Surprise, She's Yours!

Half Moon Bay Weyr - West Bowl
The western end of the great bowl of the Weyr. You can see the steep walls of the crater to the south and south, with small openings and ledges in the cliffside. These are the individual weyrs of dragons and their riders. To the west you can see the great natural arch, and the lagoon, to the east, the center of the bowl. To the south you see a large natural cave opening that has been made into a tunnel. It is the main entrance to the Weyr from the road to Half Moon Bay Hold.//

It is early morning at Half Moon, but Zel and Ysgieuth are up and about, having fled the barracks for some fresh air, and it seems some early morning 'freedom' - as much as weyrlings can have freedom. "I promise, Ysgie, the herd beasts will still be there after it is a little lighter, and you won't starve before then." The bronze rumbles his disagreement, sitting still and looming down at the human in front of him. « But Zychaelth will not be there now, to.. -share- his meal. » Folding his arms, Z'tan stares up at the bronze, just shaking his head. "You'll hurt yourself. And then -we- will get grounded too." Oh, arguments with growing dragons.

« I HAVE ARRIVED! » Gold gleams and flashes in the early morning, a second sun blinking into existance above the bowl. A burst of orchestral aria accompanies Szetamirath's entrance, the sweet voices of flutes and violins winding their way around the deeper thrum of bass and cello. Angling her decent, she spirals down towards the weyrlings below, taking her sweet time to carefully inspect the usurper who dared to steal her trader before she was properly finished breaking him in. « YOU. » Backwinging, she thumps to a landing before Ysgieuth and Z'tan. « How LONG you have been ABSENT from my life. » No, she's not talking to the bronze - rudely, she's directing her words at his rider instead. Atop her neck, Jazhira just looks… resigned.

The battle of wills between Z'tan and Ysgieuth comes to an abrupt halt as both halves of the weyrling pair look upwards at the gold's arrival, the bronze looking rather surprised, settling back on his haunches to regard her carefully. « Z'tan! » He starts, confused, even as Zel stares at the gold, eyes darting to Jaz before a smile appears - and only a moment later, laughter. "Oh Szeta, I am sorry I've been gone so long, I have missed you so much! You look radiant, as always!" His riders words are enough to cause confusion from the bronze, who is quickly shifting to half-curl around his rider, staring at the older dragon hesitantly, though Zel's reaction must be reassuring enough to set him mostly at ease. « You are as mine said.. Radiant. » A pause, and a light ticking slips through. « I am his Ysgieuth. You would be? »

Tossing her leg over the gold's neck, Jaz slides carefully to the ground, looking slightly more plump than usual and holding an odd package slung over her shoulder and across her chest. Szetamirath absently bends her leg, guiding her rider carefully to the ground. « I, » she states - expounds, really, even declaims, « am Szetamirath. » She deigns to give the bronze a once-over, shifting her attention back to curve her neck coyly at Z'tan - before her gaze snaps back to Ysgieuth, giving him a longer, more appraising look. « Hmm, » is all she says, but from Jazhira's abrupt grin, it's clear the gold has found something to admire. Tucking one arm carefully about the bundle slung between her breasts, she moves towards Z'tan, smiling in welcome. "Good day, weyrling," she murmurs, her smile widening slightly.

Eyes follow Jaz as she slides to the ground, gaze lingering as she holds the bundle, tilting his head as he moves forward to greet her with wide arms. "Jaz!" Z'tan offers cheerfully, as he nears her, though a surprised sound from Ysgie, and the bronze moving quickly to shove his muzzle at Jaz as him freezing in motion. « I know you! You are the one mine likes to wrestle! » He declares, and then his mental voice takes on a slightly different tone. « Guess what! » He starts, as if sharing the news with someone else. "Ysgie!" Zel yelps, blushing and looking from bronze to gold to Jaz. "Uh, sorry, I.."

