A Bargain Kept

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Rooftop Patio
This roof patio extends over the part of the living caverns that juts out into the bowl. A set of stairs has been carefully hewn from the rock, leading up to a flat expanse that is covered with normal dirt and topsoil. Trees and flowers grow in this section of the created gardens turn-round, all carefully trimmed and cultivated by the weyr staff. There are several benches scattered about, each secluded and private due to the surrounding foliage. A stone path winds through the expanse, leading to the other parts of the gardens.

Evening has descended upon the Weyr, bringing with it a cool and refreshing breeze from off the water. Tucked away on the patio is one little Vintner who is looking quite pleased with herself. Situated at her feet is a well padded leather bag, tucked partly under the bench she is sitting. She's currently just relaxing and seeming to be waiting for someone.

Riohra enters form the gardens, he has a tall glass in on hand and a colorful beach towel draped over his shoulders. His movements are a tad bit stiff as he walks on to the patio looking around to make sure this is in fact the right place pulls out a small hand written note and checks it again. He stands there a moment and takes a good pull from his glass, eyes half closed soaking in the evening air and sounds.

Catwin has been scanning the comings and goings of people and then she settles on one in particular "Well, looks as if you settled into something a little more comfortable to wear." She notes with a bit of a grin "Glad you found the place, I've a few things for you to take a look at." she adds as she leans down and pulls the sack forward a bit.

Riohra turns as he is addressed and walks over finding a chair to sit next to the Vintner. He slowly, ever so carefully eases himself down on to the seat saying with a slight groan "well I had good advice once I got my sharding head on straight and took it." He motions to his clothing saying "the weaver seemed to think this a good look for me, not that I am the best judge of that stuff." he takes another log drink from his glass and wiggles his toes "I will say the sandals you were totally right about, sooo much nicer"

Catwin watches the careful easing of Rio and grins "Spent a bit too much fun in the sun did ya?" she asks with a bit of a smirk. She shakes her head some "But at least your feet are protected and all. Wouldn't do to get a thorn or the like caught in your foot. Infections are never fun. Found something good to drink now did ya?"

Riohra looks a little embarrassed but still tells the tale, "Oh i was all happy drinking the Shimmer, then someone switched drinks on me. I know what Fellis tastes like, and cant say i am to happy with whatever that was I drinking either." he shakes his head still trying to get the cobwebs or maybe the after effects out of his mind "anyways woke up on a ledge this afternoon, thankfully face down but very, touched by Rukbat's kiss" he grins at Catwin "That will teach me not to take advice when offered"

Catwin blinks and then she can't help it. She starts to snicker a little "Well, indeed thankfully facedown. I'm given to understand that the other side is really quite painful if it gets sunburnt." A hand comes up to cover her mouth to try and contain her giggles. Oh, very amusing indeed. She clears her throat and really does try to contain herself. "So sorry, it's just" she grins and giggles a little more "Well maybe a couple of bottles whiskey that's 12 Turns might help make you feel better. And one bottle of 8 Turns. They're a little pricey though. The Twelve I couldn't talk them down less than 30 Marks a bottle, and the eight 15"

Riohra just nods at the giggling and uses his hand to motion for her to get it all out while he drinks from his glass. When she says the price he stops and thinks then asks "Do YOU think they are worth the price? Do you know this person and is there reputation sound?" Oh he has learned now who he can trust, or at the very least who wont rake him over the irons to badly.

Catwin tilts her head and the giggles subside and she says soberly "Honestly? They'd easily go for muh more than that at a gather. Course, it's easy enough to get more Marks for things there." She gives a broad grin "And well, they've quite the reputation. They love to rook the average person, but well, they practically helped raise me and all, and taught me how to dicker. So I know all their little tricks. Well, that and they have a soft spot for me." she pauses and then grins cheekily. "They are my uncles after all." A pause "So yeah, they're good, and their stuff is really good. They've got some good stuff that's as clear as water and goes down just as smooth. So smooth you won't even know you've ended up sitting on the ground."

Riohra raises an eyebrow at that last part "Really?" he starts to say but stops himself. Focus one thing at a time, another drink from the tall glass as he reaches into a pocket to pull out another piece of hide he uses for keeping track of the finances for this trip. "On your recommendations, I agree to the price my I see what I am purchasing?" he does some quick tallying of math. Then puts it away and waits patently for the Vintner to display the wares.

