Hard Lesson Learned

Western Weyr - West Bowl
The western end of the great bowl of the Weyr. You can see the steep walls of the crater to the south and south, with small openings and ledges in the cliffside. These are the individual weyrs of dragons and their riders. To the west you can see the great natural arch, and the lagoon, to the east, the center of the bowl. To the south you see a large natural cave opening that has been made into a tunnel. It is the main entrance to the Weyr from the road to Half Moon Bay Hold.
Electric lights light the entrances as those on night duty come out to take over, moving quietly in the night so as not to disturb those sleeping about the Weyr.Summer is upon the Western Isles, longer days and shorter nights making for a restless feeling that seems to invade every resident and urge them towards the beaches.

The weather is dreary and overcast, humidity not easing and settling like an oppressive blanket over the area. Rain would bring some relief, or a breeze, but this stillness before the storm is almost unbearable. In this humid calm Kimmila and Varmiroth wait for their charge to arrive, having been tasked with Candidate job shadowing. Joy. Varmiroth looks excited at least, while Kimmila lounges against his shoulder in a tank top and loose pants, looking bored and a touch irritated.

The weather is dreary and overcast, humidity not easing and settling like an oppressive blanket over the area. Rain would bring some relief, or a breeze, but this stillness before the storm is almost unbearable. In this humid calm Kimmila and Varmiroth wait for their charge to arrive, having been tasked with Candidate job shadowing. Joy. Varmiroth looks excited at least, while Kimmila lounges against his shoulder in a tank top and loose pants, looking bored and a touch irritated.

The already dreary and overcast day with the oppressive humidity is about to get all that much more "joyful" as said charge comes shuffling across the bowls. Whether misfortune or luck, Kimmila's been slotted with Kaliena out of the whole bunch. Dressed in a sleeveless tunic and her usual pair of slim fitting pants, she's wearing a pair of sturdy looking boots and a small rucksack is slung over one shoulder. Even from the short walk to the bluerider and Varmiroth, the girl is already sweating a bit and as she comes to a slow stop, she's wiping at her forehead though it does little to ease the scowl she gives Kimmila. Recognition is there and as her blue eyes give the bluerider the once over, her lips curve up into a wry looking smirk. "At least you ain't no M'cha." She drawls, shifting her weight to one side as she rudely skips all formality and semblance of respect or politeness.

Kimmila snorts, "Please, don't insult me," she says with dry sarcasm, glancing the girl up and down. "C'mon, up," she says, turning without any more greeting or preamble to climb up into Varmiroth's straps. She could care less there was no salute, no greeting, no 'ma'am' or whatnot. By contrast, Varmiroth croons a soft and happy greeting to Th'ero-Sibling, wings shifting and tail swishing just a tad. Hi!

"I wasn't tryin' to insult you." Kaliena remarks flatly to Kimmila's sarcasm, scowl still firmly in place as she stares up at the bluerider. "It was a compliment actually." When Varmiroth croons to her, the girl's features relax somewhat and she at least politely bobs her head in some form of a nod. Hello. Hopefully there are no salutes or titles expected because the candidate rarely gives them and considering her last encounter with the bluerider, she'd likely only do it to be snarky. "Where we off to then?" Kaliena asks as she reaches for the straps in preparation to haul herself up. "Front or back?" And she gestures with a jerk of her chin to indicate her position next to the bluerider.

Kimmila actually laughs a little bit. "Behind, if'n you don't mind," she says, a bit amused by the question for some reason. "We're heading to Southern for some hunting, so I guess it's good that they paired you with me. You gotten any weapons yet? Or did you give up on that venture?" As she straps in, Varmiroth shifts a bit beneath them, excited to be off.

Kaliena doesn't get the joke, so she only narrows her eyes suspiciously at Kimmila's laughter. There's a grunt in response and then the girl is hauling herself up the straps with little hesitation. She's slow, but more from inexperience then actual reluctance or fear. In fact, she seems to hurry up once the bluerider mentions hunting, settling herself down behind her as told to do. "Suppose so. Didn't think you could take a candidate hunting 'tho. Part of duties? Or is this recreation?" For a moment, the girl will be reasonable around Kimmila mainly due to their shared interest it seems. At the mention of weapons, Kaliena smirks. "No. I have my dagger, but once I was Searched I kinda lost time to pester around for a bow. And I ain't skilled enough yet to forge anything that ain't useless… I just don't have it down yet, so my mentor told me." She catches herself, buckling herself in and readjusting the rucksack on her shoulders.

