No One Said Not To

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrlingmaster's Office
Not far from the barracks proper is another wooden slat building serving as the main office of the Weyrlingmasters. The wrap around patio offers a place for Weyrlings to sit while instructors give lectures outdoors and for the Weyrlingstaff to conduct nocturnal watch while their charges are attempting to rest for the night. A small table is set up in one corner of the patio with a small clay oven, allowing kettles to be heated and small meals kept warm should the need arise.
Inside the building wields another purpose… This office was made with business in mind, and not for comfort. Upon entering, a large woven midnight blue rug runs the length of the room, ending right before the Weyrlingmaster's desk. A pair of smaller desks for Assistants are lined up on the right, facing the carpet and the wall of cabinets assembled on the left. A ceiling fan spins slowly overhead, spreading what cool air it can.

Chauth’s bad mood has persisted through the days of mandatory grounding, the young gold flicking her tail agitatedly even as she is coiled in the sun pretending to sleep. Tanit works on her part of the repairs, paint splotches over her cheek and clothes as she works on the freshly rebuilt office walls. The former dolphineer has been quieter of late, possibly due to the exhaustion involved with helping the repairs along and dealing with a gold who has lost most of her usual methods of entertainment. Still, she hums as she works, paint bucket and extra brushes nearby.

For his part, at least Ysgie hasn’t lorded it over the gold - that is a positive right? There may have been a small “lecture” about right and wrong the next morning, but for the most part, the bronze has managed to not be a jerk. Training has continued for the bronze pair, and now, Ysgieuth is backwinging into the bowl, offering a gentle rumble to Chauth - an almost sympathetic ripple slipping over her as he settles. « Will yours not let you help? » He asks, slightly confused as Zel slips to the ground, tugging off straps, the bronze weyrling’s gaze easily settling on Tanit as she work, the look on his face not really a frown, but definitely not a smile. Glancing over his shoulder, he hesitates, contemplates slipping away, but instead, after a soft sigh, closes the distances towards the humming weyrling. “Hey..” He offers hesitantly. « Tell her that is a good color for her. » Ysgie adds quietly to his lifemate, causing a wave of Zel’s hand to ‘shhh’ for now.

Swish, swish, swish goes that tail, Chauth not opening her eyes, though there is a flick of white sparks at the edges of her thoughts. No words for now. Possibly because she has to be on her best behavior. Give her a minute. « I have to sit still while she does the parts I am too big to help with. » As for Tanit, she turns to see Zel, and does offer him a hesitant smile. “Does that mean you are no longer avoiding me?” the words gentle and teasing.

“Me, avoiding -you-?” Zel replies with a look on his face somewhere between hurt and amusement - though it isn’t long before it shifts totally to the latter, and he grins at her. “I, uh, well, do you blame me for not wanting to get caught up?” He clears his throat, lifting a hand to rub absently at the back of his neck. “And, well, I figured you might want some time, or something. I don’t know.” Free of his straps, Ysgie seems happy enough with Z’tan’s performance to leave him to his own devices, meandering cautiously towards that tail-swishing gold, hesitantly stretching a muzzle towards her. « If they got you a brush big enough, it would go so much quicker. » Yeah, don’t try and be helpful, Ysgie.

“No, I can't blame you.” Tanit notes after a minute or two, returning to painting. “I was surprised, I would be lying if i said I wasn't.” She admits, “I can only imagine you were more so.” Tanit spares a glance over her shoulder back at him, “How do you feel about it?” The kid, anything and everything else, it is left open. « Possibly, probably. I wonder if the oil brushes would work. » That cant be a good sign. Nooope.

“Yeah, surprised would be.. An understatement. She is over six months old already!” Z’tan offers with a shake of his head and a wave of his hand. “I mean, I appreciate she waited til Ysgie was older, but I feel guilty, and I..” He glances over his shoulder at Ysgie. “I don’t just want to be my da, ya know?” He admits after a moment, looking a little sheepish as he glances back at her. “I feel bad that I still can’t visit her, though I don’t know if she would remember anyway, but.” Rambling and distracted means that he is paying no attention to Ysgie’s conversation. « That color would look as lovely on you as on yours, too. » Oh no, encouragement. Anything but that. « You are so much larger, it would make it so much faster. »

