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Western Weyr - Corrals
Enclosed by a high wooden fence on one side and the steep walls of the weyr on the other is a half acre of grass that holds the Weyr's herdbeasts and wherry flock. While this dragon feeding area is smaller than most of the Weyrs on Pern, there is still enough room for a large dragon to swoop down and grab his dinner with relative ease.

The last few days have been rather busy for Sundari, which is a good reason as to why she has not been that free to run around and do anything that could possibly be fun. Irekevalath tried his bestest to go after a glowing green two days before, thanks mostly to Sunny being distracted and not able to try and stop such a thing. Not that could really stop him to start with. Even though Irekevalath was rather eager and very determined he did not reach that goal and instead crashed down into the lagoon during a low sweep over the water. Plenty of people saw the going owns, and the blue dragging himself on out from the sea. Sundari was the one that had to deal with the long talk from the AWLM's, and keep her dear dragon grounded for a few days to make sure he didn't hurt himself for such a silly thing. At the moment Sunny is leaning against the corral fence yawning while pulling her coat around her a bit as the day has been a bit damp from a light rain that has been falling. Irke is busy finishing a meal within the pen.

Life. Without. Fun. WHAT. Takapola doesn't even know what you're talking about. Okay, so actually he does, but he does his best to repress those memories. It makes him much more cheery. Like now, as he goes strolling along and whistling to himself. La di da, here he goes, he's whistling in the rain, la di- hmm. There's a dragon in that there pen. A smallish one. A blueish one. A one that's maybe worth investigating closer, or at least having its surroundings investigated for… oh, look. There's a bluerider. "Heya!"

Sundari doesn't like getting grounded either, SO becasue of that she has to play by the arrow and not ruffle any feathers for a few days. She shifts letting her head settle against her forearm while eyeing Irek, the two having a conversation that is only heard between them. At the 'heya' Sunny glances over, a smile seen and she waves. "Heya back!" Is offered along with a wave. Irek sends a glance towards Taka, a snort escaping the blue while he goes back to chewing on a bite of his meal.

So boring. Isn't it lucky for Takapola he's not the one in trouble? He steps in closer, hopping up on the edge of the fence and giving a grin. "Heya." Snort what? No comment from the Takapola on the Irkevalath. He's got a Sunny to talk to! "How're you? I heard something about chasing dolphins and flying to the rescue. Or maybe that was the other way around." He arches a brow. Enlighten him?

Sundari lifts a hand to scratch at her neck a few moments, a soft eh escaping her and she shakes her head. "Ah.. Well.. No nothing like that." Geez how rumors fly around this place. "Irek saw a green that was glowy and thought he would chase her.." A slight shake of her head is seen while she glances towards her dragon whom rumbles out at the thought. "You wasn't going to win, I don't understand why you even tryed.." Sunny offers with a faint grumble right back, though soon enough her gaze is back on Takapola. "He crashed into the lagoon, there may have been some dolphins around."

The rumors fly upon the wings of dragons! Or something. Takapola tilt s his head, listening, then laughs. "Aww, sometimes you just have to try. Even if you know you're not gonna win. It's about making the attempt." He flashes a grin, and shrugs. "That mighta been what I heard about, anyhow." Another tilt of his head, looking at Sundari. "You're doing okay?"

Sundari waves a hand slightly at the talk of 'sometimes you just have to try'. "Sure.. But he did it in front of half of the Weyr." She can just imagine what the rumors would be turned into by now. A soft chuckle escapes her and she shrugs. "Ended alright, just had to ground him for a day to make sure he didn't hurt himself. The dragonhealers say his a bad patient, gives them all sorts of troubles even if I'm right there to keep him still." At the question she nods, a slight smile seen. "Yeah I'm fine, sort of tired but no complaints. What about you?"

"Wonder what I was doing that day," Takapola muses. Because, hey. He missed it. So sad! Or something. He was probably indoors being forced to do productive work. So, like he said. So sad! "Oh, doesn't matter who's watching. If you gotta try, you gotta try!" He grins. "And then you gotta deal with the consequences. Like having to stick around on the ground for a while like us poor unwinged sorts." Another grin, and a glance to Irkevalath. "Yeah, I can see that. He doesn't much seem the sitting-still sort." Takapola hmms, then glances back to Sundari. "Oh, me? I'm fine."

