A Picnic and a Prank

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.
Electric lights light the entrances as those on night duty come out to take over, moving quietly in the night so as not to disturb those sleeping about the Weyr.Summer is upon the Western Isles, longer days and shorter nights making for a restless feeling that seems to invade every resident and urge them towards the beaches.

Dinner has come and gone and while most weyrfolk would be out during the day to lounge on the beach, now that the sun begins to set and the worst of the summer's heat ebbs away, a few are lingering or arriving to enjoy the slightly cooler air. Kaliena is among them, having escaped from the hatching sands prior to being ushered back into the barracks. She's retreated to the shores for a quiet dinner alone, a respectable bounty spread on the towel beneath her where she sits cross-legged with her eyes staring out across the waters. Maybe she won't be alone for long, because soon a green firelizard comes gliding down towards her, trilling a catchy three tuned song. As she perches on her shoulder, Kaliena feeds her a little tidbit and strokes the small wedge shaped head. "Thanks," she murmurs, before the firelizard takes wing again to join the rest of her kin wheeling out over the waters. Message delivered (successfully, she hopes), the candidate waits.

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Suldith! Zi'on got the message alright. He was actually up in the galleries while Kali was out having a feel of the eggs. That green firelizard was Sylvanas, who scooped up the spiderclaw and then made a meal of it. The bronze lands not too far from Kaliena, waddling over to warble at her in a friendly manner looking cute. Also he nudges her for a petting while his rider gets down and peels off his straps. Zi'on is in just shorts and t-shirt. The galleries were hot, too. He pulls a case of the bottled citrus juice he likes out of a pack attached to Suldith's straps. It's cold and sweating a bit from the heat. "Hey. I was gonna bring wine, then I realized you can't drink any, so I brought these instead." Speaking of Sylvanas, she's curls around Zi'on's neck. She's already had her meal and is snoozing.

Kaliena wasn't quite expecting Suldith to be landing so close or even to be arriving at all. Usually it's just Zi'on, but really should she be surprised? She seems a little suspicious by the bronze's friendly warble and when nudges her for a petting, looking as cute as a dragon could, the girl only snorts and obliges, but not without scolding him a little. "This a "I'm sorry I growled at you on the sands?" or are you just wanting attention?" she asks, though her gaze darts from bronze to his rider, knowing the answer will come from the Weyrleader. She's dressed in a sleeveless l tunic and a long and a light fabric skirt. Her sandals, likely the same worn on the hatching sands, rest at her side while her feet are buried in the lagoon sands. "Mhm, how kind of you not to tempt me." Kaliena drawls to Zi'on, eyeing the citrus juice and licking her lips slightly. Clearly, the candidate remembered to bring food but nothing to drink. "I've food if you want to trade?" she asks, already holding out a hand in hopes that the bronzerider will clue in and share.

As soon as his straps are off and Kali is petting him, Suldith flips over onto his back in the sand, wriggling around a bit and purr-warbling. Also looking pleased as punch. "He don't even remember growling at you, most likely. He just wants you to pet him and scratch his chin." Zi'on explains. He laughs at her question about trading. "Nope. I brought all six for me. And you get to sit there and be thirsty," he teases. The six pack is set down next to Kaliena as Zi'on moves to sit right behind her, his legs at her sides. The bronzer rubs at her shoulders gently, assuming she hasn't scooted away from him. "Well, what did you think of the eggs? And touching in general, I guess?" The bronzer is looking very scruffy now. Maybe he's letting the beard grow back? Or maybe he's just lazy.

Kaliena has grown accustomed now to Suldith's odd behaviors, so she hardly bats an eye when the bronze flips over onto his back, wriggling and making those sounds he makes. "Uh huh," the girl grunts, hands moving to scritch and scratch over the bronze's chin. Easier to give him what he wants then to argue, is her logic. "So it's torture then?" she muses with a smirk, giving Suldith a parting little pat before turning to help herself to the citrus juice. Content and distracted, she doesn't move away from Zi'on when he sits behind her, but she does tense at first from his touch. Turning her head to glance over her shoulder, she seems to question the bronzerider. What're you doing? Eventually though, she begins to relax and neither does she pull away. "I only got to touch three before Shadhavarth got upset over that one girl screaming. Bet it was one of the same who screeched the entire time with the spiderclaws," Kaliena mutters and then eyes Zi'on curiously. "You getting' lazy with the shavin' again? And I dunno. It was strange. Do they all attack your feelings and memories like that?"

