Hatching a Plan

Western Weyr - Records Room
A large, natural cavern that is well lit for ease of reading. Tall shelves, holding everything from old-time hides to newer printed books, cover every inch of the cavern's walls. A few round, wooden tables offer work stations, while small, uncomfortable wooden chairs give readers and refugee's a place to sit. At any given time there is at least one resident working the shelves, replacing lost books or tidying up after messy study sessions.

In one of those small, uncomfortable chairs is one candidate. Keelyra, to be precise. The teen seems to have dozed off on a stack of hides. She's not drooling, yet, and that's something to be thankful for. The room is somewhat quiet this time of day, but a few apprentices do flit in and out on their duties.

Theicher creeps in, looking a bit frazzled and sleep deprived at the moment. He doesn’t have any bags under his eyesas of yet!but he’s definitely rather worn to say the least. He slides along, giving those hides a wary look before he comes across Keelyra’s new sleeping place. “Oh. Is this where one goes to avoid those spiderclaws? I swear, I’ve woken up every day the past sevenday with one hiding in my cot. And I have no idea how they even get up there.”

There's a grunt and a brief snort. Keelyra blinks a few times, eyes opening. The pale blue looks somewhat clouded with sleep as she sits up, stretching arms out above her head. "Mmf? Oh. Yeah. I tried spending one night in my dad's weyr, but someone didn't think that was fair." Hands lower, though one takes a side trip to cover a yawn. "Didn't mean ta fall asleep here. It just happened…"

“Well that’s mighty selfish of them. I’m all for people being able to sleep wherever and whenever really. I mean, we all got chores and what not to keep up with. That’s true for all of us, but where we sleep, why should that matter? Especially with our blasted barracks being taken over? I swear, if I have to eat another spiderclaw..” Theicher shakes his head slowly from side to side. “Although there is something satisfying about throwing ‘em in a boiling pot of water.” A lopsided grin is offered to the teen, “Mind if I join you for a few moments?”

"My 'lizards are so sick of spiderclaws, I think Dancer cried when she saw them this morning," Keelyra replies, with a somewhat lopsided smirk. She tilts her head at one of the other chairs. "Go ahead. You're better company already than all the Harper apprentices thinking they can find the answer to the spiderclaw problem in some old dusty hides."

Theicher’s brown eyes settle firmly on those hides that Keelyra had just been using as a not so fluffy pillow. “Well, I can’t say I’ve ever had the urge to read hides.” He looks rather uncomfortable a moment as he pauses, eyeing the hides before quickly slipping into one of the free chairs. “I prefer to get my information from word of mouth.” Or it might be because the other candidate can’t read. Who knows. “More fun that way and it’s more interesting. Leaves more room for creative embellishments.” Did his eyes just twinkle?

Using the heel of her hand, Keelyra rubs at her right eye a bit. She grins a little, "Hides are pretty dull. To be perfectly honest, sometimes I wish I didn't end up being one of the only kitchen people to be so comfortable with them." She sits back, leaning back in the chair. Though it's just her torso that shifts. "Creative embellishments, eh? Sounds like you talk to Zi'on a lot." She still can't get over the former weyrbrat being Weyrleader and the title just doesn't come easily.

“I suppose that there are a lot of recipes that have to be written down or get lost. Although I’ve heard that they’re never the same regardless, each time something is made. All dependent upon who it is that’s cooking.” Theicher chuckles, a deep rumble of a noise, before shaking his head, “Can’t say I spend much time with the young Weyrleader actually. I always meant to. Saw him a few times when he was a candidate and all but never really got the chance. Does he like to tell stories?”

"Not recipes so much as inventory," Keelyra says, managing a brief grin. "Someone's gotta keep track of what's in the storage caverns and it's usually me." She turns to sort through some of the pile, moving some things aside. She still hasn't gotten up from the chair though. "Mmm… He likes to embellish them, I think is the best way to put it."

“Of course, I don’t see why I didn’t think of that.” The hunter candidate quickly files that info away into his head. “Although that sounds rather tedious and… boring.” Theicher reaches up to cover a cough up with a balled up fist. “What do you do for fun around here? I know I’ve seen you around. Your.. father’s a bronzerider, right? Bronzerider spawn always get into the most trouble, I always say.”

