Weyr-Shattering Revelations

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Training Field
Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise maneuvers required for the rescue and protection work that the weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

Dusk is still a few hours away, and the world is edged still in gold, the air damp with the smell of an earlier passing storm. Cue that ominously large shadow sweeping over head, the white fire flash of freshly washed hide visible to those higher up, as Chauth leaps from volcanic spire to ledge and back into flight, her human counterpart content to be on the ground below while the dragon amuses herself. (Yes somewhere in Pern a harper is playing the Pernese equivalent of the jaws theme.) As a very tired, and still damp Tanit makes her way back from cleaning mammoth amounts of dragon hide.

Things have been.. interesting. Very, very interesting for poor Z'tan. Currently, though, they seem rather boring as they are settled in the Weyrling Training field, the pair having just backwinged a relatively neat landing after their flight practice for the day. Slipping to the ground, and moving to take off his lifemate's straps, Zel's efforts are forced to pause as the bronze's head goes snapping up to watch Chauth leap and bounce. « Do you ever get tired, Chauth? Leaping around like some common beast. » The tip of Ysgie's tail twitches ever so slightly as he watches unamused.

Light dances and sparks, the simple joyous creature announcing her mental presence suddenly and without warning as the leap to the ledge shifts just enough to change targets, the gold fully aiming to pounce the young stuffed shirt bronze. Sea-green eyes lift, but too late to stop the gold, and instead a very tired Tanit just squeezes her eyes shut, waiting for the lecture that will invariably follow. “Chauth.” Is soft, pleading, and utterly unheeded.

The only possible good thing about all of it is that Ysgie isn't -that- much smaller than the gold, and so as she pounces, he doesn't completely get squished. He does, however, react fair too slowly, flattening out as she catches his back. « Chauth! » He protests, even as he hurriedly attempts to dis-entangle himself from her, wings and limbs pulled back towards his body. Thankfully, Z'tan manages to just scramble clear of the attack from above, though not without a nice trip, ending up on the ground much like his bronze, staring up at the pair with a sigh, before glancing around to see if he can spot Tanit, watching her with an arched eyebrow. "I found something of yours, I think."

Sneak attacks are sneaky, and the disentanglement is quick because she is leaping back up to another ledge. Tanit arches a brow, walking over to offer an arm up to Z’tan. “Not mine, I think that one is a feral creature who just appeared one day.” Though the jest earns a deep growl from the gold and another tired squeeze of Tanit’s eyes shut. “Nope, she’s mine. This is undoubtedly my payback for years of mischief. I’m sorry. I keep hoping she’s going to tire herself out.”

The offered hand is taken and Zel is pulling himself to his feet, brushing off his pants after a moment, even as his eyes dart after Chauth - an action mimicked by Ysgie, the bronze taking a long moment to resettle himself. « There are rules, Chauth. Sneaking is cheating. » Which means that perhaps, if one -knows- they are in a battle, such actions are more ok. Z'tan finally glances away from the gold, and back to her rider before smirking a little. "Makes you wish you hadn't gotten sparkle-fever, hm?" He teases her lightly, even as he glances back up at the gold on the spires. "I think we've established by now that that is -never- going to happen."

« One does not give up an advantage unless a greater advantage can be gained. » Her sing song tone filled with bell like laughter, as she takes to the air again. Zeltan – Z’tan as he is now gets the most pathetic pout - ever. “Don’t pop my bubble. She’s worse than a toddler. I love her, I do but…” Cue a dive bomb leap to land next to the barracks sending firelizards and gathered avians scattering with a roar. “This is my punishment, I accept this. I’m just going to nap now.” Moving over to flop into the hammock at the edge of the field as the gold’s tail thwacks against the side of the office. “Before someone comes to yell at me.”

« And one is -suppose- to follow the rules of engagement. There is right and wrong and you are -wrong-. » Ysgie snaps back, tail beginning to lash as he huffs in her direction, before pointedly turning his back to his clutch sibling, and giving Zel a push with his muzzle that threatens to knock the weyrling back over again. « Z'tan. Straps. » He is even a bit gruff with his life mate, irritated by the gold and her incessant.. pouncing. "I can yell at you if you want, get it over with." Z'tan offers over his shoulder as Tanit wanders away, even as he moves to help Ysgie out of the straps.

