Gold Onauth and Bronze Raenth's Hatching

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Western Weyr - Hatching Sands
A wide, spacious cavern with a high, vaulted ceiling and ledges high above for dragons to perch upon. The pale white sands beneath your feet are uncomfortably warm, although they seem welcoming to dragonkind. Scattered shards remain from past clutches although the current brooding queen usually has a cleared spot for her own clutch. Just up from the sands are the ledges where dragons can land to watch, while along the eastern wall are the galleries for humans to watch.

Xaleres gives a good laugh, shaking his head at Arkoss. "No shit, /really/? I didn't think the dragons would head for us! They totally Impress to each other, we're just here for moral support." The sarcasm ends as he notices the bronze's Impression, not recognizing the Impressee. Ah well. "Wish Fyra was here," he mutters to himself as he nears himself to Finian and Renae, if anything just to have someone to talk to. "Or, the green could be /yours/. Who knows. Think of all the sex you could get riding a green!" Mmm. Lovely!

Ashkaldyn grins just a little, and flashes Suvell a little glance. "You never can tell what's in an egg, based on color. Or size, so I've been told." And then she's quiet once more, dividing her attention between the young hatchling, and the still rocking eggs.

Rebelliously Righteous Green Hatchling is a spear across the sands at first, closing the gap between the remains of her shell and the Candidates quickly. She runs down the line with little regard for who her wings are hitting against, and who her trailing tail may be tripping. It's out of hunger, however, and not malice. She creels angrily, noticing her already-Impressed bronze bother - he has the idea. One of these things will feed her. Hah! And she'll prove she'll do it even better as a green.

Ixieae does overhear some of the other conversations, so she can't help but lean towards Xaleres and shout. "Wish she was here? Are you crazy? I'm so glad she's gone! I've had the greatest few days ever since she was taken." Smug and overly pleased with herself, Ixieae now bounces onto her toes. "Good riddance if you ask me."
And downhill it all goes. The Fire Within Egg gives a massive heave, expunging the glistening hatchling. Blue is apparent in the coloring, and yet it looks just… wet. One cannot tell the blueness of this one. With a mighty shake, he is free of his shell. He releases a tremendous trumpet of triumph. Free! Free at last!

Wild is the Wind Blue Hatchling
Whereas darkness reigned almost wholly upon the shell in whence he came from, a rich gray blue dances predominantly over the dragon's smooth hide. Cracks of muted sapphires unevenly spread into the folds and crevices found at the joints of his limbs. Blackened shadows dance merrily into the depths of his powerful muscles, emphasizing the strength he holds. Upon his underbelly, a pale cerulean melds abruptly with a emboldened cobalt shade. As the eyes wander towards the chest, it is relatively dark until the beginning of the wings. It appears subtle, the semi-midnight shade. Blending smoothly upwards towards the delicate tips of the wings, darkness gives way to a softened stone blue. Along the thin sails it travels, but the blue truly never fades into white as the wingjoints and tips are regarded. All ends in the same hue, and perhaps a touch darker, not quite as dark as the chest. The very same colors drape themselves rather firmly upon headknobs, eyeridges, clawtips, and even upon his long sinuous tail.

With a shimmy and a shake, the Neon Night Lights Egg nearly jumps out from the burrow of sand it has rested under for some time. With jerky and erratic movements, the egg wiggles and shakes, sand falling away from it in large sheets. Beginning at the top, cracks appear. Thin, and hairlike, they spiderweb across the panoramic view of the bridge, sending the neon lights blinking and flickering out of view. Pausing, the cracks stop slowly, leaving the base of the egg intact.

Brenn can't help but snicker a little at Xaleres' observation about the lifestyles of greens. Hey, humor is a great way to defuse tension, and there are few situations more tense than this. "Wow… look at how many of them are moving now." Taking a cue from some of the others he reaches over and grabs Eydis' hand, giving it a little squeeze to help reassure his nervous fellow candidate. Or maybe just to reassure himself.

Suvell glances towards Ashkaldyn, face contorting in such an odd way that it's hard to tell what he wants to say. Finally, heaving a breath, he shrugs, saying, "I never said you could tell what's in an egg. That's why I was saying it was stupid to bet on eggs and say 'oh I know what's in here' and blah blah." Ixieae's comment doesn't prompt anything more from Suvell excepting a rather loud snicker; he probably can't help but delight in something at Xaleres' expense.

Renae eyes the green warily at Finian's words, moving a tad closer to Fin at the thought, "Well, maybe? Maybe she is. We'll just have to see, mm?" Tilting her body a little to look towards the bronze pair that impressed, she tries to get a view if she knwos them, but really can't… Too many bodies, too much going on. "Mm, I supposei t only makes sense to congratulate those you know? Though, you'll be working with them all, if you impress…" Then she hears Xaleres and just busts up laughing, forcing her to immediately cover her mouth in embaressment. "Well, it would help you with the ladies, Finian."

Delynni spies the blue that just came out of the fire within egg. "Cool, lookit him." Delynni's eyes sparkle. "Ama look a blue….. oh please oh please!" She has her free hand's fingers crossed.

Arkoss shakes his head at Suvell. "I never said that one was a bronze, only that I didn't guess it'd be a green!" he replies, standing straight as a board as he watches the eggs hatch. Despite his decision to ignore Xaleres, however, he turns to glare at the candidate. "That's not all that matters you know." he hisses at him, then turns just as another egg hatches, into a blue. "Huh."

Ashkaldyn rolls her eyes. "I was on /your/ side," she snaps back at Suvell. "I, also, believe it is foolish to bet on eggs and colors." If she was going to say anything else, it's cut off right there, as that next egg goes tumbling into a dragon. "A blue! How delightful!" She glances briefly towards Raenth, grinning, and then back at those quickly moving dragonets.

Palest peach wobbles slowly across the sand as the A Hidden Fox Egg begins its first delicate movements toward hatching. It wobbles around in its spot, shaking back and forth as the hatchling within moves very stubbornly on toward hatching, even as the effort is almost more than it is worth.

Amarante shakes the hand clasping Delynni's own. "I'm hoping for you!" she tells her companion quickly. "I am!" She takes a deep breath and hisses at Arkoss, "Enough! Focus on the hatchlings or you'll be passed over for sure!" Not that she knows for sure, but she just wants him to stop /fighting/ for once….

Wild is the Wind Blue Hatchling gives a sharp snap of his wings and they are spread wide. Stretching his long sinuous neck, he tilts his head at the slightest of angles. Multifaceted orbs glitter and he silently strides forth. Taking his time, he doesn't approach the white robed candidates not until their fidgeting is dubiously noted. He takes a few hops, smoothly sliding his way towards the first of them. Scruntiny is offered, and dismissal soon encrouches. His tail snaps a 'farewell' to the candidate, and he approaches the next few. Eyes briefly peer upwards and he twists suddenly between them before they're forgotten. Warbling towards his dam, he is reassured by her rumble. Don't give up seems to the message. Striking out once more, he turns almost upon his tail. He moves at a breath-taking speed and stops before a young woman, a tall white haired beauty from Bitra Hold. Ni-Chang stood her ground, chin held firm and eyes narrowed. They soon widen with realization. "Wh-what? Me? Why me?" There is a pause, "Ni'an? I suppose that is easier… to pronounce, Luyanth." The pair turn then to the Weyrlingmaster and make it off the sands.

Finian spares Xaleres only a moment's glance as he approaches, "What, come to hold my hand then? I'm flattered, but I think I'll pass." Taking his fellow womaniser's words in his stride, he simply quips back, "Don't need any help in that department, Xal. If I impress green, it'll just be unfair for everyone else." Attention is half kept on the green, but flickers to the blue sporadically, "We'll see, indeed." Renae's words earn a pointed look, "Hey, who says I need help? I don't." Bristle. "I'm just as successful as /he/ is."

Pike grins foolishly at the sight of the blue hatchling. "I would have never guessed… " He stopped midsentence, not wanting a reminder that you can't know what color is in what egg. Watching the new little dragon, he smiles. "Cute little thing though, isn't it… And /quick/ to Impress." He had barely blinked before the blue hatchling had time to find a lifemate.

Eydis can't quite hear all the conversation going on around her, what with the noise of dragons humming and such. But she hears enough of Xaleres comment to turn her head enough to give him an odd glance. When she glances back to Brenn though, she's snickering and her nervousness is momentarily forgotten. That is, of course, until the green starts going on the move and a blue hatches. "Ahh, drats. Can't even look away for a second and something more happens." Of course. Shifting now from side to side as the heat of the sands works its way through her sandals, Eydis smirks a bit as more eggs begin to rock. "And there goes the blue. Recognize the name, Brenn?"

Rhelia eyes the green as it creels angrily, not offering a word of congratulates to the bronze pair. "Well, if your hungry, get over here, then… Yeesh." She grumbles, her eyes only pulled away then when a blue hatches, bringing her attention to that one. Now her looks are between the two, determined to keep track of all the hatchlings.

As if with one final surge of energy, the Neon Night Lights Egg shivers as a claw is dragged along the inside of the shell, forcing the cracks to grow larger and more easily visible. Pieces of eggshell fall away, unable to stand on their own without the support of an intact egg. With the shell now gone, only the base remaining, the dragonet within languidly stretches out each limb. The remaining platform of shell acts as a stage, the Richer Than Your /Wildest/ Dreams! Green Hatchling demanding the attention of everyone in the Hatching Cavern.

With a triumphant cry the Wild is the Wind Blue Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Richer Than Your /Wildest/ Dreams! Green Hatchling
A lazy heat hangs heavy and humid over a lush jungle, practically bursting at the canopy with an overflow of flora. Creeping vines of holly and hunter crawl up sinewy legs, tendrils of rich indicolite wrap thin, spindly limbs before fading into a main, rich vein of malachite. Swirling and reaching out with a pale, luminous grasp, headknobs are gripped and bloom with a bright avocado, fruit plentiful along the hanging vines. Along the spine, celadon brindles and dapples in a pale, frothy sort of respite from the dark hues of the jungle. Up and across the wings, a myriad of greens come together in a swirling mess of rainforest — but breaking the dark colors are small splotches, few and far between, of the same celadon that dapples along the spine.

Delynni takes a deep breath, deflating somewhat as the blue hatchling suddenly finds its lifemate, and its not her. Then the new green has just come out its shell and she squeezes Amarante's hand tightly.

Arkoss watches as the blue Impresses quickly as well, sighing slightly, then turning to watch the green. "She's taking her own sweet time, huh?" he asks Amarante. And then here's another green! "This always happens so fast…"
Ivan rises up and makes his way over to Tora's side, flopping down with a grin on his face. "Sure, I can still make it for you, if you want." He says, then relaxes as he gives his shoulder a pop.

Ashkaldyn frowns towards the new weyrling, as if in deep concentration. She mumbles their names to her self several times, until she makes a quick bob of her head, and turns back to the clutch. "Another green, wonderful," she decides, looking delighted. "So far, so good.
Brenn yells out his congratulations again. "Congratulations, uh… uh…" He trails off, belatedly reminded by Eydis that he does not, in fact, know that partciular candidate's name. "I think it was that girl from Bitra? What was her name?" He laughs a little, embarassed, then turns his eyes back to the pair of greens still roaming the sands. "Wow."

Rapid cracks begin to overtake the A Hidden Fox Egg, making the ribbons disappear under the darker lines of cracks across the shell. Eventually, nothing seems to hold it together except the fact that it has always been an egg. Although it is unlikely to remain so for very much longer.

