Surprises of Friendship

Half Moon Bay Weyr - [TP] Deep Jungle Waterfall
Nestled deep inside the heart of the jungle, a break in the canopy gives birth to the inspiring sight of a relatively sleepy waterfall. A stream whose beginnings are likely to be found somewhere miles away where even wild felines fear to traipse, takes a lazy spill over a clump of more than half a dozen enormous mossy boulders this way and that, before dumping to deep pool colored the brightest of azure. There is not one place that the falling water has found to descend from, but several, effortlessly spilling over many layers of rock before splashing gently to constantly refresh that which has collected below. The trees and what underbrush grows well in reduced sunlight perfectly cuts around the entirety of the large pool, with the occasional slippery looking green-tinged rocks jutting out of the water itself toward its pooled edges. Someone has hung a rope swing from a thick branch that hangs over the pool, though this seems to be a relatively new addition. Another relatively flat outcropping peeks out along the west side, covered in a lush carpet of moss that might just tempt a passerby to settle down for a while and just enjoy the lively sounds of avians calling to one another across the wilderness. The stream itself continues on from there to the south, its bed dotted with unnumbered smooth stones polished to a fine sheen over the eons. A vast Pernese sky is hung endlessly above this dedicated space to either bath it in the golden sunlight of day or to shimmer under the shine of countless stars.

The cool evening air doesn't blow as I more of drifts around the area, the sound of the waterfall seems to play soothingly into air. The scene is very idyllic, or it would be if not for the folding wooden lounge chairs on the mossy out cropping. And occupying one of these chairs is the now rather tanned young man with the scar on his chest. He is humming happily in a deep bass, which seems very out of place for him as his speaking voice is a tenor. He has something wrapped in a bright colored cloth that sits in his lap. There is also a satchel tucked under his chair that he absently checks is still there.

Catwin has taken some time to get there, but arrive there she has. She looks around curiously as she approaches the waterfall and hmms a little at all the water that is cascading down in various spots. She purses her lips a little and then looks around. Spotting the chairs and one of their occupants, she slowly makes her way over "Well, quite an interesting place that you have found." she murmurs.

Riohra looks up and stands offering her the other chair with a slight bow "thank you for agreeing to meet me I figured we could do with a change of scenery" he straightens and looks around the area saying "I found it on my many adventures around your lovely Weyr." He throws warm smile over at her "I dare say this has been the nicest kidnapping I have ever had."

Catwin can't help but laugh "Well may all your future kidnappings be as pleasant." she murmurs as she takes a seat, spreading her skirt under herself a little. "It is certainly a change of scenery. I do believe I've not been here before." she admits. "So what prompts this little meeting?" she asks curiously.

Riohra sits down and grins at her handing over the wrapped package "Since this will likely be my last night here" yes there is relief in his voice, but also sadness "I wished to repay you for your kindness."

Catwin blinks as she stares at the package, almost as if it's a tunnelsnake for the briefest of seconds. So quickly it might have just been a trick of the light. Quickly she composes herself and gently takes the package "Oh, thank you. That wasn't neccessary, but again. THank you." she murmurs as she looks down at the package. "Uh, well. Should I open it here?" she asks and looks at quite a loss.

Riohra laughs and nods "please do" he reaches down and checks the bag again, adjusting it slightly. He leans back waits, happily enjoying the company.

Riohra pages: and that is not all, becuase I figure it has only been a day or so she hasnt been able to go trading for booze yet…he has another gift.

Catwin very slowly and methodically begins to undo the package, taking her time with it. There's a slight look of bemusement on her face that soon turns to shock before a grin begins to spread across her face. "Oh my, they are simply gorgeous!" she says with a soft voice. She looks up at Riohra and shakes her head a little "Thank you, but I shouldn't take them. I mean, I was just doing business and." She seems just a little flustered.

Riohra grins and shakes his head pointing to the bottom of the glasses says "What am I going to do with something with your name on them?" he is out right teasing now, happy that for once the Vintner is one the defensive. He pulls out a bottle as if from thin air adding saying "Besides, what better for Brandy than a brandy glass I am told." he hands the bottle to her so she can see the date and it where it was from. Then just turns his head to look out at the waterfall either so he doesn't see the attack or so she can compose her self.

