Western Weyr - Candidate Dorm
Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this small dorm room has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants comfortably. Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses, each made up to the standards of the weyrwoman. Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours.

Between kitchen duties, Craft work, assisting with dragon bathings and now on to catching more of those creepy crawly spiderclaws, Zahleizjah has had quite a busy day. Always something exciting happening in the life of a Candidate and today is no exception. Long, raven hued locks are tied up in a disheveled bun, wild wisps escaping here and there as the girl sprawls across her cot. Legs kicking and head bobbing, she dives to catch a few more skittering beasts and fling them in to nearby basket "Haha gotcha!" she exclaims at the catch before scrambling to grab a retreater. Ztyrian cheers her on all the while, floating above, all squawks and flaps, knowing his patience and /not hunting/ right now will pay off come snack time.

Theicher trudges in, looking a bit more worn than normal. His normally shaggy hair has taken on the appearance of something alive that has now made his head its home, ‘legs’ sticking everywhere in complete disarray. “Better give your cot a thorough check too. I have one that keeps making mine its overnight bed. The same one I throw in the pot every morning.” The hunter turned candidate gives his head a shake as he makes his way over to his own chosen bed and hesitantly lifts up a sheet only to pull out a lurking spiderclaw. “Think you’re sneaky don’t ya.” He grinds between crooked teeth before walking over to that nearby basket and tossing his new found ‘friend’ in. “Good riddance! Until tomorrow.”

Zahleizjah cringes, an accomplished grimace of an expression as she flips around to face her 'collecion de spiderclaws' stacking up in high-walled basket, eyeing the fellow Candidate as well and offering a warm smile. "I know whatcha mean.. they're everywhere! Can't seem to shake the feeling that something is always crawling on me now.. doesn't help with the nightmares I've been having neither.." she shrugs, sitting on cot facing the crazy haired gent. "At least they bring in some marks I guess.." Lush lashes bat over amber-brown eyes as she looks away for the grind. "Ya gotta do whatcha gotta do. Hopefully this is the last wave of em.. M'names Zahleizjah by the way.. nice t'meet ya ???" She trails, and as promised works at procuring some fresh meats for Ztyrian.

“Can’t say I’ve got that feeling thankfully. I’ve had worse things crawling on me than spiderclaws. It’s just.. my toes I’m a bit intent on keeping attached and they seem to like to cuddle them at night.” Perhaps if Theicher bathed more often he wouldn’t have the ‘claws attracted to said smelly feet, but thankfully Zahleizjah is too far away to get a wif. He plops down onto his cot, uses the toe of his boot to ease off one and then the other as he leans back, arms beneath his head. “Nightmares aren’t fun though. I always tend to get ‘em when it’s storming real bad. When did yours start?” He tilts his head just enough so that chocolate brown eyes settle lazily upon Zahl’s face. “And one can only hope that this will end soon. I know I won’t be sad to see them gone. Not one bit.” He pauses, flicking his tongue across rough lips, “Theicher, one of the weyr hunters. Well met and all, Zahl-” He gets tongue-tied half-way through her name and gives a sheepish grin, “Sorry.”

Zahleizjah cannot help but curl one side of upper lip at the thought to toe cuddling claws "Eww.. that doesn't sound very nice at all.." Fortunately there are plenty of olfactory tickling scents in this area, the distance between their cots proving to be dispersing enough to release any stench. There is a slight wafty undertone that meanders her way a bit after his boots release. Polite enough, this girl has little smelly herb satchels around her cot, shake them up, instant aromatherapy. She does realize she just told a complete stranger something quite personal about herself, but before having a chance to blush and feel embarassed, there is genuine empathy and understanding coming from fellow Candidate. "Really? When it's storming.. how very interesting. Mine are umm.. intermittently persistent, one a fortnight or so until recently. Now it's been almost every night.. speaking of.." her voice lowers "Sorry if I've woken you ever.. in the middle of the night an all.." whether from crawlies or night terrors, there is something raw in her gaze. "Theicher.. likewise.." the tone lightens and she giggles "Zahl or even Zah is just fine.. it's a mouthful.. How's candidacy so far?"

“There’s something a bit unnerving about having their lil claws wedged between my toes.” Theicher makes a clicking noise with his tongue, shaking his head from side to side as if to banish the thought from existence. Sadly, it doesn’t work. “The nannies used to say it’s cause that’s when I showed up in with the other brats, on a stormy night, all tears and snot. Really pathetic looking. I don’t cry over ‘em, and I’m not /scared/ or nothing. Just I tend to have the most vivid dreams of running away from giant-“ And then Theicher’s mouth snaps shut and he glances at her, chuckling awkwardly, “Anyway, doesn’t much matter. I’m just sorry to hear you’re plagued with ‘em as well. Real unfortunate and all. And I doubt you could wake me. You’ll have to bang a gong near my head to get me up if I don’t want to. Speaking of which, maybe you could keep an eye out for me if the hatching happens at night.” The young man suddenly gives a wide yawn. “Candidacy.. is candidacy. The eggs are an interesting lot though. But hey, how about I catch some rest and you have fun stalking those spiderclaws?” ‘cause Theicher isn’t above using girls to do the work either apparently.

Zahleizjah squirms with each word about wedging and nerves, hands unconsciously wringing with the heebie-jeebies making her laugh nervously and try to shake it off as well. "A giant.. well that sounds quite scary indeed! Mine's just gut wrenching fear, strange that yours is during storms, cuz mine is of a storm.. and a boat.. I dunno. Probably just from some silly story or something." She shrugs and head wobbles from side to side "But yea.. doesn't matter much.. just glad to not be a bother." The subtext reads: also glad to not be the only one with crazy dreams. "Oh Candidacy.. the whole thing is quite interesting. More work than a Starcrafter is used to.. I think I'll take your lead and turn in for the night too. Sleep well.. and I wish you no dreams." Basket is put outside the door for pick-up and Zah springs to her cot, cozying under covers and turning in with the burning anxiety of seeing it all again tonight.

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