"For what? You've met Szeta, you hardly have to apologize for having a dragon." Apparently, in Jaz's mind, having a dragon is the equivalent of having a four-year old - a large child who takes great pleasure in embarrassing you. Rather than step into his embrace, she instead reaches out, placing one hand gently on his forearm before directing her attention to the bronze. "We have, on occasion, wrestled, yes," she agrees with Ysgie. "Among other things. It's good to know that yours still thinks well of me." There's an odd note to her voice, as if she weren't quite certain that was still the case. Szetamirath, ignoring the conversation between the humans, reaches out to rap Ysgieuth on the muzzle with her own. « Don't be rude, » she admonishes with an odd gentleness.

"I swear, I never realized -how little- is actually private anymore.." Z'tan starts, though he freezes as she rests a hand on his arm, tilting his head. "Very well.. I've missed you, Jaz.." He starts, and then, his eyes slip back to the bundle, leaning closer and peeking down. "What do you.." He starts slowly, then looks up at her, again. Ysgie yelps as he gets 'reprimanded' by the gold, freezing and curling up to sit neatly, still, turning his gaze, until he too is looking down at Jaz and the bundle. « I had just wondered who she was. He keeps thinking of her. » He says, apologetically.

"Privacy is a pipe dream, Ze - ah, Z'tan," Jaz corrects herself, with her usual lopsided smile. "Get used to having every little detail shared in, well - detail." As both Z'tan and Ysgie turn their gazes on her bundle, it stirs beneath the weight of their regard. The goldrider's expression sobers, a glint of anxiety showing deep in her amber gaze as she lifts her hand to smooth back the cloth top, displaying a sleepy, cherubic face with skin several shades paler than her mother's, topped by a soft downy coat of black hair. Bells tinkle discordantly, echoing the faint shaking of her wrist as she smoothes her hand over her daughter's head. "I missed you too, Z'tan," she murmurs softly, her gaze locked on his face. "Although I can forgive you, under the circumstances." Szetamirath, completely unaware of - or uncaring of - the tension, snorts delicately at the bronze. « Of course he did. She is mine, after all, and he surely thinks of me often. »

"Zel still works." He starts, and then, the bundle moves and his eyes widen and he is left staring, mouth open, shocked. "Jaz.. She.. I… Congratulations." He flounders through the words, reaching a hand as if he is going to gently touch her dark hair, though he hesitates again, looking back to Jaz for permission. "I had no idea.." He continues, confused, blinking at her. « Z'tan. It is so tiny! Tell her it is cute. Tiny humans are cute, right? » While Zel can't figure out the words, the issue does not seem to plague Ysgie, considering his continued chattering. « What is it called? »

Silent as Szetamirath relays Ysgieuth's words, still stroking her daughter's head, Jazhira keeps her attention fixed on Z'tan. "Thank you," she murmurs finally, in response to his congratulations, and as he hesitates to touch the child, she reaches out to take his hand, laying it gently on the girl's head. "No - the last time you saw me, you were in no condition to notice my condition," she replies, amusement lancing through the faint tension in her voice. "And by the time you were fit company again, I was grounded to the Weyr. Thank you," she adds, repeating the words for Ysgie as her amber eyes flicker briefly to the bronze. "We call her Sprite, for lack of a true name yet. It is one of the decisions I felt most firmly should include her father's input." Again, those grave golden eyes turn on the weyrling.

Fingers rest gently on the infant's head, gently brushing through her hair, clearing his throat at her comment. "I, uh.." And then, he stops, and blinks. "Her father's input…" You can see then, that moment that it all clicks into place, as his eyes widen and there is a moment of silences. "Shards, that's me, isn't it?" and gently his fingers run through her hair again, brushing that cheek. « Z'tan, what do you mean. » Ysgie asks loudly, pulling Szeta and Jaz in as well, as if one of *them* might explain, as his rider remains silent.

