Hospitality in a Cup

Western Weyr - Lagoon
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

The scent of sea and beach mingle with the scent of fruit and drinks. It's brisk out on the beach as people splash and play out in the lagoon, or lounge on the sand. One certain vintner has just stepped away from her stall where she'd been doing brisk business of various fru-fru drinks for the crowd. Now, it's break time and Catwin ambles over for some shade under a small pavilion.

Walking down the sandy area, rather awkwardly is a young man with a bright colored wrap around his waist. He is clearly not custom to being dressed as such because he is constantly adjusting the wrap and trying not to fall on his face as he walks barefoot in the sand. He two is heading for the closest shady spot he finds.

Catwin settles down in her seat and then pulls a small flask out of a pocket in her skirt. Taking a sip she looks around and then there's a bit of a smile as she watches one young man moving across the sand. She shakes her head and tsks a little. It's an amusing show but after a few moments she speaks up "Sandals would be easier on your feet and well, I'd suggest shorts or something easier for you to walk in next time."

Riohra turns his head as he is addressed moving to the shaded area saying "This is all /she/ had for me" his voice is exasperated as he looks to the sky, then looking down he askes in a sheepish voice "mind if I join you, if only not to bring anymore shame to myself?"
"She's lying, barefoot is quite alright too." A dripping wet Shanatea pulls himself from the water, flipping his wet hair back away from his face. He offers a grin and a wink to Catwin before also giving Riohra a kind smile.

Catwin rolls her eyes "Sure, if you like burnt feet and all." she says to Shanatea and then looks back over at Riohra "Sure, by all means, looks to be plenty of room for a couple more." She looks the new young man over again "She huh? A love of yours?" she asks curiously. "Or just a short time fling?"

Riohra is either blushing or sunburnt as he shakes his head saying "she is a cousin, she invited me here" he sits and adjusts the wrap as not to give the area a show. "When she said hunting exotic game I thought actaul hunting, not trolling the bar for a quick and go" He gives a merry smile back to the two people "I am Riohra, currently of the burned feet from Fort Weyr"

Shanatea shrugs, "I rarely feet like my feet are getting burnt, but then… I am always in and out of the water, so the burning sand… well, I don't have a problem there. Calluses and thick soles and all that." He offers his hand out towards Riohra, "Shanatea, Dolphincraft." Then he looks back to Cat, "Maybe burned the nerves off, who knows?" he grins charmingly.

Catwin just looks at Riohra and then hmms a little "I see." she sys simply as she continues to eye him. "And having a little fun with a pretty woman or man is not something to be desired?" she asks curiously. There's a look for Shanatea "Yeah, that sounds like a good reason. Better than just the brain being muffled by a bit too many imersions in the water." she laughs and then pulls out a couple of tiny wooden cups from her skirt and pours a coupe of shots. This time the liqueur is a thick yellow substance. She offers it out to the others and then takes a sip herself. "Catwin, Vintner."

Riohra grins and shakes Shanatea's hand then nods back to the Vintner "well met, and I am all for hunting that kind of game." He motion's down to his current state of dress "I just like to know what I am getting into so I can dress the part" When the cups are produced he raises an eyebrow at the liquid as he takes a sip, and is surprised as he takes another before saying "what is this, it is sweet but not like those Fruit drinks at the bar?"

Catwin grins "Well I must admit, looking awkward usually isn't the best way to meet potential partners." she muses "Though it can have its possibilities if you bank on the awkwardness and possible derobing potentional and all. Still, perhaps you outta stop by the weavers and see what they have on hand." she notes and then takes another sip "This, I call this one. Hatching Memories. Perhaps a little morbid if you think about it, but I finished tweaking this one up after the last hatching so it works. But as it is made with eggs, yeah. Morbid."

Riohra grins and takes another drink "oh the taste out ways any sense of Morbidity" yup he likes his drink. At the talk of disrobing he chokes a little but doesnt waste a drop of the pure goodness. It takes him a moment to regain his composure as he shots the rest of the drink, returning the glass to her saying "thank you, for the drink and the advice" his cheeks are good and red now, either from the heat or the drink no one can tell. "It was smooth, not like the single malt I am used to. But then not a lot is" he reclines now, taking in the sights around him with a grin.

