Fainting Guards and a Lecture on Dolphins

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.

Today the weather at Western seems hotter than usual. In fact, its downright burning. Even the sand is hard to walk on this afternoon, much less touch. But as a dolphineer, Jey has no choice but to be either in the beach or out in the water. The dolphineer sits at the edge of the water in the cooler, damp sand. Her wetsuit is half unzipped and hanging down at her waist, revealing the top part of a sleek blue swimsuit. The dolphineer idly fingers the stopwatch slung around her neck as she looks out onto the waters where a small flash of white can be seen jumping out of the water at quite a fair distance.

Kelthero isn't dressed, for once, in the dreary black fabrics of his uniforms and is most likely secretly pleased at that. He'd be roasting if he were posted to duty now, with Western's current weather. Even so, the guard almost seems restless as he wanders towards the shores, barely containing a curse or two as the hot sands seep through his thin foot wear. So begins the mincing dance across until he can find a partially shaded patch near the water's edge. Sighing in relief, he finally glances around, taking note of several unfamiliar faces. When he spots Jeyinshi, he seems mildly surprised. "Hello again," he calls out, taking a few quick steps forwards to avoid lingering in the hotter dry sands and closing the distance between them. "I'm beginning to wonder if you don't live out here." he muses.

Jeyinshi turns at the sound of a familiar voice, a small smirk crossing her features as she watches the quick movements. The dolphineer drops her whistle, patting the wet sand beside her as she looks up, "The key to saving one's hide is sitting where its wet, but not getting wet yourself." Her grin broadens at the surprised look and she shakes her head. "Dolphineer remember? I /do/ live out here when the weather allows. Literally." It wasn't an uncommon sight to see Jey out camping near the sea or the lagoon. "Can't take too many breaks with Sungie's training or he'll get lazy and refuse. And if I'm not training him, gotta make sure that that the rest of the dolphins are doing alright. Also gotta keep an eye out for any search and rescue type stuff they might be needed fo….You're not in your uniform. Day off?"

Kelthero smirks back at the dolphineer and the advice given. "So I was reminded. Was getting used to this place being cooler." he admits while bending down to remove the thin footwear that did little to help. Setting them aside and out of the way of the water, he opts to stand barefoot in the much cooler damp sand. He then gives a faint chuckle. "Ahh, I guess that makes sense…" he begins, one hand coming up to scrub at his chin in an old habit. "Actually, it makes a lot of sense." The young guard then shakes his head a little, a frown settling across his features. "Guess you could call it a day off." he murmurs cryptically. Seems someone is not so pleased with some free time, but Kelthero is quick to change the subject back to Jeyinshi's own work. "How is Sungie doing? Never figured he'd refuse work, he seemed eager enough last time I saw him."

Jeyinshi grins, "Everywhere has freak weather once in a while, for Western…that's today." She makes a bit of the face, looking up at the sun in an almost accusing manner. "You're not….skipping, are you?" The dolphineer clicks her tongue in a teasing manner before leaning back and looking out across the lagoon once more. "He's doing great. And its just that he prefers to play. Unless I'm there making him stick to his training, he'll go out and play with the other younglings. Sungie is smart, strong, hardworking…but at the end of the day, you have to remember he's just a child. Work him too hard and he'll throw a fit, disappear for a couple of days. Don't work him enough and he'll think he can get away with anything." Jeyin looks down and begins tracing a random pattern in the sand, a small smirk forming on her face. "But at least with him I don't have to worry about any unwelcome body fluids or late night crying."

Kelthero looks horrified for a moment before he realizes the dolphineer is teasing him. Grinning sheepishly, he shakes his head. "Shards, no. I don't skip on duty. Just my luck that I pulled time off. Mind you, with this freak hot weather it may be a good bit of fortune on my side." After shifting from one foot to the other, the young man finally gives in and seats himself in the sand, careful to place himself where the sand is drier, but still keeping his feet and most of his lower legs in the wetter sand. "When it's described like that, it's hard not to picture him like a child, as you said. Interesting." he says, his tone genuinely curious. "I've come from a family based around the seas and fishing and yet never paid much heed to the dolphins. Knew about 'em, sure. But not quite like this." He smirks a little as he admits this, then pulls a face at Jeyinshi's next comments while she traces patterns in the sand. "Ugh. Yes, one slight perk, I suppose."

