A Day at the Beach

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.

While the weather might have been positively wretched lately with the cold and the damp and the fog, at least today is a better day. With the sun warming the beach sands and the waters of the lagoon, residents are out in force to take advantage of the break in the weather, and enjoy the sunshine. Among them is Enka, the goldrider seated on a towel near the water's edge, a trio of firelizards scattered about her, as she relaxes, her gaze turned towards the rippled shallows of the lagoon.

The break in the weather was enough to even draw out V'ine. He had just finished doing a patrol flight the day before and was excited just to enjoy the day. He saw the Weyrwoman and gave a friendly salute. "Weyrwoman Enka, A pleasure to see you today. Do you mind if I join you and your firelizards?" His blue aqualis was looking over V'ine's shoulder at the trio of his kind.

"Sungie! Slow….down!" Jeyinshi is already yelling as she skims through the water, but the last word comes out as a shriek, or maybe a squeal. As the the woman approaches the shore, the reason for her screams becomes quite apparent….she's riding a dolphin. When the pair finally reaches the shallower areas, the dolphineer lets go of the animal's dorsal fin before pulling up on shore. There's an admonishing glance at the dolphin, who is apparently named Sungie, but the effect is quite ruined by the small on her face.

Enka's quick to catch sight of the activity on the water — all the more so because her attention was turned that way to begin with, and even had it not, Jeyinshi's hollering would have been sure to draw attention in that direction. There's a chuckle from the woman, Enka tilting her head to study the scene for a moment, and then she's glancing away — up towards the sound of V'ine's voice, and she nods in greeting to him. "It's a nice day," she agrees, "I know oughta be workin', but it was so sunny out after the misery of the last few days that it seemed a shame not to come down here." She waves a hand absently. "Sure, don't mind the company at all." There's a brief chitter of sound from the 'lizards, Sunshine poking her head up to chirrup briefly at Aqualis before she burrows her way deeper into the pile of brown and bronze beside her, both Barq and Quake very much drowsy and asleep. "Hello," Enka hollers down the beach towards the shallows, a wave given to the dolphineer. "That looks like fun."

V'ine smiles and layed down a towel on the beach that his mother had made. It was a fairly large towel with a image of his brown sewn onto it. Aqualis flitted down to the towel and laid down. V'ine waved to the dolphineer. "Wow, that looked like a lot of fun." He sat down on his towel nods in agreement to Enka. "Yeah the cargo runs the last few days have been really difficult due to weather."

Jeyinshi turns at the sound of a familiar voice, cathing sight of the Weyrwoman and waving back. There's a wide grin and she waves. "It IS fun! Either of you care to join us?" Sungie gives his own squeal of delight, swimming a few feet out and doing a few flips in the air. "Show off." The dolphineer smiles over at her friend before taking a few steps toward the two riders and stopping, unsure whether to send Sungie off or ask him to stay.

"Well, I'm not the only one who decided to toss off work in favor of lyin' around on a beach," Enka's smile is rather droll as she tips her head first to the right, and then the left, indication of other beach-goers. "Won't hurt anyone to enjoy what we got, could be awful weather again tomorrow." She glances at V'ine briefly. "My work's inside, but it must be just awful for you and anyone else makin' deliveries. Can't hardly see and all." There's a momentary pause, Enka turning now to regard dolphin and water alike before she declines with a demure shake of the head. "Not right now, I'm just happy sittin' here, enjoyin' the moment." She grins. "He one of the ones you work with most?" The dolphin, she means.

V'ine looks at Jeyinshi and the dolphin. "I've always liked the dolphins, in fact before I became a rider I thought about joining the dolphincraft, but today I'm going to enjoy the sunlight. Come and join us."

Jeyinshi smiles and nods before turning back to Sungie. She brings a finger to her lips before making a high pitched whistle. And then the dolphin is gone, disappearing under the waves and speeding away as he leaves naught but a few ripples in his wake. Once he's completely out of view Jeyinshi turns to the others, striding up the beach and settling down next to them. "He is. Sungie's one of the younglings from the pod. We're trying to calm him down so he can work for search and rescue." And from the previous display, the training might take quite a while. The dolphineer leans forward a bit before smiling at the unfamiliar rider, "I'm Jeyinshi. Dolphineer, if you couldn't tell. It's nice to meet you."