Catwin sets the small cup down to one side. "By all means. I'm always happy to wet the palate. My fond opinion to share a little out to bring 'em back for more. Sometimes it backfires a little. Like offering a dragon some. They can really go through the supplies and then I'm left dry while making or aquiring more." she murmurs "Still, it does make for a bit of fun." She grins brighty "I do love to mix things up a bit and expand upon flavors. Though a nice straight drink is very nice now and again. Course generally it's in trying out it's flavor and all and deciding upon what to do with it."

Riohra is relaxing now as he raises an eyebrow "A dragon? Really now? you are serious" he shakes his head in disbelief. "that must of been a sight to see" he looks out toward the bar as if contemplating the distance versus the effort it would be to go over. He re adjusts in his chair saying "What kind of mixes do you fancy then? I admit I don't have the refined taste you probably do as I don't usually have much time for drinking as the average person."

Catwin chuckles "Really, and more than one actually. There's a fair number of dragons that seem to like a nice drink. Various tastes too. From mixers to wine to rum. And now I know the answer to the age old question of Why's the rum gone? The dragons drank it." she laughs lightly. "As for me? Depends on my mood really. I go for a variety of things. From things mixed with fruits and flowers to things mixed with klah bark and all. Full-bodied down to light and sometimes frothy. Course, that's just for liqueurs. I do go for some nice mixed drinks as well. As for the good stuff? I do admit a fondness for spiced rum, but a fine brandy is good and well I do enjoy whiskey for a little fun and games."

Riohra grins at the dragon drinking all the rum, but is now looking at her bewildered "I had no idea there were so many ways to mix drinks. I guess I just never thought about it before." He looks longingly at the bar again and brushing his lips with the tip of his tongue askes "well since I am in the presence of a master what do you recommend for a day like today, for someone like me who is by far out of his depth?" the last part of that has a merry tone to it as he knows he is lost but still determined to have a good time.

Catwin tilts her head "Well, since you're here at Half Moon, I suggest the Sunset Shimmer. It's a nice mixed drink that's a pretty red color color. Very tasty if I do say so myself. Inspired by the little water creatures that leave a sparkle on people." she notes. "I just had to come up with something that sparkled and I came up with a few things, but the Shimmer Swirl is pure inspiration."

Riohra gets up and the wrap dips just an inch or two in the back showing where that tan line stops, if anyone sees it someone is probably running to light a signal fire somewhere. He mumbles about never trusting a green rider, as he fixes it over his shoulder he asks "can I get you something? Seems only fair to pay you back for the great hospitality you have been showing me."

Catwin shakes her head "Oh no, I'm good. And well rider's themselves can be tricky ones to trust." She pauses and looks thoughtful "Well people period really can be tricky and all." She can't help but grin "That and well I've learned the hard way to get my own drinks and all. But I do thank you for the offer. It's really quite sweet.

Riohra looks like he is going to ask another question about that last statement but decides to let it drop. As he walks to the bar, after a moment or two he returns with said drink in his hand. His face is just as red as his drink when he comes back down to sit. He salutes Catwin and takes his drink, savoring the taste a moment nods "that is good" he does have the mind to put the glass down to pace himself.

Catwin eyes the young mans skin "Did you know, you could give that drink a run for it's marks. "You're looking quite as red as it is. Not been out in the sun as much of late have ya?" she asks curiously. "Course, you might wanna be drinking in a bit of water soon. Else tomorrow you won't be feeling quite as grand."

Riohra shakes his head and points with a thumb at the bar toward a slender man who just winks back at Rio's direction, "Someone asked if I knew how to do the back stroke" He looks embarrassed but still grins good naturedly saying "people sure are friendly around here" At the water comment he nods "I probably will, it has been a few turns since I have had any kind of adventure in hot weather like this." He eases back in his chair again "So what besides the good sun brought you two this lovely place at the end of the world?"

Catwin snickers a little "And do you?" she asks ever so sweetly. "It is a wonderful place, certainly better than some of the holds I've been too. THIngs get downright stagnant at times in a hold. A Weyr is certainly a lively place. Some moreso than others. As for why here, I hadn't been here yet, and living on an island has a certin nice appeal, and this one has a fair population to it so I'm always in business and you just really can't beat the food here."