Suldith does make those noises. Especially when he's being scritched. "It's torture," Zi'on says in a non-committal way. Suldith stays flipped onto his back a little while longer, before righting himself to curl up and watch his rider and the candidate. Zi'on peers at her when she tenses at him. "What's the matter? You think I'm going to put a crawlie down your shirt or something? I'm fresh out of crawlies. Anyways, I heard her. Also the sobbing afterwards. What's her name? Faranth forbid someone that spineless impresses. I hope she finds her backbone before the eggs hatch." He grins at her. "I dunno. I can't decide whether or not to shave it or leave it grown in. Or just leave some stubble. You know, for the ladies. For you. What do you think?" He shrugs and then nods about the eggs. "I suppose they do, most of them. It's hard to keep them from looking around. They're more lucid I guess, from what I remember. Than Suldith is, I mean." In his brain. If any of that makes a lick of sense.

"I wouldn't put it past you to do something like that," Kaliena remarks dryly, turning to face the waters again once she's given Zi'on another one of her narrowed looks. "Crawlies, sand, something cold… how was I supposed to know you were being /nice/." She shrugs her shoulders, despite his hands being there if he hasn't moved them. "I don't know her name either, but she is spineless and always shrieking or crying or blubbering over something. I doubt she'll find a backbone." The girl snorts, opening her citrus juice and then taking a long pull from it. Exhaling heavily in satisfaction, Kaliena leans back a little. "What do I think?" she asks, twisting around so she can face Zi'on now and careful not to disturb the food she brought. Reaching up, her fingers tuck under his chin and if he doesn't resist her, she'll try to turn his head a little from side to side as if studying his features closely. "Hmm. A full beard makes you look older. Keep it at some stubble. Least then you look young." She grins lopsided and settles back, sitting cross legged again as she looks up at the Weyrleader who isn't making a lick of sense. Of course, Kaliena has to call it out. "You're not making sense. Wouldn't Suldith be more lucid then the eggs? Though some of them…" Her gaze drops and she shivers a bit despite the heat, wrapping her arms around herself. "I don't like how they go for your inner most thoughts and memories. I don't even let /you/ in that far but it's like they just slip through no problem. It's…" The candidate falters, trying to find the right word and scowling when she fails. "… I dunno. Unsettling?"

Zi'on chuckles. "I would, maybe. But not when you've invited me out and got all this food and went through all this trouble." There goes Zi'on, being mushy. It wasn't often Kaliena invites him out though, generally it was the other way around. He continues to rub at her shoulders and her back a little until she turns to face him. He lets her twist his head this way and that, not seeming to mind. He keeps his eyes locked on hers. "Heh. Alright then. I actually grew the beard in to make me look older. But I don't think there's much debate over whether or not I'm a capable leader anymore." At least none that Zi'on really cared about. So he didn't have to intimidate anyone. "I… hm. I think I explained that poorly. The touching minds are more… slippery. Harder to keep track of. Suldith's voice is very clear, his presence is very clear. He's not hazy, I guess. I mean, I guess your dragon goes in that far, too. But you don't really mind. Or… it's somehow different." He chuckles. "It is, a bit. I guess. But it's good for the dragon development. And it gives you a little preview of what a dragon is like." Zi'on looks over the food for something sweet to eat.

And in response to his mushiness, Kaliena only wrinkles her nose and makes no comment. It's true; she did invite him, though she's not saying why. "How does having a beared and making yourself look older make you a better leader? Won't matter. A mask is a mask." She murmurs and then smirks. "Better to just be yourself. Though with you… you totally don't act like I'd expect a Weyrleader to." Another one of her dry chuckles and then she's reaching to finish off her citrus juice, placing the empty firmly into the sand. As she does, she's listening intently to Zi'on and by the end of his second explanation, the candidate obviously understands better. "Ahh. That makes a bit more sense now. Cause the eggs were… slippery." She says, borrowing his turn of phrase. "Just hints. Hard to pin point but vivid all the same." The bronzerider should know by now that if there's food with Kaliena, there's likely to be very little in the way of sweets. Plenty of fruits, a few veggies, some meat and bread but nothing sweet to the scale that Zi'on would enjoy.