The bell like ring of laughter perhaps suggests what the gold thinks of rules of engagement, « If you expect every foe to be civilized you will be disappointed Ysige. » An almost affectionate note to the gold’s foxfire voice. Wheeling through the air above and catching a thermal to go higher “If you start yelling at me too who will I commiserate with? Well other than Suyi, I think she’s possibly the only other Weyrling whose life mate gives Chauth a run for her marks."

"At least you would know that -I- don't really mean it?" Z'tan offers with a grin, as the last strap is tugged free, and the bronze turns to watch the gold overhead, crooning in quiet contemplation, just.. watching. Wandering over towards the hammock, he tilts his head and he glances down at Tanit, "Scoot and balance." He offers without actually asking, before sparing a glance at Ysgie -just in case-. "Have you gotten the 'you break it, you fix it' talk too?" And then the bronze has decided something, because he is taking back off.

“There is that, I suppose.” Tanit laughs, making room in the hammock and balancing it so that they both won’t end up rear first on the ground if Z’tan decides to join her. “Only after she accidentally broke one of the corral fences.” The former dolphineer sighs, glancing back up sky ward where Chauth soars even higher, until she’s gained enough altitude to practice some of the new maneuvers they’ve been learning in the wings. For now the gold’s thoughts are of practice and perfection, so the dolphineer relaxes for a few moments.

Holding the hammock steady, he waits til Tanit is good and balanced before settling in with a surprising amount of grace, even if the action sends the whole thing swinging for a fore moments. "I honestly am wondering how any of the animals are still in the corral." Zel mutters, carefully settling in, glancing as up to watch as Ysgie is moving to join CHauth in the skies, though for now, he lingers back for a moment, attempting to judge her rhythm and join in an orderly fashion.

Tanit says, “Oh that’s easy, make it into a hunting game and she’s almost as good as a sheepdog.” The dolphineer laughs, “And honestly she prefers hunting the wild wherries now rather than things that don’t – present a challenge.” Chauth takes this as challenge, and tucks wings in to dive, perhaps seeing how well her brother can keep up. Meanwhile the dolphineer just settles back in to relax, sighing softly as she watches the dragons flying. “Does he share the hunt with you mentally still or are you finally over getting sick all the time?””

"So, if she doesn't think she is an oversized feline, she is a canine instead?" Zel teases Tanit slightly, eyes following Ysgieuth's progress as he hesitates for a moment before settling into the game, folding in his wings to dive, though not as steeply, until he ends up on the same level as her, the soft ticking of his mind echoing through hers as he paces her, attempting to mimic her movements. Coughing some, Z'tan quickly shakes his head. "Uhm, well, thankfully he is pretty neat. And he doesn't share anymore. So, as long as we time it correctly, it isn't so bad anymore." Except for cleanup, but well, that is another story.

“No, feline. You can just sort of – sometimes trick her into doing what you want.” Tanit laughs, getting comfortable now that it seems that the gold is focused on flying, pulling up to catch another thermal in a game of follow the leader, sparks and playful notes of music dancing in time with the ticks of Ysigie’s mindscape. Cue another dive, this one pulling up closer to the ground than the first, not enough to be dangerous yet, but she’s testing limits, now that her lifemate is moderately distracted.

"I think your giant flying cat is payback for trying to take LimeCat back, you know." Z'tan replies almost absently, a slightly frown appearing on his face as Ysgie follows Chauth into the next dive, the bronze pulling out of it easily to glide back skywards, and earning a shrug from Zel as he stops worrying and glances back to Tanit with a smirk. "Remind me never to let Ysgie take between images from her, though.. I'd rather not end up soemwhere on the opposite side of Pern than I expected to."

“He’d probably be safe, she’s pure mischief and chaos but also – a perfectionist. Honestly I’ve not been getting much sleep because she insists on perfecting everything she learns. The older bronzes have been the worst – or maybe best depending on how you look at it. She loves learning the formations from them and they work as a nice distraction, but then she wants to sneak out and practice.” She glances over with a wry smile, “What about you? What’s been the most surprising thing about this mess lately? Ysigie seems very rule abiding and well behaved, which is not what I would have imagined you’d impress to – no offense.”