While most of Enka's towel is taken up by goldrider and snoozing firelizards, there's still a corner of it left vacant, and with a little judicious scootching around, Enka manages to clear enough room that someone could sit down, were they so inclined. That is, if the dolphineer didn't have a towel of her own. "I'd say," she observes dryly, "you've got your work cut out for you." That comment is clearly meant to indicate the dolphin, having since departed. "But at least it's not as hard as trainin' a runner, from the looks of it, the dolphins can understand you better."

With a gentle laugh V'ine grins at Enka. "I dunno with the smarter creature comes more complex matters. runner's are simple animals. Now training a firelizard or a unruly dragon after hatching is a whole different matter. He easly has enough space on his towel to share. It looks like he could fit half a green on the thing.

Instead of sitting on the sand as the dolphineer had first intended, she shoots a grateful smile at the two riders direction before moving onto the bigger one. She didn't want to crowd or make uncomfortable. "Thanks guys, and sorry. I usually have a towel, but we were swimming and taking it into the water would just make it wet." There's a wry grin as she looks back out to the water. "I'd take dolphins over runners any day. They don't make me sore when I catch a ride. But yes, they're pretty intelligent and learn fast….when they're not busy playing. It helps that we've been trained in each other's languages too."

"Smarter creatures understand the why of things though," Enka puts in. "Shells, Mir seemed to get things right off, and while I 'aint takin' it into my head to go and train a runner, what I've learned from them is they don't understand." Well, why not, it's instinct and they can't talk to ask questions. "Wet towels aren't any fun," Enka remarks to Jeyinshi. "So I couldn't imagine why you'd want one in the water with you anyway. 'Least we're here, and have the room." Well, V'ine does anyway, more of it that is. "Runners aren't /that/ bad." she does admit. "But they're not anything more than a pet, at least a dragon or a dolphin can be a friend."

V'ine looks at Enka. "You can be friends with runners. My father used to own one. Quite the friendly creature, sure not as smart as a dolphin or dragon but who says you have to talk to understand a friend?" He smiles before looking at Jeyinshi. "Yeah I had to get a large towel because my dragon likes to touch it while he's resting." He taps his forehead. "I almost forgot to introduce myself. I'm V'ine rider of brown Rauxith. Pleasure to meet you. As a Seamount rider I have a lot of craft contacts and it's always nice to see your craft."

"Exactly. Runners are sweet and all, pretty cute too. I don't have anything against them, but they just can't provide what dragons and dolphins can." There's a dry chuckle as Jeyinshi looks up to the sky, "If I tried to make the dolphins into pets they'd either leave me in the middle of the sea or dump me on an island. Some of them are pretty touchy." The late introduction earns another cool smile and the dolphineer nods her head, "It's nice to meet you V'ine. The dolphineers are always happy to meet the riders as well."

Enka looks doubtful for a moment. "Not sure if I'd want to argue with you, V'ine, but havin' Bubblies aint nothin' like havin' Mir. He's just not the same kind of friend. Far as he's concerned, I'm just the one that brings him redfruits as a treat." Clearly, there's a definite difference between the goldrider's runner and her dragon. "Touchy, you say?" the weyrwoman's tilting her head back towards Jeyinshi. "So they have personalities just the same way people and dragons do?" She's out of her league when it comes to dolphins, and has to rely on questions. "And is everythin' going well for you? Settled in and the like?"

V'ine laughs once more. "I'm not going to argue. I'm to old to do that anymore. Just getting my opinion out there." He listens closely to the women speak. "Oh so your new to the weyr. Well should you ever want a tour of western or the surrounding area Rauxith and I would love to show you."

"Oh yes, they've definitely got personalities. They're all quite friendly, but each one has its own quirks and pet peeves, rather like humans. And the way they're organized is amazing really." She smiles over at the other two and nods, "I've still got most of my stuff with one of the other dolphineers. She said I can keep it their for a while, but I need to move into the dorms or into a room soon. But I'd definitely like a tour sometime. Its been a few days but I still get lost sometimes."

Enka chuckles. "Well, I suppose even a runner could have a personality," the goldrider reaches down and scoops up a handful of sand, letting it trickle back down through her fingers. "I guess everyone is different in their own way, and shows it by their attitude or somewhat." The sand gone, Enka dusts her hands together and leans back slightly, trading glances between brownrider and dolphineer alike. "Speak to the Headwoman," she suggests to Jeyin. "She'll either find you a place in the dorms, or a room for you. And she won't chase you down with a broom or anythin' like that." There's a nod. "Takes some time, gettin' used to a new place. I was pretty helpless myself when I got here, but at least Mir could always get me back to the weyr."

