Winter Wonders

Ierne Weyrhold - Marketplace
Bright banners and colorful flora line the wide square full of shops, stores, and sidewalk vendors. The proud proprietors are mostly traders who specialize in certain items or crafters who wanted a place in which to market their wares and they decorate their establishments in bold, eye-catching ways to attract cliental. A single massive banyan tree sits in the center of the square, surrounded by clusters of stone benches. Children and firelizards play among the nooks and crannies created by its aerial roots. A broad avenue to the ferry port leads to the south, while a smaller roadway heads southwest to the weyrhold proper.

Late at night, the stalls closing up, though T'ana had convinced a leather Crafter to stay open late. She'd just dragged in a beast that had been hunted, part of an ongoing payment for some leather work. It isn't the most common bit of work around, so it costs her the results of a few hunts in trade, but that isn't so bad at all. She's kneeling before her dog, settling some comparatively simple armor around him, making sure it's strapped on firmly, but not too tightly. "There you are," she says as she wriggles the armor a bit. The dog thumps his tail against the ground, sitting and watching her.

R'az appears overhead on top of his bronze dragon and they are laden down with wooden boxes. The bronze dragon lands in the spot for dragons to land and R'az gets down to start to unload the boxes. He's got a sheet of paper with him and he goes over it as he takes down each box.

Riohra has stepped off the last Ferry coming from the dragonhealers school, he grins as he whistles into the brisk cold air. He has made a detour into the marketplaces hoping to see a stall owner perhaps before they close for the evening. He is giving the bronze dragon and his rider a wide berth as they go about their work.

The dog's ears perk and he looks off, alerting T'ana. She looks up in the direction he does, and smiles when she sees Riohra. "Go say hi, then," she says as she gets to her feet, and the dog scampers off in the man's direction, tail wagging to beat the band. She begins to follow him at a comparatively calmer pace, looking up at the bronze dragon as she passes him, giving him something of an appreciative smile. His rider gets one as well, of course.

R'az continues to unload the boxes from the dragon until they are a pile. He notices the smile he gets and he smiles back as he gives the dragon a pat. The bronze spreads his wings and takes off into the air. R'az looks over all the boxes again as some young men come out to start to take away the boxes. R'az gives out instructions on who they are to go to until the last box is gone. He folds up the paper and puts it in his inside jacket pocket.

Riohra gets to the stall he was looking for but frowns when it seems the vendor had closet up early for the evening. He turns in time to notice a very familiar dog running up to him, he knees down and puts a hand out for the dog to come to saying "Well, Kor it seems you finally grew that thicker hide you master always wanted for you" He is now busy petting the dog to notice much of anything else going on around him.

Having already spent some time in the hold proper visiting with a fellow crafter, Catwin has decided it's time to see if there is anything of interest in the market. She's a satchel that seems a bit weighted down already, but that doesn’t stop her from checking out the fabrics and other wares. She's pretty much lost in her own thought to notice anyone in particular. Though the dragon is given a bit of an eye as he ascends. Aside from that, she's shopping.

"What're you doing here so late?" T'ana calls out to Riohra as she approaches him. Kor basks in the attention as always, looking up as his human stops nearby to offer her hand to the younger man. "You like the armor? Still owe a couple of hunts for it…" She grins and glances down at her dog briefly.

Riohra looks up and grins at T'ana "oh visiting Kass, she is taking her Rank Three test soon." He stands up and offers the blue rider a hug saying "It has been a while".

R'az moves over to some of the stall to take a look at the wares that they are selling out tonight. He gets to a food stall and he picks out a hot and fresh meatroll. "Thank goodness some things are still warm around here." He says as he pays for his food and then takes a bite out of it. He also buys a mug of klah to drink.

Catwin has found a lovely deep blue lightweight linen fabric and is currently haggling over the price of the bolt. After a few moments marks are exchanged and the weavers apprentice takes the bolt away to be delivered later. She moves on herself and pauses and looks around her head cocked a little as if she heard something familiar. She looks around a little and finally spots Rio and the lady he's with. She grins a little and slowly heads over that way.

T'ana's grin widens as she's pulled into the hug, and she returns it happily. Pulling back again, she says, "I'm sure she'll pass it. I bet she's been studying hard for it." Kor turns as the new woman approaches, making T'ana look first at him, then at Catwin. She takes a half-step back and to her right, effectively opening the little circle up a bit.