Zi'on assumed it was because she missed him. They haven't seen each other since the other night in the rec room. "It makes people think I'm older than I am. Which means I have more experience and am better suited to the job. Or so they think. I'm not just some young kid whose dragon won a flight… even though I basically am. It helps my image. And helps me to earn respect." He laughs. "How's a weyrleader supposed to act? All stiff and stuck up?" Zi'on looks a bit disappointed at the array of food, and he picks at some fruit before opening up a bottle of the juice. "Yeah. I guess since they don't have a clear image of themselves it makes them hazy and slippery. To be honest I can't really remember any of the feelings from any of the touchings I went to. Not even Suldith's. So don't get too hung up on them. You're like to forget them if you impress."

That could be a reason and one Kaliena would definitely not openly admit. It could be to that she needs his company after her first experience in touching the eggs. Again, not something she'd ever admit. "Mhm. When you put it that way, it makes it seem like an actual well thought idea." She admits with a small smile. "No. But what Weyrleader talks of pranks and the like? I dunno. Guess I shouldn't complain since it could be worse." The candidate doesn't seem to acknowledge his disappointment, waiting until he's done picking at the selection before plucking a few pieces herself and popping them into her mouth. "So they do change, huh? Kind of like growing up or… maturing?" she asks between bites, glancing up at Zi'on as she does. Kaliena seems in a rather good mood tonight, a touch subdued but at least she's not scowling angrily at him.

Even Zi'on would blush if Kali told him she needed his company. For any reason really. Even if it was just because she was bored. "Heh. It wasn't that well thought out at the time. And it was sort of a waste anyways. All the weyrleaders know who I am anyways. They knew my father, knew I was his oldest, knew I rode bronze. Even if I didn't look or sound like him, that's who they saw me as. For better or worse." It's late enough that Zi'on has probably eaten already, so he doesn't partake much. Though even if he hadn't, the bronzer doesn't normally eat much anyways. "Yeah. They develop stronger personalities. I mean, look at Suldith and his… playfulness." The bronzer moves Kaliena's hair to the side to lean over and rest his chin on her shoulder, his arms wrapping around her. "So did you get a chance to make our little delivery?"

Then luckily for Zi'on, he'll be spared any blushing on Kaliena's part. "That doesn't seem quite fair," she points out while frowning at the bronzerider. A few more pieces of fruit are devoured and once her mouth is cleared enough, she continues in her usual drawling manner. "Just cause your someone's son doesn't make it fair for 'em to assume you'll be the same as him or whatever." There's a pause, as she peers curiously at the bronzerider for a moment. "Your father was well known then? Respected?" Had she ever asked Zi'on about his past? Or was it just a topic they avoided in general between them? "So… even though some of the eggs seemed rather rough and bold, they could hatch out like Suldith?" Kaliena asks, quirking a brow up as Zi'on rests his chin on her shoulder and wraps his arms around her. The girl doesn't protest though and shuffles a little closer. Probably not a good idea, considering how it looks but her mind is more on the conversation then consequences. "Only one of the letters so far. It's been a busy set of days. I'll deliver the others soon, but it's going to be close." She murmurs.

Zi'on shrugs a bit. "Eh. It may not be, but it's part of who I am, I guess. Though I like to think for some things I take more after ma. You're not at all like your family? That's hard for me to believe." Zi'on laughs. "Well known, yes. Respected… well, most of the time. He was… well liked, I guess. Popular with the ladies. Hence all the kids, I guess. Maybe it's the blonde hair or the blue eyes. I didn't get either." Woe is Zi'on. They've talked some about Zi'on's past. Though not in great detail. What does this look like? Two people cuddling on the beach? Copulation was out, not cuddling. "Heh, good. Don't stress about it. If need be I can always make a couple deliveries, too. What do you mean by close?"