“They grow quickly.” Tanit notes with a soft smirk, glancing over her shoulder long enough to refill her paint bucket and listen as Z’tan continues. A second brush is procured and handed over to the rider, conscripting him as it were, or perhaps it’s only to give them both something else to focus on. The comment on L’ton, causes the brush to pause, and sea-green eyes rest on the young bronze rider quietly. A strange flicker of thought, blue white flame dancing in time with clockwork as a brief distraction filters through the gold's thoughts, her rider distracted by the conversation and work at hand, it is with the proper disgust that Chauth’s eyes open and she stretches, sharing with her brother « I will never understand the human desire to ‘eat’ faces. » She moves to search for more paint and those big brushes used for oiling hide – because if Ysige suggests a thing, it can’t possibly be against the rules – right? Besides, if Tanit is going to be silly and distracted, may as well take advantage. “You get to choose who you want to be Zel,” Tanit says finally, dipping the brush and going back to work on the Weyrling Master’s office. The slow hiss of brush against wood starting back up again as she works. “If you want to be a fixture in their lives, then be one. I know – for me at least, Chauth will always come first. Before my family, before lovers, before friends – even before myself.” She shrugs, “But that doesn’t mean that Sev and I aren’t a part of Vey and Vesta’s lives. We just can’t be what we should be for them. Whatever you want to be, whatever you can be for your daughter, then just be it. It’s that simple.”

Distractedly, Z’tan takes the offered brush, moving to help Tanit with the painting - even though Chauth may actually be the better painter of the two. Absently beginning to paint, Zel sighs softly, before shaking his head. “I just.. I want to be there more than ‘just because something else takes me there’. I.. I don’t want to miss turn days, or important steps. Or.. forget their names.” Blushing, a bit, Zel hurriedly moves to paint a different section of wall, where he angles himself away from Tanit while he regains his composure. « Humans eat all things. Including vegetables. I cannot understand why they eat vegetables. » Ysgieuth replies simply, even as he is meandering along after Chauth to help.

Tanit just listens, her smile widening as she does. The sound of paint and brush the only other noise for a while. As he turns she chuckles. “Maybe avoid using too similar of names and trying to keep your conquests to the single and double digits is a start.” The dolphineer laughs, though she goes on to add, koi“You seem to be off to a decent start at least. You are worried about the right things, so long as you don't lose sight of that in the heat of the moment I think you should be fine. Do you think you will transfer after graduating? To be closer to her and the mom.” she seems very focused on the wall suddenly. Chauth tail flicks, finding those brushes and the barrels of paint. «Boring color though, wonder if we should mix them first. »

“I.. I don’t think that would be the right choice. For, uh, either of us.” Softly clearing his throat, Z’tan shakes his head again as he turns back to her. “I think it may be the best way to ensure that she never speaks to me again, in fact. So, sorry Tanit my dear, you and Chauth are stuck with your favorite bronzeriders for the foreseeable future.” That wide, smirking grin it turned towards her, before the paintbrush is extended to innocently add a swipe of paint to her cheek. “You were looking a bit unbalanced.” He adds, oh-so-helpfully. « Did yours pick the color, or was she given it? » Ysgie asks as he regards the paint, curiously - the bronze at least not going THAT far, yet. Even though he is moving to nudge a large brush with his muzzle, before eyeing it with a tilted head and one large, faceted eye.

“I seem to collect them.” She sighs of bronzriders. If she looks secretly pleased, well shh. Of course that smirk turns into a squeal as cool paint gets brushed on her face. “Unbalanced.” is followed by a Cheshire grin all teeth. Cue the lunge with the paint brush aiming for the middle of the bronzerider's face. « It is what was available I think. » Nosing into the paint only to sneeze, possibly splattering her clutchmate in the process.

“Well, now we match, are you happy?” Z’tan offers with a shake of his head, wrinkling his nose as the paint drips about, though it is with anything but an angry tone. Turning back to the wall, he starts painting slowly. “Did you -want- me to say I was going away? Are you trying to get rid of me?” He asks, teasing her, even as Ysgie is caught by Chauth’s sneeze, the bronze settling back on his haunches, looking quite unamused. « The paint is for walls, -not- dragons. » He grumbles a little bit, settling back to peer at the paint. « Then if we mix it, it is still what is available. »

“Ecstatic.” She beams, and the question is met with hesitation as she delays her answer. “I can think of easier ways to be rid of you.” Is what she finally says, laughing. “A girl just likes knowing where things stand sometimes.” As for Chauth? Challenge accepted. She shakes her muzzle free of the drops of paint and starts nudging the barrels until they roll over turning the training grounds into an artist's palette. Of course it helps that they are out of direct sight as she drags one of the oil brushes through loading it up with riotous color. Cue a practice whorl on the side of the bowl.