Catwin gingerly takes the bottle, and her eyes go wide and she looks as if it might bite her. She doesn't drop it. Oh no, not at all. Her mouth stays shut for quite a few moments and then in a soft voice she murmurs a simple thank you. She continues to stare at the bottle and then gives herself a bit of a shake "Again, thank you and a good Turn too." she adds. "Well, might as well not let it wait any longer. They do a wonderful peach brandy. Did you get a taste of it all?" she asks as she composes herself and breaks the seal.

Riohra shakes his head saying "no I spent the better part of the day pulling out seeded oysters for trade" He nods at the bottle with a grin "besides, you have opened my palate to drink I was afraid that if I tried it and liked it." He shrugs sheepishly "lets just say we wouldn't be having this little meeting"

Catwin can't help but chuckle a little "Well, there's a lot to be said for their brandy." she notes as she pours out some in each glass and hands one over. "Very smooth and slightly sweet." she smiles "I remember a good friend of mine and swiped some straight out of the bottle when we were younger. We were very careful. Mother kept it up over the cupboards and as far as I know hadn't touched it in ages. We were very careful not to lose any of the dust and all on it. She never said anything, so we both hoped she just thought it evaporated. After all, it wasn't sealed up tight or anything."

Riohra chuckles and takes the glass gingerly, as he doesn't want to damage his new gift. He holds the glass at his chest, and in hales, this isn't a natural thing for him as if he was give a basic instruction. He then lets it breathe for a little longer before smelling it again, this action the same as the first gains a blush on his face as he probably feels stupid.

Catwin holds the glass in her hands as she watches Riohra. She can't help but grin. "Careful there, you'll sniff out all the contents before you even take a sip. Just hold it a little while and warm it with your hands." she suggests. "Take your time with it." she murmurs as she swirls her glass just a little and then takes a small sip. She smiles as she closes her eyes and lets it trickle down her throat. "Very good indeed."

Riohra does as he is instructed, and when a sip is finally taken for himself finds that the pleasant taste and aroma of the brandy mixed with the scene around them causes his eyes to slightly close. After savoring it as much as he can he whisper softly "That was worth all the work" he leans back in his chair just enjoying a drink with his new friend looks over to see the Catwin's reaction to the drink.

Catwin mmms and nods "Good drink is always worth the work. It's what makes life worth living and many times, bearable." she notes as she takes another slow slip. "Some drinks you down and go through quickly, others you sit back and enjoy. Like this brandy. The pace slows and you remind yourself just how lucky you are to have your life, your health and a good drink in hand."

Riohra nods happily saying "and the other reason why I choose out here. Too much noise in the Weyr to be fully enjoyed, I find myself always drawn to the quieter places." he takes another small slow sip, letting his head rest against the chair while he savors the flavor.

Catwin hmms "It does get quite boisterous, but I enjoy it. It's full of life and I like to be reminded of that. Plus, I so do enjoy watching people. It's quite enjoyable really. Such a mix we have too. I never get tired of watching them all." She looks around a little "It is quiet in a way, though the waterfall does tend to keep it from being too quiet. I can see how it could have it's appeal." she tilts her head a little "Not sure if I could handle too much of it though."

Riohra chuckles merrily "Aye, not many people can. Which is a blessing and a curse for me, as I tend to enjoy these places but it does get a little lonely" he holds up the glass in his hand and winks saying "but now that I have found a new hobby, I suppose it will not bother me as much"

Catwin tsks a little "Drinking alone is never a good thing. Good drink should always be enjoyed with good friends. Or well, most anybody some days." she grins. "Drink and be merry. Drinking al one, well that can send you off down a maudlin path, one in which the drink beings to claim you and then it becomes not so enjoyable."

Riohra nods to her and gives her an honest smile "And I am at the mercy of your tutelage. And again I thank you" he lifts his glass in salute before taking another drink. He starts humming again in that oddly deep bass. He looks at her and leans close now still humming the song, then gives her a wink and leans back in his chair again. She might feel something pressing against her calf muscle.