Kaliena eyes Zi'on for a moment, mouth pulling down into a crooked smirk. "You should be glad I'm not like my family, Zi'on. First of all, I'd not be here. I'd be married by now to some cotholder's son, doin' my duties as tradition dictates and likely giving him many fine sons who he can then raise to be fishermen and nothing more…" she rambles and scoffs when she catches herself. There's a soft snort given to Zi'on's description of his father and his past and the candidate only shakes her head a little. "I doubt it had to do with his hair and his eyes alone. How many children he have then?" Kaliena has always been touchy about affection and even more so in public. Cuddling on the beach falls into that category, but with no one really about or staring at them, the candidate is calm. "Meaning the timing is bad. Not bad to the point I'd get caught but close enough."

Zi'on chuckles at her. "True enough. Then who would I bother and love all the time?" He nuzzles against her, rubbing his scruffy face against her neck. "Instead you can give me many fine sons who can then grow up to be riders, or fishermen, or smiths, or whatever they want." He chuckles, expecting the famous Kaliena scowl at the mention of children. "I dunno, maybe it's the way he talks then. I can't remember how many anymore. Like sixty, or something." Yes, sixty. The number doesn't even seem to phase the bronzer anymore. No one was about, and it was getting towards dark anyways, so it would be hard to see who exactly it was. "Really? Hm. I haven't been in my office much. Maybe some other time would be better then?" The bronzer gives Kaliena a squeeze. "So how's candidacy been? You missing me yet?" He chuckles a bit. Yes, that was a perverted question.

And Kaliena doesn't disappoint in the slightest. Not only does Zi'on get a scowl, but he gets an elbow to the side too, after he's done nuzzling and she chuckles a bit from the scruffiness tickling her. "Or I give you /no/ children. How about that?" she remarks and then her expression drops and she blinks. Sixty? /Sixty/. "Sweet Faranth, how in the world do you keep /track/ of your siblings?" It may not faze him, but it's boggled the candidate's mind something fierce. "I… do you even know half your siblings?" Still frowning as she tries to wrap her head around that concept, Kaliena snorts distractedly. "I've been trying," she explains and then grunts a little when he squeezes her. That earns a playful nudge this time or maybe not so playful for the perverted question. "Eh. Figures you'd ask. All you think about, is it? Candidacy is fine. I'm adjusting." Which means "yes, I miss you" in Kali-speak.

"Oof. Hey!" Zi'on laughs, then fake pouts at Kaliena. "What, you don't want to have my kids? Oh, I bet I know. You've got some cothold boy waiting in the shadows. Then when you're a full rider he'll pop out of the woodwork and sweep you away from me. And you'll have all his babies anyways. Am I right?" Zi'on gives Kaliena a defeated shrug about his siblings. "I don't. Most I haven't even seen, met, or even know their names. Not even sure da could name them all now. The only ones I'm really close with are the twins, a few of my older sisters, couple of the younger ones that are close in age, and his ex-weyrmate's kids. I at least know them. That's about ten or so." The bronzer grunts at the nudge. "Heh. Well, I gotta make sure I'm not the only one doing the missing. But yes, I think about that a lot. Especially when you're around. It's like you're thirsty and there's this big jug of water sitting there. But it's got poison or something in it so you can't drink. Even if you get a sip of something from someplace else, all you can think about is the big jug." Zi'on. He is not a poet.

"Shards no," Kaliena wrinkles her nose again and almost gags for Zi'on's suggestion, her expression looks so disgusted. "If I wanted a cothold boy, I'd have stayed in the cothold." She scoffs, "'Sides. Can't a girl /not/ want to pop out babies?" When the conversation turns back to his siblings, the girl turns curious again and listens quietly. "Ten from sixty is a good amount. More then I ever would have bothered knowing." No, Zi'on is no poet, but it at least has the candidate laughing. "That… has to be the silliest example ever. So I'm poison, am I?" Kaliena teases.

Zi'on laughs at her reaction. "You could have someone like Xander. Not in the cothold anymore, but clearly from the cothold. Though I don't think you'd like that either. You want someone more… wild. I can tell." He grins to her then. "She can, sure. I'm just teasing anyways. Even if we were to have babies, they would be a long ways off. Like maybe five turns or so from now." Though it's always surprising to Zi'on how quickly time passes. "You might be a weyrling when our first turn anniversary comes up." Not exactly something that the bronzer is disappointed about really, but it might mean their celebration would have to wait until afterwards. He grins to her. "No. You're the jug and the water. Candidacy is the poison. You can't see it or smell it, but it's there. Lurking all the time. You met any of the other candidates yet?"