Sundari laughs at that and nods, a grin seen. "True.. I suppose it could have been worse." Somehow or someway it COULD have been worse, she won't comment on the ways at the moment thought. Her fingers drum against the fence post a few times and she nods. "Yeah.. He gets a little moody from the poking and prodding I think." Which, who doesn't? "Yeah you, no one behind you." She points out even leaning back to check if there might be anyone hanging around there, nope.. all clear! "Good to hear."

Oh, yes. Things can always be worse. Takapola grins, then glances over to Irke at the mention of moodydragon. What, him? Naaaah. "Did he dump sand on anyone else?" Or is Takapola special? A grin, as Takapola leans back from the fence and peers around behind him. "Well, you coulda been asking someone invisible. Or!" And more plausibly, "A dragon. So. It makes sense to check."

Sundari chuckles at that. "Well.. His done it a few times, the whole 'shake sand off on others' and so forth. Though.. I think you're the one he dumped the sand on the most for some reason." She ponders this and then smirks. "Naw.. For one, you would have heard a dragon. Unless you're going deaf like a uncle already." This said while she eyes him curiously. "Not losing your hearing now are you?" She questions as she leans a bit closer. "An two if I'm talking to someone that is invisible that could be a problem don't you think?"

Takapola cups his hand against his ear. "What?" he says, and grins. "Not as young as I used to be, you know." He is, however, grinning as wide as he ever was. "Besides, it could be a stealth dragon. Also? I don't judge. I mean, who am I to call you crazy, just because you go around talking to invisible people?" He shakes his head, then pauses. "Though, I mean, they probably will. Then again, the invisible people might call me crazy, so."

Sundari chuckles and grins as she pokes out at Takapola's arm. "Right right.. Shall I get out a pad of paper and write it down instead then?" She ponders the thought of a stealth dragon. "True, we are near the corrals after all." A glance is sent around as if making sure there are no dragons creeping up, hey never know. "Well I won't tell you what they have said about you then how's that?" A slight gasp esacpes her. "I may have given anyway to much though just by saying that.."

"Nah," Takapola says with a grin. S'funny when he says it. It's less funny when the old uncle who actually has gone deaf says it and refuses help. "You'll just have to speak up. Whippersnapper." He grins again as he's poked, and he gives another glance for dragons before laughing. "Exactly. See no people, hear no people! But I gotta say, that thing about the two redfruit and the cheese? Total. Lie."

Sundari ohs at being called a whippersnapper. "I haven't be call that in a while.." Needless to say she was called that a lot, just not always by uncles, or aunties. "The redfruit incident was so true.. I've read the reports and your finger prints were all over the cheese." There is a slight stiff nod seen as if she is trying to be serious.

And Takapola is totally qualified, being as he is like an entire three turns older than Sundari. "See? I'm a retro classic." Or something. But what he also is, is, "Maligned! Falsely! Okay yes I touched the cheese, but that was unrelated. I was framed, I had nothing to do with after it was," artistic shudder, "chopped."

Oh he is /so/ qualified, not that Sundari would agree with that mind you. A sharp gasp esacpes her at the 'chopped' comment. "How could you go about and do such a thing.. It was /cheese/" There is a pause and she eyes him a moment. "Or did you cut it instead and that is really what the rumor is all about?"

So very qualified. Takapola puts a hand over his heart. "I would never! Not to our noble cheese. I handled, it yes, but I. Did. Not. Cut. That. Cheese!"

Sundari chuckles and shakes her head while she glances back towards the corral, and mostly to the blue dragon within it. "Right.. I'm sure you didn't do a thing to it. Just let it be and he chopped inself then?"

Takapola shakes his head. "Well. I'm not saying that. I'm just saying there was a second cheese-handler. It's the only explanation, if you look at the facts. All the facts, not just the ones they want you to hear."

Sundari peers over at him, eyeing him curiously and perhaps pondering how long they can keep this going. "So what facts would you want them to be telling instead then?" She questions with a curious tone, sly grin seen as she finds this rather amusing.

