they make feel ill." The moment they are out of range of the bone crunching, he exhales a breath, his expression turning wan. "As for Toith, I would never begrudge her enjoying her meal.. I just don't think I should watch her eat," he adds with a wry smile. "If you want help cleaning her up? We're going to have to find a way to bribe her to rinse off in the water, first."

"There's no need to force yourself through something like that, as it clearly makes you uncomfortable." It is concern that motivates the argument, the expression reflected in the brief knotting of R'sner's eyebrows as he frowns. But he will not argue any further, instead offering a quick squeeze of his arm as he directs them, not toward the training field, but rather to the patio over the living caverns and the gardens beyond; a destination that is distinctly tranquil and far from messy dragons. "And now, perhaps, you understand my frustration," he teases, for Toith rinsing first. "Be glad she cannot, ah… 'share' the experience with you." Grimace. "It was worse when she was a weyrling. The first time she… well. I nearly fainted," and he's not ashamed to admit it, either. Toith is /messy/, and delights in it.

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Rooftop Garden
Soft grasses form a lawn central to this open air garden, producing a pleasant picnic space. Surrounding this greenery is a sanded and bordered path that wends around it and continues toward the front of the roof, where the pleasant aromas of cultivated herbs waft on the breeze. Rock gardens and low-hanging tropical trees form shelter from the elements, combined with an overhanging jut of the caldera wall, underneath which benches and sun chairs have been arrayed, rather like a natural gazebo.

Nassir is quiet until they reach the garden, the scent of blooms and in the air inspiring a slowly indrawn breath. "I cannot even imagine," he murmurs as he laces his fingers with R'sner's. "Maybe I'll just wait on the patio while the others feed," he decides. Really, of all the Weyrling dragons, Jovi is the one he has the most emotion invested in. "I do want to watch Jovi's progress, though," he admits. "It's been amazing watching him and Ashwi grow together."

"He was at least one of the safer weyrlings to watch hunt," R'sner concedes. Hand taken, there's a gentle squeeze of his fingers before he's setting them on a path to simply meander through the garden with no clear destination in mind; a walk among the beauty of growing things to distract from the bone-crunching and slaughter happening back in the corrals. "It will be progressively harder to watch, now that they are flying," he warns gently. "But I am glad you have been able to witness so much of it. And," he admits, "I have enjoyed having you there. Having you here," he amends. "I enjoy having you here, with me."

Nassir is more grateful then he can express for the meandering walk, the sick feeling in the pit of his stomach slowly unraveling as he glancess at the blooms before looking up at R'sner's face. "I love being here with you," he admits in quiet tones. Raising their joined hands, he brushes his lips over R'sner's knuckles, dark eyes warm and soft as he smiles up at him. "There is no place I would rather be. But, I know that once they are the air, together, things will be different. And really? I look forward to that day for all of them. Besides, while you're flying with your Weyrlings, I can spend my time working on new shirts and pants for their Weyrlingmaster. There may," he notes with a quiet chuckle. "Be some aqua."

"Why aqua?" is the only verbal acknowledgement that he might be privy to a new set of shirts /and/ pants, though there's a vaguely disgruntled look about R'sner at the mention of it. Less disapproval and more… discomfort that his minimalistic wardrobe is about to get an overhaul. And yet, he seems resigned to this fact, begrudgingly accepting, even if he adds the caveat of, "No lace. No ribbons. Nothing… flashy. Just, subtle." He wants to blend in with the walls. Invisible. "How is your /hat/ coming?" he wonders.

"No ribbons, no lace," Nassir promises with a merry laugh. "Most of it will be black or shades of grey with a few splashes of color. But, there will be some color items that you can wear on special occassions." Cause who doesn't love the occassional splash of color. "As for why Aqua? It will look amazing with your eyes and dark hair. Teal would work, as well… hrm.. Definately teal," he decides. At the last, he flashes a brilliant smile, a merry laugh spilling past his lips. "I finished it finally. It's glorious. Granted, I could probably sleep in it, but it looks resplendent. The hat," he asides in wry tones. "Is a mass of lace and feathers and flash." Cause really? That dragon is all about the flash. "I had to promise the leather worker new dresses for his wife in exchange for the suede, but it was worth it."

Looking marginally more relieved at the assurance that most of it will be black or shades of grey, there is nonetheless a briefly perplexed look to R'sner's expression as though he is attempting to picture these 'splashes of color' without much success. "Teal?" Is this better or worse than aqua? He can't seem to decide and, after a somewhat length exhale that /might/ have been a sigh, decides, "I trust you," in that begrudging way that people say it in when they aren't sure if they trust the vision, but care too much about the person describing it to say so. But the topic of the hat has him frowning for an altogether different reason when he wonders, "Where are you keeping it? I have seen your room…" and there is no space for a giant hat, "and may I see it?"

Nassir grins at the last, his chin dipping in a nod. "I've got it tucked into an unused storage cavern waiting to be boxed up," he assures. "And yes, you can see it." Drawing in closer, he gives R'sner's hand a gentle squeeze, the amusement in his eyes undeniable. "The color will be subtle," he promises. "I was thinking cuff buttons with colored stones. I want you to /want/ to wear them," he promises. "Maybe a couple of pairs of shorts in brighter colors for swimming or lounging on the beach."

Really, all that R'sner can do is subtly wonder at the designs of this hat, though the mention that it is stored away elsewhere at least has him relieve that Nassir has not given up his room in order to house it. "Ah," is all he offers on it, though. It is his own, soon-to-be new attire that has him most uncomfortable, though even that is /slight/. Noticeable, perhaps, in the slight tightness of his eyes and the brief hesitation to return his glance. "I am not sure I will have many occasions to wear such things," he notes. "Fine clothes tend to get ruined around weyrlings." A beat, two, and he decides, "But if and when the occasion calls for it, or allows…" he'll wear them. Even if he might be a touch grumpy about it.

Nassir can't help laughing at the reaction, his head dipping in an easy nod. "Of course. I mean, it's not like I'm going to have you dandied up all the time. And we go to the beach," he reminds. "And there are graduations and hatchings and gathers." He's certain there will be more then enough opportunities for the wearing of flashy clothing. "I would never," he assures in more serious tones. "Make you look foolish, Res. You do know that? And if the color is to much? You tell me and I'll be happy to tone it down for you. I'd rather you wear the clothing then pack it away to wince over."

"Gathers?" As though it had not occurred to him that he might be attending such things, though the idea is not wholly unwelcome. But it is the latter comments that have R'sner drawing to a halt and giving Nassir his full attention, the focus of his gaze on the tailor rather than the garden around them. "Of course you wouldn't," make him look foolish. "And I don't believe that you would, I just…" but perhaps he doesn't understand the source of his own discomfort, for there is a pause and a frown and deep consideration for how to best to describe where his resistance stems from, cobalt-blue eyes drifting past Nassir and toward the trees without really seeing them. In the end, he gives up attempting to explain that it is the idea of being /noticed/ that has him hesitant (even if he does not know that is what it is), and decides, "You did remarkably well on the vest," that he wore to the hatching, "And the shirt," that he wore to Lani's graduation. "I trust you. I know you are talented and have an exceptional eye for such things. I doubt I will wince over anything you create."

The words are more then enough to mollify the tailor, his lips turning up in a warm smile as he steps in and brushes a kiss over R'sner's lips. "I'll save the brightest colors for fitted riding straps," he teases. In the wake of the words, he dances back, his smile broad enough that dimples show clearly.

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