Kaliena laughs again, though this time it's a little gruff. "Xander? The green guard? Pfft. And you're right. I don't like that idea. And wild? What makes you think that?" she drawls with a lopsided smirk of sorts. "Heh. Only five Turns? What if it's ten Turns? Or more?" Not that it could be more then that, but the girl seems bent on teasing Zi'on as much as she possibly can. "You're keeping track of that?" she snorts, but her brows rise up in a surprised manner and maybe she looks a bit guilty by the way her gaze drifts away for a moment. Then she shrugs, "I could or I could be just a smith apprentice. Can't be sure until those eggs hatch." At his next attempt at poetry or being witty, Kaliena only rolls her eyes and chuckles dryly. "Yeah, a poison to you maybe." She drawls, before canting her head a bit to the side as she thinks. "Well, I met Xander I guess. Though I don't think we've even had a chance to exchange names. There's another fellow too, from the night of the spiderclaws. Never got his name. Umm. Rou I met and Zahleizjah I met before either of us being Searched. The others I've not met. Seen 'em, but haven't sat and a heart to heart discussion." The last is said obviously sarcastic.

Zi'on laughs. "Poor Xander. Losing out on a chance he never had. Every time I mention sex he runs away like his junior-Xander might fall off or something. Because I know you. If I were like your brother say… all business, would you stay with me?" It's a rhetorically question, sort of. Zi'on thinks he knows the answer already. He chuckles. "Fine then, ten turns. Ezio will be almost old enough to stand by then." He nods to her. "Yep. I am. We're at about nine months. Anyways, that's true. Either way, start thinking up something you might like." Enough time for Kaliena to have popped one out if she'd gotten pregnant right off. He laughs a bit. "So you're not having the same solo fun in the candidate dorms, hm?" Now he's teasing her! "Well, that's good. At least you know of a few. I'm sure you'll get to know more. I was thinking maybe this year instead of stealing undies… I'd go in and switch all the boys' underwear and the girls' underwear."

"Maybe he's got someone special?" Kaliena interjects, defending the guard candidate for half a second before she's breaking into laughter again. Then she levels Zi'on with a look and she grins faintly, "If you were like Th'ero or Ilenki? Well first I'd probably kick you where it hurts if I could. Likely I'd just not give you the time of day let along hang around you. But you're the furthest from either brother. And you don't want to be like 'em." Was that the answer he was expecting? Then she blinks, "Gifts or something else?" she drawls, eyeing him curiousily. Then she makes a frustrated sound with her tongue, clicking it as she huffs, "Not /you/ too? What is with the obsession that candidates are sex crazed and going about making out and whatnot?" Leave it to Kaliena to miss the point of teasing. "Please don't." she says flatly, about as close as she'll get to pleading with Zi'on.

Zi'on chuckles. "Or maybe he's got someone special in mind. Maybe he's your cothold boy, pining after you from afar." Kali's Peeta. "Heh, well then I'm glad I'm not like your brothers then. But I could be boring, too." He was sort of expecting that answer, yes. Anything along the lines of 'no I don't want you to be like my brothers'. "Gifts or whatever. Something else?" He raises a brow at her, and blinks at her next comment, looking confused. "Eh? I was teasing. Who said candidates are sex crazed and go around making out? Most candidates I know are too afraid to do any of that. Harmless crushes, that's about all most people have in candidacy they didn't go in with." He chuckles at her 'plea'. "Or I could do this…" He suddenly stands, picking Kaliena right up off the ground. Then he makes a B-line for the water. Oh yes, she's going in with her clothes on, unless she can wriggle free of him.