Ysgieuth pauses at the barrels all tip, letting the gold do the mixing. « I do think paint is suppose to stay in the barrels, Chauth. » As he eyes it, watching the swirls as the gold is already setting to works, rocking back on his haunches as she goes for the side of the bowl. « We are -not- suppose to paint that. Only what -you- broke! » His own brush is filled before he is strolling awkwardly - casually but awkwardly - towards the painting riders with it. “Shards, remind me to stay on your good side. Thinking of ways to get rid of me..” Z’tan widens his eyes to stare at her, shaking his head, adding more paint to brush, and paying no mind to the dragon antics. Which.. Yeah, definitely a huge mistake.

Chauth does not bother explaining that you cannot fit an oil brush into the barrels but the test whorl seems satisfactory. « Had to make sure the colors looked right. Practice makes perfect. » Cue dragging a brush through the paint again and this time starting on the barracks toothless style. Tanit laughs, paying little attention to the dragons either, nevermind that that is precisely how she wound up painting anyway. Reloading the brush and moving to the next section of office wall to be painted. “Relax - beyond all reason I seem to very much enjoy your company. You are safe.” For now at least. Mwhahahaha.

Highly suspicious of the gold’s methods, Ysgie turns back to Chauth, brush awkwardly in his mouth as he stares at her before starting to help paint - if you want to call awkward blobs of the substance being applied haphazardly, unevenly, and randomly upon the wall. It counts for something right? « We will make it so much quicker for them. » Dragging their very different colored paint with him, Z’tan follows Tanit along to the next section of wall. “Well, why wouldn’t you? I am handsome, charming, and I have a very large bronze dragon who seems to the total opposite of your mischief queen, and thus the perfect babysitter.” To prove his point, he glances over his shoulder, “See, they are even nice and qui-” And his words are cut off as he sees the metallic pair. “Shards.”

If you take the long swirls into account with the blobs, it really could be taken as ‘modern art’. « Maybe they will let me fly again sooner if we finish it quicker. » Tanit rolls her eyes at Z’tan’s assessment. “You are cute, funny and -” She turns as he curses lifting her eyebrows, sea green eyes narrowing as a brief and harried mental conversation starts. Z’tan’s face is pointed at with the brush, because he deserves to wear paint at this point. “Guess whose idea it was to have Chauth start helping.” Somehow, Tanit isn’t furious. Unless you count that laughter as a complete break with sanity and reality which is possible. “You were saying about babysitters?”

« It is much faster if we help. Our brushes are much larger, see? » Ysgieuth replies loudly enough for all to hear as Zel questions him, the bronze ducking his head to push the large brush against Z’tan, painting the majority of his clothes in one motion. “Ysgie..” He mutters under his breath, as a hand absently - and uselessly - wipes at his clothes. “Well… Uhm.” Z’tan clears his throat, pausing before that now paint-covered hand makes it to his hair. “Technically I guess, we never said dragons weren’t allowed to paint.” New weyrling rule, CHECK. « Z’tan. We are helping. Chauth broke it, so now she is fixing it. »

« That color does look lovely on you and yours. » Chauth’s blue white fire dances with chiming laughter. All too pleased with Ysgie’s painting of his lifemate. Tanit? Just laughs, dunking her brush into the bucket, and moving to offer chin scratches while carefully avoiding the larger brushes. Ysigie gets them too if he allows her to. “He is right though, it’s only right that the people who did the breaking and the messing fix it.” Never mind that Chauth has disappeared again only to return with a barrel, slipping up behind Tanit to, ‘dump’ said paint over her rider. « You did say it was a lovely color, I thought you would want to match Ysigie’s which is much more entertaining than eating his face. Don’t you think? » Fortunately the paint hides most of the suddenly scarlet dolphineer. Rule one, never laugh at another’s misfortune lest you wind up sharing it.

Ysgie.. Well, lets face it, Ysgieuth doesn’t understand what he did wrong, even as Tanit tries to explain, however she at least avoids a paint-job by the bronze as he accepts her chin scritches. « But you did not break it. Chauth broke it. Chauth should fix it. » Simple logic here, people, really. As Chauth returns with a barrel, however, there is a warning trumpet from the bronze - one that comes far too late to save the goldrider. « CHAUTH. » He counters in the most shocked tone he can muster, eyes whirling quickly with hints of orange as he stares at his clutch sister. Z’tan, meanwhile, can’t do anything but laugh - at the gold’s words, at the paint-covered goldrider - at the collateral damage that has splashed on him - and everything around them (hey, look, the walls are sort of painted now!), and he sags back against the still wet wall, sliding to the ground, still laughing.

