Fancified Spiderclaws

Western Weyr - In the Shadow of the Arch
In the shadows beneath the huge natural arch, which acts as a gateway to Western Weyr from the sea, the water is darker and cooler. At night a few lights placed above come on to mark the bottom of the arch and prevent accidents.
Electric lights light the entrances as those on night duty come out to take over, moving quietly in the night so as not to disturb those sleeping about the Weyr.Summer is upon the Western Isles, longer days and shorter nights making for a restless feeling that seems to invade every resident and urge them towards the beaches.

It's early evening in Western Weyr, the lights just starting to flicker on as darkness comes to take over. Not that it bothers two particular candidates, who're wading with a purpose known only to themselves. Rousseaux, in a long(ish) tunic and shortsless (having left them on dry land, before entering the water knee-deep) has a sack slung over her back and is poking about in some of the rocks around the base of the arch, using a long stick to prod. "Y'know, I just realised. If we /catch/ one of the buggers, we're going to have to /touch/ it. They're so bloody /ugly/!"

"Leave the catchin' and handlin' to me then, if it bugs you so much." Kaliena drawls in response as she wades after Rousseaux with the same determined purpose. Her wild hair has been trussed up into a twist, though most of it is falling loose now. She's dressed in a tunic that hangs low on her shoulders and seems a size or so too big, which only lends more to her boyish frame then anything. Unlike the other candidate, she's kept her shorts on, which make explain why she's lagging so much in the water. The girl carries a similar sack over one shoulder as well, though she seems to be leaving the stick prodding to Roux for now. "Ya know, we could have just netted some of 'em from the barrels and dragged 'em out here." Kaliena grumbles, pulling herself up onto some of the rocks and depositing the sack next to her.

If only Roux could claim such a boyish frame! But she's quite the opposite with her well-padded, plump curves. "What's the fun in getting them from barrels, though? I reckon we're best catching /fresh/ ones — like /that/ one!" Her poking has come up successful! A spiderclaw makes a run for it beneath the water, and Rousseaux instinctively dives forward towards the rocks to catch the scuttling creature. Despite her reservations for touching one she seems to have managed at least to pin it down, bent over shoulder-deep to keep it there. "Get your sack! Quick!"

How funny, that each would wish for the other's frame type. Kaliena smirks, "Cause won't we need more then one or however many we manage to scrounge up? Folk here have been doing a right job of roundin' them all together over the last sevenday." She remarks dryly, blue eyes watching as Rousseaux pokes about. When the other candidate makes a dive for the fleeing spiderclaw, the girl is already prying open her sack and pulling out the needed - bands? "Shells, you're only gonna get pinched and pinched good pinning it like that." Kaliena mutters, coming around to the other girl's side and crouching down. "Lift it up so I can see its pinchers and hold it steady!" Didn't she just say not to? Regardless, if Roux does as asked, Kaliena will brave those nasty pinchers just long enough to slip the bands over them and rendering the 'claw rather harmless. "What's done when they're caught back at my cothold. Not that we'd fish for 'em really but occasionally a few would get in the nets." She eyes the now subdued spiderclaw before peering up at the other candidate. "So… now what?"

Rousseaux's face is a mask of ick when she holds up the spiderclaw, lips twisted into a disgusted grimace. "Y'know there's not much I dislike," she grumbles as Kaliena disarms the beast, "but spiderclaws are just /foul/." In response to the 'now what', she gently places the claw in her sack, slinging it over her back again. "D'you really think it's best to go just pull them from buckets? But won't the cooks or something notice that they're mis—- well, I suppose they're gonna see them anyway, right? If we let them loose in the living caverns?"

Kaliena tries not to look too smug or amused by Rousseaux's squicked out expression of disgust. The girl hardly flinches at the sight of the claw, save for a returning smirk and a frown. "Agreed. They are rather fugly things." There's a snort then and she's back on her feet, leaving the other candidate to place their newly acquired victim in the sack. "I doubt the cooks are counting. Way to many sharding 'claws to bother counting but I suppose it's better if we catch 'em out here. Easier to explain, then if we're caught taking from the barrels." Kaliena nods a little then, pleased by her own logic as she gathers up the sack she brought along. Hoisting it to her shoulder, she gives the other girl a puzzled look. "Living caverns? Eh. I dunno. This is funny and all…" And how she got talked into it, she isn't sure. "…but we should release them to the dorms. It'll cause enough mayhem for a good laugh still but we won't have anyone pining over their lost stuff if one happens to escape. And we should put some of our stuff in. Can't pin blame if we're all involved." Smart! Kaliena then gestures for Roux to follow and she'll lead her comrade in mischief farther under the arch and down past the docks where the paths narrow and then twist back to a rocky outcrop where very few go and is conveniently tucked out of sight. There they can move ahead with the next step, which Kaliena has most of the supplies already needed and along the way a few more 'claws are snared and gathered for their devious plan.

"And they can't blame us if we're just ask grossed out by /more/ claws in the dorms as everyone else is." Roux likes this idea! Once they're in the dressing-up zone, she plonks gracelessly down on her big backside and settles her sack of 'claws out in front of her. "We didn't have these where I grew up. I only saw them for the first time when I went to Ista, and I reckon that's why they freak me out a bit now. Ma used to say if you get into everything when you're a kid, you'll be scared of nothing when you're older - so I did get into everything. No bugs nor nothing you can find in the 'Reaches scares me, but these bastards are something else." She shakes her head, reluctantly putting her hand down into the bag to pull out one of the multi-limbed uglies. "You got that kid's purple lacy knickers in there? The ones that match the bra that was pinched? We may as well make it a matching set, right?"