Does Takapola amuuuuse you, Sundari? Well… good! He shakes his head all gravely-like, except for the lurking grin. "Fact one: The knife was sharp." What, and he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer? "Fact two: The first cut was made at an angle." And what does that have to do with it, anyhow? "Fact three: I had already had a sweetbun that day."

Sundari turns to face him a bit more as she takes in all the 'facts', a soft oh escaping her as she hears them. For a few moments she is quiet while thinking them over. "So.. The knife was sharp, and it was cut at an /angle/…" A soft gasp is heard. "So it was a sharp knife wielding, angle cutting person that did the deed!" She eyes him. "What does the sweetbun have to do with it?"

"Exactly!" Takapola says, then blinks. "Oh uh, well, it meant I wasn't hungry. And, since some of the cheese was," gasp! "eaten, clearly I didn't do it. On account of not being hungry, you see."

Sundari watches Takapola a few moments and then grins. "Nice." Is offered after a moment, she looks amused still. "So you could not have done it haven eaten the sweetbun that was clearly not anywhere near the cheese that was chopped.. Perfect alibi!"

Takapola nods. "Wasn't there, didn't do it, and even if I was there I wouldn't've done it! It's airtight." He nods again. Sagely. And grins. Widely. "So you see, I'm perfectly innocent. And that's whyyou shouldn't trust the invisible men!"

While the two continue to talk, about silly things like cheese and knives Irkevalath is busy finishing off his meal and turns to head on over to where the pair happen to be, he needs to get in on the conversation after all! During his wandering there is a pause and he is burping as a result. There somewhat smelly belches and one should be happy they are nowhere near the young blue. "So, what things have you been doing over the last few days?" Sundari questions with a curios tone.

Irkevalath isn't planning to dump herdbeast guts on Takapola's head, is he? Because dropping things on Tak seems to be the blue's usual mode of interaction, see, and that's what's available. Takapola glances that way, then back to Sundari. "Adventures. Drama. Madcap chases across the weyr." A pause. "…is what I'd like to say. I've had laundry and sweeping. I think they're delving to depths of the caverns not seen for ages, though. It'd explain the spinnerwebs."

Now why would Takapola think of something like that? Irkevalath is /so/ innocent! He would never do something so.. foul.. Well hopefully he would not. "Spinnerwebs huh?" Sundari questions. "Such adventures one can have with them I do suppose!" She grins a bit and looks over to Irkevalath as the blue has paused and is belching once more. A normal belch would most likely not be a problem, though as Irk was learning how to breathe fire with firestone early that morning there is still a bit left in his second stomach, thanks to that this can cause more of an issue. With another good belch escaping the young dragon but it comes out as a bit of flame instead.

Hopefully. Takapola is so very hopeful. He already washed his hair this week! "Well, I mean, I'm trying. We've already had the adventure of the Takapola's Hair Web." Hence why he washed his hair already this week! "Also the Open Wide and say Aaah-hey what's that?" There's something, uh… fire-colored. At least he thought he saw it. Watch, Irkevalath's going to pretend nothing happened and look innocent, and Sundari will think Takapola is crazy(er).

Sundari laughs at the tale of getting ones hair washed cause of such things as spinnerwebs. "Couldn't just pick it out, had to wash your hair huh? Must have been a really bad case of spinner webs then." She doesn't catch the bit of blame but she does smell it and coughs a moment. "Well.. We had flaming class today, I thought he got all of it up though." Seems she was wrong! Before Sunny can do anything Irkevalath is at it again, though this time he lets out a large ball of flame and it is sent flying towards the fence which even with it being somewhat damp starts to catch fire. As quickly as that fireball is over another smaller one is seen while Irkevalath belches once more and this time he manages to scorch a few herdbeasts that was running away from the fence line to escape the fire.

…can we go back to the herdbeast guts option? Takapola is willing to reconsider it. "Hey now that's kind of a little on fire, okay, really it's more than a little," why are things on fire? "Can we not set more things on fire? Because I don't like things on fire when they're not in the fireplace, and I really don't see any fireplaces here, or buckets of water can we get one of those maybe?" Please? Takapola goes with the looking-around.