"Uh huh. Don't think so, but nice try." Kaliena points out dryly, turning back to her food or what's left of it and picking at some of the leftovers. "Well your neither them or boring. Why do you ask? Are you worried?" she asks, glancing up at him as she nibbles at the last of a meatroll. "Something else." The girl confirms with a smug little smirk. "Surprise me." Isn't she just so sweet and loving? When he looks confused, she only looks puzzled in return and then makes another 'tsk' like noise with her tongue. "This girl I ran into on the south beach. M'cha ditched me there when I was supposed to be shadowin' him to watch his stuff and then she just pops up out of no where. I agreed to go swimming, but then she was actin' all weird and brought up how candidates always makeout and the like. Maybe the sun and the wine she had with her were addling her brains." Kaliena explains with an almost dismissive flip of one of her hands. "I know that. I was just sayin' - hey, what the! - Zi'on!" she exclaims and then begins to wriggle and flail wildly. She's not about to make it easy for the Weyrleader. "Don't you /dare/!" she snarls at him, but it's done with a wide grin.

Zi'on laughs. "No. Not really. You've said I'm not boring, and I know you love me, so I feel pretty safe." Zi'on sighs. "You're going to make things tough for me. You have no idea how long I wrestled with something to get you before I thought of the boots." He blinks and nods about the south beach girl Kaliena had run into. "Er, well, that's not my experience. How does she know, anyways? Was she a candidate or something? Anyways, sounds like maybe she was coming onto you Kaliena." It's not even said with a grin, Zi'on is serious about it. "Or maybe she was just addle brained. I dunno. The sun can make you drunk faster." Zi'on isn't letting Kaliena go without a fight, either. Though he's laughing the whole short run down to the water. By the time he's up to his thighs it's hard to stay upright, and the bronzer flops forward, releasing Kaliena into the water in front of him. He's laughing and gasping for air a second later, trying to stay standing upright.

"Well so far your track records for gifts have been right on." Kaliena reassures him and really, she does make it difficult. What girl is so happy to receive a dagger and steel-toed boots? Maybe he should give her a sword next or a bow. Couldn't hurt, right? The candidate only shrugs. "She didn't know me. She just showed up. I remembered her though later. She was the one you lent your shirt to, that time." She pauses then, blinking and then scowls at him for being serious. "I think I would've noticed that." Kaliena drawls, bristling defensively. No, she didn't. She was completely oblivious and then stormed off in a huff. All the way down to the water she'll fight, trashing by the time he's wading in. "No! No, no no… damn it, Zi'on!" Kaliena yells and curses and then silenced as she's released into the waters. Which of course has her flailing to the surface again, soaking wet and her hair plastered over her face. Coughing and sputtering, she remains seated in the water, flinging an array of colorful words at Zi'on before clawing at her hair and pushing it back.

Zi'on chuckles. "Well, that's good to know." A bow, that would work. As long as she promises not to shoot him it can't hurt. Whatever she wanted really. Zi'on always struggles with gifts. With Enka it was because she could get anything she wanted, and now Kaliena because she wouldn't like the normal sorts of things. "Ooh, her. Yeah she seemed a little strange then, too. Well, if you say so…" Who is the bronzer to argue with her? She can curse all she wants really, the bronzer is stubborn about his pranks it would seem. And he's considering this Zi'on 2, Kaliena 0. He laughs and splashes at her as she sits in the water. Of course he's just as wet as she is. But he doesn't have all that hair to deal with. "Shards and shells, Kali. You spent too much time with sailors or something."

Kaliena is not keeping score, but at least Zi'on's latest prank doesn't have her all ruffled and flustered. Now that her hair is pulled back, she's laughing and then sputtering again when he splashes her. Which she promptly returns, both with her hands and by kicking out with her feet. "What'd you expect!" she says, almost breathlessly between her laughter. "I grew up around fishermen!" And just to prove it, she lets loose quite the string of curses that edge from tame to just downright crude. "Too much for your sensitive ears?" The candidate taunts.
It's hard to be rustled and flustered in the water. Zi'on tries to shield himself with his hands, but of course it's no use. Also he's already wet, so being splashed doesn't really matter much. He laughs at her. "I dunno. It's strange hearing such things come from you little cute mouth!" He wrinkles his nose at her string of crude language. "Bleh." The bronzer wades over to her then, scooping her up in his arms and pulling her against himself. It's not for a prank this time. "Let's put that mouth of yours to better use…" And in he goes for a nice long kiss! Hopefully she's not angry enough to refuse him.