Pike holds his breath once more at the apperance on another green hatchling, casting a quick excited glance at Arkoss before turning his attention back to the beautiful green dragon. "She's beautiful…" Anxiously grasping the white fabric in his hands a moment, he forced himself to relax, dividing his attention between the new green and the eggs.

Xaleres chuckles at Arkoss. "Suuure it is. That's where we all come from, you know. I'm quite content with making my life devoted to populating the face of the planet. I'll enjoy every moment of it, really!" Finian's response gets an eyeroll. "Oh, I'm sure. I understand, you're like me, you wanna chase. Takes all the fun out of it when ya don't. Say, another green! C'mon Fin, one for each of us. We'd get /twice/ as much shmex! Oh really? Canni hold your hand? Please? You're so hot, I just can't contain it—" He's kidding. Really. He gives Fin a wink-a-wink, before eyeing Ixieae like she were the worst scum ever to come out of someone's butt. "Watch your mouth, woman. I'll settle with you /later/." His attention turns back to the Sands, and the dragonets, where it should be.

Eydis can only shrug her shoulders a little to Brenn's questionning. "Your guess is as good as mine? Although I'm sure we'll find out soon enough." She grins crookedly, eyes already turning to gaze back towards the eggs. There's another deep breath from the candidate as yet another green hatches. She begins to shuffle more noticeably now, hands clenching and unclenching as she tries to keep track of one too many things for her frazzled mind to handle.

Dawn Sun and Night Egg gives a little jerk, dislodging it from the pile of sand that surrounds it. It lurches onto it side, getting just enough motion to roll down the small mounc of sand. When it finally comes to a stop, the egg lies completely silent for a second before a faint tapping and scratching comes from behind the shell.

Richer Than Your /Wildest/ Dreams! Green Hatchling revels in her newfound freedom, having broken out of her prison. Eggshell litters the immediate area around her feet, and as the lithe but supple green stalks away from where her egg once rested, the eggshell cracks and crunches beneath her step. Her eyes leap at a frenzied dash, flecks of red and orange mix in with a predominately yellow base. Hissing, the green takes slow and methodical steps towards Eydis and Brenn, her head hung low to the sands while her gaze is /fixed/ on the pair of candidates. Her belly aches for food, but first, and more importantly, something else drives her forwards. The newly hatched green holds her wings half-cocked, and half-extended, egg goop dripping from the outer edges.

Ixieae is unaffected by the look, only raising a delicate eyebrow at the lad and scoffing. "Oooooh, I'm shaking in my sandals. You couldn't hurt me if you tried." Just to be a bigger snot, she raises her hand and makes the talking-mocking motion with her hand. "Whatever Xal. She was a pest and will always be a pest." And that's all Ixieae has to say on that matter. Her attention now re-focuses on the hatching.

Rebelliously Righteous Green Hatchling is very serious in her search for the Perfect Food-giver. And a companion or kindred spirit might not hurt, either. She pauses before nearly every Candidates, some recieve a longer, more thoughtful glance than others, and some are passed over like they weren't even there, standing in front of her. A light blonde catchers her eye, though, and she stops the longest in front of him, looking him over for any glaring faults. Apparently, she is pleased with what she sees and creels pitifully up to her chosen lifemate. Food now, yes?

Suvell peers at Arkoss — what, Xaleres gets a glare and Suvell just gets a correction? He doesn't dwell much on this, seeing as Ashkaldyn is snapping at him. His eyes flash hotly before he smirks at the other, replying coldly with, "Yeah well then take it as me agreeing with you then, yeah? And maybe your robe's a bit too tight. You shouldn't be that snippy," he shoots back to the other before angling his head towards the blue, eyeballing first it and then the wandering green. Xaleres' comment to Ixi spurs Suvell to shoot a glare over -that- way. "-You- watch your mouth when you're talking to her." Bristle. For now, it seems as though the drama apart from the dragonets is what holds Vell's attention the most.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Rebelliously Righteous Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Brenn looks quite stunned when the green stomps over to him and Eydis. He just freezes up for a second, unable to speak or even breathe, just staring at the hatchling that is suddenly so close up. "Uh… hi there." He manages nervously after a second passes.

Renae grins sweetly at Finian. "I never said you needed the help… Some girls are that shallow to be pulled into your's and Xaleres whims." Where is a Pernian halo, when she needs it? Turning her eyes back to the sands, she more or less groans, "I never expectedi t to be /this/ lively, but… I suppose they don't wait on anyone." She shifts a little in her spot, ellivating the pain in one foot to favor the other. Looking over at Xaleres, and then Finian, she laughs, "Should I leave you two alone, so you can have your lover's quarrel?" And then she's watching the green, again, "Where did she go to?"

The And A Bottle Of Rum Egg is not remotely subtle, swaying all at once in a violent rocking movement. Back and forth, back and forth - with scrabbling a plenty - until it dislodges itself from its place and rolls down a small incline. There it stills, as if contemplating what just happened.

Eydis is about to turn her head again to Brenn to point out some random thing, only to reach back and cling to the candidate's arm. "Brenn." she breathes out. "Are they supposed to do that?" Should she be worried? Probably. Common sense prevails though and she simply steps back a little, uncertain.

Ashkaldyn has another small eyeroll for Suvell, and then she's apparently done with the subject. She even manages to miss Ixieae and Xaleres' little spat. Her eyes follow the greens, briefly - not attacking? Good - and then she's back on those rocking eggs. Whatever drama the candidates are creating, Ashka's doing her best to ignore it.

Arkoss watches the wayward greens, looking from one to the other and totally ready to move out of the way if one of them charges. One does head over to someone, and he turns to see who.

Josilyn has been here the whole time, really, already doing the hot Sands hop. "Congrats!" she calls out to all of the newest riders. "Lots of greens, though, huh?" she asks no one in particular, watching as another green emerges.

It doesn't take very long and the A Hidden Fox Egg splits neatly down the middle, and spills out a brightly cinnamon hued Absolutely Corrupted Brown Hatchling. Once he's free from the confines of his shell, he takes off across the sands, as fast as he can toward the line of candidates waiting upon his arrival.

Absolutely Corrupted Brown Hatchling
Streaks of pale cinnamon cover this brown hatchling, from the tip of his broad muzzle down to the flashy finial of his whipping tail. He holds his head high, balanced on a long, swanlike neck before the rest of his wiry, lithe body follows. He has slender forearms and then, thin wiry haunches balanced on rather bony feet. Still it his vastly oversized wings that are a crowning touch, wingsails of dark cinnamon and then marked with palest peach toward his trailing edges they seem more silk than wingsail, glorious fabric stolen for decoration.

Ashkaldyn murmers, "Two," towards Josilyn, flashing the other candidate a quick look. "And I'm hoping for three more. Five greens, four blues, two browns and a bronze. That's what I'd say is in here," and she juts her chin at the eggs. "So far, nothing has contradicted me."

Pike watches the Rightous Green bugel Impression, and enviously he glances around to see who, his attention slightly drawn by the rocking of the Bottle of Rum egg, and then the newly hatched brown.

Delynni watches the exploits of the greens. "Oy, attitude on that one." Then she watches as the Hidden Fox egg clumbles away into a brown hatchling. "Lookit him, flashy all over." Delynni remarks to Arkoss and Amarante.

Richer Than Your /Wildest/ Dreams! Green Hatchling turns with astonishing speed, her tail lashing out and around her thin body with an almost audible *CRACK!*, much resembling a whiplash. She turns to gaze over her shoulder, gaze contemptuous as she quite-nearly glares at Eydis and Brenn. with a decisive snort, those two are forgotten and the green marches on. Headed towards a new group of candidates, she carefully inspects and sniffs each one, eager to find the right match for herself. Sadly, none in this bunch seem adequate. With a racous and rather petulant trumpet, the green roughly shoves one young girl out of her way, her entire body weight thrown into the shove. It isn't much, but it's enough to shock the young girl, and send her sprawling. But, the green doesn't seem to care - she simply moves on, back end neatly sashaying in fluid movement.

Absolutely Corrupted Brown Hatchling Absolutely Corrupted Brown Hatchling is all quick motions and jerky reactions, but it still takes a good bit of time to find the young man that he is looking for. First, he has to discard several as not quite right, quickly moving on and so what if he damages them in his haste? They weren't what he wanted anyhow. Eventually though, he ends up near a healer's apprentice from Fort, pushing his head against Jerome's knees. Then pushing harder until he's acknowledged, finally J'ome looks down and calls out. "Of course, I see you there, Dajith."

With a triumphant cry the Absolutely Corrupted Brown Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Dawn Sun and Night Egg shows faint cracks as the tapping grows. The cracks grow until the shell starts to turn into delicate fragments.

Finian laughs, thoroughly amused, though notes the direction the first green seems to be heading, "Eh, looks to me like that one's found somebody already. You'd better keep your fingers crossed for the second one, Xal." His gaze is locked in Eydis' and Brenn's direction, curiosity flaring in his gaze, "Mnn. That's interesting." Returning his attention to Renae, now, Fin grins - his feigned injury at her latter statements gone, "You can't leave me here with him, then I'll have no excuse but to hold his hand!" On the subject of the green, he shrugs, "I don't know.. Oh wait, there she is." He points, indicating the general direction for Renae's benefit.

Amarante is saying her congratulations with a distracted air, but it's heartfelt all the same. Her eyes are on the hatchlings as they come out, though, and then zinging left, right, and center. "Arkoss! A brown!" And then she's looking over at the green as it bugles. She just can't quite /see/…. And then the brown has found his lifemate just after.

S'vell looks spitting angry, still bristling at Xaleres' words to Ixi, probably the only real friend (if you can call it that) that Su possesses in this entire crowd of candidates. Ashkaldyn is pointedly ignored before there seems to be something just pulling at Suvell's attention. "What do -you- want?" he nearly hisses out before he stops, just staring at the green. "Uh. Uh." Nevermind that this is the one that he had previously said 'it's a -green- of all things' about, right? His right hand twitches, pausing at his hip before it moves to the green's head. "Lhayerath." There's nothing more said.

M'roc claps his hands together with delight, grey-blue eyes dancing with glee at seeing the new pair find one another. "Aaah, right this way!" M'roc says, making his way quickly to the new pair of Weyrlings. "S'vell, it is? Well, how's this. Let's say we get her off the hot sands and find her some food, eh?" the Weyrlingmaster deftly gestures towards an area marked off where S'vell's new green can be fed and taken care of.

Rhelia tilts a little to see whom the first green went to, her body leaning forward even as she keeps her arms folded. No holding hands for her, never. And then a brown hatches, and she's watching that. "Hmmm…" Not talkative much, is she? Now ,to keeping track of that one green, and the newly hatched brown. That green is doing alot of sniffing, apparently.

Brenn takes a very, very deep breath when the green moves, on, breaking into a little bit of nervous laughter. "Shards, for a second there, I thought… well, nevermind." Once he has his wits about him he spots Suvell and his new lifemate, which brings another smile to his face. "Hey! Congratulations, Suvell!" He calls out enthusiastically.

The And A Bottle Of Rum Egg is on the move once more, or so it attempts. It sways again, the same motion, but before it can roll any farther it stops and hard 'WHACK WHACK CRACK!' can be heard as it splits the shell, dark talons curling over the turquoise shell edge before receding to start hammering again from within.

Arkoss looks at the brown just in time to see him Impress, and he smiles wryly at Amarante. "Yeah, a brown, and there it goes." he tells her, then notices the green had gone to Suvell, now S'vell. "Ah. Congrats!" he calls over. Here's hoping he's nicer to the green than to the bronze firelizard….