R'az is standing off to the side having a mug of klah and a hot meat roll just watching what's going on at the moment. The armored dog is eyed, but he's seen stranger things. He starts to look at some of the other shops as he eats and drinks.

Riohra grins tilts his head noticing the /little/ vintner and waves her over excitedly until he knows she is on her way. He then turns and grins over at T'ana saying softly "you are about to meet the best vintner hands down, she is the one who got us that bottle of twelve turn old whiskey for our grandparents." Looks back and just lets Catwin make her way over he smells Klah, he starts bobbing his head looking to see what stall is still selling the liquid of life.

There's a nod of acknowledgement to Rio and his waving. "Evening." she murmurs quietly as she looks over at T'ana "Our grandparents?" she asks a little curiously "Is this the cousin that kidnapped you then?" she muses and then glances down at the canine a moment and then back to the pair. "It is a pleasure to meet you. I'm Catwin of Half Moon Bay Weyr, and I don't know about the best, but I am a Vintner."

"T'ana, currently of Ierne," says the darker woman, and then she grins as she holds out her hand to grasp forearms with Catwin. "And this is Kor," is added with a nod down to the dog, who looks up at the woman with a wag and a bit of a scoot closer. "I—don't think I was the one who kidnapped him, but hey, the night's still young. Who knows what can still happen?" Her left eyebrow arches as the left corner of her mouth quirks upward in an expression of amusement.

Riohra rolls his eyes at the kidnapping comment and says "no thanks my sunburn just finally healed I would rather not relive that anytime soon thanks. And don't let her fool you with that" he does air quotes 'Just a Vintner' routine she mixed up this drink I got in my bag that is smooth and sweet and if you drink a bottle you wake up felling relaxed" he grins at Catwin and let's see her try to deny that he turns around saying "you two talk I need to find the that smell of Klah" he turns and starts to walk off he spies the Bronzerider and walks up to him asking "Evening there, i hate to intrude but where did ya snag the Klah?"

R'az has his mug up to his lips and he hmms as Riohra comes over to him, "Oh hello, yes you can get it right over there." He points it out to Riohra, "It's really good klah, I should now I brought them the klah bark that they use. I got it from over at the food stall. I'm Rider R'az."

Catwin returns the grasp, briefly and steps back a little afterwards. Again a look to the canine "Good looking fella." she murmurs quietly and seems a bit at a loss at what to do now concerning the critter. Her attention drifts to Rio and she just shakes her head at him. She doesn't dispute nor agree to the claim. She does start to say something to him but closes her mouth as he walks away. She purses her lips and then turns her head back to T'ana "Oh, well, the night is still young." She agrees and then hmms a little seeming just a little unsure, a little out of her element.

A glance to the departing man, then T'ana looks back to Catwin. Her left hand rests atop her dog's head, scratching lightly. "Tempted to go kidnap him?" she asks with a conversational tone, though that amused expression returns to her face. Not sure if it'd be nicer or not to wait until after he gets his klah…" Her smile widens, there, as she gives her dog's head a playfully rougher scruffing.

Riohra grins and nods to the Bronzerider saying "Then I owe you a thank you as well, I am by the way Riohra." He points over at the two ladies standing there hopefully talking says "the tall one is T'ana, and the more delicate one is Catwin you should come over and join us food and drink are always better when people are there to share it" By the time he has returned form the stall he is holding three mugs of hot Klah and a bag of meat rolls balanced on his forearms easily he gives a grin and encouraging nod to R'az as he passes heading back to the two ladies and presenting them each with a mug on the cold winters evening.

Etzlix strides into the marketplace; it was somewhere the reclusive goldrider didn't normally frequent. Oh look, it's people, well, that shouldn't really be surprising to the woman, but it somehow is. Hazel eyes glance about as they take in each nearby person one by one, pausing on one in particular. "H'lo thar." She greens R'az, the others, well, she doesn't recognize them.

R'az nods to all of them, "It's all right I don't want anyone to freeze or starve out here and it helps the merchants out here." He waves to the ladies, "Hello there I'm R'az." He spots Etzlix and he smiles brightly, "Hey Etzlix. How are you doing?" He asks and then introduces her to those he was just introduced here. "Just got back from a day of package hauling."