Instead of it getting better it is getting /so/ worse.. Irkevalath warbles out in worry as he watches the fence catch fire that is slowly but surely spreading. He is soon crying out for help for any that could be around. Sundari squeals as she watches the fire starting to spread. "SHARDS!" Escapes her as she Is looking around to try and find something to help stop the fire, oh a water trough! She hops the fence and runs towards it trying to find a bucket as she goes..

It is by will alone that… okay, will alone is not working. Takapola sees as Sundari goes for the water trough, but… there's no bucket. NO BUCKIT. And so that's not going to work very well, now is it? Right. This situations calls for a shirtless Takapola. (As so many do, but!) Off comes the shirt. To the water trough! And the shirt is dunked. Back to the fence, and… it's thwacking time! With a wet shirt. And a fire.

Sundari has actually started pulling, tugging and dragging that water trough towards the fence, but with it filled with water it is rather heavy. She is at the moment freaking out, her mind is all over the mind and as a result so is Irkevalath's. The blue shifts on his paws, wings flapping a few times which does /not/ help put the fire out, oh no instead it makes it spread across the fence and makes the fire start to crackle and burn more as a result.

…thanks, Irkevalath. No, really. Thanks. This is a fabulous demonstration of the theory behind a bellows. Thwacky thwack Takapola goes with his wet shirt, trying mostly to keep the fire from spreading. That one section of the fence might be a lost cause, but the surroundings… "Okay so not helping!" he informs Irkevalath, or maybe the surroundings. Whump. Whack. Fire go ooooout. Please? Why can't dragons have ice breath, or water breath, or something? It would be much less FIERY INFERNO OF DOOM. "Go help Sunny!" That part's definitely directed to the dragon. Or maybe Sundari should help herself. Everyone for themselves? Whack. Thwack. Takapola's shirt is kinda smoldering a bit now.

Irkevalath is SO glad he could help! Your welcome Takapola! This is possible what he could say to Taka's thanks if he was to hear it. The fire is eager to 'eat' and the fence is quickly turning into smolders in certain areas, this is not lost on some of the herdbeasts mind you as they are trying to escape the blue dragon that is still flapping his wings, and the growing fire. A few large bulls charge the fence and make their way crashing through it as a result, and send some burning bits of fence flying towards nearby brush that is not too far away. Well it couldn't get much worse, right? Sundari still tugs at the trough which is slowly moving and at this rate will never get close to the fence to help try and put out the growing fire. Irke moves now heading towards his rider and grabs up the water tough within a forepaw and drags it the rest of the way over. Look, he HELPED! All bow down or something along them there lines.

Do. Not. Say. That. For the love of shards, shells, and tiny baby dragons, do not say it couldn't get worse. Because, you see, when that gets said… oh. Look. Takapola's shirt is catching on fire. Thanks. So. Very. Much. "Iaaa!" is the version he says out loud, and… oh! He only gets two steps past the water trough before seeing where it is now and dunking his shirt again. Flames go out! (on his shirt. The flames elsewhere are… still very much going on.) "Faranth's flaming fifth cousin and-" He vaults (okay it's not much of a vault anymore) over the smashed fence. The bulls? He so doesn't care. What he does care about is the new fires starting. Maybe he can get them beaten down so at least there's only one fiery inferno of doom?

Sundari is thankful when her dragon is able to drag the trough over water trough over to the problem and is quick to try and splash water across the fence.. Wait.. There was a fence here just a moment ago was there not? This is a real problem for sure as more herdbeast are out and running amuck across the weyr grounds now for sure. At least the calls from Irkevalath have been somewhat answered as a green and brown dragon from the search and rescue wing sweep into the area rather quickly carrying bags of water to try and put the growing fire out.

Yeah, about the bit where Takapola doesn't care about the loose herdbeasts! Because, well, he doesn't care! He's busy caring about this fire. It has to be put out, or else the weyr will burn down and sink into the ocean. IT WILL, OKAY? So he keeps running around, using his scorched and tattered shirt to whack at the small scattered flames and try to get them out. At least there are a pair of dragons now with water breath! Or close enough. Flame OFF. He hopes. He'll just deal with keeping it from spreading. He hopes.