Jeyinshi nods, "Anyone out in this weather with that kind of uniform is a sure goner. I'm sure the headwoman will have something set up for them though. Maybe the kitchens will make some hot weather food today." She shrugs a bit, before digging her toes into the sand and letting the coolness wash over them. "I grew up around dolphins, both the parents are Master Dolphincrafters. I might just be biased, but I think they're amazing. It's crazy how much they understand. And that they even learned our language….Ah sorry, I'm rambling a bit. But if you have any questions, feel free to ask." The face Kelthero makes when she's talking about children ellicits a soft chuckle and a sidelong glance at the guard, "I'm guessing you've had some rather unpleasant experiences with children? Or is it just from hearing stories?"

Kelthero shrugs a little as he leans back on his hands, tilting his head to the side as he gazes out over the lagoon's waters. "You kind of get used to it. Don't have much of a choice. Duty tends to be a little lighter and we work in shorter shifts though. Not uncommon for some of the newer guards to pass out, mind you, even if we warn 'em of the signs." He gives a bit of a grimace, most likely having learned that lesson the hard way. "I wouldn't say entirely biased. If you love what you do, what harm is there in that?" Kelthero then chuckles, "Hardly rambling either. And I think all know that bit about the language. What I'm most surprised in is the depth of the training and their intelligence." He then smiles crookedly, lifting one hand up to tilt it slightly side to side. "A little of this and a little of that. I only had one younger sibling, but had to help at times. That was enough for me. And what about you?" he asks in a mild teasing tone.

Jeyinshi looks slightly surprised and maybe even a bit horrified at the idea of passing out. "Well that's all rather unpleasant. Poor kids….but then again, it's their own fault sometimes. But I'm glad they take some precautions for that. If not the infirmary would be crawling with you guys, and wouldn't that be interesting?" The dolphineer smirks before nodding and looking back out at Sungie, who now seemed to be in the middle of a rather intense grouping of dolphins. "Guess there isn't anything wrong with it. And yeah, most people know about the language thing…or at least I hope they do. It really is crazy though. By instinct they know how to react when they see someone in trouble, and with just a bit of training its all put to rather good use. Without them we'd be pretty much loss. Dragons can only do so much in sea rescues. And starcrafters aren't always reliable with the weather. Dolphins though…they can do all that, warn us of oncoming disaster, find people…" Jey smirks at the question and shakes her head. "Got no kids of my own, but I've had to help out with my nieces. I was the youngest child, so not much for me to deal with child-wise that way either."

Kelthero gives the dolphineer next to him a quick sidelong glance and says in a slightly puzzled tone. "I'm not sure if that be interesting or just a pain in the… well, it'd be hard on the Healers. And they're hardly kids." He ends his reply with a brief chuckle, turning his own attention back out over the waters as well. "You've got some good points there, I'll agree." he says after a moment or two, his brows knitting together in thought. "There's tales going back quite far of rescues by dolphins, I'm guessing?" he asks, hesitant at first and then shifting awkwardly on his spot on the sands. Kelthero then snorts softly and rolls his eyes skywards for a moment. "And I'll /definitely/ agree with you on the Starcrafters and the weather. No insult to them, mind you." He then tilts his head back down to glance back at Jeyinshi, grinning. "Ahh, so you've escaped rearing the young then too. For now." he teases again.

Jeyinshi laughs, "What with all the other mess the healers have to deal with…well, it'd be bad to say the least." She nods a bit at the question, thinking back on the MANY many history lessons she'd been given on the dolphins. "Oh yes. There are definitely a lot of stories about rescues. The especially interesting ones are when dolphins were less well known and someone who didn't know anything about their existence got saved. All sorts of tales sprung up from /that/." She smirks a bit before sitting up and crossing her legs, "Starcrafters. Tell you its gonna be sunny, I come out here and its raining wherries. In other cases they're great, but…." The crafter leaves it at that and makes a face at the guard, even going through the trouble to stick his tongue out at him. "I have. And not just for now, for a while yet rea—" The girl is suddenly interrupted by a spray of water sent in their direction. There's no surprise on her face when she looks up to find Haesungie floating about in the shallow water. "Come. Come. PLAY!" Jey lets out a small chuckle, sending an apologetic glance to the guard. "Sorry Kelthero, Haesungie calls. You can imagine what would happen if I didn't answer." With a final smile and wave, the dolphineer stands, zipping back into her wetsuit and wading out into the water.

Kelthero has to really struggle with himself not to start laughing at the dolphineer as she's doused in water mid-sentence. His voice shakes with the held amusement though as he lifts a hand up in farewell. "I can see that and I do NOT want to find out myself either what will happen if you ignore him." He too then lifts himself to his feet, brushing as much sand from himself as possible and collecting his footwear. "Have fun!" he adds, grinning crookedly. "About time I go find some food or drink, or I'll wind up like those rookie guards and soak up too much sun." With that, he gives a parting nod of his head as the dolphineer heads back into the waters and he begins his own less than pleasant trek back across the hot sands.

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