Catwin is silent as she just looks at T'ana, and a brow arches up a moment "Uh, no. I was figuring you, since you're the one that said it." She shakes her head a little "I have no need of kidnapping anyone." She purses her lips and frowns at the thought and just shakes her head again. Honestly, some people. Okay, awkward. She blinks as Rio comes back with klah. "Oh, thank you." she murmurs and takes a sniff. Hmm. Straight klah. Who would have thought there was such a thing? She takes a sip and doesn't quite grimace and instead plants a smile on her face. "Nice and hot." She then gives a light nod to R'az and Etzlix and takes another slight step back.

Taking the mug, T'ana smiles at Riohra, saying, "Thanks." A beat, then she nods to Etzlix and lifts her mug in a quiet greeting when the other woman looks at her. The awkwardness is something she tries to dispel through simply not reacting to it, at least not overtly. "So—about this kidnapping…" she says to Rio with something of a friendly-needling tone, arching her left eyebrow as she peers at him.
Etzlix smiles softly at the bronzerider, "I'm good, thankee." And then she's apparently being introduced to the strangers? Hmm, okay then, the goldrider will lift slender hand in greeting, "H'lo, nice t'meetcha. I hope I'm nay interruptin' anythin'" she says as Catwin steps back, hey, she won't bite.. much.

Riohra grins at T'ana saying "cousin Tressic decided she needed to go and hunt some 'exotic game' down at Half moon. Long story short I didn't realize she meant hunting for fella's, not actual game and left me to walk around for a whole day in nothing but one of those wraps you girls like to wear." he then grins over at Catwin and raises his mug saying "and then the good Vintner saved me from a fate worse than death." he smiles fondly at her and when the Gold rider comes into the group says "not at all just hanging out catching up"

R'az brings his klah up to his lips and then has to stop as he starts laughing. "Really. That had to be some sight to see." He says as he controls his laughter enough to take a sip of his klah. "What's this about a kidnapping?" He asks curiously. "Well it's a good thing that you were saved. What bring you all to the Weyrhold?"

Catwin isn't worried about biting or anything of the sort. She gives a light little nod to Etzlix "Pleased to meet you." she murmurs politely and then listens as Rio describes events. "The lad was going to burn his feet on the beach sand, and he looked about likely to trip himself. Honestly, why people don't prepare someone with proper clothing for the climate I do not know." she notes "I only shared a little shade, drink and a bit of advice. After all, we do try to be hospitable. Nothing more than anyone else would do." she notes. She glances over at R'az "Just visiting a friend and doing a little trading with them. I was running low on her quality rum."

"I'm here for similar reasons," T'ana says in turn, pausing to take a quick sip of the klah. "My dragon is resting, and I needed to settle a debt. While I was here, I decided to catch up as well." She smiles to Rio, there, then looks around at the others.

Etzlix perks up at the mention of rum. "Rum, hmm? That's actually what I be here fer, Tzenxineth says we be about out of it at home." She'll have to go get some eventually, but right now she'll stay where she is, next to R'az, attempting to be social, which is a challenge in itself for her. "Catchin' up, sounds excitin. Jus did a bit o'that meself not too long ago."

Riohra grins at R'az and says "I am down visiting a friend, and I run into new ones." yup he is a happy camper right now. He takes drink of his Klah, and then tilts his head at Catwin "it isn't that one that smells of the Nut fruit is it?" He reaches down and pets the dog's head absently.

R'az smiles, "Well I think you both are in luck. I think one of my crates had rum in it. I got to see it when it was being boxed up. I think it was going to the Green Dragon. That's the tavern over there if you haven't been here before." He turns to T'ana, "What's the debt if you don't mind me asking? Just some marks or did you lose a bet?"

Catwin blinks "Nut fruit? Oh no, this is Tarilla's Spiced Rum." she says as she pats her satchel. "I do enjoy the stuff, she has such a wonderful hand with the spices that go into it. Haven't found it's compare anywhere else. She always saves me a few bottles from each batch." she glances at Etzlix "Is there a particular type of rum that you prefer?" she asks curiously. "Light? Dark? Gold? Flavored?"