Kimmila shrugs a bit. "I was told to keep a Candidate occupied for a few hours. I want to go hunting, so we're going hunting." Kimmila kind of misses the point of the whole 'mentor' thing. And teaching. She's no good at that either, unless someone prefers her abrasive style and lack of lesson plans or any set goal. "Here we go," she says, urging Varmiroth into the air as soon as Kaliena is buckled in. The blue vanishes between and emerges over a stretch of Southern beach. It's much cooler down here this time of turn, and Kimmila exhales happily.

If Kimmila is missing the point of being a mentor, Kaliena will be there to point it out and in dry, drawled sarcasm. "Actually, I'm supposed to be learnin' how a rider goes about their duties. Ya know, sort've get an idea of what's to come if I'm lucky." From her tone at the last there, she's not deeming it "luck". She snorts, "But I ain't really complaining. Hunting is better then what M'cha did. But it's not like yer babysitting me." Then there's silence, as Varmiroth takes to the air, one of the few things that'll actually shut the candidate up for good. Flight doesn't scare her, but Between does. When they emerge, the girl is trying her best not to look too overwhelmed and disorientated. So it'll be awhile until she'll be enjoying the change in weather or the sight below and her grip on the straps has her white knuckled.

Kimmila shrugs, "These are my duties," she counters. "If you're lucky, you'll get a dragon who agrees with your hobbies. If you're not, it'll be a fight the rest of your life. What'd M'cha do?" she asks with a growing frown as Varmiroth glides down to land on the empty beach. It's fairly remote. Unbuckling, Kimmila sheds her riding clothes and slides down, pulling out her bow and quiver, and getting things ready for the hunting trip.

"How are they your duties?" Kaliena counters back with a rather haughty tone, now that she's recovered her senses enough. "Hunting is a duty? How's it tie to the Weyr… we're not even in Western or do you have loyalties to here too?" she drawls, falling silent again when Varmiroth begins his downward decent to the remote beach. It's only once they're unbuckling that the girl picks up the conversation again. "M'cha? Eh, he ditched me on the south beach by the markets while he went and did whatever seedy stuff he does. Maybe me sit 'n watch his cargo while he trounced off. He's a spineless wimp, that one. If I could, I would've smacked him one and likely make him cry. But I couldn't, so I did as I was told." She snorts, pausing as she dismounts with little grace and almost toppling over for her hastiness. Grunting, she straightens and then shrugs it off. "It was boring." Kaliena eyes the bow Kimmila pulls out with envious eyes and then glances about the beach, taking a few slow steps forwards. "Where are we?"

Kimmila nods, "Hunting is a duty," she replies. "Because I'm good at it." For a moment it seems as if that'll be her only answer, but she strings her bow and then continues, "and the weyr appreciates not having to only rely on tithes or their own herds." Then she snorts. "You should'a smacked him," she says with a small little smirk. "Southern."

Kaliena frowns, "That doesn't make sense," she insists and likely interrupts Kimmila while the bluerider strings her bow before wisely biting back her tongue and letting her finish. "Oh. So you bring the kills back?" Then she shakes her head and her smirk grows wider. "Nice suggestion, /mentor/. Sure, I should'a smacked him and then I'd get kicked out of Candidacy for sure. No, I'll just wait until I'm out and then I'll get 'im back." Vindictive, thy name is Kali. "Southern." She echoes, blue eyes scanning the area again as she takes a deep breathe of air. "So what we hunting then? Wild wherry?" Eyeing the supplies now, Kaliena shifts the rucksack on her back and then begins to fidget. "What am I supposed to do, anyhow?" Her eyes narrow, suspicious as a thought pops to mind which means, of course, she has to voice it. "I ain't bait, am I?"

Kimmila nods, "Yes I bring the kills back. I always bring the kills back, unless I need them for myself," she says, giving Kaliena an odd look. "You didn't think I just hunted…just to hunt, did you?" Without waiting for an answer, the bluerider strides off into the forest. Then she laughs. "You'd make lousy bait. Even the wherries wouldn't go for such a skinny thing."