Ixieae groans, "Aaaah /man/! Not you, Vell. You were my /guy/. Who the heck is gonna stand here and mock others with me now?" But she does the right thing and back off, even if it is with a frown, to let Suvell and his green have their space. "Shaaaaaards. Don't let her corrupt you Vell! Got it…" Suddenly, Ixieae seems all unsure and stuff. She digs her foot into the sands and drowns even more. "Congrats." is said weakly. Sniffle!

Delynni calls out in a low voice. "Nice work Suvell!" in a low voice. She catches sight of Rhelia and rolls her eyes. "How much you want to bet, Ama, Arkoss, that Rhelia is still holding out for a gold?" She snickers.

Ashkaldyn's eyes go flicking around the rocking eggs, only to get pulled once more to a dragon and new rider. She sighs. "And this just proves that attitude has nothing to do with Impression." She'll smirk, just a tiny bit, and offer a little, "Congrats." She's being nice.

Aryll is quite glad that she didn't catch Ixieae's words earlier. She was too focused between keeping her feet cool and watching the hatchlings. Not to mention she was way beyond that group of candidates, but it was about time she moved from glaring towards the Weyrleader to Ixieae, having followed the green hatchling's movements. She might as well glare daggers that way, too, for a moment. "Great," is all her reaction to Suvell's impression. She frowns at the pair for a moment before turning her attention back towards those unimpressed dragons.

Eydis gives a bit of a startled, strangled noise when the green's tail lashes out towards both her and Brenn and she's quick to backstep out of it's path. Her grip on poor Brenn's arm doesn't loosen up either and a rather shaken Eydis watches the green warily for a few moments before even daring to look away. "That was too close, if you ask me." she murmurs, glancing over to Brenn before looking away. "Huh? Suvell Impressed? Good for him!"

Dawn Sun and Night Egg is now just a mess of cracks. Soon, a snout pokes out, and then two sets of claws. Soon the egg looses it's shape and falls into heap of shards under a small, lithe blue hatchling.

Pike watches as the beautiful green turns it's back on the two candidates, making it's way down the line. He can't help but smile with hope, though he knows everyone else is probably doing the same. The whacking sound from one of the other eggs is enough to draw his attention for a only a moment, the eager and intent young green dominating his thoughts.

Force of Nature Blue Hatchling
There is a sheen of sparkling, ocean blue that dusts this small hatchling here and there, but yet he is mostly covered in a drab denim. Antique gold splatters like ink down his neckridges with no rhyme or reason to the sudden pool of faded tan on one ridge and the lack of anything but blue on the next. Mud splashes up from hazardous onyx claws to sinuous limbs, licking along the ribs and haunches of this all too thin dragon. A long, whip-like tails all but fades into the inky void of midnight. His large wingsails are a surprisingly cheery sky blue, disguising the lurking danger beneath.

The Hideaway Building Egg rocks slowly, attempting to emerge from the hiding place where it resides. Slowly trying to coil out to be released, but, it is not yet time. It stops its movement. Then, slowly, it rocks once more. Back and forth, an attempt to break free.

Xaleres almost keels over when he notices that Suvell Impresses the green. Almost chokes, really. "Go Suvell!" he wails. "Suvell, suvell, got a green, he'll have a flighty woman's sheen, go go Suuuuvvvy!" He sparkles wildly, before nudging Finian with his elbow. "Ain't that somehthing." Renae just gets a smirk, for now… But, in coy response to it, he blows a kiss at Finian. Mmmmwah! Sparkle sparkle.

Amarante shakes her head a little. "I don't know. I didn't know if she was the last time too. Oooh, look!" She nods. "Another blue, Del." She grins at the other Candidate.

Delynni's eyes widen as a blue hatchling comes free of its egg. "Wow, he's beautiful!" Delynni agrees when Amarante points him out. "Lookit him I mean….. gorgeous!" She has a huge grin on her face.

Josilyn has been here. Really. This whole time. She watches awkwardly, frightened, and also quite uncomfortably. It's hot. This robe is terribly ugly. And her feet /hurt/. She hops from foot to foot, trying to remain steady.

Force of Nature Blue Hatchling skulks in the remains of his shells for a moment, quietly pondering the new turn of events. Before being able to come to any real conclusion, hunger compels him towards the semi-circle of white-robed Candidates. He stalks down the line, hardly doing anything more than skimming the faces, with the occasional one or two getting a second glance but nothing more. Finally, he finds himself in front of a beautiful blonde girl from the lower caverns named Vasilisa. "Babayeth!" comes a few few seconds later, and the girl is on her knees, arms around the scrawny blue.

With a triumphant cry the Force of Nature Blue Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

S'vell wanders away after M'roc, following Lhayerath towards that designated area. Xaleres is probably lucky that S'vell can't hear him and luckier still that the lad has a very hungry dragonet to distract him; this prevents Xaleres from getting a fist in his eye that he would've otherwise recieved. "Yeah, food here or something." The congratulations, sadly, go underheard, though Ixi does get one last grin.

Renae gasps, "Wait, that was — Whoot Suvell!! Maybe she can put your 'lizard in line!" She calls, laughing that someone who she knows has finally impressed. "Oh Finian, look!" She tugs on his arm, and then when Xaleres makes kissy faces, she becomes distracted, blinking… "Not here, Xale. That's highly inappropriate for the sands." She grins, sticking her tongue out between her lips before looking out again at a, blue? "Let's see, blue, green… The brown impressed, right?" She's trying to use Finian to keep track, you see. And possibly as a shield, if any hatchling get ideas.

The And A Bottle Of Rum Egg's hammering grows louder, pausing a moment before a final WHACK obliterates the side and the little hatchling pours out with the watery goo, sprawling over the hot white sands with an enthusiastic trill.

Pike glances at Josilyn for a second, smiling. The sands were pretty hot, but somehow the excitment drew the heat away from his attention.

Got A Little Captain In You? Green Hatchling
Luxury is evident in the healthy curves on this boxy hatchling. Rich forest green and emerald drape over the mass of her form, like a velvet cape. Darkness, near black, collects in the shadows of her well fed figure. This primarily reaches along the underside of her neck belly and tail, but also up her legs in subtle spirals. Here and there a few smudges of lighter coloration and darker, giving a 'crushed' feel to the velvety texture. In striking contrast, pale key lime ridges run a low profile down her back. The color crackles down in dapples, like wispy spider-webs lacing down into the richness of her hide. They creep over eye ridges in ringlet-like patterns, and over head knobs. Tendrils don't intrude far across the width of her neck but continue their form down, spreading out a bit more, like lace, along her shoulders. Over her back the resume a sense of the conservative once more before spreading out a bit farther over her full haunches and down her tail where they vanish into the key lime tail spade. Her wing spars are dark as her legs with similar subtle shadows but exhibit no lacing of lime. Her sails, however, taught near-translucent velvet remains a rich spread of emerald until the wide edges which are again laced with the fine circular filigrees of key lime.

The Hideaway Building Egg rocks more rapidly, slowly drawling into full force. This way and that, pushing and shoving until finally.. The egg breaks. Only slightly, there's only a little crack, but that's enough for now it seems. It returns to its concentrated rocking, this way and a that way.

Delynni sighs, "And there he goes." Delynni says reluctantly as the blue finds his rider. "Wow, Suvell and green, somehow that totally fits. "Oh check out that green."

Richer Than Your /Wildest/ Dreams! Green Hatchling seems to tire of marching around the sands, stopping dead in her tracks and lifting her head high. She swings her head 'round, as if catching the scent of the most delectable prey available. Slowly, she stalks towards a lone girl, the mostly yellow with fear and hunger shifting to a rapid mix of green, blue, and yellow. Reaching her destination, the hatchling stops at this green'eyed girl's feet and gently nudges her shins. Tilting her chin upwards, the two lock gazes, and that's all there is too it — Impression!

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Richer Than Your /Wildest/ Dreams! Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Ashkaldyn looks triumphant, almost missing that blue's Impression as another green breaks shell. "Three greens! Well on track. Oh, if only I had some paper." That last bit is murmered, and she can't help a little sigh of longing.

Arkoss looks at the blue, opens his mouth to say something, and he Impresses. "So quick!" he murmurs, then notices another egg hatching. "Another green! This clutch seems full of them, but I suppose that's normal…oh the other green Impressed." he looks over to see who.

Josilyn glances towards Ashk and giggles, softly. She's certainly excited as well, but she hasn't even tried to guess which egg contains what. Why should she? It's more fun to be surprised! As the green cracks, she squeaks and smiles broadly. "She's pretty… well, they're all pretty."

Ixieae clenches her teeth, "Shut it, Xaleres. Even with a green, Suvell is ten times the man you will ever be. So snap your big, ugly mouth closed and concentrate on what's going on." Her finger points out to the eggs hatching and dragons impressing. "Bloody ass." She hisses out, "And she's an /awesome/ green, Suvey!" Even if he doesn't hear her, she's rooting on her friend, darnit.

Got A Little Captain In You? Green Hatchling goes to right herself, but this is not as easy as it seems. A limb here, a limb there… and none seem to coordinate themselves right on their own. Why is this? After a moment of huffing and puffing the green gets to her feet, wings held at odd angles as she examines these white things out there that her siblings rush towards. Another squeal and she bounds forward, except for that whole coordination thing, which fails her and she face plants before tumbling down a little sandy hillock to end up much closer to her destination. Pft. It works.

Brenn is still a little shaken in the wake of the close encounter with the green, but he's slowly regaining his composure. He smiles a little down at Eydis. "It really is different from down here, isn't it? Shards." He takes a deep breath, trying to concentrate on something other than his own nervousness. "So that's… a bronze, three greens, two blues, and a brown? So far, my predictions could still be right."

Finian refrains from yelling, simply raising his voice a tad higher, "'Grats, Suvell." His words contain the slightest hint of bitterness, after all he hasn't quite forgiven his once-fellow candidate for the words exchanged on the first meeting. But he can offer congratulations. Back to Xal, "It's something alright." Then another, "A green! How many is that now. This one's gotta be your one Xal." Grin. Dipping a little as Ren tugs on his arm, Fin simply replies, "I don't know. I haven't been keeping track."

Ashkaldyn laughs a short, dry little laugh towards Josilyn. "I'm not sure about *pretty*… they're kind of gooey and big-headed. But I suppose, if we're talking about their hide colors, yes. They are a rather pretty lot, aren't they?" She's looking utterly delighted. She chances a glance towards Josilyn, frowns, and asks, "You look anxious, are you alright?" Her? Not anxious at all, nope.

Rhelia seems caught off guard at first when there is a green hatchling in front of her, taking the moment to blink down at the creature before lifting a hand and caressing a green cheek. "Mevalonath?" She seems to inquire, then blinks herself into reality and smirks a little. "Ofcourse, lets get you something to eat, darling."

Aerhi shakes her head up at her dragon, sighing. "So many greens. You know it'll be awful once they can all be Proddy, right? Why do you do this to me?" she complains to her dragon, who all but ignore Aerhi and continues to hum happily, encouraging on her young. "And they all seem to have attitudes, but I guess they wouldn't be /your/ children if they didn't," she says, more jokingly now, giving her large gold a friendly pat.

As the Across the Waters Egg rolls in its own little wallow, the flashes of orange across its shell seeming brighter as it moves. Slowly it wobbles back and forth, wandering around in its hollowed spot before eventually it comes once more to a sudden still stop.

