While Dragons Feed

Western Weyr - Corrals
Enclosed by a high wooden fence on one side and the steep walls of the weyr on the other is a half acre of grass that holds the Weyr's herdbeasts and wherry flock. While this dragon feeding area is smaller than most of the Weyrs on Pern, there is still enough room for a large dragon to swoop down and grab his dinner with relative ease.

Hungry Queen, Hungry Queen… Hungry Queen does what Hungry Queen does. Which happens to be eat, so anyone who happens by the corrals would find Miraneith there. So the queen's obviously capable of venturing out during the daylight hours, she just doesn't always choose to. But sometimes hunger pangs trump all, hence her presence here and the wherry she's currently gnawing to bits between her jaws. Enka's leaning on the fence, watching her dragon, a hand lifted to shade her eyes.

Shadhavarth, on the other hand, is rarely ever inside when the sun is in the sky. Probably if she could move the sun to always stay above her, she would. The sun-loving queen just so happens to be hungry at the same time as her dam and, fortunately for them both, neither dragon is particularly close to bloodlust-time, so sharing of the corrals should be reasonably calm, though before she tries to land, Shadhavarth hovers above. « Mother. » is her soft greeting. « Will you share the grounds? » Better to ask permission than to just dive in, after all. On the ground, Iris is meandering in the direction of the corral, squinting against the sun to see who is already there.

Miraneith's jaws make a crunching noise as the wherry slides down her gullet, tongue licking up over her chops, and … "You did not nearly lick your eyes, Mir," Enka sounds agahst, shaking her head as her dragon snorts at her. No, Miraneith did /not/ nearly lick her eyes. It only /looked/ that way. A soft whisper of dreamy contentment gusts out towards that query from her daughter. « You may join me. » soft, dreamy and girlish, there's nothing but ease and happiness in her tone before she heaves herself up again, to snag a claw towards another wherry, and bring it to heel. "Iris," Enka spots her junior, her hand moving from temporary shade relief to a wave of greeting. "Nice seein' you."

The younger gold swoops upwards once, to gain a little speed, then down she comes, grabbing a wherry and jerking it up in an *almost* graceful manner if not for the wherry's flailing before it gives in to tonic immobility. Shadhavarth lands then, hind legs coming down carefully and wings whooshing up and out to balance her and her meal. « Much appreciated. » Shadhavarth responds to Mir, her own mental voice echoing her mother's easy tones with warmth. « You do not come out in daylight often, it is good that you come and be seen in the sun. » Iris watches her lifemate take a wherry and land just as the human junior arrives next to Enka at the fence, her own hand raising in greeting as she comes. "Nice to see you too- outside of the office!" There's a wry chuckle as the junior leans against the fence and starts shading her own eyes to watch the feeding. "And since we're away from the office, perhaps there's time to ask how you've been besides the office work we both know is keeping us busy."

A swipe of a forepaw easily knocks the wherry's block off. Or maybe not off-off, but the critter does drop stone cold dead, as Miraneith cranes her head to watch the younger queen's hunting maneuvers. « Flawless, as ever. » Miraneith observes smartly, with some pride and admiration. « I was hungry. » is here explaination for why she might be seen here and now in the daylight hours. « So I feast. » With a wry twist of her short neck, she stoops, plucking the wherry up and taking a nibble at it while her stubby tail coils over her haunches. "Well, busy is my middle name apparently." Enka answers Iris with a laugh, hooking both arms over the fence rail and leaning against it. "Mir was hungry, I needed some sunlight —" natural light, good for the body — "and some time to think before I head over to Little Sandy Hold. We're goin' to check on Liora. The dragonhealer there says Orraeloth's lookin' a bit better." But not better enough to really be seen in public, apparently.

« It runs in the family. » Is Shadhavarth's response to the priase- she would take a moment to preen, but she's got a wherry to eat. And eat she does, though delicately because she was only peckish, after all. Enka's laugh is contagious, for Iris starts chuckling, nodding in affirmation. "I can relate," she grins. "It's good to take moments to get out of our 'boxes' though. Sometimes working inside walls is the worst fate. Funny, how our fates get decided by the hatch of an egg like that." She trails off as her smile twists a little bit, though her gaze is not particularly regretful. "Anyway. Glad to hear Orraeloth's looking better… if Liora is coherent when you visit, pass on my greetings?"