"Actually more of a special request," says T'ana, smiling at R'az. "His armor." She nods to the dog, who's scooting a little back and forth as Rio pets him. "It's not something they do very often, so it took a few more hides to get it right. Those are hides they need replaced so…" She shrugs her left shoulder casually, smiling still.

Etzlix considers the question of rum preference. "I enjoy pretty much any, though th'spiced ones be me favorite. Tzenxineth pr'fers th'dark stuff, an' the stronger the better." Yes, her dragon is a rum addict, it's a thing, or it was a thing with her clutchmates and her anyway. Goldrider had stayed a fair distance from the dog, but now she eyes him and his handler. "Armor fer a canine.. ne'er heard of such a thing, sounds interestin'"

Riohra grins happily just being in good company with good drink, he does look down and inspect the craft of the armor on the canine. He grins back at the Gold rider then looks at Catwin with a raises an eyebrow questioningly about the dragon's liquor habit. He sips his Klah, shifting his weight slightly with a wince that he tries to hide behind his mug.

R'az hmms and nods, "I must confess I was curious too when I saw the canine and I wonder what he needs armor for? Do you use him as a guard or to go hunting? I prefer a good ale myself, but I've had some good rum before out of Xanadu Weyr."

Catwin nods as she listens, not even blinking an eye about the gold drinking. In fact she notes "Dragons, have been some of my best customers. Or well, their riders. By the cask as opposed to by the bottle." She seems a little more comfortable with the current topic "It really is amazing how varied their tastes are. From fruity and light to heavy and dark drinks." Armored canine? It's a curiosity to be sure, but it's a topic that she lets slide for the others to discuss. She headtilts a moment at Rio's raised brow "Well, it's not an unusual really."

"I think so," T'ana says to Etzlix, smiling anew. "Should come in handy." To R'az she looks, then, saying, "Little bit of both. He's as much a friend as anything else, so if he's going to be in danger, he should have some protection, I think. And as for drink, I'm similar. I'm more into a good alt, though I've had very good rum now and then."

Etzlix chuckles a bit, Tzenxineth's been gettin into th'rum e'er since she be a weyrling, I swear she's more pirate than dragon t'be honest. Always had her brothers pilferin it fer her, and th'dears were all too happy to oblige. We was always gettin scolded." WhenT'ana talks of her dog she smiles lightly. "He's lucky t'have ya to look out fer 'im I'd say."

R'az nods, 'Good enough reason to have some especially if you are going to be in dangerous situations." He looks to Catwin, "You are a vintager as well. What kinds of drink do you make? All kinds or do you just specialize in one?"

Riohra lifts his hands up in surrender at Catwin saying with a grin "I believe ya" He lowers his hands and nods about the dog reaching down again to pet him so more. There is a sharp whistle from the courtyard and a green rider waves at Rio who turns and says "well there is my ride, it was a pleasure seeing and meeting you all. if you are ever up at Fort look me up and the first round is on me" he gives a wave as he awkwardly jogs away, one could guess that his sunburn hasn't quite healed yet.

Listening to the talk concerning the canine, Catwin starts to dart little glances around a little here and there and then her attention is snagged by R'az "Oh yes, I'm posted over at Half Moon, I specialize in liquors. I make a varied mix of them depending upon what supplies I have on hand." she murmurs. She glances towards the direction of the whistle and as Rio leaves she purses her lips. "I should be heading back as well. I really should be getting back to work." she notes as she tips her head to everyone and makes her way towards the hold again and presumably her own ride.

"As should I," says T'ana, lookingto Etzlix and R'az. "It was genuinely good to meet you. I'll probably see you around here." With that, she lightly snaps her fingers, not much more than a brushing of fingertips together, to get her dog's attention. She then gives the others a small wave as she heads off toward the Hold's interior.

Etzlix hmms to herself as the small group seems to be separating to each go their own ways. "Aye, well, I should get that rum ordered b'fore Tzenx pitches a fit. 'Twas nice meetin y'all tho. " She turns to R'az with a grin. "Iff'n ye're here awhile, ye kin stop by m'cothold iff'n ya like sometime.. we can.. do our own catchin up." A grin is given and a pat to bronzer's shoulder before she's heading of to find that rum dealer.

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