The brown and green rider make quick passes dumping the water down upon the fire that is working on the brush and most likely upon Takapola as well thanks to how close he happens to be at the moment. Irke lets out a few warbles towards the passing pair before taking hold of the water trough and dumps it as best he can across the fire that is still burning upon the fence line. Sundari takes a half steps back while the water is dumped on the fence and points to another part. "Kick dirt upon it!" Wet dirt works, seeing how they are out of water at the moment. Irkevalath complies quickly and is busy tossing dirt upon the still burning fence.

Takapola is not only hot (from the fire) but wet (from the water). He leaves the dirt-kicking to Irkevalath, who has large paws suitable for it, and continues with chasing down smaller fires and preventing them from becoming larger fires. The herdbeasts are… yeah, not so much penned anymore. At least Western is an island? So they can't go far. Who knows where they'll end up, though. Not Takapola. Also, he doesn't care. Not while there's still fire and burning, and… probably not afterward, either. Not unless there's a singed, grumpy bull blocking the way to his bed tonight, which… is possible.

Yes there may be a rather large and very mad singed bull blocking the path that Takapola may take to get to his bed later on. Irkevalath make short work of kicking dirt across the fence and then a few other places that the fire is still crackling and popping around. Sundari takes in a shaky breath as she eyes the area and making her way over to check on Takapola. "Hey.. Are you alright?" It dawns on her now that he is without a shirt and for a few moments there she is eyeing him perhaps. There are a few beastcrafters joining the scene now trying to round up the heardbeasts that have gotten out and are now running around the weyr.

That's right. Shirtless Takapola. Bare-chested and glistening. (Did we mention that fire is hot? Yeah.) He beats out the flame in another section before it can take hold, then looks around for… oh. Hey. He seems to have run out of fires to extinguish. "…whew." He goes over to lean against a piece of the fence-wait-a-minute. Let's not lean against the embers and charcoal. He straightens up again, looking casual, and lets his gaze drift out over the rampaging herdbeasts. Nope. Not his problem. (Until he tries to go to bed, and discovers it is. Maybe he'll be sleeping outside tonight.) "Yeah," he says to Sundari. He's also smudged with ashes, but, hey. Here's half a grin. "Are you?"

Sundari could most likely be caught staring for just a few moments at Takapola before his words reach her and she blinks and gives her head a shake. "Yeah I'm fine.. I'm glad you're alright." There is a pause as she glances around taking in the mess as it were. "Geezs.." Is murmured out, a hand lifts to brush some hair back from her eyes and it smudges a bit of ash across her cheek as a result. Irkevalath seems rather happy with the outcome, the fires are out, no one got hurt so what if the herdbeasts got out, so what if the place nearly got burnt down it all ended alright!

Takapola is just half-baked. Lightly seared? Fire-roasted. (Yummy.) He tosses his head, pushing a hand back through his sooty hair, and then grins ruefully at how the hand looks now. Welp. "So, uh, things we've learned today," he muses, turning and looking out at the field and char and… oh yeah… Irkevalath. "Dragons breathe fire."

Sundari glances back to Takapola a soft laugh escapes her. "That they do.. You didn't know that?" She questions with an amused tone at the thought. Her hand lifts and she works on brushing some of that soot off from Taka's hair if able.

"Well, I knew it," Takapola says, and gives his head a shake. "At a general level. Now I know it." He glances to Irkevalath. "Personally." Or at least at an up close and personal secondhand? He tilts his head a little as Sundari starts to groom his hair, lowering it slightly and giving her a small smile. Maybe some of the ash will come out? But, well. It's kinda a mess.

Sundari was merely trying to brush some of that ash out, and well it doesn't seem to really work that well. "I think you need a bath." There is a pause while she eyes herself. "I think we both do actually." Irkevalath is busy sitting there in front of the busted up bit of burned down fence which actually works to keep the rest of the herd from trying to escape at least.