Kaliena won't lose Kaliena that easily and the moment the bluerider strides off, the candidate is tagging along like an unwanted shadow. "Yeah. I did. Cause you sure made it seem like you were just slackin' off and going on a bit of fun till I had to wrench more from you." She grumbles. "And how do I know you ain't selfish or anything? Keeping it all for yourself and just claiming it's "duty". To which Weyr anyways?" The last is drawled in a mocking, haughty tone. What is she hinting towards? At her laughter and her comment, Kaliena bristles and the flush that creeps up over her cheeks is not from the warmth of the southern weather. "Not like you're any better." The girl mutters under her breath with a glaring look at the bluerider's back.

Kimmila snorts, "Do I have to explain every little thing to you?" she says, some irritation creeping into your voice. "Would you rather me teach you how to do inventory, or write a letter requesting more tithes, or clean up after a dragon that's got thicktail? Or would you rather hunt?" She pauses long enough to fix Kaliena with a stare, before she bristles just a touch, eyes narrowing slightly. "Western," she snaps, before she turns away and sets off once more. Then she laughs, but it's a harsh, sarcastic sound. "Exactly." Duh.

"Yes, you do." Kaliena fires back smartly, "You're my mentor." She's ignoring the irritation that's crept into the bluerider's voice, pressing on as she treads along behind her. "Uh huh. Cause then you'd be /teaching/ me things. I don't know any of that. Don't know hunting either. So, yes, I /would/ like to hunt." She remarks flatly, "Or are you just teaching me how to be an insulting brat? Cause so far that's all I've picked up from your "lesson", ma'am." The title is tossed in with as much sarcasm as Kaliena can muster before she's stopping, stalled by Kimmila's stare. The candidate doesn't back down though, she simply juts her chin up stubbornly. "Western? Uh huh." she echoes back with open skeptisim, brows rising a little before settling into a smug look that is anything but kind. "I'm sure Th'ero /loves/ that." That is muttered under her breath again and she pauses as she avoids tangling with a twisted, exposed root of a nearby tree. "Exactly, what?" she asks, scowling heavily as Kimmila laughs so sarcastically.

Kimmila continues through the forest, even though the two of them are making more than enough noise to ensure that every wherry within a mile is flying or running for safer resting places to relax during the middle of the day. "Doesn't seem like you /want/ to learn anything," Kimmila returns. Then she snorts. "Oh, I think you've got how to be an insulting brat down /just/ fine. You don't need any help from me on that score. You treat all riders this way? Or am I just lucky? And how would you know what Th'ero likes? Since you've all but cut him out of your life and all." She doesn't explain 'exactly'. It was a joke and the moment has passed.

Even if they were focusing on their movements, Kaliena would still spoil the hunt. She's in one of her moods and if they weren't already getting to each other's throats, Kimmila would be having question after question pressed at her. "I do want to learn! And I'm pretty good at it, if I have a /good/ teacher. At least my smith mentor doesn't take shots at my looks." Yes, she knows it was a joke, but the girl is just looking for anything to use against the bluerider at this point to push buttons. Push, push push. "Why, thank you! I think that's the nicest thing you've said." Kaliena drawls sarcastically, rolling her eyes and then snorts. "No. Only you, M'cha and Th'ero. You're all on the same level, just about." Ouch. And she specifically leaves out Zi'on. The candidate pauses then, coming to a stop in the middle of whatever pseudo pathway they're following through the southern forests. "What? Not glad I've cut him out? Now you can have him /all/ to yourself." She growls at her as she glares some more and remains at a standstill.

"You know, sometimes the teacher isn't the problem," Kimmila snaps back. When Kaliena stops, Kimmila does too, brows lifting in surprise. "You're putting me on the same level as /M'cha/?" Incredulous could describe the bluerider's voice. Then she sneers. "Want to come try to smack me? C'mon." Juvenile, yes. But…Kaliena started it. "Why would I be glad you cut him out?"

"Oh, put the blame on me, will you?" Kaliena scoffs and the laugh that follows is harsh and not amused. Then the girl tilts her head ever so subtly when Kimmila reacts with incredulousness and sneers at her. Aha! "Yeah. I /am/. You're no different then him in some respects." And neither is Kaliena, really. Glaring back, there's temptation there for sure but the candidate only remains where she is though her fists clench at her sides. "You're not worth it." The girl mutters, blue eyes fixed to Kimmila as she says it with a sneer of her own now. Kaliena then blinks a little, before laughing harshly again. "Why /not/?" she drawls. "If I suddenly wrote to him, he'd set you aside in a heartbeat to devote whatever precious time he had to mending things."