« Tell her that she couldn't possibly look better, even if she is tired. » Ysgieuth's words are for Z'tan alone, the bronze keeping half an ear on his human, even as he keeps pace above. "Oh Ysgie.." Zel mutters, shaking his head a little, before glancing at Tanit, pondering. "I just.. Need to remember that if there is anything I don't want the whole world knowing, that I need to think really softly, or wait til he is asleep. It.. " He shrugs, before laughing. "He is just very.. right or wrong. Black or white. We're, uh, working on it."

It’s a stray thought that distracts Chauth, enough to light on one of the higher spires, fanning and adjusting her wings before folding them to leap from ledge to ledge, continuing the game of follow the leader. « Does yours manage to keep secrets from you? » The gold ponders curiously, claws raking against stone as she makes a particularly tricky landing. Tanit chuckles, “He isn’t bothering her, if anything it’s a nice distraction.” Moving his arm so she can shamelessly use his shoulder as a pillow, because it’s her turn damnit. “Chauth isn’t so much right or wrong as she has to perfect things. But she also – likes to dig and pry. I think I’ve been lucky though, she doesn’t seem too keen on spilling anything I don’t want known.”

Backwinging to awkwardly hover as the gold alights on a spire, the bronze watches the gold, considering, before he is gaining altitude as she flings herself from ledge to ledge, letting her exhaust herself while he stays relateively stationary in the air. « Would I know if he had secrets, if he did not tell them to me? » Ysgie asks after a moment. « But mine would not tell me who the other one he likes to wrestle with is, besides yours, but then.. I MET HER. » He offers triumphantly, even as he is backwinging to a ledge to preen, continuing to watch the gold bounce around. Turned into a pillow, there is no complaint from Zel as he settles down, laughing softly. "Lucky." Speaking of.. "Oh shards, Ysgie.." A soft groan, and he blushes just a hint, finding the bronze on a ledge above quite interesting indeed.

On the ground again, Chauth pauses to consider this new bit of information. « Mine doesn’t wrestle with his, or at least I don’t think she has. » There’s a pause « Not that she doesn’t necessarily like to wrestle but it seems to have unexpected consequences sometimes, and I do not think she wants to have another clutch again. » So much for secrets? « What is she like? This one yours wrestles with? » Because this is new and interesting and Chauth isn’t about to risk indignation ruining her chances of getting a juicy secret. Tanit seems utterly unaware of the draconic conversation for the moment. Laughing, “What did he do this time?”

"Just.. talking.." Zel offers absently, but it seems that any admonishment is being mostly ignored by the bronze, who glides down from the ledge to return to the ground. « She is very pretty. They made a clutch too! A very small clutch. » The bronze flips his wings to his back, a slow, steady ticking through his mind as he considers. « She also has a gold lifemate, like you. -She- is very loud, but I think she likes me. » He offers after a moment, before turning his nose back to the sky. « I am not sure if it is right, but he says it is ok. »

Chauth seems to consider this, tail flicking slowly at first, « I do not think people can make as large of clutches as we can. Though mine is very good at making clutches. Her last was two! » Beat that Ysigie. A note of pride as flashes of tiny humans who recently visited and demonstrated chin scratching abilities are shared. The idea of another gold is something that strikes Chauth as odd. The flames flicker in color as the young gold seems undecided as to how she wants to take this news, her tail thwapping against the barracks. « I believe I am correct in assuming that yours has no intention of informing mine of – well any part of this? » Swish, swish swish, pace. “What are they going on about, Chauth won’t say.” Tanit notes watching as the gold takes off again brows drawing together in concern. “Though – if I didn’t know any better I would say she is acting – jealous? But that doesn’t make any sense.” Pause. “No - not jealous, more… competitive." The dolphineer ammends.

« This one was very tiny. I think it was a she.. They had to give it its own name, though, it didn't already know it. » Ysgieuth elaborates on "his" tiny person, before the gold seems.. uncomfortable, and he is quickly trying to find some sort of calm compromise. « She is not here, you are much more fun to chase. You are very agile. » The bronze adds, slowing the beat of his mind down, trying to be calming. But then, the bronze is undoing any potential progress. « Mine says he has been waiting for the right time, when you aren't a distraction. But you are always a distraction. » There is that attitude again, the bronze not waiting for a reply before he is bounding back upwards to find a ledge to perch on, where hopefully she can't sneak up on him in retaliation. "Well, uhm. So.." Zel stumbles a bit, shifting his arm under Tanit's neck, looking rather uncomfortable - though not physically. "He is, uh, oversharing."