S'vell hears Ixi! "Thanks, Ixi!" The lad calls out, startlingly cheerful for once in his life as he gets Lhayerath on track with this eating food business. While he's getting his hands all bloody and all that fun stuff, the new weyrling glances up every now and then to keep track of what's going on out there. He's still curious, darn it.

M'roc grins once more, having just returned from helping S'vell and his Lhayerath just in time to spot Rhelia be found and claimed by /another/ green. "Well! Quite a few greens, so far!" He says with a chuckle, reaching Rhelia and slipping an arm reassuringly around the girl's shoulders. "Right this way, doll, and we'll find that pretty green of yours somethin' to eat."

Delynni spots Rhelia impress a green. "Alright Rhelia!" She chuckles. "What an attitude on her but, hey it works." She says with a chuckle to Amarante. "Well, S'vell I think, and Rhelia and….." She starts taking stock of the hatchlings.

Arkoss sees who it is now! "Ah, Rhelia, congrats!" he calls over, and smirks at Delynni. "So much for that." then he looks at the eggs still left hopelessly. "Well, there's still five left, maybe…."

Eydis shakes her head a little, feeling as though her gaze and attention is being torn in too many directions at once. She does eventually smile back to Brenn, trying not to let her nervousness creep into her tone. "It is a lot different. It's not at all as I expected." Eydis admits, before quirking a brow up in disbelief to the candidate next to her. "How have you managed to keep track?" she asks, raising a hand up and wiping the back of it across her brow. Hot in here. Looking back out over the sands, she's doing her best to keep track of the other hatchlings and which eggs are rocking.

The Hideaway Building Egg breaks through that crack, finally, an goo covered talon, followed by the claw. And suddenly, the large figure pushes forth from the egg, leaving nothing behind of the shell. With its past holding cell now destroyed, The Gangster of the Sands Bronze Hatchling lurks.

Pike raises a brow in suprise at the hatching of another green. "I can't believe their are so many in one hatching." Watching M'roc help Rhelia off the sands with her green, Pike smiled and made his way closer to Arkoss. "There seems to be so many greens this time around."

The Gangster of the Sands Bronze Hatchling
Dark, deep bronzes pool along the hide of this dragon, an empowering presence simply by his color alone. Darker, off-greens line his muscles, appearing like worn metal that has been left out for ages while dull and old copper tones grace his talons and the tip of his muzzle. A large brute in appearance along with his deep bronze colors, going together perfectly and twining to appear as a threatening figure that has seen many battles. He even appears to have a scar that starts from one eye ridge and ends at the corner of her mouth on the right side of his face, as if from a fight of a thug-war. It is a faded gold, suggesting that it is not a fresh wound, nor even a real wound but a play of color. But, light does shine through the night. Flickers light gold specks dance down his hide freely, gathering where they see fit, though hardly gracing his head and headknobs while it gathers much more frequently at the tips of his forked tail. It is almost as if the gold specks were being sucked down to the tip of his tail, or even exploding outwards from the tip. The gold flecks become paler on the sails of his wings, which are an opaque bronze, almost see-through. These wings are larger than normal, on his body, while he himself is larger than normal, as are his wings. The joints are also thicker than normal, appearing as if he can down the mightiest foes with just a flick of his wing. Not only do his wings have large joints, but the rest of his limbs are large too almost like a body-builder. Muscles are large makeup of what makes this bronzes larger size, making awkward movements for the dragon, despite his age.

Josilyn blinks a few times at Askaldyn. She hadn't thought of that! The girl winces a bit and shrinks back some. "They /are/ awfully gooey, aren't they? Do they get baths right away?" She exhales, then gives a little nod, lifting a hand to play with her hair. "I guess I am. They're… so big and close, and didn't you hear of the mauling at Xanadu?" She shudders.

With a sudden rumble like a blast of wind through the trees, the Awash in Green Egg shakes furiously for a moment, and then falls still once more, silent.

Ashkaldyn bobs her head. "Oh, I would expect they do. All that egg slime can't be very comfortable." And then, at just that moment, the bronze breaks his shell, and Ashkaldyn looks just /crestfallen/. "Two bronzes! Oh, well… I suppose that's great, but it really throws off my predictions." Her nose wrinkles.

Amarante breaks her hand from Arkoss' at last to rub at her eyes. So many things to pull her attention around. Along with the heat, it's starting to make her feel light-headed. She takes deep breaths and centers herself, however. All is well. She just has to stay calm.

Brenn manages a little bit of a grin for Eydis. "Hey, I gotta concentrate on something to keep from going crazy with nervousness, don't I?" His attention is snagged away again when he sees the second bronze pop out of the shell. That prompts him to yell out to another candidate group. "Hey, Ashkaldyn! I won our bet!" Way to rub it in.

Got A Little Captain In You? Green Hatchling tries this once more, wiggling like a grub before she's upright once more. Aha! Take that you blasted gravity! She strides off with more control this time, towards them white things, but she moves like her egg wobbles, veering this way and that to keep her balance. Her limed tail whips back and forth, taking out one candidate with a blow to the stomach. Pah! He wasn't worth her time anyway! What about… yoooou? She gazes at a girl, blond, and some dark haired girl next to her. Ugh. Would no one NOTICE her? She trumpets in frustration and lashes that dangerous tail again. And that poor boy who just recovered? Yep, she's got him down again. Ugh. Weakling.

Xaleres smiles pleasantly at Ixieae, despite the fact he'd LOVE to attack her here on the Sands. He would, too. "You shut it, miss cutie. I'll deal with you later." Wink wink. "Lookie, another green!" he warbles, eyeing Renae and Finian with amusement. "And a bronze! That's.. a funny looking bronze. Huh." Ah, well, he'll stop being a jerk for a while and enjoy the spectacle. Like watching Delynni with a very, very large grin. Quite amusing, she is, really.

Sudden cracks begin to develop across the brilliant orange of the Across the Waters Egg. Every moment they begin to widen, slowly spiraling across the entirety of the egg's surface and then rapidly spreading. Still though, the egg moves back to a rest, waiting once more before starting to hatch.

Renae nods her head a little at Finian, clucking her tonuge a little, "I'm having a hard time keeping track, as well. I wonder if the dragon's are better at keeping track then we are?" She takes a second to peer around the hatching cavern, taking note of dragons— and people in the stands. Oh. She blushes a little and then turns back, in time to catch RHelia impress, and the bronze hatch. "Oh… He's, uhm…" How to discribe that bronze? "He's interesting." There we go. "Is that a scar?" She asks of Finian again, leaning forward and squinting her eyes, as if somehow ,that'll bring the creature into better view. And then she's real close to Finian again, considering the temperment of the green.

Arkoss watches the green attack one hapless candidate. "Well, that's one who's mean outside the egg too." he comments, hastily backing away from range of her tail. "There was a bronze at Xanadu that almost looked like a gold as well." he comments, looking at the bronze hopefully.

Ixieae scoffs yet again! "Bring it, little boy. I've kicked you in the balls once, I'll kick you in the balls again. This time, you'll never be able to use them again." Mmm. Being violent is for the win!

Delynni turns to glare bloody murder at Xaleres. "Are you staring at something pervert?" Delynni asks innocently. "It better not be me….." She looks up at the bullying green hatchling. "Uurrrg, that one's nasty." She shivers.
Pike watches the young green on her path of distruction, a concerned look crossing his face. "She's not mean.. " casting a glance at Arkoss, he crouches low on his heels. "She's disoriented."

Josilyn gleams at Ashkaldyn, giggling a little. "Nothing wrong with another bronze," she points out, cheerfully. The less she focuses on her burning feet, the better. She shifts from foot to foot, /trying/ not to hop like some candidates do. It's just not comely.

Eydis grins a little herself towards Brenn, chuckling softly. "I guess you're right." She jokes, before glancing away to watch the eggs again. There's a slight whistle from the candidate as the bronze hatches. "There's another bronze. And there was a brown earlier, right?" she muses, shuffling a little from foot to foot as she tries to work out the numbers. There's a slight smirk from Eydis. "So you did bet, Brenn?" she teases, before wincing when she catches sight of one poor boy being knocked down twice. "Ow, that look liked it hurt."

Another blast of energy sends the Awash in Green egg to shaking until cracks begin the separate the green shell, spider-webbing outwards.

Ashkaldyn's nose wrinkles, but she flashes a brief smirk towards Brenn. "Yeah yeah, no one's perfect." She has a brief moment of looking glum. But who can be glum while a Hatching is happening? She's more appreciative of that bronze, and actually decides, "He's not so bad. At least he looks strong! Strong is better than all limbs and no muscles." Not that she's paying attention to the /hatched/ dragons. It's the eggs that have her attention. "No, but it does through my predictions into the ocean. Maybe there'll be four greens, to compensate." She grins a bit at Josilyn.

Finian manages to catch another impression from the corner of his eye, offering another congratulations to the pair, he's pretty sure he knew that girl anyway. Whipping gaze back and forth, from eggs to hatchlings, he lets his attention fall on the bronze that's next to hatch. Querulous, he says, "Is there… some sort of scar on that one?" The question is poised for either Renae or Xaleres to answer. As Renae echoes his own question beside him, the candidate nods, "I think so. That's a bit strange." Shrugging, the unusual nature of it is given little thought, as Fin continues to watch on with interest. Though, for a moment, it seems as though he's remembered something, or someone. The galleries are given a quick survey, Finian definitely looking for a certain face amongst those watching. Seemingly he doesn't find them, and returns gaze to the sands.

Brenn winces in sympathy when he sees the green knock the same boy over twice onto the hot sands. Ouch. "Poor guy… better keep on your toes." He gives Eydis a little bit of a sheepish smile as he shifts his balance to prevent feet from burning. "We just bet for bragging rights. Not a real bet or anything, but I won all the same." Back to admiring the spectacle.

Got A Little Captain In You? Green Hatchling wobbles away from the groaning white thing. Not you, not you, not-… wait. Snuffle. Snort! No… definitely not you. She's getting this walking thing down, even if she wiggles a lot. Ooh… is that… is that the one?! She gives another trill of excitement and bounds forward again. But while we have walking we do not have bounding… and the dark haired girl is bounded right into, knocking her onto the hot sands with a drunken gurgle of conquest. Don't talk of bronzes, you are -mine-!

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Got A Little Captain In You? Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

The Gangster of the Sands Bronze Hatchling moves, slowly, lurking near the shards of his broken egg before letting out a trumphet. Not much of a manly roar but a childish squeak, flustered, he puffs himself up and begins his wandering. You looking at him? How about he take your eyes in exhange? Once close enough to peek in the eyes of a scrawny boy, his scar-like eye peers closely before he lets out a breath in the face of the scrawny one. Weakling. Pfff. He turns, whapping the boy with his tail before he moves down the line. You all are not worthy, not yet.. Work for it. Dance for him, maybe? His tail flicks again, attempting to hit each candidate he passes.

Pike standing up tall again, he watched the eggs crack all around, then his attention is turned back to the young green, smiling at the sight of Impression being made.

Delynni shudders at the bronze hatchling. "Man, lots of damage and destruction this clutch. How many so far have hit somebody at least once?" She asks Amarante cautiously as she watches the hatchlings in their progress.

Finally, the Across the Waters Egg hatches, dumping out A Determined to be Brave Blue Hatchling. He shakes off the flakes of his hatched shell and then gives himself one more shake to be sure. Then he's off to find out just where his partner is to be found, carefully placing one foot in front of the other as he seeks. Nothing fancy as he moves, just a solid walking as he searches.