Kimmila snorts, "Well yeah, because you're being a brat. Spoiled and immature. Grow up." Rolling her eyes, Kimmila turns and stalks through the forest once again. "The world doesn't revolve around you, you know. You need to learn some respect before someone kicks your ass." Then she snorts. "And I would encourage him to mend things with you, Kaliena. Family - true, /good/ family - is important, even though you haven't learned that yet."

"I am not /spoiled/! Or immature!" Kaliena protests just like the brat she's claiming not to be. Denial? Or yeah, she's in it and in it deep. She lets Kimmila move off head and then with a muttered curse, she follows the bluerider reluctantly. Now she really does seem to purposely be making as much noise as possible through the forests. Stomp, stomp, mutter, curse, more stomping. "I know how to be respectful! And I /am/… to those who respect /me/." Yep, the world revolves entirely around her. Kaliena scoffs again and she hisses, "/Family/? Good family? What would /you/ know about family?" The girl has no idea of Kimmila's past really and it was just a knee-jerk reaction to the bluerider prodding at an obviously sensitive topic to the girl.

Kimmila chuckles. "She says, while pouting and stomping like a toddler," she mutters under her breath. Who knows if Kaliena can hear her or not (over the STOMPING). "I have a great family," Kimmila adds, coming to a clearing and stopping on the edge, peering around. "Now pipe down."

"I'm not a child!" Kaliena exclaims loud enough that any animal within their radius has likely fled well and good now. Yep, she heard or heard enough to make an assumption. "And I ain't going to "pipe down" or whatever." She adds, flustered and in a right temper now, no matter that she's continuing to be entirely irrational. So deep into her own thoughts and anger, she doesn't clue in that Kimmila has come to stop on the edge of the clearing and just continues storming onwards, stomping right past the bluerider and into the clearing. "What're you going to do about it anyways?" Kaliena taunts, whirling back around to face her, smirking and planting her hands on her hips, chest heaving a little from both her temper and her stomping through the forests as she glares in challenge.

Kimmila straightens up as Kaliena stomps right on past, staring at the girl with a look that starts off surprised, and then flattens. "You know what?" she says, eyes narrowing and shaking her head. "I'm done." Turning, she moves back into the forest and melts into the shadows, moving swiftly and silently like any good hunter can.

"Done?" Kaliena echoes back as her brows knit together in a frown and then ease to a triumphant look. Ha, she won! At first, she remains smug and confident, chin up and thinking it's some joke but as the bluerider begins to melt back to the shadows, the candidate's cocky attitude being replaced swiftly by one of indignant shock. She wouldn't /dare/. "Wait!" she calls out and tries to follow in pursuit. It's all in vain though, as Kimmila moved too swiftly for the candidate. That doesn't stop Kaliena from calling out her name (and likely throwing in a few curses afterwards) and now the candidate really is panicked, as she can't find the trails to lead her back to the beach. Thankfully for both their sakes, the girl can keep a level head or luck just played out well as the girl eventually makes her way back to the clearing. There she'll rage over her situation until her temper burns out to fear and worry and then eventually leaving her sulking by the edge of the stream.

About a candlemark later Varmiroth appears from between overhead, dead and drained wherries hanging from his straps. Seems Kimmila was busy while leaving Kaliena to her fate. The blue lands carefully, with a soft croon of concern for the girl. He did /not/ like leaving her. Kimmila swings a leg over and dismounts, standing beside her dragon and staring at Kaliena. "Done throwing your little fit?"

Sitting with her knees tucked up to her chest and her arms crossed over them, Kaliena lifts her chin up from where it rested there the moment the sight of Varmiroth's shadow catches her attention. While the blue lands, she rubs at her eyes with the back of her hand and then fixes Kimmila with a cold stare. Rebellious and stubborn to the last, her eyes flicker with everything the girl wants to yell at the bluerider, to call her every name under the sun and just tear into her viciously in return for the fear and worry she just endured. Even if it was well deserved, Kaliena still hasn't quite accepted /all/ the blame to be hers. So, the only words that escape her are a flat and almost toneless, "Yes." There's a pause, as her gaze shifts to the dead wherries and back to Kimmila. "Can we go back now?"

