Dolphins can talk too!

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.

Early afternoon as hit Western and the weather outside is surprisingly nice, not too hot and not too cold. Even if the weather had been horrid, Jeyinshi would still have been in the water, as she is now. She stands waist deep in shallow water, clad in a sleek wetsuit. A small white form is seen swimming circles around her and the dolphineer splashes water at it, giggling. "Ready Sungie?"

Kelthero returns the wave and begins to smile as well, but that soon falters as Jeyinshi's slight sarcastic remark. Glancing down at himself, he smirks as it dawns on him that he's still in full uniform. Good humour returning, he shrugs his shoulders and grins slightly. "I probably stick out too." he muses, "But I just got off duty. Was overseeing some deliveries." And he juts a thumb over his shoulder towards the docks. Remembering what brought him to call Jeyinshi's attention in the first place, the young guard adds, "And yourself? Thought I saw something splashing back into the water…" he trails off awkwardly, only to groan slightly as he remembers Jeyinshi's position. "Ah, shards. I'm not interrupting your work, am I?"

Jeyinshi smiles at the guard and nods, approving of the quick recovery. "Ah, that explains it. Was wondering what was up with, but seems like you've got a good excuse." She looks over at the docks, tilting her head slightly, "What'd we get in today? Foodstuffs and the like, or maybe something more interesting." Hands reach out and she splashes the water a bit, rewetting her suit and looking out over the water. "Oh no, you're not interrupting all. Sungie and I are taking a break right now, playing around."
Jeyinshi puts two fingers to her lips and lets out a shrill whistle. Suddenly a white head pops out of the water, large eyes staring around as Haesungie clicks and squeaks in greeting.

Kelthero gives the dolphineer a bit of a puzzled look. "Hardly an excuse. Have to make a living somehow." he states bluntly, seeming to straighten his shoulders a little. When she asks about the delivery, he only gives her a vague answer. "This and that. Wasn't told what was being dropped off, just that I had to be there." he then shrugs, before chuckling. "But your guess is probably right." The young guard seems to relax when Jeyinshi claims he's not interrupting, but he gives her another slightly confused look. "Sungie?" he begins to ask, when the answer all but pops out of the water. Shaking his head a bit, he glances from dolphin to dolphineer. "I didn't know they had names."

"Sungie! Sungie! I'm Haesungie! You?" The little white dolphin swims closer to shore, eyeing the guard and directing his question at the uniformed man. Jeyinshi chuckles, wading over to straddle the dolphin and pat his sides. "Yes, they do have names. And this one is Haesungie, Sungie for short." The dolphin slips out of human speech, clicking and squeaking as he nods his head. "He's one of the youngest in the pod, I'm training him for search and rescue." Sungie suddenly sends up a spray from his blowhole, drenching the dolphineer and letting out what sounds strangely like a laugh. "Wanna play? Play! Let's play!"

Kelthero looks bewildered to be approached by Sungie rather than Jeyinshi after asking his question. Looking just as awkward as he sounds, he begins to fumble for a reply. "Uh…hello, Haesungie—-err, Sungie." he stammers, before catching himself and then simply forcing himself to laugh in order to relax. "I'm Kelthero." he finally offers in return, his gaze not quite leaving the young dolphin. "I've never really been this close before." he admits, "And the irony is, is I come from a cothold that was all about the seas and fishing." The latter comment comes out with a hint of bitterness to his tone. Sungie's outburst for play though has Kelthero laughing again and he flashes Jeyinshi another smile as he glances up to the dolphineer. "Search and Rescue, huh? And how's that coming along? Looks to me like the young fella wants more games then anything."

"Kel-the-ro. Fish? I like fish! Fish!" The dolphin squeals and sends a spray of water up the shore as he splashes in excitement. Jeyin chuckles for a few seconds at the look on Kelthero's face. "He loves his games. But there's some worth in that. Little one is certainly quick. Throw something out there and he'll fetch it in no time flat." Suddenly Sungie twists, escaping from the knees holding him in place. He swims out a few feet before doing a flip, followed by another….and another. "PLAY! Come play!" The dolphineer turns to watch, crossing her arms over her chest and grinning, "And he's got pretty good stamina. After his personality calms down some, he'll do great."

"Woah!" Is all that Kelthero manages to say at Sungie's excited remark and is quick to step back as a spray of water comes shoreward, but not quick enough to escape it all. However, it's only his lower legs that get the brunt of it and only somewhat dampening his uniform. Bending one leg to briefly survey the "damage", the guard only smirks and shrugs his shoulders again. "Glad someone is so excited over fish." he half mumbles, turning his attention back to Jeyinshi. "I guess so and I don't think I'll doubt you now when you say he could do anything you ask of him." he says, falling quiet again as Sungie displays his acrobatic skills. The young guard only shakes his head, grinning despite himself. "Good stamina? I don't think I've ever seen any person or creature with so much energy." Tilting his head a little, he seems to regain more of a curious nature now that most of the surprise has worn off. "How long before he'll calm

The sound that escapes the dolphineer's sounds like….a giggle. And if one thing that Jey never does, it is giggle. But the little white dolphin seems to have that effect on her. "Thanks. Or well, thanks on his behalf. Though I take it you don't exactly like fish?" His display now down, Haesungie swims back up, rolling from two and fro underneath the water. "Fish. Give me! All!" Sungie's speech quickly turns to a babbling of clicks and squeaks as he begins swimming around the dolphineer once more. "Sorry about your uniform. Sometimes he gets to excited and just does whatever he wants. But He's about a year old now. Give it maybe another year and I think he'll be ready to do some real work. Won't you Sungie?" Hae suddenly looks up, dark eyes staring widely at Jeyin. "Work? No. PLAY!"

"I've had my share of it and the work involved around." Kelthero admits, smirking slightly as he reaches up to undo the fastenings along his uniform and loosening the collar a little. It would appear that the afternoon's warmth is finally catching up to the guard. "Never did take a shine to the whole fishing thing." he says, his brows knitting into a frown over some inner thought. Sungie's demands once again cause the young man to snort in laughter. "Shells, if I could Sungie, I would give you all the fish I could. Thought I doubt Jeyinshi would approve." he muses, shaking his head. At the mention of his uniform, Kelthero simply shrugs again. "No apology needed, really. Should expect to get wet this close to water. But it's about high time I get back and change." That said, he flashes both dolphineer and dolphin one last wide smile. "So I'll let you two get back to your "work"." he teases mildly, "Fair skies and good day to you both." He then gives a brief wave in farewell with one hand before taking his leave, trudging back up the shore and towards the western bowl.

"BYE! BYEBYE!" The little white dolphin does a few flips and waves his tail in farewell. Jeyinshi's goodbye is much more toned down, raising a hand and smiling as she watches the guard turn away, "I /wouldn't/, but you can give him something every once in a while if you feel like it." And then she looks back down at the dolphin and fixes him with a no nonsense stare. "Ok, Sungie. Back to work. I want you to race to the buoy and return, fast as you can now." A spray comes up from his blowhole once again, making it seem almost as if the dolphin is sighing but then he clicks in agreement, diving under the water and swimming away. The dolphineer is left staring at the disappearing white form and counting seconds.

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