S'vell has just faded off into the background, ignoring the sparring between Xaleres and Ixieae as he very nearly ends up shoving too much food down Lhayerath's gullet. Whoops. "Oh, shards. Chew. No, spit it out!" The green spits it out. We have a winner!

Determined to be Brave Blue Hatchling
Midnight blue paints the hide of this dragon, decorating him in a cloak of darkness that seeks to hide all his flaws and imperfections in the deepest shadow. Wings of spiraling midnight that cover him from his leading edges to his trailing, with no discernable difference between the very fragile wingspars and the thin opaque membrane of his wingsails. The rest of his body is colored in that selfsame hue, a nearly black blue that allows him to seem smaller than he is, the dark color hiding both his size and the nearly over long length of his tail.

Arkoss jumps back at the bronze. "Another mean one." he mutters, avoiding the tail. "Oh, the green impressed. And….another blue." he looks over the blue, hmming. "Almost black."

Josilyn was on her feet. She really was. Not very steadily upon them, as she wobbled a little trying to keep her poor soles from burning. But then, /something/ hits her solidly and she's upon the ground and there's goo and there.. "Baliceauth?" Her voice is faint and she gets to her feet carefully. Then her eyes widen and the girl gives caution to the wind and throws her arms around the green's neck. "Baliceauth! Oh, yes, I am yours! And you SHALL eat…"

Xaleres chuckles. "Only staring as one would stare at a freak show, darling. You're making quite the entertainment of yourself." He moves off rather quickly, ducking on the other side of Finian and Renae, so he's not in eyesight anymore. Probably for the best! His eyes dwindle in the direction of the dragonets, but.. "That does sorta look like a scar. /Wicked/. Weird! Oh lordie look, he just took that boy out! /Ha/!" That's pretty cool.. But.. Scary. Hm. He runs around to the /other/ side, now. He's allowed to be afraid for a second! "Huh, the green Impressed to.. Wait.. Huh!" His eyes grow huge in surprise.. But also in a gigantic smile. Oh yes. That girl gets a BIG smile from him. "GO JOSI! You swings those hips girl, WOOO!"

Determined to be Brave Blue Hatchling doesn't take very long before the darkly blue hatchling is finding his match in a younger lad brought up from Telgar. Why, he only had to walk half of the hatching sands to find his match in a miner's son. Nalaum is unnerved at first, but then he's bending down to reach forward and hug that dark neck. "Oh, Piehth. You found me. And I'm very grateful to be your N'laum." With that, the pair simply waits, too caught up in finding each other to do anything other than stay together and enjoy the moment.

With a triumphant cry the Determined to be Brave Blue Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Ashkaldyn throws her hands into the air. "Ugh, I give up! That blue just ruins it." But she doesn't seem to blame the poor dragon, though she does watch him as if, maybe, if she tries hard enough, he'll turn green? Nope. Of course, she can't concentrate too hard when the girl next to her is suddenly Impressed. For once, her attention is more on the new pair, than the eggs. "OH my! Congratulations!"

Delynni nods, watching the blue. "He's beautiful, even if he's so dark in color. He's got a….." She turns at Josilyn's outcry. "Nice work Josi! Xal……" Delynni growls. "If I impress and he does that I'm going to hit him." She growls, then she turns around as Piehth has impressed. "Aw man."

Eydis smirks a little as the bronze hatchling begins to make his rounds and give a few candidates a hit with that tail of his. "Oh great. Another to dodge." she mutters under her breath, before side glancing quickly to Brenn. "Oh, for a second there, I thought you actually /had/ made a real bet." There's another chuckle given to this and then more eggs are hatching and her attention is pulled back to them. And just in time to see both the green and the blue Impress. "I don't recognize those names either. Do you, Brenn? Shells, my memory can't be that bad!"

With a last fierce gust, the Awash in Green egg explodes like a pile of leaves before the wind, sending shards of egg everywhere and leaving in its wake a dark dragonet.

Ixieae has shuffled a little bit closer to Xaleres, since she is lonely now. Not that she'd ever tell anyone that. And when she overhears what Xaleres says to Delynni, the candidate-gal cackles gleefully. "Aaaah, for as much as I hate you Xal, you still make me giggle."

M'roc takes a few steps closer to S'vell, keeping a close eye on the new pairs. "Make sure she chews, and if she doesn't listen, /make/ her," the weyrlingmaster scolds gently, his eyes coming to rest on Lhayerath. She certainly isn't the first hatchling to chew too fast — aaand there we go, another new pair! The Weyrlingmaster strides out onto the sands, extending an arm towards Josilyn. "Shall my class be entirely greens?" He jibes with a grin. "This way, and we'll get, what did you say her name was, Balicaeuth? Let's get her something to eat."

Thief In The Woods Green Hatchling
Deep shades of myrtle dapple the hide of this husky green, mottling her hide like the underside of a vast canopy. Rising up along her ribcage are wisps of brown, spreading like small twigs to support the framework of her leafy hide. She is built strong, muscles well defined atop her thick body. Stocky and short of body, she has a compact look about her. Her powerful legs are streaked with the sooty afterimages of bark, each paw tipped in a cruel black talon. Her whip-like tail is somewhat lighter, trails of coppery gold splashing at the base and across her hindquarters as if the sun were just being glimpsed through the sheltering branches of her body. Her wings join her body at powerful shoulders, the bones slightly bigger than usual. Her wingsails are likewise dappled with splashes of amber sunlight, each membrane it's own shade of deep emerald, hunter, or occasionally navy. She looks like the deepest part of an ancient forest. Stalwart, intimidating, completely mysterious.

Aryll stands silently, watching the impressions as they're made. A glance here and there as a pair is lead off. She toes the sand idly, looking down at it before Xaleres's yells bring her back just in time to catch Josilyn and Baliceauth walk off the sands. She smiles at the girl, offering her own whoop of encouragement.

Brenn definitely makes way for the bronze hatchling should be pass anywhere nearby. He has no desire to take a tumble down into the sands in this heat, definitely not. "They're certainly… an aggressive bunch, aren't they?" His eyes dart to the more recent impressions, and a grin crosses his face. "Hey, I recognize her! Congratulations, Josilyn!"

Arkoss notices the green Impressing Josilyn. "Congrats!" he calls over to her. And here comes another one! "Another green!" he exclaims. "It's getting so that half the clutch are greens!" he looks her over, then back at the bronze again, yearningly.

S'vell glances up at M'roc, looking guilty — no, no, he wasn't the one giving food to her that fast, certainly not. "Um. Yes, sir." His hand, though, is promptly jutted out towards the green, containing a nice big chunk of that dripping meat. Om nom noms.

Delynni spies the green and shakes her head. "Lots of greens this clutch. Aw, but Baliceauth is such a pretty name." She comments. "I know Arkoss, its crazy." She remarks. "Lots of blue's too." She sighs as she watches the number of unhatched eggs and paired hatchlings dwindle. "man, its going to happen again, ah well….."

Amarante jumps back as the tail flicks towards her courtesy of the bronze. Nnngh. She slowly starts to release Delynni's hand as well, clasping then in front of her body. She glances around after she's safe, spotting Josilyn's Impression. "Congratulations!" she calls towards the other girl. She looks towards the green, a spark of hope in her….

Eydis snickers a little, wiping her hands on the side of her robes before picking up her nervous shuffling again as the heat of the sands continues to be a nuiscance. "You'd think we would've had an idea after touching all the eggs!" Eydis remarks to Brenn, shaking her head a little.

Josi nods to M'roc, a little dazed at the moment as she gets to her feet. She can't do much more than laugh at Xaleres' pronouncement and grin at Ashkaldyn. Then she's following the Weyrlingmaster to where the food is. "Okay… eat- no!" she leans in, doing her best to keep the young dragon from overeating.

Ashkaldyn says, "Well, at least it wasn't another bronze," though she's not *that* disappointed that her predictions have been blasted to ash. "And they are a nice bunch of greens." She glances towards Delynni, looks ready to launch into some sort of practiced lecture, but decides to just shrug her shoulders, and go back to egg watching.

Renae watches Xaleres running around her 'n Finian, looking a bit confused at his sudden movement around them. "Xale, will you sit still!? Your making me antsy…" She grumbles, turning her head jsut to watch him before she's looking at— "Yeah Josi!!" She yells, catching the impression just in time, before Finian speaking catches her attention again. "Think he cut himself on the shell? It's possible, but he doesn't look like he's bleeding… Maybe when he was still in the shell, and it healed over." Sagenod from the youngin', and she's trying her best ot keep watch. "Hmm, lots of blues and greens. Is that good?"

Pike grins, watching Josilyn Impress. "Conrats!" He smiles, glancing as another green makes it's way out of the shell, the faintness of breath returning. Watching the same hope swell up in Amarante, he offers a encouraging grin at the same feeling inside her.

Finian ignores Xaleres for now, unable to keep up with both his antics and the unfolding events on the sands. The bronze draws a wary look, particularly in reference to the tail-swing business. With his hand firmly clasped about Renae's, Fin beings to shift unconfortably atop the sands, the heat and activity finally seeming to get to him. With his free hand he wipes a streak of sweat from his face, commenting to Renae, "Is it getting /hotter/? And look, there's another green. That's like five, isn't it?" He hasn't been counting, but guesses at it anyway, "And, yeah I think it's good. So long as they are all healthy, don't think anyone cares much."

M'roc smiles warmly down at S'vell as he passes with Josilyn and her green in tow. He pauses to rest a hand gently on the lad's shoulder, "No, I never said you were feedin' her too fast. I just meant, watch her carefully. Y'don't want her to choke, do you?" He says with a firm, but soft voice. The brownrider pats S'vell's shoulder, offering a smile and then moves on. There are many more weyrlings, so he can't linger and dally too long. "Make her chew," he has to warn Josi sternly, his eyes darting to the eager and ravenous Baliceauth.

The Gangster of the Sands Bronze Hatchling lets out an unpleasant huff, whacking out more violently towards the candidates. Can you not dance?! Dance! He turns, retreating from his inspection and formulating a new plan. Surely, his minion will follow. He turns, settling himself onto the sands with a bit of distance between the candidates and himself. He stretches out, his eyes whirling quickly with shades of red. He watches now, make your moves, little ones. Make your moves.

Ixieae is starting to move around a bit too much. Perhaps it is boredom or perhaps she just wants off the sands. Either way, she makes her way over by Xal and stands next to him, just… cause. "I hope you get mauled." She comments lightly, smiling cutely. "Maybe that green'll do it! It'd be cool." Ixieae gives a wink to the boy. This is how she passes the time! Mocking people.

Delynni tenses, ready to run from the bronze hatchling. "Jeesh, can somebody spell the word 'Aggressive?'" SHe asks sarcastically as she watches the bronze's antics. "I swear, I almost jump out of my skin every time somebody goes down." She shakes her head, grabbing Amarante's hand agan and squeezing, hard.

Thief In The Woods Green Hatchling looks around and huffs, spreading egg-wet wings and looking at herself with disdain. Her head swivels back and forth, eyeing the line of white things in her way. Those things? I don't need those things! To prove it, she marches towards them with her head held high and her tail out straight. She'll show them! She advances menacingly on the line. Oh, they'll let her pass, those weaklings, they'll never know what hit them.

S'vell shakes his head, still looking up at M'roc and looking unusually subdued — at least for the moment until he gets hsi wits back. "No, sir, I don't." Then, looking towards the green: "You sharding be careful, yeah?" Dragonet better listen.