Catwin smiles right back and chuckles a little "Benefits of being much older than you." she remarks with another sip of her brandy. Sipping pauses as she blinks as he leans close and winks and then what is this? She eyes him over the rim of her glass and doesn't hardly blink. After he sits back, she slowly lowers her drink. It takes her a moment or two and then she is looking down. She spies what he sat there and then looks at him again, arching a single brow.

Riohra doesn't say anything, but keeps his humming going with the song. He looks out at the scenery, he finishes his song and takes another sip of his brandy. Finally after what seems like forever says in a soft voice "Didn't seem right splitting up the two, they are from the same year"

Catwin is silent still and then she gives a nod and a smile as she takes another sip. "It is indeed appreciated very much, and indeed what a shame it would have been to separate them." she settles into her seat a little more, simply relaxing after the newest but quite pleasant little surprise.

Riohra closes his eyes and says softly "I know it may seem like much too much, but to me it feels it isn't near half." He looks over at her and says "good people are hard to find, and well I am not used to kindness or people looking out for me. So again thank you"

Catwin hmms a little and nods "I can understand that. The world is a cruel place indeed. Full of too many who will easily take advantage of you." she murmurs "I try not visit that kind of cruelty on people." she looks at her glass and smiles "I alway tell people that what you do will come back in full. And here is proof of it. I am pleased to see a bit of kindness returned." she can't help but smile "Even if it did come back in more than full."

Riohra grins still looking at the woman says "but who can really put a price on friendship?" he leans back and takes another taste of the brandy. "I was raised to do good for people who do for you. and always make your friends feel more precious than clear sky's"

Catwin smiles "Indeed, friendship is certainly something to be treasured." she glance at her glass and then gorgeous design "As is the fruits of friendship." She raises her glass towards Rio "To friendship and a good drink to share with said friends."

Riohra raises his but knows better than to clink them as he doesn't want to damage them. "To friendship, and a no return policy" the last he gives her a sly wink and takes another drink, savoring it as much as he did the first.

Catwin chuckles and then grins, a touh of mischief to the smile "Oh, don't even think about getting these all back, unless it's in a shared drink which I will gladly do." She goes silent again, savoring drink and company for a few moment. She looks thoughful "So, back of to Fort you'll be going huh?" she asks and looks thoughtful "So, just what do you do up there in the cold?"

Riohra grins as he gets to talk about his own craft "I hunt for the Weyr, mostly to help with keeping the foods stocked as well as to deter any of the large cats and bandits away." He is all relaxed and smiles now "and the views are to die for, such beauty to be seen if your still enough to find it." he has a far off look now as he slowly takes another drink.

Catwin hmms a little "Ahh, a good vocation. Food goes very well indeed with drink." she murmurs. "I'm sure the views are quite something, especially up in the mountains." she remarks "Renegades are certainly a problem anywhere. Main reason I gave up journeying over much." she notes.

Riohra nods happily and points under her chair saying "the kitchen only had bubblies and few other things." Yup always has a plan this boy, he absently strokes his cheek scar at the talk of Renegades but still smiles and doesn't seem to loose his happy mood.

Catwin glances under and she grins as she pulls out the food "Amazing the weyrbrats let any bubblies go untouched." she remarks with a grins "Well, dessert os good too. SHe glances at the stroked scar and she silently muses to herself a moment and then gives herself a shake. She offers over some of the goodies. "So, who's waiting for you at home? Surely an accomplished hunter has someone?"

Riohra tilts his head at her, "I have lots of people waiting for me." missed the mark on that one hunter boy "I have to take a couple of Riders out who want to know what hunting on foot is like. I need to pick up an order of Tunnel snake boots for a Baker as well." He reaches into the basket and under the sweets pulls out some meat rolls saying "I didn't think they would go well with the brandy by themselves but again I don't know drinking as much as others"

Catwin hmms a little and nods "Well, always god to know you've business when you've been away. Keeps the marks coming in. So how do you go about your teaching to hunt? Set up critters for them to attack or what?" she asks curiously as she indulges in a bubbly first before moving onto the meat rolls.

Riohra shakes his head "nope, i go out the day before and fallow the game. then I have them meet me before I go out the next day, sometimes they get something sometimes they just get the experience." His brow furrows as he takes a bite of he his meat roll, he quickly chews saying with a little distain in his voice "people that teach others to hunt with snared game is nothing but cruel. and teaches not respect for the hunt, or nor understanding of ones own limits. He points at the long white scar on his chest that is far younger than the old one on his face "and even then a good hunter forgets himself sometimes."