Kaliena is only trying to get her revenge where and however she can, considering there's no way she can pull Zi'on into the water or drop him like he did to her. But eventually she'll tired of splashing him and turns instead to wringing out her hair and then as much of her clothing as she can. "I ain't cute!" she says for the millionth time, grimacing and then begins to back up as he wades towards her. But he'll reach her before she can get away and she starts to fight again in protest, laughing and trying to evade him. No, she's not angry. But she's going to make him pay for dropping her into the water. So when he leans in for a nice long kiss, Kaliena denies him by craning /just/ enough to be out of reach. "Nuh huh." She taunts. Try again.

Zi'on likely won't be expecting any sort of revenge either, so he'll be caught way off guard. "Yes you are! Especially when you're wet like that!" Yes, Zi'on wades towards her as fast as he can and catches up with her. However he can't make her kiss him. He laughs a bit as she cranes away from him. "Fine then!" Instead of trying again though he's using his grip to try and dunk her into the water again. Then he starts wading back out towards shore.

Kaliena almost pouts when Zi'on doesn't try again, only the swear outloud when he goes to dunk her into the water. But she'll cling and fight against it, laughing all the while and likely calling him a few not-so kind titles. It's just her way of teasing and joking about. When he's suddenly turning back to shore, the candidate begins to try and wriggle free again. "Hey! I can /walk/ you know!" she drawls, trying to give him a few well aimed nudges to see if she can break his grip on her that way. "Where are we going now?" Hopefully he's not going to drop her in the sand now!

Zi'on had tried to let her mostly go after he dunked her. He was trying to make his escape! Or maybe he was just trying to play hard to get with her, so that she would do some of the chasing. When she wriggles, he lets go of her, letting her do as she likes. He slowly wades backwards, chuckling a bit. "I'm getting out. I don't know what you're doing. I'm cold and all you want to do is curse at me." He's not making a very quick go of it though, slowly letting the tide take him out.

Oh. Well, that's a touch embarrassing and Kaliena flushes a bit. "You're the one that threw me in! What did you expect?" she drawls, planting her hands on her hips in mock anger. It takes a moment longer for it to clue in and then it dawns on her and she leans back a little on her heels. A chase, eh? She seems to remember their last race just ending with Zi'on winning and her going on a date with him. But he'll get what he wants and with a grin, the girl is suddenly darting forwards. Let the chase begin?

Zi'on just grins at her. She was easy to make rise to the bait, that was for sure. "Heh. I dunno. My only plan was to get you into the water. Past that I didn't have anything else." And even that was Zi'on flying by the seat of his pants. By the time she runs at him he's mostly out of the water, except for maybe below the knee. When she gets close enough, he'll scoop her up again to give her a bit of a twirl. Then when he sets her down he'll brush a bit of a hair from her face. And then lean down for that kiss again. Only this time he'll let her close the gap.
Of course she easily takes the bait. It's almost too easy! One of these days, Kaliena will learn. And then it'll become a challenge. Having expected Zi'on to run, she's surprised when instead he just scoops her up and twirls her. When she's back on her feet, she's only peering up at the bronzerider, confused and a little puzzled. She'll close the gap though, kissing back before reluctantly pulling away and stepping back. "We should go." she murmurs, shivering now that the wind catches her wet clothes. Without waiting for his reply, she'll walk back up the shore and to where her towel is, packing up the last of the food and rolling her towel up to tuck it under her arm. She'll wait though for Zi'on to catch up and maybe they'll go back to the Weyr together, at least until she gets to the dorms.

Zi'on will have new tricks by then. So Kaliena will always be caught off guard! Or, at least once in a while she will be. Zi'on really was fishing for a kiss. Past the initial prank, of course. When the kiss ends he looks a little sad almost. Maybe there's a little heartache there for Zi'on, who is still used to taking Kaliena home with him. He will stroke her cheek a couple of times before he lets her pull away. "Yeah…" He responds. The bronzer will help her clean up everything they've brought if he can, and help her carry things back to the dorms. He'll try to get another kiss before he lets her head into the dorms and they part ways.

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