V'ine smiled at the two. "Yeah, Well I enjoy seeing the area around western we have some great views. If you really need a place to stay or store your things I have extra space in my weyr. Rauxith and I don't mind sharing and when a brown is in a old bronze weyr there tends to be a lot of extra space."

Jeyinshi smiles, "Yeah? If you have room I wouldn't mind. At least until I can get something else set up. And even then I won't need it too much since I spend most of my nights out with the dolphins. When the weather allows. A few more days though and I'll probably get the hang of this place." She chuckles softly at the thought of a broom wielding headwoman, "That's good. I've never actually met a Weyr's headwoman, but I've heard their vicious. So what's more unlikely, seeing the headwoman chasing people with a broom, or you chasing potential assistants with one Enka?"

Enka's lips twitch absently. "You might find gettin' down and up a bit of a trouble though," she puts in to Jeyinshi. "How's your rock climbin' skills? We've got weyrlings on elevator duty, when we have 'em." there's a lengthy pause, and a brief glance towards the Weyr behind them, but the goldrider merely shrugs and presses on. She does chuckle though, at the dolphineer's question. "Our Headwoman aint that vicious," Enka's quick to defend the woman, after all, she was the one who appointed her in the first place. "But you'd be more likely findin' her wieldin' a broom than you would me."

V'ine makes a cringing face. "I dunno I still try not to get in the headwoman's way. I got a good tongue lashing from the one over at fort the other day. Guess she wasn't having a good day and thought she'd take it out on the visiting rider."

Jeyinshi laughs, "Now that definitely is a problem. I'm of the sea, not the mountains. So I'll stick to the ground." There's a small grin, "And who knows, maybe in the future I can actually live by the beach. I met A'ven the other day and he asked me to design something for the dolphineers to stay in so they'd be close to the water. He isn't sure if it'll ever get built, but it's definitely an interesting idea." The dolphineer laughs softly and nods, "Well I'm glad to hear the one at Western is kind. And I'll be sure to avoid anything that might make her angry. I'd rather not get on her bad side."

It's mean, but Enka laughs at V'ine, her gray eyes merry as she gifts the brownrider with a teasing grin. "Since I don't know the headwoman at Fort, I mighta asked what you were doin' to get her all riled up like that. But if she was just actin' that way, and made you a scapegoat …" there's a sudden pause, Enka looks mock-stern for a moment or two. "I hope you didn't get Western muddled up into a problem." Hopefully no Fortian riders would be arriving demanding justice or anything like that, right? She grins slyly towards Jeyinshi. "Right you are, keepin' your feet on the ground, and it does sound interestin', what A'ven's asked you to do. You could always share your ideas with us at any time. At least gettin' to my office won't require mountain climbin' skills any time soon."

V'ine scowled at Enka for a moment in a playful way. "It's nothing like that. She didn't like the goods of the delivery. I fixed the issue and I was let out to head back to western with no problems. Just giving the girl advice on being careful around headwomen. Though that advice is better suited for young men who don't know how to think there way out of the problem."

Jeyinshi grins, the amusement hard to hide. "Thanks for the advice. I'll make sure to avoid any such problems and be a good girl." A small chuckle escapes her mouth and she returns Enka's grin with her own. "I was afraid I'd have to do some serious strength training, but since your office is accessible I guess it won't be a problem. And thanks, if I ever think of anything I'll definitely stop by. You know," Jeyin pauses, leaning back and looking up at the sky, "I like it here. Everyone's pretty friendly."

Enka's fingers flick in an absent wave, a sign of dismissal perhaps of any problems. As long as someone else from another Weyr isn't going to show up demanding blood, Enka will live happy. "Good," she comments to V'ine, "glad to hear it was nothin' and there weren't any holes or anythin' in you from angry headwomen." she chuckles softly, nodding in acceptance. "And advice is always useful, I'm sure she's glad for it." There's a look over at the girl in question, the goldrider snickering. "If you couldn't walk up a short flight of stairs and needed strength trainin' for that, I'd worry, but since that aint the case, I'm sure you'll do fine." Her gaze drifts upwards as well, dwelling on clouds and a few swirling dragons before she nods. "That's Western for you. Best place to be."

V'ine nods his head with Enka's statement. "That's right Western is the best Weyr on Pern." He grins before nodding his head. "I remember cleaning the stairs to the weyrleader complex once. It took a while but that's what I got for doing things in weyrlinghood I shouldn't have."

Jeyinshi smiles, "I don't doubt it. The only other Weyr I've known is Xanadu, and that was just from visits. This is the first weyr I've lived in but even the mountainous stairs and steep cliffs that I'm sure to have to scale don't phase me." There's a quick wink before she leans forward again, crossing her legs and playing with the sand in front of her.