Catwin nods as she listens "Glad to hear that, I figured you've some integrity lad, but glad to hear it confirmed." she eyes the longer scar. "Well, I suppose even sometimes the odds will have to be against. I am glad to know though that you came out alive, and not just for the brandy you brought me."

Riohra grins back at her and nods "oh, I don't intend to be laid out on a slate anytime soon" he returns to eating his food and enjoying the Brandy then looks at her and asks "How about you? You have family keeping ya here?"
Riohra pages: aww she is so nice and let him get away with not answering about a love life

Catwin peers intot he food basket and pulls out a roll. "Well, good to hear it. Be a shame to have you go out so soon." she remarks and nibbles on the roll. "Me? Nah, my familys all up on the Northern Continent. It's just me here. Which isn't too bad. I do miss grandmother's rum cakes at times. No one else can seem to come quite close to what she can do." she grins "Though she's always good at getting me some when I visit."

Riohra grins and nods "and how often is that? the visiting up north where all us other folk live" He gives her a gentle smile "Would be nice if I could return the hospitably and maybe get you to mix a few drinks for my Weyr. you know if you get bored"

Catwin hmms a little "Oh, maybe once or twice a Turn, depends on where my travels take me, and where they are. Sometimes we miss each other and all in transit." She then looks thoughtful "I may just have to check out Fort, though I wouldn't wanna step on any resident Vintner toes there."

Riohra nods and then with a sly grin says "oh if you were to visit, i am sure there would an temporary opening so no conflict of hall interests" he is enjoying the time together but he looks up at the setting sun and gives a rueful sigh just as he finishes his drink says "Time for me to finally go home." He stands and looks down at Catwin and gives her a deep flourished bow saying "M'lady you have made this adventure all the more memorable. If I can be of service to you please don't hesitate to call."

Catwin shakes her head a little at the bow "You're a silly one, but I like it." she admits "Well, I'll look into it and see what I can do that doesn't cause a conflict in my contract with the Weyr here." she says as she rises up herself. "Well, Riohra, it has been wonderful getting to know you and I am glad your cousin absconded with you to our benefit. And if you are ever in need of someone to procure you more delicious drink, don't hesitate to ask."

Riohra grins and straightens to his full height and maybe just now noticing how tall she actually is saying "oh you will be my first contact. My grandfather will probably be asking why I didn't marry you so he could keep a steady supply." He laughs at that, though probably not realizing hey might of hurt someone's feelings. He holds his arms out saying "My I hug the lady of the hour?"

Catwin laughs as well, seems she's not at all offended "Just tell him it's cheaper than putting forth a bride price." At the question of the hug she pauses and then looks at Riohra. Her lips are lightly pursed as she seems to give it some thought. After a moment she gives a very small nod. "I suppose you may." she adds softly, almost hesitantly.

Riohra catches the hesitation, how ever slight. He steps softly and lightly wraps his arms around her as one would wrap a sleeping person with a blanket. And like a blanket it is a warm and soft, which given his muscle tone and size should probably have been a little more heavy. His weight is balanced on the balls of his feet ready to pull away should it become to much for her.

Catwin is a little stiff at first, muscles a bit tense as she lets herself be hugged and then there's a slight lessoning of the tension as makes herself relax some. And then she steps back. "Sorry, not real good with hugs I guess." she murmurs and looks out towards the waterfalls. "I appreciate the gesture though."

Riohra smiles at her and says "You have nothing to apologize for, it is the act that shows the compassion no matter how brief." he picks up his satchel and pulls on his thick riding jacket saying to her "And it is all the more special knowing that you don't just hug anyone. So again thank you for sharing that part of you with me". Two drudges show up to collect the chairs as he tips them he gives her a sly wink saying "you didn't think I would make you clean up did you?" he gives a wave as he starts to walk down the path to the Weyr.

Catwin stands there a moment as he walks awawy and then she gives a light wave and just shakes her head as she gathers up her new items. "What a curious young man." she murmurs to herself as she heads back to her room, her face thoughtful.

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