"Yes," Jaz replies bluntly; no surprise, she wasn't Impressed for her diplomacy. "I thought I spent long enough *between*, but apparently this is a skill I need to master. Not," she adds clinically as she brushes her hand over his where it touches her - their - daughter, "that I mind. She's a joy to me." At Ysgieuth's insistance, both she and Szetamirath turn their attention to the bronze, and the gold heaves a sigh. « It means that that is his hatchling. A small clutch, but a good one, » she adds, turning her head to gaze adoringly at their riders' child. « Would that my clutches will turn out so well. » Who'd have thought Monaco's resident diva has a motherly side? "You deserve to know, Z'tan," she murmurs after a long moment, "and I want you to be a part of her life - as big or as little as you want. Or none at all, if that is your desire. But you deserve to know, at least, that you have a daughter. And," she adds gently, "you deserve to at least name her."

"I.." Z'tan, well and truly lost for words, stands there a moment, before leaning to try and drop a kiss on Jaz's cheek. "Jaz, she is beautiful. Just like her mother. Thank you.." He murmurs, even as he tilts his head to get another look at the infant. "Elzira? Ellira?" He considers the options. "Eliza?" Chewing lightly on his lip, he ponders. "As soon as Ysgie and I can visit.." He adds, solemnly, a sentiment echoed by Ysgieuth, as the bronze seems entranced by the tiny one. « Maybe I will make nice ones, like he did, some day. They will be wonderful. »

Jazhira accepts the kiss gracefully, with a faint smile for his shellshocked expression. "She is, and be grateful she's more like her father," comes the wry reply. "I'd hate for her to be stuck at 'cute' forever." The weyrwoman lifts her free hand to press it lightly to the bronzerider's cheek. "I like Ellira - although," she adds, with mock severity, "you seem to have some kind of fascination with the letter 'E'." A smile soon blossoms, however. "I would welcome your visit, and I would love Ellira to know her father as she grows. I've fostered her out," she sighs, glancing up at Szetamirath in explanation. "But I'm keeping her at the Weyr and spend time with her as much as I am able. I would love it if you did, too. A child should know her parents," she murmurs, a shadow crossing her features.

"Ellira it is." And then there is a soft laugh at the mention of 'E', and Zel is waving it off. "I'll, uh. Its a long story." Glancing over his shoulder at Ysgie for a moment, he smiles back, slipping an arm loosely around her shoulders. "I look forward to seeing her, and you if you still want to see me." Pausing, he tilts his head towards the caverns. "I've a bit before lessons - can you stay for breakfast? Or.. I guess, well, whatever for you, lunch?"

Pursing her lips, Jazhira eyes him for a long moment - but whatever she might say she keeps locked away for now, unwilling to shatter the moment for him. Adjusting the fall of the sling and covering Ellira's head once more against the morning sun, she smiles easily up at him, letting her hip sway against his. "You are always welcome in my cabin," she replies. "I think you'll like what I've done with the place since your last - ah, visit. I have a little time; I blocked off a few hours for this, as I felt it needed to be done right." Not for her a quick note saying, 'You're a daddy, thanks for all the fish.' "You can treat me to a bite to eat, and you can tell me about Ysgie, and what you've been up to. I hear there was a gold in your class," she adds, smirking. "You must tell me about her."

"You have -no idea- how much I was hoping you would say that." Zel replies, a bit too eagerly, as he moves to steer Jaz inside, before there is an awkward laugh. "Shards, Chauth. Well, Tanit, too I guess but." Ysgie, meanwhile has far far too much of his own to comment on, sharing loudly, somewhat unamused. « Chauth. She simply does not sit still. She is all over. She is worse than the feline Z'tan insists on keeping. Except giant. » He continues chattering, even as he stretches his nose at Szetamirath. « It is time for a swim, would you come? » He will happily play host, even as Zel does as well. "We're already ready to fly together, any day now. And then, before you know it.."

"Indeed," Jazhira replies lightly, as she walks at his side, one arm draped protectively over the drowzing Ellira, the other lightly tucked between her body and his. "I still would like to know about her - both of them." There's a cat-in-the-cream air about her, although what might cause that is anyone's guess. Leaving the dragons behind, she allows him to lead her onward. Behind them, Szetamirath curves her neck, eyes glinting in the sunlight as she studies her bronzeling host. « I would very much love a swim, » purrs the gold, rising to her feet and looking expectantly at the younger dragon to lead the way. Jaz doesn't even bother to hide her smirk.

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