Kimmila watches her for a long moment, and then nods. She doesn't say anything else either, except a simple, "Yes. Hunting's done." Too bad Kaliena threw a fit and missed out on learning how to hunt. But Kimmila doesn't say that. No need to start the fight all over again. Instead, the bluerider climbs up into Varmiroth's straps.

Lesson was learned the hard way and now Kaliena just has to bitterly except the consequences. As she slowly straightens out her legs and gets to her feet, the girl shuffles over slowly, and quietly for once, to Varmiroth, gaze darting back to those wherries with a look of regret before looking away. Then she mounts up after Kimmila, like a good little candidate and buckles herself in. She's pointedly not looking at the bluerider now, shoulders hunched awkwardly and her whole posture tensed.

Kimmila reaches into a bag on the straps and pulls out a wrapped sandwich, offering it to her. If she takes it, great. If not, Kimm will put it back into the bag before checking to make sure they're strapped in and lifting off, vanishing back to Western.

Kaliena stares at the food, her hunger obvious from the look in her eyes alone. But shakes her head at the offer of the sandwich in the end and the words that escape her is muttered softly and hurried. "No, thank you. I just want to go back." A pause. "Please." Varmiroth is taking wing then and the girl focuses on the flight itself, bracing for the dreaded Between as they vanish back to Western.

Once back in Western Varmiroth glides to a soft landing in the bowl, and crouches to let his riders off. Drudges hurry forward to take care of the wherries, and Kimmila checks her blue's straps, ignoring Kaliena unless the girl has more to say.

Kaliena waits until Varmiroth has landed and crouched for her to dismount before promptly doing so. Normally the girl would have taken so much delight in being able to fly on dragonback again. Now she just looks gloomy. Sulking, still? Or is the lesson sinking in? "I'm… sorry." The girl does linger long enough to gain the courage to say it, even as Kimmila is ignoring her as she hesitantly works out the rest of her reply. "And… and thanks for… coming back to get me."

Kimmila tugs on the straps again and then turns to look back at Kaliena, a brow lifting as she listens to the girl's apology. "Apology accepted," she says, and even gives her a slight, awkward smile. "Of course I came to get you." She looks a little confused as to why she's getting thanked for that. "Wouldn't have left you out there forever." She's standing by Varmiroth while kitchen drudges haul off dead wherries, with Kaliena - her mentee for the day - stands nearby.

Kaliena is, indeed, standing nearby to both Kimmila and Varmiroth and while she looks no different then before, same clothes, hair done up in a messy braid and a little rucksack on her back, her mood is what's off. She's not her overly confident, snarky and gruff self. She's… subdued, could be the word. In the least, she's being polite and respectable (who knew she could!) as she waits by the bluerider. At Kimmila's confusion, the girl only shrugs her shoulders and promptly lies. "I figured you'd have sent another rider." She did say she was "done" with her, didn't she? "Can I go now?" Kaliena asks again. Maybe she's had enough to the heat and the humidity for the day.

Suldith has recently been freed of the sands now that Bennueth's clutch has hatched. That means Zi'on is also free to go about his business as is normal. Today he's coming back from someplace, another weyr probably. When he hops down from Suldith he peels out of his leathers and then pulls some paperwork out of a satchel. Then he greets the drudges with a wave and heads towards the two ladies. "Kimmi, Kali. How's it going, ladies? Got some hunting in, I take it? We can always use wherry. Miraneith usually eats most of the ones we keep here." He blinks at Kaliena. "We can talk later Kali if you have things to do."

Kimmila stares at Kaliena for a moment and then she just nods, "Sure, go ahead." Then her attention turns to Zi'on, and the bluerider nods to the Weyrleader. "Evening. Going fairly well, I think. Had a good hunt and got a few wherries to add to the cook pots for tonight."

Kaliena normally would stare right back at Kimmila, but she keeps her gaze lowered. The moment she's dismissed, the girl turns to flee and flees… right into Zi'on. Had she been paying attention, she'd have seen the Weyrleader approaching and even greeting her. Now she only stares up at him, blinking back as she awkwardly avoids bumping into him. "I've nothing to do." She tells him, gaze darting over to where the bluerider is standing. "We just got back." Then Kimmila is telling Zi'on all about it, or her version anyways and Kaliena's eyes narrow into a glare, suddenly not wanting to hurry off so quickly. "After you /abandoned/ me in that clearing you mean?" she exclaims and just tilts her tone into sounding well and truly hurt over it as she steps closer to the Weyrleader's side, if he allows it.