Enka shoots another look in V'ine's direction, the goldrider's brows quirking up in surprise at his remarks about the stairway to the Weyrleader's complex. "Isn't that high," she quips wryly, "unless of course you was lazy and out of shape." Ok, she's teasing him, surely. There's a quick wink shot in Jeyin's direction, Enka scooting forward to dig her toes into the sand at the edge of the towel. "You'll let me know though, if you need anythin', right?"

V'ine almost stuck his tongue out at Enka but knew better. "Nah just Rauxith kept trying to walk up them and got them dirty again. He was a real prankster as a young one." He leans back and sighs in relaxed bliss "What a great day."

"You'd be the first person I'd ask if I needed anything. But if I suddenly become a nuisance, you're the one that offered first." Jeyin shoots the goldrider a playful grin before chuckling softly at V'ine's story. "Sounds like it was fun though. Has he grown out of all the fun stuff now then?"

"That was before my time so I can't have known what kind of things you got into as a weyrling," the goldrider says, waving a hand, "though I remember comin' to that Hatching, and watchin' it." She licked her lips briefly, toes wiggling further into the warm sand, and grinning at the warmth radiating up into her skin. "Feels good, beachs days are always the best when it's warm. Mir aint much for it though, too sleepy to enjoy it." Enka stifles a sound that's much like a giggle as she glances over her shoulder at the dolphineer. "Well, I did offer, so you can be a pest if you have to. My job to make sure everythin' is right for everyone." She does have helpers, so it's not like the weyrwoman does it all alone. "Mir was a bit of a hider," she remarks, "tried gettin' into the guard room back at Ista when she was smaller, or could squeeze into a little nook and hide away. Worried me a lot."

V'ine laughs at Enka. "Could have found a tunnelsnake like that." He grins before looking at Jeyinshi. "He stills gets into some fun from time to time. Can't help it with me as his rider."

Jeyinshi smiles and lays back on the towel, closing her eyes. "It's not so bad when its stormy either. But this is definitely better." The mention of tunnelsnakes does put a bit of frown on the dolphineer's face and she props up on her elbows, looking down to the waters. "That would've been a problem. At least she's safe now. Tunnelsnakes are extremely unpleasant."

V'ine looks at Jeyin with a grin. "Yeah though I don't find them to bad. I mean someone has to find them and get rid of them before they become a problem right?"

Jeyinshi laughs, "Then I guess I know who to call if I have a problem with tunnelsnakes. Ugh. They kind of freak me out. It's the eyes." There's a small shudder before the dolphineer sighs and shakes her head. "Tunnerlsnakes."

"Ugh," Enka's been silent for a moment or two, thinking perhaps … or in conversation with her dragon, and now she's been brought back to the subject at hand. "Was lucky we never found tunnelsnakes," she admitted, "with Mir hidin', but then again, I daresay she'd slurp them up easily. She tends to favor smaller prey over herdbeasts." the goldrider suppresses a shudder, and makes a face. "We oughta talk about somethin' else."

"I second that!" Jeyinshi sits up, digging her toes into the sand and grinning. "So how's the vacation planning coming along? That mountain of paperwork going down any?" She stretches a bit before dropping her hands back down and running them through her hair. "I got a few things planned with the dolphins, they're pretty excited."

V'ine had been thinking for a moment. "Well I guess I should really stop putting off work. I should get Rauxith flight ready and head to Ista. I guess I'll see you two women around?"

Enka nods. "Slowly but surely," the goldrider remarks. "Do a little bit each day, and hope more doesn't pile up the next mornin'." There's a sigh from the woman, she reaching forward to poke and prod at sleepy firelizards who rouse with hissing grumbles and flitter upwards to perch atop her shoulder. "Speakin' of which, I really ought to be gettin' to that paperwork. Can't put it off all day, no matter what the weather." The brownrider gets a bit of a nod. "V'ine, be seein' you around." And then it's Jeyinshi's turn. "Lookin' forward to the things you've got planned." As she stands, Enka bundles up the towel she'd been sitting on, tucking the sandy mess under one arm.

Jeyinshi sighs and stands, brushing the sand off her legs. "I should get going too, Sungie's had enough of a break. I'll see you guys later then!" She waves after the two riders before heading back down to the shallows and giving a few shrill whistles. It isn't long before the dolphin appears and Jeyin is wading back into the water, a final smile thrown over her shoulder.

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