« Well yes – little humans take a very long time to be able to do anything we can do. Though when she gets bigger you must be sure to help train her properly, it gets much harder when they are older. » Why the gold is so sure of this is anyone’s guess but she seems adamant. The compromise has that large though somewhat short tail thumping against the office again, There is a kind of mental huff as she leaps up to a higher ledge now circling, « How would you even know, have you ever had a chance to play with this stranger? » Chauth questions, circling in that low slinking walk from ledge to ledge, clearly on the prowl. « It does not matter, though I have been instructed that it is very rude to visit a foreign weyr and not announce your presence to those who watch over it. » Swish swish thump. Swish swish thump. Tanit’s eyebrow arches slowly, “And what on earth could he be sharing that has her so competitive all of the sudden? Not that it takes her much mind, but…” There is a soft frown and Tanit is shifting to get a look at the bronze weyrling’s face more clearly. “Zel, what did you do? She claims you have done something but refuses to tell me what – because it isn’t her secret to tell.” Cue pointed look.

As Chauth moves higher, Ysgie is crouching on his claimed ledge, flattening himself off, ready to flee should she launch another attack from above. « She did not seem as.. insatiably active as you. » He offers in what may be another attempt at diplomacy, tilting his head to keep her in view. "Well, uh, So. Jazhira came to visit.. The Junior at Monaco." Zel starts slowly, even as he turns, trying to shift so that he is once again too close to get Tanit for her to get a good look at him. "She, well. She had news. Turns out.. Well, turns out we have something in common, you and I." Is that.. yep that is a blush. "I have been trying to figure out how to tell you, but everything has been so busy with flying and being tired and.." Ramble, ramble, and look anywhere but at his classmate.

« There is nothing wrong with being active Ysigie. It means I can fly farther and longer, I just have more stamina. » Her tail thwacks against the stone of the ledge sending tiny pebbles skittering. « Hopefully yours gives up any silly notions of wrestling with mine after this though. Not that he had much chance to begin with. » Chauth sing songs possibly to the tune of this song https://bit.ly/2mhHO8E. Because someone is in hot water and it isn’t her yet Though that leap to the same ledge Ysgie’s on only to leap to another might have gotten her into trouble if Tanit were not utterly and completely distracted. “Spit it out plainly or I’ll use one of the vice grips for strap making on your tongue.” Tanit notes, with a irritated sigh.

« HEY! » Ysgieuth protests as she dares appear on his ledge, even for a second, flattening himself to the ledge much like a cat under attack. And then as she disappears upwards, he is repositioning himself yet again, hugging the wall behind him, watching somewhat anxiously. « You are not playing nice. » He snaps, tail beginning to twitch. "Turns out, Jazhira, well, she has a daughter. My daughter. Ellira." Z'tan finally manages as Tanit threatens him, the human half of the pair also seeming to fold in on himself, mimicking his life mate on the ledge overhead.

Well there is definitely more distance between them now as Tanit reals back falling backward out of the hammock with a flail. “Oh. I didn’t even know – you two were. Um congratulations.” Give her some time to think about the timing, let it really sink in all that math and those numbers. Three….. two…. One. What is that sound? Why that is the sound of a forty meter long dragon slipping on her footing and crashing down off the roof of the Weyrling master’s office taking down tiles and walls with her claws as she barrels chest first into the barracks, leaving a dragon sized hole in the barracks and everything leaning at a funny angle. OOPS.

Somewhere, in a shadow, there is a Toith. Lurking. Because despite common assumptions, proddy 'glowing' dragons do not, in fact, /glow/. As in, glow in the dark. No bioluminescence up in here. But she is there, all the same. And she might have been chill and relaxed and stuff… until that whole gold-meets-office incidence. A reeling back, a flare of wings, a sharp hiss and a commanding « STAY » for the perpetrators, before she's off like a rocket for a ledge somewhere in the east. Doom. DOOOOOOOOOM

As Tanit reels backwards, Zel is moving to try and catch her, to keep her from falling out of the hammock, but it is all in vain, and the sudden de-balancing of the thing leaves him falling out the other side, flat on his back staring at the sky. "It, uh, was before candidacy. I, uh.." He tries, as he attempts to regain the breath that was knocked out of him. Thankfully (is it, though?) he is saved from any further attempts at explaining by a disaster by the name of Chauth, the bronze weyrling stunned to silence as his life mate peers over his ledge at the destruction below. « Chauth! » He declares loudly, « Look what you have done! » And the bronze remains frozen on the ledge, sinking into himself as the Green In Charge gives them an order and takes off.