Zi'on nods to Kimmila. "Sounds good then. Did Kali actually kill anything? Or was she just along for the ride?" The bronzer blinks a bit as Kaliena ignores him completely and then almost runs into him. He looks down at her and raises an eyebrow. "Sheesh. Where's the fire my little hammer-holder?" Okay, he's never called Kaliena that before, but it seems as good a nickname as any, right? Plus there might be a double entendre there, too. When she skitters to his side, he'll pull her in for a one armed hug. "Eh? Abandoned you?" It certainly didn't look like Kaliena had been abandoned. At least not completely.

Oh. The double entendre nickname has Kimmila wincing. That was bad. But then she straightens her posture and frowns at Kaliena, leaning her weight onto her left hip. "Yes, abandoned. Temporarily. She was throwing a fit and scaring off all the game, so I left her in a clearing and went on hunting on my own." As she speaks she stares at Zi'on, not backing down from her own version of events.
Even Kaliena has to forget her anger long enough to grimace over that double entendre. Really, Zi'on? The nickname or whatever it was earns him just as fierce a glare as the bluerider is getting. "Doesn't mean you had the right!" she snaps back at Kimmila, all the while pressing closer to the bronzerider's side, which is something she never, ever does. Not in public anyways. So is she really upset or just trying to win Zi'on to her side.

Zi'on raises a brow at Kimmila this time, frowning a bit. "Hopefully not too far abandoned. Kaliena is still a candidate. The only place she ought to be abandoned is back at the weyr." And yes, really, Kali! He looks down at the smith then. "What were you saying to her?" He knows full well that Kaliena has a bit of a mouth on her. Also that she tends to speak first and generally be unpleasant if things aren't going her way exactly. He figures she's going into defensive position, which probably means winning Zi'on to her side.

Kimmila shakes her head, "We went to Southern, and she was in a clearing for no more than a candlemark, with access to fresh water." See? She abandoned Kaliena the /right/ way. Or so she thinks, green eyes flicking to the Candidate and narrowing marginally. "You know you were wrong. Her attitude is atrocious, Zi'on. Frankly I'm shocked she's being allowed to Stand." There. She said it.

Kaliena looks up to Zi'on first when he begins to lightly reprimand Kimmila and then side-glances in a subtly smug manner towards the bluerider. That's gone the moment the Weyrleader questions her and the girl drops her head, chewing a little at her lower lip. "I was just sayin' the truth and my opinion on things. Might've been too rough. I get that." Yeah right. Zi'on knows how it is and Kimmila has the right of it. "So then you /tell/ me I'm wrong." She snaps back again, "Not leave me in the clearing like some misbehaving canine." Kaliena only rolls her eyes as Kimmila defends her decision in ditching her. Then her eyes widen and there's hurt and anger there, as well as worry as she darts her gaze up at Zi'on. Waiting, it seems, on his reply to that.

The right way would have been dropping her off back at the weyr, at least as far as Zi'on thinks of things. "Your opinion is noted, rider." The bronzer's brows furrow at Kaliena when he catches the trail end of that smug look. "That's enough Kaliena. Be quiet, or you'll find yourself in more trouble." He looks between the two of them for a moment before sighing. "Well, since neither of you two want to repeat what was said then I can't exactly make heads or tails out of this situation. Kimmila, don't abandon any more candidates outside of Western, or your mentoring privileges will be revoked. Kaliena, start showing respect to my riders. And watch your tongue. Or I will take your knot, girlfriend or no. Now both of you apologize and let's put this mess behind us."

Kimmila snorts, "I'll repeat what was said, if you're interested. Otherwise, so noted, sir." Not that she wanted to be a mentor in the first place. She just got roped into it when someone else got sick. She looks at Kaliena then. "Sorry I scared you."

Kaliena's brows arc up in obvious shock and incredulousness when Zi'on tells her to be quiet, rather then take her side. Silly bratty girl! So, she's quiet like he asked and any lingering smugness wiped clean from her features. The candidate does hang her head a little, looking right ashamed as she should but that doesn't keep her from giving Kimmila a cold look. "Yes, sir." Kaliena murmurs once Zi'on's given his warning, though she grimaces faintly at having to apologize. Again. She fidgets, wanting to say something snarky or cutting or harsh but a quick darting side-glance to the Weyrleader and then gives her apology, muttered and hurried like before but done all the same. "I'm sorry I was so difficult."