« What, I can’t condone cannibalism. » As if this perfectly explains why Tanit should now be paint covered. « I thought you would appreciate the saving of yours. » Hasn’t the bronze learned by now that disapproval in and of itself is its own form of encouragement. Tanit debates a moment if it’s possible to strangle her own life mate but paint covered hands go up in surrender. “I hope you realize Chauth, they are probably going to ground us for longer now.” Thinking of the only punishment so far that has discouraged the gold from bad behavior. « Nah, we didn’t break anything this time. »

Z’tan and Ysgieuth both apparently are either so confused by the cannibalism comment, or they are both so emotionally overloaded - Z’tan with laughter and Ysgieuth with shock - that it goes unremarked - for now. Zel, well, he will have to stare at Tanit later. “If you hadn’t distracted him with chin scritches, he probably would have at least prevented that.” He offers oh-so-helpfully from where he is sitting on the floor, against the wall, watching. “If we take their brush, though, we may be able to spread it out and just.. Paint the floor, before it dries. We could have an excuse for a break then, too.” Good out of bad? « I think you broke mine. He is just sitting there, making a funny sound. » Because, amidst the continuing chuckles coming from Zel? Hiccups.

Tanit just eyes the gold, and probably later on explanations and discussions of which kinds of conversations should be private will be had. For now? “Typical male.” She says of Ysigie’s easily distracted self with a sigh. The second suggestion is more helpful than the first because Tanit is grabbing one of the brushes, which gives her a chance to see where the rest of the paint was dumped with a string of curses that would make sailors blush. “A break - would be nice, but we might have to paint the whole training complex at this rate.” Chauth moves to nose at the hiccupping human, amused and perhaps mildly concerned. « Doesn’t he normally just sit places making funny sounds? »

« Only when he thinks of wrestling. » Ysgieuth watches from a safe distance as Chauth nudges at Zel, the bronze glancing around and shuffling himself awkwardly backwards, out of the way of the cleanup effort. Z’tan, for his part, chokes at Ysgie’s comment, shaking his head and pushing himself to his feet, with a little help from that gold muzzle, before he is motioning at Ysgui to give him the oil brush. “Pass that here, Ysgie..” He offers, before glancing around, attempting to figure out the best way to not trap themselves in a corner. “Well, if you don’t get that off soon, you may be that… LOVELY shade for forever, and what sort of impression will that leave on the other weyrs.”

« Yours must really enjoy wrestling. Isn’t that all he thinks about? » It’s more of a serious question than it should be and Tanit just growls. “Chauth.” Not that the gold thinks there’s anything wrong with the question. Cue furious painting, because the sooner they are done, the sooner she can bathe. “Hopefully they will mistake me for one of the caverns workers having a bad day? Or I could try painting her green, but I think someone would figure it out. « I like my hide the color that it is, though… if I were brown I’d blend in to the corrals better when we hunt. »

« Mine says I will understand when I am older. But that he misses it. I think he misses it a lot. » Ysgieuth replies solemnly, even as he settles down to watch as Zel continues to work, focusing on that instead of Tanit as his face gets redder and redder. « I do not understand why they cannot now. I am much larger than he is, he could not hurt me. » A soft sigh, and Z’tan just shakes his head, pushing the paint against the far wall and slowly working his way backwards, cleaning up his footprints as he goes. “Just look like you belong there, and you know what you are doing, and no one will question you.” From experience, it seems to work. “At least you don’t have hair halfway down your back?”

Wisely moderating her tone now, so at least she isn’t heard by her rider, though who else is left for debate. « I am not sure why they cannot wrestle now either. I think mine misses it too, though - getting her to actually admit it is a whole other story entirely. » She will flop next to her brother, in a sort of dragon pile. Tanit makes quickish work of the walls at least, blending the strokes left by the dragons, and moving to work on the floor when that is done. “I’ve not worn my hair long since I was a little girl, it’s too much work and gets caught in everything. Maybe I should grow it out now though, since I don’t think they will want me diving in cramped spaces any time soon.”