Well if there were ever a more apt metaphor for ground shattering revelations, well maybe Chauth’s latest escapade would be it, and though the order is stop, the gold promptly drags herself out of the wreckage causing more collapse. Meanwhile winded Tanit is just sort of staring up at the sky because none of this is really happening is it? “Zel – It’s whatever.” There’s a bigger mess to deal with, but the dolphineer just doesn’t have the energy to get up off the ground.

It is not very long at all (he's surprisingly fast when he wants to be!) before Toith is touching down and R'sner is jumping off. Is he… is he wearing a shirt? No. No he is not. But he is wearing pants, and boots and a very, /very/ sour expression as he takes in the damage to the office. « Don' move, Chauth, » comes in blues and greys from Toith, the green's mind a spiderweb of distraction but trying valiantly to focus on THIS MOMENT. « 'healer's'r comin' ». And so is R'sner, right over to where the gold is disentangling herself from the building. "Is she hurt?" is the first question, but it undoubtedly will not be the last, eyes seeking out Tanit. Zel? Make your escape now, while he's distracted!

Ysgie hesitates on the ledge, peering down at Chauth as she scrambles out of the hole she made, watching the gold for a moment. But then, the green is returning and the weyrlingmaster's attention is on the gold and her rider, and the bronze maybe -is- grasping the idea of gray areas, for he is slipping quietly off the ledge, gliding into the shadows to hide somewhere. Zel, however, pauses to glance at Tanit for a moment. "I.. Sorry.." For Jaz? For not telling her? For what he is about to do - run away? Probably, yes. Because while she is distracted, he shuffling to his feet and sneaking away to meet Ysgie somewhere away from the coming storm.

Tanit blinks slowly, first at Zel's apology and abandonment. Then at the shirtless R'sner that comes into view. Cue the dumb blank stare. Give her a minute, as carefully she starts to break through that layer of protection kept between herself and the gold mentally. Of course, Chauth herself gives no fucks, mostly shaking and destroying the bunk she'd gotten stuck in and backing out slowly to shake herself off. "She's fine. I think - Mostly she's annoyed at Ysgie for running off and amazed at why that wall is so flimsy." Never mind that that too is inadvertently Tanit's fault as it just so happens the wall Chauth barreled through is the same one that caught on fire during flamethrower training all those turns ago. "She was practicing and lost her balance." Tanit blinks at R'sner- cheeks flushing. "Um Sir, I know I'm in trouble and I won't argue that, but - could you please put on a shirt?"

The 'reassurance' that Chauth is fine changes nothing about R'sner's expression; a frown etched deeply across his face as he looks back to the young dragon. No ichor flowing. No screaming weyrling or howling dragon… but still, "The dragonhealers are on the way to check her out," because one cannot be too careful. But as imminent death and catastrophic injury are not apparent, that concern for health and safety starts to take a back seat to the irritation that is lurking beneath. "Flimsy," he repeats, blue eyes narrowed at Chauth before they flash back to Tanit. "She's over forty meters of dragon, everything is flimsy to her," and oooh, but that is a deadly cold and low tone of voice. No yelling, no threats or flailing arms; just an icy look to go with the icy tone as he turns back to take in Tanit as her explanation comes. "Practicing," he repeats. "Shirt?" He couldn't give a flip about his lack of a shirt, and may not have even realized he's missing it until it is mentioned. "Your dragon just destroyed my office; where do you suggest I get a /shirt/ from?" Don't answer that. "Turn around if it bothers you." Really. Just let Res have a moment. Deep breaths. Fingers pinched to the bridge of his nose. PROBABLY counting to ten. Or twenty. Or maybe even fifty. A moment later and Toith is taking off again. Either booking it for somewhere safe, or going to fetch something for her rider to put on. At least her hoarder-thief skills are being put to good use right now. "And where were /you/, when she was practicing?"