Zi'on shakes his head at Kimmila. He can sort of guess. He's been at the receiving end of Kaliena's mouth on several occasions. Which means he might be partially to blame for her attitude. Once Kimmila has apologized he looks down at Kaliena expectantly. He nods to her once she apologizes. "There now. Isn't that better? Anyways, as long as no one has any further grievances…" He looks between the two ladies, then focuses in on Kaliena. "You and I need to talk, Kali. Preferably not in the middle of the bowl though." He's not sure if she has someplace else to be, though.

It takes a lot of control on Kimmila's part, but she does not roll her eyes or snort when Zi'on proclaims things 'all better'. "I'm off, then," Kimmila says, taking a step back and then turning to climb up onto Varmiroth's neck when the Weyrleader says he needs to speak to the Candidate.

Kaliena shakes her head when Zi'on mentions further grievances and just like with Kimmila, it takes all her control not to say something out of line. But then the bluerider is mounting up again and the Weyrleader is mentioning the need to talk. So it's no surprise if she looks a touch apprehensive now, considering all that just unfolded. "Where then?" she asks and seeing as it's he who wants to talk the girl leaves it to him to lead the way.

Zi'on nods to Kimmila, giving her a wave with his free hand. "See ya, Kimmila." Zi'on is glad that Kaliena isn't adding insult to injury at least. He looks down at her as the bluerider takes off, this time pulling her in for a hug with both arms. Maybe he's trying to reassure her. "Let's go to my weyr." At least there they'll have some privacy. It doesn't look like from the bronzer's face that he's got any sort of good news.

Kaliena is pulled into the hug and she hugs back, but it's a little stiff. She nods her head then and follows him back to his weyr, head down and her gaze with it. The girl doesn't even protest or joke about how bad it'll look that she's going to his personal weyr. Once inside, she simply watches Zi'on, curious but apprehensive still. "Is it bad, then?" she asks, simply assuming from his behavior alone.

Zi'on wouldn't normally suggest them going to his personal weyr given the situation. But he needs to talk to her about private matters and doesn't want to risk someone walking in on them during their talk. So off they go to his weyr. He heads to the couch and encourages her to sit down with him. "So… you remember when Suldith won Bennueth's flight and all, right?" Of course she does, the eggs were on the sands up until recently. "Well… Rea's pregnant. Given her size and all. Also she doesn't have a weyrmate or anything like that. I haven't asked her outright, but… yeah." Does he have to say it?

Isn't that what his office is for? Given she's crashed in on him there and Th'ero as well, maybe it isn't the best of options. Kaliena sits down next to Zi'on when he encourages her and does so tensely and a little on edge. "I remember." She tells him, eyeing him suspiciously now. "Those eggs just hatched. Which means Suldith isn't bound to the sands anymore, right?" Polite words. Still drawled and a little gruff but she's behaving, though it grates against her. Then he drops the news on her, all at once and heavily. She blinks and then scowls and her hands clench into little fists on her legs. "So it's yours." Nope, she'll fill in the gap for him.

Zi'on shares an office with Ila'den. Plus people come in there or knock when they need to see him. He doesn't generally get visitors at his weyr other than Kaliena. If the candidate has a problem with being in his weyr, she can ask to move. "Yeah, he's not sands-bound anymore. So that's good and all." Zi'on doesn't see the point in mincing words. Or maybe he just doesn't know how to phrase it so it won't feel like Kali is getting a ton of bricks dropped on her. A sad, sorry and even a little shameful look washes over the bronzer's face as she fills it in. He nods to her. "Sorry, Kali…" He says, his voice barely above a whisper. "It's not like I'm going to go off and weyrmate her or anything insane like that. But I should at least take care of her a little while she's pregnant. I promise it won't affect what we have though." Though it's not a very good promise because it's not one he can likely keep.

Normally Kaliena would be happy that Suldith isn't being so broody anymore, as that means Zi'on would be free and while she wouldn't show it normally she does like seeing the bronzerider happy. Even if he had managed to sugar coat it a little, the girl would still feel as though a ton of bricks just dropped on her. It's been a long day, after all. She just closes her eyes for a moment and then looks away, trying not to see the sad, sorry and shameful look Zi'on has (though she still does, despite her efforts). "Is 'taking care of her' a nice way to put it?" she asks flatly, smirking when he mentions the promise. Kaliena simply shakes her head. "Promises can be broken, Zi'on." She points out a touch bitterly before she takes a steadying breath, even if it's shaky. "So that's it then?" Really, the girl should have expected an outcome like this. Didn't they discuss flights once?