Trouble. Yeah, that'd about cover it. Keelyra shrugs, grinning a little. "That may be why they give me so much responsibility in the kitchens. Keeps me out of trouble. I do find time for pranks still, but this spiderclaw thing… any pranks on top of it seems like it'd just be cruel. Everyone's already suffering so much"

“Maybe we should start pranking the spiderclaws.” Theicher grins widely at that idea, reaching up to tug at the hair on his chin. He gives the girl a sly look before it passes and is replaced by something less readable. “I think that’s why the nannies encouraged me to be a hunter, get me out of their hair and out of the weyr. Safer for everyone that way.”

"I wanted to be a hunter, but I was too clumsy," Keelyra says, with a passing pout. She's finally grown out of that gangly-limbed stage into someone whose long legs are more grace than just something else to trip over. "I do enjoy cooking, though…" She flicks at a few hides, brows furrowed. "Prank the spiderclaws, hmm… How would we go about that?"

Theicher gives Keelyra the once, and then twice over before he gives a shake of his head, “Anyone can be a hunter, they just have to be trained right. When I first started I was all legs and arms and I was fine. But it isn’t easy work. And I won’t lie and say I haven’t hurt myself more often than not. Perhaps kitchen work is more appropriate for you.” There’s just a faint curl to those lips of his as he tries to get her to rise to the veiled insult to her gender before he continues on. “Oh, I don’t know. Setting more interesting traps? Getting some of the old shells and putting together fake crabs to lure the others? I bet the candidates as a whole could come up with some interesting things.”

"Well, maybe none of the trainers could handle me," Keelyra says with a brief smirk. She doesn't quite rise to the jibe, simply giving a roll of her shoulders in response. "I get to taste and eat the new dishes before anyone else. I've also gotten to travel some of Pern whenever we have to discuss trades with Holds or Weyrs." She plucks at a bit of fuzz on her tunic. "It's really just the idea of how fun hunting would be that always got to me." She leans forward on the table, folding arms under her. "What do the spiderclaws eat? Perhaps we could put something distasteful in what would otherwise be a treat…"

Theicher dips his head, “Could be that. They hardly survived after me.” And he probably isn’t the most well liked candidate either, considering how often he’s trying to pawn off his chores on others. Lazy does not even begin to describe him. “Well, for that I am jealous. They always say that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Me and food got this unquenchable love affair going on and I don’t see it fading anytime soon. It’s good that I’m so active or I’d have quite the belly on me.” He gives his stomach a firm pat. As for the other topic, he grins at her and then blinks a few times at her question. “You know, I.. actually don’t know. Perhaps I should go wrangle some fishermen and find out?”

There's a slight snort from Keelyra. "I don't think fat candidates exist. Not after the first month or two anyhow. Some of the hold kids mebbe, but they get that worked out pretty quick." She wiggles a bit to adjust, but the chair moves with her when she does. "I could ask 'round the kitchens, too. See if there's anything the spiderclaws have avoided."

:chuckles again, another deep rumbling laugh. “You do have a point there. They do seem to like to keep us on our toes, I do have to say that. Never thought I’d find myself in this position, to be honest, but I’m glad to get to experience it at least once.” And that’s all he’s going to say about that. He rises out of his chair, stretching to try to relieve a cramp that settled in during his brief break, before dipping his head. “That sounds like an excellent idea. So you ask the kitchens, and I’ll ask the fishers and hopefully we should get something that’s viable to trick those sneaky spiderclaws.” He pauses before quickly adding, “So I’ll catch you tomorrow to see what you’ve got?”

"This is my second time Standing," Keelyra admits, tilting head to one side as she muses. "It's easier, but… I'm not sure, if I had to, that I'd do it a third time or not." She prods at the hides before her again, as if it might reveal some answer. She watches Theicher stand, making no move to do so yet herself. "Tomorrow. Sounds good, hopefully we'll figure something out."

“Oh, well good luck to you this time then. If ‘riding is really what you wanna do.” Theicher quickly adds before making his escape back into the treacherous ‘waters’ of the barracks. Time to make sure that one spiderclaw who keeps making his cot home is gone for good this time!

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