Tanit nods slowly from her grounded position, "She's fine." Chauth proceeds to finish detangling and fastidiously start cleaning her claws while the poor dazed Weyrling tries to piece together several things all at once. "Actually - I think that might be the side that caught on fire a couple turns ago." Give her a minute. The still shirtless Weyrlingmaster is not helping the situation, and Tanit just closes her eyes and takes a slow deep breath the dark circles perhaps more pronounced for the motion. "I was right here watching her." Ok she was distracted but she was here. « She is having trouble with the abs. It's a weakness. I hesitate to mention it but it will just get her into more trouble otherwise. » Chauth will share to Toith.

"Caught on fire." Disbelief, and accusation, all rolled into one. But really, R'sner doesn't have time or motive to worry about who might have set fire to the weyrling barracks BEFORE he took the knot. So… yeah. "Watching her." Repetition is a thing, but this time it comes with a fair amount of cynicism. "Clearly, you were not watching her closely /enough/." But at least that second problem (shirtless Weyrlingmaster) will be dealt with shortly. « I'm onnit, » confirms Toith, soon enough backwinging to a landing and shuffle-hopping her way over to offer up an article of clothing that clearly does not belong to R'sner himself (it's about five sizes too big, for one, and BRIGHT ORANGE for another). Momentarily, that sour look of his gets thrown full-throttle at the green dangling that offensive bit of clothing in his direction before, with a look at Tanit, he rips it out of her mouth and pulls it over his head. "Better?" Don't answer that, either. At least that promised dragonhealer is arriving, moving cautiously toward Chauth and looking between R'sner and Tanit for confirmation that it is alright to approach the young queen. "Attend to your dragon," decides the weyrlingmaster, jaw tight and voice forced, "While I assess the damage. We'll talk about… we'll discuss consequences after."

Tanit opens an eye and sits up long enough to take note of the bright orange sail. "Thank you." Genuine, as she is getting to her feet and moving over to check over the gold. Chauth headbutts her gently, moral support. « Thank you. » Chauth will purr to the green. More privately « You are not angry? » She will ask of her rider who is still just too shocked to react. Tanit is quiet as she starts checking over the gold, finding light superficial scratches. "I'm sorry." Is spoken with the same tone that she may as well have said 'I suck'.

A grunted "Hm," is all Tanit will get for her gratitude. R'sner is already moving toward the damaged ruin of wall and tile and wood that was once his office, the mess alone enough to have him balling up his fists to stop from twitching. Careful steps taken, with Toith hovering behind him to add her keen insight to the assessment (or, to just be ridiculously nosy and maybe snag a prize while he's not looking… like that cute stuffy over there!). There are no words from the weyrlingmaster, and he either didn't hear or is doing a darn good job pretending not to hear that apology. Instead, he's kneeling down to collect a few files from a busted file cabinet, attempting to salvage what he can. And then, files tucked beneath his arm, he heads back to Tanit. He is moderately less furious looking, though there's definitely a stark contrast between that ridiculously vibrant orange shirt and the utter doom and gloom of his expression. "Grounded," he says immediately. "She's grounded from flight," and it goes without saying that Tanit is, as well. "Feet on the /ground/ only," because of course he knows of Chauth's propensity for climbing things, "Until such time as I feel you," eyes to Tanit, "are competent enough to keep her from destroying people or property. Consider, just for a moment, what the consequences could have been if I, or Valeska, or Pieta, had been inside of that," and he thrusts a finger toward the ruins behind him, "When she crashed into it?" He kinda doesn't want to think about it, but sorta has to. And it's not a good thought.

Tanit expected a lot of things as punishment, but that? "You can't be serious, she's supposed to be strengthening her wings right now - you told us how important it is that they build the muscle development." The dolphineer just stares at him, and looks back to the utterly demolished office and she looks a little green with the thought. "You are absolutely right, someone could have been hurt because I was distracted, but don't do something so harmful to her physical development. At least make it so she can practice under strict supervision by Weyrling staff. But don't do something that could damage her forever." The thought has the Weyrling absolutely panicked, and possibly close to tears.