Brenn smiles uneasily as he continues to keep his eyes on the rampaging bronze with the odd eyes. "Well, I don't know, I did sort of pick up an aggressive vibe from some of them. At least nobody's been seriously hurt yet… just stay on your toes, okay? I think most people aren't getting knocked over on purpose."

Xaleres smirks at Renae. "Me? Hold still? Nah. I'll run circles round you all day, cutie, if I could. But no, really.. Did you see what that bronze did?" He shivers, rubbing the sides of his arms as if he were cold, although he isn't. "Hotter? Nah, it's just the anticipation for this to be overwith. And it better be overwith soon, I want some /booze/, seriously." He could really do with that. "And a shag. But, at least the—whoa, that green looks like a… meanie.. too. What on earth did those parents clutch?" Evil maniacs!

Pike watches the young bronze with a feeling of curiousity. Tapping Arkoss on the arm, he motions to the young dragonet. "What do you think that ones up to?" Keeping his attention divided between the young bronze and the new green, he watches as the young green makes her way down the line in a one dragon parade. "Amazing.. "

Locked Away Jewel Egg shakes, quakes, and quivers. Attentive rocks, beat by beat slowly attempting to break free. The sounds of scratching are faintly evident, shaking the egg with slightly more vigor before it goes slightly still. A faint rock before it tilts over onto its side.

Arkoss shakes his head at Brenn. "No, I think it /is/ deliberate. They're targeting everyone with their tails." he tells him. Sigh. Two eggs left, and the dragonets out right now are /mean/. He watches them both warily.

Ashkaldyn will move, oh yes. If that green comes her way, Ashka will happily scoot to one side, and let her continue on her way. No need to get mauled just because she has a good view! "Didn't you get a hostil feel from most of them, when you touched their shells? There was only one, well, maybe two, that didn't feel like they wanted to rip my head off. Dangerous dragons."

Aryll stares at Thief in the Woods Green, frowning at seemingly her defiant nature. "Reminds me of someone." She mutters to herself, brown eyes moving over to Ixieae to give her that same frown. But there are more things to watch on the sands and her attention is caught by Locked Away Jewel Egg, taking a few steps back as it shakes.

Delynni eyes the remaining two eggs with her fingers crossed. "Come on, hatch, hatch, hatch, hatch." She repeats, looking from one of the eggs to the other. "Just hatch already." She watches the locked away jewel egg intently.

Eydis glances over to Brenn again as she begins to almost hop from one foot to the other. "I don't plan on getting in the way of another one if I can't help it." She notes with another nervous smile. Arkoss is given a quick glance as well. "We were warned that some might be unpredictable though, right?" she adds in, still plucking idly at her robe before giving another long look at the last remaining eggs.

Renae just rolls her eyes at Xaleres. "Do you ever stop thinking about getting laid?" She asks, shivering and nodding to Finian, "Aye, I think it's getting quite a bith ot in here." As if that wasn't obvious with her feet shuffling. Even as she does this, she keeps an eye out for the bronze and green. Woah, swinging tail, and even though it might not be close, the lass takes an adverdant step back, eyes getting a bit large. "They are quite… exhuberant, arn't they?" She gulps, peering to see what that bronze might do next.

Ashkaldyn frowns, just a little, and glances again at Delynni. "They'll hatch," she assures her, not at all concerned. "And if not, well, it won't be the first time that an egg failed." If she's at all concerned for the wellfare of the eggs, she's doing a good job of hiding it, even managing a wry little smile.

Locked Away Jewel Egg emits sounds of more vigorous scratching, desperate to get free. Finally, a sliver of a talon pokes out, slowly trailing downward. Another talon pokes through, continuing the slow downward pattern to free the hatchling from within.

The Too Tough To Die Egg shifts in its place, subtly. You can almost see a tumbleweed pass behind it in your mind's eye as it twitches and tremors here and there with such slightness that you must catch it's movement twice to be certain it really did so.

Finian can agree with the notion of booze, "Shards yes. A sack of wine is in order after this finishes." A sack for him, alone, that is. The latter activity isn't remarked upon, but Fin gets a slightly wistful look crossing his face passingly, the candidate's mind easily distracted. His attention is still on the bronze, mostly noting the general direction he's heading should the need arise to dodge a swipe. Again, his hand rises, wiping sweat - Fin then wiping said hand on his white robe, leaving a dark smudge. Classy. To Renae, now, "Eh. Exuberant. I'd say that's a bit of an understatement."

Delynni watches locked away jewel egg in fascination as a claw moves slowly and repetitively across its surface. "Wow." She says, blinking in surprise. "That's just creepy." SHe points to the egg. "Lookit it Ama."

The Gangster of the Sands Bronze Hatchling rises from his little perch, letting out a disdained huff. How boring you all be! He slowly pulls himself up, slinking over towards the candidates.. But, alas, this trip does not go without error. He stumbles and lets out a cry of utter distress. No one saw that! He is perfection! His wings ruffle, a fitty movement from the hatchling before he returns to his.. Closer inspection. Aha! There is the good one. Silly boy, not coming towards him.. Oh well. This one be his…

With a triumphant cry it seems that the The Gangster of the Sands Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Ixieae taps her fingers against her arm and then fiddles with her hair. Just cause. "How many are left?" She looks up and counts. "Right, right. Two eggs, and… two… now one dragonet. Lovely." Gnawing on her lower lip, Ixieae sends looks towards the sands exit. So close to being free and getting a drink!

Pike moves away from the pack, just a few steps to the side, whether to seperate himself or just out of curiosity, he's not sure. Watching the shaking of the Locked Away jewel egg, always keeping the green hatchling in sight, he can't help but wonder what colors will hatch from the remaining eggs, and who will be chosen to be their lifemates.

Xaleres pauses for a moment in thought of Renae's question. Think, think… "No. No I don't. Mainly because I haven't since I left Ista, and it's a drag. But that's okay, cuuuuzzz.. I've had a pleasant time at least." Finian's coment gets a nod. "Yes yes, wine!" Now, that's all he'll think about! Lots of wine. Ixi is given a stiff stare from his position, but he'll say nothing… He doesn't want to fight, not now. Even though, this could be the perfect time.

Brenn goes wide-eyed again when another candidate ends up bowled over. "Well, okay, maybe not all of them are accidental. But either way, best to just stay alert." He keeps nervously shifting from foot to foot, taking another deep breath. "So that's two bronzes, three greens, two blues, a brown… shards, that's not right. I can't keep up."

Thief In The Woods Green Hatchling creels at the Candidates, objecting to their presence. Just move! She snarls in annoyance and advances, head lowered, swining danerously. She charges, claws scrabbling and flinging up sand. She will escape, she will be free! And she sees it, an opening, a lone figure drumming her fingers. A chance! She veers, heading for the girl at full speed.

Ashkaldyn can't help but call over, "Three blues!" to Brenn, looking mildly triumphant at being able to correct him. But, there's a more sincere smile with the call, to soften the blow. "Two more, maybe two more greens?" One can hope.

Locked Away Jewel Egg pauses… Finally, once enough claw marks have been opened and a thin upper arm pushes through, clearing a hole before the arm returns inside the egg. A thin head pushes out, then the wings follow and the egg falls apart to reveal the Traitorous Ally Of Thieves Brown Hatchling.

Traitorous Ally Of Theives Brown Hatchling
Rich, chocolate browns work down along the dragons hide, deep and dark colors on the verge of a dark chocolate tone. This sweet chocolate brown has some raspberry filling that occasionally peeks out, reddish chocolate brown blobs forming down along his spine and the tips of his headknobs along with the tips of his forked tail. Like little rubies that shine from the darkness of the night, from the veil in which they were hidden. Minty greens come along on his underbelly, speckled like little sprinkled gems that have been thieved from their owner and used as a fashion accessory. Even little speckles of gold dance around the whirling eyes of the brown, worn as a fancy little shimmer to bring accent his eyes. This brown, while showing off his treasures, is quite thin looking. Flimsy, even. A thin body, a tiny frame along with a very lean tail. Despite such a tiny figure, his size is quite average for a brown of somewhat large stature. While his form seems lean, his wings are a bit smaller than average, almost frail looking like dainty little fingers that curl easily around its prey. Easy movements are obvious, feline-like grace with a casual flick of his dainty tail or twisting into the most awkward of positions. His head, tiny as well, is finely pointed and figured. Eyes slightly smaller, pulled back into a cat like appearance. Even his muzzle has a curve at the corners of his mouth, mimicking a feline-like smile.

Eydis chuckles softly. "It's hard, isn't it? To keep up? I feel like I'm having my attention dragged every which way!" She admits with a tiny shrug. Now that she's started shuffling from foot to foot, she just doesn't stop. Silly heat. "All I know is that there seemed to be an awful lot of greens." There's another shaky grin given to that remark and then Eydis adds in. "I'll stay alert just the same though." she says towards Brenn, before her glance goes back to the two, make that one, egg left. "Oh, another brown!"

Without warning, a shot is fired across the Sands, a deafening CRACK! that shakes the air already a buzz with activity. Everyone, get down! …except that it wasn't a shot. Geometric lines are now apparent in the oddly colored shell of the Too Tough To Die Egg. It means business.

Delynni grins at the appearance of the brown. "Neat, I wonder what he'll be like the way he came into the world like that." Delynni chuckles. "Oh man, here comes the last one!" She bites her lip and squeezes her hands until her knuckles are white. "Come on, come on…."

Ixieae narrows her eyes as she spies a movement that's really getting way too close for comfort. This, of course, being the green dragon. "Erm." is all she says as she moves out of the way, since obviously it wouldn't be coming for her. And Ixi isn't one who'd enjoy being mauled. "You should really slow down," She says, calmly, at the speeding dragonet.

Finian is preparing to whisk Renae out of the path of the bronze, just as the large hatchling falls awkwardly at his feet. Wine and shagging are all but forgotten as he dips a hand to cup the wedge-shaped head that is angled up towards him, "Gusith?" The candidate pauses, nodding, agreeing it would seem to some silent instruction being given to him. Glancing up at Renae, he offers a lop-sided grin, absently murmuring, "Sorry, kid. Guess I'll have to leave you in Xal's care for the moment." Relinquishing his grasp, both hands now move to stroke darkened bronze hide.

Ashkaldyn is, by now, not even expecting her expectations to be met. So when it is a brown, and not a green, she doesn't even flinch. "Ah, well. Nevermind tradition and turns upon turns of records. Maybe this is one of those anomaly clutches." Or maybe Ashka's just being a sour old brat.

Arkoss whews. That mean bronze Impressed, although he's still sad. "Huh." hopelessly looks towards the green, but looks towards the eggs with more hope. Maybe, just maybe…. "Oh, congrats, Finian." he adds. "Er….good luck." eye the bronze. You'll need it! Ack, the green, she charges! Arkoss shifts away. No, he most definitely doesn't want to get run over by a marauding green! And hooray, a brown hatched! "Him, her, and one more left." stare at Too Tough To Die. "That one seemed male to me." he jumps as it makes a loud crack.

Delynni grins as Finian impresses. "Oh I saw that coming, either Fin or Xal getting a bronze. Though, given how narcissistic Xal is, I doubt he'll be picked at all." Delynni rolls her eyes. "Jerk."

Thief In The Woods Green Hatchling continues to barrel down on the lone girl. Speed is for sissies. Her talons catch in the sand and she goes tumbling end over end, sommersaulting into her legs. When the dragon lifts her muzzle, she meets the belligerant girl's eyes, and Impression is made.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Thief In The Woods Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Brenn continues to watch the last eggs pop open, trying to keep his tally steady. "Okay, so that makes two bronzes, two browns, three blues, and four greens? Is that right?" He glances down at Eydis as if expecting confirmation. "Well, that's kind of close to my guesses. Shards, it's almost over already, isn't it?"