Riohra rolls his eyes at the vintner and says "I dont swim well, but i doubt he was talking about water sports" he doesn't even look back at the bar. When she explains about living in a weyr he grins "It is like its own animal, I have only been at for a short time so it was a real shock to see how different everything is." He pull from his drink saying "ok what is in this, and could I get you to make it for my Weyr? Because at this rate I am going to drink a few these"

Catwin chuckles "I'm sure he wasn't. And it is indeed like an animal." she looks thoughtful "Quite a wild one at times too, but all in all, a pretty good one." She glances at the drink and hmms a little "Well, there's the Redstar Shimmer Swirl (think Ruby Viniq) in it as well as some more vodka, some orange liqueur and bit more tangy citrus to it. And I could set you up with a couple of bottles of Shimmer. I need to make some more. It's a fairly populor blend."

Riohra nods at the offer "If you could that would be great, now just need to find a good present for my aged uncle. He is one of those stone of the earth types" Rio makes a face looking like a dower old man says in a gruff voice "Drinks should kicked you going down just as hard as they kick you the next morning". He shakes his head and sips more of his drink, "how much would you charge?"

Catwin cackles a little "Oh I know a few different things. Does he like it rough, or smooth? Or perhaps one that goes down easy and has you sitting flat on your bum before you can say Boo?" she asks curiously. "And as for the Shimmer, it's 10 marks a bottle."

Riohra leans back and thinks a moment "His absolute favorite had like a peat smoke smell to it but wasn't over powering, it was smooth but still had a good burn going down." he shrugs "But he says that is hard to find as it takes like twelve turns minimum to age to the right taste." He looks over at the vintner and says "did that make any sense? I honestly don't know liquors that well I hope I am doing your craft no injustice."

Catwin gives a nod "Oh yes, it makes perfect sense. I know of a few Vintnors that use the moss to dry their barley with. They don't make much of it at once, and they do indeed age it for quite some time. I'll put in an inquery for you and see what I can get. I don't often use their good stuff, so I don't have any on hand at the moment. But I can probaby get a few bottles."

Riohra nods and gives her a very happy grin as he finishes his drink "So how would you like to be paid?" He lets that hang as he looks over at the ocean quite happy with himself until he catches on to what he just said and corrects himself "WHen, I mean WHEN, would you like to be paid? I can cover the bottles of Shimmer now and even give you some up front for expenses of getting the others if need be" There he goes getting all sunburnt again.

Catwin just eyes Riohra blandly. "I typically like being paid with Marks." she says and just rolls her eyes, and shakes her head "Just for the Shimmer now is good, best to wait on the other until I have some more information." she notes as she eyes the young man "Really should be careful about that tongue of yours. It's liable to get you in more trouble then it's worth."

Riohra nods with Catwin "So I am told, I do apologize again. I seem to be all thumbs and wherry tongued today" He smiles sheepishly "Well I assume my ride will be here as long as she can, so would there be a way to a few aside for me or is it first come first serve?"

Catwin gives a little bit of a nod "Oh, I've no problems with setting a few bottles off to the side for you. After all, gotta establish good relations for future orders after all." she says brightly. "How long do you think your ride will be here?"

Riohra shrugs "don't know, the way she talks about hunting mates she tries for multiple encounters with multiple repeats" he crosses his arms over his chest "So could be a few hours or a least a day or two." He looks over at Catwin "and if that is the case, I will pay you double as it will be out of her pocket" he nods in confirmation.

Catwin smiles brightly "I like the sound of that." Always pleased to make a little extra. " And well, she sounds like she enjoys herself, so certainly nothing wrong with that. Always good to enjoy what you set out to do after all." She tilts her head a little "She's gonna just let you spend her marks for her though? Seems a might risky and all."

Riohra shrugs "we are family, and she knows that I wouldnt rake her over the coals. Honestly she is worse so she puts me in charge when she does stuff like this." he looks at her questionly "does that seem strange?"

Catwin ahs a little "Family does make things different, thus it's not so strange." She stands up and stretches a litte while picking up the little wooden cups and pulls out a little pouch from another pocket and puts them in before replacing back into yet one more pocket. "Well, I should go see about your whiskey and if there are any left available this Turn." she notes as she straightens her skirt out. "It was a pleasure meeting you."

Riohra grins and nods to Catwin "like wise, i will let you know by the evening if I am staying or going" He reclines comfortably in his chair "Hopefully we can spend some more time together, i enjoyed the company" he is looking out at the ocean now kinda sleepily must be finally relaxed.

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