« Ours are so odd, with so many rules. I do not know why we could not help - look how quickly they are working, now! » Dragon-help: success. As Chauth flops by him, he shifts a little, as if considering the gold, but for now, she gets a pass, and he lets he settle in. « No wiggling. » He rumbles idly, but that’s it. “I think it would look nice. And if you get annoyed, you can always just cut it back off.” Zel offers absently, pausing to let her pass and clean up -her- footsteps. “Ahh, probably not. I think -she- might have ruined a lot of your fun.” He nods his head at Chauth. “But, obviously, given you a WHOLE different sort, too.”

Dragon piles are the best, but really aside from the swish of her tail, she is relatively still. « Too many rules, and it really is prettier now. » Tanit laughs, “At least most of her ruining is only temporary. I think once they lift restrictions im going to go dancing with Risa and have a proper night of drinking to celebrate.” Tanit is unaware of her own footprints so there is of course quite a trail of them. “I dont really look forward to all the paperwork and bean counting though.

As the swish of the tail continues, Ysgieuth moves to settle his tail on top of hers with a soft rumble, as if that will actually cause the motion to cease. WIth the last of the footprints cleaned up, and the corners of the floor all the same interesting color, well, their job here is done. Right? Motioning Tanit out towards the waiting dragons, he gives one final swoosh of the brush before following her. “Just as long as you go there - Ysgie is already enamored with Szetamarith, I don’t know if I could handle him being obsessed with -both- of them.” A shake of his head, and he groans a little. “My head hurts just thinking about it, even.”

“How would my drinking and dancing cause your bronze to be enamored?” Tanit remarks with a smirk, though the comment on the foreign gold earns an appraising look. Swish, swish, swish. Chauth's tail moves slower bit one facited eye watching. “I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Chauth is herself, she will always only ever be herself. And neither she nor I give a damn about who is or isnt enamored with her.” Tanit moving in the direction indicated. « Does yours prefer Szetamarith's? Or does he tend to prefer whatever females pay him attention? » A dark kind of amusement flickering to the question only shared with Ysigie with the promise of mischief placed into the words.

“Not -your- drinking and dancing.. But if Risa brings Leirith here? Shards. He hasn’t met her, and I am not looking forward to when he finally does.” Zel shakes his head hurriedly. “I think Chauth is more like you than you admit, you know.” He adds after a moment, eyes flicking to the gold, where she is settled with Ysgie. The bronze seems to consider this for a moment, turning his head to watch his lifemate. « Mine I think likes many, and prefers different things about different ones. He prefers some things about yours. Some things about Szetamarith’s. He even prefers some things about Zychaelth’s but I do not see why. He is a terror. » And clearly, the bronze’s opinion of the blue filters over to his opinion of his rider.

Tanit considers this, filing away the mental note for another time when it may be useful. “We both love chaos - to an extent. We both don’t generally bother with trying to impress anyone, and we are both pure Trouble?” Chauth is amused by this answer, « Zych's is the best. » Perhaps her opinion is colored by her fondness of the blue. « I think yours may bring you naught but trouble. » Keeping the answer to herself for now at least.

“You both push the limits, too, I think. And you try and act like you aren’t trying to impress people, but I think you really do care what some people think.” Zel counters, giving her a long look. “But yes, you both are definitely pure Trouble.” He agrees, giving the dragons another glance. “I think, though, that as good as that color looks on you, you should try and get it off sooner, rather than later… Do you need any help?” He sneaks in at the end, winking at her. « Zych is more of a monster than you are. Though he isn’t I think big enough to break as many things. » Ysgie’s opinion is punctuated with a humph. « Mine is not trouble. Mine is a good person. Mine is mine. » And yes, the bronze is biased.

“Some, but not many.” Tanit will concede, her gaze shifting to the gold who is already back on her feet and lading in the direction of cleaning implements. « I know, he is brilliant! » Chauth states of the blue, and of Zel there is a rumble of draconic laughter. « I said he would bring you trouble, not that he was trouble. » But if there was more to the thought the gold keeps it to herself. “I think I can handle it myself, two children is plenty.” she fires back over her shoulder moving in the direction of the hot springs.

“Aww, you sure? I can get that awkward spot in the middle of your back..” Zel offers, still grinning at her, “Besides - it’s almost time for Betweening - It’s perfect timing!” Of cours,e he can barely manage that statement without laughing, and so the bronze weyrling is waving after Tanit in dismissal, even as he is turning to peer at Ysgieuth and Chauth. “Oh no you don’t..” He starts as Ysgie begins to wander after Chauth. “Into the lagoon with you, Ysgie. You probably should too, Chauth.” And so, he stands there, shooing the two large metallic, nearly-full-grown weyrlings towards the lagoon.

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