Aryll's face contorts into a look of shock mingled with distaste at the green darts off in the direction of none other than Ixi. "I knew it but still. As if her head wasn't big enough." She snorts, shaking her head as she eyes the newest arrival. "Oh, he's nice and dark he is." She comments, nodding her approval before shifting her feet a bit.

Xaleres laughs. "Well good going, Fin! Looks like you're going to be doing some womanizing after all! Good show, boy, good show!" He would slap Fin on the shoulder, but instead he moves his way over to Renae and winks at her instead. "Sorry girly, looks like you're stuck with me." Pause. Delynni's comment is heard, but he doesn't bother responding; he only smiles in contentment at having pressed Delynni's buttons. Yes, yes. Lovely. But then… His jaw drops. His eyes grow. His lips… GRIN. "Ooo LA LA!" is stated as the green Impresses to just the girl he would've wanted. "Well well well.. Hmmm." He taps his lips, only waiting for his chance to spring in statement.

Amarante smiles briefly at Delynni, and at Arkoss as well. "It's getting hotter out here," she murmurs to them with a wrinkling brow. Then she looks at the last two eggs. And then there's an Impression from the bronze. She looks that way, leaning heavily against Arkoss for a moment. Which helps her see the next brown as it cracks out of the egg. "Oh, he's rather whippy, isn't he?" she murmurs. The sharp crack has her jerking in a bit of shock too. Whoa. "Never can tell," she says to Delynni quickly. And a third Impression too! She points towards Ixieae. "See?" she says simply by way of explanation.

Renae is nearly caught off guard when the bronze hatchling comes towards them, her body tensing even as it suddenly falls before Finian. It takes her a second to realise what's going on, and she pulls her hand away to bounceo n the balls of her feet. "Oh, Finian!" Well, she might think he's a womanizer, but she can be glad for him, right? Her eyes are caught on the little bronze, and respectfully she backs up, gulping a little as now she's forced to steady her own hands. Crasping them, knuckle white, behind her back, she turns to see the brown hatch, and that green… What is it with them all running out of her view? She turns to Finian, smiling. "No worries, Gusith is more important, now." She shifts her eyes then, to the sound, looking at Too Tough To Die Egg…

Aerhi eyes the remaining egg suspiciously. "With how evil-looking the rest of the hatchlings were, I'm almost worried about what might come out of that one," she says, looking slightly worried.

T'eo blinks, looking to Aerhi and back to the lone egg. Raenth just looks proudly at it. Proud of them all. No nonsense from this lot! "Er… maybe it'll… be nice?" He ventures. "Cause Faranth knows that's the last thing we need…" He mutters the last part more quietly, scratching an arm where the grime is drying a greenish charcoal.

Traitorous Ally Of Theives Brown Hatchling wiggles his thin little booty some, examining himself carefully and wiggling off the rest of his shell pieces. A glance towards the shards and he lets out a gentle croon, picking up a few for himself. Candidates? Oh, right.. Them. He huffs and turns his head to eye them for a minute, then the shell pieces.. His little wings stretch out before he continues his scavenging of what is left of his egg and putting them into a neat little pile.

And the exploding CRACK is heard again as the Too Tough To Die Egg has had enough of this nonsense! It has split right in two, the pieces falling apart to reveal the goo-gleaming hatchling between with head already raised… already looking.

Eydis seems to look thoughtful for a moment, distracted only when the green moves off towards Ixieae. Both her brows raise up to that pair, but she doesn't make a comment, save for her low chuckle. "I think that sounds about right?" she says towards Brenn, looking up to him once again before giving the brown hatchling a closer look. "Almost done." she muses, raising a hand up again to wipe it across her forehead and causing her to grimace a little.

Painted Frontier Justice Gold Hatchling
Hot flames of pale gold form over a dainty snout, tendrils of color spreading over her eye ridges and jowls where it meets layers of many shades of this spectrum. They flow out about her lithe body - and accent to her uniquely thin form - streaking down her neck, shoulders, belly and haunches to her tail. Each comes together in a rippled transition, reminiscent heat rising off the horizon. Pale ridges of the same gold on her snout start the gradient of colors, darkening to yellow gold, aged gold, brass and rose gold, almost copper. Rich red, like molten magma, glows up from her belly marking the end of this color field though her limbs retain the paler tones, darkening again around strikingly near-ivory talons. The pale of her ridges and face freckle over her shoulders, neck back and haunches as if she were rolled in dust or ashes, flickering down her tail to concentrate at the end, leaving the tip as pale as her snout. The same effect occurs over the pale to brass gradient of her wing spars—contrasting the slowly darkening limbs with a slow collection of paler particles. These do not affect the wings any, which give the hues in reverse, fading from a few stark red streaks, out to pale gold once more.

Ixieae stares. Just stares. Cause there is suddenly this topsy-turvy dragonet and she doesn't know what to do about it. "Uh…" is that drool? Could be. "Uuuuh…" So now what? Ixieae doesn't know! So instead, she'll keep staring lamely at the green. "Ide… Idesael… Ide… how did you say that again? Shards, it's a mouth full." Gulping, the candidate-now-weyrling looks up and flashes a panic'ed gaze all around. "Eeer… right. Idesaelitendeth. Okay. Guess this means no drink for me." Sigh!

M'roc looks up from tending his new group of weyrlings to watch the aggressive bronze find his match. "Well, well," the brownrider says, crossing his arms over his chest to watch the pair for a moment. He takes his time before approaching, letting the bronze calm himself after finding his rider. "What d'you say we head over there, t'get some food?" Before the new bronze weyrling can answer, another pair finds one another and M'roc must offer some guidance. "Shall we?" the Weyrlingmaster offers to Ixieae and her green, gesturing in the direction he has led all the pairs thus far.

Ashkaldyn lets out a long, exasperated sigh. "Really, didn't I already say? Attitude and personality have nothing to do with Impression. If only nice, thoughtful people Impressed, they wouldn't Search anything else. They wouldn't have Searched /me/, and they wouldn't have Searched /her/," and a finger gets jabbed towards Ixieae, except that it's Ixieae and a green dragon, now. Ashka just looks all the more smug. "Case in point. She's Impressed.

Delynni grins at the gold's entrance. "Beautiful! Beautiful!" She claps as she watches the gold's apperance. "Wonder who she'll go to, she's a beauty!" Delynni watches the gold eagerly.

Ashkaldyn is just screwed, really. "Well, Brenn, looks like you got that right!" she calls out, motioning needlessly towards the Gold. "I'm certainly glad I didn't /really/ bet you anything." Pause. "Did I?"

Arkoss blinks over at Ixieae. "Well that's certainly an, uh….interesting name. Congrats." he calls over, then watches the brown….be a pack rat. "Huh. Never saw a dragon interested in keeping his shell." he glances towards Too Tough To Die again, then back at the brown. "Well….maybe that egg isn't male." he's doubting now.

Delynni chuckles at Ixi's lifemate's name. "Wow, tongue twister. I wonder if she'll just let us call her lifemate Ide for short. I think I'd mangle that one if I had to say it three times fast."

Xaleres hoot calls at Ixieae, his hands clasped over his lips. "Woo woo Ixi, she's our pixie, she's so sexy, and — damn. I have no idea what'd come after that. /Lame/. I'm so not in my groove today." His moral support Impressed, and he's stuck with Renae, who is likely to lash out at him at any moment. "C'mon girly, look, a gold! Sparkly! Something for Fin to sink his teeth into." He stretches, looking between the brown and the gold with interest. "Aww, they're both kinda pretty, don'tcha think, Renners?"

Aerhi gives T'eo an unimpressed look, chuckling darkly. "I guess that's the best we can hope for," she replies, shrugging. Onauth joins Raenth in his pride, and gives a particularly happy warble at the appreance of her gold daughter. "Oh, neat. There's a gold, Onauth's first. Raenth's first, too, I assume?" Aerhi asks, peering over to T'eo suspiciously.

Delynni snickers. "oh yeah, Xal doesn't impress, knew he was a narss, he's too interested in hot nookie and cute tails." She chuckles. "Too bad Lucky, that you're not." She teases. "You were so interested in greens and shmex and rear ends that you didn't pay attention to the eggs or the hatchlings like you were /supposed/ to." She gloats.

Finian nods his head in acceptance of M'roc's instructions, shooting a grin back towards those who offer congratulations. With Gusith in tow, he follows over towards the side of the sands and heads directly to the location of the meat, fingers hurriedly delving into the pile of raw flesh. Sticky fingers now begin to feed the gaping, greedy bronze before him - though Fin does spare a glance over to the sands every few moments.

Renae blinks at she looks towards Ixi, trying to figure why the lass can't pronounce it, "Is it that bad?" She asks lowly, arching a brow questioningly before her attention is brought away by another hatching, which is gold. Her eyes catch for a moment, and she smiles a small smile, "She's a pretty one, even if she's a bit of stick." And then she hears Xaleres and turns to him, pushing, "You would think that, you little git! Fin isn't sincking his teeth into anything!" She growls, sticking out her tongue defensively. She's caught between keeping an eye on the brown, and on the gold, not wanting to be under toe, now that she doesn't have Finian to throw infront of her. Cough.

Arkoss shakes his head, belatedly noticing the gold hatched out of the last egg. DUH ARKOSS. He elbows Amarante, then looks over at the brown desperately. "Guess that one wasn't male." he points out needlessly.

Amarante catches her breath again at the sight of the gold. The last egg, and it's the gold. "No," she says almost inaudibly. "It's not male at all." She simply gazes long at it before dropping her blue eyes to the sands. She doesn't say anything else, but fiddles with her robes somewhere near her hips. The brown's still out there too, and she casts little looks over at it to follow its path. Anything but look at the gold. "So, what are your plans post-Hatching, you two?" she asks instead, trying to make at least a little light conversation as the final two hatchlings make their decisions.

Aryll manages to catch the golds arrival, taking in the little queen's appearance curiously. "Oh, so there was a gold after all. I bet there'd be one." She says, catching the eyes of a frightened boy next to her. "So just a brown and gold left." As if the two dragonets on the sands weren't obvious enough she announces this, keeping that hot sand dance going.

Brenn grins even brighter when he sees the gold pop out of the shell. "Hah! And a gold! My predictions were right on." Gloat much? He shoots a grin right over at Ashkaldyn. "Nah, just bragging rights. But trust me, I intend to make full use of those." He goes back to watching the last hatchlings, intensely curious.

Traitorous Ally Of Theives Brown Hatchling tilts his head again, his pile suddenly not so interesting anymore. Oh well, he flicks away the shards and begins a wander, weaving this way and that with no interest. Boring. Even his clutch sister… Boring. Boring. He stops before a row of candidates, playing with the sand instead of watching the others. He begins making a hole in the sand, bored.

Delynni chuckles at Amarante. "Its a surprise, lets just say that Xal will be getting more mud in his eye tonight." She says with a wicked gleam in her eyes and a wink in Amarante's direction. She looks up briefly at the galleries, trying to find a particular face. "yep, mud right in the kisser." Delynni says as she turns back to the brown and gold.