Yeah. Takapola is not exactly looking neat and clean anymore. And his shirt, well… it's probably a lost cause. He's still holding onto it, though. Maybe he'll try to rescue it later. (Or maybe he'll keep it as a trophy.) For now, he tosses it over his shoulder and lets it hang there. "Probably." He glances down at himself. Pan-seared. Broiled. Blackened. Extra-crispy? "So, hey, you think there'll be roast herdbeast for dinner tonight?" He grins.

Sundari gives her hands a brush off, not that it really helps as she is still covered in dirt, soot and who knows what else. "If there is I'm going to skip dinner.. I hope Irke didn't roast too many of them." A soft sigh escapes her as she sends a glance back towards the blue that seems totally fine with the chaos around him. "Oh.. I can just imagine the 'talk' from the AWLM's after this little mess.."

Takapola didn't do it! Just remember that part, okay? "Nah, they're probably fine. Herdbeast aren't that dumb," he says, and glances to Irkevalath. Speaking of dumb creatures and similar topics… "You just remind 'em it was an accident." Because that'll make it all better, right? If it doesn't, well, "You can tell 'em they shoulda taught you better."

Irkevalath would so take offense to that if he had caught wind of that, then Takapola would have to worry about more than just sand getting dumped on him. "Oh sure.. Cause that will go over swell like." Sundari offers while glancing up catching sight of a few more riders sweeping down low to dump more water over anything that may still be smoldering and smoking.

Some things are not for saying out loud! Not if you're smart Takapola, which Takapola is. He hehs. "Yeah, well." A glance to those riders, and then he put smudged hands in smoked pockets. At least his pants don't have giant scorch marks, but they're definitely going to need some scrubbing at the very least. "But, I mean, what can they really do to you?" It's half attempt to reassure, half honest question. "You're a rider and all."

Sundari is quiet for a few moments as she thinks about that, she glances over to Takapola and grins a moment at the thought. "True.." This said with a happy tone, really /what/ could they do? She was just teaching Irke how to flame that morning after all! Speaking of that, Irkevalath lets out another belch and is soon getting up all that firestone with a few hacking sounds before there is a smelly pile of used firestone there in the dirt. At least the roasty toasty smell helps somewhat.

Oh Faranth the dragon is belching run for the hills! Or at least look wide-eyed at Irkevalath and reach for the fire-extinguishing former shirt. What is the blue going to do now? … oh. He's going to hack up a pile of disgusting greyish ash and bile. Well. That's… uh… noooot something Takapola has to worry about, he doesn't think, so he relaxes again.

Sundari oys softly at the new mess and covers her eyes for a moment to try and relax. Which is amusing seeing how Irkevalath is now complaining about something to her, along with letting her know the AWLM's will be here soon. She sends a glance over to Takapola. "You should escape before everyone comes running up here. I'll make sure they know you put stuff out." She just doesn't want him to get yelled at if she can avoid such things.

"Aww, that's okay." It can be a very narrow line between praised and blamed. A very, very narrow one. "Just so long as nobody thinks I started it, all good." Which, given the pile of ash, is probably not much of a risk. Takapola hesitates a moment, then leans in toward Sundari. She said Irkevalath was chasing, right? So that's practically like a mating flights lecture. Also, they've just narrowly avoided burning to death, so unless she draws back, he's going to touch lips ever-so-chastely to her cheek. "Good luck." And he's off! Fleeing AWLM wrath, which he can totally do, because he's not actually a weyrling.

Sundari shakes her head, a soft smile seen. "Naw.. No one will, promise." Irkevalath even rumbles out at this idea, he wouldn't let someone take credit for this mess.. Well to him it's not a mess, he flamed and flamed well don't you know! As for Irke chasing yes he is, and to a degree it is like a mating flight lecture seeing how it happened, or something along those lines. She doesn't catch on that he is leaning closer, mostly because she was leaning that bit closer to him. In the end he steals her idea for a quick peck to the cheek, which happens, and he perhaps gets a half peck back across his cheek right before he is fleeing. She turns and watches him go, a smile seen while she blushes a moment. Not that it'll last as there is a bugle from a dragon she knows /all/ so well and she turns to face the AWLM whom is looking ever so mad at the moment.

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