Catwin gives a little nod "Really." she murmurs as she opens up the case. She pulls two clear glass bottles out first. Each sealed and marked 2701. Then she pulls out one other bottle that's sealed and marked 2705. She then closes up the case on whatever else is in there. "Here they are, what do you think?" she asks with a tilt of her head as she looks at Rio and waits to see what he'll say.

Riohra goes to pick up a bottle but stops and makes a motion to ask if he can before he precedes "My I?" He is smiling that merry smile but his eyes are on the bottles inspecting them already.

Catwin gives a nod "Go ahead." she says as she smiles "Now, I don't know all what goes into this blends particualr aging. They're pretty closed mouth about their barrels and all. But it is oak. That much I know." Well, of course it's oak. "Though I do know they've experimented with some other hardwoods to varying degrees of success, but this is always the oak."

Riohra nods and picks up the bottle turning it in the light, looking for any thing settling in the bottom of the liquor. He inspects the seal as well as smells the corking, looking for mold or anything else that might affect the taste. He sets one of the bottles down and repeats the process again, when he is finished he looks at the sealing marks of the bottles and plainly asks "and this is there mark yes?"

Catwin gives a light little nod. "That it is. Twin Oaks is what it is. Twin Oaks hold. They've the running of it now. Fitting too seeing as they're twins and all. Though that's not how it got it's name. Just the planting of them out on the main trail on into the place. But they're the eldest and all, and Pa really was quite happy to let them have it and all."

Riohra grins and nods at the history you learn a lot from the history of things. "Then my good Vintner you have your self a deal" he reaches around the back side of his shorts and pulls out a mark bag. Just looking at it is on the small end he says "so by my calculations that is 75 marks, plus what ever you will charge me for finders fee."

Catwin gives a little bit of a nod "Just a mark per bottle." she says after a moment as she then leans over to open the case again and this time pulls out another bottle, unmarked and already open, though only about a third of it's gone. She also pulls out two small glasses. "And just a small drink to seal the deal." she states as she pours a small amount into each glass and then puts the bottle away. "Just that little homebrew I was tellin' ya about. Small amount shouldn't do you in, I hope."

Riohra eyes the bottle, looks at the vintner a moment as if judging form a new light of knowledge. But shrugs and grins passing over the bag saying "well there are a few extra for the advice" he takes the offered glass and nodding following Catwin's lead.

Catwin smiles brightly as she hefts the bag a little and then slips it into the case. "My thanks." she states and then tosses the drink back. She closes her eyes a little and sighs. "As good as ever." she murmurs. "I made them give me some before I left. They never sell it, and can be greedy guts about it. But again, they're sweet on me." she says with a grin.

Riohra looks at the drink and shrugs and drinks it down in one go. He licks his lips and gives a slight cough but nods saying "I can see why they keep it to themselves" he grins over at the Vintner relaxing into his chair "It seems you have gotten the better of this arrangement as of this moment. But I think in this case, I will be the better off in the long run"

Catwin chuckles "It's potent stuff. Can cause a del of trouble too if not careful. You'ld be worse off than just with some fellis." she notes and then hmms a little "Well, the marks will come in handy. I've got a few things I've had my eye on on getting more then a few glasses of. Some brandy that a vintner up at Gar produces being one of them." she smiles dreamily. She then gives herself a bit of a shake "But you've ome out with some fine brew so I wouldn't count myself do unlucky."

Riohra nods at that and gingerly wraps his three bottles in the towel and starts to fold it into a makeshift carrying sack. Looking up at her with a grin saying "So could I treat you to a meal or do you have others to peddle your wears too?"
Catwin hmms a little and then nods "A meal would be nice. I've no other pressing business at the moment, so I'm free to take you up on that." she says cheerfully. "And a good meal will give me a nice buffer for a few more drinks later tonight."

Riohra tilts his head and chuckles saying "I best watch my self or you will be having turned me into a hard drinker before I head home" he stands and offers her an arm in a polite fashion, wether she takes it or not he is still grinning happily.

Catwin rises up as well and shoulders up her case and lays her land on his arm "Oh, ain't nothin' wrong with being able to hold your liquor." she says with a grin "Helps keep things from hurting too much I find." she remarks cheekily.

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