Zi'on is generally happy. Even when Suldith is on the sands. Though slightly less just because the bronze is always worried and moody. Normally Zi'on would have waited to tell her, but he's afraid with Rea showing he won't be the only one who's figured out who the father is. And if Kaliena hears it through the grapevine it wouldn't be very good. And word travels fast at the weyr. "What do you mean? I meant like making sure she has enough baby things, helping her with things when she's really big… helping with the new born and all of that." He pouts then as she points out that promises can be broken. "Yeah I guess… that's it." He expected her to be angry, or something. This lack of… anything has him feeling awkward.

No, it wouldn't be good if Kaliena heard it through the grapevine. As it is, she's going to have to deal with the gossip when the news breaks. And she is angry, but the girl is holding it back rather then just rolling with it. Her skin is flushed and her posture is tense and neither have her hands unclenched themselves. She's also jealous and Zi'on isn't helping much. "And all that," she echoes back tersely. "Exactly. You'll devote your time to her. As I suppose is the right thing. Maybe you two will get close. She's free, isn't she?" Now she is getting riled and has to quickly bite her tongue before she really gets worked up. His pouting is ignored and she simply scowls at the floor. What does the bronzerider expect? She's just been ditched in a clearing for a candlemark, and then returned only to be punished (rightfully) and now had this dropped on her. Zi'on is lucky she hasn't stormed off and fled somewhere.

Zi'on will feel extra bad when the news breaks. Hopefully she doesn't have to deal with too much blowback. "What? Kali… No. I'm not going to devote my time to her. If she wants my help I'll help her, but you'll always come first. Always." He looks at her reaching over to lay a hand on her wrist gently. If she lets him. It's true, he's not doing much to help her jealousy. He's having trouble thinking of things to say at all. He should have talked to his father before he told her. "You know I love you Kaliena. This baby isn't going to do anything to change that. And if you think it's affecting us… you have to tell me right away. I don't want to lose you because Rea forgot to drink her tea after the flight."

Kaliena will handle any blowback the only way she knows how. So she may wind up being reprimanded again, though nothing as bad as today. Something Zi'on says must reassure her because she's finally looking up at him, though her eyes are narrowed and still suspicious. His touch isn't rejected, not yet, but neither is she relaxed under it either. The girl is terrible with this sort of talk too, which is only going to make the situation all that much more awkward for them both. "So you say," she mutters. "But I have to trust you, don't I? And I know. You tell me often that you do." Kaliena snorts then and shakes her head. "If it ain't going to change anything, then why are you treating it like such dire news? She's pregnant and it's likely yours and if you have to play a good father and take care of 'em. I get it." And she does, jealousy aside. She'll likely get over it eventually. Right now though she's tired and her mind is all jumbled. "You won't lose me." Kaliena adds.

Zi'on just has that look plastered on his face like he might cry at any moment. He hasn't taken his eyes off of her. Though everything just feels awkward right now. "I guess you do have to trust me." He frowns to her then. "Why? Because. It's not like it's good news exactly. I knew you weren't going to like it. Plus I felt I ought to be honest with you, about what's to come. So that you know. And so that you know that I'm still committed to you. That's all really…" Zi'on looses his confidence about halfway through the speech there. And the end of it comes out meek and awkward. He moves over to wrap his arms around Kaliena and gives her a squeeze. He doesn't wait for a return hug, he figures he won't be getting one anyways. "It's… late. I'll walk you back to the dorms."

Kaliena looks like he's going to cry? So does Kaliena, though she's masking it better probably then the bronzerider is. Awkward! "No, I don't like it. But what can I do about it? What's done is done. And at least the news was from you and not from the gossipers." She mutters and then silent as he goes on with his speech. When he looses confidence, she only turns her head to look up at him, but can't find anything to say to reassure him. But she does return the hug, which may surprise them both. "Alright." Kaliena slips off his couch then and waits patiently, before she'll follow Zi'on back out and down to the dorms. She's still angry and a whole mixture of emotions, but she doesn't bolt on the Weyrleader or say anything nasty or rude. There might even be soft and hurried thanks given, maybe a faint smile before she's darting into the dorms.

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