« But of course. » Miraneith is sure to agree, although knowing her, graceful is not particularly her forte. Maybe Glyith was graceful, yes? There's a gulp, and the rest of the wherry disappears down Miraneith's maw, leaving her to lick her lips with gleeful satisfaction. "It's not what I had planned for my life," Enka agrees, "workin' between stone walls day in and day out. But I didn't want to go back to that hold, so I was willin' to agree to anythin'. Even if my life chaged because Mir's shell broke and she picked me. Wouldn't trade it for anythin'." There's a brief nod, Enka turning her head a little to regard the younger goldrider. "I will. Seems like they've got it pretty made with that weyrbarn for 'em. Though I doubt Liora's likely to know the difference. We take care of our own." Even when they were willing to send it far far away .. before … the accident. "How's everythin', otherwise? Kids doin' all right?"

True or not, Shadhavarth does appreciate good opportunities for a witty ego-stroke, and her mother gave her a nice opening. Meantime, Iris is nodding along with Enka's words, lips pursing slightly at the comments about Liora. "Well, I'm glad she's somewhere good at least, not bothering anybody." There's a slight smile, which grows at the inquiry. "The kids are all right, yes. Growing like weeds, the lot of them. Keeping the family busy… feel like Ila and I are drifting though. Being so busy and all." She frowns and her gaze drifts away from Enka and towards the dragons. "Just need to get back on track somehow. It'll happen, I'm sure. How about you and yours?"

Enka props her chin against the topmost rail for a moment, looking thoughtful as she watches the dragons before she leans back, and gives Iris a cheerful smile. "Not causin' trouble anymore, thank Faranth. Although I don't think that was quite the way we were expectin' it all to work out." But at least nobody's died, right? "It happens sometimes," she remarks in passing to the other goldrider's comment about drifting. "I've had it happen a few times. It's either meant to be, or it aint, and sometimes you just have to let things work out. He might surprise you though, if you can ever get away for a little personal time. Although everyone seems busy." Standard excuse maybe? "My lot's doin' good. Ema's about as old as I was when I impressed, shells, it's half my life." And makes her feel old, surely! "Seems more interested in helpin' with healin' than not, might let her go to the Hall soon. Spread her wings and grow up." That sort of thing. "The twins, gettin' taller each time I look at 'em. I'm sure there'll be dragons for them before they know it. And my two younger ones seem happy too. Ezio spends a lot of time with his dad. I'm pretty content with my life." Especially since she doesn't have anyone to drift away from.

"No, certainly could not have predicted this turnout," Iris answers, voice quiet, a bit rueful. "But it is nice that we had a replacement impress who seems to be plenty competent, though we haven't exactly buried her in paperwork yet." At least, not buried in the way Enka and Iris are more familiar with- but certainly there will come a time Rhysa will have her hands more than full. There's a bit of a pensive expression that crosses Iris's expression and she nods. "Yeah… well, I do hope for the best. I'm sure we'll find some time to get away one of these days. Just have to get both of our schedules to coordinate." Then she's shrugging as she watches the dragons again. Shadhavarth has finished her meal and trundling across the corral towards the humans, rumbling contentedly. Iris snorts at the sight, "Looks like *someone* is ready to go sunbathe." The gold only continues to rumble in reply, though the sound trails off slowly and the gold turns away to have enough room to take off and head towards the beach. As she watches her dragon depart, Iris responds again to Enka. "I'm glad to hear you're well- really. Busy as we are, sometimes I forget to ask. Anyway, I'd better go corral the firelizards and get Shadha scrubbed before she sunbathes. See you back in the office?"

Enka chuckles, pushing off the fence, and turning towards Miraneith who's just licking the last of the wherry ichor from her lips. "Actually, I'm wonderin' if we could heap both Angharad and Rhysanna with our work for a day or two, and take off to Ierne for some shoppin'. Hey, low women on the totem pole, right? "Could always combine that with a spa trip or somethin'. Pamper ourselves, and relax for a little while while givin' them some responsibilities." Oh noes, the big R word. "You'll work things out with Ila. Just let things happen, and don't push too much." So says the goldrider who probably could have pushed a little more, but hey, things happened, right? Miraneith lumbers towards the fence then, earning a holler from her rider "Pick up that sharin' tail, Mir, you're gettin' lazy in your old age." Which rightfully earns a snort from the queen. Old, why no! She's only almost twenty turns. « Enjoy the sun, my dear. » Miraneith sends a soft dreamy croon towards Shadhavarth as she waits for Enka to vault the fence. "Talk to you later, Iris," the goldrider scoops up her harness off the fence post. "We're off to check on Liora and Orraeloth." Which means harnessing up, and taking off, and all that stuff.

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