"Exactly!" So it's settled then! Kaliena is no more graceful then Roux is, plunking herself down across from the other candidate and setting her sack of stolen…or is it borrowed?… items. As she undoes the strings, her head is tilted just enough to show she's listening and it's clear from her slight grin that her curiosity is piqued. "You're from the northern parts of Pern, right? And your Ma had the right of it. And what can you find in the 'Reaches that're worst or scary as these? Not that spiderclaws are. There's worse in the seas, you know." She points out with her accented drawl, smirking and chuckling. At Roux's question, Kaliena frowns and then peers into the sack at her side. "These ones, you mean?" And said pair are pulled out, left to dangle pinched between her fingers. She holds them at a distance too and it's hard to mistake how the girl's nose wrinkles. Dislike of said owner's fashion tastes or the fact she has her fellow candidates underthings in a bag and… ugh, has to touch them? Could be both. She tosses them to Rousseaux with a huff of laughter and then begins to shake more out of the bag. Some are underthings, other aren't. Seems Kaliena pilfered a little of everything and completely at random.

Rousseaux reaches for the lacy underthings, catching them without any qualms. She's not bothered by touching them! "Yeah, I'm from this cothold up in the back end of High Reaches' beyond," she confirms, struggling to try and figure out how best to adorn the spiderclaw that's sitting disgustingly in her lap. "We've got big bug things, crawlers, tunnelsnakes and stuff, but that's about it, really. There's nothing too dangerous. I'd never even seen the sea or anything like that until I went to Ista Weyr with my brother - I'd never even really seen a lake, 'cept when I was small." And success! Of a sort, anyway - the spiderclaw has purple lace stuck to its bound pincers. Roux swaps it for another, which she adorns with more of their five-fingered bounty. "I can swim though. Ista taught me."

Kaliena looks distracted for a moment, as if trying to imagine never being near the water. From the way her frown grows heavier and her expression twists, she's having problems. While Rousseaux works on her spiderclaw, the girl reaches for another and promptly begins dressing it. Though really she's just going for practical rather then anything fancy. If the clothing is secure and the 'claw can move, then it's all good. When done, she tosses the poor creatures back into the sack. "Sounds like what we had. Bugs and tunnelsnakes and the like, but really?" And she peers at the other girl now, curious but supicious. "Never really been by the sea? Feh. Lucky you. I lived by it since the day I was born. Don't see the big appeal of it." Roux's dressed 'claw is snatched up and tossed in the sack with hers, before Kaliena is snorting again with amusement. "Smart of 'em to teach you. Do you find it fun at all, then? Or just a necessary thing."

"The sea's pretty, though it sure smelt weird at first!" Rousseaux's got an army of fancified crawlers in front of her by now, and is adding a little finery to one of her final few. This one gets odd socks, one on each pincer. "It's just kinda /there/ though, isn't it? It's nothing fancy, once you're used to it, though swimming is fun." Even Roux's own personal brand of doggy paddle, which Kaliena may or may not have seen her doing throughout their candidacy. "I like to try and swim at least once a sevenday, if only to try and loosen up a bit. Just in the shallower bits, though, because it gets a bit freaky if I'm in deeper than my shoulders. 'Specially if I'm on my own!" And voila! The final spiderclaw from her bag is dolled up. "What about you? You must swim, if you've been living next to it all this time?"

"It does smell weird if you're not expecting it. Salt and brine and all sorts of unpleasant. Some love it though, but I think they're daft." Kaliena remarks dryly, her eyes downturned and focused on her next victim. This spiderclaw gets adorned with what looks like one of the male's underthings. Poor, poor fellow. She doesn't seem to be as disgusted now with touching the clothes, but the task could be distracting her or the conversation both. "Yer smart to stay to the shallows if you're not strong enough to handle the deep. The sea is fickle and just when you think you understand it, it drowns you." How not-helpful for an aspiring swimmer! Realizing she may have been a bit too gloomy, Kaliena smiles crookedly. "You could've fooled me for being a new swimmer though." Yep, she has seen Roux swim and tonight is one example! Doesn't matter how she paddles, if she doesn't sink it works in this girl's books. Leaving Roux to dress the last of the 'claws, Kaliena dusts off her hands and leans back on the rock, propping herself up. "Of course I swim," she chuckles dryly, leveling the other girl with a look. "Had to learn and I learned early. Don't mean I can't drown like the rest of you though. I enjoy it, I suppose. But it ain't on my priority list of things to do."

With the spiderclaws all tucked safely back into the sack, Rousseaux gets to her feet and starts dusting sand off her overly-ample rump and the backs of her legs. "I dunno how someone could love it, it's not /that/ nice. It's just pretty to look at, especially when the sun's bouncing off it. Have you seen Ista's black beaches? These white ones here are still a bit weird to me, but I love how they make the water look even brighter." She offers a hand to help Kali up if she needs or wants it, then swings the sack over her shoulder. "We should stash these somewhere, then let them loose when folks're sleeping. What d'you think?"

Kaliena can only shrug, "Dunno. But you know the type. They fawn and sigh over how /romantic/ the sea is and how beautiful it is." And she promptly makes a gagging noise at this, followed by a rolling of her eyes. "But I supposed you have a point. It can be pretty at times. And I ain't ever been to Ista, though I hear of the black sands. Hard to picture how it all looks." Though she doesn't need it, the other candidate's hand is taken and she hauls herself up to her feet, not bothering to dust herself off as she swings her sack up and over her shoulder. "Aye, we can do that. There's a storage room near to the dorms. Hardly used. We can sneak out no problem, grab 'em and then do it before anyone even realizes we're gone." Kaliena has begun to pick her way down the rocks by then, peering over her shoulder to be sure Rousseaux is following. "Come on! If we hurry, the guard patrols will be done their route. Follow me." And then she's off, slinking along the path and pausing only to be sure her partner in crime is there before continuing on.

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