"You are /both/ at fault," corrects R'sner. "As her rider, yes. It is your responsibility to be aware of her actions, and you are ultimately responsible for the damage incurred. But it is also /her/ responsibility to understand that actions have consequences. She is a queen. She is a very large creature," he continues, eyeing the young queen, "to go running about without appreciating how dangerous she can be, if she is not paying attention to what she is /doing/. And I am not," he insists, "hindering her development. She can continue the exercises that built those muscles in the first place. And take her swimming; the current and resistance will strengthen her wings as much as flying would." He will not be moved on this point, but neither does he throw up defensive barriers such as crossed arms or deepening scowls. It simply is what it is. "She can fly once you have shown that you can keep her in check, and she," a glance toward Chauth, "shows that she is aware of what she is doing and the damage done."

"Swimming doesn't teach you how to deal with headwinds and shifts in air pressure or turbulence." « I wish people would quit making a fuss over my hide color. » Chauth notes sulkily. « So I'm just a little bit bigger than most greens, I can still fly just as well as they can. » Oh Chauth. Tanit's fist clenches and unclenches and clenches again. She's trying to reign back her temper, because this really is her fault.

"And allowing you and Chauth to continue with no consequences at all, doesn't teach you or her, how to respect the danger she could pose." R'sner: unamused and unaffected by arguments and righteously furious weyrlings. "People could have /died/, Tanit. Hell, SHE could have died! Or have you not considered that? How well do you think she would have fared, if one of those boards she broke had punctured her side? Or her wing? She's damn lucky," and he peers at Chauth now, "You are damn lucky that you didn't cause irrevocable damage by that accident. A few days on the ground," back to Tanit now, "will not hurt her any more than she has already hurt herself." And while Toith might have something to say about size (because she makes a very similar argument, in reverse! Little green - totally capable of doing everything those bigger boys and girls can do! Huff-huff) she is suspiciously silent on the subject. "No flying," insists R'sner. "At all, period, for the next three days. If the dragonhealers are confident that she has no lasting injuries, and clear her for flight after that, then she may join the others for lessons. But no free flight. Absolutely no flying outside of daily drills and lessons until my conditions are met."

Does Chauth try to hide behind Toith a little as the Weyrlingmaster's eye is turned on her? Yes. Yes she does. It might even be comical were the situation not so serious. Still as sea-green eyes take in the extent of the dragon inflicted damage - and her own exhaustion and just -deflates, nodding. Of course the gold does notice the soulless plushie claimed by the green from the wreckage, and « That thing looks - interesting? »

Defeated already? Fantastic! Cause R'sner's not even done dishing out the punishments. "I also expect you to pitch in and assist with the… reconstruction of the office," that just got refinished! Ugh. "Outside of lessons and caring for Chauth," so say good-bye to all that free time that Tanit didn't have in the first place. At least he says it a bit more diplomatically, as his main point (that being the potential for fatal wounds and injuries) has been made. And Toith? Being on the smaller side for a green, she is definitely not equipped to hide an almost full-grown queen. But she IS well equipped for hiding a small, soulless plushy from the eyes of her (totally distracted) lifemate. « He's cool! » she insists, voice 'whispering' to avoid attracting unwanted attention from R'sner. « An' he's mine now. » Or at least, until she's gone up and gotten herself caught, and no longer gives a shit about material things.

Tanit's soul may have departed her body. Free time? Was there ever such a thing as free time? Tanit wobbles, and lip wobbles, and really looks as though she may just burst into tears at any minute from lack of sleep, lack of - well anything. « I'm not sure if cool is the phrase I would use, but Ysigie's totally helped with making the mess, you could probably black mail them for more plushies - that's where Tanit got all of hers. »

As much as R'sner can handle righteous fury and probably death-threats without batting an eye… tears? /Tears/ are a weakness! Not that he's going to make that known. But there might be a quick clearing of his throat, a rolling of his shoulders (in that ridiculous orange shirt) and then a quick, "Right, well. You're dismissed. Go get some sleep," because very obviously, she needs some. « Dun wan' more. Jus' wan' this'un, » decides Toith, jealously guarding her new little 'pet'. « He didn' do nuthin', » decides Toith. « Jus' sat onna ledge and watched. » Certainly didn't go careening into the office. Snort. « Ten-ten on the landin' tho, » she confides with a bit of amusement. In Toith's world… if no one died, it's a win! Chicks dig scars. « But I gotta deduct points f' leavin' walls up. » Tch. If you're gonna take out a building, make sure you take out the building. « But dun do it again! » she warns.

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