Painted Frontier Justice Gold Hatchling is well aware of why she's here, taking a moment to survey her surroundings with a hawkish gaze. Hm… awful warm here. She gets to her limbs carefully, no sense slipping or making a fool of one's self now, is there? And with a few tentative and wobbly steps she manages a pace for herself that's manageable and efficient as she moves towards the white things on the sands. There's some girls standing together but… no… they just won't do. Not for her. Oops! She trips over her tail and staggers. Ah… there we go. With an odd sort of 'nod' to the girls, she moves on towards a girl and boy together. Hm… no. Terribly sorry. She croons softly to them as she continues. Where -is- she?

Ashkaldyn just says "Yeah yeah," in reply, rolling her eyes. "Brag all you want. I'm planning on getting smashingly drunk, and after my fourth glass, I probably won't remember why you're bragging at all." She's not that upset. Really. Right? "Just hope she's quick, these sands are /hot!/"

Eydis glances between both the brown and gold hatchling, her head tilting a bit to the side as she takes in another deep breath and lets it out slowly. As Brenn gloats, she smirks. "How do you always manage to guess right?" Eydis teases, before wiping her hands down the side of her robe. "Shells, it's just down to these two and then it's the end? That was quick." There's a brief chuckle from her and then turns to watch both hatchlings carefully.

Xaleres shrugs. "Hey, I can't say anything for what Fin may or may not do. He's Fin, a man of my own shell. We have desires, and needs, and there will always be tail to chase." Shrug. "Those two are quite a sight, though, eh? Both are sticks, actuallly. Huh. Funny behavior for a dragon in that brown.. At least he's not attacking us like that bronze was. Hope he's not a demon for the weyrlingmaster." You never know! "They're both a bit of a stick. It's okay, though. Means they don't have as much weight to whack us with should they come near." He gives the girl a wink, before backing up a little. Yeah, he's a little scared. Just a little!

Arkoss watches the brown. "What's he doing?" he asks, stepping closer to him than to the gold since she's clearly not for him. "Burying himself?" he looks around at all the other hopeful candidates, then back at the brown. He could go to anyone, really. Not that Arkoss gets /too/ close to the brown, since the dragonets seem to be pretty vicious in this group.

Traitorous Ally Of Theives Brown Hatchling loses interest in his hole once more, boring now. Well, he finally gives a good look at the candidates. Ooh, dirty mouths… Look at that. How /interesting/. He slinks over towards some of the bad talkers, slowly crawling past them and then brushing up against /his/ boy. Lovey-dovey-cuddly boy. His and his alone, he curls around the candidate, letting out soft hisses to those who are near. Mine! Get away!

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Traitorous Ally Of Theives Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Renae just raises a brow at the brown's digging, entirely confused why a hungry hatchling would dig in the sand, instead of looking for someone. Turning to look at Xaleres, she nods, grinning just a little, "True enough. I was so afraid they were gonna smack us. Glad they haven't, so far—" She cuts herself off when the gold staggers, bringing a hand to her mouth, "Oh, I hope she doesn't injure herself…" She mumbles, looking concerned.

Ashkaldyn's attention is attracted by the strange behaviour of the brown. "Oh my," she says, one eyebrow arching curiously above her grey eye. "And you're right," she seconds, "At least he's not attacking… oh, he's on the move!" But then, it's over, and he's claimed another candidate, and Ashkaldyn just watches in fascination at the cuddling and snuggly behaviour. "How… interesting."

Painted Frontier Justice Gold Hatchling picks up a small trot across a gap in the lot towards another couple of candidates. One girl one shy looking boy. Whoa nelly! The brakes need some working on as she nearly collides with the girl. She gives an apologetic chirp, rearing up on her haunches to avoid slashing her with these long ivory things. W… woah! She nearly goes over backwards, spreading her wings and flapping them madly. She sways back over herself and carefully replaces her talons. She quickly slinks away from -that- mess. Ooh… what about -her-? She trots after her brown brother where a young girl stands beside his chosen.

Aryll laughs point blank at the brown and gold pair, shaking her head a bit as her eyes dance with mischief. "Prim and proper and obsessive compulsive. En't that a nice way to finish this clutch off?" She asks the candidate next to her, the boy shying away from her gaze immediately. She's so busy making fun of the dragonets that she doesn't catch the brown impress, trying to lure the boy into conversation. "James and his dad is up there," She says, pointing to the galleries. "Bet he's excited to see who gets the brown, it's our favorite."

Brenn gives Eydis a quick little smile before he looks back at the gold, curious to see who it will end up picking. "Yeah, I guess twelve eggs go faster than you'd think… but in another sense, doesn't it feel like we've been out here forever? My feet are killing me. But this has still been… incredible."

Xaleres is about to respond to the girly, but then there's something loud in his head. /Loud/. "Aagh!" is yelped, and he grabs the sides of his head painfully, and he's suddenly so dizzy he collapses knee-first onto the Sands, eyes pursed closed, and panting almost strangely. "IIWhat? … I.. Thank you," is muttered, as he looks up into the brown's eyes, opening his eyes in a smile that no lips can express. "Us? Yeah.. I think I can handle that, Kurouth. Xe'res? I like that." His hands grasp the sides of the brown head, and he looks about to all the other candidates with wide eyes. "Lookie, everyone! Lookie lookie!"

Renae is still keeping her hand to her mouth, yup, just because this gold is really doing a knock up job of running into stuff. As she leaps away from Xaleres and his reaction, a smile appears on her lips, "Congtas, Xal— Xe'res." She corrects herself when he puts in his new name, and then her eyes are back on the gold, watching as she makes her way around to candidate. Is she coming this way? Maybe…

Painted Frontier Justice Gold Hatchling is hardly prim and proper… just polite. She notes the eyes on her as she goes towards -hers-. She chances a look at her parents, but nothing more. She's doing things right, eh? Ah! It -is- her! It is! And she finds her pace picking up, faster than she'd anticipated…. and she can't stop! On no! Watch out! She bugles, half in joy but half in fright that she might crush her chosen! She tries that going up thing again, front end raises as the back end skids and she's rearing before the girl, wings flared and tail whipping to keep herself in balance. Ah! There! And quietly again, she lowers her front talons. A glance goes to her brown brother, suspicious, but then pleased as the boy next to his is his. That means… You. She butts her head firmly into her small chest.

Ashkaldyn can't help but laugh as Xaleres goes down. It's not out of meanness, of course. She's in high spirits. "No tail for you, hm, Xal?" she teases, though she doesn't expect a reply. Brenn, instead, is focused on, and she seconds his words with a quick nod of her head. "Feels like forever. Can you imagine what it would have been like in the old times? When twenty or more eggs were on the Sands? Phew."

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Painted Frontier Justice Gold Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Eydis glances down at her feet, as if only really noticing the heat now. "I'll be glad to get out off the sands, just because of the heat. But the experience has certainly been…thrilling. Incredible too." she muses, before laughing softly. "Ha! Xaleres got the brown, eh? Good job!" Eydis calls out, grinning cookedly again as she waits to see where the gold has gone off too. "You still up for that feast afterwards?" she adds in in a low voice to Brenn.

Aryll sets to searching the stands now, her brown eyes flashing quickly over the faces in search of her friend. It's only at the candidates yelp besides her that she turns around, just in time to catch the gold flapping her wings and reared up before her. "Shards!" She yells, jumping back instantly. Once the dangers passed however, and the golds moved on, she regains reclaims her spot. That was close, but she's not too put out, grinning over at the shy candidate who's moved off a rather great distance. "Don't worry, dangers passed." She assures him, grinning at Xe'res's impression to the brown."

Arkoss shakes his head and turns away. "Congrats…." blink, look again. Meh. "Xaleres." mutter. Oh well, congrats anyway, jerk. "Oh well, back to Xanadu for me." he almost walks right off the sands then, but wait, the hatching isn't over, even if it's just the gold who is no interest to him. Sigh. Oh look, the gold impressed too.

Delynni cackles at Xal's sudden reaction. "Congratulations tail chaser, I guess you weren't that big a narss after all. No victory that, you're still a big fat honking /jerk./" She snickers.

Pike grins, watching the newly paired riders and their hatchlings.

Aerhi seems pleased to finally be able to get off the Sands. "Thank Faranth, it's hot in here," she whines to no one in particular, and then eyes the remaining Candidates. Oh, right. That whole unpleasant business. She straightens her posture a bit, stepping close to the remaining few. "So, uh. I'm sorry you all didn't find your lifemates out on these Sands today. You're all more than welcome to stay here at Western and stand for any future clutches, and there'll be food and all that in the Living Caverns to celebrate. And, please, if you're gonna leave the Weyr, don't get kidnapped. Thank you all." Yeeaaah, she's not one for speeches.

Renae bowls back as suddenly the gold raises herself infront of her, halfway in fear that she'll suddenly become mince meat under those ivory talons. Her eyes are closed and her arms upwards in her fear, and then just as suddenly her eyes open, slowly lowering her arms to look at the hatchling not posed above her, but now in her chest. "Oh, my beloved Bennueth, yes… We shall get something to eat." She runs a shaky hand across a headknob, Renae, now Rea, bringing the gold close to her and looking for M'roc. "Food? Meat, she asks…" She says in a voice insistant on pleasing her new charge.

T'eo coughs and was right. "There… she looks… friendly enough." His kinda gold…. polite ones. Right Raenth? The bronze crooons, eyes whirrling delightedly. Look what he-er… they! did. As Aerhi give sher speech he stares at her. "Don't get kidnapped?" He hisses, disbelieving.

Ashkaldyn must say something to the new gold pair, and so she does. She grins, and offers a sincere, "Congratulations," to Renea, who is probably more absorbed with her lifemate than with those on the sands. She stretches, and looks happy enough, though her fingers are twitching by her side. "Do we get to leave now?" she asks one of the more 'seasoned' candidates, looking around the Sands.

M'roc looks up as the last dragonet finds her rider, slightly disbelieving that the last egg has hatched and all the pairs are together. "Went a lot faster than I expected," the brownrider mutters with a chuckle. After rounding up Renae and her Benneuth, the Weyrlingmaster calls all pairs to attention. While the hatchlings, for the most part, finish up their meals, M'roc prepares the Weyrlings and gives them further instructions. "After your hatchlings finish eating, both you and they will notice how dry their hides have become. Back at the barracks, your cots have been setup — and jars of oil are waiting. Once you're back, and settled in, make sure you oil them /thoroughly/. Only once they are asleep, can you leave and grab something to eat, if you aren't too tired." It's not a huge list of things to do, just the basic chores. Tomorrow, the /real/ training starts. Early mornings, cutting your hatchlings' meals fresh, and all sorts of… fun things.

Delynni sways on her feet now that all the hatchlings have lifemates. Her face is wreathed in a huge grin, definately something up. The girl waits impatiently for those that didn't impress to be let off the grounds. "Hurry up….."

Aryll is nodding along but at the mention of kidnappings she glares at Aerhi and T'eo. "Not like we's much safer here." She mutters darkly before heading out, glad to leave the burning sands at the weyr behind.

Delynni nods to the others and makes her way rapidly off the sands, looking anxiously up into the galleries. "THanks!" sHe calls to M'roc and the Leading pair. "Great time, wonderful time. See you!"

Arkoss nods. That's that. "C'mon, Amarante, let's go back to Xanadu right now. There has to be a rider from Xanadu in the galleries, right?" he even dares to try and wrap and arm around her waist comfortingly.

Brenn looks just the slightest bit disappointed, but also just a little relieved. After all, at least now the enormous tension of the event is over. All the unanswered questions have been resolved. Well, most of them, anyways. He gives Eydis a grin. "Sure thing. I could use a drink after all this… after getting out of these blasted robes. Shards, this thing itches!" He says as he turns to make his way toward the entrance.

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